Welsh Sheepshaggers:

                 An English Establishment Lie...?


         A Bit of Poetry for you, as Poetry is a Great Way to Convey a Context and a Feeling quickly.

 As the author of this work, I am well aware that an anti-authoritarian, radical (yes, telling the truth is radical) minority Welsh voice will not be accepted by the all encompassing Establishment or majority audience in the UK (as it will create uncomfortable conversation's through challenging deeply held beliefs), so the author will always just be seen as a Welsh author, an Outsider (no matter how great the work). As a result this work will be ignored, marginalised and disregarded, even many welsh people will fear the implications of any association. But this work isn't about success or notoriety (as this is dictated in the UK by the English audience, London Media Authorities, and main UK Publishing Houses in England), it's about the uncomfortable easily evidenced truth, that will eventually lead to positive change, indeed I may not quite see it in my lifetime. It is easy to write in favour of the powers that be, by hiding or disregarding any minority association or concerns, to be accepted by the UK majority audience and system, but that's not the aim of this work, the goal is to outline the minority welsh condition as accurately as I can, to improve the experience and opportunity for the next generation coming through, and as such, as with all truth, it will be fully acknowledged in the end, just not right now, but the clock has now already started ticking. First they ignore the argument, then they mock the argument, then they fight the argument, then you win. 'The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is' (Winston Churchill). Truth, 'in accordance with fact or reality'.

                                                                                                  A Union of One

Democracy is great, and it must be so, but how do you allow the voices of the minorities to grow, and be heard, without being constantly ignored and hindered by simply being vastly outnumbered. Yet a veto vote is an equal vote, to balance out population's, that would provide equal power to all UK nation's. It's not perfect, this is obviously true, but if it works for the EU why wouldn't it work for us too? As London were happy to use it for years in the EU, to help in the times when they were outnumbered as a minority few, which allowed them to validate their own point of view. But in London this is seen as taking away their dominant power, meaning their influence then becomes lower and lower. ​

As all options we must explore if we want to unify our union of four. But you must show that you really do care about being fair, which can only be done by being willing to share, but if you refuse to share, because you don't care, then put an end to this continuous worry and strife, and let us get on with our own separate lives.

You see, if there's loads more of you than there is of me, how can this be a fair democracy? As democracy is all about the number's, but what happens when there are four different sized union member's? You must take into consideration that Britain is not made up of just one vast majority nation, who has the most population, so in a combined UK vote they will continue to ensure their sustained domination, and simply say 'it's just our version of democracy at work', whilst looking your way with a knowing smirk.

But this is berserk, this isn't how democracy is supposed to work, in a union of four, with your combined democracy keeping the other nations underdeveloped and poor. What's democracy for, if not to ensure a voice for the poor, and different factions, that can be totally drowned out in UK wide elections, that allows one vast majority nation to continue to decide the UK direction, with the Brexit vote as a prime indication.

If there's three of me and fifty five of you, what am I to do, as in a majority vote your voice will always win through. As it seems a bit sly to try to deny that England's population means that they get nearly all of the pie, using their London media to prevent a minority reply, to those who defy with a justified cry, to try to improve, change and modify, from those who are meant to be your closest ally, but who's only option could be to say 'we're done' with this union of one, and then there were none?...



                                                                                                       Blame Dilutes Shame

The indignity of blaming your servant when you are the central controller, the master, to avoid a reputational disaster, by using the Celtic nations as insulation against direct accusation, when they had no power or control of the Empire’s direction. To suggest that the servant can direct the master, is a non starter, when London control their empire as the creator and dictator, how can a Celtic nation have their own national agenda on slavery and empire, as subjugated nations, when they had no power, how can you deny, when you said 'jump', they said 'how high'. It’s a sly thing to do, that when it comes to accountability centrally, they also blame you, who knew, when I'm besmirched I'll besmirch you too, as I am the conqueror who gets to write the narrative, and you best believe I’m amazingly imaginative.

