To Clarify, the author of this Work is Not a Nationalist or a Unionist, just in complete favour of what ever makes Wales more Equal, Prosperous and Valued in the future. This Website and attached Book are Completely Unique in the Sense that it is the First to Focus on Britain and the English Welsh Relationship from a Distinctly Welsh Day to Day Perspective (so From the Inside Looking Out as Opposed to From the Outside Looking In), asking many previously avoided Awkward Questions but most importantly with possible Solutions. Indeed 'Learning to ask Awkward Questions is Essential to the Development of a 'Mature' Society' (Socrates). There are Thousands of Books and Millions of pieces of Literature Focusing on an English Perspective of the UK and Britain, which usually Frames Wales as part of England or does not mention Wales at all. However, this Text Uniquely Focuses on Wales as a Distinct Separate Historic recognised Nation to England, with it's Own Specific Social and Economic Concerns within the UK and British Context. Moreover, this Work is Not an attempt to Divide England and Wales (as they are Already Historically Divided Because of Slander and Inequality). It is actually an attempt to provide an Opportunity to 'Unite', using a New Approach of Genuine Equality and Respect (as Opposed to Ongoing Historic UK Slander and Inequality) by Exposing Disrespect and Inequality to Highlight what may Need to Change and How, to Encourage the UK's Possible Long Term Cohesive Future (if it's not to late already?) as Equal Partnersor Not (and if Not then Other Alternatives Will Need to be Sought) in this Technological 'New Information Age' (with the Internet, Google & Social Media) where 'Inequality' and 'Disrespect' is so much Easier to 'Identify' and 'Highlight' Now...                                   




A 'Psychological Weapon' Used to Embolden the English and Tame the Welsh...

Please excuse the Crude 'Sheep Shagger' Bestiality Slander Term that has been presented here, however this term is used to Slander the Welsh People each Man, Women & Child. If I did not present the term used in its true form then I undermine the purpose of this text which is to present a truthful perspective through a 'Christian'ethos, whilst further writing in a 'Non Convoluted' Manner that can be easily understood by everyone (as asserted by Albert Einstein, 'If you can't explain a subject matter simply, you don't understand it well enough'). Moreover, if I did not present this term in the way it is used then it would also not Demonstrate to the reader the 'Venom' and 'Intent' apparently present within the Slander. Indeed the Welsh Sheep Shagger (Bestiality) term is Widely Considered by many to be one of the 'Crudest' and most 'Vulgar' Racial Slander Terms in the World!. This derogatory Slander Label is highlighted because the Welsh people and Wales should Not own this Deception; it is the Responsibility of the people who Created this Lie to Own the Shame and Embarrassment caused through such a 'Crude' term. As it does appear that over time, if told enough times (Media & Society) Some people within a Racially Slandered Minority Group may begin to Internalise and Believe the slander told about their Race and begin to own that prejudice as the truth regarding their own Racial identity, even though logically they know at first hand that it is a Falsification? Any Welsh Ownership of this 'Bestiality' Slander Label appears to Induce a Bizarre form of 'Self Harm', as a direct consequence of repeated 'Social Psychological Conditioning'(Socialised to Accept the Abnormal as Normal?), apparently predominantly Induced through the London based Mainstream British Media. As stated by Joseph Goebbels (1897-1945), the head of Nazi Media Propaganda in the 1930's & 40's,'Repeat a Lie Often Enough and it Becomes the Truth'. Historically Repeating the 'Same' derogatory Racial Slander (Welsh Sheep Shaggers) Continuously through the London Based British Media is vastly Contrary to One Off, 'Different' & 'Varied' Interpersonal Racial comments (although still essentially Racist), as 'Repeated' London controlled Media (the Only Mainstream Media in Britain) backed Racial Slander, 'Over Time', moves onto 'Widespread' Negative Racial 'Stereotyping'. This then suggests that 'All' people within a certain Race or Group, Do or Are the Common Stereotype. As a Consequence these targeted groups, Over Time, are then Publicly Seen as Predominantly Just the Commonly Repeated Negative Stereotype and Not as 'People' (which appears to 'Dehumanise' any Slandered Group by attempting to Reduce them down to Just a Singular Negative Stereotype). Although, ​what murky depths of Depravity and Insecurity must be present in a Slanderers mind to Create and Perpetuate such a Crude Anti-Christian term (Bestiality) in order to Defame the Welsh people’s Character and Reputation? However, given the news (2016) regarding David Cameron (Prime Minister) and pig heads being used for oral sex as Initiations in elite English Institutions, this might shed some light on the English Establishment's apparent deviant mind set and the apparent source of the bestiality thought process? There are a Million ways to Slander a person and their Race, what Normal person(s) thinks of Bestiality as one of them?!....       

It does appear that this Welsh Sheep Shagger Bestiality slander term has been Historically used by the Welsh oppressors to Psychologically Subdue and Constrain Wales to Maintain their longstanding 'Inherited Colonial Stranglehold(Still Present to this Day) over the Welsh people through the Generations by attempting to use Humiliation and Shame as a Reactive Weapon (To Psychologically put them Back In Their Place if they Get Idea's Above Their Station). The Welsh people's supposed Limited Aspiration for their Own Nation appears to be primarily achieved through the London Controlled Media ensuring that the Welsh population remain apparently 'Psychologically down trodden' (& Uninformed). This Underlying Subtle Cognitive state, over time (through a Continuous 'Drip Drip' affect) appears to Erode the Confidence required to Openly question Why Wales 'Historicalland Continuously' has Some of the Same Poorest Regions in the 'Whole of Europe(when comparing EU funding for deprived​ areas in Europe identified as under the EU set poverty line, predominantly situated in the Welsh Valleys), whilst being 'Part Of' the Historically Affluent UK, which currently presents as the Fifth Wealthiest Country (IMF outlook 2017) on Earth, with Wales also Historically & Consistently remaining the 'Poorest Nation in the UK' (Joseph Rowntree Foundation 2017). Plus even the Confidence and Opportunity Required to Seriously Assess and Open up for Genuine Public Balanced Media Debate and Evaluation if this Forced Inherited Ongoing Historic Colonial English Dominance (A 'Non Democratic' Arrangement 'Imposed' in 1707 with the 'Act of Union'), that Still Exists to this Day, has been a Positive or Negative force for Wales over the Centuries?...                                   


As a Fair and Balanced Independence or Not Review (Referendum) may be required for the genuine Welsh people to Finally 'Democratically' Decide for themselves if this Historically Imposed membership of the UK is something they actually 'Consent' too as Equal Partners (Wales has Never been allowed a Democratic Vote to be in the UK in all it's Centuries Old History)?... Otherwise Wales will Always Remain in the Colonial Past where they were Forced to join the UK Without their agreement (1707 Act of Union in a time when mass Democracy did Not exist in Britain), Continuing the 'Same Old Tired' ongoing Inherited English/Welsh Master/Servant Relationship Based on Past Historic Imposed Colonial Force and Not as New Modern Consenting Democratic Partners (See 'Describing the Welsh & English Relationship' under the 'What is Britishness' heading above). As stated by Woodrow Wilson, 'YOU CANNOT BE FRIENDS UPON ANY OTHER TERMS, THAN UPON THE TERMS OF EQUALITY'. Although, Wales constantly being told by the London Media that it is 'Too Poor'to be Independent(if that is the Up to Date Modern 'Democratic' Choice of the genuine Welsh people??) can be Compared with a Controlling Partner in an (involuntary) Marriage using their Dominance and Influence to 'Restrict their Partners Finances and Financial Opportunities', and then repeatedly using their partners Induced 'Low Income Against Them' by saying that 'You Can't Possibly Go' because you are 'Too Poor to Leave' as you will not be able to'Survive on your Own without my Money'(apparently Creating an ongoing 'Financial Dependency' which further Creates a Palpable 'Fear of the Unknown'). Yet in the Historic and Continuous Absence of a Modern Balanced Public Media Debate to provide 'Both Sides of the Story' (although the British Media is Controlled from London) the Welsh seem to remain permanently 'Paralysed' by this one sided suggestion, which appears to be an attempt to permanently 'Shut Down' any Impartial Historic or Future Independence Evaluation, Debate or Discussion as part of a Long Overdue Urgent Assessment of the already Extremely Limited Improvement possibilities available to the Welsh people? (Wales is Historically & Continuously the Poorest in the UK, with some the same Poorest areas in Europe due to Underdevelopment & Under funding, with the most over reliance on state funded public sector jobs due to the least Business & Tourism income in the UK, with one of the most vulgar slander terms (Bestiality) in the World directly attached to their name). Although the Ideal Utopia would be a United Kingdom where each Nation and people are Equally treated with Fairness and Respect, the Harsh Reality is that after 'Three Centuries' and counting (since the Undemocratic Imposed Act of Union in 1707) the 'Evidence Strongly Confirms' (after a 300 year test study, which must be the longest in history!!) that this may never actually happen (at what point does Hope become Stupidity?). As all Options Must Remain on the Table and None ruled out Because of proposed 'Fear', since Wales already has Very Few tangible Alternatives for Development and Growth when Regarding their Future possible Progress or Continued Historic Ongoing Stagnation and Underdevelopment (however, the evidence does appear to confirm that every small nation that has gained Independence, particularly within the wealthy Geographic region of Europe, has thrived (compared to what it was) and would never consider going back)?  See 'Wales in Purgatory' heading above for some further possible options?                                                                   

​​​​​​​​​​This some what Insidious and Subtle 'Psychological Manipulation' appears to take the form of attempting to Create a Shame, Unease or even Embarrassment at Simply Identifying as being part of the Welsh Nation, or Just Happening to Originate from Wales, at Risk of being Labelled and Mocked as a 'Sheep Shagger(Tarnishing a Persons Individuall Reputation through a Crude Association with Bestiality)and being Exposed to possible Further Reduced UK Career/Business Opportunity and Ongoing Associated UK Prejudice as a Consequence. Without this apparent Background Stress or Concern of a 'Well Known' Vulgar 'Publicly Advertised' and 'Unchallenged' Inappropriate Derogatory Stereotyped specific Racial Slander Label ever even Crossing the Minds of Any (Child or Adult) of the Majority English Population, when they Migrate Around the UK for Education, or to Live, Retire, Work and/or Set Up Businesses. As a result there appears to be Many Welsh People Residing in England (the Disproportionately 'Wealthiest', 'Largest' and 'Dominant' Nation in the UK, with 85% of the UK Population and 54% of the Landmass) that Seem to have 'Consciously' Masked their 'Welsh Accent' (& Hide their Welsh roots) in an attempt to 'Avoid Prejudice & Slander', and to Further Increase their Wider UK 'Career Opportunities' (Lord Micheal Heseltine (UK Politics), Roald Dahl (Author), John Humphrys (UK Media) & David Sullivan (West Ham United Owner) amongst 'Numerous' other historic & ongoing UK examples), as an individuals Accent is 'Initially' the only main identifying feature of a Welsh person (To Clarify, Racism, Slander or Discrimination Based on 'Another Persons' Nationality, Race or Ethnicity being a Criminal Offence, Inter-racial Internal Regional Injustice or Comments 'Within & Between' the Majority anglo-saxon population (the same Race/Nation) is Not). As it appears that a Welsh person can Ultimately be as Naturally Talented and Gifted, or even as Academically Qualified as they can be at the End of their Educational process (Graduate), but Without 'Equal Career or Business Possibility' within the 'Whole' of Britain (as a Consequence of Subtle Minority Discrimination) these Skills and Abilities May ultimately become Unusable (as demonstrated with the majority of successful Welsh people having to find unimpeded success either on the internet or abroad)? I am sure we are all Familiar with the term, that on Many Occasions 'It's 'Who' You Know Not 'What' You Know(Which is Fine as Part of the Largest Majority or the Privileged English Establishment Group within Britain), although it does appear that presenting as a Negatively Stereotyped & Discriminated UK Minority seems to Severely Limit that Pool of Business (Career) Possibility within the 'Whole' of Britain (the British Internal Market Economy accounts for 80% of the Whole UK Wealth), which is 'Easily Evidenced' with the Notable Severe Lack of 'British Nation Wide' (openly) Welsh Based or Owned Companies, and as a direct Consequence Wales is Historically the Most Over Reliant Nation in the UK on State Funded Public Sector Jobs. As 'Identified' and 'Explained' by Mahatma Ghandi, 'Poverty is the Worst Form of Violence'you can do to a people (sporadic Physical Violent Acts of Oppression pass into History, but Poverty & Hardship is an Ongoing 'Daily Grind' for Generation after Generation),  with UK Inequality Further Evidenced recently in 2016 when 'OXFAM' Identified the UK as, 'Yet Again', 'One of the Most Unequal Economies in the Western Developed World'.       

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​In addition, the ​perceived prospect of Encountering possible Racial Slander along with the Associated Discrimination, Prejudice and subsequent Impeded Opportunity, Mostly Evident In England (however associated Racial Slander, like any Rumour, can sometimes spread further afield) appears to have also Historically made 'Some Gifted' Welsh people 'More Hesitant' (Less Confident) to Venture Out into the Wider Commercial World to Generally put themselves 'Out There', to Realise or Test any Academic, Business, Innovative, Entrepreneurial or Creative potential?! Although, this is certainly Not to say that the Majority of Welsh People are Delicate and cannot Withstand the 'Discrimination', 'Racism' & 'Stereotyping' within the UK, But It Most Definitely Is to Say that they 'Shouldn't Have Too' in their Own Homeland of the British Isles?!... However, It is perfectly 'Normal' to seek Equality and Fairness, indeed to 'Not' seek Equality and 'Accept' Unfairness, could well be considered as 'Abnormal' (through the possible effects of Low Self Esteem where by certain people may not feel Worthy of being treated as Equals)!... To Clarify, the Oxford English Dictionary's Definition of 'Racism' is stated as, 'the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities or qualities specific to that race, especially as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races'.So when relating this Definition to Wales, the Welsh have an Imposed 'Characteristic' of Bestiality 'Specific' to 'All' of them in the UK, therefore apparently Suggested as Inferior, English people do not have the same Bestiality Label in the UK (through their own London UK Media), therefore apparently Suggested (by themselves) as Superior from people who Supposedly engage in Subhuman Bestiality (this theory also applies to the other UK Nations, with the Scottish Labelled as Dour, Sweaty Losers and the Irish as Stupid, both Labels England do not have, indeed England as a Nation are Not Subject to Any Derogatory Labelling in the UK)? Just to further Clarify, according to the Oxford English Dictionary's Definition of the term 'Race' it is stated as A Group Descended from a Common Ancestry’, as Wales Descends from their 'Celtic Nation's Ancestry', then the Answer to the Question ‘Is Wales a Distinct Race of people within the British Isles’ would be ‘Yes’. Equally, the English Descend from their own unique 'Anglo-Saxon Ancestry' also within the British Isles, making England and Wales uniquely separate Races within Britain (See 'What is Britishness' in heading above), which means that any Constant Crude Derogatory Slander between England and Wales (the Powerful UK Majority Demeaning a Less Powerful UK Minority) is Legally Racism (towards the 'Other') and not just inter racial internal 'Banter' between themselves. (See 'Race Laws UK & EU' in the headings above for more information on 'How Welsh People Are Legally Recognised & Defined as a Distinct Race within the British Isles').                          ​​

There are More Ways to Control than just the 'Sword' (Physically)Control can also be Achieved through the 'Word' (Psychologically). However, 'Confidence'and 'Self Belief' are Vital Tools required for the Development of Business, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and ultimate Prosperity, as well as Promoting Wales and its Voice to the Wider International Audience, So Surely Anything that could Compromise these Vital Components to Success and Prosperity Needs Urgently Challenging?!... I do feel it is pertinent to express the following quote that provides an understanding of how Negative Stereotyping through Discrimination can affect the Welsh people as a whole, and indeed any Slandered Minority Race or Group. Beaver, Brewster and Neaum (2004) describe Discrimination and it's Effects as ‘Discrimination is when a group in society is more powerful than another group and holds negative stereotypical attitudes towards them. This reduces the discriminated group’s life chances and achievements’. However, Perhaps More Pertinent to the Future of Wales is the effects of Negative Stereotyping through Discrimination and Prejudice on the Developing 'Self Esteem' and 'Self Worth' of the'Children of Wales' (which is also said to affect Lifelong Mental and Physical Health, with an overall 'Extra' Detrimental affect on general 'Well-being', as stated by the American Psychological Association, 'Race Related Stress was a Significantly More Powerful Risk Factor than (every day) Stressful Life Events for Psychological Distress'), as further suggested by Tassoni, Beith, Bulman and Eldridge (2007), Negative stereotypes can damage a child's developing sense of self worth and self esteem. They may grow up with a view of themselves as inferior. They may not try out new activities for fear of failure. They may achieve less at school’. Although possessing Confidence certainly does Not mean that a person will Automatically be Good at Everything, but what it can Do, is to Allow a person the Resilience to Repeatedly Face the Fear of Failure in the Pursuit of Ultimately Finding what they are Talented at. In addition, an Experiment undertaken by Jane Elliot, a school teacher in the USA when Discussing the Topic of Racism in 1968, with her 'Blue Eyes-Brown Eyes' ​exercise, Further appears to Underline the Inherent but Subtle Power of Discrimination. This Experiment involved simply dividing her class into Two Groups, based Solely on Just their Eye Colour, 'blue eyes' and 'brown eyes', the whole group were told that the blue eyes were Superior to the brown eyes. Initially there was Resistance to this from the brown eyes, but on hearing the explanation that blue eyes were simply 'genetically' better than brown eyes due to added amounts of 'Melanin', the colour pigment which aided such attributes as intelligence (a Lie), their Resistance quickly died away. Those who were told they were Superior became 'bossy and arrogant' (Confident) and otherwise unpleasant to the Inferior classmates, with Improved Grades and Completing Mathematical and Reading tasks considered out of their ability previously (the Power of Confidence). The Inferior group of brown eyes were also transformed, but into 'timid and subservient' children, who started to score More Poorly on Tests (the Power of Discrimination), including those who had Previously been considered the most accomplished, Confident and Dominant in their class.                                                                                                                                     

​​​​​​​This Crude Derogatory ‘Welsh Sheep Shagger’ (Bestiality) Label Needs to be Exposed and Explored as Racism and a Lie on the 'Public Stage' (although the apparent Control of the London Based British Mainstream Media by the Central London English Establishment in the UK does present as a Significant Historic Obstacle) to Reduce the Chances of the Future and Existing Children of Wales being Exposed to a Greater Possibility of Developing 'Lower Confidence' and a Poorer 'Self Identity' (As a Result of Socially Accepted Generalised Racial Slander & Mockery) in their Formative years, Identified as a Crucial Time in a Child's Developing 'Sense of Self', and Subconsciously taking that on at 'Differing Levels' into Adulthood? Then in Adulthood many Welsh people appear to just 'IGNORE' the Discrimination and Stereotyping with APATHY (the 'I Don't Care' approach) although like with all underlying issues, this does not mean that this Subtle Racial Undermining Process does not still exist for themselves, their Family, their Nation and the Next Generation of Welsh people (Children), and has gone away (Indeed when you Ignore a situation it usually just gets worse), as 'a Different World Cannot be Made by Indifferent People'(Peter Marshall). It just seems to mean that when a person feels 'POWERLESS' to change their situation they have to Psychologically Compartmentalise the Racial Slander to Minimise it's affects on their Individual Psychological Welfare and general Self Identity (a Basic Instinctive Human Coping Mechanism). Although it is a Basic Inalienable Fact that 'YOU CAN'T CHANGE WHAT YOU DON'T ACKNOWLEDGE'! However, the most Effective Model for Change was first introduced by the Psychologist Gerard Egan in 1975 with his book 'The Skilled Helper'. In this Book he asks three main Questions (in this case of Wales), Where are you Now (the Poorest in the UK & Crudely Slandered), Where would you like to be (Wealthier & Not having their Reputation being Trashed) and How to get there (See 'How can Wales be Improved' further on in this Text).       

