lf the Relationship between England & Wales were  a Marriage, it would be easily Legally defined as an Abusive & Coercive Relationship.  

Welsh Sheepshaggers:

                 An English Establishment Lie...?


Wales and Brexit

The Hypocrisy is that the London English Establishment do not want any Rules from the EU to Impede them, but are happy to Impose Rules that Impedes the rest of the UK.

The UK is meant to be a Union of Nations, not an Incorporation of Nations into England under London's overall Control using their 533 MPs to rule the whole of the UK with no meaningful way for the Celtic Nations to effect UK Wide Policy that Directly involves them, as the UK Nations Share UK Sovereignty within a UK Sovereign State, it is Not Only England's, to do with as they Wish. As Sovereignty in the UK is actually currently 'Shared' between the UK Nations in a 'UK Sovereign State', but crucially 'Controlled' by London through its 533 MPs in the UK (English) Parliament. So as all UK Nations share Sovereignty each UK Nation should have a representative in all Foreign Negotiations including Brexit or Trade Deals for Example, not just English representatives as they do not own Sovereignty it is owned by all the UK Nations through the Politically Labelled UK Parliament, UK meaning all UK Nations, not just England. UK Sovereignty is owned by all the People's of the UK not just the English (a Social Contract, Thomas Hobbes 1651), the opposite to a singular Monarch directly ruling). Indeed, it is often said, that if you're not at the table then that usually means you are on the Menu. To Clarify the Queen of England is Not Sovereign as the Monarchy does not have Supreme Power, the Oxford English Dictionary Definition of Sovereign - a supreme ruler, especially a monarch. As UK Sovereignty is the People's Sovereignty not just the English People's Sovereignty as the Celtic nations cannot help the fact that their populations are significantly smaller than that of England's, they should not be Excluded from their Own UK Sovereignty by something they cannot do anything about. However, a UK Nations Veto Vote could bring Sovereignty back to the Celtic Nations.

​​Just to Focus on the Welsh Relationship with Europe for a Moment as it seems Historically Inevitable (by Assessing the Long and Extensive Pattern of Behaviour in the Past as a Predictor) that 'What Ever Outcome' the UK has regarding the 2016 'BREXIT' Referendum (the Current Hot UK Topic Now in 2019) 'In or Out' (that was Systemically Set Up by the Majority English MP's in the UK Parliament, and then Voted For by the Majority English UK Population?) the Historic Pattern of Evidence would appear to suggest that 'Wales Will Essentially Remain The Same' (which is to say, Consistently the 'Poorest' Nation in the UK, with the Ongoing Continuation of the 'Same Old' Derogatory Racial Slander), as Wales (& Scotland) are the potential 'Competitor's on their Doorstep', so need controlling. As it appears apparent that the Historical Problem of Welsh 'Poverty and Slander' was Never coming from Europe, but from the Traditional Inherited Power Hubs in London, that will still Remain as the Dominant Force Over Wales, 'Before', 'During' and 'After' 'BREXIT'. As it seems Clear that the London based Leave Campaign's Main Slogan of 'TAKING BACK CONTROL' (which appears to be a Glance Back to Previous Empire Glories & seems to Only apply to England?) to Direct their Own Destiny (on UK Wide Tax, Law, Money & their Borders) could Never apply to Wales, as 'Before' and 'After' "Brexit" Wales will Still Ultimately be Controlled from London Regardless (Go Figure)!?... So to Clarify, the author of this Text is Not a 'Leaver' or a 'Remainer' because it seems a Pointless position for a Welsh person to take, as Ultimately Wales will be in Pretty Much the Same Position Regardless... However, to think that the European Union is the Source of Welsh Poverty and Stagnation is Media Induced (London own the British Media) as London Ultimately Control Wales (and have done for Centuries) the European Union have very little Direct say over Wales or the UK, indeed who do suppose Closed the Mines and Industries in Wales without Replacing them? And if your thinking that at the very Least Wales will have Less Immigration (even though Immigration is Needed) from the EU (with EU workers willing and able to work more hours for less in short term stints, sharing living costs in a multi-person dwelling), and therefore More Jobs for Welsh people. Unfortunately that is also a Non-argument, as the Recruiters will adapt and Recruit from just Outside of the EU Borders (after Brexit) from the Ukraine and Turkey (they have already started doing this), again appearing to result in exactly the same position for Wales and the Welsh people anyway... To Clarify, the large proportion of English people in Wales, mainly retired, led to Wales as a Nation being seen as voting to Leave the EUClick for Link