The insanity to suggest that the people under some one else's control have any say on policy, especially your historical enemy, with the Celtic nations treated similarly, with the same inequality, a minority, as a separate racial identity to the anglo-saxon majority, with a different documented history, with no control over their destiny. You take the profit and glory, but when it’s time for accountability, you rewrite the story, saying, 'it ain’t true, it was not only me, cos you was there too'. How can a person not work within a new imposed system, as you can’t eat honour or reason, indeed many rebelled and got sanctioned for treason.

Obviously there will be individuals that try to gain favour with their new monarchy, through flattery and dishonesty, but if London did not create industrial slavery and empire, there would be nothing for these individuals to inspire their desire. Remember that Britain does not exist as an actual nation, only a term created by London to try to imply implication, without the consent of any Celtic nation, who were already under London’s complete domination and subjugation, well before the 1707 act of unification. Powerless, and then left open to constant insinuation and accusation, with little or no media representation.

Can such behaviour be the saviour of their national honour, or can the truth come to the rescue of the Celtic nation’s reputations from those constant accusations, and insinuations. As in the end, when there’s nothing to gain, only the shame remains, the stain, but you’re not doing it in my name, again and again, you own your own shame, as we are not equally the same, but you expect the Celtic nations to take equal blame. Take accountability, centrally and systemically, you embrace all the positives but then share the negativity, as you controlled the empire from London and took the profit and fame, you created the game now take the shame, don’t try to dilute responsibility, by trying to rewrite your own legacy.






                                                                                                            Modify to Rectify

When did change become so feared and strange, with a new direction becoming so out of the question, as without change there is no progression. When did constantly staying the same, not become insane, with the same ongoing pain something that needs to remain time and time again, and when did our choices only reflect the dominant media voices, as our circumstances are are not based on chances, their based on choices. 

When did the mirror image become so misunderstood, where our right is left and bad is good. When did complicity become a necessity, and simplicity become complexity? What ever happened to common sense as a form of defence against pretence, creating order out of nonsense, what a tragedy to see that apathy has become our only strategy.

When did logic become toxic and new ideas become feared? When did improvement become unnecessary, and empathy become a luxury? Who benefits from staying the same and keeping the status quo, sowing the seeds that they sow, when did thinking become unthinkable and knowing become unknowable, making change undoable, as change is constant, so it should be inevitable.

When you’re doing OK you want the system to stay, so then you can hand down your privilege to your children one day. It’s easy to want things to remain the same when you’re one of the few that doesn’t feel any pain, but if the system stays the same, there's only your silence to blame for your pain and your shame, as it's then directly in your name, so you can't complain, when your children inevitably, get handed the same...




                                                                                                   England's Slander of Wales

One of your own, oh' the groan, as that ain't me, I know cos you tell me constantly. But if I'm not you and I am me, how could this be, I thought you also told me, that I was you and you was me, which is it to be, am I a friend or your enemy? Together, what ever the weather, whether I'm one of you, or one of the other, a contradiction that remains under cover. 

You see, for me personally, as a UK minority, I've been told since birth that sheep is my national curse. The burden the lie that mocks me for not being you. Can this be true, I thought cos I was white and spoke the same language as you that none of this hate would visit me too. With all this hate, is it to late to change my national state? I know what I'll do, I'll speak with the same accent as you, that's what I'll do, I'll try to become one of you, as it's so much easier to just ignore what you do.

But you keep on saying, that it ain't so bad, or sad, with the repeated abuse that you've never had. Oh, of course, there's no repeated slander for you, how can this be true, cos if it's not so bad, why don't you have it too?! I feel like I need to apologise for calling this out, with a justifiable shout, a union of love or a union of hate, or is it too late to alter our fate? So please excuse me for saying that all slander ain't fine, but I was led to believe that racism's a crime, your media in use to spread the abuse. 

If they can hate on me they'll hate on you, as I'm white and british with a regular hate for me too, imagine the hate that you must go through?​​ But for real how come one of me don't make any deals, I'm not in the room, when you decide who is who and what is what, on my behalf, your behalf, it's all just a laugh for your own when you consider a loan, or not, with the power to keep the lot, which you do, pretending to be me, whilst always being you...



