​​The Emperor has no clothes


As a Celtic nation's UK citizen you know when the so called UK Democratic system is rigged against you, when even if all the citizens in all the UK Celtic nations voted for exactly the same thing, which could never happen because they have differing Needs and Situations, yet this still would make no difference against England's 85% UK Population in a UK wide vote (general Elections or Brexit for Example). Essentially the Same Effect that Not voting would achieve, but also crucially essentially the Same Outcome of Not having a vote at all...!!!

If you are an English Socialist but deny or refuse to acknowledge that the UK Minority Nations are dis-advantaged next to the Majority English, because it benefits you as an English person, then this makes you evidently a Racist by Discriminating through Nationality, and a Hypocrite, as then you become an English Nationalist as the powerful majority Not a Socialist as Socialism's key pillar is Equality, and UK Democracy is meant to be for All not just English people as the Majority.

England unilaterally claiming that the UK is One Nation deprives the Celtic Nations of their Nationality. If London want the UK to be One Nation they must Democratically allow the Celtic Nations and England to Vote to either Remove their Nation Status and be One UK Nation, or maintain their Nation Status but within a Political State or Union. As London cannot have it both ways. UDHR ARTICLE 15 'right to choose nationality'.

The Annexation of Wales in the 14th century does not have a Statute of Limitations so does Not have a Prescribed Period by the UN, and to have a Mandate for Annexation the aggressor must have a Democratic Vote to provide specific Consent, which has never been allowed in Wales by London, England. Forcibly Stealing some one's Land and then saying now you can vote in our elections, even though you are a minority so will make no difference, whether you like it or not, is not a Mandate it is Coercion.

If the UK is seen as a Four Nation State England might have to share UK power four ways, as opposed to saying that the UK is one Nation therefore England have total overall central power and control of one supposed Nation that applies to all UK Nations as a whole. So a way for England to Control the UK and not primarily just England, because if the English Nation was Separate to the UK as a Nation they would then have to Negotiate with the other UK Nations regarding UK wide Law and Policy, instead of being able to make Unilateral decisions on the Celtic Nations behalf without Consultation. As Evidenced with England's ability to make UK wide Law and Policy without Celtic nations consultation due to England's majority UK population.

When London say that Majority Rule in the UK is their Definition of Democracy, then they might as well just say that the Minority UK Celtic Nations do Not Exist and are Not Worthy of participating fully & decisively in UK wide Democracy

As England Control UK Sovereignty with their 533 MPs (out of 650) then this makes England a 'DE FACTO' Independent Sovereign State, which means they have No UK Wide or International Legitimacy as England are Not Recognised as an Independent Sovereign State alone. As Left to Right people will always ultimately revert to their own Nations Overall Interests, as Evidenced by all UK Laws Benefiting England. Needless to say the House of Lords that could alter UK Legislation is also Dominated by English Peers

Political Apartheid leading to Law Apartheid as Politicians make Laws
Apartheid - 'a policy or system of segregation or discrimination on grounds of race'

There can be No Personal or Individual Freedom if the Laws that person is Bound by are made by someone else, in the Interests of someone else's Majority Nation, without the People of the Minority UK Nations being able to directly influence any UK Wide Laws created. You know when you are Oppressed when you are Not Allowed to say NO and Pause Law creation until a Compromise is found.

533 English MPs as a Whole in the UK Parliament. However, lets say that one English party has a Majority of MPs, say for example the Conservatives, in order to be the Majority Party they would have to have at least 326 MPs, now as of today for example there are currently 14 Conservative MPs from Wales and 6 Conservative MPs from Scotland, 10 MPs for the DUP in N.Ireland who are seen as Conservatives and more English leaning. So the same Bias of overwhelming English MPs in a Majority vote system still applies when creating UK Wide Law & Policy, even without the help of any Labour Mps or a Lib Dem English COALITION in a Hung Parliament. It is Numerically Impossible for any Celtic Nation to Over ride England's 533 MPs on any Vote on UK Wide Law & Policy.

There Cannot be a situation where the Majority Nation in a Union can Unilaterally decide what Democratic system to use that specifically Benefits their Majority Population

Imagine how an English person would Feel and React if they were effectively Side-Lined from UK Wide Laws and Decision making, there can be No Double Standards in a so called UK Democracy

To Clarify, PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTAION still does Not get passed the Fact that the English are 85% of the UK Population

If you are a Genuine Unionist and not an English Nationalist using so called Unionism to keep Central Control of the Celtic Nations, then this Obvious UK Democratic Unfairness towards the Celtic Nations would Not be Tolerated. Only an English Nationalist would say it is Not a Problem for England therefore Ignore it, as it Favours England so let's continue as is, and hope no one Notices, and if they do we own the Media so they cannot tell anyone, however, we live in the Internet Era now.

Just Blocking Self-Determination is Never Feasible Long term on the World Stage, as London Cannot say they are Standing up for DEMOCRACY and FREEDOM with the UKRAINE but then Denying UK Wide DEMOCRACY and FREEDOM for the Minority Celtic Nations in the UK.


So, how does having 533 English MPs (out of 650) in the UK Parliament Effect Welsh & Scottish Self-determination on the Island of Britain? Well these over whelming majority English MPs can put into place UK Law, through their majority MPs, that prevents Scottish or Welsh Referendums and therefore Independence, such as a UK parliament Veto on Referendums put into the Scotland Act and Government of Wales Act 1998, so when taken to London Supreme Courts will always Lose any Referendum Request as the preventative Caveat (Veto) has already been Inserted by the Majority 533 English MPs, who of course want to maintain their Control over the Celtic Nations. This aside from the obvious Bias of a London court in England ruling over decisions on Scotland and Wales, the same reason many of the Brexit Leavers wanted to leave the EU to stop EU courts Influence on UK domestic Law, as they could not be sure who the appointed Judges were, and any possible background allegiances or bias, but when done only in the UK London have more Control over these Factors. Indeed this is why any Celtic Nations Self-Determination Referendum should be Decided in a Neutral UN Court for a more Guaranteed Unbiased Decision, if London refuse then there is Obviously a Reason for that. The Obvious Reason being that London would have less Control over the Outcome. Preventing a Celtic Independence Referendum is England's Gift to themselves provided to England by their Own 533 English MPs.

                            Any UK Wide Vote is just an 'English Vote' Due to their Population Size

​Strengthen and Future Proof UK Democracy with a UK Nations Veto Vote or it will Continue to Seek to Fracture and Disband, leading to even more loss of Freedom for Self-determination, at present UK Celtic Citizens are Disenfranchised UK Wide, due to an Autocracy, Not as One Powerful Person but as One Powerful Nation Coalition within a Four Nation State. Both main UK Government Political Parties being the Same Nationality effectively makes the UK a One Party State, as either way England's Interests are


The English Establishment based in London (who have the Power to Alter Democratic UK Systems) cannot decide whether an idea is good or not based on whether it overtly benefits them or not, the whole idea of a UK NATIONS VETO VOTE (see 'Unequal UK Democracy' heading) is to try to Level Up UK Wide decision making and Law to minimize the growth & division of the Celtic Independence Debates, which Ironically will Benefit England, but crucially also the UK Celtic Nations.

This is Not a CULTURE WAR it is just about Fairness between UK Nations, it only becomes Division when you constantly Choose to Favour One over the other, indeed you can only have a War when One Chooses to Battle or Frustrate the other instead of Compromise.

London & England Cannot us the term 'Britain' or 'British' to Validate English Decisions made through their 533 English MPs in London, which actively Side-lines any Consistent & Meaningful Input from the Celtic Nations.

​You Cannot have a Country within a Country, it is Impossible, because any Country within a Country then becomes a Region of the wider Country. However, you can have a Country or Countries within a Political Union or Political State.

​​​​The Law Regarding Racism Applies to All Races & Nationalities Equally Defined in Law to prevent Ambiguity, as all Racism is Racism, you can't pick & choose, in doing so you say that Racism is Okay just do not do it to my group.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​  Developing eXTRACTS Originally TAKEN from the book 


L. W. Jones (2015) DipsW (Social Work), BSW (A 'FREE' Website)

The alternative Domain site name to this website is WELSHSLANDER.COM

The TRUTH matters and will always come out in the end, usually sooner than you think. Then the Cover Up becomes even more of a Sin than hiding the truth in the first place. 'For everyone that does Evil hates the Light and doesn't come to the Light for Fear that their deeds will be Exposed' (John 3:20)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​THE ENGLISH ESTABLISHMENT

The Majority Powerful in the UK are English who make up the core Establishment and are the Gatekeepers.

In the Absence of being able to Identify and Pinpoint the 'Evasive' Source of the Historical & Ongoing Slander then the Slander will Continue, as Clearly Common Sense states that you Must 'Identify' your Central Racial Slanderer 'First' Before you can Hold them to 'Account', because if left Unexplored leads to Racial Gaslighting, that occurs when the Slanderer says it's Not me that Started the Lie, or Spreads it, it is Someone else, even when Shag is an English Terminology and England are Wales's only historical enemy, who just so happen to have the power to spread Racial Lies. Indeed, being put into a Union with England is like being in an Abusive & Controlling Relationship with No way to Escape. Now let's Explore the Central London 'English Establishment' (London Elites). The Overwhelming Majority English population (85% of the UK Population) is Led by their Leaders, who also Historically Ultimately Control the Rest of the UK from London. As Crucially any UK Wide 'Ruling Establishment' & Little Englanders(Click for Link)who can either promote & Impose Racial Slander & Discrimination, or Help put a Stop to it by using their Mainstream Media, can be Easily 'Identified' by Clarifying 'Who' Specifically has the Historical and Ongoing 'Overall Power' in all Key Areas of the UK, and indeed 'Where those Overall UK Wide Power's are Centrally Located'To Clarify, it Cannot be a British Establishment as the Celtic Nations have No Meaningful & Consistent Direct Central UK Power, which is Controlled & Centralized into London England using their UK Parliament, an English Parliament because it is Primarily Directed by England's Majority 533 English MPs out of 650 in a London Imposed Majority Vote System, Obviously Favouring England, as Easily Evidenced by the Minority Celtic Nations Underdevelopment and Lack of UK Wide Power on UK Law & Policy. Definition of Oppression-'prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or exercise of authority'. Indeed, London cannot say 'well no State is perfect' or 'this is just our system', in response to Celtic Oppression & Discrimination whilst actively preventing any issues from being Highlighted & Resolved in a London Centric Media. As a Celtic Minority UK Nation you know when you are Oppressed when you are Not Allowed to say NO and Pause UK Law creation until a Compromise is found (hindering the Human Rights Act 1998 & UK Migration as recent Examples).

It is easy for a Majority Establishment person to say that 'there is more that Unites us than Divides us', whilst remaining Silent about their UK Majority using Nation & Ethnic Difference to Segregate Power, Slander & Opportunity. Words are Cheap without Actions and makes you a Hypocrite.

The Core of the English Establishment are mainly people who posses 'Personally Unearned Privilege', with automatic upper class status, but First and Foremost Must be 'English' and 'White', either Male or Female (with a Few Obvious Token Ancestries or even Classes, although even the Tokens are usually English, a Double Prejudice if you are Black or Asian but Welsh or Scottish) with the English Royal Family still at the Apex of the Class System in the UK. The English Establishment are Primarily Privately Educated in the Numerous English Private Schools such as Eaton, Harrow, Cheltenham Ladies College, and Some English 'Grammar Schools'. Then predominantly moving onto Universities such as Oxford and Cambridge (Previous Connected Pupils Historically Known as the 'Old Boys Network' so Predominantly Male Led)All appearing to be 'Interlinked' through Inherited Family Connections, with Further New Social, CareerBusiness'Connections & Opportunities' in Core Profitable UK Services, further Forged through attendance at Elite Educational Establishments (the Main Advantage to Elite Education) the Opposite of a Meritocracy. To say that CRONYISM happens every where is a Non-statement as Establishment Cronyism gives access to Billions of Dollars of UK Tax Payers Money, your Mum getting you a Job in Asda because she works there, does Not. So the Same Type of People & Nationality at it's Core within a Small Privileged & Elite Selected Social members Only club, who get to Gatekeep further members, predominantly 'Deriving' or 'Residing' in London or the South East of England, with an 'English Privilege', obtained by simply being part of the Vast Majority, so get to Avoid Slander or Discrimination because of not being a Minority UK Nationality. Accents in the UK are Identifiers, so if you are 'One of Us' or the Other, which is why many Minority Groups Change their Accent to an English Accent, even if your Accent is not London RP but of England you are still perceived as 'One of Us' with English Privilege.. Any Racial Privilege is Derived from being perceived as part of the Controlling Vast Majority, in the UK this is the English Anglo-Saxon Nation. So in the UK it is English Supremacy not so much White Supremacy. 

UK Wide Law, BusinessForeign Policy and Finances are Controlled by the UK (English) Parliament having 533English MPs who make UK Laws, with the other 117 MPs out of a Total of 650 Fragmented between Three Celtic Nations, so when voting on UK Wide Policy or Laws in a Majority Vote System makes any Celtic Nations MPs largely Irrelevant, effectively Locked Out of UK Democracy, rendering the Celtic People Second & Third Class Citizens, a System Set Up by London to Favour England's General Interests, the Definition of English Nationalism and Easily Evidenced (Favouring your Own Nation to the Detriment of Another)Numerically making the UK Parliament an English Parliament in all but Name,as Easily Evidenced by England's 533 MPs in a Majority Vote System, as Celtic MPs just Making Up the Numbers is Not Representation, with UK Power Evidently Segregated Down Ethnic Lines so Based in Racism (Majority Anglo-Saxon Nation & Minority Celtic Nations, for Example). As Evidenced with the Constant Under Development of the Celtic Nations and Over Development of England (HS2 as a recent Example) using England's UK Law & Policy Power. Indeed the Central UK Bank is called the Bank of England, which tells you all you need to know about how London perceive who owns the Wealth of the UK. This Vast Numerical English Voting Advantage has been roughly the Same Since the Act of Union 1707 with 513 Majority English MPs, 27 MPs for Wales & 45 MPs for Scotland, Ireland then had 100 MPs in 1801 (Act of Union under Queen Anne Born in London 1665-1714 because of the Alien Act 1705 Click for Link an English Embargo on Scotland unless they signed the Act of Union in 1707, Wales was already Annexed by England) so the Celtic Nations had No Meaningful and Consistent Voice from the BeginningMoreover, King James I of the Stuarts (1566-1625) was never the King of an Independent Scotland just a Puppet of the English Crown. The 'Rule of Law' is a great philosophy but has a Major Flaw in a Four Nation State where England's Majority MPs get to make all major UK Law & Policy to Favour their Interests, as Evidenced with all major UK Law & Policy Favouring England's Interests, with No London Mechanism to try to Even Out England's Vast Population on UK Wide Democracy.

A UK Nations Veto Vote such as in the EU, but Specific to the UK, could Level this Up so that Minority UK Nations can have a Set Small Number of Annual Vetoes (Up to Three, for Example, generally 100 'New UK Wide Bills' are Presented to the Chamber annually. 91 in 2019 for Example. Three roughly equates to a Celtic Nation's UK Population percentage, as sometimes less or more than 100 UK Bills are 'Presented', so gives a margin or error) to provide a more Equal & Consistent Input on UK Wide Law & Policy, to ensure Compromise, and Challenge England's Majority Dominance, but Only London England have the Power to Change their Favoured System, Ironically through their 533 English MPs. Moreover, English Politicians Cannot use the Nebulous term of a 'Majority Rule' as that by Definition means England in the UK as the Majority group, Democracy is meant to be Holistic for all its Citizens, particularly in the Oddity of a Four Nation State. If you say Majority Rule in the UK is your Definition of Democracy then you might as well say that the UK Celtic Nations do Not Exist. There Cannot be a Representative Democracy if the Minority UK Nations can be Drowned Out by the 533 English MPs on UK Law & Policy making, just Making Up the Numbers is Not Representation. Indeed, most Unions of Nations (even including the UN) have some sort of Veto Vote System, making the UK Union of Nations yet again the OutlierBasic to the idea of nationality is the belief that individuals have special ties and loyalties to their fellow nationality, and that these ties and loyalties can generate certain special obligations among a co-nationality.

​​​Obviously there will be Differences of Opinion within this National group, but will ultimately come together when necessary to promote the interests of their Own Nation(Obstructing Scottish Independence and Not allowing a First Welsh Independence Referendum, using UK Law Created by England's Majority 533 MPs, Obviously Favouring England's Interests, the Scotland Act 1998 & Government of Wales Act 1998 both with London Vetoes, for Example). Indeed, Inequality Based on Merit, Skill & Ability in a generally Capitalist Economy where Everyone has the Same Starting Point is Fair & Readily Accepted by Society, but Inequality Based on the'Its Who You Know, Not What You Know'principle, means that Education, Talent & Ability becomes largely Irrelevant for many UK Citizens, if you do Not have the Necessary Connections within the Majority Group. The English Establishment is a Small Gene Pool making Talent Limited, and Evidenced by the Limited Talent. To Clarify, this English Establishment Members Only Club appears to be a Small 'Selected, Connected or Inherited' Privileged Group of people predominantly based in London, within the Core English (therefore UKSocial Class Hierarchy, so are Not a Whole Race or Nation of People In and of Themselves. 

Now lets look at the 'Oxford English Dictionary' Definition of the Term 'Establishment', which is to say, 'a Group in Society Exercising Power and Influence Over Matters of Policy, Opinion or Taste, and seen as Resisting Change'Located in Central London, with this Main Power Source Directing the Central Core within all UK Wide Mainstream London based Political Parties, in all UK London Governments. I think the term 'English' (Anglo-Saxon) is Self Explanatory. Together we have the Central London Ruling 'English Establishment'. Call them Different Sections of the Establishment, the Political Class, the Media, the Left or the Right, what ever Segment of the Establishment with Majority Power UK Wide, but they all have Englishness in Common.

Indeed, as UK Sovereignty is Shared in a UK Sovereign State through a UK Parliament, all Celtic UK Nations should have a Devolved​ Majority Party Government Representative in all Foreign Policy Negotiations not just England (including Brexit for Example). As the UK Parliament is Sovereign, Not England!. If you're Not at the Decision Makers Table, it Usually Means that 'You' are on the Menu. The Difference Between 'Theories & Facts' is that Facts Come with Broadly Accepted, Wide Ranging Tangible 'Evidence', Theories do Not. Indeed, Evidenced Based Fact is the Polar Opposite of Opinion. Evidence Confirms the Truth, Not A Truth, My Truth, or Your Truth, just The Truth, as there is such a thing as the 'Truth'! 


​​​​​​​​​​​​When writing this section I am reminded of the old saying that, 'A Fish Rots from the Head Down'(which is to say, what ever Examples are Set at the Top of Society Filters Down). However, although the 'Central London English Establishment' predominantly possess Ultimate Power and Influence over all UK 'Media', people in England must understand that even though they are being told a Repeated Crude & Rude Racial Lie by the 'London Centred British Mainstream Media'(How do you Suppose this 'Welsh Sheep Shagger' Label is so Well Known in the UK?...), to Further Promote that Racial Lie is 'On You', as we all Instinctively know the Truth from the Lie, as the Idea that Every Welsh person in Wales Shags Sheep, just because they are Welsh, is clearly Ridiculous! Even though there may be undue Influence on the English people to Follow the Lead of their Establishment,'if you're a Demonstrated Racist and a Liar then you must Own those Titles both Morally & Legally, as we all ultimately have the ability to know 'Right from Wrong'.          





Welsh Racial Slander is the 'Thin End of the Wedge',  with Welsh Discrimination,    Underdevelopment, and Lack of UK Wide Power & Opportunity Following Underneath.



​Welsh Slander is Racial Abuse, Racial because it is about a Whole Nation of People, and Abuse because it is Ongoing and Derogatory.

​​It is always quite amusing when an apparent English Establishment person (English & White) such as the Cambridge graduate David Mitchell (who has Never Experienced any UK Racism or associated Discrimination, so does Not know what it Feels or Looks like?), with his Guardian National Newspaper Article Published in March of 2014 Entitled, 'I can hardly think of a less hurtful remark' in Response to the Precedent Set by the First Ever UK Legal Welsh Racism Prosecution. Who tries to Minimise & Justify this Welsh 'Bestiality' Label the London Media appear to have Invented, by saying that Welsh people (a Celtic Nation) as a Whole should Not be Offended by being 'Historically' and 'Continuously' (the Two Key Elements) Labelled with the 'Same Old' Ongoing Lie as 'Sheep Shagger's' (Bestiality) which has been described as the 'Unequal Power Base' of the 'Majority' Abusing a 'Minority' in the Wider UK. Using the London English Establishment's 'Mainstream Media' Based in London to 'Repeatedly' Impose this 'Strange' and all Encompassing Welsh Racial Stereotype, that appears to be based on a Toxic and Divisive Anglo-Saxon English Nationalism (Favouring your Own Nation to the Detriment of Another) as Institutionalized Contempt from London,  as 'Little Englanders', with No Counter London Media Conversation stating that this Ongoing Racial Slander could be a LIE, as it Cannot Apply to All Welsh People, and indeed where it came from Originally, and Why it Continuous (a subtle repeated 'Drip Drip' process, which has been depicted as 'Death by a Thousand Cuts')? To say that it came from Medieval times is a Nonsense as the Law on Theft would apply to England & Wales, so Not Specifically the Welsh. Created by London England who have the Power & Motive to Spread Racial Slander, in order to Tame the Welsh Psychologically and keep them in their place, with other Celtic Nations Slander also used over the years, Irish as Stupid for Example. To Clarify, a Negative Stereotyped Lie about a WholeRace or Nation of People is Racism.​ Yet, although Racists are Insecure and Hateful by Definition, purposeful long-term or frequent Racial name-calling not only has the potential to make the target(s) feel bad, but over time it can also break their self-esteem and self-confidence leading to Internalised Racism. Indeed, as Racism is Based on Hate, and Banter on Light Hearted Humour, Racial Slander Cannot be just Banter, as they come from different places. To say it is a Joke is just an Excuse for Racism. If you want to make Jokes about some one, make Jokes about yourself first.

As the London Media is the Main Driver of Negative Racial Stereotyping in the UK this Needs Exploring, as without an Independent Media & Journalists Celtic Nations Cannot Independently Challenge the UK Government in London. Wales (& the UK Celtic Nations) are Historically and Continuously 'Not Permitted' any Devolved Control over their Own Nation's Broadcasting Media by the Central London English Establishment UK Media Controlled through their 533 English MPs (out of 650) who get to Decide UK Media Law & Policy, such as a Compulsory BBC Fee at Threat of Eventual Prison, & Licencing of New TV Channels, etc, even the London based OFCOM Media Regulator is Accountable to the English UK Government, the Chairman is Decided by the UK Culture Secretary (all UK Governments are English). The BBC, for Example, are Publicly Funded but only because of Government Law as Director & Enforcer, without Government Law the BBC would Not Exist. Of course it is only England who Benefit from England preventing an Independent Celtic Media so they can control the UK Narrative. An English Bias Easily Evidenced with NO Mainstream Celtic Nations Media available, so is Evidently an English Media Not British as there is No Independent Celtic Nations Wider UK Influence or Control, with all the Numerous Mainstream National UK Wide Mass Media Outlets Based Only in England, so Evidently Segregated by London Down Ethnic Lines to Favour England (the Majority Anglo-Saxon Nation & Minority Celtic Nations, for Example)which is Clearly Racist based on National Origin. So Wales Cannot Independently Challenge any English UK Government through the Media, an already Powerful UK Majority with Different Interests. The Devolved Celtic Nations must have Devolved Control over their Own Broadcasting Media, even if only their Regional Media to apply some Counter Balance to London's Mainstream Media machine.  As even any Regional Media in Wales is Ultimately Financed and Influenced from England. For Example, BBC, ITV, S4C, all Financed and Influenced from London, with Cardiff TV Owned by Local Television Limited, their Allocated Headquarters Based in Leeds, England, and all Local Welsh Newspapers, for Example, the Western Mail, Argus & Echo owned by Reach & Newsquest again in London, mostly the same in Scotland, with Newspapers such as the Scotsman Owned by JMI Media (National World) in London with the National & Herald also Owned by Newsquest for Example. STV is a Central Scotland Franchise of ITV in London & is only Regional. Independent Media means Free from the Filter or Influence of London even if some remotely owned abroad away from day to day London operations (Rubert Murdoch with The Sun & The Times, for Example). Cancel Culture is No Platforming which is an Historical part of that approach in the UK. As without any Independent Media Exposure Welsh people Cannot Know a Debate Exists, so London can then say there is Little Public Interest or Appetite for a certain Subject, that they have No-Platformed. A Catch 22 position for Wales, because you Cannot Develop any Ongoing Public Consensus of Opinion in a Subject of your Choice without an Independent Media to Initiate an all Wales Conversation. Indeed, many POLLS are largely irrelevant as people will just generally reflect back in the Polls what they had been told in the London Media, still most people's Main Source of Information. 'He who Controls the Media Controls​​​​ the Minds of the Public' Noam Chomsky. Consequently, the Welsh (& Celtic) Nations are Permanently 'Denied a Platform' to Provide a 'Balanced Perspective', to be able to Voice any Issues and tell their 'Own Story' of Who they are to Themselves, and to the Wider Global Audience?! To confirm, England preventing Wales as a Minority Nation and Celtic Ethnicity from having an Unhindered Voice is against current ECHR Laws which Supersedes the UK Courts on Freedom of Expression (Article 10) & treating people the same (Article 14), also Article 19 UN Human Rights (UDHR), Human Rights are Universal. As without any Independent Media Welsh People can be SilencedwithGeneral Opinions Manipulated, anOngoing Assault on UK Democracy which would Not be out of place in Russia or China, with the Obvious & Undisputed Power of the London English UK Mass Media. The UK Government have Denied the Celtic Nations having an Independent mainstream television channel, or devolved power over their own media, whilst Devolved to England in London, meaning Direct State Interference, down Ethnic Lines.

However, in any Democracy Democratic CONSENT is Key, Wales, for Example, have NEVER been allowed a Self-Determination Vote so the London UK Parliament have NO Legitimate Claim to act on Wales behalf anyway. Consent is Fundamental to Social Contract accounts of Political Legitimacy. Just because the Bloody Annexation of Wales (1284) was done in the Past, does Not mean that it is in the Past, as Wales is Still effectively Undemocratically Annexed Today in the Present because of 1542 (initially Physically by Edward Longshanks in the 13th Century). English Forced Annexation of Wales is why you still hear the term 'England & Wales' as one Unequal Unit Today particularly in the Judiciary System. To Clarify, Annexation and Incorporation are the same thing when they are done Unilaterally. Even if London say Henry VIII was not Annexation Wales still remain Annexed due to Edward Longshanks anyway. Forcibly Stealing Land is Not a Mandate it is Coercion that has No Statute of Limitation. The Tudor name was a Vassal after Longshanks, Tudors had little to do with Wales, Henry VIII Dad born in an English Held Castle in Wales the only Connection. As an Issue Only becomes the Past Once it has been Rectified, so you can then Move On and Leave it in the Past. If an Old House had a Leaky Roof in the 16th Century, and Still has a Leaky Roof now in the 21st Century, the Issue is Not in the Past it is in the Present and FutureIndeed, if Consent is not Democratically resolved the relationship between England & Wales will always be based on the Past, which has No Relevance to the Modern UK.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​However, it appears that in order for any Majority Slanderer to feel Validated to try to avoid Prosecution or Accountability, and to further Clarify, 'Race' in the UK Equality Act 2010 (Click for Link Example)Human Rights Act 1998 & UN Law on Racial Discrimination et al, means 'Skin Colour' or 'National Origin' (Defined to Prevent any Confusion)the London Controlled so called 'British Mainstream Media(who License, Regulate & Control all the UK Wide Accessible Media) firstly Imply that the Other MinoritUK Nations who are of Celtic Ethnicity are Not a Separate National,Ethnic or Racial Group to their MajorityAnglo-Saxon England (which they obviously are!). So then London suggest that it is just UK Banter, and then further appear to historically Encourage and Condone Casual Slander of the other UK Minority Celtic Nations, to try to keep them in their place, by then Publicly Suggesting that the people of these Nations 'Are' and 'Would' Not be Offended anyway! 'This is like me Punching you in the Face, and then Telling you it Doesn't Hurt (on your Behalf)'!... 

Taking away the Racial element for a moment, I can't think of many people who would think that Repeated Slander is a Good Thing, and would not take Great Offence and Discomfort to any Crude Sexually Deviant Slander and Lie being 'Continuously' told about them, Directly, or even Indirectly which in Racial terms is now known as CODED LANGUAGE, by using certain Racial Buzzwords to imply a set Racist narrative, 'there are more sheep in Wales than People', hint hint for Example, I like to call this approach 'Racism for Cowards'Indeed, this 'Welsh Sheep Shagger' (Bestiality) term is Widely Considered to be One of the most Crude Imposed Repeated Racial Slander terms in the World, can you think of any other Racial Slander Term more Dehumanising than Bestiality? The most Degrading Racial Slander of all the UK Celtic Nations and the largest Impact on National Confidence. As Wales is the Closest other Nation Threat to London, situated right in the Belly of the Beast, so to speak. When relating Bestiality to a Race (or Nation) of people you Define them as 'SUB-HUMAN', which is Defined as Less than Normal Human Behaviour. However, 'Conspicuous' by its 'Absence' is that there is 'No' Equal UK Wide Derogatory Stereotyped Slander Term 'Created' and 'Publicised' through the London Controlled British Media for their 'OwnEnglish Nation, so London are Obviously Very Sensitive about their Own Nation being Directly Mocked. Indeed, England is the Only Nation in the UK 'Without' any Recognised Repeated Slander Labels through their London Media, so it can't even be seen as just Banter, as Banter is a Two Way Process where both sides have an Equal Independent Right of Reply.


In addition, even If somehow, at some point in the future, a Sexually Deviant Individual can be Identified by London as Genuinely Welsh (so not an English person living in Wales for Example), and can be DNA Legally proven without any doubt in a Court of Law(Bestiality is a Criminal Offence) to have had sex with a sheep (such as, for Example, in 2008 an English man from Dulwitch, London, was Legally DNA Convicted of Multiple sheep shagging in England, Click on Link). This would Not mean that'All' Welsh people engage in this activity, the 'Racist Element'. To assume that there is something in a Welsh person's DNA that means they must have sex with a sheep is InsaneThis would be like me as a Welsh person saying that because Gary Glitter, Jimmy Savile, Barry Bennel and Max Clifford (amongst many others) were all English Paedophiles, then 'All' English people must be Paedophiles, who Inherently posses Racial DNA that compels them to sexually abuse children. That would make me Racist (and a Liar), as an Individuals crime is that person's crime, not the crime of his/her Entire Nation.​               

Welsh sheep shaggers: An English Establishment Lie.The Rational.

For a more Detailed explanation please read the following. 



Welsh Sheep Shaggers information: WELSHSLANDER.COM

Welsh Sheepshaggers:

                 An English Establishment Lie..?


