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Welsh Sheepshaggers:

                 An English Establishment Lie...?


​Racial & Religious Hate Act 2006 & Equality Act 2010 (UK)

​The Football (Offences) Act 1991 (England & Wales)

                                  WALES A RACE

Modern science regards race as a social construct, an identity which is assigned based on rules made by society. While partly based on physical similarities within groups, race does not have an inherent physical or biological meaning. The concept of race is foundational to racism, the belief that humans can be divided based on the superiority of one race over another.

This is an Important Subject as any Discrimination or Slander towards Wales from an Outside 'Race or Nationality' can then be Categorized as Racism through Legislation and Not just Local Inter-Racial Banter (although the Dictionary Definition of Banter is a 'Two Way Exchange', not just One Way). According to the Oxford English Dictionary Definition of 'Race' which is to say ‘A Group Descended from a Common Ancestor’, then as Wales descends from the Celtic Nations Ancestry, then the answer to the question ‘Is Wales a Race’ would be ‘Yes’. Under this criteria England may also be a Race separate to the rest of Britain. England may be defined as Anglo Saxon with a Common Ancestry of the 'Angles' and the 'Saxons' with their ancestry deriving from 'Northern Germany' and 'Scandinavia'. The name 'England' is the Anglo-Saxon (Old English) Translation for 'Land of the Angles' (Anglo's), Equally the Anglo-Saxon name for 'Wales' Translates as 'Foreigners'. To provide more detail when the Angles and the Saxons invaded Britain, and settled Permanently’ approximately 1600 years ago (the 'Romans' predominantly occupied then left, the 'Normans' in 1066 did Not Colonise, so had a very small number of initial invaders stay (most went back to France), the one's who did stay where then quickly absorbed into the Mass English Anglo-Saxon gene pool and then just became English) creating a place called England with the borders of Wales and Scotland being further defined. The Indigenous people living in the land space now known as England at the time where either apparently, assimilated into the Anglo-Saxon culture or fled to Wales, Scotland or regions on the outskirts, such as Cornwall, to join the people already living in these areas. This appears to Account for the 'Modern Day' term of Anglo Saxons to Describe England, and Celtic to Describe Wales (Scotland & Ireland), both terms Broadly 'Accepted Historically & Socially' by England and Wales as their Identities (through Ancestral Descent, Cultural Histories, Art, Music & Language, with Wales & Scotland being the Original Britons when the Romans arrived), the powerful Majority and the Minority, some say to assign Social Positions, the included and excluded, but then using the term "Britain" (which describes only the Geographic Island of Britain and Not the people living on it) as an inclusive term when it benefits London? With some Academics from England accused of trying to undermine Celtic Cultural Ethnicity and History in order to Assimilate Conquered Lands more easily into a London created "Britain" as one homogeneous group. In 1996, Dr Ruth Megaw and Emeritus Professor Vincent Megaw of Flinders University in the Antiquity article "Ancient Celts and modern ethnicity" examined ethnic identity particularly in relation to Celtic identity in arguing against critics seemingly motivated by an English nationalist agenda. 