It seems Extremely Plausible that there could well be a 'Direct Link' between Historic Welsh 'Discrimination' and 'Stereotyping' in the UK, with it's Evidenced Detrimental 'Eroding Effects' on Core 'Self Belief' (a Vital underlying Element to Success & Aspiration) and the apparent Lack of UK Wide 'Opportunity' for Welsh people (a Further Vital Element to UK Achievement & the Foundation to Wider International Success) when Providing a 'Logical Explanation' for the Historic & Ongoing 'Scarceness' of successful Business's Owned or Initiated by Genuine Welsh people Operating out of Wales in the 'Wider UK' Market (which accounts for 80% of the Whole UK Financial Wealth). These Two Factors of the Historic Subtle Erosion of'Self Belief' through Slander (with the further associated Detrimental affects on the Welsh peoples Wider Outward International Reputation) combined with the apparent Restriction of UK Wide Business & Career 'Opportunity' for recognised Welsh people (through ongoing subtle Discrimination & Negative Bias by being seen as the 'Other', almost the Enemy), appears to present as the Only 'Plausible Explanation' for the Glaringly Obvious 'Historic' and 'Ongoing' Poor Welsh Economic Under achieving, as it does appear that you cannot permanently be the UK's Poorest all the time throughout the Decades Without Any Random Periods of Prosperity, Unless it is Engineered(Wales is 'Historically' the 'Poorest Nation in the UK', with 'Consistently' Some of the 'Same' Poorest Areas in the 'Whole of Europe​')? Along with the further Continuous presence of the much maligned Insufficient Childhood Educational attainment in Wales (the Future of Wales) as Compared with England, who's Children do Not Suffer the same Eroding Prejudice, Discrimination and Widespread Crude UK Media Stereotyping through their Formative years, and indeed into adulthood in the UK. However, this is Certainly Not to say that Low Self Esteem does not Exist in England (the Majority tribe),indeed it is argued that Racism is a Direct Product of Low Self Esteem (the 'NEED' to feel superior to someone), but it is to say that any form of Low Self Esteem experienced in England will Not be 'Evident' or 'Contributed too' as a Direct Consequence of the Subtle Eroding ('Drip Drip' affects) of Ongoing Racial Slander & Associated Discrimination within the UK. As Welsh Children (the brown eyes), in their Formative years appear 'Socialised' both 'Psychologically' (through Slander) and 'Culturally'(through the Central London based British Media) as well as it then being widely Generally 'Socially' Inferred and Accepted (which appears to set the Early Years Foundation for the 'Acceptance' of a Master/Servant Relationship Between England & Wales on the Welsh people, as that is all they have known, although this does not make it Right?) that they are generally Projected and therefore naturally Perceived by Many to be in an overall 'Lower Status' than people who can be Identified as part of the UK Majority tribe (the blue eyes), and then InevitablEventually taking this on Consciously or Subconsciously at 'Varying Levels' into Adulthood (See 'Describing the Welsh Relationship with England' under the 'What is Britishness' heading above). As the Formative Early Childhood Years (0-10) are said to Hard Wire Information in a Child's Developing Brain to Form the Permanent Basic Underlying Foundation of an adults Ongoing Personality and Socialisation (Centre for the Developing Child/Harvard University 2009). However, 'All Minority Groups around the World must Understand that No One is Superior to You, without Your Consent'....                       

Make No Mistake, this English Establishment Group Still Exploit their Own English Nation's People on Mass As Well. Although, 'Crucially' being part of the 'Majority tribe' in the UK (if not directly in the Elite English Establishment Group) still means that they Escape Repeated Crude Mass National Media Derogatory Stereotyping and associated Prejudice (which can Erode National & Individual Confidence and therefore Personal Expectation), and are more likely to be Provided with Further UK Opportunity and Favour (Vital in UK Business & Career Success as well as moving on to more Powerful UK wide Government, Business, Career & UK Operational positions) through their Own familiar 'Majority tribe' who are 85% of the UK Population (by being considered as one of their own). The main 'Equality Catch 22 Dilemma' in the UK and the apparent reason why Inequality is still Historically ongoing with no logical end in sight, is that the very people who have the Power to ensure Equality in the UK are the very people that Equality will Hurt the Most. To Clarify, if you give up your privilege for a more equal society then you no longer hold the advantage, which means you will be competing against people on equal terms and will have to rely on superior talent and ability, a significant problem and Risk for those without these skills. So the whole of UK society appears to have to hope that the privileged English Establishment would suddenly (after Centuries of Personally Unearned Inherited Privilege) have a 'Change of Heart' and 'Autonomously' and 'Altruistically' give up their centuries old inherited advantage on Mass to provide greater UK Equality for all, a highly unlikely scenario (& so it continues). The Primary Difference between a Person 'With' a 'Personally Unearned Privileged Connected Background within the Majority tribe' and the Person 'Without', is easy Access to 'Greater Opportunity'. Along with the ongoing Security of their families personal Finances (in their Personal life, Careers & Business), with the Entitlement to Remain in their provided positions (or eventually move, at their convenience, to another privileged position) if found to be Incompetent (a regular occurrence in UK Government & Associated Organisations). It is not that people are Jealous of these privileged people as all societies need leadership, but it is to say that it is a 'Basic Human Instinct' to just want 'Fairness', to 'Play on an Even Playing Field' so that these leaders are allocated on genuine talent and ability not apparently Predestined at birth or in certain elite schools regardless of ability. This 'Natural Instinct' to want perceived 'Fairness' is also evidenced by large sections of the privileged English Establishment themselves when stating the same overall reason they wanted to leave the European Union (2016). Nevertheless, Capitalism is a great concept but unfortunately predominantly for the Inherited Privileged (again regardless of ability), as no on else will have the Opportunity to properly exploit these Capitalist principles in the UK without Connections to Power (Opportunity) and easy access to Disposable Investment Money (Capital). It's not that Capitalism is a bad thing, it is that the people who gain the money are mainly within an Elite Club with the Money and Opportunity staying Historically within that Elite Club not being evenly spread around the UK through all Classes, Ethnicities, and Backgrounds.      

It does appear Important here to Explain the Comparative Populations of the English as Contrasted against the Welsh Population within the UK, in order to Provide an Understanding of the Differing Democratic 'Power Bases'. The Current Population of Wales is estimated at 3 Million people (approx 5% of the British Population) a 'Minority', with the English Establishment still Possessing the Capacity to Limit and Restrain Powers in the Welsh National Assembly (Welsh Government), along with 'No' National Mainstream UK Wide Welsh Based (Owned or Independently Edited, Produced or Directed) Television Channel or any Other National Mainstream Media Outlets (such as a National Mainstream UK Wide Newspaper for example) that are both Historically not allowed in Wales by the Central London English Establishment Authorities (how can you Explore Ideas or Change Narratives without the ability to Communicate?). As Easily Evidenced by the Fact that Historically there 'Has Never Been', and 'There Is No' Mainstream National UK Wide Media Outlets (Broadcasting or Print) Based or Owned in Any of the Other UK Celtic Home Nations to this Day. (National is to say that can be Accessed by 'All' the people within the UK, Regional is Only for people within set Specific Individual Regions of the UK). In Contrast, the Current English Population is 55 Million People, out of the Entire UK Wide Population of 66 Million People(ONS 2016), which is approximately 85% of the Entire potential British Voting Population, the 'Majority', so in an Amalgamated Combined 'UK Wide' Supposed Democratic General Vote 'You Do The Maths'!..The Overwhelming Majority, who's ongoing Establishment Figures also Crucially appear to Historically Control all the Mainstream UK Wide Nationally accessible Media in Britain (Broadcasting and Print), as well as Ultimately all British Wide Laws, Tax, Business, Politics and Finances (mainly through the central 'UK Government' regardless of which Mainstream London Political Party may be in Power at any given time, as these Private School and/or Oxbridge Members are at the Historic Main Operational Core in All the Mainstream London based Political Parties). Although, there is Undoubtedly a Need for Leaders within any Union in order to Provide a Direction, but these Positions must be Open to 'Anyone' within that Union to be Able to Move Freely Into the Ruling Establishment (English Establishment) or even then Relegated Out, based on Talent, Performance or Skill, not just Historically Restricted to Race (White), Nationality (English) and Background (Upper Class with personally Unearned Inherited Exclusive Substantial Connections & Money) as a strict Historic Permanent Requirement 'Regardless of Ability' (with some Obvious Selected PublicTokens), widening the Pool (outside of this shallow elite gene pool) of Included Talent means More possibility of Finding Better for Britain as a whole. Which might account for the apparent Ineptitude of many of our UK leaders, and then Further Serve to Provide Social Cohesion regarding the Wider British Context Based on 'Real Tangible Ability', a Genuine 'British Establishment. Perhaps then making Britain the 'New Land of Opportunity' regardless of Background, Race or Nationality?...                                                      

​​​​​​The London Centred Mainstream British Media is the Most Effective way to Spread 'Negative' or 'Positive' Messages on Mass in the UK. Propaganda can be Repeatedly Transmitted Instatntly On MassDirectly into Peoples Homes Across the Whole Land (UK),the Power of the British National Mainstream Media to Direct the Narrative in the UK can Never be Over Stated!!...(to Clarify, the Oxford English Dictionary Definition of the term 'PROPAGANDA' is stated as, 'Information Especially of a Biased or Misleading Nature, Used to Promote a Political Cause Or Point of View'). This Subtle Directing of Thoughts and Opinions through the London Based British Media and Structures was First 'Highlighted' and 'Recognised' by Noam Chomsky, who was one of the Founders of the Field of 'Cognitive Science', when he Identified that, 'The First Modern 'Propaganda Agency' was the 'British Ministry of Information' a Century ago which Secretly Defined it's Task as to 'Direct The Thoughts Of Most Of The World'. It appears that who ever Controls the National Mainstream Media in the UK in Broadcasting and Print (the Central London Based English Establishment?) can Mould the 'Thoughts', 'Opinions', 'Narratives' and 'Attitudes' of that Whole Country to their Will. As stated by Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865), 'He who Mould's Opinion is Greater than He who Enacts Law'. As the most effective way to prevent Awkward Questions (Free Speech) and Impose Censorship on the Sly is toDeny a Platform, which is achieved in the UK, by the London English Establishment, with Full and Total Historic and Ongoing Control over all Forms of UK Public Media (Broadcasting & Print). This has worked Amazingly Well, particularly since the early 1930's when Television and Radio were just being introduced into mainstream public society (previous to this the Printed word only) and then rapidly used as Government Controlled Public Information tools, by Stopping the Voices and Messages (Behind the Scenes) they do not like and Allowing the one's they do (Censorship). Previous to this highly effective No Platforming approach they used to Imprison or Kill subversive thinkers, although this caused a problem as they were then turned into Martyr's. However, with the advent of Social Media and the Internet this New Technology undermines the UK Governments No Platforming approach as the Internet provides it's own Public Platforms for Ideas to any one without Censorship. Although it does appear that the British Media in order to regain this Vital Media Control have already started to Undermine External Public Platforms & Information Sources (Facebook, Twitter & Google as just a couple of examples) Outside of the UK Media Loop by appearing to suggest that if the Information is Not From a London Orchestrated British Media Platform, then it must be Fake News (as only we always tell the Truth)?...                                    


Alternatively, there are also some 'Positive' Examples of 'Good Publicity' (Positive Propaganda) regarding 'Reputation & Character' Spread through the London Orchastrated British Mainstream Media in the UK apparently regarding Only people in English Cities and Regions (Using such tools as Sit Com's, Soap's, Drama's, Mini Series, News, Advertising, Film's & Documentaries, Radio, as well as National Newspaper's & Magazine's, for example) by the Spreading of the term 'Geezer' (Cockney's) to insinuate that all London people are streetwise and popular (lovable rogues), also 'Scouser' for Liverpool people to insinuate they are witty and not to be trifled with, 'Geordie's' from Newcastle who are depicted through the Media as tough but friendly, and 'Salt of the Earth' for Yorkshire people to assume that all people in Yorkshire are honest, gritty and trustworthy, to name but a Few English Regional Examples of 'Positive Labelling (Propaganda)' through the London Controlled UK Wide National Mainstream Media's. These 'Favourable Stereotypes' are still a Fabrication of the truth by the London Centred Media, as to Generalise about Groups of Millions of people possessing Exactly the Same 'Favourable' Personality Traits is 'Nonsensical', much like Racism but in Reverse, yet with a Positive Slant. This presentation of a 'Positive' Image of People, Cities or Regions in your 'Own Nation' but seeming to present a 'Negative' Overall Image of the 'Other Nations' in the UK (Including Other Minority Groups) can be Categorised in 'Psychology' as possessing a 'Positive Regard' for your 'Own', the Opposite being a'Negative Regard' for the 'Other' (Carl Rogers 1957)Let's Present a Simple Example of 'Positive' & 'Negative' Regard in Action to Demonstrate the'SUBTLE' but 'Powerful' Difference Between the Two. Take for Example an 'Ageing Car', this Car can be Described with 'Negative Regard' as an 'Old Banger', But the 'Same Car' can be Described with 'Positive Regard' as 'Vintage'!... (See p118-131 of the Free Electronic Book Version above for more Information on the 'British Media'). As further Demonstrated in the UK Media (Wales has No National or International Media so are Solely Reliant on England) by the Contrast of Favour and Positive National (which expands out Internationally) Media Propaganda and Public Recognition between Gareth Bale/David Beckham (Soccer), Joe Calzaghe/Ricky Hatton (Boxing), as well as Andy Murray/Tim Henman (Tennis) as just a few relatively recent examples (See'Why do English People Generally Describe Themselves as British?' under the 'What is Britishness' heading above, paragraph 2).              

This Subtlety of Unequal Favouritism in most aspects of British life is why Discrimination of this nature is so Difficult to Identify and Prove, although it Can be Evidenced by 'Assessing Continuous Outcomes', which 'Over Time' will Identify, Develop and Demonstrate a'Pattern of Behaviour'. Which is to say, if the Outcomes appear Disproportionately in Favour of One particular Nation (& their people) Continuously over any given time period in the UK, as Opposed to Sometimes Favouring any of the Four UK Nation's Randomly with No Repeated Pattern of Predominant Favour to One particular Nation (which would be the case if Outcomes where Randomly happening Unimpeded). Particularly pertinent if that Predominantly Favoured Group have the Ultimate Power to alter Outcomes to their Advantage, and the Other's in that group Do Not. As Evidenced by the Numerous Constant Historic Multi £Billion Pound Infrastructure Projects to improve the English Economy approved by the UK Government in London, England (such as recently for example HS2 Rail through the main Spine of England, South, Middle to North (cost £50 Billion) & HS3 Rail across the North of England 2017 (cost £7 Billion), Underground Crossrail extension in London 2017 (cost £15 Billion), Heathrow Airport extension agreed at a price of £18.6 billion (2018), even a New Sewage System in London priced at £5 Billion in 2018) whilst at the Same Time Nothing allowed in Wales (Swansea Tidal Energy Lagoon priced at 1.4 £Billion & Electrified Rail Lines priced at 400 Million Blocked by the UK Government in 2018) as a few Easy Recent Examples. This contemporary approach of Assessing Outcomes can be described as'The Pattern of Intent' (Outcomes Equals Intent). (See 'Wales in Purgatory' heading above, under 'Wales in a State of Ongoing Purgatory?' heading, paragraph eighteen regarding Pattern of Intent).                                                                                                                                              

​​In addition, it appears that any Media not directly Central London English Establishment owned in the UK seems to be Immediately Edited, Directed, Commissioned and Produced by English Establishment Representatives at Ground and Management Level, with any Foreign Owners (Rupert Murdoch & Family as an example) possibly presenting with more of a 'Hands Off' approach (Collecting the Financial Profit)? So appearing to allow the existing London based Editors, Directors, Procurement and Producers to continue creating news, shows and story lines that they personally feel will sell to their own familiar 'British' audiences (so Fundamentally then Periodically Different Owners, but Essentially the Same Core People who Work and Recruit there?). Even the Local Regional Media in Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland (the Local News, Newspapers & Regional Local TV Channels) are predominantly either Owned, Edited or Indirectly Controlled from London (even including the Regional Welsh Speaking S4C channel, which is Controlled & Funded by the BBC in London, for example). As of course, all Forms of potential Propaganda 'Fall at the First Hurdle' in the UK, if you do not have 'Total Control' of All Aspects of the 'British Mainstream UK Wide National (& International) Media in Broadcasting and Print(as without Total UK National Media Control in Broadcasting & Print any Messages, Assumptions or Narratives Promoted in the London based UK Media could be Countered, Challenged or Neutralised).This apparent Total Dominance by the Central London English Establishment appears to Historically Ensure Only their Singular 'Self Imposed' Voice Represents and Directs the Narrative for the Whole of the UK and each individual UK Nation. The alleged Paradox being that if this level of subtle underlying Control (an Obvious 'London Centred' UK Media 'MONOPOLY') over the whole UK National Mainstream Media apparently by the Central London Predominantly Private Schooled, Oxbridge English Establishment Network (the Old Boys Club), in Broadcasting and Print, were being demonstrated abroad, the British (London) Media would quite possibly be the First to Label that Countries Media as a 'State Run Media'. Even though ultimately it Appears that the BBC itself is an Historic and Ongoing State Funded Organisation resulting from Government Law makers in London, with the distinct Possibility that the Authority that Generates Funds for any Organisation would be an obvious Primary Force within that Corporation? Indeed, with the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) and the Partly BBC Funded Channel 4, the Main Television Channel(s) in the UK which are Orchestrated from London, it is a Legal Requirement that 'All' UK citizens (Households) Pay a Yearly Subscription of £147 (2016) and rising year on year, 'Whether they Want or Use their Service or Not', with UK Government Enforced Prison as an Ultimate Sanction for Non-payment. This Ongoing Legally Enforceable UK Law would be like saying for Example in Modern Times that a person Must Pay for a 'Sky Sports Subscription' (Whether they Like Sport or Not!) or they will ultimately be put in Prison, which in a so called free country is clearly 'Insane'?!...(surely Paying a Subscription to Watch the BBC or Not should be Optional?!) So in Essence then, the tragic Irony appears to be that Welsh people are Forced to Pay for a large part of their Own Negative UK Media Propaganda!?...                

The term ‘Sheep Shagger’ to describe 'All' Welsh people is a Lie and Racist.There appears to be no firm DNA evidence that suggests that any 'Genuine' Welsh born person in history has ever had sex with a sheep, apart from 'Unconfirmable' Rumours and Lies with an apparent English Establishment accent... The 'Irony' is that the one Nation that appears to have made up this Deception and seems to use it’s Media in the UK to spread the Welsh Bestiality Lie further has had one of its own actually DNA Proven, Beyond Any Shadow of a Doubt, No Rumours or Lies, in a Court of Law, to have had Sex with Sheep. To further Clarify and Substantiate this statement, in 2008 a 27 year old Englishman was Arrested in Dulwich, South East London in England, as a result of Sex Attacks on Sheep. The man was traced after forensic scientists identified DNA recovered from a pair of jogging bottoms found at the scene of the crime. This item of clothing was left when the man was caught in the act and then fled the scene, furthermore his DNA (semen) was also apparently found inside various sheep. Although there is apparently no definitive DNA backed evidence (DNA Ensures No Rumours No Lies) that any 'Genuine' Welsh Person has had sex with sheep at any point in Welsh history, the English Establishment appear to have constructed this Lie, and continue to promote it through their National Mainstream UK Media, of course as England Control,Direct, Edit or Produce all the Media avenues in Britain (National as well as Regional Broadcasting & Print) this apparent Deception has No Opportunity to be Challenged or even Explored in the UK.                                   