Let's Break Down this Ridiculous 533 English MPs out of 650 in a London (England) Imposed Majority Vote SystemHere is an Analogy to try to make a Complex subject more Simplified. 'The 533 Majority English MPs in the Two Main London Political Parties (Right to Left/Conservative & Labour) in the UK Parliament is Similar to the Two Main English Football Teams in the Premiere League Competing Against each other in General with Differing Footballing Ideologies, but the Players and Supporters will always be willing to come Together as an England Team on International Duty as and when required to ensure England's Interests and would always want them to Win'. Indeed the system is set up that way, which would be Normal in a One Nation State but Cannot be Legitimate in an Internationally Recognised State with Four Nations, as a Union of Nations, the UK! Needless to say the House of Lords that could alter UK Legislation is also Dominated by English Peers. How is each Individual Celtic Nation meant to have any Meaningful and Consistent say on UK Wide Law & Policy, not just on Incidental, Random or Ad Hoc occasions (so apart from the Odd Time by Accident, if the Two Main English London parties are butting heads, usually as Pawns in England's Games as Tokens, DUP with Theresa May 2017 regarding Brexit, for Example) to Consistently Support their Individual, Specific and Unique Celtic Nation's Needs, when each Celtic Nation in the Vast Majority of cases in Normal Times are Continuously up against 533 English MPs in a UK Majority Vote System? Making the Celtic MPsTokens, 'Token'- 'done for the sake of appearances or as a symbolic gesture'. Indeed, No Mainstream English Political Party would ever go into UK Government COALITION with Scotland's SNP as they are all Unionists, which maintains control of Scotland, as Evidenced by the Fact that it has Never happened. If there is a Hung UK Parliament the Conservatives or Labour will form a Coalition with the other main UK English Party the Lib Dems as Evidenced in 2010 with the Conservatives. English Nationalism will come under the Guise of Unionism, but at least Scotland are Honest about their Nationalism. My Hope is for a Functional Democracy in the UK, Functional does Not mean Perfect, but it must Function for all UK Nations. Of course London could introduce a specific UK Nations Veto Vote, for Example, to Promote some Meaningful & Consistent Self-Determination from all UK Nations within the UK Wide Context and Save the Union, or Independence from London will then be the Only Option for the Celtic Nations, as the Author offers an 'Impartial Unionist and Nationalist Option', although I can understand why the SNP in Scotland would not like a Veto Option as it still keeps Scotland in the Orbit of London, but in order to be Credible I must offer Impartial options, even though I myself think that at present Independence is the only alternative for Wales & Scotland. As without a Meaningful and Consistent way for the Celtic Nations to Directly Affect UK Wide Decisions, Law & Policy London England can simply Ignore the Celtic Nations due to lack of voting numbers. So, Why do the Minority Celtic Nations have a Right to a Direct Veto? Well, because all UK Wide Decisions Directly Impact them.Wales will Never be out of Poverty & Under Development until it gets a Meaningful & Consistent say on UK Wide Decision Making that can Defend Wales' interests against England's. 'Poverty is the Worst Form of Violence'Ghandi. Fundamentally, Poverty is a Denial of Choices and Opportunities, a Violation of Human Dignity UN Definition of Poverty 1998As England Control UK Sovereignty with their 533 MPs (out of 650) then this makes England a 'DE FACTO' Independent Sovereign State, which means they have No UK Wide or International Legitimacy. So the UK Government is the English Government as Evdienced by England's 533 MPs in a Majority Vote System.Indeed, Devolution has No Affect on UK Wide Decision Making in a Four Nation Sovereign State, and is Not Self-Determination as the powers allowed are Determined by the 533 English MPs who can also Unilaterally choose to Hold Back the Main Levers of Power, and even take Powers Away. Only a Referendum is Direct Self-Determination for a Territorial Nation, anything other than this, including citing random POLLS, is just Playing Games. Wales have Never been allowed a Self-Determination Vote. Indeed, London Need to Create a Fair UK Wide Democracy Before they can Pass Judgement on other Democracies. History Celebrates Liberators, Not Captors (Jon Meacham). 

        A 'Psychological Weapon' Used to Embolden the English, and Undermine the Welsh...

Although most works of a Genius (every gift is God given) is initially a Thankless task, because they Present New and Uncomfortable Ideas Outside of the Norm, until they eventually become the Norm. In the Continued Absence of anyone else having the Courage to address the many Ongoing Issues for Wales it appears that the Burden is on the author to Start the Debate (as a Welsh Parent & Patriot), as it must Start Somewhere, and this is as good a place as any given No Independent Welsh Media. Indeed, the only way to Solve an Issue is to Address it Head-on, Ignoring it only lets it Fester and Take Root, then End up Defining you. Although it is a National Disgrace that a random website, such as this, has more Power to Defend Wales (the Power of the Truth) than nearly all of the Current Welsh Politicians (& many of the Previous) put together. As History will Testify 'Shame on You', remember that History has a Long, Extensive and Lasting Memory, with Plenty of Room for all of you Individually (including the Local Media), your Children and Grandchildren will be well aware that you stood idly by, and watched, scared to rock the boat, and lose your position ultimately granted to you through London, only because of your Complicit Characters. As Evidenced by the Fact that they Never ask any Awkward Questions, for Example, why the UK Parliament has 533 English MPs out of 650 making it an English Parliament in all but Name, with all its Obvious Negative Impacts on UK Wide Democracy & UK Law Making. Indeed many of them will go through a whole Career and never say anything out of turn. The Two main Political Parties in Wales and the UK, 'Labour & Conservative', are both London Parties (Plaid Cymru are Seen as just a Welsh Language issue Minority party, with NO Influence to UK Wide Power, & of course have No Media Backing) with many Welsh Version Subservient Uncle Toms (& Aunt Jemimas) looking to Further or Maintain their Own Careers through the Powerful UK Majority (the Uncle Tom Syndrome). Uncle Toms and Aunt Thomasinas are of No Consequence, keeping your mouth shut because it benefits you, commands No Respect, not even from your Masters, as you can still support the Union whilst bringing up Awkward Questions because without the Awkward Questions how can you Improve the Union of the UK?

To Clarify, the author of this Work is Not a Nationalist (Patriot means a love for your country without hurting anyone else), or a Unionist, but is in Complete Favour of what ever Finally makes Wales and the Welsh people more Equal, Prosperous and Valued in the Future. With this in mind the main Reasons for this Text is to present Continuously 'No Platformed' Questions by the London Media (with some Base Solutions) to allow Up Coming Readers to then Develop, Build & Expand on these Historically Unexplored Questions & Anomalies in Greater Detail (For or Against) in the Future to achieve the Ultimate Goal of Increased Prosperity and Less Slander for the People of Wales and the Celtic Nations (UK Equality). Whilst also providing an Easily Evidenced 'Warts & All' Internal Genuine Common Sense perspective of Wales within the Time Periods Outlined, which can then be used as an Indicator and Measurement of continued Stagnation, Decline or even ​Progress when Compared with Wales as it is Now to the Wales in the Years, Decades and Centuries to come. Achieved through Highlighting and helping to Fill the ongoing UK Wide Welsh Literature, Media & Cultural Vacuum Created by London Regarding the Welsh Condition. Indeed, if Literature is the Nation, what does that make a Nation without any recognised classic or modern Literature, it makes it no more than an Invisible Vassal. This Website is Completely Unique in the Sense that it is the 'First' to Focus on Britain and the English Welsh Relationship from a Distinctly Welsh & Celtic Everyday Person's 'Day to Day' Working Class Perspective, indeed I myself grew up on a Council Estate (so From the Ground & Inside Looking Out, as Opposed to From the Outside or Academic Looking In). Allowing Wales the Courage to Finally 'See Itself' by asking many previously London Media Censored (No Platformed) Awkward Questions, but just as Importantly with some Common Sense Evidence Based Solutions. Indeed, 'Learning to ask Awkward Questions is Essential to the Development of a 'Mature' Society'(Socrates), as Without the Wider 'Questions', How can you Formulate the 'Answers'?!... If you want a Nation to think Big then give them something Big to think about, of course that would involve an Independent Media in Wales.

As there are Thousands of Books and Millions of pieces of Literature Focusing on an English Perspective of the UK and Britain, which usually Frames Wales as part of England, or does Not mention Wales at all
(although England also own all the main UK Publishing Houses, & have Direct Connections with the rest). However, this Text Uniquely Focuses on Wales as a Distinct Separate Historic Recognised Nation to England, with it's Own Specific Social and Economic Concerns within the UK and "British" Context. Moreover, this Work is Not an attempt to Divide England and Wales (as they are Already Historically Divided Because of Slander and Inequality). It is actually an attempt to provide an Opportunity to 'Unite', using a 'New Approach' of Genuine Equality and Respect as Equal Sovereign Constituent Nations that were previously Self-Governing Pooled into one Independent UK Sovereign State (as Opposed to Ongoing Historic UK Slander and Inequality) by Exposing Disrespect and Inequality to Highlight what may Need to Change and How, to Encourage the UK's Possible Long Term Cohesive Future as 'Genuine Equal Partners' (if it's not to late already?), by Finally providing an Official 'End Date' to this Ongoing Historic 'Out Dated' Colonialism & Colonialist Attitude towards Wales & the Celtic Nations within the UK, with England Still Ultimately Controlling Wales & the UK. If Not then Clearly 'Common Sense' would Dictate that after Centuries of Easily Evidenced Inequality, Discrimination & Restrictions, with Wales Forever being Underdeveloped, 'Other Alternatives' will Need to be Sought for Wales & the Celtic Nations, in this New Modern 'Technological Information Age', where for the 'First Time in the Long History of the UK' the New Development of Widely Accessible Public Platforms such as the Internet, Google & Social Media have made Welsh (Celtic) 'Inequality' and 'Prejudice' so much Easier to 'Identify' and 'Highlight' Now, Outside of the Traditional Selective London Centred "British" Mainstream Media. So Now the Outside World can look in, like Finally opening the doors to a Controlling & Coercive Relationship, that the Abuser has tried their best to Hide. Just to add, although this Work is Extensive and Wide Ranging, Bear With It, as the some what Acrimonious Relationship between Wales (along with the Celtic Nations) and England, is actually Centuries old, and is such a Tangled Web, so Needs Explaining in Detail as the English Establishment are Great Wordsmiths and are Prone to Petty Semantics if Not Explained in Obvious Detail. Consider this Text as a Cultural Maths Equation but showing all the Detailed Workings Out as to how New Narratives and Perspectives were eventually Concluded.

​      Welsh Sheepshaggers

O' that English establishment lie, then when you look for the source they're the first to deny, hiding in the shadows like withering cowards always afraid to show their face and take the blame for that bestiality disgrace, who deny any racism by just remaining hidden to prevent responsibility for their verbal hostility, as the only enemy in all of welsh history who have the necessary power to ensure anonymity, when even the word shag is an English terminology!

Yet when you're dealing with cowards who will not admit culpability you have to rely on the law of probability, I don't want to be Sherlock Holmes but it looks like I gotta be, yes this racism I'm calling it out like when in a court of law beyond a reasonable doubt. 

Backstabbers and haters those racial stereotype dictators, those little Englanders, demeaning their closest geographical threat with the lies that they spread, which then provides ammunition for other nations to use their words for discrimination forcing further devastation on the psyche of a minority nation. 

What an abomination, with your whispers, winks and insinuation, sly to the end you deny any media right of reply to defend, always your enemy but say they're your friend, those hate inciters, those rumour designers, destroying the reputation of a minority nation with your media control to prevent retaliation and explanation, yet if you're going to spread it and condone it at least have the courage to own it! 

Cowards and racists of the highest order spitting out venom across their national border, how brave you are picking on a smaller race then like a coward you run and deny to hide any trace, chuckling to yourselves, we’ll keep them in their psychological place, that uncivilized and disruptive minority race.


"The 'Truth' is like a Lion, You do Not have to Constantly Defend it, 'LET IT LOOSE', It Can Defend Itself"... (St.Augustine)

OTHERIZATION’ is what happens to people who are Not part of the Majority group, the Powerful group tend to Label the Others Outside of that group as Beasts or Subhuman. So when the Majority group slanders this targeted Minority group(s) the assumption is that as a result of their 'Non Person Status' they will Not be Offended or Hurt by any Negative Comments or Discrimination as they are Not seen as Individual Humans, possessing Human Emotions or Feelings. When engaging in Otherization you're not saying that the other group are my absolute enemy, you are saying that these people are Less than Human, Less Than, who are Not Worthy of being Treated with the same 'Moral Status' as people who can be identified as in the Majority tribe. Otherization suppresses Empathy, Kindness, Fairness and Nurturing, people who are part of the Majority group Escape Cruelty, Discrimination and Slander, the targeted Minority group(s) bear the Brunt. Otherization is targeted and Specifically Directed, so attaching a Negative Label to a certain tribe or group promotes an idea that this 'Other' group are Not made up of Individual Human beings, Mothers, Fathers, Sons and Daughters, but are just one Homogeneous Group who all inherently possess the same Negative traits 'Repeatedly' promoted by the Slander Term and the Slanderer(s).        

To Demonstrate the subtle Power of Discrimination, an Experiment undertaken by Jane Elliot, a school teacher in the USA when Discussing the Topic of Racism in 1968, to people who did not know what Racism was, with her 'Blue Eyes-Brown Eyes' exercise, further appears to Underline the Inherent but Subtle Power of Discrimination. This Experiment involved simply dividing her class into Two Groups, based Solely on Just their Eye Colour, 'Blue Eyes' and 'Brown Eyes', the whole group were told that the Blue Eyes were Superior to the Brown Eyes. Initially there was Resistance to this from the Brown Eyes, but on hearing the explanation that Blue Eyes were simply 'Genetically' better than Brown Eyes due to added amounts of 'Melanin', for Example, the colour pigment which aided such attributes as intelligence (a Lie), their Resistance quickly died away. Those who were told they were Superior became 'Bossy and Arrogant' (Confident) and otherwise unpleasant to the Inferior classmates, with Improved Grades and Completing Mathematical and Reading tasks considered out of their ability previously (the Power of 'Confidence'). The Inferior group of Brown Eyes were also Transformed, but into 'Timid and Subservient' children, who started to score More Poorly on Tests (the Power of 'Discrimination'), including those who had Previously been considered the most Accomplished, Confident and Dominant in their Class. 

                            The Good News is that Learnt Behaviour can be Unlearned

There is a Need for this Text in Order to Finally, for the First Time, Open Up Repeated Negative Welsh Racial Stereotyping and Slander Based on Nationality and Race to Public Debate and Analysis Regarding it's possible Historical and Ongoing Impact on the Fundamental 'Psyche' of the Welsh people and Wales as a Nation. As Ultimately this text is about Protecting the Children of Wales, because if this Stigma, Mockery and Nonsense is not stopped now, it will attach itself to the next generations to come, as it did to the previous ones, perpetuating a 'Less Than' National Narrative, indeed making Wales a better place for the Future Generations to come is a 'Life Well Spent'. As it does appear that once Wales can free itself from the Psychological Shackles of Ongoing Slander and Stereotyping, a Whole New World of Possibility will Open Up for it's People (as literally only 'the Truth will set you Free' John 8:32'). So please excuse the Crude & Rude 'Sheep Shagger' Bestiality Racial Slander Term that has been presented here, however this term is used to Slander the Welsh Nation and People, Each Man, Women & Child, Fluent in the Welsh Language, or Not, North or South Wales, who all have the Same Racial Slander and Discrimination in Common just because of their Welshness. If I did not present the term used in its true form then I undermine the purpose of this work which is to present a truthful perspective through a 'Christian' ethos (Not the 'State Church Version' of Christianity and Individuals within, who remain Silent and never hold the Government or Media to Account Morally, which should be its basic job, primarily involving Unfairness & Lying which any Rational person would find unacceptable even if against people outside of their own tribe) whilst further writing in a 'Non Convoluted' Manner with Evidence and Basic Common Sense that can be easily understood by everyone, as asserted by Albert Einstein, 'If You Can't Explain a Subject Matter Simply, then You Don't Understand it Well Enough'? Moreover, If I did not present this term in the way it is used then it would also not Demonstrate to the reader the 'Venom' and 'Intent' apparently present within the Slander. Indeed the Welsh Sheep Shagger (Bestiality) term is Widely Considered by many to be one of the most 'Vulgar' Imposed Racial Slander Terms in the World, Poisoning the Base Reputation and Dignity of All Welsh people!! When relating Bestiality to a Race of people you define them as 'SUB-HUMAN', which is Defined as Outside of Normal Human Behaviour. This Historic and Ongoing Degrading Slander Label is Highlighted because the Welsh people and Wales should Not Own or Internalise this Deception; it is the Responsibility of the people who Created this Lie to Own the Shame and Embarrassment caused through such a 'Crude' Racial term (Racial because of Nationality). As it does appear that over time, if told enough times (through the London British Media, then Wider UK Society & Beyond) some people within a Racially Slandered Minority Group may begin to Internalise and Believe the Slander told about their Race and begin to own that Prejudice as the truth Regarding their Own Racial Identity, even though Logically they know at first hand that it is a Falsification? 

                     Stereotype Threat from Internalized Racism goes Beyond the Individual 

Those who Experience 'Internalized Racism' may end up projecting that Internalized Negative Attitude onto Others in their Own Racial Group. The Appropriated Racial Oppression Scale (AROS) is designed as a measure for all racial minorities. In the AROS, Campón and Carter use items such as "There have been times when I have been embarrassed to be a member of my race" (Deliberately changing their Accent for Example) and "People take racial jokes too seriously" (Minimizing Racism and its Affects, almost Condoning it) to assess an individual's level of internalized racism. This Internalisation Evidence emphasises the amazing 'Power of the London Media' and is one of the reasons why Wales Needs an Independent Media Voice to counter any Accusations or Misinformation, and be able to tell their Own Story of who they are to the World, and indeed to Themselves.

Any Welsh Ownership of this 'Bestiality' Slander Label appears to Induce a Bizarre form of 'Self Harm', as a direct consequence of repeated 'Social Psychological Conditioning'(Socialised to Accept the Abnormal as Normal?), apparently predominantly Induced through the London based Mainstream British Media. As stated by Joseph Goebbels (1897-1945), the head of Nazi Media Propaganda in the 1930's/40's,'Repeat a Lie Often Enough and it Becomes the Truth', as History allows us to Learn Lessons, you have to Scrutinise the Past to gain an Understanding of the Present. Historically Repeating the 'Same' derogatory Racial (Nationality) Slander (Welsh Sheep Shaggers) Continuously through the London Based British Media is vastly Contrary to One Off, 'Different' & 'Varied' Interpersonal Racial comments (although still essentially Racist), as 'Repeated' London controlled Media (the Only Mainstream Media in Britain) backed Racial Slander, 'Over Time', moves onto 'Widespread' Negative 'RacialStereotyping' (otherwise Known as Racism). This then suggests that 'All' people within a certain Race or Group, Do or Are the Common Stereotype. As a Consequence these targeted groups, Over Time, are then Publicly Seen as Predominantly Just the historically Commonly Repeated Negative Stereotype and Not as 'People', which appears to 'Dehumanise' any Slandered Group by attempting to Reduce them down to Just a Singular Negative Racial Stereotype. Although, ​what murky depths of Depravity and Insecurity must be present in a Slanderer's mind to Create and Perpetuate such a Crude Anti-Christian term (Bestiality) in order to Defame the Welsh people’s Character and Reputation, to keep them in their place, and not get ideas above their station? However, given the news (2016) regarding David Cameron (Prime Minister) and pig heads being used to simulate oral sex as Initiations in elite English Institutions, might shed some light on the English Establishment's alleged deviant mind set and the apparent source of the bestiality thought process? There are a Million ways to Slander a person and their Race (if that is your thing??!), what Normal person thinks of Bestiality as one of them?!.... 



Obviously Racists are Insecure and Hateful but to be Racist towards a member of your own Union of Nations takes it to another level of Depravity. Although UK Minority Celtic Nations generally have White Privilege in the UK they do Not have Anglo-Saxon English Privilege, who are the Majority Controlling Nationality in the UK. The Celtic Nations Whiteness did not stop them from being Annexed, Subdued and Conquered, as Racism in America (where the term White Privilege Originated) is primarily Historically regarding Skin Colour because of a Different History and Location, in the UK it's Historically because of the other Recognized Elements of Racism which is Nationality and Ethnicity. No one can say that Racism regarding Skin Colour is Bad and Unlawful but then say that Racism regarding Nationality or Ethnicity is Acceptable, as they are all Recognized Under the Same Law (Human Rights Act 1998, UN International Law & UK Equality Act 2010, for Example). Any Racial Privilege is Derived from being Part of the Controlling & Powerful Vast Majority. As a Minority in the UK you can only 'turn the other cheek' or 'be the bigger person' for so long before Racial Abuse becomes so Ingrained that it is Normalised. Wales Cannot hope to Stand Up for the Minority Rights of other people in Wales and the Wider UK, if they Cannot even Stand Up for Themselves! How can you Rebuild your Reputation when the Same Lie keeps on being Repeated without a Riposte, or Legal Action (I'm pretty sure that Racism is against the Law)?




Now, let's discuss Relative Racism even though all Racism is defined as Racism under Domestic & International Law (Skin Colour, Nationality & Ethnicity, for Example). Relative Racism or a Racism Hierarchy comes under the scenario I call the 'One Leg, Two Leg Scenario', a Divide & Conquer Tactic from the Majority. Which is to say that when a person talks about the discrimination they experience when having one leg in an able body majority society gets dismissed by a selected person who has no legs saying that 'if you think having only one leg is bad try having no legs' therefore totally minimizing the one legged person's experience, when in actual a fact all Disability is a Disability when a minority in a majority world. This occurs in Racism when a person defines Racism based only on Skin Colour, so as more important than Racism based on Nationality or Ethnicity, creating a Racial Hierarchy. Yet when you base Racism purely on Skin Colour this too perpetuates the Racial Hierarchy because then the person with Darker Skin says that they experience more Racism than the person with Lighter Skin therefore invalidating the Lighter Skin person's experience, pitting minority Races against minority Races, when all minority Races should be Validated instead of developing a 'Divide and Conquer' narrative inside Racial Minorities, often narrated by the Majority. As all Racism is Racism if Defined in Law, and all minority Races speaking with one voice is more powerful than individual factions. Indeed, if you believe that your Race is more worthy of note than other minority Races then that in itself is Racism!


​However, when regarding Slander of a Minority Group 'Confidence' and 'Self Belief' are Vital Tools required for the Development of Aspiration, Business, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Ultimate Prosperity, as well as Promoting Wales and its Voice to the Wider International Audience. As 'National Confidence is Key to National Prosperity' by Not 'Putting Up With and Calling Out' Wide Spread Racial Slander, Discrimination and Mockery that Inevitably Disturbs the Base National Psyche of a Repeatedly Slandered Nation. 

So 'Basic Common Sense' Dictates that Surely Anything that could Compromise the 'Vital' Component of National Confidence to Success and Prosperity Needs 'Urgently' Challenging?!... 

As only a person with No Confidence or Self-Respect would allow another Nation to Slander them and Control their own affairs without Democratic Consent (Wales was Annexed by England in the 13th century and still is to this Day without direct Democratic Consent), or allow themselves to become an Uncle Tom or an Aunty Jemima regardless of the Financial and Career Rewards, yet the Irony is that the Sheep Shagger London Bestiality Slander is Designed to Undermine that National Confidence and Create Subservient Welsh Individuals who know their place. I do feel it is pertinent to express the following quote that provides an understanding of how Negative Stereotyping through Discrimination can Impact the Welsh people as a whole, and indeed any Slandered Minority Race or Group. Beaver, Brewster and Neaum (2004) Describe Discrimination and it's Impacts as ‘Discrimination is when a Group in Society is More Powerful than Another Group and Holds Negative Stereotypical Attitudes Towards Them. This Reduces the Discriminated Group’s Life Chances and Achievements’. However, Perhaps even More Pertinent to the Future of Wales is the Impact of Negative Racial Stereotyping through Discrimination and Prejudice on the Developing 'Self Esteem' and 'Self Worth' of the 'Children of Wales' (which is also said to Impact Mental Health, with an overall 'Extra' Detrimental Impact on general 'Well-being'). As further suggested by Tassoni, Beith, Bulman and Eldridge (2007), ’Negative Stereotypes can Damage a Child's Developing Sense of Self Worth and Self Esteem. They may grow up with a View of Themselves as Inferior. They may Not try out New Activities for Fear of Failure. They may Achieve Less at School’. The Evidence of which seems to be that Wales is Constantly the Lowest Ranked Nation in the UK regarding International OECD PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) Tests, which also assesses Well-being, with Welsh Children being Repeatedly Subjected to the Crudest National Stereotype of all the Four UK Nations (Bestiality), actually England as the Majority Nation do not get any repeated recognised UK Slander at all. Although possessing Confidence certainly does Not mean that a person will Automatically be Good at Everything, but what it can Do, is to Allow a person the Capacity to Repeatedly Face the Fear of Failure in the Pursuit of Eventually Finding out what they are Talented at... Indeed, using our Old Neglected Friend 'COMMON SENSE', would a Person who is Subject to Repeated Negative Racial Slander (through the Various Forms of London Media & then Consequently through Wider UK Society) from an 'Early Age', be 'More Likely' to Develop Lower Self Esteem and a more Disrupted Self Identity 'or Not', and would the Slanderer's be 'More Likely' to be Emboldened with a False Over Inflated Sense of Supremacy, 'or Not'??!... To try Ignore the affects of Racial Slander on the Developing Self Esteem of Welsh Children is Neglect, the Oxford Dictionary Definition of Neglect - Fail to care for properly, what Parent would leave their Children Open to Racial Abuse and Not try to Protect them!. 


To Further 'Evidence' the 'Breath Taking Power of the UK London Media Socialisation', and the 'Power of Repeated Discrimination', to be able to 'Psychologically Train' a proportion of your Targets over time to actually Insult 'Themselves', and in doing so their Own Nation, with some Welsh people Internalising their Racial Bestiality Slander as part of their own identity!?... Like an Abusive partner Constantly calling their Beautiful wife Ugly, to such an extent that she then even openly describes herself as Ugly, a Shameful and Disturbing sight to behold. An anomaly Demonstrated by many Welsh Sporting Fans is the 'Bizarre' (which is Generally Described as Something that Other People and Nations do Not 'Normally' do!!) 'Self-Harm Chanting' at Football (Soccer) Matches from Fans of Welsh Football Clubs (there are only 3 Welsh clubs out of 92 clubs with all the others being English, spread across 4 leagues) in response to the repeated Welsh sheep shagger taunts, which appears to occur most weeks when they play English clubs in an English league, the 'Learnt Behaviour', and then also at many Welsh Football International Games (as many other 'Unscrupulous Nations' also then use this Welsh Racial Slander as 'Verbal Ammunition'), with some Welsh fans singing "We Know Who We Are, Sheep Shagging Ba***rds, We Know Who We Are" (Click for Link) or even wearing 'Sheep Hats' and carrying 'Sheep Inflatables' at Welsh Rugby games, as Easily Evidenced ongoing Examples of the Internalization of Racial Bestiality Slander negatively affecting and disrupting National Identity. Even trying to Blame Welsh People for the Course of their Own Racial Slander, being caught with a Stolen Sheep in Medieval Times, for Example, although the Law would also apply to the English as well, so makes it Nonsensical. If you keep on telling someone that they are a certain type of person then eventually many of them, with Less Inquiring Minds, will then actually believe youIndeed, the most Despicable aspect to these Chants is that Thousands of Welsh Children will be Watching on TV, or Physically be present at the Games, imagine being a Child and trying to Process an Identity of Bestiality?? The Same Nonsense Imposed on their Fathers and Grandfathers before them (to Clarify London control all UK Media so Welsh People have No independent Right of Reply). As Constantly Accusing a Whole Different Nation's People (each Man, Women & Child) of Sexually Deviant Bestiality is 'Not' a Term of Endearment which is Why it is Used as a 'Weapon to Insult', used by Adults and even Children. 'Internalized Racism' is also referred to as Indoctrination and Mental Colonization where many people within a slandered minority see themselves through the eyes of their majority oppressor. Appropriations of negative stereotypes, is thinking that maintains the status quo (denying racism). When the English Establishment in London who Control all UK Media try to Evade responsibility for the Welsh Sheep Shagger Racial Slander, what they are trying to do is use Racial Slander to keep the Welsh people psychologically Down Trodden, whist avoiding the Moral & Legal Responsibility of creating and spreading such Crude Racism.


​Moreover, for any Welsh person to say, as a so called 'Witty' riposte, 'we shag them, but you eat them' is 'Silly', because you have just absolutely Confirmed the Racial Lie that they have made up about you and in doing so inadvertently Validating the Racial Slander as some how True of all Welsh People in an accepting and subservient manner. However, to Avoid all the Unnecessary Complication and Hassle, just call them (usually English) 'Racist's', as it's a lot more Simple, Potent, Wide-ranging, and Effective at Preventing this Slander and Nonsense in the Future, and is Factually Correct and Legally Binding (as Racism aimed at another Nation or Ethnicity is against the Law). If the Racists and Liars think you have 'No Quick Effective Response' to Shut them Down, it will Continue (see 'Wales a Racial Group?' on the above headings). As Ironically the One thing a Racist does Not like being called is a Racist, so Hold a Mirror Up to the Racist and Confirm to them Who and What they areSlander, and so called Banter on a Personal Level is Fine (Outside of Equality Legislation), or even in a Group Setting, but when it is Directly in Reference to your RaceNationality and/or Ethnicity it then becomes Immoral and a serious Criminal Offence, as Racism Disrupts Wider Social and Community Bonds, because Racial Slander is Aimed at 'Millions of People' in a Particular Race, as Opposed to the Characteristic's of just One Specific Individual in Isolation. Indeed, I have been involved for Years in Banter since a child, growing up on a Housing Estate, usually about each others appearance (Long Nose, Big Ears, a Questionable Dress Sense, for Example), and never once felt soDevoid of a Witty Riposte that I had to Resort to the Level of a Lazy, Unimaginative and Prescribed Racial Stereotype about a person's Race or Ethnicity, just because I wasn't Bright enough to Respond with my Own Witty Personal Riposte. However, on a personal note, as a young person I worked in England (an apprentice Footballer), of course the only Welsh guy in the dressing room, as a result even before I went to England (stayed in Digs) I knew that I was going to face Racist Slander, so for me I created my own personal stock response to counteract any Welsh prejudice. My stock response was, 'I'd rather Shag an Englishman than a Sheep, I find they put up less of a Fight', turning the Focus back onto the Racist, and changing the Power Dynamic, which on the occasions I was faced with Welsh Slander worked well, although many of the English people seemed to Rapidly Lose their 'Sense of Humour' when the Racial Joke was suddenly on them! Now you must understand that I am a person that can physically stand up for myself when the only one in the room, not many people have that ability, or they just want to be liked and fit in so will avoid any confrontation even if it means them being Demeaned. However, because I stood up for myself and didn't 'Play the Game' by just accepting Racial Slander, and Accepting being the Butt of the Joke (even though I knew it was obviously not true) when in England or surrounded by predominantly English people, even with the Black English guys, who I assumed may have a bit more of an Understanding of how Prejudice Operated? As a consequence, I was marked down as a person with a bit of an attitude, maybe not a team player, even though I was acting in self-defence, with return so called "Banter". I think in retrospect though, I was responding to hate with hate (under the disguise of a joke of course). This is why I think just calling people who say Racist's comments, 'Racists' is the best way forward, as then you are not Dragged into Racial Slander and Rudeness yourself, but are just pointing out a Fact, that is Legally Binding and Non-negotiable. Although the Internet has played a Huge part in my Change of Approach, as back in the day (early 90's) the Internet was not available, so the Narrative of the London Media was paramount (the Only Information Source at that Time), and on the London UK Media it was Projected (as it predominantly still is now, but now we have the Internet) that Welsh people are not a separate Race to the English therefore it cannot be Racism. Luckily, with the Internet the Celtic Ethnicity of Welsh people (Culturally through LanguageMusic and Art, et al) has been highlighted as a different Race to the Anglo-Saxon Ethnicity of English people, so now it is deemed as Racist (with a Legal Precedent in 2014), but back then was promoted as just internal Slander within the same Race, Ethnicity and even Country. Although, even back then, we were Obviously Different 'Nationalities' (which had been Defined as Racism since the 'Race Relations Act 1965'), a Difference that I was constantly reminded of, and I could not alter unless I Changed my accent, even though I am no good at accents, and lied about where I came from and my Nationality, even though main office had my full details anyway, so I would have been found out. What the 'Equality Act' says about Race Discrimination. The 'Equality Act 2010' (UK) says you must Not be Discriminated against because of your Race. In the Equality Act, Race can mean your Skin Colour, or your Nationality (Equality and Human Rights Commission UK, Click for Link).