Just to Further Clarify at this Point, the 'Oxford English Dictionary's' Definition of 'Racism' is stated as, 'the Belief that All Members of Each Race Possess Characteristics, Abilities or Qualities Specific to that Race, Especially as to Distinguish it as Inferior or Superior to Another Race or Races'So when Relating this Definition to Wales, the Welsh have an Imposed 'Characteristic' of Bestiality 'Specific' to 'All' of them in the UK, therefore apparently Suggested as Inferior, English people do not have the same Bestiality Label in the UK (through their own London UK Media), therefore apparently Suggested (by themselves) as Superior from people who Supposedly engage in Subhuman Bestiality. This theory also applies to the other UK Celtic Nations, with the Scottish Labelled as Dour (Miserable), Sweaty Alcoholics and the Irish as Stupid, both Labels England do not have.Indeed, England as a Nation are Not Subject to Any Repeated Derogatory Labelling in the UK through their 'Own' London Based British Media?! So to Further Confirm, according to the 'Oxford English Dictionary's' Definition of the term 'Race' it is stated as, A Group Descended from a Common Ancestry’, the Oxford Dictionary Definition of 'Ancestry', 'a Person's Ancestors or Ethnic Decent' or 'the Origin or Background of Something'. As Wales Descends from their 'Celtic Nation's Ethnic Ancestry and Culture' (Hence their Ongoing Celtic Description & Identity of Wales to this Day) then the Answer to the Question ‘Is Wales a Distinct Race of people within the Island of Britain’ would be ‘Yes’. Equally, the English Descend from their own unique 'Anglo-Saxon Ethnic Ancestry and Culture' (Hence their Ongoing Anglo-Saxon Description & Identity of England to this Day) also on the island of Britain, making England and Wales not only Uniquely separate Nations, but also separate Races and Cultural Ethnicities within "Britain" (See 'What is Britishness?' in heading above). Which means that any Constant Crude Derogatory Slander from England (through all Avenues) towards Wales (the Powerful UK Majority Demeaning a Less Powerful UK Minority) is Legally Racism (towards the 'Other') and Not just 'Inter Racial Internal 'Banter' within One Homogeneous Group.​ Although recognised 'Nation Status' also Confirms as a 'Race' anyway when concerning the Law. The original Celts or original Britain's (Celtic people) occupying Britain before the Romans arrived and before the Anglo-Saxons had arrived (Danish, Netherlands, but mainly German), when the Anglo-Saxons arrived after the Romans had left they created the common ancestry, Culture and ethnicity of the Anglo-Saxons, with the common ancestry, Culture, Art, Music and ethnicity of the original Britain's, the Celts, already established and living on the island of Britain, but then pushed out to the outskirts of the British Isles when the Anglo-Saxons arrived, eventually forming the Nations and Races of England, Scotland and Wales (with a Common Celtic Thread between Wales & Scotland, as the original Britons when the Romans arrived). This is why the people on the island of Britain are Not One Nation, Race or even Cultural Ethnicity, regards Language, Art and Music, and Common Descent (the origin or background of a person in terms of family or nationality) that London label as "British". The only British are the original Celtic people that were living on the island of Britain when the Romans invaded and before the Anglo-Saxon invasion. Indeed the Romans were the first to use the term 'Britannia' to describe the occupants on the island of Britain at the time. This is important to note as Labelling every Nation on the 'Geographic Island of Britain' as just 'One Nation with only One Nationality, Ethnicity, History, Culture or Race' essentially Deletes the Celtic Nations Culture, Identity, Race, History, Nationality and Ethnicity out of Contemporary History. As Colonialism and English Nationalism, has had a big Impact on many people's Identity, as to how it is presented by their Conqueror, and the effects of long term oppression on a subjugated nations national Psyche. 

If we define the word Ethnic through the Oxford English Dictionary then it is to say Relating to a Group of People having a Common Nationality or Cultural Tradition’. The term Nation has an Oxford English Dictionary Definition Defined as,A large body of People United by a Common Descent, Culture or Language, Inhabiting a Particular State or Territory’, this appears to describe Wales, as a Nation and Cultural Ethnicity distinct from England. So in essence as well as being a 'Race' and 'Racial Minority' based on their Nationhood within the wider UK, Wales also appear to be an 'Ethnic Minority'Ethnic because of Common Decent (the origin or background of a person in terms of family or nationality), as well as Language, Culture, Art and Music Commonality, and Minority as they are Smaller in Population than their Overwhelmingly Majority Neighbours, England, within the UK as a Whole Sovereign State. In Conclusion when Defining whether Wales is a ‘Race’ the Evidence appears to suggest that 'Yes' this is the case, and when Clarifying if Wales is an ‘Ethnic & Racial Minority’ then 'Yes' again appears to be the answer. Although again, recognised 'Nation Status' also confirms as a 'Race' anyway when concerning 'Racism in the Law'.

Just to further add detail to this subject, the term 'Xenophobia' is Commonly used in the UK as perhaps a more 'Politically Correct' High Brow way of Describing a Racist position, essentially just Playing with Words to Avoid the Direct Use of the term Racist, often used by Racists, as the word Racist comes with Powerful Connotations, Legal Redress and is Immediately Recognisable (the word Xenophobia appears to be Designed as a Convoluted way to Baffle people as to it's Direct Meaning, using that Age Old well known Tactic of 'Bulls**t Baffles Brains'?). However, when discussing xenophobia,  xenophobia’s Oxford English Dictionary Definition states that it is an ‘Intense or irrational dislike or fear of people from other Countries’, which essentially describes Racism. However, as Wales appears to Directly fit the Dictionary Categorization of a Race and Racism, then Racism appears to be the Only Direct Non-Convoluted Literal Description of Slander towards Wales from people and Nations outside of their Ancestry. ​ 
Article 1 of the UN Convention Defines "Racial Discrimination" (1965) as: any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on race, colour, descent, or national or ethnic origin which has the purpose or effect of nullifying or impairing the recognition, enjoyment or exercise, on an equal footing, of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social, cultural or any other field of public life.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a sovereign state, with Sovereignty based in London, composed of four constituent countries that extends its sovereignty over a number of associated territories. Strictly speaking, a country is not necessarily the same thing as a sovereign state, they are academically Distinct from each other, as opposed to being used as Generalised and Interchangeable terms, a Confusion perpetuated from London, as some sovereign states (including the UK) that maybe defined as countries are actually subdivisions of a sovereign “composite kingdom", the Kingdom of the United Kingdom.