However, the apparent Ultimate 'Hypocrisy' and 'Contradiction'(Double Standard) being that the London Centred English Establishment do Not want to be Controlled by Europe as they Feel it 'Impedes their Ability to Make Beneficial Decisions for their Own Nation'(Hence Brexit), but they appear Quite Happy to Historically Continue to Place (Even Harsher) Restrictions on Wales & Scotland from London that they seem to Feel is Totally 'Unreasonable when Done to Them by Europe' (EU)?!...Indeed, English Nationalists complain that the EU are making it as Difficult as possible for the UK to Leave the EU, when they in London are doing Exactly the Same to Scotland in Denying a Second Referendum, and suggesting they cannot use the UK currency, also Scotland will have to pay its share of the National Debt (even though London decided how to spend it, whilst also Calculating all the Oil given to London since the Seventies which could cover this cost, this could be generally estimated by the amount of money Norway have in reserve from their Oil), as well as implying future Difficulties with the Border and Trade, as some Examples. Not to mention Denying Wales even just One Vote on Independence (or Not) to actually Finally establish some sort of Consent (It is a Basic Human Courtesy to, ''Treat People as You Yourself would Like to be Treated'!). ​Then when any Celtic nation mentions Independence all London Political Parties in Unison all say now is not the time, lets focus on more important things such as issues with the NHS and Education, yet when the Bexit vote was proposed and enacted by London not one London party mentioned anything about focusing on Domestic issues and now is not the right time, Obvious Double Standards Clearly based on English (London) interests.

Indeed, when it comes to identifying systemic manipulation of any sort regarding any subject matter, if you want to identify the original source, the architect then start your investigation asking one Question, once this one Question can be answered, nine times out of the ten, working backwards from there, the rest will tend to naturally fall into to place, the miracle question is simply 'Who does it Benefit'?

So for example, who does it Benefit to able to make their own Laws free from the EU in the UK Parliament, given that 533 UK Parliament MP's out of 650 MP's represent English constituencies (543 out of 650 in 2021), so in a Majority vote their interest's will naturally be paramount over any Celtic nations interests?

Although, 'Be in No Doubt' (Despite London British Media Insistence of EU Weakness of Unity) 'Common Sense Seems to Strongly Suggest' that the EU, Because of it's Highly Democratic 'Veto Vote System and/or Majority Vote' (the Ultimate Systemic Democratic Tool), and Yes (again Despite the London Media Insistence) the EU is a Democracy with Democratically Elected MEP's from all Nation States (Basically the Same as the UK Parliament but on a Larger Scale and without the Disproportionately Overwhelming Numbers from England), but 'Crucially' with Each 'Nation' Regardless of Size or Power Armed with that Equalising 'Veto Vote' and/or 'Majority Vote Participation on Decision Making'. This Fair and Democratic Veto Vote System and/or Majority Vote available to all Nations within the EU, may well Ensure that the EU will be Around Long After the UK has Disbanded (if the UK Continues with it's Current & Historical Unfair Dominant One Sided Format)?... (actually the Sewel Convention 1998, ironically enough, essentially gives the UK (English) parliament a Veto over any devolved nations decisions, without any other Celtic nations being able to Veto any UK decisions, obviously effectively giving yourself a VETO but no one else is Unfair)Indeed, the Irony may be that because of the UK leaving the EU First, and having a Multitude of Problems, other people within the EU who thought it might be a Good Idea to Leave the EU, and were getting a bit 'Tired of the EU' may now Change their Minds (if the UK waited the EU might have Disbanded organically, but for the EU Veto Vote System, the power of which the UK Government had Overlooked in their calculations, or want to Ignore). As many EU Countries Politicians and Media are doing what happened in Britain, 'Blaming the EU for all their Problems' (even though the EU Obviously have very limited say on policy in Sovereign Independently Run Countries), when clearly it is the Government of their Own Country that has all the Main Financial and Development Levers that are to Blame for any Debt or Miss management (usually deriving form the World Wide Financial crash in 2008, which London had a big part in creating), but it is Easier to 'Blame Someone Else', particularly when their not in the room (that Country) to defend themselves. However, the thought of Leaving the EU in some EU Countries may well quickly 'Evaporate' when they see at 'First Hand' the Devastation it can have on a Sovereign State (UK), which could further Consolidate the EU Block, by allowing them Time and Opportunity to Reflect that actually the EU System (Veto Vote) although far from perfect, is not that good for a Union when Compared to the One Sided UK System? The Only Hope for the London English Establishment (who caused Brexit to happen in the First Place) is that the EU Breaks Up Before the UK does, proving them Right, and Leaving Scotland no where to go if Independent, but I suspect this is a Vain hope? Particularly as nothing Substantial will Change in the UK to prevent it's Break up (London do not want to give up their Dominant Power, even though they know that they should do, the Power is just too Enticing), so the Same Problem that began Independence talk for the Celtic Nations, will still Exist to the End.