To Further suggest that just because a Country allegedly has a lot of a certain animal, in Wales case apparently Sheep (although who has the Time & Motivation to want to count them?) to Imply Bestiality is 'Bizarre', or an attempt to again some how Validate Racism. 'Bizarre' as this would assume that around the World other Countries would also 'Normally' say this about other Countries with large proportions of certain animals, Australia and Kangaroos, Canada and Beavers, Norway and Reindeer, as just a few possible examples. Indeed, the only Nations always accused of Sheep Shagging are both directly associated with London (Wales & New Zealand) although New Zealand have their Own Media so do Not have it Repeatedly Imposed onto them, and have a Right of Reply. Clearly and Evidently if London control the UK Media through England's 533 MPs then it is an English press Not a British press or media, as there is No Independent mainstream input by any Celtic Nation.


Some people in Wales call the general Welsh public Fools given their circumstances of Oppression and no being entirely Aware, but there is a Difference between 'The Fool and The Ignorant', the Fool has all the necessary Information but comes to a Conclusion of Nonsense, the Ignorant are not allowed the necessary Media Information so cannot arrive at any informed Conclusion, which is what happens when London control all UK Media, with Maslow's Hierarchy of Need also preventing the average Welsh person from independently thinking any existential thoughts about Nationhood (although the Media usually directs most people's thoughts anyway) and gaining enlightenment when they are so busy just trying to Survive, made even more potent as Wales is always one of the Poorest Nations in the UK. Of course there are some People who know but don't say but they are are Cowards, as History will Testify. Furthermore, to say that it is generally “Much Easier to Blame England for Everything that is Wrong with Wales”, "Rather than take Control of our Own Future", is an 'Irrelevant Statement', when you are Not allowed any unrestricted full powers on the 'Main Levers of Control' in your own country (in all the crucial areas such as Overall Finance, Law, Business, Politics and Media).


However, Welsh Slander is a Psychological Stranglehold over the Welsh people through the Generations, by apparently attempting to use Humiliation and Shame as a Reactive Weapon, to Psychologically Put them Back In their Place If they 'Get Idea's Above Their Station'? Indeed, it can be deemed as very Cowardly Behaviour to Make Up a Vulgar Slander Term about another Nation, but then Hide, Deny, Ignore or Divert away from any involvement, almost Gaslighting an entire Nation that is Internationally recognised. To Clarify, Welsh Slander is not Bigotry a term used by London instead of Racism to try to Minimise, it is Racism, as the Slander refers Directly to their Nationality. The Welsh people's apparent Limited Aspiration for their Own Nation's Growth and Standing in the World appears to be primarily achieved through the London Controlled Media ensuring that the Welsh population remain 'Psychologically Put Down' (as Crucially 'Group Control' is mainly achieved Psychologically, not just Physically, Financially or Systemically)?

You see, in life 'You Teach People How to Treat You' through 'Action or Inaction''Action's' Set 'Boundaries', 'Inaction' says that there are 'No Boundaries', in essence then 'do what you want', as there will be no resistance or consequences to actions or words, in this scenario most people are happy to take advantage of your Invitation. Indeed when the Racist signs went up in London in the 1960's stating NO Blacks, No Irish & No dogs, the Racist made No distinction between Skin colour or Nationality (neither does the Law), so the term 'White People' is Complicated in the UK due to One vast Majority Powerful Anglo-Saxon Nation, and Three Minority Celtic Nations with Different Power Bases & Histories, so cannot be one Homogenous Group, unlike for Example, in the USA where White people are One Majority Nationality. 

However, Racial Coded Language usually on the London Mainstream Media is more subtle than direct abuse, providing Racial Ammunition, with the London based regulator OFCOM constantly Ignoring Welsh Slander be it Directly, but more 'Commonly', Indirectly through Obvious RACIAL CODED LANGUAGE, which is 'Repeatedly' mentioning certain Racial Buzzwords to Imply an Already Set Racist Narrative, in the case of Wales always finding Random and Obscure ways to discuss 'Sheep', to Imply Bestiality in that particular Nation, such as "there are more sheep in Wales than people'', hint, hint, for Example, although finding the initial Motivation and Time to want to count them is Bizarre in itself, but as we know Racists are Dedicated to their Cause?! Indeed, I am sure that there are more pigs, cattle, rabbits, ducks and chickens (in Abattoirs, Factories, and Farms for Example) in Wales at any one time than people but they are are not Focused on (or counted, even though I am not sure how you could count every single sheep?!) because these other animals do not suggest an Already Existing Racial Narrative.

If someone is using Coded Language, they are expressing their Opinion in an Indirect way, usually because that Opinion is likely to Offend people. Coded language is the use of words (or even Images) so as to include layers of meaning, the use of Coded Language allows the speaker to relate meaning without being directly specific so can avoid direct Accountability, with the Option then of 'Pleading Ignorance', 'I have no idea what you are talking about, you must be Paranoid', for Example,  leading to 'Racial Gaslighiting', even though it is Obvious What the Associated Racial Slander is for Welsh people in the London Media, with Sheep usually always Repeatedly Mentioned or Highlighted when the London Media talk about, or are in Wales Specifically (the nudge, nudge, wink, wink approach). Indeed, the Only way of Combating Racial Coded Language, the last Haven of the Racist, is to Expose how it Works and Operates, as No other Nation or Nationality on Earth has the Right to Decide the Base Identity of another Nation's people. To Clarify, a Negative Stereotype about a Whole Race or Nation of People is Racism which is clearly Stated in Law, Not just another Random Stereotype.

To further Clarify, 'BAME' means 'Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic' people. Wales is Ethnically Celtic (through Language, Art & Music), and a Minority due to a Small UK Population (3 Million), as Compared to the Anglo-Saxon's on their Doorstep who are the Vast 85% UK Majority (55 Million), who are also the main Power Base within the UK, an Obvious and Widely Excepted Definition of an 'Ethnic Minority'. Although the UK Government, in London, have actively Deleted the Celtic Nations from the Racism debate by saying BAME 'now' means, 'in their terms', everyone apart from "White British", or even altering the 'Minority Ethnic' part of the BAME acronym all together ('Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities', March 2021), even though we know Britain (British) does not exist as a Nation, Country or Singular Ethnicity, which could be easily described as a 'systematic attack on a group of people and its cultural identity' as Celtic Nations, instead just said to be an Homogenous group called 'British' with No Nationality or Ethnicity, imposed by London, through 'Again' appearing to use the term "Britain" to 'Delete the Existence' of the Celtic Nations, in this particular case, out of the Minority Racism conversation from the 'get go'. Furthermore, the Welsh people's predominant so called 'Whiteness' has Not Historically 'Protected' them from Discrimination, Underdevelopment and Negative Racial Stereotyping within the UK (as with the Irish 'over the years' (including the Subtle but Calculated 'Irish Potato Famine' 1845-1851, Click for Link), the Jewish population of Europe, and since joining the EU many European Immigrants, as some Examples). 


                                               Further Reading if Required

​It does appear that this Welsh Sheep Shagger Bestiality slander term has been Historically used by the Welsh oppressor's to Psychologically Subdue and Constrain Wales to Maintain their longstanding Inherited Colonial Stranglehold made more Permanent by theFull Official Annexation of Wales in 1542 (initially Physically Annexed in the 13th Century by Edward Longshanks) that is 'Still Undemocratically Present to this Day' through The Laws of Wales Act 1536 &1542 Imposed by London, although London call it the '1536 Acts of Union' to Create One Single State and Legal System(Legally known as England & Wales To this Day). So Wales Still does Not have its Own Legal Jurisdiction. Indeed the Supreme Court in London has Over Sight over all the Celtic Nations which could Obviously lead to Bias, on issues such as Challenging possible Unfair UK Law set by England's 533 MPs such as the Internal Markets Bill regards Brexit, Referendums for Wales or Scotland & Human Rights Issues for Example, ironically the same Over Sight that London do Not want the EU Courts to have over them fearing a Loss of Control, with the "Take Back Control" Brexit Slogan for Example, although the UN Courts can be Independent​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ from London, with London trying Not to mention their Unilateral 'Annexation' of Wales, as London try to Avoid the Word Annexation even though it was Annexation that began initially with Military Colonisation in the 13th Century (Edward Longshanks) that still keeps Wales effectively Undemocratically Annexed without Democratic Consent or Self-Determination regardless to this Day! Indeed, If London try to say that this Act was Repealed then so should the Annexation it caused also be Repealed (Click for Link), this would be Similar to Repealing the Act of Union (1707) but still keeping hold of Scotland (Repeal - to Revoke or Annul).London's Definition of Annexation when Concerning Wales. London's Definition of Annexation is Incorporation- the inclusion of something as part of a whole. Actual meaning of Annexation, Annexation-the action of annexing something, especially territory. Whether you Unilaterally Annex or Incorporate Land without Consent through the use or threat of Force (as who is just going to give you their land otherwise?) it still has the same meaning, that's like saying Russia "Incorporated" the Crimea into Russia in 2014, but that's OK because it was "Incorporated" Not Annexed? That's also like me saying I now want to Unilaterally Incorporate my Neighbours Land into Mine tomorrow, without his Consent, I am Not Annexing it, I am Incorporating it, whether he likes it or Not, I think that's Stealing otherwise we would all be Incorporating other people's Land into Ours, if Incorporation without Consent was Legal. Indeed, to say that Only Colonization and Annexation after the Charter of the United Nations in 1945 is Invalid is incorrect, as Decolonization by Definition would mean Decolonising Nations that were Conquered and Annexed before 1945. As you Cannot Decolonize something that has not already been Colonized or Annexed before 1945.

To Confirm, Unilateral Annexation without Consent (either initially taken by Force, threat of Force or without Democratic Consent in Modern times) is Stealing, whether you Steal a loaf of bread, someone's Land, or even someone's Country it is still Stealing, with No Intention of giving it back, as Stealing without Specific Consent has always been illegal through the Ages, Then as Now. In addition, the English Empire First Conquered & Coerced the Celtic Nations then went out to the World using the same basic Model. To further Clarify, Lords of Welsh Counties were predominantly English (or Vassals, Oxford Dictionary Definition of Vassal - a person or country in a subordinate position to another) as England had Conquered Wales, so were then Inherited Vassals of London (even the Tudor name became a Vassal of London after Edward Longshanks Conquered Wales), Lord Powys (Robert Clive) as an Example also known as Clive of India born in Shropshire England. Even Before Edward Longshanks there were many Individuals in Wales that were Vassals of the English Anglo-Norman Crown, such as Gerald of Wales or Earl of Pembroke. Even the Royal 'Prince of Wales' Title was Stolen from Wales without Democratic Consent to this Day in a so called "Democratic Society". Actually, the Queen of England is the Queen of England (Not 'Britain', although the English Monarchy did Conquer and Subdue Britain's other Celtic Monarchies, but Stealing some one's Land is Not Proof of Ownership) who Displaced all the other Monarchs in the UK Centralising UK Power into London England, the Evidence being that if England did Not Conquer or Subdue the Celtic Nations they would still have their Own Monarchies in their Own Countries and Nations to this Day, with No way for the Celtic Nations to remove the Queen as their 'symbolic' Monarch, if that is their Choice, as each Individual Celtic Nation have never been given a Vote on the subject, so the Queen/King has never had Democratic Consent from each Individual Celtic Nation to be the Figurehead of their Nation, or their 'symbolic' Monarch. Moreover, to say that Polls suggest that there is Public Support for the English Monarchy is Irrelevant as the Queen of England is Central to English Identity and Culture so will naturally have Majority Support in England, and as they (the English) are 85% of the UK population again can Out Vote the Individual Celtic Nations (or show well in Polls usually held in England), because if England are so Confident that their Monarchy will be Democratically Accepted by the Celtic Nations then Why the Fear in Not allowing them a Democratic Vote, which is why each Individual Celtic Nation needs a Vote to Finally provide their own Individual Consent, the Same as the Commonwealth Countries, actually Wales and Scotland are Commonwealth Countries as Demonstrated by competing Separately in the Commonwealth Games. This using Bloodline to call the Queen of England the Queen of Britain is clearly a Nonsense, as for Example, William of Orange was from the Netherlands, the Normans were from France and the Hanover Dynasty were German, does that then mean using Bloodline Logic that the Queen of England is not only Queen of Scotland and Wales, but also of the Netherlands, France and Germany, as all these Bloods exist in the English Royal Family. The Crown is where the Central Seat of Power is Located, in London, England.Indeed, how is it possible for Wales as a Colonised, Annexed and Conquered Nation to have any say on a so called British Empire, when they only had 27 Welsh MPs in the English Parliament after their Formal Annexation in 1536-1542, even after the Act of Union with Scotland in 1707 Scotland were only afforded 45 MPs from London, with England having 513 MPs in a Majority Vote System, (in 1801 Ireland were forced into the UK Parliament and given 100 MPs most of which were Protestant so Favoured England) so the UK Parliament was Rigged in England's Favour from the Beginning, but now in the Modern Internet Era can be Exposed, with such activity as the Transatlantic Slave Trade or the Colonization of America, Barbados & Jamaica for Example, already in place Well Before the Act of Union in 1707 (main Slave Ports Liverpool, Bristol & London). An obvious English Empire Not a so called British Empire which London promote to Hide England's Shame of Slavery and Colonization. To Evidence the Impotency of the Celtic Nations in the UK Parliament through simply being Outnumbered, London allowed the Irish Potato Famine to kill Millions of Irish People, yet there were 100 Irish MPs in the UK Parliament at that time, the most of any Celtic Nation (1845-1852).


UK Democracy must be for all the Citizens of the UK not just Anglo-Saxon England, otherwise it is not a Democracy for all the Citizens of the UK only the English as the Vast Majority Group. Oxford Dictionary Definition of Democracy - A political system that allows the citizens to participate in political decisionmaking (with a majority English population this means that the Celtic Nations Citizens are deleted out of power making decisions but a Veto Vote could restore this anomaly), the Oxford English Dictionary also goes onto say that Democracy is, the control of a group by the majority of its members (however, the UK is not one group apart from the Obvious Fact that England are of Anglo-Saxon Ethnicity and the Celtic Nations are of Celtic Ethnicity, they are different Nationalities which makes four groups of people within the UK, a Union of groups, the common definition of a group is a set of people who have the same interests or aims, which is clearly not the case in the UK with England Controlling the UK Parliament promoting their own Interests). Moreover, to say that Wales has more MPs per Capita than England (although going from 40 to 32 in 2023 due to boundary review from London who have the Power so pointless arguing as the Power does not lie in Wales to change it) is an Irrelevant Point, as Regardless the System Imposed by London Still Favours England's Vast Majority, which is why England have 533 MPs and the Celtic Nations Combined only have 117.Using population bias against the Celtic Nations is clearly unfair because the Celtic nations essentially get deleted out of UK democracy over something they can do nothing about, their Population.Which is why in the European Union they have a Veto Vote as they recognise that the European Union is made up of different groups of people and Nationalities. As only a World Class Fool would look at the last 300 years (even just from the Act of Union in 1707) of being controlled from London with all the Underdevelopment, Poverty, Slander and Restrictions for Wales and say 'Great, let's have more of the same then in the Future'!! Definition of Insanity, 'doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different result', as Quoted from Einstein, who's Brighter than You. But then if you do not know any different because of the London Media then how is the Average Welsh person supposed to Know? Indeed, because of Maslow's Hierarchy of Need, most Welsh people are so tangled up in just Surviving that the time or inclination to know information outside of the easily accessible mainstream London Media is Not possible. Although, London were more than happy to use the EU Veto Vote system when in the EU, because they were Not the Largest Population, and are happy to use it in the UN as one of the Smallest Populations of the 5 permanent security council members, all of which Benefit London's Interests. So London use Population when it Favours England's Interests, but will then also use a Veto Vote system if it also Favours England's Interests. So again Cannot Complain that they have a greater population so is unfair in the UK if using a Specific UK Nations Veto Vote system (although all UK Nations have an Equal Share of UK Sovereignty Regardless of Population) but will then use a Veto Vote system when they do Not have the Largest Population, which could be argued as unfair against the other Nations with a Larger Population, when in the EU or currently in the UN, you cannot have your cake and eat it. And of course, the key factor here is that London can Unilaterally decide which Democratic System to use in the UK that best suits England's Needs, because of their 533 English MPs. As you Cannot have a UNITED KINGDOM in the Modern Era if the Interests of just One Nation is Paramount, the Oxford English Dictionary Definition of UNITED - joined together politically, for a common purpose, or by common feelings. Only a specific allocated Veto Vote system in the UK would allow all Nations of the UK to Express and Decide their Common Purpose and Feelings as a Whole. Once again you Cannot say you are a Unionist but then Act as a Nationalist, as being in a Union Requires Compromise, which the Larger Nations in the EU have Done, and Continue to do, and also in the UN. You Cannot Receive Fair Treatment by Compromise from Larger Nations when you are the Smaller Nation, but then when you are the Larger Nation not Reciprocate that Compromise to other Nations Smaller than you. As Currently England have a Quarter Share of UK Sovereignty (all Nations Sovereignty is Considered Equal) but a 100% of UK Sovereign Power and Control.In addition, the term British Empire was the Label London put on the Nations of the Island of Britain after they Subdued the Celtic Nations, much like the term Common Wealth the Label London then put on their other Colonised and Subdued Territories (an English Common Wealth First Introduced by Oliver Cromwell in 1649 after the Three Kingdom War from England to Subdue Scotland and Ireland, Wales had already been Annexed in 1542). Yet No One is Accusing the Subdued Common Wealth Countries of being Complicit in Empire because they had been Subdued into Compliance, the Same as the Celtic Nations!! Coercive control refers to a pattern of controlling behaviours that create an unequal power dynamic in a relationship. These behaviours give the perpetrator power over their partner, whilst also making it difficult for them to leave. 


If we are to assume that FREEDOMDEMOCRACY and LIBERTY are Cornerstones of a Free Democratic Society then Neither of these would Apply to the Celtic Nations on the Island of Britain:
FREEDOM - Wales has never been allowed to Vote on its own Self-determination (not to mention Scotland not allowed a second vote due to Bexit)
DEMOCRACY - the 533 English MPs in the London UK Parliament Ensure that the Celtic Nations have No Meaningful or Consistent say over UK Wide Policy or Law in a London Imposed Majority vote system, including control over the UK Media and also Prevents Political Self-Determination for the Celtic Nations which minimises Legitimacy
LIBERTY - The Celtic Nations are Not Allowed even just One Independent Mainstream TV Channel by the Licensing authorities & the UK Government Culture Secretary both based in London, as Evidenced by the Fact that there is and has never been an Independent Mainstream TV Channel in any Celtic Nation, only Allowed in England a Different Ethnicity and Nationality to the Celtic Nations

All of which Easily Evidenced, and as the Celtic Nations do Not have any Meaningful Power over their UK Wide Democracy or Media could Easily be seen as Political and Cultural Annexation of the Celtic Nations... Indeed, as Denying Self-Determination and Hindering Media Free Speech for Example Directly Breaks UN International Law, so are Not Inconsequential Minor Details, how is it possible in a State with so called Free Speech for None of this Obvious Discrimination against the Celtic Nations to Continuously Never be Mentioned on UK Wide Mainstream Media?


You would think that most Welsh people would know of their History, but the Education system in Wales is currently controlled by the Labour Party and previous to this the Conservative Party both English based Political Parties (there are No UK Wide Welsh or Scottish Separate Political Party alternatives that could provide a wider Choice to the UK Voter, which could Eventually provide a Welsh or Scottish UK Government, which seems to be clearly why they do not exist), and of course the UK Media is Controlled from London, and as the Mass Media provides most information even to Teachers, as what Teachers are Experts on the In-depth Details of say the Act of Union 1707 or Welsh Annexation through the Laws of Wales Act 1542, for Example, as you cannot know what you do not know about. So Welsh people don't even know their Own History (usually taught about the Kings & Queens of England & the Second World War). To Confirm, Wales has always been a Nation and Country, that was Conquered through Threat and Force against Overwhelming Numbers, and also Not just a State, Province or Region, with an Historic Distinct English and Welsh border, Offa's Dyke built in 785 AD Defining the Two Nations Territorial Boundaries, with Hadrian's Wall to the North Defining Scotland from England. To Clarify further and this is crucial, but for London and therefore England's Imperialist ambitions Wales (& Scotland) left Unimpeded would be Independent Full Sovereign Territorial Nations to this day, as they were before London's ongoing interference. Although Sovereignty in the UK is actually currently 'Shared' between the UK Nations and People in a 'UK Sovereign State', but crucially 'Controlled' by London through its 533 MPs in the UK (English) Parliament a System Set Up by London. So as all UK Nations Share Sovereignty each UK Nation should have a representative in all Foreign Negotiations including Brexit and Trade Deals, or going to War, for Example, not just English representatives as they do not Own Sovereignty it is Owned by all the UK Nations through the Politically Labelled "UK Parliament", UK meaning all Nations of the UK Not just England. As the UK Parliament is Only Sovereign because it is meant to Represent all the UK Nations Equally Regardless of Size or Population. In Fact, it was England that Pooled all the Four Independent Territorial Sovereign Nations of the UK that had been previously Self Governing into One Sovereign State, knowing England had a Larger Population, so Cannot Complain about Sharing UK Sovereignty Equally. Indeed, it is often said that, 'if You're Not at the Table, then that usually means You're on the Menu'. UK Sovereignty is owned by all the People's of the UK not just the English the Social Contract (Thomas Hobbes 1651), the opposite to a singular Monarch directly ruling. To Clarify the Queen of England is Not Sovereign as the Monarchy does not have Supreme Power, the Oxford English Dictionary Definition of Sovereign - a supreme ruler, especially a monarch. As UK Sovereignty is the People's Sovereignty not just the English People's Sovereignty but the Celtic nations cannot help the fact that their populations are significantly smaller than that of England's, they should not be Excluded from their Own UK Sovereignty by something they cannot do anything about. However, a UK Nations Veto Vote could bring Sovereignty back to the Celtic Nations. In the UK this means that it is Not as simple as a Federal and State System as London control UK Nations not just regions or states, so when a Federal Government rules then they rule in the interests of their Nation as a Whole, but when London rule they rule in the interests of their own Nation, within a Four Nation State! Whilst it is Essential to Recognise the Negative Effects of Racism within Wales for Minority groups, it is also Essential to Recognise Racism towards Welsh people within the Wider UK, as the Same Negative Effects of Racism on Minorities that we are trying to mitigate against within Wales, also very much Effects Welsh People, their Confidence, and their Life Chances as a Minority within the wider UK context.


 As it seems that when a Larger Nation Colonises or Takes Control of another Close Smaller Nation by Force or Coercion on the same Landmass, there may Always be that Sense of Historical 'Threat' Leading to 'Insecurity and Fear', that if you do not Continuously Systemically and Psychologically Restrict and Control these Close Lands and People, and if Left Unimpeded, that they may Eventually Thrive and become more Confident about Themselves and their Nation, and then might eventually Instinctively want to Leave, which would then make them 'Direct Competitors on England's Doorstep' (Particularly Pertinent on a relatively small Island)... 

 This Underlying Subtle Cognitive State, over time (through a Continuous 'Drip Drip' affect) appears to Erode the 'Confidence' required for Welsh people, as a Nation, to Openly Question Why Wales 'Historically and Continuously' has Some of the 'Same' Ongoing Poorest Regions in the 'Whole of Europe(when comparing EU funding for deprived​ areas in Europe identified as under the EU set poverty line), whilst being 'Part Of' the Historically Affluent UK, that currently presents as the Fifth Wealthiest Sovereign State (IMF outlook 2017) on Earth, which Clearly Demonstrates an Obvious Problem with the Creation & Distribution of UK Wealth,with the UK being one of the most Unequal Societies in the developed world, although Inequality is only ever seriously discussed by London regarding English regions (you can only 'LEVEL UP' the 'Whole UK' by Contrasting the Celtic Nations with England in Media, Finance & Infrastructure for Example, based on NEED not Population which Obviously Benefits England) the North-South English Divide for Example, and Not between England & the Celtic Nations with London using a Myriad of Creative Accountancy (HS2 Deemed as an 'England & Wales' project for Example), which is Easy to do if you Control the UK Purse Strings & Accounts, and 'Per Capita Spend' does Not Focus on 'Income Inequality' Between the UK Nations so is another Misleading way by London to Compare UK Nations (Gina index of Inequality). Yet the undeniable Hard Evidence is the Underdevelopment of the Celtic Nations when Compared to England, particularly in regard to Infrastructure Across each Celtic Nation Connecting North to South, which boosts a Nations ability to Generate & Spread Wealth (especially with the advent of Electric & Hydrogen vehicles). Also with Wales 'Historically & Consistently' remaining the 'Poorest Nation in the UK' with Consequently consistently the Worst Child Povert(PSE 'Poverty & Social Exclusion report', Click for Link)and England forever the most Developed, with the Celtic Nations Historically always Underdeveloped, and Scotland have had OIL (although London own it), indeed when Scotland struck Oil it was London who Celebrated. To Clarify, Poor or Poverty is not having enough Money to meet the Basic Needs within any Society or Country that you may live in, because Poverty Hurts, 'Physically and Mentally' regardless of which ever country you may inhabit, which cannot be compared to War torn or Famine hit countries, made even more of a Disgrace in a Richer sovereign state such as the UK Located in the Prosperous Area of North-Western Europe, that has the Money & Opportunities in London but refuses to Share.You only become a Union when all of us have an Equal Chance to Develop our Talents. Moreover, any Independent Country can use their Central Bank for extra Funding as all world Nations have done in the recent Covid Pandemic, it is not Exclusive to London through their Bank of England, indeed, the name 'Bank of England' and not the 'Bank of Britain (or UK)', speaks volumes as to how London perceive UK Money.


As the Welsh People Need the 'Confidence and Opportunity' Required to Seriously Assess and Open up for 'Genuine Ongoing Public Balanced Media Debate and Evaluation' (although the British Media is Controlled from London) if this Forced Inherited (the 'Non-Democratic' Involuntary 'Act of Union in 1707' with Wales already Officially Annexed in 1542, Engineered by the English Establishment from London through Peerages, Bribes & the Alien Act 1705 (Click for Link) an Embargo on Scotland, which was also in a Time when Mass Democracy Did Not Exist in the UK) and Centuries Old Ongoing Historic Colonial English Establishment Attitude and Dominance from London, that Still Exists to this Day, has been a Positive or Negative force for Wales over the Centuries, given the Welsh Nation's Historical and Continuous Underdevelopment, when Compared to England, HS2 for Example, 'Levelling up' the North and South of England, Wales still has noMeaningful Transport Link from North to South in Wales, 'Rail or Road', creating Two Separate Zones, North & South, that can be played off against each other (Divide & Conquer), with London Controlling the UK Purse Strings, with this text asking the Question'What Kind of People Do We Want To Be? Do we want to be a constant subjugated Nation under someone else's control, with Welsh Inequality Constantly Ignored, and repeatedly told that we as Welsh people are 'Uniquely Incapable' of running our own affairs, if only just in a basic Federal System which would provide a lot more Powers to Wales than the current Devolution, with constant Limitations from London, or do we want to, at the very least, be given the Opportunity to Consent to this Historically Imposed state of affairs, if London Permit? To Clarify, Wales has 'NEVER' been allowed the Opportunity to Democratically Vote in an 'INDEPENDENCE REFERENDUM' to Decide Self-Determination, just a Devolution vote in 1979 (not legally binding), and then in 1997 (which created the Welsh Assembly), both with very Limited powers so many people thought it Pointless, and slightly more powers for Devolution in 2011, Devolution was only legally allowed by London to try to quell the growing tide for Scottish independence. Moreover, Independence would Not be from the wider UK, it would be from England who Control UK Sovereignty in London through their 533 English MPs out of 650 in the UK (English) Parliament, set up by London. 


To further Clarify, the Union of the United Kingdom is Not a successful Union, because it is Not a Union, the Oxford Dictionary Definition of 'Union' is, 'a society or association formed by people with a common interest or purpose', London's interests (and therefore England's) are paramount in the UK, with No way for the Celtic Nations to Counter Balance the Power Dynamic, such as a UK Nations Veto Vote, but more Specific to the UK than the EU Veto Vote system which is the Glue that keeps the EU together, given that 533 MPs in the UK (English) Parliament are English representatives out of 650 MPs (imagine if Germany, France & the other Larger EU Nations for Example tried to use their massive population in the same way because they have more Representatives, Without a Veto Vote, to try to Subvert the Interests of the other smaller EU Nations, there would be no EU, to Clarify, the UK Nations Share UK Sovereignty as a 'UK Wide Sovereign State', it is Not only England's)Even the idea of Brexit was forced through for a referendum by the Majority 533 English MPs, with Scotland & Northern Ireland eventually voting against it, and 22% (ONS) of people living in Wales due to close proximity being English (the most in any Celtic Nation) who are more likely to come with a different overall National view. Better for London to have a more Equal Union with a Compromise than eventually no Union at all. However, I suspect that London's Greed of Power will to much, as Self-Interest is King, but then leaving England isolated in the former UK, and isolated from the EU, then internally will eventually split up with for Example Yorkshire and Cornwall also wanting independence. Indeed, much of this will come into Sharper Focus with the Second Scottish referendum, but Either Way None of these Tensions will Ever be Resolved Until it is Properly Addressed, but the longer London try to Ignore it the more likely it is that the Union will Break Up. To Clarify, although it may seem like a long road to independence for Wales, within the current system, as things stand, as soon as Scotland gain independence it will become fast tracked, like the Servant that thought he had no choice but then suddenly realising he does. As the UK is meant to be a Union of Nations sharing UK Sovereignty as a UK Sovereign State, not an Incorporation of Nations into England under London's overall Control using their 533 MPs to rule the whole of the UK with No Meaningful way for the Celtic Nations to effect UK Wide Policy that Directly involves them with only 117 MPs between the three Celtic Nations who also come with Different Fragmented Priorities and Needs so is not One Block amount in the Interests of One UK Nation and Nationality as with the 533 English MPs. At what point does Wales try something different? Definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result!... 


Indeed, Accents are so Wide an Varied in the UK that it is even possible to Pin Point which Town a person comes from, just through the Nuance of their Accent, not just only their UK Nationality. Although it is always quite bemusing when an English person says that they receive prejudice for may be having a Cockney (London) accent, as an Example, because it is not a Posh English Accent, even though both are easily identifiable by the Majority, as a Majority accent, so part of the Majority Tribe, so Avoid Discrimination & Slander based on Nationality, an English Privilege in the UK. Comparing it to the prejudice a person with a Welsh or Scottish accent may encounter, which is Naive at best, as this Majority assertion totally Deletes out the identification of Racial and Minority Status, as opposed to the identification of Majority Status (one of their own). Although, Accents will change over time when living in a certain area, but many people in the UK will Deliberately alter their Accent to try to fit in, so as not be seen automatically as a Minority, with all the baggage that comes with that scenario. To Clarify, their are Two Different overall meanings, Aims and Objectives of Nationalism within Britain, there is a Minority Celtic Nationalism looking for Greater Equality to Level Up and failing that independence, and a MajoritEnglish Nationalism (never mentioned on the London Media) seeking to Maintain long standing Inequalities but under the Guise of Unionism, although a Genuine Unionist would Actively seek Equality and Fairness among UK Nations Not work against it for the Benefit of their own UK Nation, the Definition of NationalismNationalism - identification with one's own nation and support for its interests, especially to the exclusion or detriment of the interests of other nations. The Frequent Confusion between 'Unionism' and 'English Nationalism' as they both want the Union to remain, but for different reasons, however, can sound very Similar on the Surface until you look slightly Deeper into Motives and actual Actions, for Example saying you Value the Union but only Favour or Develop your own UK Nation. English Nationalism is the greatest threat of all to the UK as they have the most Power and Influence to Favour their Own UK Nation to the Detriment of the Celtic Nations, and in doing so inspire greater Nationalism from the Celtic Nations, the only way to prevent Celtic Nationalism is to Rule with Fairness.