However, let’s take the Scenario that this 'Englishman Legally DNA Convicted of Sex with Sheep' was Welsh. In this Scenario it would be Extremely 'Racist' to use this Crime (Bestiality is a Criminal Offence) as evidence that 'All' Welsh people have a natural biological slant to want sex with animals. This is Racist because the crime is the responsibility of that individual person not that persons Race. To assume that one deviant’s actions can then be used as a tool to slander that person’s whole entire Race, each Man, Woman and Child obviously could demonstrate a Disdain and Resentment for that Race and would be a Fabrication and Slander on that Group, Commonly Known as Racism. It would be like saying because Jimmy Savile, Gary Glitter, Barry Bennel, Max Clifford and Adam Johnson (amongst many many others) are all English Born Paedophiles, then all English people must be Paedophiles. Clearly this statement would not be true and indeed Racist, as the crimes of one person cannot be equated to that person’s 'Whole Entire' Race ("The Racist Element!").                 

The Main Question that Needs to be Posed with regard to Welsh Racist Slander is Where did the term ‘Sheep Shagger’ Derive from Originally? And is it a Lie? Do
'All' Welsh people by the definition that they are Biologically of Welsh heritage, shag sheep? (This is the 'Racist Element'). These apparent Racists and Liars clearly do not want to be Exposed as the Source of Racism and such a Crude Lie (so having the benefits of Demeaning & Subduing their supposed UK minority partners in the process of Emboldening themselves whilst not being directly identified as being unfair or oppressive), as there seems to be an ongoing attempt to Hide in the Darkness created through UK Media 'Anonymity'?Although, it has become Increasingly Difficult to Continue to Remain an apparent 'Anonymous Instigator' in today's Modern Internet World, as World Wide Information is easily accessible now and largely outside of the English Establishments's Direct Historic 'Traditional British Mainstream Media Control' in Broadcasting and Print. This apparent cloak of Anonymity Enabling possible 'Acts of Omission' (UN Human Rights) by the Central London English Establishment, which is Knowing Discriminatory Situations Exist (or even instigating them?) but persistently Neglecting to Publicly Act against it. In writing this particular segment I am reminded of an old Christian saying, which states that,'What Ever is Done in the Dark is Always Found by the Light' (Eventually!...)It does appear that the English Establishment provide the Target and Bulletsthrough publicising Racial Slander (regarding many UK Minority Groups not just the Welsh) on their apparent Various and Numerous UK Wide London Centred Mainstream National Media Outlets in Broadcasting and Print, which provides the Racial Ammunition for 'Sections' of their Majority (85%) general public to then metaphorically pull the trigger, thus possibly distancing themselves (English Establishment) from any Racist acts (the apparent Instigators?), as stated previously 'A Fish always Rots from the Head Down' (which is to say what ever happens at the top filters down to the bottom). The Oxford English Dictionary Definition of  an 'Instigator', 'A Person Who Brings About or Initiates Something'.                  

​​However, it has always been an easy task to identify where the term ‘Sheep Shagger’ came from, through simply using the process of elimination. Just look at which Nation in the World has possibly Evidenced and Demonstrated apparent  Contempt towards Wales since their creation to the present day. This task perhaps would be more complex if there were numerous countries Demonstrating Prolonged Disdain and Evidenced Oppression to the Welsh people over these Centuries. If more Nations where involved (who also Possessed a Well Documented Historic Past Track Record of Widespread Worldwide Colonialism) it may be a little more difficult to decipher which country may be the culprit, but as there has only ever apparently been one Nation,'Who Also Must Possess the Necessary Overall Power in the UK to Act on Their Prejudice', then the odds of identifying the Nation that has enough Evidence of prolonged Disdain and apparent Historic Contempt, accompanied with the required Power over the Welsh people, to construct possible Lies and Slander about them, may make the task slightly easier? (Remember even the Original Anglo-Saxon (Old English) Name of 'Wales' means 'Foreigners'). When you further factor in the Evidence that the Word 'Shag' or 'Shagger' is in the 'Everyday Colloquial Language of English', and the term 'Sheep Shagger' is only known and used as a slander term in relatively recent, previous or ongoing English associated colonies (Including AU,NZ,SA). Moreover, as this particular Nation appears to have an Historic Track Record of constructing slander against the Other Celtic Home Nations within the UK (Thick Irish (Paddy), Dour, Sweaty Losers, Scottish (Jocks), using their Dominance of the British Mainstream Media, as well as their overwhelming Power and Influence over every aspect of UK life as the UK Majority Population, then a particular Nations Name appears to continuously emerge?... Just out of Curiosity, How Quickly do you suppose the Central London English Establishment (UK Government) would React to Expose the Truth with a Counter Argument using the Full Force of their National and International London Based Media (Broadcasting & Print) if an Ongoing 'Repeated' Crude Derogatory Slander term was suddenly made up for their particular Nation?... As it would be Considered as Disrespectful, Offensive and Damaging to their Wider World Reputation, which would Impede on Business, Trade, Tourism, Global Relationships and their Overall Standing in the Wider World! However, as Identified by the prominent Philosopher Confucius, 'Do Not Do To Others What You Would Not Like Done To You'!... (particularly when your meant to be part of a Union!).                                   


The Evidence of the Origin of this Lie appears to be focused on the Central London English Establishment possibly initially through the creation of the Welsh Blue Books written in the late nineteen hundreds (1896) at the request of Queen Victoria. These series of blue books was an apparent Census conducted by the English Establishment Hierarchy on the Welsh people, after numerous complaints from residents on the English/Welsh South Eastern border of drunkenness and theft towards the English border towns. In these books the author suggested that some Welsh people were getting drunk and then ‘Lying down with animals'.Equally, there appears to be an apparent explanation (or Justification for Racism?) regarding some Welsh people in the 19th Century, stealing sheep which if caught they were subject to a significantly worse punishment than if a person said they were having sex with a sheep, as opposed to stealing it?!... However, this does not make too much sense as an explanation, as English people would also be subject to the Same Law within Britain?... Alternatively, and probably more Realistic, is that the Source and Reason for the Lie that 'All Welsh people just by virtue of their biological heritage engage in bestiality', is simply that the people who invented this term are just 'Racist Liars' who Instinctively posses a Socially Constructed Long Standing and Ongoing Loathing of the Welsh, Simply because the Welsh (Celtic) are 'Not English' (Anglo-Saxon) and 'Have Never Pretended To Be'. So are not (& have never been) accepted as 'One of their Own' (Foreigner's, the Anglo-Saxon translation for the name Wales), with a further underlying agenda of Imposing Historic 'Psychological Colonial Control', and of course Sheep and Shagging Just Happens to Rhyme!... When you are just 'Making Stuff Up', you do not need Solid Proof or Genuine Evidence, all you need is a Cruel Intent with some level of Insecurity. It does seem that trying to find a Logical Reason for this Slander term is assuming that these evidenced Racist's and Liars are rational, sensible human beings. Clearly this does Not appear to be the case given the further Evidence of the Disgusting subject matter of the slander. There ​does not have to be an authentic origin to people just 'Making Stuff Up', but there will always be a 'Motive' coupled with an'Insecurity'. The intent in this instance seems to be to shame and undermine Wales and the Welsh people through any means necessary to assert and maintain this long standing ongoing 'Inherited Colonial Control' and further keep Wales as England's Tax Paying Property.To Clarify, Wales is 'Geographically' the Closest Nation to England on the same landmass and therefore if More Autonomous (Less Controlled) Could also be perceived as a direct Possible 'Economic Threat': for Example any English Tax Levels or Tariffs could be 'Under Cut' by Wales to Attract Business Out of England Into Neighbouring Wales. In addition, with Less Control over Wales, any Large English Based Companies Could then be posed with More Direct Equal UK Competition (based in Wales next door) on the Same UK Land Mass operating in the Same internal UK Market Place (which Accounts for 80% of the Whole UK Wealth)in Presently Inaccessible Lucrative areas (due to Authority to Create New companies held in London, the FSA (Financial Services Authority) in Banking for example) for Welsh Based Companies to Create Competition such as in UK WideBanking, Financial Services, MediaEnergy Companies, Fuel and Pharmaceutical Companies, to name but a few possible examples.                               

​Equally, Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) who was the Draftsman of the American Declaration of Independence and the third US President, described the English ('Their Ruling Establishment') in his unedited autobiography regarding his vision of independence from Britain (England), as those Wanting to 'Restrict the Well Being of their Colonies and Limit Economic and Political Growth as they are Threatened by their Potential', Does this Model of Rule seem Familiar to Anyone within the Union of the United Kingdom to this Day?!!... Indeed if America, Canada, Australia, India & Ireland (& Other Former Colonies) want a Glimpse into what could have been their Future, just look at the Historic Under Development and Restricted Growth on Infrastructure, Finance, Media, Business and Political Representation Imposed on Wales & Scotland over the Centuries/Decades to this Day.​ (See 'Wales in Purgatory?' heading above for a Few examples of the Restriction of Welsh Growth and Prosperity over the Decades/Centuries). The 'Irony' appears to be that as stated in Thomas Jefferson's'OWN' Official Memoranda (Memoirs) which 'He' wrote at the age of 77, he Reveals that his Ancestors, who Originally Emigrated to America, where Welsh from Snowdon in North Wales (more specifically his Father the most influential person in Thomas Jefferson's early life). Indeed it has been argued that the American declaration of independence  'Is and Remains' the Most Potent 'Equality' Legislation that the World has ever seen, as it contains the Words (Permanently Enshrined in their Nations Historic Founding Constitution) that, 'ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL'. It does appear that without this Ethical Power in the Origins of America's Historic Constitutional Legislation, Civil Rights Campaigners such as Malcolm X and Martin Luther King (Note the Absence of a British Version) could Not have Legally or Morally Linked their Struggle to the 'Core Values' of what it is to fundamentally be an American, apparently ultimately Culminating in the Election of Barack Obama as the 44th US President in 2008 (Still Waiting for a 'PUBLICLY ELECTED' Black or Asian British Prime Minister, or even a person 'Unmistakably' Non English, to Clarify Gordon Brown was Voted Out at the Earliest Opportunity in 2010?) and when Barack Obama did become President, the 'Sky Did Not Fall In' or the'World Stop Spinning On It's Axis', life just carried on...                                                               


This apparent Historic Nasty Attitude towards Wales seems quite 'Bizarre' when you take into consideration that Wales is Part of Britain and has Fought many Wars in England's name throughout the Centuries. However, Wales was the'First Nation'to be'Colonisedby England  in England's Virgining Imperial Period, due to their Close 'Geography', and may well eventually be the Last to Leave for the Same Reason. ​Indeed it is widely accepted that the Early Years Colonisation by England of the Celtic Home Nations in the UK set the Blueprint for the subsequent World Wide "British" Colonial Empire (although through the Centuries Wales (& Scotland) have always Managed to Maintain their Own Unique Separate Core Identity and Language, and have always Resisted becoming Anglisized (English), so always Remained the 'Other', which might explain the apparent Historic & Ongoing Hostile attitude towards them to this Day?...).So there was always an element of apparent Coercion involved in this uneasy alliance by Forcing previously Conquered and Subdued Lands (through a Mismatch of Numbers and Resources) to 'Fight and Serve' on your side (much like with Scotland, Ireland and many Common Wealth Countries throughout the Centuries). Moreover, It appears 'Self-Evident' that Wales is Still fundamentally an Ongoing Colony of England to this day (with No official End Date), which seems to account for Wales almost being caught in a Continuous 'Historic Time Warp', where most other Previously Colonised Lands (Outside of the UK) around the World have Moved Onto 'Post Colonialism', but Wales Continue to Remain in this Historic Colonial State, (an apparent Ongoing 'Domination' of Wales as Opposed to a 'Partnership of Equals' within the Union of the United Kingdom) even though the British ('English') Empire Ended Decades Ago??... Indeed, if this Association were a Marriage Between Two Individuals it would Easily be Defined as an Abusive Relationship!... This Ongoing Colonial Domination was further Evidenced recently (regarding Scotland a Country in a Similar Historic Circumstance to Wales within Britain) in June 2018 by David Mundell the UK Governments London Based Conservative Party Scottish Secretary of State, when he 'Clarified' in 'No Uncertain Terms', that 'Scotland Are Part of the UK, But 'Not' (Equal) Partners'!!... (the historic & ongoing Master & Servant relationship?See 'Describing the Welsh Relationship with England' under the 'What is Britshness?' heading above). This Ongoing 'Colonial State' seems to Dictate How Wales (& Scotland) are historically 'Perceived' and 'Treated' to this Day by the British Dominant Central London English Establishment (Central UK Governments, Strucures & Media), apparently seen more of a 'Subordinate' than an'Equal' within the United Kingdom. This Ongoing Colonialist Attitude appears to be Historically handed down through the English Establishment's Ancestral Generations, and Further Reinforced and Instilled in Traditional English Private Schools & Elite Higher Educational Environments. Perhaps just to Clarify to the Central London English Establishment Elites at this point (& to some of their majority population) this 'ONE BASIC PRINCIPLE', which is that there has Never been anything in History called 'GREAT ENGLAND' Only 'GREAT BRITAIN', as a Direct Result of the Historic Union with the Celtic Home Nations which appears Vital, but can Only be Ensured through Direct Measurable 'Equality' and 'Respect' in the Future (if it's not too late already!?...).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

​​​However, when regarding Disrespect, if the Inference is that 'All Welsh people have sex with sheep Only because they are Racially Welsh’, then the answer must be that 'So Do Non-Welsh people’. Sheep shagging is Not specific to Welsh people, indeed there is apparently no firm unbiased DNA (DNA Ensures No Lies No Doubt) evidence of any form of sexual activity with sheep by a 'Genuine' Welsh person. However, Racism is the Negative Generalisation of a Whole Race usually based on Fiction, like the Generalisation that all Irish people are stupid.Even if eventually there was DNA evidence that a 'Genuine' Welsh person had sex with a sheep, as Legally Demonstrated in England (2008), the 'Racist Element' is then to assume that ‘All’ welsh people shag sheep as a 'Generalisation' of that 'Whole Entire Race'.Even though an English person (2008) has beenDNA Proven, with No Doubt, to be a Sheep Shagger, in a Court of Law, Wales and the other Celtic UK Nations appear to have proven themselves not to be Racist by choosing Not to use this English example to 'Generalise' about the Whole English Race as ‘Sheep Shaggers’.                                        

When Describing Racial Slander, its Affects and the Outcome the Slanderer would Desire, it appears reasonable to document the worst excesses of Racial Slander in the history of the human race, and if 'Even Any Similarities' can be derived between the worst human excesses and the Historic & Current Welsh Circumstance then Surely there would be a serious Cause for Concern!?... The worst excesses of Racial and Ethnic Slander stated in documented history appears to be the Initial use of Germany’s Media through Germany’s Establishment (Present at that Time) to promote Slander as a 'Psychological Weapon' in Nazi Germany to 'Validate' (& therefore Normalise) Hate, Ridicule,Stereotyping and Discrimination by the Majority tribe against the Minority Jew population to suppress, a form of Discrimination which can now be Identified as ‘Otherization’ (Taylor 2009). This previous German Media Propaganda approach was used to sway the masses against the Minority Jew population, by Promoting them through the 'then' German Establishment Controlled 'Media' (1930's-40's) as akin to Vermin such as 'Mice' and 'Rats' and further suggesting that they where ‘Money Grabbers’ and  somehow ‘Immoral’?                                  
‘OTHERIZATION’ is what happens to people who are Not part of the Majority group, the powerful group tend to label the others outside of that group as Beasts or Subhuman, so when the Majority group slanders this targeted Minority group(s) the assumption is that as a result of their Non Person Status they will not be Offended or Hurt by any Negative Comments or Discrimination as they are Not seen as Individual Humans, possessing Human Emotions. When engaging in ‘Otherization’ your not saying that the other group are my absolute enemy, you are saying that these people are Less than Human, who are Not Worthy of being treated in the same 'Moral Status' as people who can be identified as in the Majority tribe. ‘Otherization’ suppresses Empathy, Kindness and Nurturing, people who are part of the Majority group Escape Cruelty and Slander, the targeted Minority group(s) bear the Brunt. ‘Otherization’ is targeted and Specifically Directed, so attaching a negative Label to a certain tribe or group promotes an idea that this 'Other' group are Not made up of Individual Human beings, Mothers, Fathers, Sons and Daughters, but are an Homogeneous Group who all inherently possess the same negative traits promoted by the Slander Term and the Slanderer(s).       

This Otherization approach appears to have been Historically & Continuously Demonstrated within the UK by the London Centred British Mainstream National Media Slander of the Celtic UK Minority Groups of Scotland, N.Ireland and Wales. The Scottish people appear to be Slandered as ‘Dour Sweaty Losers’ (Jocks), the Irish appear to be Labelled as ‘Thick Mick’s’ (Paddy), and Welsh people appear to be Slandered as ‘Sheep shagger’s’ (Taffy), which in effect appears to be an attempt to 'Dehumaniseand 'Tame' any Minority Nations and their people who maybe Outside of the Majority group within the UK? However, perhaps one of the more Venomous and Unpalatable Slander Terms in the UK, if not the World (Although Any Slander is Never Pleasant or Welcome) seems to be aimed at the Welsh people with the Welsh 'Sheep Shagger' Label (Bestiality) mainly due to its 'Crudeness' and 'Vulgarity', which many people have argued is as a direct result of the 'Welsh Geography' (the most direct threat), who appear to be 'Inconveniently' Located right in the belly of the beast so to speak (the Closest, Most Enclosed Nation to England)?​The Central London English Establishment(& therefore Some of their Nation's population, 'CERTAINLY NOT ALL') must understand that when you Treat people as the Other they will Remain the Other to You, but Conversely you may always Remain the Other to Them (this also appears true of many Ethic & Minority Groups within the UK, appearing to affect Integration?). ​Moreover, Notice How Only One of the Four Nations within the UK does Not have a Specific Derogatory Slander term 'Attached' to their Name?!... When Identifying the Source of Slander within the UK it might be worth thinking in terms of, 'How many bullies do you know who Demean themselves as well as their victims'? You would not Create a 'Psychological Weapon' (Slander term) that other people can Use as a Counter attack to Neutralise your own efforts (it would be like Handing your Perceived Enemy a Free Weapon & Ammunition?!..), as it seems that the Overall Aim of Targeted Racial Slander is to Demoralise Your perceived Opponent and Embolden Yourself, and indeed in order to be the bully you have to be More 'Powerful' than your intended victim(s) within the UKThe simple facts are that a person who understands the Value of Demeaning their perceived enemy to 'Maintain & Reinforce Dominance & Control' (as well as Demoralise the Will to resist) would Not slander themselves (did you ever hear the Nazi German Media in the example provided above (1930's-40's) also slander themselves)?!...                                                                                                                                            


In response to National Slander it would appear always to be Beneficial to Go To the Source of the Slander. To be put in Simple Terms, if a Person is Repeatedly Spreading a Lie about You personally, you may Hear it from Many People, but Unless You Identify and Confront the Source, You will Never Stop the Slander and Expose the Truth. Very Difficult to Identify though as the apparent Source of the Derogatory Welsh Slander (the 'Central London English Establishment' Who Ultimately Historically Control All the Main Power Sources in the Whole of Britain, mainly through the UK Government in London, regardless of which Party may be in Power at any one time) appears to Hide Behind Many Layers of Misinformation as they seem Fearful of being Exposed (Otherwise Why Hide?). The Reason For Creating 'ANONYMITY' (Hiding) is that it 'Avoids Direct Consequences To Actions' (Accountability), and of Course it appears that it can Only be the 'Central London English Establishment' who Possess the Necessary Fundamental Overriding 'Power' & 'Influence' Over all the British  'Media' (National & Regional) throughout the Whole of the UK to be able to Achieve Historic & Ongoing Anonymity in Britain?... Furthermore, many people appear to Describe this Inherited Privileged Group of people that have Historically Controlled Britain as 'The Ruling Class'. However this term appears too Vague as it may Describe their 'Function' and 'Social Hierarchy' but it does not Crucially Describe Who and Where they are, a Vital Component in Holding these people to AccountSo 'Common Sense'appears to Dictate that you Must First specifically 'IDENTIFY' and therefore 'Name' the 'Historic' & Ongoing 'Impediment' to Welsh Prosperity, and where this apparent Nasty Attitude is Located regards Welsh People's broader 'Character & Reputation', using Evidence and Uncommon Sense before you can discuss any Solutions (it appears easy to do Unscrupulous acts when you have 'Anonymity'). Equally, this apparent quest for 'Anonymity' and therefore the 'Blurring of the Lines of Consequence' by the English Establishment (and sometimes spreading to many within their Nation) appears to be further promoted by 'Not' stating the accurate term ‘English, 'Welsh', 'Northern Irish' or 'Scottish’ (all Individual Accountable Nations within the UK), which could Clarify Specific Responsibility, so the subject matter being discussed can be 'Pin Pointed' at an Exact Race or Nation within the UK. However, constantly Implementing the term 'British' or 'Britain' almost appears to be a further anonymity attempt to 'DILUTE' any targeted Criticism, and 'HIDE' from any specific Negative Backlash for Historic Decisions that could be 'Directly Linked' to the 'Central London English Establishment' and Consequently their Specific Nation? (the common phrases of the "British Empire" & the "British Establishment" as just a couple of ongoing examples). This apparent Blurring of the Lines of Responsibility even Evident within smaller Examples, when the UK London Media site Figures from "England and Wales" as a Collective, meaning to suggest that it's Not just England that has the Widespread Problem Specifically, even though it is (UK Knife Crime for example). See, 'Why Do Most English People Appear to Generally Describe Themselves as British?' under the 'What is Britishness?' heading above.                   