Just to provide a quick Snap Shot on the Brexit Negotiations with the European Union (2019). As the Direct Negotiations have been apparently High jacked by a Section (Conservatives) of the English Establishment Only, this may Explain their apparent Incompetence (people given power through Inherited Privilege, not Earned through Demonstrating Talent or Skill)? To Clarify, the English Establishment have Very Rarely Historically Participated in a Negotiation From a Minority Position of Weakness (Mainly Due to Historic & Ongoing Uneven Colonialist Relationships, with the London/Celtic Nations recent day examples) against a More Powerful Majority Entity (the EU). As it appears that Even the Most Incompetent of Individuals could Negotiate Great Outcomes for Themselves if they had Ultimate Control Over the People they are Negotiating with?!... To this End, it would have been Sensible to Directly Involve Representatives from the Other UK Nations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in the Negotiation Room, as they are Historically 'Used To' Negotiating from a Minority Position of Weakness. Although it appears that the Obvious Beneficial Reason for Not allowing any Celtic Nation Representation in the Brexit Negotiating Room would be to Ensure that the English Establishment Authorities have Free Rein to Pursue their Own Interests? Particularly as UK Sovereignty is 'Shared' by all UK Nations, although is Strategically Controlled by London through their 533 English MPs. Indeed, it is Regularly said that, 'If You've Not got a Seat at the Top Table of Power (with any Influence Over Decision Making), then that usually means 'Your' on the Menu'... This apparent Skill of Negotiating Easily Evidenced by the Northern Ireland DUP Party (2017), when they were able to Quickly take Advantage of the position they had been presented with (as a result of the 2017 General Election) and Negotiate an Extra £1 Billion for their Northern Irish Nation, in times of Austerity, from the Westminster UK Government. So it appears that Far from 'TAKING BACK CONTROL' for the Nation of Wales (the Brexit Promise), on Border Immigration Policy, FinancePolitics, Business, Tax, and Law (amongst others), 'Whether Brexit is Fully Implemented or Not', Control will Ultimately Stay where It has Always Been, in Central London. Essentially Predictably Resulting in the 'Same Old Outcome for Wales', the 'Poorest in the UK & Slandered'...  In short, if Wales were to be better off in the UK, under the current historical system (300 years old), it would have have happened a long time ago, yet Wales is still the poorest in the UK with some of the ongoing poorest areas in the whole of Europe. Indeed, when considering Albert Einstein's Definition of Insanity, which is 'Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again but Expecting Different Results', what does that say about the Welsh people? 

Furthermore, In June 2014 a 'Telegraph' Newspaper Article by John Bingham Pointed Towards a Welsh Migrant Concern by Introducing the Article Headed, ‘The Welsh Could Become a Minority in Wales as English Set their Sights West. In this Article the author Highlighted that in 2014 it was Estimated that '22%' (ONS 2011) of the Population Residing in Wales can be Identified as 'English' and rising (which is Six Hundred and Sixty Thousand People (660,000) out of the Welsh Population of just over 3 Million), with only '3%' of England's whole population being from the other three Celtic UK Home Nation's 'Combined'. Many of these English Incomers are said to be Predominantly of Adult Voting Age (Retirees or people who Reside in Wales due to Low House Prices, but still Commute to England for Work).  

So the 'Real Terms Impact' of this '22%' of Migrants when Discussing the Impact of these Incomers on Welsh Democracy through the actual Voting Pool and therefore Ultimately 'Democracy' in Wales, may have a Further (On Top of being Out Numbered in a UK Wide Amalgamated Vote) Significant Negative Undemocratic Impact (in Representing Indigenous Welsh Peoples Views) when Votes are cast Within Wales Internally for all Welsh Elections or Referendums? With English people as suggested by Professor Anand Menon (Brexit and Public Opinion 2019, p23) More Likely to Vote Leave in a Brexit Vote, for Example?The Telegraph Article goes onto suggest that by the mid 2080’s Welsh People will be a Minority in Wales, as a result of their Nations Unique Geographical Closeness to England, their Disproportionately Large Population, and the Fluid Movement of People from England to Wales, which would be fine if the population's of England and Wales were roughly Similar, however as England has over'55 Million people' and Wales only has just over '3 Million people', this presents as an Obvious Social Problem for Wales and the Welsh people, like a Hippo sharing a bed with a Duck, very Lopsided. Moreover, as in any Amalgamated Vote UK Wide Obviously England's view will be the only view recognised as the Overwhelming 85% Majority population. That's Why there are different Political Parties who Win Elections in the separate UK Nations, but only the Political Party that Wins in England Controls the Whole of the UK, Mathematically appearing to make the Votes Cast in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland largely Irrelevant. As a Consequence of Under Funding and Under Development in Wales, Space and Land appears Relatively Abundant, along with the Lure of More Affordable and Substantial Properties (Due to Ongoing Welsh UK Poverty), so many English people either Retire in Wales, or Reside in Wales but Continue to Work across the Border in England. To Clarify, the Oxford English Definition of a 'Migrant' is, 'a person who moves from one place to another, especially to find work or better living conditions'. This Evidenced Historical Disproportionate Large Proportion of Uniquely English Incomers into Wales not only Needs to be Evaluated as to it's possible Disruption on Local Community Integration and Cohesion, but maybe even More Importantly as to How this Large Group may 'Affect the Delicate Democratic Process in Wales', with the Obvious Diluting of the Local Indigenous people's Electoral Voice. Particularly in light of the fact that this Incomer Concern is only suggested to Increase in the Future. (See 'Nation Specific Criteria' under 'What is Britishness?' heading above). Indeed, the UK Government have already set a Precedent by Not allowing EU residents to vote in the Brexit vote of 2016 because of concerns over a natural Conflict of Interests (EU residents have a natural connection to the EU). Excluding English residents in Wales from a Welsh Referendum vote (which Concerns only Wales, with the similar EVEL 2015 Law from London which also ensures English Votes on Only English Laws, to Prevent Celtic Nations Interference) is Not about Division, it is about Ensuring a Minority Voice is Not Diluted or Drowned out by the Majority, particularly in this Circumstance, given their Historical Uneven Relationship. 