The UK and Britain is extensively Projected by London as all "British", One Homogenous People, even though Britain does Not Exist as a separate Nation, Country or singular UK Nations Ethnicity (Celtic & Anglo-Saxon), Britain is the name of the Geographic Island that the different "British" Nations and Countries Inhabit, you cannot simply 'Ignore' and then 'Rewrite' someone's Historical and Ongoing Nationality and Identity because it just happens to suit the Controlling Majority Nation's Overall Political Agenda of Cultural assimilation into England. To Clarify, 'British Citizen', and a person's 'Nationality' are Two Totally Different Meanings & Concepts. This is the Problem with Forcing Three Minority Celtic Nations into assimilation with England they can never be One, no matter how hard you try, a Political Union that can Never be a Cultural Union. The only way of even trying to attempt this is to allow more Equal Powers for the Celtic Nations so there Culture can Grow and Develop into the modern Union otherwise each Culture remains firmly rooted in the Past. The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) has defined Wales as a "country" rather than a "principality" since 2011, following a recommendation by the British Standards Institute and the Welsh Government, even though Wales was always a country anyway. The last, and most significant, revolt was the Glyndŵr Rising of 1400–1415, which briefly restored independence to Wales after Edward 1st named his son as Prince of Wales in 1301 to seal his victory, and subsequent eldest son of the English Monarch to this day (an ongoing Symbolic Title from London), within a recognised border Territory since Offa's Dyke in 785 AD. The recognised defined Nations and Countries on the Island of Britain are England, Scotland and Wales, you cannot then just simply Invent another wider Nation or Country made up of three already existing internationally recognised Nations and Countries on the Geographic Island of Britain, otherwise those recognised Nations and Countries then just automatically become regions of the so called wider Nation or Country, not simply a Sovereign Political state called the UK,if you want to identify a person on the Island of Britain by Nationality or Country just simply call them by their UK Nationality, English, Scottish or Welsh, all inhabiting the Island called Britain! As the More you Homogenise the Further you get from the Core Problem and Accountability. To Clarify, the Montevideo Convention has four defining characteristics of a Country, although, anomalies are abound. However, it would be unreasonable for London to try to use this 1930's convention (became Operative in December 1934), used for the America's who have no Territorial Multi-Nation states so is not meant for the Oddity of the UK (& Ironically includes a Good Neighbour Policy), to possibly call the UK or Britain a Country, as the Formation of the UK or Britain Vastly Predates this Convention in a Different Era that would not be acceptable even in the 1930's, with Wales Subdued due to Military ForceThe UK is a Sovereign Sate made up of its Constituent Parts, Not a Country. Indeed, Wales Still Remains without any Democratic Self-Determination which goes against current UN Legislation anyway. Although it is Difficult for the UK to Relate to the Montevideo Convention 1933 because the Formation of the UK Predates this Convention. Meaning that the Convention Cannot Apply in its Entirety, especially the No employment of arms, threatening diplomatic representations, or in any other effective coercive measure bit, as this had already happened to Create the UK State (Annexation of Wales 1542, Alien Act 1705 Embargo on Scotland, as Examples). The 'Modern Day' term of Anglo Saxon's to Describe England, and Celtic to Describe the Welsh (Scottish & Irish), are both terms Broadly 'Accepted Historically & Socially' by England and Wales as their Identities (through Ancestral Descent, Cultural Histories, Art, Music & Language, with Wales & Scotland being the Original Britons when the Romans arrived), a powerful Majority and the Minority, some say to assign Social Positions, and define a superior bloodline to the perceived uncivilised and inferior hoards, the included and excluded, but then using the London created term of "Britain" or "British" (which describes only the 'Geographic Island of Britain' as a Homogenous Political Term, and Not the Specific Cultures or set Nationalities of the people living on it) as a wider term when it seems to benefit London to try to use the Celtic Nations as Back Up, even though the Celtic Nations have No Direct Meaningful say on UK Wide Policies (533 English MPs out of 650, roughly the same English MPs since the Act of Union in 1707, 513 English MPs back in 1707). As London Labelling every Nation on the 'Geographic Island of Britain' as just 'One Nation' with only One Nationality, Ethnicity, Culture, History or Race, essentially Deletes the Celtic Nations Culture, Identity, History, Race, Nationality and Ethnicity out of Contemporary History. As Colonialism and English Nationalism, has had a big Impact on many People's Identity, with how it is presented by their Conqueror, and the Long Term Psychological impact of oppression and subjugation. To clarify, the issues discussed in this text can be Emotive, and attempted to be Worded Differently by London, but ultimately the 'the Facts do Not Care about your Feelings' (Shapiro).  

To Clarify, UK Sovereignty is 'Controlled' in London, although 'Owned' by all UK Nations and People.To Confirm, UK Sovereignty is Controlled in London, although Owned by all UK Nations, so the Celtic Nations are Not Sovereignless Nations, they have Equal Sovereignty with England as their is No Hierarchy of Sovereignty regardless of size of Country or Nation in any Union that makes up a Sovereign State such as the UK, as all Nation's Separate Sovereignties (Independence) have been Pooled into One, giving each Nation an Equal Share of the Overall UK Sovereignty. To Clarify further, England is not an independent sovereign nation it gave up its sovereignty to be part of the UK, conversely the Celtic nations are also not independent sovereign nations because they had their sovereignty assimilated into the UK Sovereign State, which means that all UK Nations Share the Sovereignty of the UK Sovereign State, it is not only England's. However, UK Sovereignty although not Owned by England is Controlled by England using their 533 English MPs out of 650 in the UK (English) Parliament, with the English MPs Historical overwhelming numbers in the UK (English) Parliament over the Centuries also controlling Britain's Foreign policy such as the British Empire for Example. An English UK Parliament because it is set  up in such a way by London that any Celtic nations MPs are vastly outnumbered making them largely Irrelevant, a Token Gesture, as the UK Parliament is ruled by a Majority Vote, and if the Majority are overwhelmingly English then by Definition will Favour England's Interests, and only be an English Decision on so called UK or British Wide Policy, strategically placing UK Sovereignty always in the Control of England and London. You cannot call yourself a Democracy for all, or a United Kingdom, if you rig the democratic system in your Nations Favour, which is by definition English Nationalism, the opposite of Unionism. Moreover, Wales was a Nation and Country with its own government before it was Officially Fully Annexed by London in 1542 by Henry VIII (Offa's Dyke Created the Land Territory of Wales in 785 AD), most recent was Owain Glyndwr in 1404, so it cannot be simply compared to States in America or Provinces in Canada as they were never Countries or Nations in their own right, then conquered and Annexed, without any Democratic Consent to this Day. Moreover, the Annexation of Wales has never been Officially Recognised by other States or Countries as no one has been allowed to know, you cannot Recognise something you did not know existed, of course London own and control all the UK Media so it Cannot be Explored or even Discussed. Indeed, London are now trying to use many words other than the Legally Loaded word of Annexation when it comes to Welsh Annexation such as the word "Incorporation" (the inclusion of something as part of a whole), but this does not mention Consent, if I Unilaterally incorporate something as my own by Force, or Coercion (England had already Conquered Wales), or by any other means, I must first have the permission of the owner, otherwise it is stealing, and incidentally, when Russia Annexed the Crimea (2014) I did not hear London mentioning the word "Incorporation", only the Legal Charter term of "Annexation". Although the Crimea is just a Region of the Wider Ukraine Nation so any Annexation Needs to be Voted for by the Whole of the Ukrainian Nation's people by UN Law, which does Not apply to Wales inside the UK as an Internationally Recognised Nation (such as Scotland for Example) but still Wales has never been allowed a Referendum on Self-Determination by London and its been almost 500 years now. Obviously Wales has No Independent Media so Cannot Voice an Unimpeded Opinion so would appear SilentTo further Confirm, where you were Born Decides your Nationality, and in Great Britain you would be Born in one of three Recognised Nations. Just because London Unilaterally bring out such legislation as the British Nationality Act 1981, for Example, does not make it so, as it relates only to a Citizenship, a Legal and Political Construct, as opposed to a Nation which relates to Culture, History and Language etc, particularly when regarding passports as apparent evidence of a Singular British Nationality, this is just evidence that London have the power and control to implement such an Act at a Political and UK Legal level, of course UK Wide Politics and Law is Controlled by London through their 533 English MP's in the UK (English) Parliament.    

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a sovereign state, with Sovereignty Controlled in London, composed of four constituent countries that extends its sovereignty over a number of associated territories. Strictly speaking, a country is not necessarily the same thing as a sovereign state, they are academically Distinct from each other, as opposed to being used as Generalised and Interchangeable terms, a Confusion perpetuated from London, as some sovereign states (including the UK) that maybe defined as countries are actually subdivisions of a sovereign “Composite kingdom", a Shared Sovereignty made up of several parts or elements, the wider Kingdom of the United Kingdom, even though we know that the Kingdom referred to is actually the English Kingdom with their Monarchy, as ultimately there is only one Monarchy (Kingdom) left in the UK after London disposed of the previous Celtic Monarchies. In addition, it is always quite Ironic when London keep talking about the Power of their Controlled UK Sovereignty in England that allows them the Historical Authority over the Celtic Nations, but when it comes time for Accountability, for using that Sovereign Control in their UK Parliament in London using their 533 MPs, then all of a Sudden they seem to use the term "British" to Dilute or Redirect accountability away from London and England, but then also onto the Celtic nations, who have no say in UK Wide Policy due to Insufficient Numbers in the UK Parliament with only 117 MPs Divided between the Three UK Celtic Nations who have differing Needs and Concerns as Individual Nations, so are not even One Homogenous Block of 117 Celtic MPs, that 117 is Divided between Three Nations, against a Block of 533 English Nation MPs? So instead of the term "British" or "UK" this should be replaced with the term "London", when it refers to decisions made by London due to London's Controlled UK Sovereignty, even though all UK Nations 'Own' UK Sovereignty, a Controlled UK Sovereignty which allows London to make many decisions autonomous of the Celtic nations, particularly on the International Stage, so to allow for direct accountability, especially given the Obvious Fact that the UK (English) Parliament has 533 English representatives out of 650, soon to be 543 English representatives out of 650 in 2023. Indeed, some say this is to prevent the DUP having any more potential UK power as in 2017 (Hung Parliament), when they had the UK Government 'over a barrel' with their 10 MP's, although this Example was regarding a differing of Ideological views on Brexit by the Two Main English Parties, not English National Interests as a whole. Coincidentally the exact same amount added to English representatives by London, but soon to be taken from Wales & Scotland by London in 2023, therefore serving to cancel out any possible future DUP numbers in the UK Parliament, which would assist any UK Government, be they Labour or Conservative in the future (although London say it is because of population growth, which will obviously always favour England as the largest UK Population), it would seem be too obvious to take the 10 MP's any English Party UK Government may require in the future directly form Northern Ireland. However, I digress, so for Example, 'Britain's decision to Cut the Foreign Aide Budget (2021)' branding it a 'British or UK Decision' so also making the Celtic Nations look Callus and Uncharitable. Identifying London specifically would make London more accountable directly, which would mean a more thoughtful and cautious approach, and ultimately better decision making, if London know they will be directly held accountable, as opposed to Diluting Blame or Accountability for Sovereign decisions, that can only be made in London, by saying "British" or "UK", as the Celtic Nations do Not possess any direct Control over their Own UK Sovereignty, or UK Wide Control on Policy or Laws due to being Vastly Outnumbered in the UK (English) Parliament (which is why a UK Nations Veto Vote is Needed specific to the UK, then once any Decisions are Passed it can then Accurately be called a UK Decision).​​ It is Totally Unreasonable and even Cowardly to have the Power and Control in London through their 533 English Nation MP's, but then try to Redirect the Responsibility onto the UK or Britain as a Whole.


However, this is not about Blaming the English as a Whole, it is about London Owning Accountability for directly and indirectly attacking the Welsh with Bestiality Slander through their Media, undermining Welsh people's very existence. Whilst on the other hand Denying a Right of Reply by Not allowing Wales an Independent Mainstream Media (the Power to License a TV Channel is Located in London). Then on top of that, persist in imposing a Democratic Structure in Wales (UK) that allows England's 85% Vast Majority Population to Win any UK Wide democratic vote, and then to continue to Not allow Wales the Democratic Choice of Independence or Not (Self-Determination), in a Referendum, as Just a Few Easily Evidenced Examples of Tangible Oppression. The Oxford Dictionary Definition of 'Oppression', 'Prolonged Cruel or Unjust Treatment, Or Exercise of Authority'. The Cambridge Dictionary Definition of 'Oppression', 'A Situation in which People are Governed in an Unfair and Cruel Way, and Prevented from having Opportunities and Freedom'. Resulting in Historical and Ongoing Restriction and Under Development in Wales, when compared to England (HS2 & the Northern Power House Project as Major Developments Only in England, as just some recent examples, with Obviously many more to come in the future). Although, as with many other Racial Minorities around the world, anyone who is of a Celtic Minority in the UK and Dares to Speak Up about the Easily Evidenced Racism and Prejudice, will be automatically Labelled as a person with a 'Chip On Their Shoulder' or just 'Jealous'. Again, Remember that the History and Narrative of the Conquered is always Written by the Historical Conqueror(even though it happened Centuries ago in a Different Era that Bares No Resemblance to the Modern Day World), and in the UK that so called Conqueror also Controls the Mainstream Media from London, Then as Now. 


 Indeed how can you Not Blame your Main Central Restrictor for Restrictions Holding you Back, as Evidenced with Continuous and Historical Welsh Underdevelopment, who else are you supposed to Hold to Account? Trying to hold the Welsh Assembly (now 'Parliament' to try to give the impression of more power in Wales) to account is largely useless as they do not Control their main Levers of State, with only selected Powers given from London, that can be over ruled at any point anyway, the Welsh Assembly is essentially an Admin centre for London Laws and Directives, however better to have some restricted powers than none at all, I suppose? Indeed, Wales usually always votes for a Different political party to the one in power in London, making a Welsh vote again largely irrelevant in the UK Wide Structure. So who ever the Massive English Population vote for, will control the Whole of the UK, which is why a Veto Vote specific to the UK on certain issues concerning the Whole of the UK would be essential for the Four UK Nations and its Unity, but obviously not so good for England as they would have to share some power, which is why a UK Nations Veto Vote on certain UK Wide decisions is never even mentioned, let alone implemented. Although, again this comes down to 'London Perspective', who see the Celtic Nations, not as historical individual Internationally Recognised Nations, but as just Regions of England, with Britain and the UK constantly promoted as One Homogenous Group. Even the very Restricted Powers Wales have been Allowed since Devolution in 1997, can be Over Ruled by London anyway, through London's Control of UK Sovereignty introducing Legislation such as the Sewell Convention 1998, which was put into Law in the Scotland Act 2016 and the Wales Act 2017, which suggests Consent first, but also has an Opt Out Clause of would "Not Normally" over rule Devolved Nations decisions, which means London can over rule devolved decions as and when required, but "Not Normally", again Controling UK Sovereignty from Westmister in London, even though UK Sovereignty is Owned by all UK Nations. Moreover, to then Ensure that London's Systems of Oppression Cannot be Exposed or Open to Scrutiny, Wales is Denied any 'Independent Media Avenues for Exposing Inequality and Unfairness to Hold, People, Institutions, or Systems to Account', with No Independent Media Allowed in Wales (Check Mate!). Independent Media means Independent of London and England, Financially and Editorially, with the Main Staff of the Service Based in the Nation it is Representing, Regulated by its Own Nation's Standards Authority to Prevent any possible undue Biaswith all UK Media, Funded, Influenced and Licensed through London (even the regional STV channel has its majority share holders based in London, who then can appoint an appropriate Manager), with regional BBC and ITV Wales for example, S4C also Funded & Licensed through London. The Easy Evidence of the London Control of the Media regarding Wales (apart from the Obvious Fact that the UK Media is Centred in London, with Licensing Control & the Regulatory Authority, which means if you do complain it can just simply be Ignored) is that None of the Basic Common Sense Questions or Issues for Wales identified in this text have Ever been Openly, Fully and Fairly discussed on the UK Media, either Regionally or Nationally, which is a Direct attack on the Democratic Process in the UK as Wales is denied a mainstream Independent Voice, which then also affects the Development of Wales, as Systems Disadvantaging Wales can be permanently Hidden, and Exploration of potential Options like a Veto Vote between UK Nations or Independence, can be 'NO Platformed', or provided with a Bias Narrative, such as saying, 'Wales is too Poor for Independence', or saying that 'unpicking the UK from EU was complicated after only 50 years of a union, how complicated will unpicking Hundreds of years be?', both made Invalid by the Experiences and Direct Tangible Evidence of the Republic of Ireland, who had Independence from London and England in 1922, after well over a Century of being Officially owned by England (and obviously for centuries before being officially incorporated by London into the UK in 1800), who also provide a Proven Roadmap of life after Independence. This is not to say that the author supports Independence for Wales, but it is to say that it must be seriously considered if the London government persist with an unfair United Kingdom, as Evidenced with the Historical Welsh Underdevelopment when compared to England. As 'Funds' for Development must be based on 'Need' around the UK Nations, for Example, do England 'Need' a HS2 (High Speed Rail) right now, in an already Over Developed National Transport System, when Wales and Scotland have an Historically Underdeveloped Infrastructure Network? As the Individual Relationship each Celtic Nation has with London who Control their Purse Strings, Again is like being in a Coercive Marriage where the abuser keeps you Weak and Dependent by Denying Development and Funds, and calling you Names to Undermine your Confidence, due to the Insecurity that you might want to Leave one day, and also saying, but if you do leave you will be too Poor and Incapable of surviving on your own anyway, sound familiar?


In addition, because of the structure of the UK where there are Four Nations Media primarily being Controlled by One Nation (Mainstream UK Wide from London or Englandthis means unlike other countries who own their own unimpeded media who can block out internal slander of their own nation, Wales (& other Celtic UK nations) are open to repeated internal slander (Subtle or Overt) from another nation (the same nation they all have a some what Historical acrimonious relationship with anyway), almost like Living Continuously with your Slanderer, with NO RIGHT OF REPLY, as opposed to being a nation with an Independent Media, and being able to Respond to any Slander or Misinformation with your own Unimpeded Media, therefore essentially having the ability to neutralize any Slander with an Equal and Opposite response with your own independent Media. This is why labelling Australia or New Zealand also as 'Sheep Shaggers' (both owned previously by England, but crucially London agreed to their Independence, the Celtic Nations they will Not agree too, mainly due to closer Geography) does not effect them as nations with an Independent Media as they can delete it out of their internal conversation, or have an open debate about 'why it is a lie', 'what the Impact is' and 'where the source may come from', for them to then move on, having clarified the Misinformation, and put it to bed, as it can be Managed by their own unimpeded Media. A London controlled UK Mainstream Media that has created an almost Unique Repeated UK Internal 'Drip Drip' effect, which Erodes the Celtic Nations Confidence, and Disrupts their Nation's Identity & Psyche, that has also created the Historical view that the Celtic Nations are 'Uniquely Incapable' of running their own affairs independently (if that is their Democratic Choice?), a repeated London Media message that many Celtic people actually deeply believe, which brings us back to Eroded National Confidence, if you keep on telling someone how crap they are, eventually they will believe you. In addition to say as a blanket Lazy response to Racism and Prejudice that there is'more that unites than divides us', is a Non-statement, when you continue to use the Differences in Power between a Minority and the Majority to invent and promote Slander, using that power to allow Discrimination based Specifically on the Differences (Nationality and Ethnicity as examples) to continue by Dehumanising people, and validating Disrespect and Discrimination, along with all the Negative Impacts on limited Opportunity and Prosperity, by then saying, 'but there is more that unites us than divides us', as way of saying 'Be Quiet', I do not want to hear what you have to say, I like the way it is, and I do not want it to change.As Unity is about Acknowledging and Celebrating the Differences, be they Nationality, Culture or Ethnicity, Not trying to Pretend that they do not Exist!! However, "the 'Truth' is like a Lion, You do Not have to Constantly Defend it, 'LET IT LOOSE', It Can Defend Itself"... (St.Augustine)

I think it is important to generally outline at this point how Wales and the UK got to its current position in the period leading up to the Act of Union in 1707 and England gaining Control of Sovereignty in the UK, of course one Historian's version may vary to another Historian's version, in a some what complex historical period with many nuances, depending on Loyalties or Affiliations, even of the people documenting the text at the time, such is the nature of trying to outline the Past. However, I have tried to be as Accurate and Unbiased as possible (given the fact that I am Welsh), as the Historical Evidence provided in this text is designed to be as simplistic as possible so it can be easier to understand, and then can be more 'Open' to being Easily and Quickly 'Cross Referenced' and 'Validated'. Wales is Widely Acknowledged to have been England's 'First Colony' Click for Link, mainly Due to Close 'Geography', with the Whole Eastern Length of Wales Directly Bordering England, from North to South for 160 miles, who are the Closest other Nation to London, and of course being Vastly Outnumbered, then as now. To Clarify, the 'Wars of the Three Kingdoms' (1639-1651) which was mainly because of England Imposing their Religion, and the Supremacy of England Click for Link, resulting in Oliver Cromwell Subduing the Scots at Dunbar in 1650, and also the Irish in Ireland, incorporating them into England's New Commonwealth (1649-1660), with Scotland allowed a parliament by England after the Restoration of the Monarchy (focusing on Scotland because of the subsequent Act of Union in 1707, but there is also the 1798 act of Rebellion in Ireland that then was quashed by London for Ireland to then be incorporated into the Union in 1800), with Scotland under an even more increasingly Authoritarian Crown (under Charles II, and then Queen Anne leading up to the Act of Union in 1707, who were both born in England, then moving onto the Hanover Dynasty). These Powers from Cromwell over Scotland, Ireland (and Wales, who were already Annexed by England) Outlasted Cromwell to Form the Future of Britain and Ireland with all Control (Sovereignty) Based in London. To Clarify an Obvious point, people who Freely Consent do Not have Uprisings and Wars against their oppressorPLEASE BE MINDFUL OF THE CONEXT THAT THE VICTOR ALWAYS GETS TO INTERPRET AND REINTERPRET HISTORY, THE BEST PLACE TO START ANY RATIONAL EVALUATION IS TO FIRST LOOK AT 'WHO HAS THE UPPER HAND' (POWER), AND ULITMATELY, 'WHO DOES IT BENEFIT'? It is Not a Coincidence that the Sovereignty of the whole of the UK is placed firmly in London Control, the Capital City of England (and Not in either Cardiff, Edinburgh or Belfast), in the 1707 Act of Union written in London, where the only Monarch (King or Queen) in the whole of the UK Resides to this day. As there cannot be several Monarchs (Kings and Queens) in one Kingdom, as that would make it several Kingdoms, with several Seats of Power, so the other UK Celtic Kingdoms had to be removed to ensure the dominant voice in London (the London Monarchy then handing their sovereignty to the London Parliament). The Dictionary Definition of 'Empire' is, 'an extensive group of states ruled over by a single monarchy or sovereign state (the English State and previously English Monarchy with Sovereignty Control based solely in London). So Britain was an English Empire'Before and After' London Created the 'Act of Union' in 1707, as the Celtic Nations had already been effectively 'Subduedby the English Nation with their Power Hub in London. As all the Celtic Nations had No Unimpeded Free Choice to Politely Decline the London Offer of Union, in Wales, Scotland and Ireland, and handing the Celtic Nations Sovereignty (Independence) over to England Control in London.  


So Obviously, no matter which way you look at it, it could Not be a British Empire as Frequently Asserted by London in an apparent attempt to Share the Blame of Colonialism and engulf the Celtic nations into this new term of Britain created by London in 1707 (whilst initially Building & Expanding their Nation through Acquiring other peoples Lands and then Rebranding as Britain). As you have to Subdue and Colonise first, then over time gain Complete Control, then you can move onto 'Full Annexation' (in the case of Wales) of that Colony through Imposing your Own Laws, Language, and Systems from Top Down, using English Military Reinforcements for their Governing Officials 'As and When required' to quell any Uprisings, who of course in the case of Wales, with England's main Military Forces situated, only a stones throw away at any given time, just over the border. The Same Colonialism England (London) did to Scotland, Ireland and Wales with their Subjugation, to Create the Forced Collective term of 'Britain' in the first place (even though the Celt's are a Different Race, Nationality and Ethnicity to the English Anglo-Saxon's), and then this Colonial Model became more Defined and Streamlined and was Spread Out, by London, to the Wider World to then Create the Forced term of a 'Worldwide Common Wealth'. Obviously then, again, no matter which way you look at it, ultimately an 'English Empire' as the Controlling Force was and has always been in London, regardless of the Inevitable London Spin, who own the UK Media so it Cannot be Formerly Challenged, for Example mentioning the Laws of Wales Act 1536-1542 but never mentioning that it was in effect Annexation, and suggesting that Scotland were an independent free state able to giveFree Unimpeded Consent before the Act of Union in 1707. And of course if there was actually a 'Common Wealth' in Britain then there would be Equal Development when Comparing the Celtic Nations to England (which Evidently does Not Exist).


So for those who say that Wales is No Longer an Ongoing Colony of England, can you please give an Exact 'Date and Time' when this Colonial Status was apparently Removed?? Which only a Welsh Independence Referendum could Conclude. To Clarify, the Welsh Devolution Referendum in 1997 was 'Not' an Independence Referendum. The narrow result of Yes to Devolution in Wales and more emphatic in Scotland was then Countered in 1998 by the Sewel Convention (Click for Link)which tries to Imply that Consent is Required from the Devolved Nations, but essentially says that ideally we would like the Devolved Celtic Nations Consent, but if we do not get it, doesn't matter, as we can over rule them any way. As quoted from the Sewel Conventionthen inserted in the 'Scotland Act 1998', and the 'Wales Act 2017' Section 2, 'the Parliament of the United Kingdom will not "Normally" legislate with regard to devolved matters without the consent of the Assembly". The Word "Normally" is Crucial as London still 'Reserve the Right' to Over Rule, named after Lord Sewel who created it. This allows the London UK Parliament to 'Over Ride' the Limited and Carefully Selected Powers for the Devolved Nations, and any Devolved Decisions 'As and When' without Consent (which ironically enough, essentially gives the UK (English) parliament a Veto over any devolved nations decisions, without any other Celtic nations being able to Veto any UK parliament decisions). Whilst understanding that historically and currently '533' MP's out of '650' MP's in the London UK Parliament represent English Constituencies with 40 MP's Allocated for Wales, most of which are member's of London Political Parties anyway, so Centrally Controlled from London, indeed in 2023, it is set to be 543 English MP's after the London boundary reviews, taking 8 from Wales, and 2 from Scotland, again without their Consent, making the London UK Parliament an 'English Parliament' in all but Name, on UK Legislation Voting (UK Wide Law), and power over the Devolved Nations, as well as on Foreign Policy (going to war), which clearly might present with problem's regards Favouritism for one particular UK Nationso Wales Essentially Still Ultimately Controlled from London anyway even though UK Sovereignty is Owned by all UK Nationsand for London to suggest that because Wales now has limited Devolution (since 1997) that this does not matter is a Nonsense, as Devolution has No Power over UK Wide Policy Making! In addition, it is easy then to say that Democracy is not perfect, and some people will inevitably lose out, which could be seen as a reasonable suggestion, but Only if there is a Genuine Attempt to try to be Fair, however to Actively Manipulate and Rig the UK Democratic System so it Favours the Majority Ethnicity and Country Above all others within the UK (when a 'Veto Vote' system between the UK Nations and Specific to the UK, could easily be introduced to Balance out Population Anomalies to help save the United Kingdom) is a Different Scenario Altogether? As currently England essentially get to keep their Independence and Sovereignty whilst also Controlling the Sovereignty of the Celtic Nations using their 533 English MPs in London.


To Evidence ​this UK Parliament being an English Parliament as an Obvious Fact (Due to the Blatant MP Number Differentials in Favour of Englandis even Acknowledged and Confirmed by Boris Johnson (Current Prime Minster 2020) in 2019 when he said, “I’m not convinced there is a case for an England-only parliament,” he said, “We have an England-only parliament. It’s in Westminster. It’s been there for a long time. I’m not disposed to create another parliament.”(Click for Link)Even the UK Parliament's 'Common's Rulebook' (Standing Orders) means that the ruling UK Government of the day (which is always a London based Party) can Dictate what is being allowed to be Debated in the UK Parliament. Please excuse the fact that Boris Johnson's Documented Words had to be reported in one of the only Newspapers (which is only regional in Scotland) in the UK that support independence for any Celtic Nation. However, this was the Only Media Outlet in the UK that I could find the Direct Quote, which also appears to be further Direct Evidence of the ultimate Power and Influence of the London UK Wide Mainstream Media as a Whole (a Collective) to be able to Control, Ignore and Bury, on Mass (almost a UK Wide Blanket Ban on Coverage) such an Important Admission, that has Confirmed and Clarified the Historical and ongoing Unfairness of the UK Nations Constitutional Structure Created by London. So what is the Benefit to having a UK parliament that is essentially an English parliament in all but name? Well you can Legislate on your Own Nation but also then Control and Legislate the main Levers on the other UK Nations, in your Nation's Favour, whilst under the Guise of London's Title of a "UK Parliament", who can choose to call it what ever they want as they have Sovereignty. Indeed, the most recent example (to this text being written) of the Devolved Nation's in the UK being 'Over Ruled' by the UK (English) Parliament, without their Consent, is in January 2020 when all three of the UK's democratically elected Celtic devolved law-making bodies rejected the EU withdrawal (Non) agreement (Brexit Withdrawal Bill 2020). The Welsh Government said the Bill could provide 'Further' powers (on top of the Sewell Convention 1998) to let UK ministers in London change assembly powers without even asking Assembly Members (or the other UK Celtic Nations Governments). As you might expect this has had limited coverage on the London British Media and connected regional channels. Including No Celtic representation in the Brexit Negotiations with the EU, and taking Scotland and Northern Ireland Out of the EU against their Democratic Will. Along with the 'Power Grab' by London of many Devolved Celtic Nations Powers that they previously had within the EU, included in the 'Internal Markets Bill' 2020 (To Clarify, the Powers in the Devolved Celtic Nations with the EU 'Already Exist' in the Devolved Nations, so if these Powers are taken away by London, it is by Definition a Power Grab As London will be Taking Away Powers that 'Already Exist' in the Devolved Celtic Nations Governments, Without Consent), moreover the Internal Markets Bill (2020) also takes some powers over spending that are also Already Devolved in Wales, going against the Democratic Vote in Wales (2011) that Voted for More Powers in Wales, Not Less. In addition, contrary to London insistence and even law makers making Wales and Scotland fly a Union Jack Flag at their parliaments (2021), you cannot unify around the Union Jack as it does not represent a Nation it just represents the Geographic Island of Britain, and Wales do not have any representation on the flag any way, it is just a London invention, representing a Nation or Country that does Not Exist, with no unimpeded consent or agreement from Welsh or Scottish population, or even the English people as a whole. This is not to say that there cannot be a Unifying of the separate Nations on the Island of Britain, but it will involve being Fair from London, not just 'Simplistic Gimmicks' like flying a National Flag that No UK Nation Recognises or can properly Buy Into, as they already have their Own Individual Nations Flags, History, Nationhood and Ethnic Identity. Quite clearly the History of the Oppressed will be Totally Different to the History of the Oppressor.


To Further Clarify, Wales was Officially Fully Annexed in 1542 (Click for Link) by England in London (the 'English State') with the Laws of Wales Act (1535 & 1542) which then Imposed 'English Laws and Language' in Wales without Democratic Consent to this day (as a Consequence Wales still has No Powers over its Own Judiciary to this very day, no Welsh representation on the Union Flag, and the Welsh people's first Language is English, with Welsh Sovereignty placed firmly in London). This Legislation stating that their was discontent between England and Wales not based on the Fact that Wales had been Conquered and Colonised, and had already had Centuries of Violent Conflict with England, but because Wales and England had different Laws and Languages totally ignoring that Fact that Wales and England are two different Nations with Different Ethnicities. Indeed, Just because this happened Centuries ago does Not make it Irrelevant, as Wales is Still owned by England Today because of this 'Unilateral' Full Official Annexation in 1542 (with the Initial invasion by Edward the 1st Longshanks in 1277-1283, as a Consequence the Tudor Name was then Formerly Submitted to the English Crown by Tudur Hen in 1278, a 'Vassal of the Monarchs', Severing any Direct Consensual Links to Wales, and Formerly Redirecting the Tudor Name to England, Click for Link, although Henry the 7th was Born in an English held Castle in Wales he had No Allegiance to Wales, indeed it was his Son Henry the 8th that fully Annexed Wales in 1542, the Tudor Dynasty had very Little to do with Wales), remember that the History of the 'Conquered' always gets Written by the 'Conqueror', and Still Without London allowing the Opportunity of a Referendum to provide 'Democratic Consent' to this very day, which is now covered in International Law, 'Self Determination', but the Annexation of Wales still continues for Wales?