Indeed, when it comes to identifying systemic manipulation of any sort regarding any subject matter, if you want to identify the original source, the architect then start your investigation asking one Question, once this one Question can be answered, nine times out of the ten, working backwards from there, the rest will tend to naturally fall into to place, the miracle question is simply 'Who does it Benefit'? So in the case of not clarifying that Wales is a Race so any defamation of Character cannot be seen as Racism, who does it Benefit? 

Many people ask why does Racism still persist?For me I think it is because Racist's will always find Any Port in a Storm. As the Racist will always need to feel superior to someone to boost low self esteem, in what ever form it comes, usually they will have their favoured targets, however, on the occasions where their favoured targets, usually Black people, are deemed as socially unacceptable to attack 'at that time', maybe because of an event like George Floyd, they find another minority to abuse that fulfils the same need of a sense of superiority, so will find any safe harbour to dock in, until the dust has settled on their main target for them to slowly come back to them. This means that the Racist will always be 'Active' but just specifically focusing on different groups of people from time to time depending on the situation. So for Example, in America their main focus may be on Black people but then are happy to shift to Asian or Hispanics, and in the UK the focus will be on Black and Asian people, but are then always flexible to go to Oriental people, Immigrants, and their historical targets of the Minority Celtic nations, usually described as the acceptable face of Racism, as being allowed to focus on their Other Targets also further confirms to them that Racism is actually acceptable, and emboldens their view of the other, whilst keeping them 'Active'. This is not to say that the Racism for their other slightly lesser targets has gone, it just means that their priority targets are the ideal focus. It appears that in order to eradicate the Racist they must be denied any Port in Any Storm, to give them no wriggle room, otherwise they are just Diverting waiting to go back to normal, which always happens when the dust settles. This seems to be why Racism must be addressed as a Whole, not just Racism at certain selected groups deemed as bad and the others deemed as fair game, as the Racist will always then be able to find an easier Port in the Storm, to Embolden, Exercise and Cement their Racism whilst they are waiting for their main focus to become more socially acceptable to attack again. I think this theory basically underpins what Martin Luther King Jr said when he confirmed that 'Injustice anywhere, is a threat to Injustice everywhere'.



Recently in April 2013 a person from Bolton, England was Legally Prosecuted for using the term ‘Sheep Shagger’ to a group of Welsh people, as well as apparently the Welsh police officer who arrested him, and was ultimately fined £150 for a Racially Aggravated Crime’, which for the First time Legally & Officially Identifies Welsh people as a unique Race (Celtic) of people from the English (Anglo-Saxon). This Crime apparently took place in the village of Gronant in North Wales. This event appears Historic as it states by Law (Setting a Precedent) that Wales is indeed a Race therefore any Slander against Welsh people is then 'Legally Racism'. The accused said that he was calling these people individually ‘Sheep shaggers’ as they were allegedly from the country side, and not specifically as they were Welsh. This account was not accepted by the judge as the wider British society (Usually through the 'British Media' mainly based in London) appears all too aware that a Slander Term for the Welsh, used possibly predominantly by English people as a term of Slander and Abuse is the term, ‘Sheep shagger’. Similar to the slander terms apparently widely understood by British society for an Irish person, which is said to be ‘stupid’ and the Scottish which is apparently ‘sweaty losers’.  

It appears a Pertinent point that the person Prosecuted for this 'Racial Aggravated Crime' was an English person, Pertinent because England could be Identified as of Anglo-Saxon ancestry which makes them a Different Race to Wales who may be Categorized as a Race through their Celtic ancestry (Oxford English Dictionary Definition of Race). To Clarify then if a Scottish person called a Welsh person a ‘Sheep Shagger’ then this could be deemed as interracial banter as the Scots are also of Celtic ancestry (although the Scots are not known to be a slanderous people). However, as England may be Identified as a Different Race through their Anglo-Saxon Heritage, then this could be deemed as Racism, from one Race to another. I wonder however if this court procedure was undertaken in England, with the possible extra influence of the English Establishment and general mindset, if the same verdict would have been the conclusion?  