A 'Common Sense' Evidenced Based approach can help to Develop a Pattern of 'Historic Behaviour' (Some basic Examples provided in this Website, See under 'Wales in Purgatory' heading above) to Expose the UK Troublemaker, who also Must Possess the Necessary 'Power', 'Capability', 'Track Record' & 'Motivation' within the UK Power Structure. This Historic and Ongoing Pattern of Behaviour (Pattern of Intent Identified through Consistent One Sided Favourable Outcomes) could then Develop Proof through providing what may be deemed as the Only 'Plausible Explanation' (beyond any Reasonable Doubt) of the apparent Historic and Ongoing Source of Welsh Interference to Identify and then hold these people directly to Account, to Ultimately allow Wales to Finally Develop & Prosper Unimpeded!... Moreover, It has also been further suggested, that even Just the Act of Openly 'Identifying' the apparent Ongoing Source of the Welsh Economic Impediment (as a Basic Initial Starting Point to Achieve Positive Change for Wales) may Urge these people to Alter their Historic and Ongoing Stealthy Disruptive Behaviour, as they will be Conscious that their Actions Could Now be Open to Scrutiny (Exposed to the Light by removing the cloak of Anonymity). People can Easily Identify the 'Problem' with Wales Constantly being the Overall Poorest Nation In the UK, with some of the Poorest Areas in Europe, and as a Consequence with an Over Reliance on State Funded Public Sector Jobs, along with the Ongoing Well Publicised and Unchallenged 'Welsh Sheep Shagger' Slander Label. They just have Never been Able (or possibly Allowed by the Central London English Establishment's London Media?) to Identify and Name the Specific Ongoing 'Source'. In Essence then Overall, how can you Provide a 'Solution' to this Documented Ongoing Historic Problem of 'Poverty & Slander' in Wales if you Continuously Fail to Firstly Identify and Name, Who and Where the Constant Historic Source of the 'Problem' is Situated?!!...                     

​​This Historic & Ongoing Welsh Problem of 'Poverty & Slander' has been further  Evidenced and Highlighted recently by 'yet another' apparent English Establishment Figure (the Journalist 'Rod Liddle' who is White & English, Educated at the London School of Economics) with his Unchallenged Article printed in the 'Sunday Times Dated April 2018' discussing the forced Renaming of the Second Severn Bridge Crossing (2018) with 'No Welsh Public Consultation' to the 'Prince of Wales Bridge' (as there was No Democratic Vote for him becoming Prince of Wales in the first place in 1958), an apparent further Modern attempt to Impose Historic Colonialism? Although, Prince Charles who claims to value Wales has never in almost 50 years (since being officially crowned Prince of Wales  in 1969) done anything for Wales specifically (a feat within itself) as demonstrated with the fact that he has never spoken out against Welsh Slander, Inequality or Poverty (but has on most other subjects). Even the charity that bares his name appears to have deleted Wales out of it (the Princes Trust) and he is regularly referred to as Prince Charles (again appearing to delete Wales out). It's not that the Prince of Wales Title should not exist, it's just that if you are fortunate enough to have this Unearned privilege then at least do something with it (or Democratically hand the Title to someone that will appreciate it and not see it as a possible imposed burden)... (See p132 of the Free Book Provided above, under 'Should the Prince of Wales be Democratically Elected' by the Welsh people in a self confessed 'Democratic' British society where Democracy is stated as a 'Core British Value')?. However, Rod Liddle in his article was publicly 'Mocking' Welsh People (at arms length of course through the London Media) for being 'Poor(compared to England) by stating that,'The Severn Bridge Is A Way for Welsh People To Cross Into A First World Country'.Far from Mocking Poverty in Wales, it might be wise to respect the harsh fact that 'Poverty & Hardship are Abstract Words, But the 'Pain' Felt by Poverty & Hardship is Very Real & Raw'!!... As previously 'Identified' and 'Explained' by Mahatma Ghandi regarding the British Raj (English Establishment) Rule in India (1856-1947), 'Poverty is the Worst Form of Violence!'...                                                                                                                                                                                                      

To Further Explore this Subject Matter of Welsh Slander with an element of 'Common Sense'(a Vital but some what scarce Commodity), would the Person(s) who is the Subject of an Ongoing Debauched Slanderous Rumour, be More likely to be Confident about Themselves, or Less? And would the Slanderer be More likely to Feel Emboldened and Superior, or Less?!... However, this is not to say that Wales cannot be an accomplished Nation having produced many great world wide talents such as Richard Burton, Tom Jones, Shirley Bassey, Anthony Hopkins & Catherine Zeta Jones, to name but a Few examples (who all had to make their Name in the USA (& move abroad) Due to an apparent Lack of Career 'Opportunity' in Britain), and Wales have been Pivotal to many Key World Wide events such as the starting point of the World's Coal Powered Industrial Revolution from the South Wales Valley's & Port's, the Invention of the World's National Health Services (Aneurin Bevan) as well as one of the Original Creators of the World's Social Welfare & Pension Systems (David Lloydd George), even Mount Everest was Named after a Welshman (George Everest). Indeed for a Nation with a severely Restricted Public Voice in the World, the Cruel Irony is that a Welsh person also Invented the Microphone (David Edward Hughes). Although, It Is to say that not 'Pushing Back' against Racial Slander and Not 'Calling Out' Racial Discrimination in all it's forms appears to almost 'Invite' & 'Consent' to 'Unnecessary' Racial Abuse, with all it's Associated Negative Implication's and Subtle Connotations on the Fundamental 'Psyche' of the Welsh people (although Wales possessing No National Mainstream Media Platform makes this almost impossible yet Now with the Internet & Social Media this UK London Media No Platforming Restriction can go Some Way to being Redressed). It has always been Difficult being a Minority in Any Place in the World, particularly as the Welsh oppressors appear Especially Adept and Experienced at Oppressing Previously Conquered Lands (Crusades, Colonialism and Slavery).                                                                                                  

The Only real Defence against a Lie is to Expose the Lie and the Liar using the'Power of the Truth'. The main 'Historic Problem' in Wales of being Allowed to Implement and Expose the Truth is the Complete Domination (UK Media London Monopoly) of all Forms of Mainstream UK Wide National Media within Britain (Broadcasting & Print) by their alleged oppressor, possibly originally the English Establishment, however apparently Embraced by 'Sections' of the Majority English population and then sometimes even spreading beyond? There has Essentially Historically been No 'National UK Wide Mainstream' Media Outlet (Similar to the Numerous Historic London Centred British Media in Broadcasting & Print), or general Public Platform that Wales and the Welsh people possess to have Access to the wider UK (& World) to put their Voice forward. However, in Recent Years the Internet & Google are Helping to Redress this ImbalanceFurthermore, it appears that what ever is said on the London Centred 'UK Wide British Mainstream Media' Welsh people will be exposed too as a 'Captive Audience' as opposed to people living in a Separate Country with a Separate Media, who will not be aware of what may be said about their Nation & People by another Nation, and if they are made aware they can use their Own Media to Reply in kind (a Right of Reply). I do feel it is a pertinent point at this stage to highlight an Obvious Fact, which it appears is always overlooked. Although as a "British" citizen (although 'Britishness' is yet to be fully defined, See 'What is Britishness?' Heading Above) I have heard many times previously throughout my Lifespan over the Decades, whilst viewing the UK Wide London based British Media, the term ‘Sheep Shagger’ when referring to Wales (With apparently No Repeated Derogatory Slander Ever Aimed at 'Specifically England' in the UK?...) and the 'Repeated Inference'of Sheep Shagging (Bestiality) as something Specific Only to Welsh people?! However, I have never heard anyone on the same 'Numerous' London based UK Wide Mainstream Television Channels or Media Outlets (Including Films, Documentaries, News Channels, Magazines, Radio or National Newspapers for example) over the Previous Decades and Still Counting, suggesting that this could be a Fabrication of the truth and may indeed be Racist?!... This Circumstantial Evidence appears to suggest that there could well be an underlyingObjective (Benefit) behind the Spreading of the term ‘Welsh Sheep Shagger's’ (Otherwise Why go through the continued 'Effort' of doing It?!..), which is apparently to Impose Inherited Psychological Dominance using Propaganda in the UK through the London Centred British Media's. This apparent Psychological Dominance Further Evidenced by the Fact that All of the Other Celtic Home Nations (that are Ultimately Historically Ruled from London) have a Recognised Derogatory Slander Term Attached to their Name 'Welsh' Sheep Shaggers, Thick 'Irish', Dour Sweaty Losers 'Scottish' (with No 'National Mainstream Media' to defend themselves), apart from England the 'Only' Nation in the UK 'Without' a Demeaning Slander term attached to their Name, who just happen to Own, or Produce and Edit all the 'National Mainstream Media' (Broadcasting & Print) in Britain, which curiously enough appears to be the main Requirement Needed to be able to spread these Derogatory Celtic Nation Stereotypes around the UK on Mass (& prevent one being publicly developed for themselves)?!... Furthermore, the seemingly Inevitable Organic and Free Flowing Enquiry or just Natural Curiosity over time, as well as a General Basic Normal Evaluation of this 'Strange' Commonly Repeated Well Known Bestiality Slander Label aimed at 'AllWelsh People in the UK, that it may Indeed be Racist or a Lie (Although it would Obviously make No Sense for a person to Undermine and therefore Neutralise their Own Lie?!) to Provide the General UK Wide Public with a 'Natural Balanced Interpretation' (to provide 'Both Sides of the Story'), appears to be permanently Censored by the London Centred Media, who are the Gatekeepers of all forms of UK Media Platforms (Broadcasting & Print)?!.. (the apparent Historic & Ongoing London based UK Media 'Omission' of Selected Facts?!).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Furthermore, there does appear to be an attempt to Legitimise the British Media through a UK Regulatory Authority named OFCOM (The Office for Communications) with its Headquarters in London, that governs the British Media. However, this authority appears to be a Token Gesture, the Evidence of which is that it was apparently Initially set up by English Establishment private school members to Regulate English Establishment private school member Operated British Media companies, with the Westminster (London) approved Office of Communications Act in 2002 (previous to this, UK Media Regulation was Historically Controlled from the Government Department of Culture, Media & Sport in London, however creating an external authority gives the public preception of Independence from the Sate?). Furthermore, OFCOM is more a Code of Practice rather than a Legally Enforceable Authority in it's own right, which appears to have been further Demonstrated as since its inception it has Never Legally Prosecuted any UK Media Company or Person in a Formal Court of Law for Racism or Discrimination, or even Used already existing UK or EU Racism and Equality Legislation to Prosecute anyone (even though Numerous Public Racist Media incidents have occurred since its inception?). Moreover, Could it be that OFCOM was also set up to actually protect UK Media Companies and their Associates from the Full Force of the Law (Accountability) by using OFCOM as a Buffer (seems better to be dealt with by OFCOM with No Legal Powers that could possibly Minimise or Sweep Offences Under the Carpet, than by the Law of the Land that can Imprison or Fine you, and Impose a Criminal Record through a Public Trial??)?...               

However, Regardless of apparent External Media Influences that may be placed on the general English Population within Britain, this is Not to Excuse Racism and Lies. We all have the ability to know'Right from Wrong' and as such Ultimately we must all 'Morally' and 'Legally' take Ownership of our Own Words and Actions. It's Great to Engage in Humorous 'Banter'even on a Personal Level, but bringing someone's Race/Nationality into it using unproven Lazy Racial Stereotypes as a Weapon appears to Demonstrate a Complete Lack of WIT, and automatically seems to take the so called humour to a wider more Sinister place (as Racism brings Family into the Conversation). So Perhaps to Clarify any possible Confusion Regarding this Widely used UK Term of 'Banter', it maybe Useful at this Stage to actually 'Explore' and 'Define' the Word, which seems to be the 'Go To Statement' by the English Establishment to Justify & Validate Many Racist Comments made by their Members or Associates on the British Media. The Oxford English Dictionary Definition of the term 'Banter' is stated as 'An Exchange of Remarks In A Good-Humoured Teasing Way', Racism is Negatively bringing someone's Family into that Same Conversation, which would appear to be anything but Humorous (which might explain why Racism is Legally defined as a Hate Crime, Hate apparently being the Opposite of Good-Humour!?..). Furthermore, when a person Slanders Another Race Publicly using the 'Media' and the People being Slandered are Not there (With An Equal Platform) to Defend themselves, this also appears to Obviously Make the Comments Anything But 'Banter', as Banter has been 'Clearly Defined' by the Oxford English Dictionary as a 'Two Way Exchange', you cannot do Banter on your Own!... (Eddie Jones England's Rugby Union Coach Publicly Slandering Wales & Ireland in 2017 with No Welsh or Irish People in the Room, as a recent example?). However, If you 'Say' or 'Infer' Racist things, then you are a 'Racist', if you tell 'Lies' then you are a 'Liar' (this is not complicated) no matter what Excuses a person may try to Invent as a Justification (& there are many!..).​ In addition, to say that the term 'Sheep Shagger' is just a 'Joke' and get a sense of humour is No Defence, and can be seen as a very 'Cowardly' cop out designed to prevent responsibility for that person's Word's and Action's by trying to Minimise and Disguise the seriousness of the offence (Racism is a Criminal Offence for a Reason!!), and of course if the Joke was on the Majority English Population, I wonder if they would find it so amusing?!... To use the statement 'I was only joking' or 'it's only a Joke' appears to be an attempt to Mask the Resentment and Intent present within the Racist term. This apparent 'Fall Back Statement' (when Challenged) seems to be a perfect example of 'Passive Aggression', where the person wants to Offend and Demean whilst seeking to Embolden Themselves, but does not want the Consequences of directly giving Offence in the Form of possible Retaliation, as well as appearing to be Hateful, or Risk Exposing themselves Legally or Morally as Racists and Liars.And of course, if Possessing a Slander Term Attached to your Nation's Name is of 'No Consequence', then the Central London English Establishment should publicly Create (or allow) one for there Own Nation of England in the UK (using their Mainstream London based Media) so this so called 'Banter' can then be a 'Two Way Process'...                                                                                       

​​​​​​Moreover, although this 'Welsh Sheep Shagger' slander term could be deemed as just 'Childish Name Calling' (Created, Perpetuated & Publicised by Adults?!...), like with most Racism & public Lies in the UK their always appears to be a Subtle Underlying Objective coupled with an air of Resentment (in this instance achieved using Crude sexually explicit Adult humour), under the apparent Pretence of 'a bit of fun'? Perhaps the most Obvious Example of this apparent Central London English Establishment method of using Humour as a concealed Psychological Racist weapon, seems to be the Creation in Britain of the Numerous Jokes aimed at the Irish Race, constantly spreading the Insinuation that they are stupid (there was an 'Englishman, Scotsman & Irishman' Jokes). Apparently Motivated by Irish Independence from England and the ongoing dispute over Northern Ireland. It does appear to be almost an Historic Central London English Establishment Feature that when they feel Threatened or Vulnerable they tend to use Barbed Humour or Negative Labelling (name calling) and apparent Defamation of a perceived enemies Character as a way to Hide their Insecurity, and Embolden themselves against the Feeling of Vulnerability, Fear or Inferiority?!... However, some people have argued that the attempt by the English Establishment to 'Mask & Hide' apparent Hostility & Racism under the pretence of Humour, or Even 'Refusing to Acknowledge' (Censor) Specific Areas of Racism (Constant London Media Omission?) at all in the UK which Could have Included a 'Multitude' of Daily Chat/Debate Shows, News Reports, Documentaries,National Newspaper Articles Investigative Journalism Exposures (to name but a few London Centred Media Options) through their 'Countless' British Mainstream London Orchestrated Media Outlets (Broadcasting & Print) Over the 'Numerous' Decades and 'Still Waiting', is More Sinister than the Racist Slander Term Itself?!... Again, if you are going to say Racist comments and Lies then at least have the 'Moral Backbone' to stand by your Words and be Honest about your Intent. Although, it does appear reasonable to say that if a person were 'Moral' then they would not be a Racist and a Liar in the first place. However, with this Modern Rise of the World Wide Internet and Social Media Sites (to provide a Public Platform to all) that appears more difficult for the Traditional English Establishment to Control in recent times a Voice for the Truth regarding the Welsh condition is FINALLY beginning to emerge... (although More Subtle and/or Direct Control of the 'UK Internet' to try to Minimise an External 'Public Platform' and Access to Outside Information, as well as possibly Undermining any External Information 'Sources' & 'Public Platforms' Not Provided Directly by British Media Outlets as all 'Fake News', is likely to be Introduced in the Future under the 'Guise' of Protecting the UK Public from a Supposed Threat or Fear?).                                                                                                                                                    

​​​​Equally,I wonder how far along any Inequality Concern around the world would have come if people did not Openly make a Stand by Publicly Voicing Inequality and Confronting the Backlash with Reasoned Argument?!... As it does appear to be almost a 'Welsh Anomaly' that they seem Distinctly Accomplished at Standing Up for other Ethnic & Minority Groups Right's, Whilst being some what Embarrassed to Stand Up for their Own Right's as an 'Ethnic Minority Group Themselves', within the UK ('Ethnic' Due to 'Celtic Heritage', 'Minority' Due to 'Small Population' within the UK)? As Surely the Important Subject matters of Societal Racism, Stereotyping and Inequality Cannot be Discussed in Wales (or within the wider UK) without 'ALSO' Discussing any possible Historic & Ongoing Welsh (and Celtic) Discrimination and Stereotyping within the Wider Current and Historic British Context (Otherwise the Full True Accurate Whole Story of Today's Britain is Never Told, as Britain as a 'Whole Unit' currently Consists of England, Scotland and Wales)?!... Clearly the Children of Wales today are the Welsh Adults of the Next Generation and Directly Represent the Economic & Social Prospects for Wales (If you Tolerate this 'Derogatory Labelling' now, then your Children​ and Family Will be Next)To Ensure a Bold, Confident Wales that can Thrive and Prosper in the Modern World that has become alot Smaller because of Technology, this Slander term needs to be pushed against at every turn using the'Power of the Truth' (The Oxford English Dictionary Definition of the term 'Truth' is stated as, 'That Which is True or in Accordance with Fact or Reality'to Help Mitigate any Form of possible Shame or Discomfort Developing for Simply Just Happening to be Welsh!!... Through also Implementing the various pieces of Law that already exist in the UK designed to promote British Unity (as well as Laws in 'Europe' & 'UN International Laws' to prosecute Racist's & Liar's on a Hierarchical Scale). Although the 'Motivation' to Directly Prosecute​ or Financially Support Welsh Citizens to Implement Existing National & International Laws through Welsh Authorities Needs to be Present from within Wales (through the Financial Ability for 'Welsh Citizens' to Prosecute 'British Media' Figures and their Companies for Racial Slander, to Include All Welsh Resident Ethnic and Minority Groups, through Access to an all Wales Citizen's 'Cultural Legal Defence Fund' (CLDF) to Create a Financial 'Bridge' from Person to Legislation, as Free 'Legal Aid' is usually always Not allowed for Slander Cases in the UK), unless the Law and UK Justice System could be seen as at Best Ineffective and Only available to the Wealthy, but at Worst simply paying 'Lip Service' to negative Racist Stereotyping and abuse (as well as any Associated Discrimination and Inequality), and therefore even appearing to Condone it?!....                                                                          