However, the Welsh Nation and people as a whole did not Freely Recognise or Consent to this (a Legal Agreement must be Recognised and Accepted by Both Sides, you Cannot just 'Unilaterally' Impose it, unless of course it is one of your Colonies that you own and control), the Evidence of which being that Wales 'has been' and indeed still 'is' a Recognised Separate Nation to England, so Not Mutually Annexed as One into England, if Consent was given to Annexation by the Welsh Nation and people as a whole, Wales as an 'Internationally Recognised Nation' would 'Not Still Exist', it would just be another Region of England. The term 'Annex' is Defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as, 'Add an Extra or Subordinate part, Add to One's Territory by Appropriation'. To 'Appropriate' means,'Take For One's Own Use Without Permission' (Ultimately still Colonialism, just a different Word)The Collins Dictionary States, 'Colonialism is the Practice by which a Powerful Country Directly Controls Less Powerful Countries and Uses their Resources to Increase its Own Power and Wealth' (the term Resources also refers to it's People as well). The Collins Dictionary States that 'A Colony is a Country which is Controlled by a More Powerful Country'. Although Welsh people still managed to retain their Identity and Separate National Culture. Mainly because Wales was never Fully Conquered and 'Fully Anglicized' through out all of Wales (particularly the Upland areas) which then Preserved Core Areas of Indigenous Welshness (Hence Wales's Continued Separate National Status, with a set Border ('Offa's Dyke' Click for Link) since '785 AD', Welsh/Celtic Identity, Language, National Anthem, and National Sporting Teams, to this Day). 'Annexation and/or Colonialism' both Ultimately Involve the Same Process of 'Imposing on' or 'Subduing' other People 'Without their Consent' by Force, as the 'Opposite' of Stealing another Nation 'Without Consent' is either allowing 'Independence, or having Mass Democratic Consent' to be part of the Annexing and/or Colonising force. They are Both Methods of 'Nation Building' by Force and without Consent, but by another Name. To suggest that Wales is no longer a Colony because then it was Annexed, is Nonsensical, this is like saying because a prisoner has been moved to a different named prison, with a different set of rules, he is no longer a prisoner?? Indeed,Wales was Forced into the Act of Union 1707 (again Without Democratic Consent as they had Already been Conquered and Annexed), 'The Unequal Contract', placing UK wide Power and Sovereignty into London and England at a time when the 'Three Kingdom War' had already formally subjugated the other Celtic nations, so they had No Choice but to Comply. England only have 'Supranational' status with Sovereignty because of the Act of Union in 1707, which was manipulated by London at a time when the Celtic nations had already been Subdued (Three Kingdom Wars 1639-1653, by Oliver Cromwell, as an example), as No Nation would give up their Sovereignty Voluntarily, as Evidenced with the Wars, and Resistance to English Occupation. To Clarify, Wales as a Nation of people have Never, to this day, had a Democratic Vote of Self-Determination to Consent to being part of the United Kingdom. 


Wales appeared to be the perfect place to Annex, at that time (Add Land & Gain Control of) as it was the Nearest Geographical Threat, right in the belly of the beast, so to speak (the Closest other Nation to England's Beating Heart of London), why do you suppose Offa's Dyke was initially built in the first place (as a form of Defence from attack, and to define them from us, a border)? A Closer Threat as further Evidenced with Significantly Less Devolved Powers than Scotland and Northern Ireland from London to this Day (but who are also highly Restricted and can also be Over Ruled by London even on Devolved Issues), although Wales is seen as more of a potential Direct Trading and Economic Threat to England (& London) these days (what a Luxury to still be able to Control your nearest Economic Competitors!). If Wales were allowed to operate Autonomously as competitors on a 'Level Playing Field', England would Lose Considerably More than the £15 Billion Yearly Grant (of course a significant amount of that money is Welsh people's own Tax coming back to Wales, VAT for example) they give Wales at the moment (other annual Expenses allocated to Wales are Directed from England through their own existing services, such as Policing & Judiciary, Welfare & the Armed Forces). It's just Basic Economics and Business (spend £15 Billion a year to allow you make an extra £100's of Billion's a year), otherwise Why keep a country that costs you money, London is not a Charity, they operate off Cold Hard Economics. Indeed, put Simply, you Cannot call yourself a Democrat in a Liberal Democracy but then choose to Ignore or Deny Democratic Consent to Wales, as that would Obviously make you a Hypocrite. 


Some people say (usually in the Majority Group), 'Move On stop talking about the past, as we are now in the 21st Century', when discussing the 13th Century and Edward Longshanks initial Conquering of Wales (then fully Annexed in 1542), but as this Annexation of Wales, without democratic consent, is the Direct Reason that Today Wales is Still Restricted, Owned and Controlled by London, there can be No 'Moving On' until this Situation is Democratically Resolved. Indeed Wales is so'Linked'with this Past that in order to Understand the Modern Relationship Between Wales and England you have to become an Expert in Medieval History, for as well as using London's Media to manipulate or bury information, London's other great tool is to make UK history Vague and Complicated, focusing Only on the Beneficial Bits. As you can only 'Move On' from a Situation Once that Situation has been Fully Resolved, so it no longer Effects your Present and Future. Of course in order to Resolve this Non Democratic issue London would have to 'Role the Dice' on losing Wales in a Referendum. ​​Moreover, for people on the London British Media to say that Wales is 'Too Poor'for Independence, if that is the Welsh Nation and People's Choice, this would be like the Analogy of me'Standing on your Neck, and then Asking you the question of (whilst Understanding the Full Irony) 'Why Can't you Breath Properly?', an Analogy of the Easily Evidenced Underdevelopment, and Restrictions from London on the Welsh Economy. As a consequence of all the London Restrictions, of course Wales is going to be Poor at present, which incidentally was the Same Argument used by the then UK Government (London) before the Successful Nation of the Republic of Ireland went Independent in 1922. Actually, they have never since expressed any inclination to want to go back under London control (even from any of their Unionist's), indeed it is interesting to note that there has never been any Nation in the history of the modern World who has gained Independence from a larger force, and then expressed any form of regret, and actively sought to go back into domination. To Clarify, in the UK 'Race Dictates Class', if you're Not of the Desired Race you Cannot get the 'Opportunities' to move up the Class System. As a recent 'Race Report in March 2021' by the Conservative Government in London suggests that Class is a bigger detriment to success than Race, but that is putting the 'Cart before the Horse', as Race Dictates your Social Class through Access to Opportunity to rise up the Class System, or Not, primarily regardless of Qualifications, skills or Ability.


Indeed, although the ongoing Internal Colonialism of Wales (Internal as Wales was then eventually Forced to be part of the UK), which also happened to the Celtic Nation of the Republic of Ireland before their Independence from the UK in 1922, (Oxford Reference States, "Internal Colonialism Refers to a Structured Relationship of Oppression and Exploitation Between a Dominant Ethnic Group and one or more". Anglo-Saxon & Celtic. Resulting in Easily Evidenced Uneven Development between England and the rest of the UK) could be seen as more Subtle, Systemic and Institutional than most previous Overt Colonialism abroad, and Usually not as Violent (apart from the Initial Long Drawn Out Subjugation of the Welsh Nation and People (& other close Nations), after which systems were firmly put in place), crucially however as Explained by 'Mahatma Ghandi' (who might know a thing or two about Colonialism) 'Poverty is the Worst Form of Violence'


Actually, for those who say that Wales played it's part in Colonialism as a Subjugated Nation (Master Blaming the Servant), of Course whilst Serving, and Subordinate to your Master (Not as Equals) you will be doing jobs that you would not normally do, if you had free will (indeed, quite clearly they would not even have historically been there, but for the London English Establishment's Quest for Empire), as Evidenced by the Fact that Wales as an Autonomous Nation and People before their Colonisation by England had Never Forcible Colonised Anyone in all it's Numerous Centuries Old History. To Clarify, in Patagonia (1865) they were Invited to Develop Largely Uninhabitable Under Developed Land by the Argentine Government (Click for Link). In fact, even the failed Dorian Scheme from Scotland in the 1690's did not involve forcibly colonising Panama as it had already been colonised forcibly by the Spanish, with England refusing to back the Scots up against the constant Spanish attacks, as the new scheme would have provided competition to England. Actually, to say that Wales Benefited and were Complicit in Building the British Empire, is like saying when the people on the land now known as England were Conquered by the Romans (43 AD) that they were Complicit in Building the Roman Empire, or India Benefiting and being Complicit in Building the British (English) Empire. Indeed, how can a Nation (Wales) that was considered part of England (England Own Wales, Fully Annexed in 1542) and Ultimately Centrally Controlled from London ever since (even to this day), ever Form its 'OWN AGENDA' on areas such as the Slave Trade or other Empire activities? As a Subjugated (Conquered) people, people just had to then Operate within the New Laws and Systems of the New Central Authority whether they liked it, or not, they just had to adapt and get on with it, the First thing that Goes when your Subjugated is 'Choice'Obviously, with a Few Unscrupulous 'Individuals' More Eager than others to try to Gain 'Favour', 'Opportunity' and 'Wealth' with their New Master, as there will always be a Few Unscrupulous 'Individuals' in every Race (as essentially 'Vassals of the Monarch'). Probably the best way to describe the 'Nuance' of these selected Individuals would be the African American term of an 'Uncle Tom' (trying to gain Favour with the Powerful Group for their Own Individual Benefit). However, clearly there would be No 'Empire' of 'Transatlantic Slave Trade' for Any unscrupulous 'Individuals' to try to Exploit if London did not Create it in the First PlaceThe Welsh Nation, and People, as a Whole (& Celtic Nations) were Trapped in a System that they did Not Create, and over which they had Little or No Control. Although, as a Welsh person (which I am Aware will make me have a Natural Bias, but I do try to Counter this by Providing Evidence) I am more than happy to take Full and Complete Ownership for anything done by the 'Welsh State', and indeed will explore it in Depth, but it has to be True and Based in Evidenced Fact, 'I Refuse to take Ownership of somebody else's Shame'. As there is No Nation in the History of the World that has ever Benefited from being Subjugated, hence Wales being Poor and Under Developed to this Day (in addition, any infrastructure reluctantly left behind, such as in India for example, was clearly not intended for the purposes of the locals). Indeed, how many Servants have you ever heard of saying No to their Master's, particularly in a time when the UN or Human Rights did Not Exist? 


As stated previously, a Modern Example of this ongoing Master/Servant Subordinate Relationship between the Minority Celtic Nations and London (Majority Anglo-Saxon's), that even exists to this day in the UK, is Scotland and Northern Ireland being taken out of the EU (European Union) by London against their will, even though these Nations directly democratically voted to stay in, and the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement (2020) Click for Link, created in London, that was actively 'Voted Against' by all of the Celtic Nations parliaments, but was put through, without their Consent, by Westminster in London anyway, along with the ongoing Brexit Negotiations where there is No Direct Celtic Nations Representation in the room, indeed it is regularly said that,'if You've Not got a Seat at the Table, that Usually Means, Your on the Menu', and London Blocking a Second Scottish Independence Referendum even though there has been a 'Material Change in Circumstances' with Brexit, effectively keeping them in the UK against their Democratic will (as the SNP Voted for Overwhelmingly by the Scottish people in Government is asking for the Second Referendum) with many POLLS now showing a Consistent Favour for Scottish Independence, of course Wales being Annexed and Never Given an Independence Vote does the same thing, as any Union must be by Consent otherwise it is just Colonialism. (See 'Describing the Welsh Relationship with England' under the 'What is Britshness'? heading above).


Moreover, for those who Associate Colonialism Only with Slavery (apart from the Fact that Colonialism happened to many Different Races & Creeds, including the Republic of Ireland, for Example, with Not One Dictionary Definition of any form of Colonialism ever even Mentioning Slavery) regarding the UK, by saying that Colonialism cannot be happening because the Colonised were (or are) not subject to Industrialised Slavery. The Mass Industrialisation of Slavery when Focusing on the London English Establishment in the 16th (until the 18th) Century Industrialised Transatlantic Slave Trade (First Created by John Hawkins 1562, an Englishman from Plymouth Click for Link)the English Slave Trade Triangle Click for Link, along with people such as Sir John Cass Click for Link who then helped to 'Develop' the 'Triangular Transatlantic Slave Industry' from London (England) as a State Sanctioned Industrialised World Wide Economic Business Model, did not involve Nations that had been Formerly Colonised at the time. Merchants Traded for Slaves (or Raided Villages) in West Africa to then Sell on as a Commodity at a higher price in places like Jamaica (Caribbean) and the America's. So mainly Slavery for "London" was more an 'Individual Person Personally Owning and Controlling another Person' (backed up by the Protection of London, Royal Charter), where as Colonialism is an actual 'Country Owning and Controlling another Country', they are 'Not Exclusively' Related.​ Indeed, the Minority UK Celtic Nations and the Black people of America have the same original instigator in London, London Conquered and Coerced the Celtic Nations to bring them under their control (Annexation for Wales 1542 & Alien Act 1705 for Scotland, as Examples) and London also created the Transatlantic Slave Trade (1663) that took Africans from West Africa to Jamaica & Barbados and into the Southern States of America. The same Central Controller in London England.


In addition, the debate regarding Removing Statues from the Streets of Wales to prominent 'Welsh Mass Scale International Industrial Slave Traders' in the UK (such as Colston in Bristol or Rhodes in Oxford) is a Mute point for Wales, as Wales do not have any on their streets (Mass Industrialised Slave Traders, as this is where the Money was, so were mainly Located in English cities). Indeed, the Triangular Transatlantic Slave Trade was Created and Developed by the Central Authority in London (England) in the 16th century, well before Britain even formerly existed in 1707. The best the London English Establishment could do (by Desperately Scrabbling through Centuries of Welsh History, or Trying  to Find Anyone with Any Connection's to Wales) to try to Hide from the Shame and the Blame of the Triangular Transatlantic Slave Trade'they Invented and Developed' (mainly through the Ports of Bristol, London and Liverpool, with London as its central Controller) by using the 'Usual Tactic' of trying to Involve the rest of the UK to try to Dilute England's involvement, is to identify a Waterloo General called Picton (who was born in Wales, but was generally assumed as English) who was found guilty of ordering the torture of a slave girl accused of theft in Trinidad 1806, with his statue inside Cardiff City Hall, and the Explorer Henry Morgan Stanley (with No Evidence presented, see Wikipedia page for a more unbiased account of his life) who was also accused of involvement in the Congolese Genocide (BBC News, Click for Link) when he had actually left the Belgium King's employment 8 years previous. Including Clive of India Click for Link connected to 'Powis Castle' in Wales, who was Born in Shropshire England. Further Demonstrating the Weakness of London's Constant Argument that it was 'Not' just England that Created, Organised and Primarily Benefited from the so called "British" Empire. Actually the further London argument that the 'Triangular Transatlantic Slave Trade' was 'of it's time' is also a Mute Argument as even at the time many people had been calling for the Abolition of Slavery for Decades (Indeed, the Abolition of slavery by London (1833) appeared to be based on Economics, it was cheaper to pay a slave poverty wages than it was to provide medical assistance and to house and feed them, also only had consent for the Legislation if compensation was paid to the slave owners). Furthermore, to give an Historic and Current Context of the contempt from England towards the Celtic Nations from the very Foundation of the UK that Impacts the UK to this day, just look at one of the verses of the current English (and therefore allocated by London as British) 'National Anthem' (God Save the Queen) which states that, 'the Rebelious Scots to Crush' Click for Link, with Wales given the Anglo-Saxon name for 'Foreigners'. 


Indeed, many of Wales's Resources were Sold for Slaves in West Africa, such as Copper and Brass (Mined by the Welsh for poor wages in appalling conditions), but the Land was (many parts still Inherited through Historic Royal Connections to this day, as 'Vassals of the Monarch') Owned by 'Royal Appointed' mainly English Landowners (As England has Owned the Whole of Wales since its Full Annexation by England in 1542, but also going back as far as Edward Longshanks 1284 in some parts of Wales) and then 'Handed Down through their Multiple Generations over the Centuries'(Follow the Lineage backwards, the Pennant Family, Penryn Estate 1765, hence many Welsh Names & Places in Jamaica for example, Click for Link), regularly using so called Industrialists and Estate Managers to manage their Land and Mines. The Profits went predominantly into the Land Owner's hands (hence the Numerous Opulent Mansion Houses in Wales, but many of these Landowners had their Main Residences in England), this is true of other Welsh Resources such as Coal, Slate, Iron, Lime, Copper (Thomas Williams 'Copper King' with help from the Earl of Uxbridge (of Middlesex), became a resident of Marlow in England, and was their MP) and even Water (the Village of Capel Celyn flooded in 1965 to provide Liverpool with water) over the centuries. Wales's Experience of having London Exploit their Land and People, so of another Nation and Ethnicity (so not England or Anglo-Saxon), the first beginnings of an 'English Empire' (ultimately through Oliver Cromwell (1651) the First Effective Conqueror of Britain and Ireland as a Whole, said to be the single Founder of England's Modern Empire Building), is 'Directly Linked' to the Experiences that 'Followed After' to Other Nation's and Peoples, with the British (English) World Wide Empire, because the 'Blueprint' was Developed on the UK Celtic Nations by England Acquiring other people's Resources and Exploiting them for London's best advantage. So the 'Link' and Similar Experiences to Other Countries Colonisation and then Exploitation Directed Centrally from London, is there for all to see. As a Result of the Colonisation of the Celtic Nations England went out into the World with a 'Fully Formed Racial View of the Other' (Them & Us). So does the British Empire Still Exist? Well Yes, but as it 'Always Was' from the Beginning, an English Empire (before being 'Rebranded' by London as a British Empire). But as 'History appears to Demonstrate' as with most previous Empires, the Power and Expansion seems to go Round in a Full Circle, with Each Layer Peeling Back Over Time, and then Eventually Coming Round to the Beginning. Apparently suggesting that in the End, as in the Beginning, there maybe just England remaining (in the Absence of a Modern Genuine Equality) with its constant central controller in London Refusing to Share its Historically Inherited Power and Privileges, that has long since been Incompatible with any Modern Progressive Society.


Furthermore, to Compare the Organised Lynchings and Official Separate Designated Areas for Black people in the Southern States of America (Selecting the late 19th and early 20th century), is Not Comparable, as Racism happens Differently in Britain as it's Within a Different Cultural Context. This is Evidenced by the Fact that Overt Organised Lynchings and Official Separate Designated Areas for Black people did Not Ever Officially Exist in Britain. Discrimination can happen in Different ways in Different Countries, it is more SystemicInstitutional and Subtle in Britain (the Windrush Scandal in 2018 as the most recent example, Click for Link). Actually, the Main Underlying Comparable Factor appears to be the Use of Negative Stereotyping Propaganda to Validate Discrimination against people identified or perceived as the Other. Indeed, can you think of a British Version of 'Malcolm X' or 'Martin Luther King Jr' that was ever allowed to gain any Prominence in Britain? The Fact that America recently had a Black President for the First Time (Barack Obama 2009-2017) and Britain has Never had a Black Prime Minister seems to further Demonstrate this Systemic more Covert approach? On a slightly Wider Social note within the UK, it may also be Worth Considering that if the Central London English Establishment can Evidence such apparent Disdain and Venom towards Welsh People (which Filters Down) who are Indigenous people of Britain, generally White and predominantly English speaking. Then how do you suppose other Minority People or Groups, who may not originate from Britain, or who may not be White, or who may not speak Fluent English, might expect to be perceived and treated by the Majority Power (& their Media) when residing in Britain (Integration)?.... However, can you Still Provide the 'Answer' to the Initial 'Question' of, 'Can You Please Give an Exact 'Date and Time' when this Colonial Status was apparently Removed for Wales'?? But don't just take my word for anything said in this Text, 'LOOK IT UP', using that New Valuable Resource of the Internet. Although the 'Ideal Utopia' would be a United Kingdom where Each Nation and People are Equally Treated with Fairness and Respect. The Harsh Reality is that after 'Three Centuries' and Counting (Since the 'Undemocratic' Imposed Act of Union in 1707, & well Before this official Date for Wales) the 'Evidence Strongly Confirms' (after a 300 Year 'Test Study', which Must be the 'Longest in History'!!) that this seems highly likely to 'Never' Actually Happen, at What Point does 'Hope' Become 'Stupidity'?!...  

Although, Racism is not just a 'Black & White' subject (as Important as that is) based on a person's outward appearance, it can be even more Nuanced and Insidious than that? As you can be Black but still Experience the Negative Impacts of Racial, Ethnic and National Stereotyping Between other different African Nations, or African people and West Indies (Caribbean) people in the UK or USA, for example, (or indeed also 'Between' other separate Asian, or Middle Eastern Nations), as well as you can be White but still Experience the Negative Impacts of Racism and Stereotyping Between different European Nations (Still Racism & Stereotyping but usually Based on a Person's Specific 'Nationality')? Indeed, there can be No 'Who is More Discriminated than Who Competition' going on here, to the total 'Disregard' of others, as Ultimately all Minority Discrimination and Slander Leads to the Same Point of Inequality and Hardship for each Individual Group, through Slander affecting Identity and Self Esteem, along with Subtle Systemic Restricted Opportunity, by being seen as the Other, the Enemy, the Threat. Although, it is Definitely Recognised that a Person's Skin Colour is More 'Immediately Recognisable' than a Person's Nationality, so Racism can be Experienced Very Differently, and with Varying Degrees, by Different Groups on a 'Day to Day' street level basis. However, although Racism regarding Welsh people is Different than say a Black person (for example) a person who has experienced UK Racial Prejudice will have more of an Empathy (every Welsh person can give an example of being called a 'Sheep Shagger' at some point) than say an English White person who would have never experienced any UK Racism, so would have 'No Frame of Reference', which is Unfortunate as English White people are Ultimately in Charge within the UK as a Whole. Actually, Welsh people are Lucky in the Fact that many of them Live in their Welsh Nation (Within the Wider UK), so on a day to day basis, will not receive much direct Racial Slander, maybe the odd Slur from an English person from time to time, or at numerous sporting events with English opponents, usually football every week involving All Welsh teams in the English Leagues (not so much in Rugby strangely enough), or directly in their home through the London Mainstream Media. However, as Wales is Ultimately Controlled by England (London), this is where the 'Main Systemic Problems' of Under Development and Restricted Opportunity lie, based on Race (Celtic Ethnicity), as Easily Evidenced with the Under Develop of the Celtic Nations Compared to England. However, as a result of this Systemic Underdeveloped and Restriction many Welsh people are Forced to either find 'Work in', or 'Relocate' to England (the Wealthiest Nation in the UK, with 85% of the UK Population) for Employment. This is where the Problem of Welsh 'Street Level' day to day Racism and Slander (Bestiality) in the UK becomes more Acute, outside of Wales. Although, on an Individual Level, Welsh People do have the 'Option' of Lying or Hiding where they come from (difficult though if your in a job in England and you still live in Wales, and the main office will have your full details anyway) or Changing their Accent to get the job or fit in, 'Options' (although having to Constantly Hide who you are out of Shame is Demeaning and would be Tiring) that a Black, Asian or Oriental Person do Not have. Indeed, Black and Asian People who are Welsh (or Not English) may well then Experience 'Double Discrimination' as a 'Double Minority', because at least an English 'Minority' can be part of the 'Majority' based on their English Nationality.The Annoying thing is that if the Mainstream London Media Denounced this 'Welsh Sheep Shagger' Bestiality Label as Unacceptable as it is Based on Racism and a Lie (which is another Reason Why Wales Needs an Independent Media), then this would put a Stop to this Racial Slander almost over night (and most other Racial UK Stereotypes), but they Continuously Refuse to do this, as they seem to want to Maintain this, we are Superior to you Narrative? The 'Power's that Be' Create a System and Economy that Reflects their Own State of Mind and Belief Systems.


To Confirm, as the People who Seek to Justify Systemic Prejudice can be Very Slippery. System's of Oppression of Minority Groups do not happen 'Unconsciously', so therefore Cannot be Excused as 'Unintended', as a System is a 'Conscious Arrangement of Structure', Systemic Structures do Not happen by "Accident". The Oxford English Dictionary Definition of 'System', 'An Organised Scheme of Method', 'a Set of Principles or Procedures According to which Something is Done; an Organised Scheme or Method'. Even though there are Laws against Discrimination Based on Race, it is up to you to Prove it, against the State or Institution, but because it is so Systemic and Institutional (built into structures), it is so Subtle that it is very Difficult to Prove Outright, let alone Finance it, no one in power is going to blatantly be Racist with documented words, but can through Systemic Action's (and then use 'Plausible Deniability'). Indeed, even the one's in Power that can be Documented as Racist's, Nothing happens to them Legally, even though Racism is a Criminal Offence, Boris Johnson (current Prime Minister) referring to Black people as, 'Piccaninnies with water melon smiles', for example. Moreover, when it is a SystemInstitution or Structure at Fault no one Individual or Individuals who Set the Various Elements and Rules of the System can be Identified for Accountability, or Challenged, as it can just be said that it's the 'System's or Institution's Fault'. However, the "System" is made up of People, Individuals who Ultimately make and then Allow the Decisions Behind the Scenes, usually the Favoured Group in the Absence of the Non-Favoured Groups in Private, with the Only acknowledgement of the Minority being Tokenistic, usually as a short term response to a certain event, or if it Benefited London, so the relationship between the Majority and Minority in the UK can be Nuanced at times, not just Outright and Obvious Racial Slander.


Indeed, if White Privilege is not having to worry about Racism and associated Discrimination, then this becomes slightly diluted in the UK due to the presence of Four Different Recognised Nations within the UK framework, with three as Minority Celtic (with a Long History of Subjugation from the English), and the vast 85% Anglo-Saxon Majority Population (with a Vast History of being the Oppressor, even World Wide). The term 'WHITE PRIVELEGEis an American term, and cannot easily be transferred to the UK as the White Population in the UK has 'Three Minority Nations' with a Minority Ethnicity, being Historically Controlled by a 'Vast Majority Nation' with a Separate Ethnicity, and a Long History of London Subjugation and Discrimination of the UK Celtic Nations, in America the White Population are deemed as primarily all 'One Nationality' as a whole, all with a generalised Equal Power Base as the Main Majority. America do not have Different Nations within its Territory as a Whole, it is 'One Nation' with One base 'Nationality'.


Racism is a Group of People being Spoken About and Treated Negatively on the Basis of their Nationality, Ethnicity or Skin Colour, 'the Law regarding Protection against Racism Applies to All Races Equally'.This is Not to Devalue any other Minority Experience, but in order to Minimise and Trivialise Historical and Current Welsh Discrimination London will Use Historic Wide Sweeping Selective Incompatible Comparisons with other Minority groups around the World, Usually the Horrific Experience of Black People in the Southern States of America in the 19th and 20th century. Moreover, in the UK, London appear to try to keep the Focus on Racism as just purely based on 'Skin Colour', hence recently trying to alter or reinterpret the acronym BAME, this apparent Directed Narrow Narrative keeps the attention away from Racism based on 'Nationality'(of course if you Insult another Country or Nation you are being Racist) particularly crucial in the UK as the UK is made up of 'Four Individually Recognised Nations' (Countries), three of which being Celtic Ethnic Minorities, and the one Powerful Overwhelming 85% Majority Ethnic Anglo-Saxon Nation(England & the Celtic Nations are Two Separate Races & Ethnicity, if England Slandered one of their own Anglo-Saxon Regions, or if another Celtic Nation Slandered a fellow Celtic Nation this would 'Not' be Racism, as they are the Same Race & Ethnicity, although they are Separate Nations. However, the Celtic Nations are Not generally known for repeatedly Slandering or Mocking other People's 'Nationalities'). Racism based on Nationality (or Celtic Ethnicity) is a Sensitive Subject for London as it applies to the 'Here and Now', and the very 'Fabric of the UK'. This Narrow Focus of Racism in the UK as just based purely on Skin Colour appears to be an attempt to Delete the Celtic Nations History and Present out of any Racism Debates by trying to define Britain (UK) as just one Homogenous group of so called 'White people', who all posses the Same UK Power, Ethnicity, History and Opportunity, which suggests (from London) that any Oppression, Underdevelopment or Slander from the 85% Majority Powerful Country (England) over the Individual Minority UK Celtic Countries is not Racism, but just internal UK Politics? 


​Never the less, you can't be against Racism when it is only against you, you are either against Racism, in all it's forms, or you are not, you can't turn a blind eye when it does not affect you or your own, as Racism will always find an alternative route to Harbour in, until it is deemed as safe to come back to their first initial Victims. As, 'If you are neutral over situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressorDesmond Tutu. To further Clarify, the 'Oxford English Dictionary's' Definition of 'Racism' is stated as, 'the Belief that All Members of Each Race Possess Characteristics, Abilities or Qualities Specific to that Race, Especially as to Distinguish it as Inferior or Superior to Another Race or Races'. According to the Oxford English Dictionary Definition of 'Race' it is to say ‘A Group Descended from a Common Ancestor’ (Welsh Celtic Ethic Ancestry as opposed to the English Anglo-Saxon Ethnic Ancestry). Oxford Dictionary Definition of 'Ancestry', 'a person's ancestor's or 'Ethnic' decent' or 'something that a later version has evolved from', and 'Ethnicity' is stated as, 'relating to a group of people having a common 'National' or cultural tradition(see 'Wales a Racial Group?' under heading above)As further Clearly Stated by the European Human Rights Act 1998 (although it seems may well be superseded by a British Bill of Rights version, or some other Variant, from London in the not to distant future, and with Brexit the London Supreme Court can be Paramount in the UK, with Obvious issues of Bias or Undue Influence, particularly when regarding the Other Nations of the UK?) article 14: ​'The Human Rights requires that there be No Discrimination on any Grounds and 'This Includes'- 'Race', 'National or Social Origin' (which also means 'Class'), or 'Association with a National Minority'. Also stated under 'Declaration on Race and Racial Prejudice 1978', Article 3, (UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948). 'Any distinction, 'exclusion', 'restriction' or 'preference' based on race, colour, 'ethnic' or 'national' origin or religious intolerance motivated by racist considerations, which destroys or compromises the sovereign equality of States and the right of peoples to 'self-determination', or which limits in an 'arbitrary' or 'discriminatory' manner the right of every human being and group to 'full development' is incompatible with the requirements of an international order which is just and guarantees respect for human rights; the right to 'full development' implies equal access to the means of 'personal and collective advancement and fulfilment' in a climate of 'respect' for the values of civilizations and cultures, both national and world-wide'. Indeed, even as this text is being written there is a proposal to redefine the Treason Act Laws of 1351 in Britain (which Evidences how much the London English Establishment are still living in the Colonial Past), outlined by Conservative Government (who now have a Full Majority so Cannot be Challenged in the UK Parliament) MP Tom Tugendhat (Click on Link BBC 'Andrew Neil Show' 12.2.20, youtube), stating that the 'Betrayal of the Society you Owe a Duty' or 'Otherising People by Making them Feel Foreigners in their Own Country', could lead to a Lengthy Prison Sentence. However, the Anglo-Saxon Translation of 'Wales', the Name Given to the Welsh people by England, Literally means 'Foreigners' (in Old English). So could it be that the Action's of London in Causing Disunity in the UK in the First Place through Anglo-Saxon Favouritism (Nationalism, Click for Link), resulting in Celtic Nations Underdevelopment, Slander and Media Bias, may also be considered under this new proposed redefinition of Treason with the 'Betrayal of the UK' (as you can only pursue this with 'Clean Hands')?