                                                                                              Not anti English just pro fairness

Not anti English just pro fairness, your highness, if there were equality, you would never even of heard of me. It doesn’t matter who the favoured ones are, all that matters is that opportunity is allowed to be spread wide and far, outside of the favoured people and Anglo-Saxon race, I’m still waiting for a prime minster without a white face, which will be good for every minority race, as that person will know the hardship they face, if you’re not one of them, or come from the same place, with their all encompassing favour and grace.

Cos, this isn't about being a unionist or a nationalist, or even an idealist, it’s about being a realist, to create a level playing field of equal opportunity, regardless of ethnicity, but based on ability. As favouritism is the dictionary definition of nationalism, restricting free market capitalism, as this favouritism is based on connection, through education, relation and association, within their own favoured nation, with a strategic nodding token selection, that ensures separation and alienation, through restriction, obstruction and limitation.

Oh' the complicity, don’t think we don’t see, as fairness creates equality that ensures a unity, that provides a stability, but while you live in the past you take your eye off the ball, which is when the united kingdom will stumble and fall.

What a society, based in the past, while the favoured group hope that their colonial benefits last, although the United Kingdom is crumbling fast, as a union of glass, but could it be saved by fairness at the very last gasp, or will London just try to desperately cling to the past, hoping their old glory days will last and last, but you best believe, that on this I'm betting, if you keep on doing what your doing, you'll be getting what your getting.




                                                                                                      Confidence and Identity

Confidence and identity are both interconnected, so attacks on your identity means your confidence is affected. As one thing we all posses is a national identity, or identities, our base nationality, that describes who we are culturally, and even firmly outlines and defines our own specific ethnicity.

Confidence is key to stability which promotes capacity that increases prosperity, but I just can't take it from you and give it to me, it must be earned honestly and with integrity, as confidence is earned through unimpeded success and good deeds, that's what sows the confidence seeds.

A confident person expects to be treated with respect, even though we may never have met, just yet, but if you show disrespect a confident person can interject to correct, cos sustained disrespect will not go unchecked. As confidence grows when confronting your foes, so when you defend who you are your confidence will grow, which allows you to know that you'll be fine and succeed where ever you go.

So anything that attacks confidence must be exposed and acknowledged, to ensure that you keep from collecting any negative baggage, but this will take courage. Cos when 'you' publicly stand up to racial abuse, it's plain to see, that a confident you, means a confident me. As we are all tarred with the same national brush, so what they say about you, they say about us.



                                                                                                     Reputation Assassination

Reputation is a curious thing, it can make a demon of one and the other a king. It can sell a company, or break one too, it even has the power to demoralise you. It says more about them than it does about you, this may be true, but this doesn't erase the trouble you go through.

What people say doesn't matter that much to me, personally, but it will influence the view of what other people see, the outside wider view of what and who we maybe. I suppose whether we like it or not it matters a lot, as many of these things may not be forgot.

I know we can't control what people say, with the hate they display, that leads to decay, but if you leave it alone, it's you who will pay. But if you know what it is and it is a lie, then it's up to you to expose and deny.

As the instigators biggest fear is being exposed, so be brave and stand firm when confronting your foes. So have the courage to reconstruct your image, that prevents the wreckage, by removing the baggage, with a different message. You see, the fact that they are hiding means you have already won, so expose the wrong doer, then your job here is done.



                                                                                                           Stereotypes Bite

A stereotype cannot be true unless it is true of all of you, each and every one of you, not just a few, or one, or two. As in any group you can find anything, individually, usually targeted by the majority about a minority, but that does not mean the whole group do that collectively, so how can a stereotype ever be seen as given accurately with impartiality?

So a stereotype can very rarely be true, as it must be something that they all will tend to do, or are, unless of course there’s bad intention, making a repeated negative stereotype a necessary invention, against a perceived threat, designed to upset, to try to undermine and pigeonhole, an attack of the soul. But when is a stereotype a pc word for racism, well obviously, when it’s a negative against another race or nation.