Welsh Racism may Need to be Openly Addressed in the European Courts or UN Courts Implementing the 'UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights', which Declares its Faith in the 'Dignity and Worth of All Human People', and using other Legislation such as the Human Rights Act 1998 Article 14, which states that,'The Human Rights Act requires that there is No Discrimination on any Grounds and this Includes- (i) Race, (ii) Language, (iii) National or Social Origin, and (iv) Association with a National Minority. (The Powerful over the Powerless).However, the Human Rights Act 1998 is an Act (along with other EU Rights as a result of Brexit) that the English Establishment may seek to Replace with a 'British Bill of Rights' (or other variant) to possibly provide them even more UK Control by 'Minimising' their Legal Accountability, along with systemically Limiting Access to a State Funded Lawyer through Legal Aid?). Although, it does appear that the British (London Directed) Legal System may have Limited Motivation to Pursue Legal Actions to Challenge 'UK Celtic Minority Nation Discrimination' (Even Though Racism & Discrimination is Directly Against the Law in the UK!?...), as the Litigation may be Perceived as an Action Against Themselves (or One of Their Own). However, if they do then the Race Relations Act 1976 (Racial and Religious Hate Act 2006 & Public Order Act 1986) or the Equality Act 2010, could be enacted within Britain, or even a mixture of both. However, to pursue an action against an apparent English Establishment 'Media' Celebrity figure and/or 'British Mainstream Media' company (& even sometimes a general member of the public) through the supposed English Establishment Law Courts with their main Power Hub in London may result in a bias outcome? As a consequence prosecuting possible English Establishment Racists and Liars may have to be pursued through the European or International Courts, which may be less likely to be Influenced by any possible English Establishment connections?... However, to Not Act against Welsh Slander (Predominantly Predicated through the British London Centred Media?) because you think that this 'Sheep Shagger' Racial Slander does Not Affect the Welsh People in Any Way, is to Suggest that the 'N' Word has No Affect What So Ever on the Psyche of a Black person ('Similar Basic Principle' of a Powerful Majority seeking to belittle a Less Powerful Minority through the use of Racial Slander) and therefore is Totally Irrelevant and Inconsequential in Making a Black persons Daily Life Harder than it Needs to Be (Directly going Against a Tidal Wave of Incontrovertible Evidence Suggesting the absolute Opposite?!...)                                                                                                                                        

The Implementation of Race & Equality Laws 'Specifically' regarding Slander through the apparent Central London English Establishment's 'London Centred UK Wide Mainstream British Media Outlets' in Broadcasting and Print (The British Media) would have to be Pursued or the complainant 'Supported' Financially through the 'Welsh Assembly Government' (General Public Face to Face Racism can be Dealt with Directly by the people Involved or the Police, but a person hiding Behind the Television Screen or Writing in Newspapers Cannot be 'Directly' Challenged or held Accountable) as an average member of the Welsh Public will Not be able to 'AFFORD' a Legal 'PERSONAL LAW SUIT', or even know where to Start (as free 'Legal Aide' is Not allowed for Slander cases in the UK) against Wealthy British Media Celebrities & British Media Outlets that Fail to Edit out Welsh Racism and Sheep (Bestiality) 'Insinuations'(Jimmy Carr on Channel 4 (8 Out of 10 Cats, show with Rhod Gilbert in) & Bear Grylls on ITV 1 (with Rob Brydon in) as just a couple of recent examples in 2017). Furthermore, from a Legal stand point, still not quite sure Why all the examples such as the One's Previously Outlined and many many others over the Decades (with many  more to come no doubt) have 'Not' been Legally Prosecuted (even through OFCOM) with 'Racially Influenced Discrimination' (Including the well Documented Prejudice Aimed at Other UK Minority Groups) 'as Clearly Defined in Numerous Pieces of UK Law'?!... As These Examples can be Undeniably Evidenced on Video or in Writing (You cannot get any more Solid Proof!!..) from the British Media and Easily Googled at Any Time for Any One around the World to Cross Reference (Including recently Eddie Jones England's Rugby Union Coach example in 2017, exposed in 2018). If these well known apparent'English Establishment Media Figures and/or Associates' (who can be many peoples Role Models in the UK?), and their British London based Media Employers (Editors & Producers) in both Broadcasting & Print can be Demonstrated as Continuously 'Above The Law', then this could Obviously 'Encourage' & 'Condone' the Average Person on the Street to Also Engage in 'Racial Hate Crimes' (As stated previously 'a Fish Rots from the Head down'). As they can see that Even when a person has 'Hard Irrefutable Evidence', 'Recorded On Video or Documented in Writing' of 'Race Hate' there are No Consequences, as No one Ever gets Legally Prosecuted in the UK, and so it Continues... ​A similar circumstance of apparently being'Above the Law' appears to also apply to the 'Central London English Establishment and their Associates' on a Financial Level as well, with No further 'Fraud' Prosecutions or Incarcerations from the UK Government on any Higher Level London Banker's or Financial Services Associates (Fraud is a Serious 'Criminal Offence'?), or even any Identification or Recognition of Who and Where these Anonymous people are, after the World Wide Financial Crash predominantly created in London in 2008 (the Affects of Austerity Still Evident in Wales to this Day). With 'No' Resulting significant Subsequent 'Preventative' Changes made to British London Centred 'LAW' to Ensure more Fluid Prosecution, Identification and Accountability for these Anonymous Figures in the Future (the Same UK Law apparently Directed by their English Establishment Private School Colleagues in Central London)?!.. (See 'Wales in Purgatory?​' heading above, under 'Wales in a State of Ongoing Purgatory' heading, Paragraphs 15,16,17 & 18 for more Information).                              

To Clarify this personally unearned Privileged Position the English Establishment Group seem to be afforded within the UK (usually through Inherited Wealth & Connections), the Oxford English Dictionary's Definition of 'Privilege' is stated as, 'A 'Special Right', 'Advantage', or 'Immunity', for a Particular Person'. So to Clarify further, as taken from the Dictionary Definition of 'Privilege' above, the 'Special Right'is having the special Discrete Direct Inside Knowledge of large money making or Tax Avoiding schemes (the Selling of Ring Fenced Under Valued Government Shares in the Post Office in 2015 as an example, bought Low then quickly sold High, with an immediate Profit of £Millions), the 'Advantage' being Knowing the People (the Exclusive Connections to Power) who can make these Schemes actually Discretely happen, with Access to the Necessary Inherited and/or Loaned Money to be able to Invest in these Exclusive Options, and'Immunity'would appear to be 'Immunity from UK Law' or Consequences if these Schemes are Exposed (through External Leaks, the Paradise Papers in 2017 as just one recent example) as immoral or illegal through Theft or Fraud (the Evidence being that no one has ever been Criminally held to account and the loopholes still exist)!?... To Further Sum Up and Encapsulate How Privilege Operates (as it appears that it would take most people a Lifelong Career of Success to get to the Same Starting Point of even a Privileged Child), the author has Created a Basic Analogy. The author's Analogy for 'Privilege' is like a group of Competitors Set ready to Compete in a 100 Metre Sprint, but the personally unearned Privileged Person is allowed to Start from 70 Metres in, at the 70 Metre mark, with all the Other Less Privileged Competitors having to Begin Way Back at the Start Line(it does appear that given this advantage that even the most Inept of people could find a way of eventually getting over the line first). The basic Irony appears to be that these privileged individuals (also their family members & associates) seem to have convinced themselves that they have achieved purely on their Own Individual Merit, Talent, Superior Intellect and Natural Ability, this misconception usually referred to by the Privileged (themselves) as a 'Meritocracy', which is described by the Oxford English Dictionary as 'Government or the Holding of Power by People Selected on Merit' (although it would appear obviously Detrimental to a person's Ego to accept that as an individual they may have Only achieved through Privileged Family Advantage, and Not through Genuine Ability in a fair contest, which any adult could do given the same advantages)?!...                        


Moreover, the Politicians based in the Welsh Assembly are the people that the Welsh public have Voted to Represent the 'Voice of Wales' with the Opportunity to use their Public Platform Automatically Provided to them as an Assembly Member or Member of Parliament (no matter what Party they may represent) and as such they possess a 'Moral Duty' to Tangibly Build Welsh 'Prosperity' and Defend Against 'Discrimination & Stereotyping' Targeted at Welsh People (Neutralising Welsh Slander and Building Welsh Prosperity appears to be the Only Vital Basic underlying 'Indicators' of Actual National & Political 'Progress' in Wales, this Needs Identifying as It appears apparent that in order to Achieve Success in Wales you must First Know what a 'Successful Outcome Looks Like'!...). Indeed, Welsh Politicians (as are all Politicians) are Constitutionally given a Platform to Speak for those who Can't. Otherwise, What Is the Point of Welsh Politician's Existence, Bureaucrats (Politicians) Come & Go, their of 'NO CONSEQUENCE', can the general Welsh Public remember the name of the last one, and the one before that, and so on and so forth, as Easily Evidenced with the Fact that Wales as a Whole is No More 'Prosperous' Now in 2016 than they were 'Before' and 'After' 1999 when the Welsh Assembly was First Introduced, with the 'Same Old Slander Term' used to Undermine & Disrespect the Welsh Nation as Common Place as Ever in the UK!.. Also Evidenced recently (2017) when the First ever 'Welsh First Minister' in the New Welsh Assembly in 1999 had past away (although undoubtedly a nice person), the Wider Welsh General Public did not appear to even Notice, such is the Welsh politicians alleged limited impact on the lives of Welsh people. This seemingly Evidenced Ineffectiveness of Welsh Politicians to make a Significant Positive Difference on 'Welsh Prosperity' coupled with the Constant Unchallenged English Establishment'Disrespect' of the Welsh Nation (through the Historic London Media Repeated Crude Derogatory 'Sheep Shagger' Bestiality Stereotype) appears to Continue to Hinder Wales. As Wales is Consistently the Poorest Nation in the UK with the Least Tourism & Business, and Still Carry the Burden of a Crude Negative Racial Stereotyped Label.    

It appears 'Self-Evident' that the Historic Poor 'Welsh Economy' and Constant  'Racial Slander'can be Directly 'Linked' to the UK Media Enforced Association with a 'Disrespectful& 'Debauched' Racial Lie. Publicly portraying Wales and Welsh people as  apparent Objects of 'Ridicule' (and therefore possibly even seen as'Weak'), through an 'Unchallenged' Mocking Racial Association with 'Bestiality', appears to have made Welsh people Less Likely to be taken as Seriously in the Ruthless 'Cut & Thrust' of the Wider Business Arena in the UK? This Racial Slander further appears to Create a 'Less Than Favourable'Wider World Public 'Reputation' (who wants to Visit, Study or Invest in a place where they have heard that the people and their Nation are seen as being Ridiculed, Weak and being Deviants?...) directly affecting 'Welsh Tourism' (Worth a Potential 'Additional' £Billions of Pounds Annually for Wales),which as a Direct Consequence Negatively Effects Welsh Peoples Overall Potential Prosperity!.. To Clarify, when a person (Tourist) does some natural Internet Research (& Social Media Inquiries or sometimes even through direct Word of Mouth, as we all do when deciding where to visit) on Wales as a place to Spend their Time, Effort and Money to Visit or Not (when in the UK), and when further considering all the other viable alternatives in the UK with Scotland 'Predominantly' being Known For having Braveheart, England their Monarchy and Northern Ireland Linked into Ireland's History of struggle. As a Consequence of this constantly Unchallenged English Establishment Media Lie regarding the Welsh people, this 'CRUDE' Negative Propaganda (Indeed considered by many as one of the Crudest Racial Slander terms in the World) would be One of the 'First' things that will 'Eventually' Come Up on Google or Social Media Conversations about Wales and the Welsh people. Making Wales being 'Predominantly' Known for Bestiality, but 'Most Importantly' with this Slander Term Remaining 'Unchallenged' as a Lie people may only Assume that it is a True Reflection of all Welsh people and Wales??!...     

Using the Power of that Scarce Commodity of 'Common Sense'for a moment, do you think that this Crude Historic Negative Public Propaganda Labelling Helps or Hinders Wales's Selling Potential to Overseas would be Tourists (or even internally within Britain), in a Tourist Industry Worth a Potential '£Billions of Pounds' to the Welsh Economy (as Demonstrated in other UK Nations), with Wales already Historically the Poorest Nation in the UK, with some of the Poorest areas in Europe!?... Tourism being Vital to Every Economy in the World (Even the Wealthy One's) as it is Worth an Additional £Billions of Pounds Annually for Each Nation. Again using that scarce commodity of 'Common Sense', surely there must be a Plausible Reason why Wales Continuously and Historically has Significantly Less Tourism than anywhere else in the UK, as Wales has just as Beautiful Scenery, Coastline and History as any other part of the UK? Indeed Northern Ireland and Scotland also do not own their own UK Media to publicise themselves, and regarding Diaspora's (Descendants living abroad) Ireland, Scotland and Wales have relatively similar Small Populations (Scotland approx 5 Million, Ireland approx 5 Million and Wales approx 3 million), actually Northern Ireland (a Nation that also has more Tourism than Wales) only has 1.8 million population. Just to focus on Diaspora's for a moment the Irish and Scottish Diaspora's appear more Vocal and Proud as they can be Predominantly associated with an Underdog Narrative standing up against the English Empire, where as Welsh Diaspora's appear to be a lot Quieter and Self-Conscious World Wide, apparently because of the Overriding Imposed Welsh Narrative through an Association with Bestiality (People want to be Openly Proud of their Heritage Not Potentially Embarrassed by it?). Some strong possible Evidence of which being 'New South Wales' in Australia (with the World Renowned City of Sydney at it's Heart) by definition, as this Dominant Section of Australia was Founded by the Welsh, there should be a very Loud and Proud Welsh Diaspora in this area, but it is Noticeable by it's Tentative relative Silence?... The Only Main Identifiable Difference Between the Four UK Nations being that Wales is Predominantly attached to the Crudest Slander Label (Bestiality) in the UK (if not the World), Directly affecting their Nation's Outward Public Image.         

In order to Finally Change this Historic Outward Public Image an advertising campaign needs to address the Welsh Sheep Shagger Bestiality Lie directly But on Wales' terms, Finally taking the Power of the Slander term Away in a Subtle way that Demonstrates Wales as the Honest Minority Stoic people not getting Bitter in the face of constant Racial Slander, being historically oppressed by the apparent powerful Nasty dishonest nameless faceless Elites in London (the same Narrative as Scotland & Ireland), with a Slogan for Wales being (for example) 'For the Truth Seekers' (as who does not seek the Truth?). Let's be Honest all Other Expensive Advertising Campaigns Promoting Wales, although even Cinematically Great, have Ultimately Failed in Raising Tourism Numbers (in fact Tourism and Expenditure Figures in Wales have Continuously and Historically Stagnated or gone Down when Compared to the Rest of the UK's Tourism Figures which have Continued to go Up significantly, Welsh Government figures 2018). Unless the Welsh Rewrite the National and International Narrative for Wales they will Continue to Suffer Less Prosperity, and the subtle but ultimately destructive Psychological affects of Constant Crude Slander. This 'Unique Historic Welsh Problem' in the UK, of Lack of Tourists (overseas Students & Business) appears Directly Because the Overriding Historic UK London Media Imposed Crude Negative Public Narrative Regarding Wales Still Exists Unchallenged... Remember to 'Keep Your Eye on the Prize' here (the Importance of this Subject Matter) with a Potential Additional £Billions of Pounds Every Year for the Welsh Economy, which would be Crucial to the Historic and Ongoing Ailing Welsh Finances, the Difference between Continued Hardship or relative Wealth!... The apparent Historic Negative affects of Racial Slander on Welsh Tourism & Business Easily Evidenced by the Fact that Wales Historically and Continuously has the 'Least Tourism' out of all the Four UK Nations (& also has the 'Least Private Sector Business Creation, Wealth & Investment', with continuosly the Most over Reliance on State Funded Public Sector Jobs in the UK as a Result). As Clarified by the Billionaire English Establishment Businessman'Richard Branson','All You Have In Business Is Your Reputation',and also further Specified by Baltasar Gracian (A Famous Spanish Philosopher),'A Single Lie Can Destroy a Whole Reputation of Integrity'...                                                                                                                                                                                                        

In addition, as for Wales it seems Historically Inevitable (by assessing the Pattern of Behaviour in the Past) that what ever outcome the UK has regarding 'BREXIT' the Historic Pattern of Evidence would appear to suggest that  'Wales Will Essentially Remain The Same'(which is to say, Consistently the Poorest Nation in the UK, with the Ongoing Continuation of the Same Old Derogatory Racial Slander), as it appears apparent that the Historic Problem of Welsh 'Poverty and Slander' was Never coming from Europe, but from the Traditional Inherited Power Hubs in London, that Will Still Remain as the Dominant Force Over Wales, Before, During and After'BREXIT​.  As it seems Clear that the Leave Campaign's Main Slogan of 'TAKING BACK CONTROL' could Never apply to Wales as Before and After Brexit they will Still be Ultimately Controlled from London Regardless (the Irony being that the English Establishment do not want to be controlled by Europe as it Impedes their ability to make Positive Decisions for their Nation, but they appear quite happy to Continue to place the same Restrictions on Wales & Scotland that they seem to feel is unreasonable when done to them by Europe)?!...So it seems that Far from 'TAKING BACK CONTROL' for Wales (the Brexit Promise), on Border Immigration Policy, Finance and Law, Control will Ultimately stay where it has always been, in London, Essentially Predictably Resulting in the Same Old Outcome for Wales (the Poorest in the UK & Slandered)... (See 'Wales in Purgatory?' heading above paragraph 9). However, it maybe more difficult in the future for the Central London English Establishment to 'Continue to have their Cake and Eat It', which is to say, apparently Controlling the Whole of the UK whilst using this Dominance and Influence to predominantly Favour only their Nation, (as Easily Evidenced by the Disproportionate Wealth (to size of population) in England as compared to anywhere else in the UK. To Clarify, England Should Have'18' times More Money than Wales, as they have 18 times more People in their Population (55 Million divided by 3 Million populations), Not '46.5' times More Money than Wales as is the Current Situation, with £700 Billion for England and £15 Billion for Wales, '700 divided by 15 equals 46.5' (figures sited from GOV.UK government website 2016), See'The Equality Indicator' under the 'Wales in Purgatory' heading above)within Today's Modern Internet World,where more Balanced Wide Ranging 'Information' (Information is Power) is readily available Now, that can Expose Unfairness by Providing a More Rounded Perspective ('Both Sides of the Story'). So More In-depth and Extensive Information from a Variety of Leading Experts with Opposing Views on any Subject matter from all around the World, which can now be Instantly Looked UpAccessed and Cross Referenced as to it's Validity, and Available to Anyone at Anytime to Identify (Google) and Highlight (on Social Media & Internet platforms) any topic in a free unimpeded balanced manner. Outside of the previous 'Only' Historic Platform for Public Information in the UK, the Traditional London Based British Media (which appears to be a Predominantly Historic One Sided beneficial Selective Perspective?).                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

However, this perceived Ineffectiveness from Welsh Politicians to Improve Welsh Prosperity or even just Defend Wales against Derogatory Racial Slander (Bestiality) may well result in the Wider Welsh Public Questioning the point of a Welsh Assembly, and as a Consequence may even Risk the Continued Long Term Future Existence of this apparent Valuable and Hard Fought Resource? (It Is Not Enough for Welsh Politicians Just to be Happy to be There, becoming a Politician is Not the End of your Journey, it is just the Beginning!!...) In response, ​it does appear Self Evident that the some what Unexplored World regarding the process of 'How' these Welsh Politicians, who Should be a Strong Competent Voice for Wales, are 'Selected as Candidates', Needs to be more 'Transparent and Inclusive' so the average person can publicly see a Clear Route to being a Politician. As obviously if a Candidate is Mysteriously put forward for a seat in Wales (the general public perception), then because most seats in Wales are Mainstream London Political Party 'Safe Seats' (which is to say who ever is put forward as a candidate for a particular mainstream London based party will win regardless of ability or talent). In Essence then Far From Being a Democratic process, it appears that who ever (behind the scenes) has chosen that person for the Safe Seat has essentially Autonomously Chosen that areas Democratically Elected Representation(Candidates should be Put Forward by the Public and Voted for using New Technology Online Before they even Become an Official Candidate for a Mainstream Political Party in a Formal Election)?!... As predominantly the Quality of Politician that Wales have produced over the years (their Representation) is Quite Clearly Lacking, since Many of them seem 'Sensitive' and 'Precious' Unable to even Stand Up for Themselves, let alone for their Nation?!... Common Sense, Natural Confidence, and the Ability to Think on their Feet (Quick Wit), with the Basic Capacity to Engage with and Publicly Explore the 'Wider Issues' that have Historically & Continuously Blocked Welsh Prosperity 'As A Whole' over the Decades (if not Centuries), would be an acceptable Basic starting point (Not just attention by successive MP's & AM's on Only their Basic Day to Day Narrow Personal or Constituency Interests).                     