'22%' of the Welsh Population of '3.1 Million' is '682,000' people, so approaching almost a Quarter of the Welsh Resident Population. To put this '22%' into further Perspective, '22%' of England's Population of '55 Million' would be the Equivalent of '12.1' Million Welsh people Voting in England. It only took 5 million more to enact Brexit in the whole of the UK (17.4 million). Imagine the Public Outcry in England, Due to a possible perception of an Unfair Disproportionate Democratic Influence within England's Democratic System!... (again in Contrast All of the Celtic Nations people 'Combined' only make up '3%' of England's entire population)? This Disproportionately 'Large English Contingent in Wales' (the Largest Contingent of English people in any Celtic Nation, mainly due to Geography, who maybe more likely to vote Leave in a Brexit Referendum, as suggested by Professor Anand Menon in his Brexit and Public Opinion Paper, bottom of page 23 in 2019? Click for Link) appears to Explain the 'Welsh Brexit Vote Anomaly'? The Anomaly being that Wales gets the most EU (European Union) Funding out of all the UK Nations because of their Internationally Recognised Poverty, yet the people Residing in Wales Narrowly Voted (52% to 48% Leave) in the Bexit Vote of 2016 to Leave Europe??!(See 'Nation Specific Criteria' under 'What is Britishness?' heading above).

However, the Biggest Concern and therefore the 'Most Crucialin 'Rationalising and Justifying' this Focus on 'Specifically the English Incomer Voting Populationin Wales, is that "Wales is Owned by England" (actually, certain restrictions on other resident Nationals voting in a different Nation's elections is not uncommon it happens all across Europe, even currently in the UK for most other EU Nationals. Indeed, providing Identification (that can clarify Nationality) at polling stations already happens world wide in places such as Canada and France, and even already exists in Northern Ireland, with No Problems what so ever). Indeed, the Brexit vote in 2016 Excluded many EU nationals Living in the UK at the time, because of concerns. This Ownership Fact appears to possibly provide a Different View of Wales by English People Living in Wales than Indigenous Welsh People or that of 'ANY OTHER OVERSEAS IMMIGRANTS OR CELTIC HOME NATIONS CITIZENS' who may Reside in Wales (Who also Do Not Present as 'ALL ONE SPECIFIC GROUP' (Race) within an Overwhelming Majority UK Population Mass)? As Overseas Migrants may be More Likely to present with a 'Neutral Unbiased View' on England and Wales, as they may have Heard of these Nations but are more likely to have No Actual Direct Experience of them Personally? (So Essentially are more likely to 'Not have any Skin in the Game' so to Speak, No 'Conflict of Interests'). To Clarify, Due to an apparent Natural Attachment to their Birth Country (A Firm Identity Psychologically Proven to be Developed Largely in a Person's Early 'CHILDHOOD', as asserted by the Centre for the Developing Child, Harvard University 2009)'Who Still Historically Own Wales as a Nation', English People who Reside in Wales might be More Inclined to View Wales as 'Theirs', the 'Historical Property of England' (that Would Make Perfect Obvious Sense as the English Do Actually Still Own Wales, 'Annexed in 1542'), which may be they Do Not Want to Lose in a Welsh Independence Referendum (See 'Nation Specific Criteria' under 'What is Britishness' heading above towards then end of the page for a possible solution)? So when Voting inside Wales, it may be in a Manner that Best Benefits their 'Own Nations Interests' (a Basic Human Instinct, Click for Link. Indeed I am sure that if the Situation were in Reverse then many Welsh people would also be more Instinctively Inclined to Vote in Accordance with their own Nation's Interest's?), by keeping Wales Under England's Control and Influence, which could be Further Achieved by Voting for a London Based Political Party in Wales? Remember that Wales (Celtic) and England (Anglo-Saxon) are Officially Classified as Two Separate Races (See 'Wales a Racial Group?' in the heading above), with Entirely Different History's, Experiences and Power Bases, they are Not One Homogeneous Group. There appears to be 'No Other Country or Nation in the World', whose 'Immigrant Population' that Reside in Wales who would Posses the Same obvious ‘CONFLICT OF INTERESTS’?!..                                                   

