Welsh Sheepshaggers:

                 An English Establishment Lie...?


         A Bit of Poetry for you, as Poetry is a Great Way to Convey a Context and a Feeling quickly


​                                                                                                      The Sins of my Fathers

To all those folks that have gone before, shame on you, when you chose to ignore the pain and the shame that you encountered before. Allowing abuse to flow through your unguarded door, permitting the abuse of your youth, who you should protect and care for, by lifting them high to rise and soar.

What I do now, you should have done then, shame on you for allowing this burden to come around time and time again.Your inheritance to your youth is apathy and shame, which is a disgrace, a fact that we all must face and embrace in order to replace the shame to regain our pride in our own birth place.

Shame on you, I'll say it again, as I am now doing what you should have done then. You can't go into the future without doing what you should do today, because of your neglect it's our youth who continue to pay.

Shame on you, you know who you are, turning a blind eye to the ultimate lie, you continue to deny and permit, allowing the stripping of a Welshman's spirit, your counterfeit and a hypocrite. Perhaps one day you'll admit that you could have done more, to protect your young, so take your pride off the floor, and be a disgrace no more.



                                                                                                    An Inward Looking People

Look up you fool, there's nothing down there to hold your stare, look up and look out, don't naval gaze for those yet to arrive glory days, be in no doubt, you must look out.

The power's out there it's not in here, look up and look out to make your way clear, be free from fear, breath that rare air of a new atmosphere. When you keep looking inward you make yourself small, so look up and look out, don't fear standing tall.

Answer the call with a proud shout, let the world know what your all about. Your good, you see, so there's nothing to hide, so look up and look out with a justified pride.

Perspective is key, it allows you to see with a wider strategy, with a real sense of empathy and clarity, so have the courage to see yourselves as you really are, to know what you look like from the outside looking in, look outward you fools, that's where to begin.

​                                                                                                                 L.W.Jones



                                                                                                     Confidence and Identity

Confidence and identity are both interconnected, so attacks on your identity means your confidence is affected. As one thing we all posses is a national identity, or identities, our nationality, that describes who we are culturally, and even firmly outlines and defines our own specific ethnicity.

Confidence is key to stability which promotes capacity that increases prosperity, but I just can't take it from you and give it to me, it must be earned honestly and with integrity, as confidence is earned through unimpeded success and good deeds, that's what sows the confidence seeds.

A confident person expects to be treated with respect, even though we may never have met, just yet. But if you show disrespect a confident person can interject to correct, cos sustained disrespect will not go unchecked. As confidence grows when confronting your foes, so when you defend who you are your confidence will grow, which allows you to know that you'll be fine and succeed where ever you go.

So anything that attacks confidence must be exposed and acknowledged, to ensure that you keep from collecting any negative baggage, but this will take courage. Cos when 'you' stand up to racial abuse, it's plain to see, that a confident you, means a confident me. As we are all tared with the same national brush, so what they say about you, they say about us... 


Questions from the Deep

How do you Fight Without Fighting?
How do you Change Without Pain?
How do you Shout Louder than the Lie?
How can you be Heard whilst being Passive?
Who Cares Enough to see beyond themselves?
What will it take to be Free from Clutter, to be able to Focus on the Now?
Is Change so Scary that it Freezes even the Bravest of Souls?
Do we need more than just Enough to Survive or can we Thrive?
Can we see ourselves as we Really are?
Have we the Courage to look in the mirror and see the True Reflection of ourselves peering back?
Is Apathy a Curse of the Multitudes or a Weapon of the oppressor?
Is Light Stronger than the Dark?
Does Hope always prevail over organised Despair?
Why is the Truth so Painful and Unkind?
Is doing Nothing really better than the alternative?
Is Ignorance a Blessing or a Curse?
What Hope is there for the Hopeless, as a broken Spirit can never be repaired
Claim your Dignity and Worth, as it was always your's to Claim
Awake from your Slumber, be allowed to be Appalled, be Angry at your Lot, Rage against your Inheritance
How do you Fight Without Fighting?



                                                                                                          The Privileged Few

I know you, I've seen you so many times before, you line your nest with pain of the poor, you're the lock on the door, the key to the gate, with power to decide everyone's fate. 

​I know you, I know what you do, and to who. I know you, without talent or gift, your judgement is swift, quick to dismiss those who resist.

I know you, I see you right there, you're not very rare, at God you dare to swear without a care, refusing to share that increases despair, with no witness to bare, clothed in the delusion's you wear, with your media tools you assume we're all fools.

I know you, you think your so bright, you divide to incite, enjoying the pain of another man's plight, distorting the light, to keep your deeds out of sight, relying so much on your inherited right. Hidden from view, only open to the same type of selected few, your covert deals in your hidden cabal, I know you, I know you so well.

I know you, the privileged few, with the deeds that you do, and with who. As my Lord sees all, you'll meet him one day, so you can continue to hide and deceive all you want, but that's when you'll pay, for those games that you play...



Can I be your Token, I'll be nice for the right price, I'll be your's if you open those doors, let me in I'll be nice, there won't be no awkward questions or protests here, can I be your token, the message is clear. 