​​In order to Produce a Greater Quantity of Good Quality Solid Politicians to Represent and Defend Wales that may be More 'Enlightened' and 'Analytically' Able to look at the 'Bigger Picture'. It does appear that the Ability to 'Speak Publicly' Needs to be an Ingrained Early Skill in as many Welsh Children as possible, to Ensure a Larger Pool of Potential Politicians (& Representatives) in the Future, (which may further Encourage a Lifelong Engagement in Politics and their Society to Children at an Earlier age, reinforced with a Lower Age for Voting at 16). Using the Idea from many American (& some elite English) Educational Establishments of a School 'Debating Chamber' (or Area) to Develop specific School Debating teams, with Debate Classes and Competitions Between Welsh Schools, to Practice their Skill, Dexterity and Ease at Public Speaking. As 'Public Speaking' is a Vital Skill in all walks of Life and Career Advancement, not just being a Politician or a Council member, but also in area's such as Presenting Business Pitches within (or too) Multi-National Companies, Media work, Marketing, Sport, Tourism, Academia, Business, Entrepreneurship, to being a Lawyer and a Teacher, or just General Job Interviews. It does seem that the Ability to be Comfortable when Speaking Publicly as a 'General Skill Set' in Wales (by almost expecting a lead role?) seems to have been seen as Instinctively Unnecessary for many Welsh people over the previous Decades (if not Centuries), as a possible consequence of Welsh people Historically Assuming (Socialized) that they are more the Inherited'Servant' the One's being 'Imposed On' (the Rule Takers) than the Inherited'Master' the One's 'Imposing' (the Rule Makers) in the Inherited UK Power Hierarchy (See 'Describing the Relationship Between Wales & England' under the 'What is Britishness' heading above). However, with the Introduction of the Welsh Assembly Government in 1999 (albeit with Initial Limited Powers), the Need for more Potent Quality Welsh Politicians (by Introducing More Competition) to Cogently and Astutely Publicly Represent, Promote and Defend Wales has 'Significantly Increased'.                 

Welsh people Need to Finally Democratically Decide (See 'Nation Speciifc Criteria' under 'What is Britishness' heading above) the Direction they want to go, whether that is Independence, Amalgamation into England, or remain within the same basic structure but with an externally sanctioned constitutional Equality Contract in place. To Clarify, Remaining the same with No Change is Not An Option as it has Not worked over the last 300 years for Wales with No Evidence to suggest it will work for Wales in the next 300 years (See 'Wales in Purgatory' heading above). However, given any of the three Options outlined Wales will still Need to Urgently Improve in Certain key Areas Regardless.                                                                                                                                                                                       

SO HOW CAN WALES BE IMPROVED?... In this text the author will introduce a Wider Issue approach with a Phraseology Labelled the Three 'F' Approach, which is'FIX THE FUNDAMENTALS FIRST'. When you Prioritise and Fix the Fundamental Elements and Foundation to Prosperity and Growth (The Building Blocks to Prosperity) then Ultimately there will be additional Funds for Individual Welsh Constituencies as a Whole with Further resource for Essential Services such as the NHS, Social Care, Housing, Homelessness, Infrastructure, Community Projects, Child Care and Education (amongst many others). This Three 'F' approach would suggest as a Basic Introduction Point:-     

(I) A Welsh Based & Owned Bank to Develop a Welsh Based Central Financial Services Sector one of the Most Lucrative Sectors in any Nation's Finances around the World (which might be why London is the Financial Capital of the World?...). Wales is the Only Nation in the UK 'Not Permitted' (by the FSA (Financial Services Authority) in London) their Own Nationally Beneficial Functioning Bank by the English Establishment Authorities (the Welsh Development Bank is Not a Normal Accredited Functioning Bank), Worth a potential Additional £Billions of Pounds annually to the Welsh Economy with the ability (as with all Banks) to Create Wealth by Lending Money UK Wide for Mortgages, Small Loans, Credit Cards, Stocks & Shares (at customers risk) and also through Direct Customer Bank Deposits & Charges.  Alternatively (or as well as, similar to England) even just one Welsh Based Authorised Commercial Bank Operating In & Out of Wales to Keep & Circulate Welsh Money (in the form of Bank Deposits & Charges, Small Loan repayments as well as Mortgage & Credit card repayments) In Wales, and also further attract Outside Money into the Welsh Economy through UK & International Operations. This would prevent Welsh Money being Continuously Directly Filtered Out into London Banks that historically creates, perpetuates and ensures a Welsh Leaky Economy (which is like running a bath with the plug out!... (with Welsh Money directed into London through the Numerous London based Banks situated all over the UK & Online). Just One Normal Accredited Functioning Bank Based in Wales would also Allow and Grow a Welsh Based Financial Industry (that would be Direct Competition for England's Financial Industry in the UK Financial Market, which might Explain why Wales is Not Permitted a Fully Operational Bank?), which could include NationalMortgages, Small Loans, Credit Cards& Various Insurance Covers amongst numerous examples (each sector Worth £Billions annually in their own right) in Wales by a Welsh Bank, as Wales is Continuously and Historically the Poorest Nation in the UK, with such an Historically 'Restricted' and 'LEAKY' ECONOMY' (English Banks Historically Filtering Welsh Money into London's Economy), You Do The Maths!... A 'Welsh Public Bank', possibly State Owned Centrally by the Welsh Assembly Government to allow wider access to Money at Lower Interest Rates for Welsh Business (Business Loans) and the general Public (Mortgages, Credit Cards, Small Loans) 'Keeping the Money Created through monthly Repayments Circulating in Wales' to Support the Welsh Economy, not Continuously and Historically Directly Filtered Out into London through their Numerous London based UK wide Banks, but also Ideally Following the German Model with Branches and Profits Maintained and Run by Local Authorities in all Area's and Regions of Wales (See 'Why is there No Welsh Bank?' under the 'Wales in Purgatory?' heading above)Just as a matter of interest, it appears 'Very Telling' that the London Based British Central Bank the 'Bank of England'(an Obvious Nationalist title) is Not called the 'Bank of Britain' (a Collective Unionist title), which seems to Demonstrate with'Great Clarity' who has Staked their Historic Claim on all of Britain's Wealth and Distribution, as when it comes to the Important aspect of Money & Financein Britain the Union of the UK appears to yet again become of little consequence!?... (just to clarify, Admiral Insurance, although appreciated in Wales, is Not a Welsh financial company).                                     

(II) A Welsh Motorway System & Transport Infrastructure Connecting All of Wales, and then Connecting in with England's Infrastructure where available  to Encourage Business & Tourism and Develop Wealth Across the Whole of Wales by Creating a Motorway Running Through the Main 'Spine of Wales' by Finally Connecting 'North to South' and 'All Routes In Between' (also Central West to East eventually). The Motorway Network North to South Allows the Spreading of  Wealth across the entirety of a country. Much like Demonstrated for Decades in England (through Roads such a the 'M1' leading onto the 'M6', also the 'A1' Duel Carriageway available, & the New HS2 route going through the Main Spine of England Connecting 'North to South', which is Considered Vital Arteries in Future English Wealth Creation & Distribution). If the Connection from 'North to South' of a Nation was of 'No Consequence' then these Routes would Not have been Previously Built in England, and Continue to be Built with the HS2 Rail 'South North' Connection Route?! So to Clarify, clearly if there is no Benefit to a 'North South' Connection then why would England Continue to spend £Billions (HS2) on a New Connection Route that Coincidentally 'Totally Ignores Wales' (keeping Wales out of the Lucrative UK Transport Network Loop) whilst also keeping Wales Out of any of the Projected Additional Financial Benefits (an extra 15 £Billion annual Projection) that is said to Boost the UK (English) Economy by £Billions, on top of the Roads and Motorways that they already possess (what is good for the goose must be good for gander!)?... Moreover, as Clearly ''Demonstrated' with the Short 'M4' Corridor in South Wales and England's 'North South' Motorway Connection (London through Birmingham to Manchester/Liverpool), Population, Development and Wealth Will Eventually 'Follow That New Route', which Must then be Replicated through the Main Core Central 'Spine of Wales(& also eventually West to East Centrally, Starting with a Central East Arm off the Welsh Central Spine Motorway to Access the English Midlands). See M56 north, M54 mid & M50 south Wales on the Road Map provided, and a Map of the United Kingdom at Night Time to Evidence the 'Developed' and 'Non-Developed' Areas of the UK, which Demonstrates how Development tends to Follow Along Motorway and Transport Routes. See 'Why is there No Motorway System in Wales?' under the 'Wales in Purgatory?' heading above. A North South Connection via a Motorway in Wales will Spread Wealth Around Wales not only form the North of England Down through Wales and South of England up (through the central spine), but can Directly Link into Middle England (Birmingham areas, a Massive UK Market currently directly Inaccessible to Wales) from the Middle of the North South central Motorway spine, with a Motorway Arm Protruding East towards the English border, to Filter Middle England's Vast Wealth into the Central Spine (Mid Wales) of a North South Welsh Connection to be Distributed 'In and Through' Mid, South and North Wales. It is True that Wealth in the UK is in a 'West East' (Horizontal) Direction from England to Wales, as England is the Main Source of Wealth in the UK. However, England is the main Source of Wealth predominantly because they have a Central Spine to Distribute their Wealth and Opportunity throughout the Central Core of England (up & down, also East to West). The 'Evidence of the Importance' of a North South Connection to England's Wealth is the Long Standing (Since the 1960's) Motorway's that Already Exist in England, along with the recent commencement of Construction of a New High Speed Rail Link (that totally Ignores Wales) linking the North and South of England (HS2) expected to be completed in 2025 at an anticipated Cost of 50 £Billion Pounds (and rising). Although a 'North South' Connection Project will be a Long Term Financial Stretch for Wales (with their new limited Tax Varying Powers) with an access Motorway point across to middle England may take some years, if not decades to Fully Complete (Starting form North Down & South Up at the same time). Indeed, Not linking North and South Wales could well be Historically and Continuously Falling for the Oldest Tactic in the World,'Divide and Conquer'However, a North South Connection will be Vital to the Long Term Future of Wales, and a Mighty Beneficial 'Inheritance' to the Children of Wales, particularly with he Widespread Future advent of 'Non Polluting' Electric or Hydrogen vehicles, along with 'Non Polluting' Commercial and Private Driverless vehicles (Which Will All Still Require Roads, A Hard Flat Running Surface), or alternatively Wales could Continue to do the Same but Expecting Better Results (generally understood as the Definition of Insanity!...)                               


Motorways & Transport Links (Including the New HS2 project that 'Totally Ignores' and Further 'Isolates Wales') are Meticulously Planned in Every Conceivable Detail for Years (sometimes Decades) in Advance. Could it be a Complete Coincidence (Given the Well Documented Acrimonious History Wales has with England) that the Whole Length of the Eastern Welsh Border Landmass with England from 'North to South' (apart from a short section of the M4 in South Wales, which apparently was conceived to Route the Money in South Wales (because of Coal) into London, not the other way around?), have Organised England's (Britain's) National Motorway Network to Consistently Stop Well in Advance of the Welsh Border, which appears to Prevent Wales from Connecting onto the English Transport Network (& appears to directly Prevent English Wealth Flowing Freely into Wales from England?) to Access the Profitable and Lucrative English Markets (Who Are By Far the Wealthiest Nation in the UK). However, Linking Wales into England's Transport Network could be of Detriment to the Companies and Workers of the English Border Towns, and wider English Cities and Regions (as it would Invite & Create More Competition In from Wales). As a consequence the English Establishment Authorities (who have historically controlled the whole of Britain's transport networks) do Not appear to Posses the Historic Necessary Motivation to Want to Link their Transport Access Directly Into Wales (or Out of Wales, see Maps directed above) which would be Detrimental to their Economy, as Welsh Companies and People could then Access In, to Pull Money and Overseas Businesses Out of England into neighbouring Wales. It appears that Wales can only Improve and Develop by Implementing what they now have some Control over to Enhance their own Development and Prosperity (as you can only Control the Controllable's), which is their Overall Welsh Internal Road (Transport) Network (as a result of some New Devolved Powers), whilst Certainly attempting to Link Into the Existing English Road & Transport Networks at the Border where Available as they are Vital, if some what possibly Unwelcome?! Although, it does seem that apparently Impeded Links into the 'Lucrative English Market' from Wales, with possible transport 'Bottle Necks' at the English/Welsh Border (North, Mid  & South), would be Far Better than No Links at all. As Unfortunately judging by the Evidence presented, it does appear that Wales may Not be able to Rely on any Direct Co-Operation from their Only Land Neighbour which extends over the Whole Length of their  Eastern Side Border?!... 

Furthermore, to seriously suggest that solving Bottle Necks (with a relief road on the M4 for example) and Congestion on the Welsh roads that has restricted the Welsh Economy for Decades like clogged arteries (since the 'Roads to Prosperity' Motorway Project specifically in England in the 1960's) cannot be Resolved by Building More Strategic Roads appears Nonsensical (this is like saying that you Cannot Resolve the Housing Crisis by Building More Homes as they will only eventually get Filled Up!?)?... This New M4 Relief Road and Further Infrastructure Developments in Wales could be Substantially Funded by a Minimal Blanket Severn Bridge Toll of £2.50 for All Vehicles (Frozen for twenty year periods). To further suggest that new roads equals more congestion and therefore pollution in Wales again appears Nonsensical as Wales only has a 'Finite' amount of Cars and Vehicles, with most people only ever usually travelling 'Locally' within their immediate areas (also baring in mind the advent of Wide Spread Electric Car use in the near Future). However, when the Congestion Problem caused by higher user numbers of the London Airports was recently resolved with the New Expansion of Heathrow Airport confirmed by Westminster in 2018 (remember Aircraft do not yet have Non Polluting Electric Versions that Cars do) to Relieve Congestion the same Flimsy argument of creating more Flights and Congestion was absent (Why, because it does not make sense, as an Expansion is Required (based on Need) because the previous resource Cannot Cope with Current & Future Demands, as Populations always tend to Increase never Decrease). Indeed when every other Developed country around the World such as China are increasing their Roads to prosperity (with the Future Advent of Wide Spread Electric Cars & Vehicles) why is Wales asked to Not build any, even though they already Historically do Not have enough?!... Creating extra public transport 'Instead' of Motorways in Wales will never Benefit the Welsh Economy or Reduce Polution (even though Electric Vehicles are the Obvious Future which still require a Necessary Functioning Road Network) as people will always opt for the Flexibility and Freedom of their own Private transport.Furthermore, could it be that English Business who have Great Influence across all Areas and Organisations of the UK (who's Nation already possess the most Comprehensive Motorway System in the UK, so they are Fine) may be concerned that a Motorway Network in Wales would Equal more Prosperity for Wales by the New ability to Fluidly Directly Filter Money, Opportunity and Business out of England (which appears to be the reason why a Fluid and Extensive Motorway System does Not already exist in Wales, but has done in England for Decades?!)?  See 'Why is there No Motorway System in Wales?' under the 'Wales in Purgatory?' heading above.                                                              

​​(III) A Welsh Based, Edited & Owned National Mainstream English Speaking Television Channel, for Wales to Finally be allowed a 'National Broadcasting Licence'by the Central London English Establishment Authorities (or alternatively Devolve Broadcasting Powers in Wales to Wales) to Enable Wales to Promote (to Encourage Tourism Worth an Additional £Billions of Pounds) and Defend itself Nationally and Internationally with a generic UK Wide Mainstream Television Channel (such as the Numerous Channels Operated from their Obvious Central Media London 'Monopoly' (the British Media), with it's Core Central Operational Headquarters Always Based in London (Regardless of Regional UK Offices), which Ultimately Centrally Controls what Overall Messages & Narratives to Send Out to all their UK Regions), as well as to Develop a Lucrative Potential Extra £Billion PoundMedia Industry (through Selling Wales to the wider World (Tourism), Selling Shows made in Wales about Wales abroad, and Advertising Income) Based In, and therefore Circulating Finance & Media associated Jobs, as well as Opportunity, around Wales (not just Exclusively in and/or Information Controlled from the London Central Hubs Only!...). Possessing a National/International Media Presence (either through the Welsh Government or as a Welsh based Independent Company) in Wales is the apparent Difference Between Continued Hardship or Relative Wealth for Wales (through Increased 'Tourism' & 'Media' Income, Both Proven £Billion Pound Industries)!...Funded by Advertising Only (Same as ITV & Channel 5 London Model's) or a Mixture of Public and Advertising Funding Combined (Similar to the Channel 4 London Model). Seep118 & p127 in the Free Book Provided above for More Information regarding the British Media...                            