To Clarify the Term 
(See 'Nation Specific Criteria' under 'What is Britishness' heading towards the end of the page).

​​Just to further Clarify, the Overall 'Ruling Establishment' in the UK can only be 'Identified' by who has the 'Ultimate Overall Power' over 'UK Wide Decision Making' (that Ultimately Supersedes all of the UK Nations Regardless of their smaller individual Parliaments who are only allowed very specific and limited powers by the London UK Parliament), as the London based UK Parliament Ultimately Directs all UK Decision Making. Now, as the 'UK London Parliament' has '533'English Members of Parliament (MP's) Allocated Representing English Constituencies, '59' Scottish MP's Allocated (with some Labour or Conservative [& other smaller English parties] MP's with their Parties & Leaders Based in London), Wales '40' MP's Allocated (most are Labour or Conservative [& other smaller English Parties] MP's with their Parties & Leaders Based in London) and Northern Ireland '18' MP's Allocated (many of which do Not go to the UK Parliament as Republican Irish).So in any UK Parliament Vote on Decisions Regarding the Whole of the UK (so '533' English MP's Allocated out of a Total of '650' Allocated UK MP's, with '117' UK MP's spread out between the three other Celtic Nations), You do the Maths!!... So Ultimately appearing to make the 'UK Parliament' an'English Parliament' in all but name, with 'UK Wide Decisions' Ultimately made by the Overwhelming 'Majority Vote' London Based (Hand Picked as Party Election Candidates) 'English Establishment Representatives' (Just Saying). This Fact Acknowledged and Confirmed by Boris Johnson (Current Prime Minster 2020) in 2019 when he said, “I’m not convinced there is a case for an England-only parliament,” he said. “We have an England-only parliament. It’s in Westminster. It’s been there for a long time. I’m not disposed to create another parliament.” (Click for Link). Please excuse the fact that Boris Johnson's Documented Words had to be reported in one of the only Newspapers (which is only regional) in the UK that support independence for any Celtic Nation (owned by Newsquest, who are owned by American company Gannett and New Media outside of London influence). However, this was the Only Media Outlet in the UK that I could find the Direct Quote, which also appears to be further Direct Evidence of the ultimate Power and Influence of the London UK Wide Mainstream Media as a Whole (a Collective) to be able to Control, Ignore and Bury, on Mass (a UK Wide Blanket Ban on Coverage) such an Important Admission, that has Confirmed and Clarified the Historical and ongoing Unfairness of the UK Nations Constitutional Structure Created by London. So what is the benefit to having a UK parliament that is essentially an English parliament in all but name, well you can legislate on your own nation but also then control and legislate the main levers on the other UK nations, in your nation's favour. To Clarify, their are Two Different overall meanings, Aims and Objectives of Nationalism within Britain, there is a Minority Celtic Nationalism looking for Greater Equality to Level Up and failing that independence, and a Majority English Nationalism (never mentioned on the London Media) seeking to Maintain long standing Inequalities, the greatest threat of all to the UK as they have the most Power and Influence to Favour their Own UK Nation.                                           