You see for me it's all about the money, I'm not saying I'm bad, but I just want the stuff that you've always had. Can I be your token, I know the game and the pain, denying injustice just as long as I gain.

See me, I'm all that I've got, can I be your token it'll help me a lot. Can I be your token, I'll do a good job, lying to the world and biting my tongue, I can do that I'll lie to anyone. Can I be your token, I'll even pretend not to know, for that free flowing dough...

Can I be your token, I'm desperate you see, as being a token is the only route out for me, I'll be the one that offers you hope, who allows you to feel that injustice ain't real.

Can I be your token and be a Sir or a Ma'am, a career in hock to the dis-honourable one. I'll pretend it's all great spreading your word on the premise of hate. The other is bad, I've been there since birth, can I be your token to validate worth.

Can I be your token, it's a beautiful thing, you can teach me the verses you want me to sing. I'll be the one who justifies you, I'll be the one that says, 'no that's not true, I'm one of them and you can be too'. Can I be your token, the prestige is high, with a seat at the table, all I've got to do is lie, for a piece of the pie, deny deny deny.



                                                                                                           A Union of One

Democracy is great, and it must be so, but how do you allow the voices of the minorities to grow, and be heard, without being constantly ignored and hindered by simply being vastly outnumbered. Yet a veto vote is an equal vote, to balance out population's, that would provide equal power to all UK nation's. I'm not saying it's perfect, this is obviously true, but if it works for the EU why wouldn't it work for us too? As London were happy to use it for years in the EU, to help in the times when they were outnumbered as a minority few, which allowed them to validate their own point of view. But in London this is seen as taking away their dominant power, meaning their influence then becomes lower and lower. ​

As all options we must explore if we want to unify our country of four. But you must show that you really do care about being fair, which can only be done by being willing to share, but if you refuse to share because you don't care, then put an end to this continuous worry and strife, and let us get on with our own separate lives.

You see, if there's loads more of you than there is of me, how can this be a fair democracy? As democracy is all about the number's, but what happens when there are four different sized union member's? You must take into consideration that Britain is not made up of just one majority nation, who has the most population, so in a combined UK vote they will continue to ensure their sustained domination, and simply say 'it's just our version of democracy at work', whilst looking your way with a knowing smirk.

But this is berserk, this isn't how democracy is supposed to work, in a country of four, with your combined democracy keeping the other nations underdeveloped and poor. What's democracy for, if not to ensure a voice for the poor, and different factions, that can be totally ignored in UK wide elections, that allows one vast majority nation to continue to decide the UK direction, with the Brexit vote as a prime indication.

If there's three of me and fifty five of you, what am I to do, as in a majority vote your voice will always win through. As it seems a bit sly to try to deny that England's population means that they get nearly all of the pie, using your media to prevent a minority reply, to those who defy with a justified cry, to try to improve, change and modify, from those who are meant to be your closest ally, but who's only option could be to say 'we're done' with this union of one, and then there were none?...




Reputation is a curious thing, it can make a demon of one and the other a king. It can sell a company, or break one too, it even has the power to demoralise you. It says more about them than it does about you, this may be true, but this doesn't erase the trouble you go through.

What people say doesn't matter that much to me, personally, but it will influence the view of what other people see, the outside wider view of what and who we maybe. I suppose whether we like it or not it matters a lot, as many of these things may not be forgot.

I know we can't control what people say, with the hate they display, that leads to decay, but if you leave it alone, it's you who will pay. But if you know what it is and it is a lie, then it's up to you to expose and deny.

As the instigators biggest fear is being exposed, so be brave and stand firm when confronting your foes. So have the courage to reconstruct your image, that prevents the wreckage, by removing the baggage, with a different message. You see, the fact that they are hiding means you have already won, so expose the wrong doer, then your job here is done.



​                                                                                                                                     England and Wales 

One of your own, oh the groan, as that ain't me, I know cos you tell me constantly. But if I'm not you and I am me, how could this be, I thought you also told me, that I was you and you was me, which is it to be, am I a friend or your enemy? Together, what ever the weather, whether I'm one of you, or one of the other, a contradiction that remains under cover. 

You see, for me personally, as a UK minority, I've been told since birth that sheep is my national curse. The burden the lie that mocks me for not being you. Can this be true, I thought cos I was white and spoke the same language as you that none of this hate would visit me too. With all this hate, is it to late to change my national state? I know what I'll do, I'll speak with the same accent as you, that's what I'll do, I'll try to become one of you, as it's so much easier to just ignore what you do.

But you keep on saying, that it ain't so bad, or sad, with the repeated abuse that you've never had. Oh, of course, there's no slander for you, how can this be true, if it's not so bad, why don't you have it too? I feel like I need to apologise for calling this out, with a justifiable shout, a union of love or a union of hate, or is it too late to alter our fate? So please excuse me for saying that all slander ain't fine, but I was led to believe that racism's a crime, your media in use to spread the abuse. 

If they can hate on me they'll hate on you, as I'm white and british with a regular hate for me too, imagine the hate that you must go through?​​ But for real how come one of me don't make any deals, I'm not in the room, when you decide who is who and what is what, on my behalf, your behalf, it's all just a laugh for your own when you consider a loan, or not, with the power to keep the lot, which you do, pretending to be me, whilst always being you...


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