(IV) Address the Unbalanced Uneven UK Wide Population Voting Systemto Ensure Genuine Welsh Views are Represented, Not Simply 'DROWNED OUT' by the Disproportionately Large English Population in any Combined UK Wide VoteEngland are85% (55 Million people) of the UK Voting Population, Wales are 5% (3 Million people),again 'You Do The Maths'!...(obviously as this Voting System Favours the Largest Powerful UK Majority there appears No Motivation to Change it, although this does Not Justify it's Continued Existence in it's Current Form). Equally, Whilst Simultaneously at the Same Time Inside Wales, as Stated by the Telegraph National Newspaper in June 2014 with an article by John Bingham entitled'The Welsh Could Become a Minority in Wales as the English Set their Sights West''.This article identified that 22% of the Welsh population are already Identified as being English (as Stated in the 2011 UK National Census) and is only likely to Increase year on year, mainly due to the Welsh close Geographic proximity with England with more undeveloped land (space) and Cheaper house prices (due to lower income). This large English population in Polls, Elections or Referendums specific to Wales may skew the UK (& World) projected Welsh Opinion and overall Political Party Choices? However, the natural basic human instinct to want to vote or poll in favour of your indigenous roots is no one individuals fault as such, but this natural 'Conflict of Interests' must be Factored into any Collation and Analysis of the so called Overall Welsh Nationally publicised Opinion (the UK Wide Brexit Referendum in 2016 for example)!!... (See the 'Nation Specific Criteria' under the 'What is Britishness?' heading above for possible Solutions?). Furthermore, when a 'Region or City' in the Nation of England Gain 'Internationally Recognised Nation Status'with their Own Recognised International Sporting Teams, Anthem, History, Parliament & Flag amongst other set Criteria, then they too can be Part of the Nation Specific Criteria Voting System, as you Cannot be a Full Part of the Majority and an Outside Minority at the 'SAME TIME'!?... So to Clarify, you Can't Have 'Both' all the Advantages of being part of the 'Majority' group with 'None' of the Disadvantages, whilst also at the 'SAME TIME' having all the Advantages of being a 'Minority' group, but again with 'None' of the Disadvantages, (you Can't Have your Cake and Eat It)!... But until Individual Nationhood can be Internationally Established by any Region or City within the Nation of England, then the 'Centuries Old Historic Internationally Recognised Four Nations of the UK' could be the Only participants Subject to a Separate National Voting System.  To Conclude, although we are Fortunate enough in the UK to have the Basic Elements of Democracy (although Never going to be Perfect), this does Not mean that it is Permanently Fixed and should be Forever Left Alone, and therefore can never be Enhanced, Adjusted or Improved to Spread the Benefits of Democracy to as Broader Spectrum of the Whole of the UK Populations as possible, to further Promote the Union and the Democratic Process (Not just Exclusively Benefiting the one 85% Majority Nation at the Expense of the Other Three Nations within the UK, we are Either a United Kingdom or Not!!...). The UK Population as a Whole either Believe in the Wider 'Core Principles of a Fair Democracy' or Not,which would Allocate Equal Voice to the People of All Four Recognised Nations that Form the UK(you Cannot be a Democrat Only when it suits you!). As the current 'Electoral System' in Britain seems Structured so that in affect a Welsh (Scottish) Vote is Worth 'Less' than an English one. As the British Electoral System appears Designed from London to take Advantage of their Overwhelming UK Majority Population's Number's (85%), with the further Power from London to always Insist on a Combined UK Vote as and when required (Brexit for example?).                                                   


(V) The Introduction of a 'VETO VOTE SYSTEM' Between the Four Nations of the UK (Similar to the EU) to Ensure an Equal Voice and Parity Between all Four UK Nations in any 'UK Wide' Decision Making, to Finally move Wales on from this Historic and Ongoing Outdated Central London English Establishment Colonial 'Dominance' (with Decisions Imposed on Wales that may Only Benefit England at the Expense of Everyone else in the UK) to a Modern Up to Date Genuine  'Partnership of Equals' through ensuring that every Nation has the Power (Veto Vote) to block any decision that may negatively effect some parts of the UK at the expense of others, until a Compromise is found that benefits all Four Nations in the UK Equally and as fairly as possible (a system that already exists in Canada & Belgium, as well as obviously the EU with no concerns or prolonged difficulties), although possibly even More Needed in the UK as the Four Nations of the UK are Recognised Countries in their Own Right (with National Sporting Teams, Flags, Parliaments & Anthems for example) not just Regions or Cities. This Veto Vote System would truly mean Wales (& Most of the UK) Finally "Taking Back Control"(Brexit Promise...)Equally, if Wales were to discuss Independence in the future (or Scotland) this EU Style 'Veto Vote System' (Power for all Members regarding overall UK decisions that does not currently exist in the UK) would be the Main Beneficial Reason Why 'SWAPPING' the Central London English Establishment Rule (Imposed) for some European Union Rule (Democratically Voted Between All the Separate Member Countries) could be a Good Idea?). As the Veto Vote System clearly provides an enhanced element of overall Control (for all Union member Nations Equally not just for One) than the Current UK Model of One Dominant Nation ultimately Imposing it's will on the other Union members. As Underlined and Clarified in 'No Uncertain Terms' in June 2018 (regarding Scotland, a Country in a Similar Position to Wales within Britain) by David Mundell the UK Governments London Based Conservative Party's Scottish Secretary of State, when he Clarified that, 'Scotland are Part of the UK But Not (Equal) Partners'. Furthermore, Introducing this Veto Vote System into the UK may go some way in convincing Scotland to remain in the Union. However, after 300 years (Act of Union 1707) and Counting of being Treated with Disrespect I can understand why they would want to leave!... Although if (when) Scotland do proceed with a Second Independence Vote it must be through the 'Nation Specific Criteria' see under 'What is Britishness' heading above, as the Future Direction of Scotland is Clearly no one else's business apart from the Scottish people's. In addition, some people have argued that the Veto Vote System caters for the Lowest Common Denominator. However it appears that the absolute Reverse is True, as the Veto Vote System Ensures a Beneficial 'Highest' Common Denominator for Each of the Four UK Member Nations Equally (which also promotes Unity), Not Just Benefiting the One Majority Nation. The Evidence of the Unifying Effects of the 'Veto Vote System' (Valuing all Members with Equal Power) is the Unity of the 27 (Twenty Seven) Nations of the EU in Brexit Negotiations (2018) as Opposed to the Disunity between just the 4 (Four) Nations of the UK. Indeed, it seems as if the UK London Authorities are (or were) happy with the Veto Vote they Posses in the EU (as it provides Parity for them between EU Nations) but seem to NO Platform the Idea to Provide the Same Parity between the UK Nations (which will include England giving up some of it's Power & having to Rely on the Skill of Negotiation and Compromise, a Frightening Prospect)? The Current Historic & Ongoing UK Model (of One Nation in a Union Imposing it's Will & Interests on the Others) would be like, say for example, Germany in the European Union Imposing it's Will on all the other EU Nations, that would simply not  be accepted by the other EU members, so Why should Wales accept this Historic Unfair UK System, do they Feel that they are Not Worthy of being Treated with Equal Respect?!... See 'Describing the Welsh Relationship with England?' under the 'What is Brtishness?' heading above, and of course                                                 


(VI) Challenging and therefore Neutralising this Historic and Ongoing Derogatory 'Sheep Shagger' Slander Term that appears Designed to Attack and Erode a Vital Component of Success and High Expectation, which is said to be Confidence & Resilience. Neutralising this Crude Derogatory Slander Stereotype can be achieved by ensuring a minimal Welsh Government'Cultural Legal Defence Fund' (CLDF) to Financially Enable Welsh Citizens (of all Ethnicities & Minority groups) to Finally Hold the British (London Centred) Media to Account for Slander (although potentially only One case example will be required to serve as a Deterrent in the Future?...). As an average Person Cannot typically get Free Government 'Legal Aide' for a Slander Case in the UKThis 'Cultural Legal Defence Fund' will be the much Needed'MISSING LINK' between Citizens and Legislation(A BRIDGE). It's great to have Equality Legislation but without the Legal and Financial ability to Access them they are rendered Useless, Mere 'Lip Service(whether this is by Design or Not is a debate for another time)?...         

In conclusion on the subject matter of Improvement and Necessary Change,'Although Change can be a Scary thing, it is not Half as Scary as Staying the the Same Forever',  because if you do not seek change then you will remain in the same Position, which is Fine if that Position is a Position of Wealth and Equality, but Not so Great if your Position is one of Continued Poverty and Slanderas further Clarified by Henry Ford,'if You Keep On Doing what You have Always Done, then You will Keep On Getting what You have Always Got'!?...             

Indeed Ultimately it is Only the Welsh People 'As a Whole' who can Alter their Inheritance of Evidenced Poverty & Slander, so Crucially when Confronted with this Welsh Sheep Shagger Racial Slander 'Challenge It' by stating what is Factually Correct, which is that it is Racist and a Lie, which means that the person saying it can be Labelled Correctly (Both Legally & Morally) as a Racist and a Liar (& if your feeling slightly intimidated or apprehensive remember that ultimately the Law of the Land is on your side). As Obviously Welsh People Must Stand Up for Themselves and their Future Generations, against Crude Ongoing National Labelling & Discrimination (Who Else Do You Suppose is Going to Do It For You & Your Children!?...). Welsh people can Now access National & International Public Platforms and Forums that were Previously Historically only Controlled through the Traditional London Media Platforms, by using the New Technologies present on the Internet. This New Era of a Voice being Provided for the Previously Voiceless must be Embraced Now by all Welsh people to Prevent the Continued Restriction of Growth for the Welsh Economy, but most Importantly for the Growth of Welsh People as a Whole.So Challenge and Highlight Discrimination and Vulgar Stereotyping by Discussing Openly in your Community how these may Contribute to Limited Confidence,  Aspiration and some Embarrassment in Wales as a result of a Crude National and International Reputation for Bestiality (which taints every Welsh person, each man, women and child), and how this Discrimination and Slander may have Restricted Welsh Business possibility within Britain over the years. Also Highlight these concerns by Publicising & Spreading the Word on Historic and Ongoing Welsh Inequality and Slander (through the 'New' Public Platforms of Social Media & the Internet), or by Passing On this 'FREE' Website (which can be found at or to Spark Debate within your circle of Friends, Family and Associates. Through Openly Discussing 'Why Wales is Historically and Constantly the Poorest Nation in the UK, and has what many consider as the one of the Crudest Slander term's in the 'World' permanently attached to it's name, and Why it is Never Openly Challenged (in the Welsh Assembly) or Discussed on the UK London Media (particularly when most other Race or Gender related issues are discussed regularly?)'. Equally, get a Different Point of View and Perspective on the Subject Matters raised (by passing on or discussing this Website) from a Variety of Different People from Different Backgrounds, Ethnicities, Ages, Genders and Nationalities.                      

Indeed Create Alternative Beneficial Options to Highlight and/or Resolve Poverty & Slander in Wales Yourself (giving your personal interpretation on the subject matter) and then put them 'Out There' on Social Media and the Internet (or Using the Mediums of 'Art', 'Poetry', 'Theatre', 'Comedy' or 'Song'!), as well as Using this Website and the 'FREE'Book provided to be one the First to Examine the previously Unexplored Questions Highlighted in the Texts, and put your findings out there in your own Book or Website to Further Develop the Questions in a Balanced manner, good or bad?!. To Finally bring the apparent 'London Media Censored' (No Platformed) subject matter of Welsh Slander and Poverty out of the Shadows and into the Light,to Allow Welsh people (almost to give "Permission") to begin to feel More Comfortable Openly talking about How to Improve Wales Specifically (which sometimes Must be Separate to the UK Wide London Media Debate) by generally Publicly Expressing and Debating the Welsh Nation's Historic Problems, along with an Open Relaxed Dialogue on their own Aspirations and Potential Solutions to Openly Identified Issues for the Future of Wales and the Welsh people (it's 'OK' to Want to Aspire for Better for your Children, People & Nation). It is 'Not' an Inevitability that Welsh People will always remain 'Poor and Slandered'!. The Issues outlined in this Website (amongst many others) have Historically and Consistently Restricted Welsh 'Growth' Both 'Financially' and as a 'People' (leading to ongoing Hardship) over the Decades (if not Centuries) that still Continues to this Day, with No sign of that ever changing, with Wales Historically presenting as the Poorest Nation in the UK (Joseph Rowntree Foundation 2017) and the Continuous Existence of Some of the Same Ongoing Poorest areas in the 'Whole of Europe', with the same old Sheep Shagger Bestiality term Still as well used as a Racial Stick (to Insult & Demean) as widely Promoted and Unchallenged as ever in the UK?...                                                                                                                                                                                                    

The possibility of Providing Access to a Funded Solicitor through the Welsh Assembly Government (as free 'Legal Aid' is Not available for Slander cases in the UK), a  'Cultural Legal Defence Fund' or CLDF (as Racism, Prejudice & Discrimination is 'Against the Law' in the UK, UN & Europe!!...), and publicly advertising this Facility so the Welsh Public (& Slanderers) are aware that this Legal alternative actually Exists, is Vital when confronting with Racial Slander specifically presented through the 'British London based Mainstream Media' (Just One Example would likely set a Precedent and Deter Future Slander?). A Free minimal 'Cultural Legal Defence Fund' does appear to be a Reasonable Option and is Directly in the 'Best Interests of the Welsh Public as a Whole', as it can serve to 'Empower' the Welsh People by Providing an Option that would Otherwise be continuously Denied to them through Financial Impossibility!... A very real Option of Legal Action also Causes the Slanderer to think twice (providing Consequences to Actions), thus possibly further Justifying any Initial Marginal public expenditure. However, a Percentage of any 'Compensation' recovered through a 'Personal Law Suit' (not including a possible Criminal case) against 'British Media' associates for 'Racial Slander' can then be held in a 'Financial Pot' to fund any possible further actions in the future (of course the Individual, or Group of Individuals bringing the complaint must have their expenses generously and fully reimbursed!). Furthermore, this Funded Legal Facility must also be Provided to all Minority Ethic Indigenous Welsh People Residing in Wales (Welsh Citizens) to address Further Various British Media Ethnic Slander (Of Any Minority Ethnic Group in Wales), to promote Welsh Social Cohesion and British Media Regulation. ​Although any such cases will Not be about money it will be about 'ACCOUNTABILITY'Providing a Funded Solicitor to the average Welsh person through a minimal 'Cultural Legal Defence Fund' (CLDF) to Finally hold the British London based Media to Account,which may Help to 'COUNTERACT' the Fact that Wales and the 'Welsh People' are'NOT ALLOWED A 'NATIONAL' BROADCASTING LICENCE' or Devolved Powers over their Own Welsh Broadcasting (A Public Platform) By the Central London English Establishment Authorities to have just One 'MAINSTREAM UK WIDE NATIONAL ENGLISH SPEAKING TELEVISION CHANNEL' (similar to the Numerous National Mainstream Channels currently orchestrated only from central London) Based or Owned in Wales which would provide an instant 'Public Right of Reply' (of course when a person knows there will be a response they tend not to attack), to hold the London Centred British Media and Associates to Account (Broadcasting & Print), and which would Further Serve to provide a Public Platform to Positively Advertise and Promote Wales on the Wider World Stage to Eventually 'Increase Business and Tourism Prosperity in Wales'.                                                                               


In addition, even when a Welsh Celebrity is confronted with Racial abuse aired on the 'British Mainstream Media' in the UK, it appears as though that person is prevented from responding in Kind using Banter, as he or she may never work again on the apparent Central London English Establishment controlled Media Channels or Outlets, the Only real Media Employment in the UK.Although this is Not to Excuse 'Acceptance' of Racism, as 'at some Point In all of our Lives' we must all make a stand by 'Calling Out' Racism & Discrimination Regardless of the Consequences (Particularly as Welsh Celebrities (Stars) do Possess a Public Platform otherwise Denied to most others). When a person Looks Back at their Life and begins to 'Take Stock' (as we will all do at some stage), Regardless of a Person's Wealth, Notoriety, Poverty, Gender or Class, at the Conclusion of a Person's Life, what Ultimate 'Worth' was that 'Person' who saw Wide Spread 'Slander', 'Prejudice' and 'Discrimination' but Just 'Ignored It' out of 'Fear', 'Apathy' or 'Ignorance', thus Allowing the Inheritance of Poverty & Slander to Extend to their Next Generation (as it was to theirs), and so it Continues... What Counts is Not the Mere Fact that you have Lived. It is what Difference you have made to the Lives of Others that will Determine the Significance of the Life you Lead'!... (Nelson Mandela). As further asserted by Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865), 'To Sin by Silence When They Should Protest, Makes Cowards of Men (& Women)'. Although, it also seems quite apparent that Slander of your Own Allies is the Most Destructive Weapon within any UNION, 'What Person Thinks that Demeaning their Partner would be Conducive to a Long Term Successful Marriage'!?... Particularly in times of external threat when the UK Needs to be as Unified as possible, whilst people are largely fortunate and proud to live in the UK the English Establishment cannot (yet again) have their cake and eat it, which is to say you cannot constantly treat People with Inequality and Disrespect, and then Naively Expect those same People to Wholeheartedly Support you when you Need them?!... (Seep56 of the Free Electronic Book Provided above under 'The apparent Contradiction of the English Establishment?' section).                                                        

​​However, ​remember that Racism and Lying are Crimes, telling the Truth is not, indeed the justice system itself is created to attempt to decipher the Truth from the Lie, but of course if you 'Cannot Afford Justice' it will be Constantly Denied to You (It appears that Access to Racial Justice and Equality is predominantly Only for the Wealthy in the UK!..). I wonder if the 'Welsh People' and their Regional 'Government Representatives' (who all have a Moral Duty to Defend Wales and the Welsh people with their Public Voice and Platform) are going to Allow another hundred years of Slander and Lies to Undermine them, their Nation and their Family (Tolerate this Now, then your Children Will be Next!), or are they at Last going to be the Generation that Finally brings an End to this 'Stealthy' & 'Persistent' Slander Term by Publicly Addressing & Exposing this 'SheepShagger' Racial Slur, using Sensible Reasoned Argument to Reveal the Truth. Remember the Truth is like a Lion, You do Not have to Constantly Defend it,'LET IT LOOSE', It Can Defend Itself... (St.Augustine).    

Furthermore, it does appear that'The British Media is the Most Effective way to Spread Propaganda, Slander, Labeling, Stereotyping & Racism on Mass Across the UK, but Also is the Most Effective Way to Stop It'!!... Which is Why Wales 'NEEDS' to be Allowed a'NATIONAL BROADCASTING LICENCE'By The Central London English Establishment Authorities(See p127 of the Free Book Provided above regarding the British Media) or Devolved Power over their Own Broadcasting, for at Least Just 'ONE' Welsh Based, Edited, Produced and Owned UK Wide Mainstream English Speaking National Television Channel (such as the Numerous Channels all Centred & Controlled from London), which also Enables a Human Perspective of Welsh people to be Projected (not just a Stereotyped Version Repeatedly put forward by their apparent Slanderer), whilst Providing Opportunity, Prosperity and Careers in a Media Industry in Wales that would eventually be worth £Billions to the Welsh Economy, judging by what already exists in the London Media (of course Welsh Owned Shows can also then be Sold Abroad for Profit, Prestige, Tourism, & International Advertising, a Luxury Currently 'Only' Enjoyed by the Numerous London Based Channels and England at Present). Possibly, Initially Funded through a Similar Model to 'CHANNEL 4' with a Mixture of Advertising Money & Limited Public Funding, Eventually Leading onto Advertising Funding Only (with No Public Money in the Future Once Established) Similar then to the Independently Funded London Based Mainstream Television Channels of 'ITV' & 'CHANNEL 5', with a Neutral British Name such as 'Channel 6' or 'UKTV' for example, so Not associated with just Wales. Developing a Media Industry in Wales, which is  a £Billion Pound Industry, will Far Outweigh Any Initial Limited Public Money spent in the Short to Medium Terms (remember Wales is already forced to pay a BBC licence fee for a Londoncentric service with very Limited Welsh Based Jobs, No Regular National Representation or Profit!...), and of course, What Price a 'Right of Reply' & the Ability to 'Positively Promote Your Country' on the National & International Stage, to also Encourage & Attract Business & Tourism Prosperity Into Wales, as the Wider World Cannot 'Visit' or 'Investin a Place That They Do Not Know even 'Exists' as an Option?!...A Welsh Based National (International) Mainstream Television Channel is also Needed to try to 'Balance Out' the Historic & Ongoing  'MONOPOLY'  by the apparent Central London English Establishment Media (An Apparent One Sided Selective 'Perspective' & 'Financial Reward'?), through their 'Numerous' London Centred British National TV Channels which includes all the Countless Mainstream London Based Channels of BBC 1, BBC 2, ITV, Channel 4 & Channel 5 with their Numerous 'Add On' Associated Channelssuch as ITV 2, 3, 4, ITVBe & their +1's for example, Historically Dominating the Whole of the UK National & International Media, and then Labelled and Packaged as the "British" Media!?...Including further London Based large franchises such as British Sky Broadcasting (BSB) Channels which include Sky Sports 1,2,3,4, Sky One, Sky Two, Sky News & Sky Living (Edited, Staffed & Produced from Londonto name but a few. Not to mention all the Other Smaller London centred Nationally accessible TV Stations such as Dave, Quest, Pick, Yesterday, Alibi, Drama, Eden, Home, W, UKTV, Kerrang, MTV(UK), Really, Gold, Nickelodeon, Box Office, Box Nation as well as BT Sports and their other associated channels (with many more new channels appearing frequently) for example...                                                                                                                                                                                   

Although, there does appear to be an element of 'Self Deception' Induced through apparent Fear with regard to Welsh Government Representatives (as it appears that 'Knowledge Without Courage Is Sterile', Baltasar 1601-1658). To Clarify, if a Welsh Politician allows themselves to Fully Acknowledge the Problem of Welsh Slander (which is Discrimination & Stereotyping) with it'a Negative Effects on Welsh Tourism and Business (Welsh Economy), as well as all the Well Documented Detrimental effects on a Person's (& their Nation's) Experience's, Well being, Aspiration's and Life Chances(which also Can be Experienced directly when a Welsh person Relocates into to England, the Wealthiest & Largest Nation in the UK, apparently particularly Polarised when moving for the Children?!...), any Acknowledgement would then mean that Welsh Politicians might have to do something about it. Alternatively, if they Pretend or Convince themselves, that the Detrimental effects on Wales of Discrimination, Stereotyping, Labelling and Racism is just harmless 'Racial' Banter (even though this Racial Banter does Not appear to be Allowed through the London British Media (the Power Imbalance) to be a 'Two Way Process', which is the Dictionary Definition of 'Banter'), or simply does Not Exist (even though the Evidenced affects of Racial & Ethnic Discrimination & Stereotyping is Overwhelming) then they do not have to 'Do' or 'Mention' anything about it,It's Easier to do Nothing,a Much Less Distressing Prospect!!... However, Even if as a Welsh Politician you are a Hardened Unionist, this does not mean that Wales should Not be Treated with Respect and Decency within that Union!!...              