Further reinforced with EVEL (English votes for English Laws) in 2015, since the SNP (Scottish National Party) began to gain more MP's in the UK Parliament, historically previous to the SNP's rise, mainly since 2011, nearly all of the Scottish MP's in the UK Parliament where member's of the London Political Parties, so where controlled centrally from London (Wales is still controlled by mainly London based Political Parties so does not present as a problem, at the moment). So the English Establishment have created for themselves the best of both worlds, they can make their own decisions affecting England without being interfered with by Scottish MP's, and they can Over Rule Scotland as and when they want through the Sewel Convention (Interfere directly with Scottish Rules), so 'having their Cake and Eating it', hang on that sounds Familiar?... Indeed, to Further Consolidate Ultimate UK Power with the advent of Devolution, Crucially the'Sewel Convention 1998'(first inserted in the Scotland Act 1998, section 28), and the Following 'Scotland Act 2016'& the'Wales Act 2017' which were both created by the Welsh and Scottish Parliament's but Crucially both 'Edited' First by the UK Parliament before being passed through the UK (English) Parliament in London, with the necessary Royal Ascent (Approval) from the Queen of England also based in London. These Acts Legally allow the UK Parliament the ability to 'Over Ride' Decisions made in the Scottish or Welsh Parliaments, although 'UK Parliamentary Sovereignty' allows them to 'Over Rule' anyway 'Even on Matters Specifically Devolved to Scotland and Wales'. Appearing to make the Scottish and Welsh Parliaments essentially Ultimately Irrelevant (Tokenism) on UK Wide Decision Making.  Actually, the most recent example (to this text being written) of the Devolved Nation's in UK being Over Ruled by the UK (English) Parliament is in January 2020 when all three of the UK's democratically elected devolved law-making bodies rejected the EU withdrawal agreement (also from the Welsh Government who were last democratically elected in May 2017). The Welsh Government said the bill could let UK ministers change assembly powers without asking Assembly Members. As the implementation on rules on Northern Ireland "have no restrictions" and could be used to modify the assembly's powers without its consent (as you might expect this has had limited coverage on the London British Media and connected regional channels). Quote from the Sewel Convention 1998, "The Sewel Convention applies when the UK Parliament wants to legislate on a matter within the devolved competence of the Scottish Parliament, National Assembly for Wales or Northern Ireland Assembly. Under the terms of the Convention, the UK Parliament will Not Normally” do so without the relevant devolved institution having passed a legislative consent motion" (the Word "Normally" is Crucial). The Sewel Convention has been further backed up in Law within Britain, but still ultimately means the same thing, Quote from Wales 2017 & Scotland Act 2016, "But it is recognised that the Parliament of the United Kingdom will not Normally legislate with regard to devolved matters without the consent of the Assembly" (again the Word "Normally" is Crucial). So can Over Ride Decisions if they want, at any time, Without the Devolved Nation's Consent (so Ultimately the Same as the Sewel Convention but now Legally Set in Law). To Further Clarify, the Sewel Convention is also known as the Legislative Consent Motion (by the London UK Government), with the subsequent Wales & Scotland Acts within Britain, but many people argue this is Blackmail (Coercion)? To Clarify, the London UK Government say you have to consent to us being able to Over Rule you (at any time), or you do Not get Devolution or more Powers from us. So in order to get Devolution or more Powers for Scotland and Wales they had to consent to the UK Parliament being able to Over Rule their Decisions even on Devolved matters, in essence 'You Must agree to this or you Won't get that'. Logically there can Only be a 'British Establishment' or a 'UK Parliament' if all UK Nations have 'Equal Power' (to Compromise) in the UK London Parliament when Implementing Decisions at a UK Level (not just Ultimately the Overwhelming Majority English Representatives and Implementing Covert Inserts in UK Law), which given the current obvious Systemic Number Differentials in the UK Parliament is Impossible at this stage (although a Veto Vote, 'the Equal Power to Disagree', in the 'UK Parliament' for all 'Four UK Nations' could Solve this Undemocratic problem, assuming that all Four UK Nations are still together?), I hope this has Clarified this subject area some what? (See 'Describing the Welsh & English Relationship?' under the 'What is Britishness' heading above).

​Furthermore, the London English Establishment are Wordsmiths, nothing is accidentally said, so when London Politicians (& Media) Constantly say in the 'National' Interests (the Singular), they are subtly saying in England's Interest, if the statement was to actively reflect all UK Nations, it would be in all the 'Nations' interests (the Plural). This appears to subtly reflect and confirm London's view, that of Britain being just the Nation of England, with the other Celtic Nations simply being Provinces or Regions, there of (so not accepted as Separate Nations and Races)? Which appears to explain why there has never been a Firm Description or Definition of 'Britishness' or 'Englishness' by London, as London seem to want to continue to see them as one and the same, which would make sense as London to ultimately control the whole of the UK, be it a Region or the other UK Nations?