Welsh Racism may Need to be Openly Addressed in the European Courts or UN Courts Implementing the 'UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights', which Declares its Faith in the 'Dignity and Worth of All Human People', and using other Legislation such as the 'Human Rights Act 1998' Article 14, which states that, 'The Human Rights Act Requires that there is No Discrimination on any Grounds and this Includes- (i) Race, (ii) Language, (iii) National or Social Origin, and (iv) Association with a National Minority. (The Powerful over the Powerless). However, the Human Rights Act 1998 is an Act (along with other EU Rights as a result of Brexit) that the English Establishment may seek to Replace with a 'British Bill of Rights' (or Other Title) to possibly provide them even more UK Control by 'Minimising' their Legal Accountability, along with apparently Systemically Limiting Access to a State Funded Lawyer through Legal Aid? Although, it does appear that the British (London Directed) Legal System may have Limited Motivation to Pursue Legal Actions to Challenge 'UK Celtic Minority Nation Discrimination' (Even Though Racism & Discrimination is Directly Against the Law in the UK!?...), as the Litigation may be Perceived as an Action Against Themselves (or One of Their Own)? Although, if they do then the Race Relations Act 1976 (Racial and Religious Hate Act 2006 & Public Order Act 1986) or the Equality Act 2010 (regards Race), could be enacted within Britain, or even a mixture of both. However, to pursue an action against an apparent London English Establishment British 'Media' Celebrity figure and/or 'British Mainstream Media' company (& even sometimes a general member of the public) through the supposed English Establishment Law Courts with their main Power Hub in London may result in a bias outcome? As a consequence prosecuting possible English Establishment Racists and Liars may have to be pursued through the European or International Courts, which may be less likely to be Influenced by any possible London English Establishment Connections?...​​​​

                   The 'Racially Aggravated' element of the precedent outlined above derives from the following piece of Law in the UK:

Crime & Disorder Act 1998

Racially & Religious Aggravated Offence Sections 28 to 32 :

This is to say it is an 'Arrestable Offence' with a possible prison term attached when a persons Race or Religion is used to offend in the course of another incident or may be the reason for that incident.

Racially & Religious Harassment, Alarm or Distress Section 31 (1) (c):

​This is to say it is an 'Arrestable Offence' with a possible prison term attached when a persons is being harassed as a result of their Race or Religion.

Oxford English Dictionary Definition of 'Harassment': ' TORMENT BY SUBJECTING TO 'CONSTANT' INTERFERENCE OR INTIMIDATION'.


Racism as an 'ARRESTABLE OFFENCE' was first established in the Race Relations Act 1976. This was later built on by the, Public Order Act 1986 and the Criminal Justice & Public Order Act 1994 ( other amendments have since be made but posses the same basic principles

These Acts state that it is an arrestable offence to Incite Racial Hatred by

* Deliberately Provoking Racial Hatred of a Racial Group.

* To Incite Inflammatory RUMOURS about an Individual or an Ethic Group, for the purposes of spreading Racial Discontent.

​FOOTBALL (OFFENCES) ACT 1991 Section 3 (England & Wales only)

​1) It is an Offence to engage or take part in Chanting of an Indecent or Racialist nature at a designated Football Match

​(2) For this purpose

          (a) “chanting” means the repeated uttering of any words or sounds (whether alone or in concert with one more others); and

          (b) “of a racialist nature” means consisting of or including matter which is threatening, abusive or insulting to a person by reason of his colour, race, nationality (including citizenship) or ethnic or national origins.

The UK Equality Act 2010

​The Nine Characteristics of the 'Equality Act 2010'-

Race, Disability, Age, Gender Reassignment, Marriage and Civil Rights, Pregnancy and Maternity, Religion and Belief, Sex and Sexual Orientation.

What the Equality Act 2010 in the UK says about Race Discrimination

The Equality Act 2010 says you must not be discriminated against because of your race. 

In the Equality Act, Race can mean your Colour, or your Nationality (including your citizenship). It can also mean your Ethnic or National Origins, which may not be the same as your current nationality
. (Equality and Human Rights Commission UK)


The Human Rights Act 1998 article 14, goes onto to state that:

​The Human rights requires that there be no Discrimination on any Grounds and this includes- 

* Race.

* Language.

* National or Social origin.

* Association with a National Minority. 

However, the Human Rights Act 1998 is more than likely to be changed in the future to the British Bill of Rights (or some other variation) outside of European input, controlled from the UK (London). Essentially, apparently providing even more power and less accountability to Westminster England



73) a) to Ensure, with due Respect for the Culture of the Peoples Concerned, their Political, Economic, Social, and Educational 'Advancement', their Just Treatment, and their Protection against Abuses;

74) “Members of the United Nations also agree that their policy in respect of the territories to which this Chapter applies, no less than in respect of their metropolitan areas, must be based on the general principle of 'Good-Neighbourliness', due account being taken of the interests and well-being of the rest of the world, in social, economic, and commercial matters.”