Moreover, this some what Insidious and Subtle Ongoing apparent 'Psychological Manipulation' through 'Repeated Slander', appears to take the form of attempting to Create a 'Shame', 'Unease' or even 'Embarrassment' ​at simply Identifying as being part of the Welsh Nation, or Just Happening to Originate from Wales, at Risk of being Labelled and Mocked (either 'Directly or Indirectly'. Indirectly is Sheep Noises or Pictures of Sheep when Discussing Wales on the Media, for example, commonly understood as'Coded Language', Collins Dictionary states, 'If someone is using Coded Language, they are expressing their opinion in an indirect way, usually because that opinion is likely to offend people') as a 'Sheep Shagger' (Tarnishing a Welsh Persons Individual & National Reputation through a Crude & Rude Association with Bestiality) and being Exposed to Further associated Reduced UK Career and Business Opportunity (Perceived as Negative)? CODED LANGUAGE, the 'Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink' Method of RacismAs Repeatedly Historically Accusing All Welsh People (each Man, Women & Child) of Vulgar Sexually Deviant 'Bestiality' on Mass ('Welsh Sheep Shaggers') is Clearly Not a 'Term of Endearment', it is Designed to Belittle and Insult, much the same as Labelling someone a Sexually Deviant Paedophile is also Not a Term of Endearment!?... Although, any Associated Background 'Stress', 'Concern', 'Challenges' or 'Obstacles' of a 'Well Known' Degrading 'Publicly Media Advertised' and 'Unchallenged' Crude 'Racial Slander Label' never even 'Crosses the Minds' of Any of the Majority English Population (Child or Adult) when they Migrate Around the UK (or the World) for Education, or to Live, Retire, Work, and/or Set Up Businesses.Negative Welsh Racial Stereotyping being a particular Problem for Welsh Families, or Welsh people moving to England, Specifically Further Challenging for their Children when trying to assimilate. As a result of this Crude Slander and associated Discrimination there appears to be Many Welsh People Residing in England (the Disproportionately 'Wealthiest', 'Largest' and 'Dominant' Nation in the UK, with 85% of the UK Population, who's Establishment Authorities Ultimately Inherently Own Wales) that Seem to have 'Consciously Masked' their 'Welsh Accent' (& Hide their Welsh Roots) in an attempt to 'Avoid Prejudice & Slander' to Further Increase their Wider UK 'Career & Business Opportunities' (and to just try to make their Lives in England 'Generally Easier'). Lord Micheal Heseltine (UK Politics), Roald Dahl (Author), John Humphrys (UK Media) & David Sullivan (West Ham United Owner), amongst 'Numerous' other historic & ongoing UK examples. As an individuals Accent is 'Initially' the only Main Identifying Feature of a Welsh Person. ​​​"Make No Mistake", this London English Establishment Group Still Exploit their Own English Nation's People on Mass As Well... Although, 'Crucially' being part of the 'Majority tribe' in the UK (if Not Directly in the Elite English Establishment Group) still means that they 'Escape' Historical and Ongoing Repeated Crude Mass National Media Derogatory Stereotyping and Associated Discrimination, which can Erode National and Individual Confidence, and therefore Personal Expectation. English people also Avoided Centuries of Historical Violence of being Conquered and Subjugated because of their Nationality (and the Damaging Long Lasting Affects on a Nation's National Psyche).  Alongside Identified English people being Significantly More Likely to be Further Provided with Greater Unimpeded UK Wide 'Opportunity and Favourto this day (which is Vital in UK Business & Career Success, as well as Favourable Investment from Westminster and London), commonly understood by every Primary Dictionary Definition as 'Nationalism', 'so Favour of your Own to the Detriment of Others', HS2, the Proposed HS3 (NPR), & the Northern Powerhouse Project, as some recent obvious examples of London trying to even up the wealth within England(Although never Historically any 'Rail or Motorway' (such as in England) to Connect (through the Spine of Wales) 'North & South' Wales to try to Equalise Wealth in Wales, although Wales is Poor overall anyway, mainly because Wales does not have a fluid infrastructure across its whole nation, such as England's). As well as English people being more likely to have more Opportunities in UK Politics, and to move on to more Powerful UK Wide Government and/or UK Operational Positions (Within the UK Wide Systems), through their Own Familiar and Accepted 'Majority tribe', who are 85% of the UK Population (very handy in a Democratic Vote), by just being Generally Considered as 'One of their Own'It appears, due to the Dictionary Definitions, that being a 'Patriot' is Fine as the Dictionary Definition means just a 'Love For Your Country' (although you can't 'Say' Patriot, but 'Do' Nationalism), so not to the 'Detriment' of anyone else (the definition of Nationalism). However, the Dictionary Definition of (Union) 'Unionist' means 'Coming Together for a Common Goal', which can be a Problem if that common goal is Historically just England's. Actually recently Prime Minister Boris Johnson (June 2020) in the UK Parliament said that the UK was the 'Most Successful Union in History', the Problem is Successful for Who, given the Historical and Ongoing Under Development of the Celtic Nations when Compared to England. 


On the Psychological Level (so apart from the Easily Evidenced Obvious 'Repeated Racial Slander' and 'Repeated Favouritism Based on Nationality'), this Subtleness of Pervasive Racism and the Associated Discrimination (the Oxford English Dictionary Definition of Discrimination is, 'the practice of treating someone or a particular group in society less fairly than others') can be Difficult to 'Pin Down(as it is an 'Attitude' or a 'Personally Held Belief', which of course is largely Influenced by History and the Mainstream Media). But take, for Example, the London Media coverage of Megan Markle (Mixed Race & American), so Not White and English. Although the general 'Tone' of the Media coverage appears Racist (on Skin Colour and Nationality) there is no real solid Evidence of Racism Directly Verbalised. This is the Subtlety, although possibly one of the most effective ways to identify 'Non-Verbalised Racism', and 'Attitudinal Racism', of being treated Differently because of any Associated Discrimination (Positive or Negative Regard, Carl Rogers, Click for Link), is to have a 'Direct Comparable'. Luckily in the Royal Family we have a direct Comparable, Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge (White & English). So if their are any 'Prolonged Differencesin their Treatment (of course from time to time Kate Middleton may have some Negative Press, in between the Predominantly Good Press, but it will Not be Constant or Repeated), who are both Equally Women, Married into Royalty, and Senior Royals, then any 'Different Overall Treatment' must be based on the grounds of Race (Different Nationalities and Ethnicities), the only other Obvious Difference Between the Two? As a Minority Discriminated Person's Skills and Abilities always appear to be Instinctively Undervalued or Ignored (Wider 'Negative Regard'), with the Majority Non-Discriminated Person's being Overvalued and Celebrated ('Wider Positive Regard'). Some possible Easy 'Direct Comparables', where Wales is concerned, of being Subtly 'Treated Differently' in the UK, because of Nationality, is currently Gareth Bale (Welsh) & David Beckham (English) amongst other UK Soccer players. Joe Calzaghe (Welsh/Italian) & Ricky Hatton amongst others in UK Boxing, David Lloyd George (Welsh Association) & Winston Churchill (English) amongst others in UK Politics, as just a Few Easy 'Wider Positive or Negative Regard' UK London Media Examples (so clearly Treated Differently on the grounds of their Nationality, a Minority & a Majority). Other possible 'Direct Comparables' more Specifically in 'British Cultural' life (which must be directly Compared with only England as they have the Power to Share, or Publicise, or Not) are Comparing Welsh Authors (None Recognised, possibly Dylan Thomas but he was more a Poet, and Roald Dahl was born in Cardiff but moved to England as a child, broad English accent, and generally assumed English) to acclaimed English Authors (Jane Austin, Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare, George Orwell, Agatha Christie, J.K. Rowling, Charlotte Bronte, J.R.R Tolkien, Rudyard Kipling, T.S Eliot, Beatrix Potter, Ian Fleming, as Examples), Welsh Artists (None Recognised) to acclaimed English Artists (Damien Hurts, Banksy, Tracey Emin, David Hockney, Constable, Turner & Lowery, as Examples), and Welsh Media (Wales has No Independent Mainstream Media) to the Independent Mainstream English Media, such as the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, The Guardian, Telegraph, Daily Mirror, Daily Express and the Sun, as just a few Examples (England are the Only UK Nation that has an Independent Mainstream Media, and Incidentally Only London have the Power to Licence any Mainstream UK Wide Media), amongst Numerous other Easily Evidenced Examples in all Sectors of UK LifeIndeed, how can you Promote or Define a Unifying Definition of 'Britishness' and its Characteristics, which is achieved through its Cultural life, when London Evidently appear to predominantly only Celebrate, Acknowledge or provide Opportunity to mainly only their Own (English Nationalism, Favouring your Own, the Primary Dictionary Definition of 'Nationalism'). Particularly as a Culture is Defined by its Arts, Literature and Media, which are avenues Celtic people have little or limited access to in the UK (predominantly influenced by England, the main central Political, Media and Social UK Power). The Oxford English Dictionary Definition of 'Culture', 'the Arts and other Manifestations of Human Intellectual Achievement Regarded Collectively'. Social Opportunity, and Media Accolade, with its Protection, Right of Reply and Support must be Based on Demonstrated Skill and Ability Not just Potentially on your Individual UK Nationality (of course Wales & the Celtic Nations Not having their Own Independent Separate Distinct Mainstream Media to Highlight, Promote and Support a Cultural Presence within Britain, does Contribute to this Ongoing Problem). 


In addition, to say that the term 'Sheep Shagger' is just a 'Joke', and get a Sense of Humour, is also 'No Defence', designed to prevent Responsibility for that Person's Word's and Action's (if your going to be Racist at least have the decency and backbone to admit it) by trying to Minimise and Disguise the Seriousness of the offence by saying 'I was only Joking', when Challenged (think of the 'there was an Irishman, Scotsman & Englishmen' Jokes, where the Irish person was always depicted as Stupid), as Racism is a Criminal Offence for a Reason because it Destroys Society by Dismantling Social Unity, with some Jokes (particularly the ones Racial in Nature) being used as 'Passive Aggressive Psychological Weapons' against perceived enemies (usually the 'Other'). And of course if the Joke was on the Vast UK Majority Anglo-Saxon Population, I wonder if they would Find it So Amusing (which appears to be why you never hear any repeated jokes or slander at England's expense on the London Mainstream British Media)? The Answer appears to be No, the most recent Evidence being when Alex Morgan the US female soccer player, who after scoring against England in the Women's world cup (2019) celebrated with a One Off 'Tea Joke' (Click for Link), the English were Immediately Mortified and Outraged, and Instantly used the Full Force of their London Media to publicly condemn her. So it appears that predominantly when the English Joke about someone else, and their Target complains, the response is 'It is Only a Joke' and 'Get a Sense of Humour', but when the Joke is on them, their response is, this is 'Unacceptable and Distasteful behaviour', Double Standards anyone?!... You may have Noticed a lot of Justification for Racism by the Racist's, usually always English people, but never, yes it is Racist and a Lie, sorry, it won't happen again, almost like they need it to continue to happen to promote their confidence and maintain a superior narrative (English Exceptionalism), with further quotes of 'this Racism thing is PC gone mad' (unless of course it happens to them). As when Repeatedly Mocking someone's Nationality or Race (in Wales case Repeatedly and Openly over Decades regarding Bestiality) you are Mocking their 'Core Identity', who they are as a person, by saying that 'Your Kind' are not to be taken Seriously, your a Joke, to be Laughed at and Ridiculed.


Furthermore, using the regular added Excuse for Overall Racial Slander in the UK that the people on the 'Receiving End' are 'Too Easily Offended', 'Sensitive' or they should 'Grow Up' (although Name Calling by it's Very Nature is the Ultimate Childish Pursuit) could be an appropriate Response maybe 'Onceor 'Twice'? But when it's the Same 'Historicaland 'Repeated' Ongoing UK Slander and Discrimination throughout the Generations this then Becomes a Problem, as it then Creates a 'Trend(a Pattern of Systemic Behaviour), which then appears to become something altogether more Challenging and Sinister?... Indeed, would You feel Comfortable if 'Your' Nation's people were "Repeatedly" (the Key Element) publicly accused of having depraved sex with an animal (Bestiality), which can easily be seen as in the same ball park sexual depravity level as a paedophile, what other depravity would come close, and of course if it does not Directly Effect your Own Ethnicity or Race, as you do Not Feel the Pain, then it is of no concern. As the actual Crudeness and Depravity of this Welsh Slander 'Needs Clarifying' from time to time, as when something is 'Repeatedly' Said and/or Inferred about a group of people, it tends to Lose it's 'Actual Meaning' along the way, as it then becomes some what 'Diluted' and even 'Normalised' over time, with many people, even on the receiving end, becoming some what 'Desensitised' (through 'Internalisation') to it, when it is Historically and Continuously Repeated? However, when people hear this Rude 'Bestiality' Slander Label about Wales and the Welsh People for the First Time (what a thing to hear about a country and people you are being newly introduced too) they get the Full Undiluted meaning straight away, with it's Weirdness and Crudeness, and can only assume that it is 'Strangely True', given no counter information stating otherwise. So Immediately Wales and the Welsh people are Tarnished from the'Get Go', putting them at an'Immediate Dis-advantageon first introduction, as when you hear something Negative about someone it tends to 'stick in your head', even when your trying your best to be Impartial. As further Identified by Baltasar Gracian (Spanish Philosopher), 'A Single Lie Can Destroy a Whole Reputation of Integrity'... And of course, if Possessing a Continuous Slander Term Attached to your Nation's Name is of 'No Consequence', then Why don't the Central London English Establishment publicly Create (or Allow) a Crude Repeated Slander Term for there Own Nation of England in the UK (Using Their Mainstream London Based British Media) so this So Called 'Banter' can then be a 'Two Way Process'?...          


It does appear that In order to Create a more Equal Environment for Welsh people within the UK this Crude Derogatory ‘Welsh Sheep Shagger’ Label (Bestiality, which is generally regarded as Subhuman Behaviour) Needs to be Exposed, Identified and Explored as Racism and a Lie (which is Easily Evidenced) on the 'Public Stage', and Not apparently Ignored as the 'Dirty Little Secret' of Wales (although Everyone Knows Anyway??), because 'If You Do Not Challenge Then Those Views Become The Norm'. Although the Easily Evidenced Historic and Ongoing Control of the London Based British Mainstream Media by the Central London English Establishment in the UK does present as a Significant Historical Obstacle (Wales has No Independent Separate Distinct Media). This Obstacle appears to continuously remain mainly because the Source of the Welsh Slander seems to come from London, so Exposing it might be Exposing themselves (hence why Debates regarding Welsh Slander have not happened already on the Numerous Debate Shows in the UK)? As stated by George Orwell 'He Who Controls the Past, Controls the Future'. The Benefits to England of Monopolising all UK Media is that they can either 'Ignore' or 'Destroy' different Views or Perspectives, which can Only be done through Centrally Controlling the Media. As effectively 'Challenging' (which is only done by Publicly calling the Slander out Accurately as Racism and a Lie), and also then further Publicly Openly Debating Welsh Negative Stereotypes and associated Discrimination 'Openly' for the First Time, in a 'Logical', 'Balanced' and 'Mature' Manner, on the London British Media (if Allowed?). Although Inevitably going to be 'Embarrassing' and 'Uncomfortable' at First, will Reduce the Chances of the Future and Existing Children of Wales from being Subtly and Surreptitiously Exposed to the Greater Possibility of Instinctively Psychologically Developing 'Lower Confidence' and a Poorer 'Self Identity' (As a Result of Intrinsic Historically Socially Accepted Generalised UK Racial Slander & Mockery) in their Formative years, Identified as a Crucial Time in a Child's Developing 'Sense of Self'. Who are 'Evidently' 'More Likely' (than Children 'Without' Negative Racial Stereotypes) to Subconsciously Subtly take any Repeated Defamation, regarding 'Who they are as Person', on at 'Differing Psychological Levels' into Adulthood? Then in Adulthood many Welsh people appear to try to just 'IGNORE' the UK Discrimination and Stereotyping with 'APATHY' (the 'I Don't Care' approach)Although like with all Underlying Issues, this does Not mean that this 'Subtle Racial Psychological Undermining Process' does not 'Still Exist' for 'Themselves', their 'Family', and the 'Next Generation of Welsh people' (Children & Grandchildren), and has gone away, indeed when you just Ignore a situation it usually just gets Worse, as 'a Different World Cannot be Made by Indifferent People' (Peter Marshall). It just seems to mean that when a person Feels 'POWERLESS' (because they are) to Change their Situation they have to Psychologically Compartmentalise the Racial Slander and their Nation's Detrimental circumstances (Put it to the Side in their Daily Lives) to try to Minimise it's Impact on their 'Individual Psychological Well-being' and their Own overall 'Self Identity' (An Instinctive Human Coping Mechanism)Indeed, Never Sacrifice these Three things, your Family, your Heart or your Dignit(unknown). As it is an Inalienable Fact that, 'YOU CAN'T CHANGE WHAT YOU DON'T ACKNOWLEDGE'!... ''Doing Nothing is Not a Strategy"... 


As a Good or a Bad Reputation Should be Earned Personally through a Person's Character, Not just Thrust onto you purely based on your Racial or National Ethnicity. 'Whether we Like it or Not' a Poor Reputation can Distort how a Person or Nation is Perceived (and even how they perceive themselves?). As we all need to make make snap judgements in a time limited society where we do not have time to look further past any supposed stereotypes or misinformation. A reputation is almost like a 'Short Review' (or a quick Reference), and based on that many people either decide to avoid or continue. For example, if you heard that a restaurant serves poor food, you will be more inclined to avoid that automatically and simply look for another alternative (an analogy relating to Tourism, Wales Continuously has the Lowest Tourism Figures out of all the Four UK Nations). To break this down further, say a company had developed a poor reputation, that company would move heaven and earth to neutralise that poor reputation as it would impact their ability to trade, so why wouldn't 'Wales PLC' (Brand Wales) not do the same? Indeed, (this is one for the Historians & Nerds out there) a poor reputation led to Socrates death (one of the prominent thinkers regards Democracy), who ironically enough said that Reputation did not matter!... To Clarify, the Oxford Dictionary's Definition of 'Reputation' is 'a Widespread Belief that 'Someone' Or something has a Particular Characteristic'. Just to focus on 'Diaspora's' for a moment, the Irish and Scottish Diaspora's appear more Vocal and Proud World Wide as they can be Predominantly associated with an Underdog Narrative standing up against the English Empire (Scotland with Braveheart & Ireland with their Brave struggle against Empire, gaining Independence in 1922). Where as Welsh Diaspora's appear to be a lot 'Quieter' and 'Self-Conscious' World Wide, apparently because of the Overriding Imposed Welsh Narrative of Humiliation through an Association with Bestiality (People want to be Openly Proud of their Heritage Not Potentially Embarrassed by it?!). Some strong possible Evidence of which being 'New South Wales' in Australia (with the World Renowned City of Sydney at it's Heart) by definition, as this Dominant Section of Australia was Founded by the Welsh (mainly due to being transported over there as prisoners), there should be a very 'Loud and Proud' Welsh Diaspora in this area, but it is very Noticeable by it's 'Tentative' Relative Silence?... The Only Main Identifiable Difference Between the Four UK Nations Being that Wales is 'Predominantly' Attached to the Crudest Slander Label (Bestiality) in the UK (if Not the World), so is Obviously Directly Impacted by their Nation's Negative Outward Public Reputation (their Reputation Proceeds them)?... However, an Effective Model for Change was First Introduced by the Psychologist Gerard Egan in 1975 with his Book 'The Skilled Helper'. In this Book he asks Three Main Questions (in this case of Wales), 'Where are you Now?' (the Poorest in the UK & Crudely Slandered), 'Where would you like to be?' (Wealthier & Not having their Reputation being Trashed) and 'How to get there?' (see 'How can Wales be Improved' under 'Wales in Purgatory?' heading above).              

Moreover, the ​perceived Prospect of Encountering possible Racial (Celtic Ethnicity) and National (Welsh) Slander along with any Associated Discrimination, Prejudice and subsequent Indirect Impeded Opportunity, 'Mostly Evident In or From England', the Largest most Powerful and Wealthiest Nation within the UK (however associated Racial Slander, like any Rumour, can Sometimes Spread Further Afield), appears to have also Historically made 'Some Gifted' Welsh people Instinctively 'More Hesitant' (Less Confident) to Venture Out into the Wider Commercial World to Generally put themselves 'Out There', to Realise any 'Academic''Business''Innovative''Entrepreneurial' or 'Creative' Potential?! Indeed, carrying the Burden of appearing to be the 'Constant Butt' of Some One Else's Crude & Rude Joke (Bestiality), and General UK Slander 'Without a Response or Challenge', could Easily be 'Perceived' by the Outside World as possibly even being 'Weak'?? Although, this is certainly Not to say that the Majority of Welsh People are 'Delicate' and cannot Withstand the 'Discrimination' and 'Stereotyping' within the UK, but It Most Definitely Is to Say that they 'Shouldn't Have Too' in their Own Homeland of the British Isles?!... As the Welsh, as a Whole are 'Resilient', Not Necessarily Because they Want to be, but Because they Have to be (When your Powerless you have 'No Choice' but to put up with it). As Unfortunately having to be 'Resilient' Means by Definition that you are 'Powerless'. Otherwise you would be Able Stop, Prevent or Minimise any External Forces that then Creates any Ongoing Difficult Conditions and Restrictions for you to Endure at Source. In Short, it appears that 'Wales has to be Resilient 'Because' it is Powerless', at a UK Level (although just Continuously 'Surviving' Instead of 'Thriving' is probably Not the Best Idea in the Long Term?).  As It is perfectly 'Normal' to seek Equality and Fairness. Indeed to 'Not' Seek Equality and just 'Accept' Unfairness, could well be Considered as 'Abnormal' (Through the possible Impact of Eroded Low Self Esteem & Being Socialised to Accept Inequality as Normal over the Years, where by many Slandered People may Not actually Feel 'Worthy' of Being Treated as Equals)?!... 

Although, it must be said that Low Self Esteem also obviously Exists in England (the Majority tribe). Actually, it is Argued that 'Racism is a Direct Product of Low Self Esteem' (The 'NEED' to Feel Somehow Superior to Someone, Even if you Have to Make a Reason Up)? Indeed many people ask "Why are some people Racist"? The short answer is 'Low Self Esteem', so not being able to feel comfortable enough with themselves to able to deal with a perceived threat. The slightly longer answer is this, 'I may be Insufficient in my life, but at least can say I am better than you, somebody, anybody'. The reason why it spreads so easily in society is that It's all that many people have to make themselves feel better about themselves personally (as a result of Low Self Esteem), for a brief moment they can feel that feeling of superiority over someone else, a feeling they rarely experience in their daily lives. However, any Form of Low Self Esteem Experienced in England will Not be 'Evident' or 'Contributed too' as a Direct Consequence of the 'Subtle' Eroding ('Drip Drip') affects of Ongoing Repeated Psychological Racial Slander and Associated Discrimination within the UK. As Welsh Children (the Brown Eyes), in their Formative years, appear 'Socialised' both 'Psychologically' (through Slander & Stereotyping) and 'Culturally' (through the Central London based British Media), as well as it 'Then' being widely Generally 'Socially' Inferred and Accepted in the UK (which appears to set the Early Years Foundation for the'Acceptance' of an Unequal Master/Servant Relationship Between the Nations of England & Wales) that they are Instinctively Perceived by Many in the UK Majority (& even then sometimes by themselves, 'Internalisation'?) to be of an overall general 'Lower Statusthan people who can be Identified as part of the UK Majority tribe (the Blue Eyes). Then Inevitably many Welsh Children would Evidently be 'More Likely' (than Children Without Negative Racial Stereotypes) to Eventually take this 'Subtle' Damaging Derogatory UK Socialisation Environment on 'Consciously' or 'Subconsciously' at 'Varying Psychological Levels' on into Adulthood? (See 'Describing the Welsh Relationship with England' under the 'What is Britishness?' heading above)As the Formative Childhood Years (with the following early adolescent years also significant) are said to largely 'Hard Wire Information' into a Child's Developing Brain to Form the 'Basic Underlying Foundation' of an adults Ongoing Personality and Socialisation (Centre for the Developing Child/Brain Architecture/Harvard University 2009). Moreover, to Not Act against Welsh Slander (Predominantly Predicated through the British London Centred Media?) because you think that this 'Sheep Shagger' (Bestiality) Racial Slander does Not Impact the Welsh People in 'Any Way', is to Suggest that the 'N' Word has No Emotional Impact What So Ever on the Psyche of a Black person ('Similar Basic Principle' of a Powerful Majority seeking to Belittle the People of a Less Powerful Minority group through the Use of Racial Slander), and therefore is Totally Irrelevant and Inconsequential in Making a Black persons Life 'Harder than it Needs to Be' (Directly Going Against a Tidal Wave of Incontrovertible Evidence Suggesting the Absolute Opposite?!...) However, 'All Minority Groups around the World must Understand that No One is Superior to You, without Your Consent'!...                                    

Indeed, Common Sense seems to strongly suggest that it is 'Extremely Plausible', when looking at the Overall'Bigger Picture', that Welsh Racial 'Stereotyping' (Psychological Undermining), and Associated UK 'Prejudice' (Viewed Negatively) in Britain could be a Major Factor in Wales being Constantly the'Poorest Nation of the UK'(with the Crudest Racial Slander in the UK, if Not the World, 'can you think of any other Racial Slander as Crude as Bestiality'?)? So Crude Racial 'Stereotyping' (Slander) with it's Evidenced Detrimental 'Eroding Impact' on Core 'Self Belief', to Suppress, 'to almost Psychologically Keep Certain Groups of People in their Place'. As Confidence is a Vital Underlying Element to Success & Aspiration, along with a Negative World Wide Image that seems to Impact Tourism Numbers in Wales, Remember that a Brand or an Image is 'What People Say About You When Your Not in the Room'. Wales Consistently has the Lowest Tourism Figures in the Whole of the UK, as Tourism is an Important Economic Source, even to the already wealthy countries? Also further Combined with the Associated UK 'Prejudice' (Treated Differently), with the apparent Lack of UK Wide 'Opportunity' and Favour (with UK Wealth & Power Situated in London & England) for Identified Welsh people. Due to possibly being Projected as the 'Other' (Outsiders), almost the 'Enemy Within' ('Opportunity' also being a Vital Element to UK Achievement as most Middle Level Companies & UK International Companies are based in England. As Why give the 'Other' an Opportunity that your Own could Exploit?). These 'Two' Historical and Ongoing Factors of Welsh Slander(Psychological Undermining) and Wider Prejudice (with it's Associated Restrictions on Growth) in the UK, which seems predominantly based on a Person's UK 'Nationality', appears to Present as the Only Common Sense 'Plausible Explanation' (can you think of any other ongoing Reason?) for the Glaringly Obvious 'Historical' and 'Ongoing' Poor Welsh Economic Under achieving and Under development over the Decades (if not Centuries)? 


​This 'Subtlety' of 'Unequal Anglo-Saxon Favouritism' to the Detriment of the other Celtic UK Nations (which most Primary Dictionaries Directly Describe as 'Nationalism' Click for Link) in most aspects of British life is 'Why' Discrimination of this Nature is so Difficult to Identify and Prove, although it 'Can' also be 'Evidencedby 'Assessing Continuous Outcomes' (as How you get there can be Disguised, but the Desired Ultimate Outcome Cannot), which 'Over Time' can Identify, Develop and Demonstrate an Historical 'Pattern of Bias Behaviour(Uneven Development). Which is to say, if the Outcomes appear Disproportionately in Favour of One particular Nation (& their people) Continuously over an extended time period in the UK, as Opposed to Sometimes Favouring any of the Four UK Nation's Randomly with No Repeated Pattern of Predominant Favour to One particular Nation (which would be the case if Outcomes where Randomly happening Unimpeded). Particularly Pertinent if that Predominantly Favoured Group are the Majority with the Ultimate UK Wide 'Powerto alter or make UK Decisions to their Advantage, and the Other's in that group Do Not. Resulting in the Easily Evidenced Outcome of 'Uneven Development' between the Majority Nation, and the Other Minority UK Nations. As Easily Evidenced by the Numerous and Constant Historic Multi £Billion Pound Infrastructure Projects to Improve the English Economy approved by the UK Government in London, England. Such as 'Just Recently' for example, HS2 Rail through the main central Core Spine of England, South, Middle to North (Cost £106 Billion) & proposed HS3 (NPR) Rail across the North of England West to East (Projected Cost £40 Billion), the Underground Crossrail Extension in London 2017 (Cost £15 Billion), Heathrow Airport extension agreed at a Cost of £18.6 Billion (2018). A New Road connecting Kent & Essex with a Tunnel going under the Thames River on the outskirts of London at an estimated Cost of 6 £Billion (2018), a new Oxford to Cambridge Expressway confirmed at a estimated Cost of £3 Billion (2018), even a New Sewage System in London at a Cost at £5 Billion in 2018. Whilst at the Same Time (although could be any Random historical time period in the UK) 'Nothing' allowed in Wales (the proposed Swansea Tidal Energy Lagoon priced at 1.4 £Billion & Electrified Rail Lines to Swansea priced at £400 Million Blocked by the UK Government in 2018, as yet again a few Easy Recent Examples). See 'Why is there No Motorway System in Wales' under the 'Wales in Purgatory' heading for probably the most obvious Historic example of English Infrastructure Favour, with the HS2 Project (which totally by passes Wales) appearing to be the Modern Version? This contemporary approach of Assessing Outcomes can be described as 'The Pattern of Intent' (Outcome = Intent)as How the Outcome is Achieved can be Hidden or Disguised but the Overall Outcomes Cannot. (See 'Wales in Purgatory' heading above, under 'Wales in a State of Ongoing Purgatory?'). Clearly anyone can Understand the Need to Control the Development of Wales (& Scotland) as they are potential Direct"Competitors on England's Doorstep", particularly pertinent on an Island


To Clarify regarding English Nationalism, the Central London English Establishment 'Version' of UK 'Nationalism' appears to be Based on 'Favour' or 'Unfair Bias' of their Own to the general Exclusion or Detriment of Other UK Celtic Nations (Marriam-Webster Dictionary Definition of Nationalism, 'exalting one nation above all others and placing primary emphasis on promotion of its culture and interests as opposed to those of other nations or supranational groups'? However, this Less Publicised Primary Dictionary Defined 'Favour Version of Nationalism' is 'Never Highlighted' on the London British Media, only the 'Independence' Version (Marriam-Webster Dictionary definition, 'a nationalist movement'), when focusing on the Celtic Nations. The London English Establishment are Wordsmiths, nothing is accidentally said, so when London Politicians (& Media) Constantly say in the 'National Interest' (the Singular), they are subtly saying in England's Interest, if the statement was to actively reflect all UK Nations, it would be in all the 'Nations interest' (the Plural). This appears to subtly reflect and confirm London's view, that of Britain being just the Nation of England, with the other Celtic Nations simply being Provinces or Regions, there of (so not accepted as Separate Nations and Races)? Which appears to explain why there has never been a Firm Description or Definition of 'Britishness' or 'Englishness' by London, as London seem to want to continue to see them as one and the same (Theirs), which would make sense as London to ultimately control the whole of the UK, be it a Region or another UK Nation? Indeed, there are Specifically 'Only Two Main Versions' of the term 'Nationalism' (or Nationalist) in nearly all Recognised Dictionaries. The 'First Primary' Version is usually Based on 'Favour of your Own Nation to the Detriment Others', and the 'Second' (Secondary Version) is usually Based on 'Independence' (See 'Wales in Purgatory?' in heading above for Some further Easily Evidenced Ongoing Bias Examples?). The London English Establishment's Ongoing 'Contradiction' being that whilst apparently promoting a 'Front of Unionism' through 'Words', simultaneously their 'Actions' at the 'Same Time' appear to Constantly Undermine the Union of the United Kingdom, with the Easily Evidenced Constant Unequal Historical Primary Favour of their Own Nation's overall Needs (through Historically Utilising the Whole of the UK's Finances, Opportunities & Resources predominantly for their Own Gain)? Indeed, if it were not for Historic Anglo-Saxon English Nationalism (Constantly Favouring their Own) then there would Not be a Problem of the UK Disbanding. The Irony being that the London English Establishment then Blame Nationalism (Wanting Independence) deriving from the other UK Nations as 'Divisive' and something Negative, when it is their 'Divisive' Nationalism (Constantly Favouring their Own) in the First Place, that has Historically Created the 'Unfairness' that Instigates the Separation of the UK?!... 