In addition, for those who say that Wales becoming Independent, in order to 'Reduce Poverty and Slander' (if that is their Democratic Choice, if finally allowed a vote on the subject?)means that they could'Remain in Europe, but will then be Outside of England (their Largest Trading Block) who may be a Non EU country at that point and therefore be Faced with a Barrier to Trade Between England & Wales'. The Obvious Solution is to allow the English Establishment Authorities to Create a Solution (that will be obviously acceptable to them as they would have created it, along with any previous other suggestions thought acceptable for the UK, but rejected by the EU) to the Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland Border problem (between a Non EU Country and an EU Country), and then Replicate that arrangement in the possible Event that Wales in the future becomes an Autonomously Separate Trading Country to England. Including issues such as NHS treatment in England, although Reciprocal Arrangements already exist between different countries, Spain and the UK for example. Moreover, if Wales then joins Europe and has the Euro as a Currency they will the be Backed Up by some of the Most Powerful Economies in the World (France & Germany), who Wales do Not have a previous 'Centuries Old' ongoing some what acrimonious relationship with (due to Colonialism), and are Not seen as an Economic Threat by Europe (on the Same Land Mass, in the Same Internal Market Space), so they have No Reason to try to Restrict Wales, with the added Bonus of a 'Veto Vote and/or Majority Vote' between the different EU Nations over all Europe wide Decision Making, and obviously Europe does not Historically own Wales which England does. Indeed, contrary to the London Media's interpretation (Hopes the EU will Break Up as a result of UK leaving), it does appear that as a result of this VETO VOTE in the EU, the European Union will around long after the UK has Disbanded. Moreover, for those who say that 'Federalism' maybe the answer to the power imbalance in the UK between the Four Nations, as England's Population is 85% of the UK Population in an Amalgamated Combined UK Vote England's Voice will be Paramount, even if the UK is split into more Equal Population Territories England's Voice will also be Paramount Overall anyway. However, this is all conjecture and speculation anyway as the 'Will' to want to share power (which hasn't existed for the last 300 years) must be there in the first place from London, who are not willing to give up their historical 'Central Power'?Although the same 'Veto Vote and/or Majority Vote System' as in the EU does provide this Power and seems the only way of Balancing out England's Population, Size, Power Imbalance, Different Ethnicity, National Identity, Characteristic's and History? Federalism can work well is places like the USA and Australia as they see themselves as essentially, One Nation, One Nationality, with One Over Riding Base National Identity, that of Australian or American (could be Ethically African American or Italian American, but always American as a Whole), for example most people in Wales describe their National Identity as Welsh Not British, the same with most Scottish people. This would be like the people living in California describing their National Identity as Californian not American, creating Multiple National Identities, which would affect overall Unity, as an Example, with no one State or Territory being the overall historical Master of the rest, and have not had Colonialism within their Union of States or Territories trying to Force Already 'Fully Formed Nationsinto one Nation. Actually, if Independence was to be an Option for the people of Wales, then Look at the Fellow Celtic Nation of the Republic of Ireland (the Nation Most Similar to Wales in Geographic Location, Celtic Ethnicity, the Same Oppressor, Size and General Connected History) and How With the Backing of the EU (European Union) they are Now 'Equals' to their Previous 'Masters' (in London). Furthermore, the Fact that Wales must have Permission form the UK (English) Parliament to even be able to hold an Independence Referendum (if that is the choice of the Welsh people),is almost like me saying to my Wife that you cannot Divorce me (if that is her choice) unless I give her legal permission to do so???! Imagine if London had to have Permission from the EU to hold a Referendum to Leave the European Union, it would mean that they would be kept in the Union against their Democratic Will, Unthinkable, yet this is happening to Wales (who have never had an Independence Referendum in 500 years, Annexed in 1542) and Scotland (who Want a Second Referendum, First one in 2014, due a Material Change in Circumstances, 'Brexit') within the United Kingdom?! Also to assume it as Granted that the English Establishment will make it 'Difficult' for an Independent Wales (again if that is their choice) to Trade with them and not allow the use of their Currency should also tell you the Character of these people, the same people that you may want to continue to be in an unchanged Union with, although the last 300 years of the current Union structure has seen no advantage for Wales (How much more Evidence is required?). Although I am neutral on this position as I will advocate anything that makes Wales more Prosperous and Valued, 'What Predictors in the Past have given any Impression that the Future will be any more positive for Wales'??!... To Simply say that Essentially being Independent may be 'A Bit Difficult' therefore let's not bother, is a lazy, ridiculous and weak argument at best (as all options must remain on the table).

In addition, for those who advocate Independence in Wales they must not allow the UK Government to own the term 'Unionist's'. This is because the term Unionist's comes with a Natural Subconscious theme of Solidarity and Co-operation (which is Why it is used), a Just cause, the term Nationalist's Infers Divisive and Uncooperative to the Average Voter Looking On (the London English Establishment are Great Word Smiths). However, the English Establishment Historically Instinctively Favouring their own Nation (which is Easily Evidenced) above the other UK Nation's is Defined by Any Dictionary as Nationalism not Unionism (Indeed, if they were Genuine Unionist's there would Not be a Problem). So the Beneficial Unionist label that they label themselves cannot apply, as you cannot 'Do Nationalism but Say your a Unionist' (Union means a Group of people coming Together for a Common Goal, not just your own), the same as some Welsh people wanting to Favour only Wales comes under the same term of Nationalism. It is further interesting to note that in the American war of independence they called themselves 'Patriot's' (a Less Toxic Word), not labelled from the Outside as 'Nationalist's'. In Dictionary terms, 'Patriot' simply means a love for your country with vigorous support, 'Nationalist' means Favouring your Country to the Detriment of all other Nations.  Although, you cannot just 'Say' your a 'Patriot' but 'Act' as a 'Nationalist', as Action's will always Speak Louder than Words or Rhetoric. Moreover, for people to say that Wales is 'Too Poor' for Independence (if that is the Welsh peoples choice?), this is like me 'standing on your neck, and then asking you why you cannot breath properly', an analogy of the restrictions from London on the Welsh Economy.