The Charter of the United Nations affirmed its ‘respect for the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples’

                                                        ​Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948

As stated under 'Declaration on Race and Racial Prejudice 1978', Article 3, (UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948). 'Any distinction, 'exclusion', 'restriction' or 'preference' based on race, colour, 'ethnic' or 'national' origin or religious intolerance motivated by racist considerations, which destroys or compromises the sovereign equality of States and the right of peoples to 'self-determination', or which limits in an 'arbitrary' or 'discriminatory' manner the right of every human being and group to 'full development' is incompatible with the requirements of an international order which is just and guarantees respect for human rights; the right to 'full development' implies equal access to the means of 'personal and collective advancement and fulfilment' in a climate of 'respect' for the values of civilizations and cultures, both national and world-wide'.

                                           International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (the ICCPR)

According to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (the ICCPR), ‘[a]ll peoples have the right of self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.'[i]

                                                              UN Definitions of Self-determination

The UN Charter clarifies two meanings of the term self-determination:

First, a state is said to have the right of self-determination in the sense of having the right to choose freely its political, economic, social, and cultural systems.

Second, the right to self-determination is defined as the right of a people to constitute itself in a state or otherwise freely determine the form of its association with an existing state.

Both meanings have their basis in the charter (Article 1, paragraph 2; and Article 55, paragraph 1). With respect to dependent territories, the charter asserts that administering authorities should undertake to ensure political advancement and the development of self-government (Article 73, paragraphs a and b; and Article 76, paragraph b)

                                                                           UN DEFINITION OF RACIAL DISCRIMINATION

​The International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD) is a United Nations convention. The convention was adopted and opened for signature by the United Nations General Assembly on 21 December 1965,[8] and entered into force on 4 January 1969. As of July 2020, it has 88 signatories and 182 parties, including the UK through London.

Article 1 of the Convention defines "racial discrimination" as:

... any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on race, colour, descent, or
national or ethnic origin which has the purpose or effect of nullifying or impairing the recognition, enjoyment or exercise, on an equal footing, of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social, cultural or any other field of public life

                         International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (the ICCPR) adopted by the UN in 1966 

According to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (the ICCPR):

‘[a]ll peoples have the right of self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.'[i] The right of a people to self-determination is a cardinal principle in modern international law (commonly regarded as a jus cogens rule), binding, as such, on the United Nations as authoritative interpretation of the Charter's norms.[1][2] It states that people, based on respect for the principle of equal rights and fair equality of opportunity, have the right to freely choose their sovereignty and international political status with no interference.[3]

                                                       THE  ICCPR IS LEGALY BINDING, AND THE UK IS A SIGNATORY SIGNED UP BY LONDON

Declaration on Race and Racial Prejudice 1978 article 5, section 3 (Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1947

3. The mass media and those who control or serve them, as well as all organized groups within national communities, are urged-with due regard to the principles embodied in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, particularly the principle of freedom of expression-to promote understanding, tolerance and friendship among individuals and groups and to contribute to the eradication of racism, racial discrimination and racial prejudice, in particular by refraining from presenting a stereotyped, partial, unilateral or tendentious picture of individuals and of various human groups. Communication between racial and ethnic groups must be a reciprocal process, enabling them to express themselves and to be fully heard without let or hindrance. The mass media should therefore be freely receptive to ideas of individuals and groups which facilitate such communication.

​Although, judging by the recent Official London proposed 'UK Internal Markets Bill (2020)' Click for Link, regarding Brexit, that London are even Officially Publicly Contemplating using (as an apparent Threat to the EU in current negotiations, which essentially could be seen as a Tool of Black Mail, give us what we want in this Negotiation Otherwise we will Enact this already Prepared illegal Legislation, and then to 'Amend it after it is Not Needed, or if it did Not Work', to try to save Reputation, 'Best of Both worlds'), which by their Own Admission (which is Unprecedented as they Usually just Deny or Ignore, but Uniquely this time the other side also have their own Unimpeded Media), Breaks International Law (as it goes against what they had previously agreed with the EU), provides further easy Evidence to suggest that London have Little or No Regard for International Law anyway, unless of course it Benefits them (although I suspect the International Community will have Different Ideas). At this point I would like to Formerly Welcome the International Community into the Celtic Nations World, if only for a brief moment (with London (and therefore England) acting 'Unilaterally' Without Other Internationally Recognised Nations Consent).


  L W JONES Dipsw (BSW) 2016  

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