Remember the Central London English Establishment still Ultimately Control Wales(the Ongoing Remains of Colonialism)and nearly all of the Welsh Politicians Mainstream Political Party 'Superiors' are Based in their 'Central London Head Offices' such as Labour, Conservatives, Liberal Democrats & UKIP (just to Clarify the Welsh Labour Party & the Welsh Conservatives, Who appear to be Just Regional Wings of their 'Main Party' Based in London, are the Political parties that have Historically Governed Wales). So to act against the Central London English Establishment with all their Control of nearly every aspect of Welsh life (including the UK Media & the UK Political Arena) would be like a 'SERVANT'Challenging their'MASTER' (See 'Describing the Welsh Relationship with England' Under the 'What is Britishness?' heading above), the apparent Historic & Ongoing UK 'INHERITED POWERLESS'Challenging the Historic & Ongoing UK 'INHERITED POWERFUL'and would almost be akin to Political & Career Suicide in the UK. Although the Same Reason why the author of this text can Openly write this Website without the Central London English Establishment Authorities being able to Act against it, would be the Same Reason why a Welsh politician (or any Person) could also openly address this Subject, and that is because 'there is No Argument against the Truth, and No Legal or Moral Flaw in Fighting the Good Fight for Equality'. So for the Central London English Establishment Authorities to Act against a Person (or Politician) telling the Truth and Fighting for Equality would also be akin to Political & Social Suicide for them (as it would be Direct Evidence of Blatant 'State Sponsored Censorship').When considering any Slander and Lies (Personal or Racial) Unless it is Confronted, Exposed and Explained it will Never Go Away, as this Same Old Constant Historic Welsh Sheep Shagger (Bestiality) Slander Label is used to Psychologically Impede the Welsh Nation by Repeatedly ​attempting to Shame, Undermine & Discredit the Welsh peoples 'Otherwise' Good Reputation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Shining the Spot Light on such a Embarrassing Subject such as this Welsh Derogatory Slander Term of 'Sheep Shagger' (Bestiality) is always going to be Difficult and Awkward at the best of times. Especially when the people who may be Permitting this Lie to Thrive and Continue are the Leading Group of the Largest and most Powerful Nation within the UK, and indeed have a voice on the World Stage. However, the Awkwardness and Embarrassment experienced when Exposing the Truth regarding this matter will 'Pass Quickly' (although this Awkwardness & Embarrassment can be Experienced Regularly in Wales when a Welsh Parent is Having to Explain to their Young Children what 'Bestiality' is, after they have heard on the London based Media that it is specifically associated with all Welsh people!.. However, Welsh Parents, Teachers, Students and Children do Finally have the Option Now of Referring to this Free Website as a Free Resource to Explore and Discuss a 'Reasoned Rational' (Supported by Evidence & Common Sense) as to the Likely source of How, Who, & Why Negative Welsh Stereotyping Exists in the UK?...). The Positive Benefits of Confronting and Neutralising this Repeated Racial Lie and Associated Discrimination Now, will be ExperiencedCommended, Appreciated and Acknowledged by the respective Children (& People) of Wales for Decades and Centuries to come (What Are 'You' Going To Be 'Remembered' For?!....)                                                                                                              
Although most 'Right Minded' people would assume that this ‘Sheep Shagger’ term must be a Lie, it is worth remembering that as most people even within the UK, let alone the World, have not visited Wales or spoken to any Welsh person at any depth, how does the 'Outside World' know with any Certainty that this Slander term is just a Crude Lie? As Slander Label Designed to Ridicule and Belittle (even when Not True) can Define How the Rest of the World Views Wales, and Over Time even How Wales may be 'Socialized' to View Itself, but also Provides an Insight to the Rest of the World into the Limited Character of the Slanderer, so Essentially 'No One' wins with Racism neither the 'Slanderer' or the 'Slandered'. Let me provide an example of another apparent historic Central London English Establishment Racial Stereotype. If I heard that maybe there was a suggestion that the Irish where meant to all be ‘stupid’, well if I had never personally spoken to an Irish person or been to Ireland, as say I was a resident of North America, my natural assumption might be that they may all be a bit thick, using the term ‘there is no smoke without fire’, as I would not have any point of reference suggesting otherwise? However, as I have met many Irish people and understand the source of the apparent lie as a result of living in the UK, I am in a position to know the truth, but people in the wider world could only take what is being said as some sort of truth at some level in the absence of any counter information.                                 

Wales are placed in a Difficult Position by the Central London English Establishment and therefore a Section of the English population (and sometimes beyond), when they persist in apparently spreading the ‘Sheep Shagger’ Term as a Derogatory Slander Label for the Welsh Race, in an apparent attempt to undermine the Welsh people's Credibility & Dignity. I say this because, if Wales as a Nation give into Temptation and Construct a 'Counter Lie' about the English (out of 'Revenge'), they may be Perceived as, 'As Bad as the English' with the Inevitable statement of They are Both as Bad as each Other. However, in Simply Expressing that the term ‘Welsh Sheep Shagger’ is a Racist Lie, this does not mean that the Welsh people are Inventing a Racial Lie as a Psychological Weapon against the English in 'Response', and therefore possibly being Dragged into a Situation of being Racist's & Liars themselves. But are Simply using the Truth as a Shield against the Psychological Weapon (Propaganda) that the English Establishment seem to have Created? In essence then, Wales can be seen as 'Justifiably' DEFENDING themselves by Using the 'TRUTH', as Opposed to ATTACKING back out of Revenge with the Invention of a Counter Racial 'LIE'. It is worth remembering that in Law, Although ‘No one has the Right to Attack, Everyone has the Right to Defend themselves’, with the 'Truth' (The Oxford English Dictionary Definition of the term 'Truth' is stated as,'That Which is True or in Accordance with Fact or Reality').                                                                                                         

​​​​It is further worth noting, that as a result of the Creation of the term ‘Sheep Shagger’ allegedly by the English Establishment in England, as an apparent Ongoing Psychological Weapon (an Historic 'Psychological Stick' to Abuse the Welsh People with) to  Ensure Ongoing Historic Inherited Colonial Control, this Weapon can be open to abuse to anyone in the World. This has been demonstrated in many sporting events, where Wales or Welsh people and Welsh associated teams compete against other Nations, of course'Insecure' people (Racist's) exist in other countries as well. These foreign countries Sometimes appear to 'Borrow' the Racist term ‘Sheep Shagger’ as a Temporary 'Psychological Weapon' in an attempt to Demoralise and Undermine their Welsh opponents. A method in which to provide their team and Nation with the illusion of short term 'Psychological Superiority', to Enable themselves to Momentarily Enhance, Uplift & Embolden their own Nation (Individual or Team), whilst Simultaneously verbally Undermining & Attacking their Welsh opponent(s). Apparently, the Same Outcome that the 'Sheep Shagger' term has been Invented & Designed to Achieve as an Historic Long Term Psychological Strategy for the UK Majority English Over the UK Minority Welsh​. Although, the most effective remedy to these 'Inevitable' Group 'Chants' at Sporting Events, Mainly Associated with England (but also Sometimes  evident abroad), is to respond using the 'Power of the Truth' (there is Nothing that Exists that is More Powerful or Potent), with a Responding 'Chant' Exposing these people (accurately both Legally & Morally) as Racists and Liars.Why would a person Accept and therefore Endorse a Debauched Lie against Themselves, their Family and their Nation, as the truth??!... Predominantly Including 'Bizarre' (which is generally described as something that most people do not normally do) apparent Self-Harm Chanting at Football Matches from fans of Welsh Football Clubs (every week when they play English clubs) and at many Welsh Football International games, 'Bizarre' as the Evidence is that No Other Nations Fans in the World have Ever Used their Own Derogatory Racial Slander to Demoralise & Demean Themselves?!! (which appears to be further Direct Evidence of the 'Breath Taking Power Of UK London Media Socialisation', to be able to Train your victim to actually Insult themselves on Mass!...). Moreover, It further Seems quite 'Peculiar' that even the most Obvious, Dedicated & Boisterous 'Racist Liar' takes Great Offence at being 'Exposed' and 'Labelled' as a 'Racist and a Liar' (even though moments earlier these same people would have been trying to Chant 'Racist'verbal abuse at their Welsh opponents using a 'Lie'!??...). It does appear that if the Welsh people ever Own or Accept this 'Welsh Sheep Shagger' Slander Label as the truth (which not challenging it also does), this could be Interpreted as Validating the 'Lie' and therefore the'Liar'. Although, accepting and acknowledging this Slander Label in the alleged true 'Spirit that it is Given' with an Unmistakable air of Ridicule and Resentment appears to be more of an Appropriate Response... (For a general UK Legal perspective  See 'Football Offences Act 1991 S(3)' under 'Race Laws UK & EU' in the headings above, although this Law (or even any UK London Media attention) has never been Implemented for Historic & Ongoing Welsh Racial abuse at most Sporting Events mainly when English representatives (the Majority) are up against Welsh representatives (a Minority?).                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Wales was the'First'to be'Colonised' by England due to their Close'Geographic Location' (in the Historic Time Period when England were a World Super Power, 'A Long Time Ago') and may well be the Last to Eventually Leave for the Same Reason. People in Wales know the Truth why not Gently Inform the rest of the World to Neutralise this Crude 'Psychological Weapon'? In conclusion on this subject matter I would like to present a quote by Mark Twain that maybe encapsulates this particular subject heading, and indeed quite possibly the reason for the entire Website? The quote goes a little like this, The Problem with the World is Not that People Know too Little, But that they Know So Many things that Aren't So’... However, when a person has access to'New Evidenced Common Sense Information' this may Require a Change of Thinking, so it may just be Easier to predominantly stay the same, as stated by Thomas Jefferson (US President 1801-1809), 'It takes Time to Persuade Men (& Women) to Do Even What is for Their Own Good'. Although, as further asserted by George Bernard Shaw, 'Progress is Impossible without Change, Those who Cannot Change Their Mind Cannot Change Anything'!...                                                                                                                                                                                           

​​​​On a slightly Wider Social note within the UK, it may also be Worth Considering that if the English Establishment can Evidence such possible Disdain and Venom towards Welsh People who are Indigenous people of Britain, generally White and predominantly English speaking. Then how do you suppose other Minority People or Groups, who may not originate from Britain, or who may not be White, or who may not speak Fluent English, might expect to be perceived and treated by the Majority Power (& their Media) when residing in Britain (Integration)?As there does appear to be a Common 'Unifying' Thread running betweenall Minority Slandered and Discriminated people around the World, so what can be Evidenced of the Welsh People in Britain, can also be Evidenced with Every Minority and Discriminated Group within the UK and the Wider World, with seemingly the Same Basic Structures of Oppression and Discrimination Imposed on to Each Group Individually through a Combination ofDenying Media Representation, Limiting Prosperity & Power Opportunities and Demeaning through Slander. Perhaps given the Common Struggle and Ultimate Combined Aim of Equality for All, Greater Co-operation between Minority and Discriminated Factions around the UK and the Wider World could well be the Only Logical way Forward in the Future (Together Stronger).                          


 L.W.JONES Dipsw (BSW) 2016 


The Author would like to take this Opportunity to Thank the many Thousands of People around the World that have Engaged with this Website, once again 'Thank you' for your Involvement.  

​​​​Welsh sheepshaggers; an english establishment lie? 
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'If I were to remain silent, i would become guilty  of complicity' Albert Einstein


​​It is always quite amusing when an apparent English Establishment person such as David Mitchell (who has Never Experienced any UK Racism or associated Discrimination so does not know what it Feels or Looks like?), with his Guardian National Newspaper Article Published in March of 2014 Entitled 'I Can't Think of a Less Hurtful Remark' (in Response to the Confirmation of the First UK Legal Welsh Racism Prosecution). Who tries to Minimise & Justify this Welsh 'Bestiality' Label they appear to have Invented, by saying that Welsh people as a whole Should Not be Offended (with No UK Media Welsh Right of Reply, so it Remains Continuously Unchallenged or Openly Debated) by being 'Historically' & 'Continuously' (the Two Key Elements) Labelled with the Same Old Ongoing Crude Lie as 'Sheep Shagger's', which has been described as the 'Unequal Power Base' of the 'Majority' Abusing a 'Minority' in the UK, using the Power of the apparent English Establishment's British MainstreamMedia Based in London to 'Repeatedly'(which has been depicted as 'Death by a thousand cuts') put this same 'Strange' view forward. ​​​ Indeed, Wales as a Nation are Not Permitted any 'UK Wide Mainstream National TV Channel or Newspaper' (similar to the Numerous National Media Outlets in England) Based, Owned or Independently Edited in Wales, by the Central London English Establishment Authorities (even the local media in Wales is orchestrated centrally from London), and therefore the Welsh Nation are Permanently 'Denied a Platform' for a 'Right of Reply' or a 'Mainstream Public Voice', 'Thank God for Google'!...                     

​​To Clarify, it is only an Offence to Racially Abuse another person in England and Wales if that Individual is then 'Offended' or 'Provoked' by that statement. So it appears that in order for any Majority Slanderer to preempt or attempt to avoid Prosecution or Accountability (as well as any accusations of Immoral Behaviour, which Ironically enough might damage their Reputation?) the London based British Media appear to generally Encourage and Condone Racial Slander in the UK by Publicly Insisting (to Both the UK Majority and Slandered Minority Populations as a Whole) that certain Minority UK targets of well known derogatory Racial Slander 'Are' and 'Would' Not be Offended, 'This is like me Punching you in the Face and then Telling you it Doesn't Hurt'... Taking away the Racial element for a moment, I can't think of many people who would think that repeated slander is a good thing and would not take great offence and discomfort to any Crude Sexually Deviant Slander and Lie being 'Continuously' told about them (& their Family)?!...​​​​​ Indeed, this 'Welsh Sheep Shagger' (Bestiality) term is Widely Considered by Many to be one of the Crudest most Vulgar Racial Slander terms in the World!. However, 'Conspicuous' by it's Absence there is No Equal Common Crude Derogatory Slander term Proliferated through the London Centred British Media for the English within the UK?!...           


In addition, Even If somehow a sexually deviant individual

can be identified as Genuinely Welsh, and can be DNA legally proven without any doubt in a Court of Law (Bestiality is a Criminal Offence) to have had sex with a sheep, out of the 3 million population of Wales (as in 2008 an English man from Dulwitch, London, England was legally DNA convicted of sheep shagging). This would Not mean that 'All' Welsh people engage in this activity, the 'Racist Element'. To assume that there is something in a Welsh persons DNA that means they must have sex with a sheep isInsane!... This is like me as a Welsh person saying that because Gary Glitter, Jimmy Savile, Barry Bennel and Max Clifford (amongst many others) where all English Paedophiles, then 'All' English people must be Paedophiles, who Inherently posses Racial DNA that compels them to sexually abuse children. That would make me Racist (and a Liar), as an Individuals crime is that persons crime, not the crime of his/her Entire Nation.​..               

Welsh Sheepshaggers:

                 An English Establishment Lie...?


Welsh Sheep Shaggers information

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​  Developing eXTRACTS Originally TAKEN from the book 


L. W. Jones 2015 DipsW (BSW)


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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​THE ENGLISH ESTABLISHMENT

In the Absence of being able to Identify the Slander Source then the Slander will Continue (Clearly, you Must Identify your Antagonist First Before you can Hold them to Account). Now lets Explore the Central London 'English Establishment' (also known as the Ruling Class), who are they? The English population are led by their leaders, Who also Control the Rest of Britain (Previous to Parliament, Kings & Queens Only although they still remain at the Apex of the English Establishment). These are people who posses Personally Unearned Inherited Privilege and Upper Class Status, but First and Foremost are 'English' and 'White'(with a Few Token Ethnicities), who are also Male & Female. Primarily Privately Educated (from an early age) in such English based Private Schools as Eton, Rugby, Cheltenham Ladies College, Harrow and selected Grammar Schools, thenmoving onto Universities Including Oxford and Cambridge (Previous Connected Pupils Historically Known as the 'Old Boys Network')All appearing to be 'Interlinked' through Inherited Family Connections and Privilege, with Further New Social & Educational 'Connections & Opportunities' Forged through attendance at Elite Educational Establishments (the Main Advantage to Elite Educationapparently within a Small Privileged Selected Social members Only club (Although if a person finds success and they fit the Criteria they and their family can be permanently inducted), usually 'Deriving' or 'Residing' in London or the South East of England. These Mainly Private School Educated Members are people Born to be Core Politicians in theUK Government (across all Mainstream London Political Parties), also Organisers & Leaders of British Business, Finance, Tax, Media, and Law within the UK, 'Regardless Of Ability', as their Fathers/Mothers and Foreparent's were going back to the beginning of Empire. (To Clarify, this English Establishment Members Only Club appears to be a 'Small Selected' Privileged Group of people within the Top End of the English (therefore British) National Social Hierarchy, so do Not present as a Whole Race or Nation of People In and Of Themselves).                                    


Now lets look at the Oxford English Dictionary Definition of the Term 'Establishment'. This is to say, 'a Group in Society Exercising Power and Influence Over Matters of Policy, Opinion or Taste', and seen as Resisting Change', located in London (the Seat of ongoing British Power), with their main power source within UK Governments across the central Core of all mainstream London political parties. I think the term 'English' (Anglo-Saxon) is self explanatory, together we have the Central London 'English Establishment'.  To Clarify, the Difference Between 'Theories & Facts' is that Facts come with widely accepted tangible 'Evidence', Theories do Not.                            


When writing this section I am reminded of the old saying that, 'A Fish Rots from the Head Down' (which is to say, what ever examples are set at the top of Society filters down to the bottom). However, although the 'English Establishment' predominantly posses Ultimate Power and Influence within Britain mainly regarding their total 'Inherited' Ongoing Colonial Dominance of all Britain's Media, Law, Tax, Politics, Business and Finances. People in England must understand that even though they are being told a Repeated Crude Lie by the 'London Centred British Mainstream Media'(How do you Suppose this 'Welsh Sheep Shagger' Label Became so Well Known in the UK?...), to Further Promote that Racial Lie is 'On You', as we all Instinctively know the Truth from the Lie. Even though there may be undue Influence on the English people to Follow the Lead of their Establishment,'if you are a Demonstrated Racist and a Liar then you must Own those Titles, both Morally & Legally, as we all ultimately have the ability to know 'Right from Wrong'.          


​​The Minority are always anxious for Justice and Equality, the Majority pay no heed to either.