Indeed, for those who further say that 'What is the Point of Leaving one Union (the UK) to be Controlled by Another Union (the EU)'. The Obvious Answer is the 'EU Veto Vote System and/or Majority Vote' that Exists between all EU (European Union) Member States. The Veto Vote and/or Majority Vote for all EU Members 'Rich or Poor', 'Large or Small' gives Each Member State in the EU the 'Equal Opportunity' to Veto or have a direct say (Majority Vote) on any European Wide Decisions until a Unified Compromise is Found that Benefits all 28 Member States at Some Level (any EU Member Veto Vote can stop the Process until a 'Compromise' is Found that suits all EU Member States as much as possible). To Clarify, it is much easier to implement a Veto Vote system with a Back Stop Majority (75%) with only Four Nations than it is in the current 28 Nations of the European Union. Even in the event that the EU move to a predominantly Majority Vote system in the future, this still means that each Nation gets a say (Vote) on overall EU Policy, as opposed to only essentially England's Overwhelming Representation (in the UK London Parliament) on the UK decision making process, without any Overall Legal final say (Vote) from the other UK Celtic Nations on UK Wide Law and Policy. To those who say that a Veto Vote or Majority UK Nations Vote is Unfair to England as it is 85% of the UK Population. The obvious answer must be that without Parity between UK Nations there will Not be a UK going into the Future (if that is a concern for you?), as you cannot have a permanent position where One Nation Wins and the other Three Nations in that Union nearly always Lose, due to Disproportionate UK Number Differentials (a Great Benefit for England, but a Great Problem for the United Kingdom). As each Nation in the UK has Differing Needs, Identities and Concerns, they are 'Not One Homogeneous Group'. In a Union of Nations there must be Compromise, 'Compromise' means that 'No One Totally Wins' but also that 'No One Totally Loses'. Contrary to the UK Parliament System in the UK where by the Overwhelming Members of Parliament (MP's) Represent England. So in any UK Vote for Overall UK Decision Making the Unequal MP Representatives in the UK Parliament appears to Ensure that England's Interests will always prevail. 'A Veto Vote and/or Majority Vote Between the Four UK Nations, Propped Up with a Nation Specific Vote within each UK Nation, would Create more Equal Power Over Overall UK Decision Making and more Representative Voting within the UK'. As this Democratic Process of Nation Specific Voting within each UK Nation, and then Coupled with a Veto Vote System (and/or Majority Vote Between UK Nations) at UK Level, may well go some way in avoiding the break up of the United Kingdom? Indeed, is seems very telling that at present London cannot put a 'Positive Narrative' of 'Why' Wales and Scotland should stay in the UK in it's current London Centric form, it appears because at present there are none (England Benefit and is Developed, the Celtic Nations do not and are Under Developed), but what they do do is to create 'Fear' of the unknown, by saying it will be a lot worse if you are Independent (using the Power of their London UK Wide Media)? As a person who is not a so called Nationalist or Unionist, I need to know what 'Real Evidenced Tangible Benefits' there are to staying in the Union of the United Kingdom (remember words do not mean anything without Evidence, with the Internet now available to test the validity of any random claims or statistics) given that over the last 300 years of the Union with England (Act of Union 1707, and even way before this date for Wales, Annexed in 1542) Wales has remained Slandered, Poor and Under Developed, with no Common Sense signs of that ever changing (using the last 300 years as a Predictor)?

Just to Clarify, although 'Brexit' has been a Catalyst in Highlighting UK Government Incompetence, you must always Remind Yourself that the Issue of Wales being Disproportionately Treated Unfairly over their Period in a Union with England was there 'Before Brexit', and will 'Remain After Brexit' (Regardless of the Eventual Outcome of Brexit). However, the Biggest ongoing Permanent Change in the last couple of years to Society is the 'Internet' (the Genie is Out of the Bottle & Cannot be Returned) where unbiased Balanced Information, For or Against, from Leading World Experts (for the First Time in British History) is Now readily available to Everyone at their fingertips, with the ability 'Now' to Highlight and Critique on the World Stage Issues and Concerns that Previously would simply Not have been Feasible Without the World Wide Web in years gone past, as previous to the Internet the only Information sources for the UK Population was through the London British Media. 

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