However, for 'Wales as a Nation' this is Not Just about 'Repeated' Negative Stereotyping (Slander) on Mass (with all it's Overall Long Term Psychological Impacts). As Negative Racial Stereotyping appears to be the 'Outward Public Symptom(the Tip of the Iceberg) of a Wider Historical and Ongoing Underlying 'Negative Attitude' towards Wales and It's people (English Nationalism) from the Central London Power hubs (over the Centuries) and then Filters Down, that appears to Reduce and Restrict Welsh Prosperity, that seems to Ensure that the Welsh People Feel the 'Pain' of Poverty and Underdevelopment for Generation after Generation? Like with many other Minority groups around the World, Oppression Starts with Negative Stereotyping, that then Leads onto to the 'Validating' of wider more Subtle but Nonetheless Powerful Economic & Social Discrimination, which Reduces Opportunity and Growth to those Slandered Groups (So when Challenging the Slander you are 'Also' Challenging any Underlying Associated Economic & Social Discrimination). A Similar Historical Under Development and Restriction that can also be Evidenced in Scotland and Northern Ireland. However, Wales is Historically the 'Closest Nation', on the Same Landmass, to the Beating Heart of England's Economy, 'London' (& the South East of England). So 'Geographically' Wales is apparently seen as slightly More of an 'Historical 'and 'Ongoing' Direct 'Economic Threat' as Direct Competitors on England's Doorstep (right in the belly of the beast, so to speak), and therefore need to be Controlled that little bit more? (and in Previous Centuries even a Perceived Physical Threat. Indeed, in Previous Centuries (the Initial Colonising years) as Wales is closer to the Military Strength of England in London and the South of England, it was easier for them to dispatch troops quickly and conveniently, to subdue any problems in Wales). As it does appear that you Cannot Consistently be the UK's Poorest all the time throughout the Generations (if not Centuries) without Any Random Fluctuating Periods of Sustained Prosperity, Development or Growth, Unless it is Centrally Engineered from the UK Central Power Hub, with an Historical and Ongoing 'Abuse of Power'?... (See 'Wales in Purgatory?' heading above regards Why is there 'No Welsh North South Connecting Motorway or Rail System' through the Spine of Wales, and 'No Welsh Banks', amongst other Easily Evidenced Examples). 


Actually, it appears that the reason why England would (& have never) even seriously Discussed, or Actively Sought out Independence for themselves from the Celtic Nations, is not only because they enjoy the Kudos of being Connected to the Celtic Nations (& you can Hide a Multitude of Sins in the term 'British'), but mainly because what person would voluntarily give away profitable land they own for free, and in doing so Create Two New Direct Economic 'Competitors on their Doorstep' (particularly pertinent on an Island)? Indeed, if England were to gain their Own Independence from the Celtic Nation's (or all the Celtic Nations eventually gain their Independence) the 'Same Problem' of a London Centric Economy and Power Structures would Still Exist with Yorkshire and Cornwall (for Example) wanting their own Independence from England (England would Break Up Internally), but Not on the Grounds of 'Racial and Economic Discrimination' as with the Split of the UK Nations, but Primarily on the Grounds of 'Economic Imbalance'. Moreover, Just to Clarify, you cannot Compare an English 'Region's Economy' with a Whole UK Celtic 'Nation's Economy', as Focusing on an English Region Deletes Out 'Wealthy Areas' of that Nation as a Whole. Which also does Not Consider Overall 'Accessible' Wealth, 'Influence' and 'Favour' (one of their own) for that Region being Part Of the Majority Nation's people as a Whole, so have a Greater Opportunity to be Highlighted, Discussed & Improved (North East of England for example, who's Nation as a Whole has the Resources and Power within a Favoured Majority Group to Create Options such as a Northern England Powerhouse, and with the Funding of an HS3 (NPR) Rail, and HS2, connecting them to the Wealthy South of England to the North). Again, as 'Identified' and 'Explained' by Mahatma Ghandi regarding the British Raj (London English Establishment) Rule in India (1856-1947), 'Poverty is the Worst Form of Violence'. As the Pain of the Historical Initial Violent Colonial Acts quickly passes into History, but the Pain of Continuous Systemic Poverty, Discrimination and Hardship afterwards is an Ongoing 'Daily Grind', 'Struggle', 'Stress' & 'Concern' for Generation after Generation of Welsh People (& so it Continues)... (See 'How can Wales be Improved?' under the 'Wales in Purgatory?' heading above). 

As it does appear that a Welsh person can Ultimately be as Naturally Talented and Gifted, or even as Academically Qualified as they can be at the End of their Educational or Training process (Graduate), but Without 'Equal Career or Business Opportunity' within the 'Whole of Britain' 'Afterwards(as a Consequence of apparent Subtle Minority Discrimination) these Skills and Abilities May Ultimately Become Unusable (Unless a Person makes a Concerted Conscious Decision to Hide any Welsh Connections)? So having a 'Skilled Workforce' in Wales is Great, but not having any Skilled Jobs available in Wales, means that Skilled Workers will have to move out of Wales for Work, commonly known as a 'Brain Drain' (No Skilled jobs in Wales means No Need for a Skilled Workforce)So this is to say, that even if Miraculously Wales Develops the Best Educational System in the World, over night, Without Equal UK Wide Career and Business Opportunity to then 'Use' these Skills and Abilities, then any specific Education, Natural Talent or Training is likely to become largely 'Irrelevant', Unless Moving Abroad?... As possibly Demonstrated with the Majority of Successful Welsh people in the UK traditionally having to apparently Hide their Association with Wales (Iceland & Specsavers for example) or having to find Unimpeded Success, either on the 'Internet' (Go Compare & Money supermarket) or 'Abroad' (Terry Mathews based in Canada, Wales's First Billionaire in the year 2000. Indeed Michael Moritz Wales's Wealthiest person (2019) is based in Silicon Valley in the US, amongst others) where their Personal Nationality is 'Not' immediately Identifiable, seen as Important, or deemed as a possible Negative? Indeed, in this particular year (2019) when Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing, even the'Apollo 11 Moon Landing' in 1969 the'Greatest Achievement in Human History' was Enabled by a Welsh person 'Tecwyn Roberts' (Click for Link), who oversaw Overall Data Collection & Analysis, and Invented the Communications System to Receive Voice and Pictures from the Moon (who also Created & Designed Mission Control in Houston). A Welsh Aeronautical Engineer that had to go to Canada (Avro Canada 'Aeroplanes'), and Eventually moved to America to join NASA to 'Realise any Aeronautical Potential' (England also have Aeroplanes). The Obvious Question being that 'how come No one Knows about him in the UK', through the London British Media?!... Although 'Education' can be a Route Out of Poverty, 'Education Without Equal UK Wide Opportunity Afterwards' appears to place a Subtle but Impenetrable Road Block for many Identifiable Welsh people. Actually, can you name the last Openly Welsh UK Prime Minister, the Closest and Only being David LLoyd George in the 1920's, who was actually born in Manchester, but was a fluent Welsh speaker and grew up in Wales, but only in a time of War with Germany, so the English Establishment had a greater Enemy to fight at that particular time. Meaning that at that time they needed all the allies they could get, even the one's they traditionally thought of as the Enemy within, of course after the Wars eventually normal hostilities resumed. The same could be said for the recent Corona Virus Outbreak (2020), where England worked with the other Celtic Nations Fairly, with Respect and as Equals on a Human Level regardless of Nationality, Race, Ethnicity or Creed. Although the cynics may say, of course they will, as if there are any outbreaks in Wales and Scotland it would directly impact England as they all live on the same island (so to their advantage to make it work), but what it does show is that the London English Establishment 'Can' Alter their 'Colonialist Attitude' towards the Celtic Nations, 'if they want' (which they have demonstrated is possible), which means that there could well be Hope for the Union of the United Kingdom after all? But unfortunately the Suspicion is (and indeed the Historical Evidence suggests) that 'Greed', 'Partiality' and 'Power' may well be just too powerful a Force to Resist??... 


Never the less, in Business it appears that Small start up Businesses in Wales, owned by genuine Identified Welsh people (with an Identifiable Welsh Accent), can grow in Wales to a certain degree (as Fewer Welsh Slander or Discrimination Obstacles Exist within the Small Welsh Economy) but then in order to Expand Fully they must then Access the Lucrative English Market Space over the Border in England, which is where Slander and Discrimination ('Nationalism' Click for Link), of being Perceived and Treated Negatively (Not one of their Own) appears to Further play it's part in Preventing Welsh Based or Owned Business 'Growing UK Wide', and off that then Internationally (England is by far the Wealthiest part of the UK). As apparently Evidenced by the Fact that there are many 'Small Businesses' in Wales to 'Cater for the Small Local Welsh Market' (but very few that expand beyond that), so then appear to be Stunted through Prejudice when they Need to Expand into the English Market to Grow (How else would this 'Continuous and Ongoing' Inability of Welsh Companies to Grow into the English Market be Explained, particularly given the Historically 'Well Documented' some what Acrimonious Relationship between the Welsh and English)Indeed, in a recentCardiff University Report (Click for Link)a Hodge Research Project, it was suggested that Welsh Small Businesses themselves are to Blame for being Continuously the 'Lowest Earners in the UK', but to suggest that all the Individual small companies in Wales, who operate in Different sectors, and have no or limited Connections between them, run by Different people, in Different ways, in totally Different parts all over Wales (so are all generally incompetent on mass?), is 'Nonsensical', as they have No Direct Commonality. The only Commonality is is that they are all Welsh, and connected to one of the most Vulgar Discriminatory Slander terms, but more importantly Geographically (so Not taking into account Geographic Proximity) are more of a Direct Economic Threat (when looking to Expand or increase their customer base, which can only be generally done in England their Biggest and Closest Market) to English (& London) Companies (in the belly of the beast so to speak), where again Anglo-Saxon Nationalism (Favouring their Own) appears to be playing it's part (particularly pertinent as England are the main Power Base in the UK)? To Not Factor this into the Welsh Business Equation is Naive at Best. As, it is not as if 'Prejudice and Discrimination' based on Race and/or Nationality is not Widely Documented and Researched, and indeed the 'Threat' of a Closer Nation to another Nation's Economy is not Now being Widely Discussed in the Current Brexit Negotiation with the UK and EU at the moment, with the EU stating that the UK cannot have the same arrangements as Canada (for example) as the UK is a 'Closer Geographic Economic Threat' to Europe?!... As I am sure that we are all Familiar with the term, that on many occasions, "It's Who You Know Not What You Know" (Which is Fine as Part of the Largest 85% Majority Nation or the Privileged English Establishment Group within Britain), although it does appear that presenting as a Negatively Stereotyped and Discriminated UK Minority (with a lower power base) seems to Severely Limit that Pool of Business (or Career) Possibility within the 'Whole' of Britain (the British Internal Market Economy accounts for 80% of the Whole UK Wealth). This Impact can be 'Easily Evidenced' with the Notable Historical Severe Lack of Large 'British Nation Wide' (Openly) Welsh Based or Owned Companies (as Compared to the Numerous English Based Companies), in Short it appears that Historical Ingrained English Nationalism Hinders Welsh Business Development in the UK? As an apparent Direct Consequence Wales is Historically the Most Over Reliant Nation in the UK on State Funded Public Sector Jobs. Just to Clarify to the Central London English Establishment "Elites" that there has 'Never' been anything in History called 'GREAT ENGLAND' only 'GREAT BRITAIN'... (as a Result of their Association with the Celtic Nations, and Other Resident Ethnicities over the Centuries).

Although, this is Not to say that Wales Cannot be an Accomplished Nation having Produced many Great World Wide talents such as Richard BurtonTom JonesShirley BasseyAnthony Hopkins and Catherine Zeta Jones, to name but a Few examples. Who all had to make their Name in the USA (& move abroad) Due to an apparent Lack of Career 'Opportunity' in Britain (See p118-131 of the Free Electronic Book Version provided above for more Information on the "British Media"). Also the Creation and Implementation of the 'World's First National Health Service' the 'NHS(Aneurin Bevan, Click for Link), as well as one of the Original Creators of the 'Social Welfare (Social Security) & State Pension Systems' (David Lloydd George, Click for Link), even 'Mount Everest' was Named after a Welshman (George Everest, Click for Link). Indeed for a Nation with a Severely Restricted Public Voice in the World, the 'Cruel Irony' is that a Welsh person also Invented the Microphone (David Edward Hughes, Click for Link). Actually, as the 'NHS' is seen as the 'Bastion of British Achievement' to this day, Why does the Welshman Anuerin Bevan (who created it), or even David Lloyd George who Created the Foundations of the Welfare State, Not appear on a Bank of England Bank Note? Although, It 'Is' to say that 'Not Pushing Back' against Racial Slander and 'Not Calling Out' Racial Discrimination in all it's Forms appears to almost 'Invite' & 'Consent' to 'Unnecessary' Racial Abuse, with all it's Associated Negative Implication's and Subtle Connotations on the Fundamental 'Psyche' and 'Life Chances' of the Welsh people (as People do Not Tend to Attack or Discriminate when they Know they will be 'Called Out' in Return, 'But in the Absence of Consequence even the Weakest of People Must Feel Like Titans'!?)... Although Wales not being Allowed (by London) an 'Independent Separate & Distinct National Mainstream UK Wide Media Platform' has Historically made Speaking Out against Welsh Abuse and Associated Discrimination (that can affect Welsh Society, Business and the Welsh Economy) almost Impossible, yet 'Now' with the New World Wide Internet & Social Media, this Obvious UK London Controlled Media No Platforming Restriction can 'Finally' be Highlighted. It has always been Difficult being a Minority in Any Place in the World, Particularly as the Welsh Oppressors appear Especially Historically Adept and Experienced at Oppressing Previously Conquered Lands (Crusades, Colonialism and Slavery, for example). 



 Although, It appears quite Obvious that a Response and Challenge to 'Lead' a Riposte to Historic & Ongoing Crude Welsh Slander and Prejudice is the Main 'Paid' Moral and Legal Responsibility of the Mainstream Political Parties Welsh Government 'Representatives' (in the Welsh Assembly), and any Welsh (UK Parliament) MP's, who are there to 'Represent' Wales. Otherwise, What Is the Point of Welsh Politician's Existence, Bureaucrats and Career Politicians Come & Go, their of 'NO CONSEQUENCE'?! Indeed, the 'Oxford English Dictionary' States 'Representatives' as, 'A Legislative Assembly or Deliberate Body Consisting of People Chosen to Act and Speak on Behalf of a Wider Group', who have the 'Platform', but the Vast Majority Continuously Evidently Lack the 'Courage', 'Ability', 'Wit' or 'Intelligence(the limited Local Welsh Media (BBC & ITV Wales) also has a role to play, although heavily Influenced from London). Never the less, Even if as a Welsh Person or Politician you are a Hardened Unionist, this does 'Not' mean that Wales and the Welsh People should 'Not' be Treated with 'Respect and Decency' within that Union!!... Actually, it appears that all Welsh Candidates for AM'S (Welsh Assembly Government Ministers) or MP's (in the London UK Parliament) of the Primary 'Mainstream London UK Political Parties' in Wales Seem to be Ultimately Selected and Approved, 'Behind the Scenes Ultimately Approved through their Superiors in London', because of their 'Subservient Complicit Characters'However, 'Be In No Doubt' at this stage even though 'History' will Eventually Hold the Welsh Slanderers Firmly to 'Account'. So will the Cowardly Complicit Acts of Welsh Politicians Not go Unpunished, as 'History' will Firmly Hold 'All' these People to 'Account' (History has a Broad & Extensive Text with More than Enough Room for All of Them)... Conversely though, it is Interesting to Note that since the Public Debacle of Brexit in 2016 the Central London English Establishment's London Media and many English people are 'Openly Publicly Debating' (on the London Mainstream Media) by 'Discussing' and 'Candidly Considering' it a 'National Emergency' that their 'Reputation' is being Negatively Impacted (that Evidences the Importance the English Establishment place on Reputation), which is Impacting their own Standing in the Wider World (so Only appear Concerned when it Impacts their Own Specific Nation's Reputation or Public Image?).But seem quite happy to Continuously Trash the other UK Nations Reputation's, 'Without a Second Thought' (Dour [Miserable] Alcoholics for the Scottish, and the Irish as Stupid, for example), and then appear to further Compound the Slander by Continuously Denying a Public Media Platform which Further Prevents an Open Debate and therefore any Chance of Answers, UK Accountability or Resolution??... Again, Treat Others as You would Like to be Treated!... (Particularly when your meant to be in a Union with them!)... Indeed, it comes to something when it appears that one Humble little website (although you are never alone as a Christian) such as this, seems to have more 'Power' and 'Influence' in the wider UK and on the World stage in 'Defending' and 'Promoting' Wales than the Whole of the Welsh Assembly Government, and all Current (also many Previous, 'Not all') Welsh UK Politicians put together (the Power of the Truth)...                       


​In order to Create a more Favourable Environment for Welsh people within the UK, the Repeatedly Publicised London British Media Welsh Slur, and and therefore Historically UK Socially accepted term of ‘Welsh Sheep Shaggers’ that Labels 'All' Welsh People (Each Man, Women or Child), must be Exposed as a Lie and Legally RacistAs there appears to be no firm DNA evidence that Confirms that any 'Genuine' Welsh born person in history has ever had sex with a sheep, apart from 'Unconfirmable' Rumours and Lies with an apparent English Establishment accent?... The 'Irony' is that the one Nation that appears to have made up this Deception and seems to use it’s Media in the UK to spread the Welsh Bestiality Lie further has had one of its own actually DNA Proven, Beyond Any Shadow of a Doubt, No Rumours or Lies, in a Court of Law, to have had Sex with Sheep. To further Clarify and Substantiate this statement, in 2008 a 27 year old Englishman was Arrested in Dulwich, Click for Link, South East London in England, as a result of Sex Attacks on Sheep. The man was traced after forensic scientists identified DNA recovered from a pair of jogging bottoms found at the scene of the crime. This item of clothing was left when the man was caught in the act and then fled the scene, furthermore his DNA (semen) was also found inside various sheep. Although there is apparently no definitive DNA backed evidence (DNA Ensures No Rumours No Lies) that any 'Genuine' Welsh Person has had sex with sheep at any point in Welsh history, the English Establishment appear to have constructed this Lie, and continue to promote it through their National Mainstream UK Media, of course as England Control,DirectEdit and Produce all the Media avenues in Britain (National as well as Regional Broadcasting & Print) this apparent Historic Deception has No Opportunity to be Challenged or even Openly Discussed in the UKAlthough, let’s take the Scenario that this 'Englishman Legally DNA Convicted of Sex with Sheep' was Welsh. In this Scenario it would be Extremely 'Racist' to use this Crime (Bestiality is a Criminal Offence) as evidence that 'All' Welsh people have a natural biological slant to want sex with animals. This is Racist because the crime is the responsibility of that individual person Not that persons Race. To assume that one deviant’s actions can then be used as a tool to slander that person’s whole entire Race, each Man, Woman and Child obviously could demonstrate a Disdain and Resentment for that Race and would be a Fabrication and Slander on that Group, Commonly Known as Racism. It would be like saying because Jimmy Savile, Gary Glitter, Barry Bennel, Max Clifford and Adam Johnson (amongst many many others) are all English Born Paedophiles, then all English people must be Paedophiles. Clearly this statement would not be true and indeed Racist, as the crimes of one person Cannot be equated to that person’s 'Whole Entire' Race ("The Racist Element!").                 


The Main Question that Needs to be Posed with regard to Welsh Racist Slander is Where did the term ‘Sheep Shagger’ Derive from Originally? And is it a Lie? Do 'All' Welsh people by the definition that they are Biologically of Welsh heritage, shag sheep? (This is the 'Racist Element'). These apparent Racists and Liars clearly do not want to be Exposed as the Source of Racism and such a Crude Lie (so apparently having the Benefits of Demeaning & Subduing their UK Minority Nations in the process of Emboldening themselves, whilst ensuring they avoid any Negatives of being Directly Identified as being Unfair, Crude, Liars or Oppressive), as there seems to be an ongoing attempt to Hide in the Darkness Created through UK Media 'Anonymity'?​​Although, it has become Increasingly Difficult to Continue to Remain an apparent 'Anonymous Instigator' in Today's Modern Internet World, as World Wide Information is easily accessible Now and largely Outside of the English Establishments's Direct Historic 'Traditional British Mainstream Media Control' in Broadcasting and Print. This apparent 'Cloak of Anonymity' Enabling possible 'Acts of Omission' (Breaching European & UN Human Rights?) by the Central London English Establishment, which is Knowing Discriminatory Situations Exist (or even Instigating them?) but persistently Neglecting to Publicly Actively Act against it. In writing this particular segment I am reminded of an old Christian saying, which states that,'What Ever is Done in the Dark is Always Found by the Light' (Eventually!...). It does appear that the London English Establishment provide the Ready Made 'Targets' and 'Bullets' (Ammunition) through publicising 'Ready Made' and 'Easily Accessible' Racial Slander (Regarding Many UK Minority Groups Not just the Welsh) through their apparent Various and Numerous UK Wide London Centred Mainstream National Media Outlets in Broadcasting and Print, which provides the 'Ready Made Bullets' (Racial Ammunition) for 'Sections' of their Majority (85%) general public to then metaphorically pull the trigger at will, thus possibly distancing themselves (English Establishment) from any Racist acts (the apparent Instigators?). As stated previously 'A Fish always Rots from the Head Down' (which is to say what ever happens at the top filters down to the bottom). The Oxford English Dictionary Definition of  an 'Instigator', 'A Person Who Brings About or Initiates Something'.   Indeed, when it comes to identifying systemic manipulation of any sort regarding any subject matter, if you want to identify the original source, the architect, then start your investigation asking one Question, once this one Question can be answered, nine times out of the ten, working backwards from there,  the rest will tend to naturally fall into to place, the miracle question is simply'Who does it Benefit'So in the case of UK Slander, demeaning other UK nations whilst exalting your own (and not allowing any English slander to develop), to support a positive national image and Psyche for yourself, by demeaning the other, to give you that sense of superiority, who does it Benefit?                  


​​​However, it has always been an Easy Task to Identify where the term ‘Sheep Shagger’ came from, through Simply using the Process of Elimination. Just look at which Nation in the World has possibly Evidenced and Demonstrated apparent  Contempt and Oppression towards Wales Since it's Creation to the Present Day, through the Centuries (so a Basic Investigation of, Motive, Means & Opportunity). This task perhaps would be more Complex if there were Numerous Countries Demonstrating Prolonged Historical Disdain and Evidenced Oppression towards Wales over these Centuries. If more Nations where involved (who also Possess a Well Documented Historic Past Track Record of Widespread Imposed Worldwide Colonialism) it may be a Little More Difficult to Decipher which country (& their leaders) may be the Culprit, but as there has only ever apparently been one Nation,'Who Also Possess the Necessary Overall Power in the UK to Act on Their Prejudice', then the Odds of Identifying the Nation that has enough Evidence of prolonged Historic Disdain and apparent Contempt, accompanied with the Required Historic Motivation to Subdue, the Resources (Means) and Power Over the Welsh People (Wales is England's Oldest Ongoing Colony) in the UK to Construct possible Lies and Slander about Wales without being able to be held to Account (as they are the main Authority) may make the task 'Slightly Easier'? (Remember even the Original Anglo-Saxon (Old English) Name of 'Wales' means 'Foreigners'). When you further factor in the Evidence that the Word 'Shag' or 'Shaggeris in the 'Everyday Colloquial Language of English', and the term 'Sheep Shagger' is only known and used as a slander term in relatively recent, previous or ongoing English associated colonies (Including AU,NZ,SA). Moreover, as this particular Nation appears to have an Historic Track Record of Constructing Slander Against the Other Celtic Home Nations within the UK (Thick Irish (Paddy), Dour, Sweaty Alcoholic, Losers, Scottish (Jocks), using their Dominance of the British Mainstream Media, as well as their overwhelming Power and Influence over every aspect of UK life as the UK Majority Population and Power, then a particular Nations Name appears to Continuously Emerge?... Just out of Curiosity, How Quickly do you suppose the Central London English Establishment (UK Government) would React to Openly Discuss and Expose the Truth to Develop a Counter Argument using the Full Force of their 'National and International London Based Media' (Broadcasting & Print) if an Ongoing 'Repeated' Crude Derogatory Slander term (or indeed any Defamatory Comments) were made up for their particular Nation (USA Women's Soccer 'Tea Joke' for example)?... As it would be Considered as Disrespectful, Offensive and Damaging to their Wider World Reputation, which would Impede on their Business, Trade, Tourism, Global Relationships and their Overall Standing in the Wider World!.  As Identified by the prominent Chinese Philosopher Confucius, 'Do Not Do To Others What You Would Not Like Done To You'!... (particularly when your meant to be part of a Union with these same people!).                                     


The Evidence of the Origin of this Sheep Shagger Lie could well be Focused on the Central London English Establishment Hierarchy, when they Officially Solidified their Perception of the Welsh Character in Print through the Creation​ of the ‘Welsh Blue Books’ Click for Link written in the late Nineteen Hundreds (1896) at the request of Queen Victoria. These series of Blue Books was a Census Conducted by the English Establishment Hierarchy on the Welsh people, after numerous complaints​ from residents on the English/Welsh South Eastern border of drunkenness and theft towards the English border towns. In these books the author suggested that some Welsh people were getting drunk and then ‘Lying down with animals'. Equally, there appears to be an apparent explanation (or Justification for Racism?) regarding some Welsh people in the 19th Century, stealing sheep which if caught they were subject to a significantly worse punishment than if a person said they were having sex with a sheep, as opposed to stealing it?!... However, this does not make too much sense as an explanation, as English people would also be subject to the Same Law within Britain?...  Alternatively, and probably more Realistic, is that the Source and Reason for the Lie that 'All' Welsh people just by virtue of their biological heritage engage in 'Bestiality', is simply that the people who invented this term are just 'Racist Liars' who Instinctively posses a Socially Constructed and Racially Defined (Anglo-Saxon V's Celtic) Long Standing and Ongoing Loathing of the Welsh, Simply because the Welsh (Celtic) are 'Not English' (Anglo-Saxon) and'Have Never Pretended To Be'. So are Not (& have never been) accepted as'One of their Own' (Foreigner's, the Anglo-Saxon old English translation for the Name 'Wales'), with a further underlying agenda of Imposing Historic 'Psychological Colonial Control' to Subdue one of their Geographically Closest Ongoing Colonies to London, England's Beating Heart (therefore Historically Perceived as a Greater Threat to Finance & Security than Most), and of course Sheep and Shagging Just Happens to Rhyme!... When you are just 'Making Stuff Up', you do not need Solid Proof or Genuine Evidence, all you need is a Cruel Intent, a perceived Threat, along with some level of deep seated 'Insecurity'. Although, it does seem that trying to find a Logical Reason for this Slander term is assuming that these evidenced Racist's and Liars are rational, balanced, sensible human beings. Clearly this does Not appear to be the case given the further Evidence of the Disgusting subject matter of the Slander. There ​does not have to always be an authentic origin to people just 'Making Stuff Up', but there will always be a 'Motive' coupled with an'Insecurity'. The intent in this instance seems to be to shame and undermine Wales and the Welsh people through any means necessary to assert and maintain this long standing ongoing 'Inherited Colonial Control' and further keep Wales from being a Direct Economic Threat, and as England's Tax Paying (VAT etc) Property (otherwise Why keep Wales if Financially or Economically it is Not Profitable or Beneficial??).


​​​​Never the less, when Regarding Continuous Disrespect and Slander, if the Inference is that 'All Welsh people have sex with sheep Only because they are Racially Welsh’, then the answer must be that 'So Would Non-Welsh people’. Sheep shagging is Not Specific to Welsh people, indeed there is apparently no firm unbiased DNA (DNA Ensures No Lies No Doubt) evidence of any form of sexual activity with sheep by a 'Genuine' Welsh person. However, Racism is the Negative Generalisation of a 'Whole' Race usually based on Fiction, like the Generalisation that all Irish people are stupid.Even if eventually there was DNA evidence that a 'Genuine' Welsh person had sex with a sheep, as Legally Demonstrated in England (2008), the 'Racist Element' is then to assume that ‘All’ welsh people shag sheep as a 'Generalisation' of that 'Whole Entire Race'.Even though an English person (2008) has beenDNA Proven, with No Doubt, to be a Sheep Shagger, in a Court of Law, Wales and the other Celtic UK Nations appear to have proven themselves not to be Racist by choosing Not to use this English example to 'Generaliseabout the Whole English Race as ‘Sheep Shaggers’.                                         

​​In response to National Slander it would appear always to be Beneficial to Go To the Source of the Slander. To be put in Simple Terms, if a Person is 'Repeatedly' Spreading a Lie about You personally, you may Hear it from Many People, but Unless You Identify and Confront the Source, You will Never Stop the Slander and Expose the Truth. Very Difficult to Identify though as the apparent Source of the Derogatory Welsh Slander (the 'Central London English Establishment' Who UltimatelHistorically Control All the Main Power Sources in the Whole of Britain, mainly through the UK Government in London, regardless of which Mainstream London Based Political Party may be in Power at any one time) appears to Hide Behind Many Layers of Misinformation as they seem Fearful of being Exposed (Otherwise Why Hide?). Indeed, as with many Oppressors or Slanderers it is what they Refuse (or Avoid) to Talk About or Explore that tells you More than what they do want to talk about? As the Reason For Creating 'ANONYMITY' (Hiding) is that it 'Avoids Direct Consequences To Actions' (Accountability), and of Course it appears that it can Only be the 'Central London English Establishment' who Possess the Necessary Fundamental Overriding 'Power' & 'Influence' Over all the British 'Media' (National & Regional) throughout the Whole of the UK to be able to Achieve Historic & Ongoing Anonymity in Britain (No Platforming)?... Furthermore, many people appear to Describe this Unearned Inherited Privileged Group of people that have Historically Controlled Britain as 'The Ruling Class'However this term appears too 'Vague' as it may Describe their 'Function' and 'Social Hierarchy', but it does not Crucially DescribeWho and Where they are, a Vital Component in Finally Holding these people to AccountSo 'Common Senseappears to Dictate that you Must First Specifically 'IDENTIFY' and therefore 'Name' the 'Historic' & Ongoing 'Impediment' to Welsh Prosperity, and where this apparent 'Nasty Attitude' is Located regards Welsh People's broader 'Character & Reputation', using Evidence and Uncommon Sense, before you can even begin to Discuss any Solutions (as it appears Easy to do Unscrupulous Acts when you have 'Anonymity', through Hiding in the Shadows?)Equally, this apparent quest for 'Anonymity' and therefore the apparent 'Blurring of the Lines of Consequence' by the Central London English Establishment (and sometimes spreading to many within their Nation) appears to be further promoted by 'Not' Stating the Accurate termEnglish, 'Welsh', 'Northern Irish' or 'Scottish(All Individually Accountable Nations Within the UK), which could Clarify Specific Responsibility, so the Subject Matter being Discussed can be 'Pin Pointed' at an 'Exact Race or Nation' within the UK. However, Constantly Implementing the term 'British' or 'Britain' almost appears to be a Further Anonymity Attempt to 'DILUTE' any Targeted Criticism, and 'HIDE' from any Specific Negative Backlash for Historic & Ongoing Decisions that could be 'Directly Linked' to the 'Central London English Establishment' and Consequently their Specific Nation? Possibly the most Obvious Example of this is the Constantly Used Term of the "British Empire" even though Colonialism was 'Conceived', 'Directed' and 'Imposed' (on Wales & Scotland as well, as Subjugated Nations, so Not as Equals) from the Historic and Ongoing British Power Source of London, England.This apparent 'Blurring of the Lines of Responsibility' even Evident within smaller Examples, when the UK London Media site Figures from "England and Wales" as a Collective, meaning to suggest that it's Not just England that has the Widespread Problem Specifically (Wales does not have a devolved Justice System, it is still controlled directly from London), even though it is (UK Knife Crime in mainly London for example as Policing & Justice is Not devolved to Wales from London so the Figures can be Combined across England & Wales). See, 'Why Do Most English People Appear to Generally Describe Themselves as British?' under the 'What is Britishness?' heading above.                          


​​​​​​'Common Sense' Evidenced Based approach to UK Inequality can Help to Develop a 'Pattern' of 'Historical Behaviour' (Some basic Examples provided in this Website, See under 'Wales in Purgatory' heading above) to Expose the UK Troublemaker, who also Must Possess the Necessary'Power', 'Opportunity''Capability', 'Track Record' & 'Motivation' within the UK Power Structure. This Historic and Ongoing 'Pattern of Behaviour' (Pattern of 'Intent' Identified through 'Consistent' One Sided Favourable 'Outcomes') could then Develop Proof through providing what may be deemed as the Only 'Plausible Explanation' (beyond any Reasonable Doubt) of the apparent Historic and Ongoing Source of Welsh Interference and Restrictions to Identify and then hold these people directly to Account, to Ultimately allow Wales to Finally Develop & Prosper Unimpeded!... Moreover, It has also been further suggested, that even Just the Act of Publicly attempting to Openly 'Identify' the apparent Ongoing Source of the Welsh Economic Impediment (as a Basic Initial Starting Point to Achieve Positive Change for Wales) may Urge these people to Alter their Historic and Ongoing Stealthy Disruptive Behaviour, as they will be Conscious that their Actions Could Now be Exposed and Open to Scrutiny (Exposed to the Light by removing the Cloak of Anonymity in this New Internet Age)? People can Easily Identify the 'Problem' with Wales Constantly being the Overall Poorest Nation In the UK, with some of the Poorest Areas in Europe, and as a Consequence with an Over Reliance on State Funded Public Sector Jobs, along with the Ongoing Well Publicised and Unchallenged 'Welsh Sheep Shagger' Slander Label. They just have Never been Able (or possibly Allowed by the Central London English Establishment's London Media?) to Identify and Name the Specific Ongoing 'Source'? In Essence then Overall, how can you Provide a 'Solution' to this well Documented Ongoing Historic Problem of 'Poverty & Slander' in Wales if you Continuously Fail (or do not want to out of Fear, Politicians have never been noted for their Courage) to Firstly Publicly Identify, Who and Where the Constant Historic Elusive Source of the 'Problem' is Situated?!!...                       


However, 'Common Sense' Dictates again that the Only real Defence against a Lie is to Expose the Lie and the Liar using the'Power of the Truth'. The main 'Historical Problem' in Wales of being Allowed to Implement and Expose the Truth is the Complete Domination (UK London Media Monopoly) of all Forms of Mainstream and Regional UK Wide National Media within Britain (Broadcasting & Print) by their alleged oppressor, possibly originally the English Establishment, however apparently Embraced by 'Sections' of the Majority English population and then sometimes even spreading beyond? However, in Recent Years the Internet & Google are Helping to Redress this ImbalanceFurthermore, it appears that what ever is said on the London Centred 'UK Wide British Mainstream Media' Welsh people will be exposed too as a 'Captive Audience' as opposed to people living in a Separate Country with a Separate Media, who will not be aware of what may be said about their Nation & People by another Nation, and if they are made aware they can use their Own Media to Reply in kind (Right of Reply), a Luxury Wales do Not Posses. I do feel it is a Pertinent point at this Stage to Highlight an Obvious Fact, which it appears is always Overlooked. Although as a "British" citizen (although 'Britishness' is yet to be fully Defined, See 'What is Britishness?' Heading Above) I have heard many times previously throughout my Lifespan over the Decades, whilst viewing the UK Wide London based British Media, the term ‘Sheep Shagger’ when referring to Wales (With No Repeated Derogatory Slander Ever Aimed at 'Specifically England', in the UK?...) and the'Repeated Inference'of Sheep Shagging (Bestiality) as something Specific Only to Welsh people?! However, I have Never Heard Anyone on the Same 'Numerous' London based UK Wide Mainstream Television Channels or Media Outlets (Including Documentaries, News Channels, Radio or National Newspapers for example) over the Previous Decades and Still Counting, Suggesting or Openly Discussing that this Could be a Fabrication of the Truth and May Indeed be Racist?!...(Although it would Obviously make No Sense for a person to Undermine and therefore Neutralise their Own Lie?!). This Obvious Circumstantial Evidence (Historical & Ongoing Omission of certain Facts or Debates) appears to suggest that there could well be an underlyingObjective (Benefit) behind the Spreading of the term ‘Welsh Sheep Shagger's’ (Otherwise Why go through the continued 'Effort' of doing It?!..), which is apparently to Impose Inherited Psychological Dominance using Propaganda in the UK through the London Centred British Media's. This apparent Psychological Dominance Further Evidenced by the Fact that All of the Other Celtic Home Nations (that are Ultimately Historically Ruled from London) have a Recognised Derogatory Slander Term Attached to their Name 'Welsh' Sheep Shaggers, Thick 'Irish', Dour Sweaty Alcoholic's 'Scottish' (with No 'National Independent Separate & Distinct Mainstream Media' to Defend themselves), apart from England the 'Only' Nation in the UK 'Without' a Demeaning Slander term Attached to their Name. Who just so happen to Own, Produce and Edit all the 'National Mainstream Media' (Broadcasting & Print) in Britain, which Curiously enough appears to be the Main Requirement Needed to be Able to Spread these Derogatory Celtic Nation Stereotypes around the UK on Mass, and prevent one for yourself?!... 


Never the less, Regardless of apparent External Media Influences that may be placed on the general English Population within Britain, this is Not to Excuse Racism and Lies. We all have the ability to know'Right from Wrong' and as such Ultimately we must all 'Morally' and 'Legally' take Ownership of our Own Words and Actions. It's Great to Engage in Humorous 'Banter'even on a Personal Level, but bringing Someone's Race and/or Nationality into it Using Unproven 'Ready Made' Lazy Racial Stereotypes as a 'Weapon' appears to Demonstrate a Complete Lack of WIT, and Automatically seems to take the so called Humour to a wider More Sinister Place (as Racism Brings Family into the Conversation). So Perhaps to Clarify any possible Confusion Regarding this Widely used UK Term of 'Banter', it maybe Useful at this Stage to actually 'Explore' and 'Definethe Word, which seems to be the 'Go To Statement' by the English Establishment to Justify & Validate Many Racist Comments made by their Members or Associates on the British Media. The Oxford English Dictionary Definition of the term 'Banter' is stated as 'An Exchange of Remarks In A Good-Humoured Teasing Way', Racism is Negatively bringing someone's Family into that Same Conversation, which would appear to be anything but Humorous (which might explain why Racism is Legally defined as a Hate Crime, Hate apparently being the Opposite of Good-Humour!?..). Furthermore, when a person Slanders Another Race Publicly using the 'Media' and the People being Slandered are Not there (With An Equal Platform, with an Equal Power Base) to Defend themselves, this also appears to Obviously Make the Comments Anything But 'Banter', as Banter has been 'Clearly Defined' by the Oxford English Dictionary as a 'Two Way Exchange', you cannot do Banter on your Own!... (Eddie Jones England's Rugby Union Coach Publicly Slandering Wales & Ireland in 2017 with No Welsh or Irish People in the Room, as a recent example?). However, If you 'Say' or 'Infer' Racist things, then you are a 'Racist', if you tell 'Lies' then you are a 'Liar' (this is Not Complicated) No Matter what Excuses a person may Try to Invent as a Justification (& there are many!..).​                                                                                  ​

​​Moreover, although this 'Welsh Sheep Shagger' slander term could be deemed as just 'Childish Name Calling' (Created, Perpetuated & Publicised by Adults?!...), like with most Racism & public Lies in the UK there always appears to be a Subtle Underlying Objective coupled with an air of Resentment (in this Instance achieved using Crude Sexually Explicit Adult humour), under the apparent Pretence of 'a bit of fun'? Perhaps the most Obvious Example of this apparent Central London English Establishment method of using Humour as a concealed Psychological Racist weapon, seems to be the Creation in Britain of the Numerous Jokes aimed at the Irish Race, constantly spreading the Insinuation that they are stupid (there was an 'Englishman, Scotsman & Irishman' Jokes). Apparently Motivated by Irish Independence from England and the ongoing dispute over Northern Ireland. It does appear to be almost an Historic Central London English Establishment Feature that when they feel Threatened or Vulnerable they tend to use Barbed Humour or Negative Labelling (name calling) and apparent Defamation of a perceived enemies Character as a way to Hide their Insecurity, and Embolden themselves against the Feeling of Vulnerability, Fear or Inferiority?!... However, some people have argued that the attempt by the English Establishment to 'Mask & Hide' apparent Hostility & Racism under the pretence of Humour, or Even 'Refusing to Acknowledge' (Censor through No Platforming) Specific Areas of Racism (Constant London Media Omissions?) at all in the UK which Could have Included a 'Multitude' of Daily Chat/Panel/Debate Shows, News Reports, Documentaries,National Newspaper Articles Investigative Journalism Exposures (to Name but a Few London Centred Media Options) through their 'Countless' British Mainstream London Orchestrated Media Outlets (Broadcasting & Print) Over the 'Numerous' Decades and 'Still Waiting', is More Sinister than the Racist Slander Term Itself?!... Again, if you are going to say Racist Comments and Lies then at least have the'Moral Backbone' to stand by your Words and be Honest about your Intent. Although, it does appear reasonable to say that if a person were 'Moral' then they would not be a Racist and a Liar in the first place. However, with this Modern Rise of the World Wide Internet and Social Media Sites (to provide a Public Platform to all) that appears more difficult for the Traditional English Establishment to Control, in recent times a Voice for the Truth regarding the Welsh condition is FINALLY beginning to emerge... (although More Subtle and/or Direct Control of the 'UK Internet' to try to Minimise an External 'Public Platform' and Access to 'Outside Information', as well as possibly Undermining any External Information 'Sources' & 'Public Platforms' Not Provided Directly by British Media Outlets as all 'Fake News', is likely to be Introduced in the Future Under the 'Guise' of Protecting the UK Public From a Supposed Threat or Fear?).                                                                                                                                                     

Equally, ​I wonder how Far Along any Inequality Concerns around the world would have come if people Did Not Openly make a Stand by Publicly Voicing Inequality and Confronting the Backlash with Reasoned Argument?!... As it does appear to be almost a 'Welsh Anomaly' that they seem Distinctly Accomplished at Standing Up for other Ethnic & Minority Groups Right's, whilst being some what 'Embarrassed' or 'Uncomfortable' to Stand Up for their Own Right's as an 'Ethnic Minority Group Themselves', within the UK ('Ethnic' Due to 'Celtic Heritage', 'Minority' Due to 'Small Population' within the UK)? As Surely the Important Subject matters of UK Societal RacismStereotyping and Inequality Cannot be Discussed in Welsh Society, Politics, Media, Schools & Universities (in Wales or within the wider UK) without 'ALSO' Discussing any possible Historic and Ongoing Welsh (& Celtic) Discrimination and Stereotyping within the Wider Current and Historical British Context?! Otherwise the Full True Accurate Whole Story of the Past and Modern Britain is Never Told (Only an apparent Politically Correct Selective Version), as Britain as a 'Whole Unit' Historically and Currently Consists of England, Scotland and Wales as a Combination. Otherwise you Risk the Danger of Continuously just Educating generally about England only, Deleting Wales and Scotland (as well as their Voices & History) Out of the Conversation on Britain and it's History. Although, this will Inevitably place a Negative Focus on London, which appears to be Why they do not allow it? It appears No Coincidence, for Example, that 'Braveheart' and 'Outlaw King', amongst many other Films Highlighting Scottish Oppression by the English Establishment were Made in America and Not in England?!...                                                                                                                                    


The Implementation of Race and Equality Laws 'Specifically' regarding Slander through the apparent Central London English Establishment's 'London Centred UK Wide Mainstream British Media Outlets' in Broadcasting and Print (The British Media) would have to be Pursued or the complainant 'Supported' Financially through the 'Welsh Assembly Government' through a CDLF (Cultural Defence Legal Fund)(See 'How can Wales be Improved' in 'Wales in Purgatory?' heading above)General Public Face to Face Racism can be Dealt with Directly by the people Involved or the Police, but a person hiding Behind the Television Screen or Writing in Newspapers Cannot be 'Directly' Challenged or held Accountable (See 'Race Laws UK & EU' heading above). As an average member of the Welsh Public will Not be able to 'AFFORD' a Legal 'PERSONAL LAW SUIT', or even know where to Start (as Free 'Legal Aide' is Not allowed for Slander cases in the UK) against Wealthy British Media Celebrities & British Media Outlets that Fail to Edit out or Highlight 'Direct' Welsh Racism, and Sheep (Bestiality) 'Insinuations'which also Regularly Includes Associated Suggestive Sheep Noises'Baa' (Sometimes Even Put Into Sentences when Discussing Wales), with Statements such as 'ain't there a lot of Sheep in Wales(Hint Hint, Nudge Nudge, Wink Wink) or Random Unnecessary Pictures of Sheep when Discussing Wales, 'Now' Commonly Understood however as'Coded Language'. Just a Few easy Recent London British Media Examples to Demonstrate Both approaches ('Direct' & 'Insinuated Racism') of this Casual Historic and Ongoing Welsh Slander to 'Cross Reference' in this particular year of 2016/17 (Could Be Any Year) are English host Jimmy Carr on Channel 4 (Click for Link) in his 8 Out of 10 Cats show with Welsh Guest Rhod Gilbert ('Direct Slander') & the Englishman Bear Grylls (Click for Link) show on ITV1 with Welsh Guest Rob Brydon (the More Subtle 'Insinuated' Racial Ridicule Version), with 'Coded Language'to the Majority Regarding a Minority. Furthermore, from a Legal Stand Point, still Not quite sure Why all the examples such as the one's Previously Outlined and many many others over the Decades (with many more to come no doubt?) have 'Not' been Legally Prosecuted (Even through OFCOMthe British Media Regulator Based in London) with 'Racially Influenced Discrimination' (Including the well Documented Prejudice Aimed at Other UK Minority Groups) 'as Clearly Defined in Numerous Pieces of 'UK' Law, as well as 'UN' & 'European Human Rights' Law'?!... As these Examples can be Undeniably Evidenced on Video or in Writing (You cannot get any more Solid Proof!!..) on the British Mainstream Media, and Easily Googled at Any Time for Any One around the World to Cross Reference (Including recently Eddie Jones England's Rugby Union Coach example in 2017, exposed in 2018, He had only been in the English Environment for less than 2 years, Click for Link). If these well known apparent'English Establishment Media Figures and/or Associates' (who can be many peoples Role Models in the UK), along with their British London based Media Employers (BBC & ITV based in London as examples), and their Editors, Directors & Producers in Both Broadcasting & Print can be Demonstrated as Continuously 'Above The Law', this then could Obviously 'Encourage', 'Validate' & 'Condone' the Average Majority Person on the Street to Also then Engage in Minority 'Racial Hate Crimes'(As stated previously 'A Fish Rots from the Head Down')? If the general English public can see that Even when a person provides 'Hard Irrefutable Evidence', 'Recorded On Video or Documented in Writing in Public' of 'Race Hate' that there are 'No Consequences', as No Public UK Media Figures, or Media Companies Ever get 'Legally Prosecuted', then it Continues...  ​


As Ultimately it is 'Only' the Welsh People (and their Representatives) 'As a Whole' who can Alter their Perpetual Inheritance of Evidenced Poverty & Slander. So Crucially when Confronted with this Welsh Sheep Shagger Racial Slander 'Challenge It' by stating what is Factually Correct, which is that it is Racist and a Lie, which means that the person saying it can be Labelled Correctly (Both Legally & Morally) as a Racist and a Liar (& if your Feeling Slightly Intimidated or Apprehensive Remember that Ultimately the Law of the Land is On Your Side, but Crucially also Externally with the EU & UN Human Rights LawsLaws). As Obviously Welsh People Must 'Stand Up for Themselves' and their Future Generations, against Crude Ongoing Degrading National Labelling & Discrimination, 'Who Else Do You Suppose is Going to Do It For You'!?... So Challenge and Highlight Discrimination and Vulgar Degrading Stereotyping by Discussing Openly in your Community as to How these may Contribute to Limited ConfidenceAspiration and some Embarrassment regarding 'Welshness', as a result of a Crude National and International Reputation for Bestiality (Which Taints Every Welsh Person, Each Man, Women and Child). Along with How this Slander and Associated 'Systemic Discrimination' may have Historically Restricted Welsh Business and general Prosperity over the Decades (if not Centuries)? As ultimately, 'No one can Change the Truth, but the Truth can Change usDolly Kelly.


So pass On this 'FREE' Website (which can be found at Welshslander.com or Welshsheepshaggers.com) to Spark Debate within your Circle of Friends, Family, Associates, and the Wider UK and World Community. Indeed Create Alternative Beneficial Options to Highlight and/or Resolve 'Poverty & Slander' in Wales Yourself (with the Confidence to Give Your Own Personal Interpretation (For ro Against) on any or all of the Subject Matters Highlighted) and then put them 'Out There' on Social Media and the Internet, or by Using the "Powerful" Mediums of'Art', 'Poetry', 'Comedy', 'Song' or 'Theatre'(Indeed the 'Theatre of Wales' for example, 'Otherwise What is it For If Not to Highlight & Explore Difficult Subjects Regarding Wales Specifically'?!). As well as Using this Website and the 'FREE'Book provided to be One of the First to Examine the Previously Unexplored (No Platformed) Questions Highlighted in this Text and Enclosed Book, and put Your Findings out there in your Own BookWebsiteThesisSocial Media Conversations and all Art Forms to Further Develop the Questions, and Create New One's, in a Balanced manner,'For or Against'?!. So the Challenge to the Welsh Population is for Each Man, Woman and Child is to do just One Single thing in their lifetime (Similar to the Options Outlined above) to Promote UK Equality for Welsh People (the Accumulative Impact will be Powerful). Indeed, you Cannot Complain that'Things Never Change' so 'What's the Point', if you do Not make Even just One Single Effort in your Life Time to Make a Positive Difference for the Next Generation that Follows you!?...  Of course it is going to be difficult and will take a lot of time (but only one Generation), but you must understand that although it seems on the 'Surface' as if nothing is being Acknowledged at the higher levels, 'it is', so always remember that the Power of the Truth is Undeniable, and will Always Win Out in the End. 'First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win' (Mahatma Gandhi), but only with the Power of the Truth. The London Media have Two Main Weapons, they will try to 'Ignore you' and/or will try to 'Destroy you'. However, 'Truth Knows Truth', and the Wider World Stand at a Distance, Watching, Waiting (Your Not Alone). Welsh people (& indeed many Minority peoples) must Organise to Create Change and Equality in the UK, as I am Not a great Organiser, but maybe you are!...


In addition, even when a Welsh Celebrity is Confronted with Racial Abuse or Ridicule aired on the 'London British Mainstream Media' in the UK, it appears as though that Person is Prevented from Responding in Kind using Banter (Ridiculing the English Nation in Return as a Quick Instinctive Exchange of Witty Repartee), as he or she may Never Work Again on the apparent Central London English Establishment Controlled British Media Channels or Outlets, the Only Real Media Employment in the UK. To this End there are even also Examples of Celtic Nation Celebrities within the UK Media that are Used to Demean and Discourage other Celtic Nations (and even their own Celtic Nation, but Never England, their Employer, Comedian Frankie Boyle for example) through their Powerful UK London Media Employers. These people are Commonly Referred too by the African American Community as 'Uncle Toms' (this Includes certain people in many other Influential UK Sectors such as Politics, Media, Sport & Comedy). Which is to say, these Individuals (which can Include Other Minority Ethnicities within the UK as well) will do Anything to Curry Favour and Align themselves to the Powerful Majority to Advance their Own Personal Interests or Careers(there are Unscrupulous Individuals in Every Race or Nation).​ Never the less, this is Not to Excuse 'Acceptance' of Racism, as 'at Some Point In All of Our Lives' we must all make a Stand by 'Calling Out' Racism & Discrimination Regardless of the Consequences. Particularly as Welsh UK Celebrities (Stars) Do Possess a Public Platform Otherwise Denied to Most Others. Although if they do Speak Out then their Platform will probably be Taken Away from them in the UK, by possibly 'Simply and Subtly' (No Platforming) Not getting Booked anymore by the London Media? However, When a Person Looks Back at their Life, and Begins to 'Take Stock(as We will All Do at Some Stage). Regardless of a Person's Wealth, Notoriety, Poverty, Gender or Class, 'at the Conclusion of a Person's Life' what Ultimate'Worth' was that 'Person' who Saw Wide Spread 'Slander', 'Prejudice' and 'Discrimination' but Just tried to 'Ignore It' out of 'Fear', 'Apathy', 'Naivety' or 'Ignorance'. Thus actively 'Allowing' the Inheritance of that Same old 'Poverty & Slanderto Extend to their Next Generation (as It Was to Theirs), and So It Continues... As further asserted by Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865), 'To Sin by Silence When They Should Protest, Makes Cowards of Men (& Women)'. Although, it also seems quite apparent that Slander of your Own Allies is the Most Destructive Weapon within any UNION, as 'What Person Thinks that Demeaning their Own Partner would be Conducive to a Long Term Successful Marriage'!?... Particularly in Times of External (& Internal) Threat when the UK Needs to be as Unified as possible! However, Whilst people appear largely Fortunate to Live in the UK, the English Establishment Cannot (yet again)'Have Their Cake and Eat It'. Which is to that Say Surely 'Basic Common Sense' Dictates that you Cannot Constantly Treat Certain Groups of People within the UK with Continuous 'Inequality' and 'Disrespect', and then 'Naively' Expect those Same People to Wholeheartedly Support and Unify with You in General, and then also in the Crucial times when You may Need them the Most?!... (Seep55 of the Free Electronic Book Provided above under 'The apparent Contradiction of the English Establishment?').                                                            


​​​​Remember that Racism and Lying are Crimes, Telling the Truth is Not!. Indeed the Justice system itself is created to attempt to decipher the Truth from the Lie, but of course if you 'Cannot Afford Justice' it will be Constantly Denied to You, It appears that Access to Racial Justice and Equality is predominantly Only for the Wealthy in the UK!.. (See 'How can Wales be Improved?' under the 'Wales in Purgatory?' heading above for the CDLF). Indeed, Wales still does not have control of its own Justice System, it is centrally controlled from London. I wonder if the 'Welsh People' and their Regional 'Government Representatives' (who all have a Moral Duty to Defend Wales and the Welsh people with their Public Voice and Platform) are going to Allow another Hundred Years of Slander and Lies to Undermine them, their Nation and their Family (Tolerate this Now, then your Children Will be Next!), or are they at Last going to be the Generation that Finally brings an End to this 'Stealthy' & 'Persistent' Slander Term, that Undermines the Welsh Nation, by Publicly Addressing and Exposing this 'SheepShagger' Racial Slur, using Sensible Reasoned Argument to Finally Reveal the Truth?... 


However, the Central London English Establishment still Ultimately Control Wales(the Ongoing Remains of Colonialism & Annexation in 1542)and All of the Welsh Politicians Mainstream Political Party 'Superiors' are Based in their 'Central London Head Officessuch as Labour, Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, Brexit Party and UKIP (just to Clarify the Welsh Labour Party & the Welsh Conservatives, Who appear to be Just Regional Wings of their 'Main Party' Based in London are the Political Parties that have Historically Governed Wales). So to act against the Central London English Establishment with all their Control of nearly every aspect of Welsh Life (including the UK Media & the UK Political Arena) would be like a 'SERVANT'Challenging their'MASTER(See 'Describing the Welsh Relationship with England' Under the 'What is Britishness?' heading above), the apparent Historic & Ongoing UK 'INHERITED POWERLESS'Challenging the Historic & Ongoing UK 'INHERITED POWERFUL'and would almost be akin to Political & Career Suicide in the UK. Although the Same Reason Why the Author of this Work can Openly Write this Website without the Central London English Establishment Authorities being able to Act against it, would be the Same Reason Why a Welsh politician (or any Person) could also Openly address this Subject, and that is because 'there is No Argument against the Truth, and No Legal or Moral Flaw in Fighting the Good Fight for Equality'. So for the Central London English Establishment Authorities to Act against a Person (or Politician) telling the Truth and Fighting for Equality would also be akin to Political and Social Suicide for them (as it would be 'Direct Evidence' of Blatant 'State Sponsored Censorship'). However, when Considering any Slander and Lies (Personal or Racial) Unless it is Confronted, Exposed and Explained it will Never Go Away. As this 'Same Old' Constant Historic Welsh Sheep Shagger (Bestiality) Slander Label is Used to Psychologically Impede the Welsh Nation by Repeatedly ​attempting to ShameUndermine & Discredit the Welsh People (with Friends like this, who needs Enemies).                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Shining the Spot Light on such a Embarrassing Subject such as this Welsh Derogatory Slander Term of 'Sheep Shagger' (Bestiality) is always going to be 'Difficult' and 'Awkward' at the best of times. Especially when the people who may be Permitting this Lie to Thrive and Continue are the Leading Group of the Largest and Most Powerful Nation within the UK, and indeed have a Voice on the World Stage. However, the Awkwardness and Embarrassment Experienced when Exposing the Truth Regarding this Matter will 'Pass QuicklyAlthough this Awkwardness & Embarrassment can be Experienced Regularly in Wales when a Welsh Parent is Having to Explain to their Young Children what 'Bestiality' is, after they have heard on the London based Media (& then Absorbed into UK Society) that Bestiality is specifically associated with all Welsh people!.. However, Welsh Parents, Teachers, Students and Children do Finally have the Option Now of Referring to this Free Website as a Resource to Explore and Discuss a 'Reasoned Rational' (Supported by Evidence & Common Sense) and Open Up Debate as to the Possible source of HowWho, & Why Negative Welsh Stereotyping Exists in the UK, and Further Open Up Opportunities to then Explore, Debate and Discuss how Negative Stereotyping, Discrimination and Racism may affect certain other groups World Wide, which provides Empathy and a more Culturally aware Citizens. As, 'In order to know you, I must know myself'?... The Positive Benefits of Confronting and Neutralising this Repeated Racial Lie and Associated Discrimination Now, will be ExperiencedCommendedAppreciated and Acknowledged by the respective Children (& People) of Wales for Decades and Centuries to come (What Are 'You' Going To Be 'Remembered' For?!....).                                                                                                                
As Wales seem to be Placed in a Difficult Position by the Central London English Establishment, the London Media and therefore a 'Section' of the English population (and sometimes spreading beyond), when they Persist in Spreading the ‘Sheep Shagger’ (Bestiality) Term as a Derogatory Slander Label for the Welsh Nation (as a Psychological Weapon), in an apparent attempt to undermine the Welsh People's 'Credibility', 'Spirit' & 'Dignity'? This is Highlighted because, if Wales as a Nation give into Temptation and Construct a 'Counter Lie' about the English (out of 'Revenge') they may be Perceived as, 'As Bad as the Slanderers', with the Inevitable Statement of They are Both as Bad as each OtherHowever, in Simply Expressing that the ‘Welsh Sheep Shagger’ Bestiality Term is a 'Racist Lie', this does Not mean that the Welsh people are Inventing a 'Racial Lie' as a Psychological Weapon against any English Slanderers in 'Response', and therefore possibly being 'Dragged into' a Situation of being Racists and Liars themselves? But are Simply using the 'Truth as a Shield' against the Psychological Weapon (UK Propaganda) that the English Establishment seem to have Created?So in simply Highlighting Welsh Racial Slander and Exposing it as Lie, Wales can be seen as 'Justifiably' DEFENDING themselves by Using the 'TRUTH' as a Shield, as Opposed to ATTACKING Back, out of 'Revenge', with the Invention of a Counter Racial 'LIE'. It is Worth Considering that in Law, although No one has the Right to Attack, but Everyone has the Right to Defend themselves’, with the 'Truth' (The Oxford English Dictionary Definition of the term 'Truth' is stated as, 'That Which is True or in Accordance with Fact or Reality').


Although most 'Right Minded' people would assume that this ‘Sheep Shagger’ term must be a Lie, it is worth Remembering that as most people even within the UK, let alone the World, have Not Visited Wales or Spoken to any Welsh person at any depth, how does the 'Outside World' know with any Certainty that this Slander term is just a Crude Lie? As a Slander Label Designed to Ridicule and Belittle (even when Not True) can Define How the Rest of the World Views Wales, and Over Time even How Wales may be 'Socialized' to View Itself!.. But also Provides an Insight to the Rest of the World into the Limited Character of the Slanderer, so Essentially 'No One' Wins with Racism Neither the 'Slanderer' or the 'Slandered'. Let me provide an example of another apparent Historic Central London English Establishment Racial Stereotype. If I heard that maybe there was a suggestion that the Irish where meant to all be ‘stupid’, well if I had never personally spoken to an Irish person or been to Ireland, as say I was a resident of North America, my natural assumption might be that they may all be a bit thick, using the term there is no smoke without fire, as I would not have any point of reference suggesting otherwise? However, as I have met many Irish people and understand the source of the apparent lie as a result of living in the UK, I am in a position to know the truth, but people in the wider world could only take what is being said as some sort of truth at some level in the absence of any counter information?                                                      

Wales was the'First'to be'Colonised' by England due to their Close'Geographic Location' right next to England (in the Historic Time Period when England were a World Super Power, 'A Long Time Ago') and may well be the Last to Eventually Leave for the 'Same Reason'. People in Wales know the Truth why not Gently Inform the rest of the World to Neutralise this Crude but Effective 'Psychological Weapon'? In conclusion on this subject matter I would like to present a quote by Mark Twain that maybe encapsulates this particular subject heading, and indeed quite possibly the reason for the entire Website? The quote goes a little like this, ‘The Problem with the World is Not that People Know too Little, But that they Know So Many things that Aren't So’... However, when a person has access to'New Evidenced Common Sense Information' this may Require a 'Change of Thinking', so it may just be Easier to predominantly stay the same, as stated by Thomas Jefferson (US President 1801-1809), 'It takes Time to Persuade Men (& Women) to Do Even What is for Their Own Good'. Although, as further asserted by George Bernard Shaw, 'Progress is Impossible without Change, Those who Cannot Change Their Minds Cannot Change Anything'!...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Ultimately however there does appear to be a Common 'Unifying' thread running Betweenall Minority Slandered and Discriminated people around the World. So what can be Evidenced of the Welsh People in Britain, can also be Evidenced with Many Minority and Discriminated Groups within the UK, and Indeed the Wider World, with seemingly the Same Basic Structures of Oppression and Discrimination Imposed on to Each Group Individually, through a Combination of 'Denying Media Representation''Limiting Prosperity & Power Opportunities' and 'Dehumanising through Slander'. Logically given the Common Struggle and Ultimate Combined Aim of Enhanced Equality for All. Perhaps Greater Co-operation as an Organised Group Between Minority and Discriminated Factions around the UK, and the Wider World could well be the Only Logical way Forward in the Future, 'Together Stronger'.                            



 L.W.JONES Dipsw (Social Worker) 2016 





The Author would like to take this Opportunity to Thank the Ten's of Thousands of People around the World that have Engaged with this Website, which is quite amazing as this site has no budget for advertising, or opportunity for exposure on the UK mainstream or regional Media. once again 'Thank you' for your Involvement.  




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