Yet always remember to look for the source of the hate, don’t let them escape by just accepting your fate, that’s narrated through hate, designed to shame, demean and humiliate, but if you do accept and validate, then it’s you that is complicit in your continuous vulnerable state, as stereotypes can be used as a weapon of hate. Cos mental health is wealth so don’t allow it to be eroded and attacked by stealth.

Refuse to be afraid to open the debate, where it’s finally you, that gets to narrate, inform and update, as it’s never too late to put the record straight. Cos, if what they constantly say, involves you, then you better believe that you have the right to reply with your own point of view, using common sense as your greatest defence.




                                                                                                       What is Britishness?

Britain or the UK is not one nation or country, although historically it is an English monopoly, stifling the amazing potential of what it truly could be, in the absence of UK nations equality, financially, socially and democratically. In the 'national interests' or 'what's best for the country' London always do say, but this may give their intention's away, as there are four countries and nations within the UK, but London need to brand England and Britain as one and the same, to increase their status and fame, packaging it in a more subtle way, to also convey the outside impression of a settled unity within the UK.

Whilst skilfully avoiding blame by using the term Britain as a generalisation, to hide from direct accusation that comes from isolation and consolidation, such as world wide empire, brexit and colonisation. Relying on the word Britain to create the outward illusion, to infer that the Celtic nation's have direct UK decision making inclusion, with London's subtle intrusion of strategically using UK or British to hide any negative, and to suggest a collective, but then switching to England or English when it's deemed as a positive, edited, depending on which one is seen as of benefit.

So Britishness needs to be defined and designed as one equal collection, as a separate identification to any other UK nation, not just a basic generic description, to move away from favour and towards unification, to allow for a broader skill based selection, not just based on connections, so we can use the talent within all UK Nations, with London always reluctant to define their own nation for fear of allegation and alienation through clarification, using the Celtic nations subjugation to promote an English exceptionalism, based not on talent, but on English nationalism, as Englishness is separate to Britishness, so lets expose this engineered confusion, that continues to highlight and exalt just one UK nation, to the others exclusion. 


​                                                                                                                ​L.W.Jones


​                                                                                                   A Definition of Welshness

The Welsh have a mystical history, steeped in tradition and legacy, such as Geoffrey of Monmouth’s King Arthur tales, with the mystical Merlin tempered and forged in Wales. The Welsh are a passionate and whimsical bunch with great powers of imagination and creation, but have had to endure centuries of limitation and degradation as a Celtic nation. As Celticness is not just about bloodline, it is about a history of struggle that is unique to the Celtic mystique. Welshness is about always being a minority, internalising their lowly hierarchy, against an overwhelming majority, that old enemy, always trying to keep their dignity, against repeated assaults on their very humanity. Welshness means resilience and persistence, but it also means ignorance and indifference, their brilliance remains unknown due to their characteristic silence, with a chronic benevolence that continues to engulf their very existence.

The Welsh are an old and emotional race, formed in a mystical place, a hardy nation, if they can still survive occupation, colonisation and annexation, then basic survival is at their core foundation, but always in stagnation, marginalised and overwhelmingly outnumbered, the poor relation, through association, being the neighbour of England with their historical world domination, with its continued implication's to the Celtic nations, and yet Wales survives with its culture intact, although its pride and confidence is bruised and cracked.

Welshness is acceptance, with an inherent learnt helplessness, powerless, locked into poverty, denied opportunity, with a fear of change so deeply ingrained. Welshness is also a bizarre contradiction, looking so weak, but with a ferocious inclination, being rough and tough who can provide the most fierce opposition, but lack the belief in themselves to provide the conviction, allowing themselves, through the burden of history, to be led so aimlessly, by discrimination, with no set direction or destination, and if this were written a hundred years ago, it would be the same rendition. A country that instinctively needs permission to make a decision, floating like a cork on the tide, an uncertain nation, this is the Welsh condition.





                                                                                                   An Inward Looking People

Look up you fool, as there's nothing down there to hold your stare, look up and look out, don't naval gaze for those yet to arrive glory days, be in no doubt, you must look out.

The power's out there it's not in here, look up and look out to make your way clear, be free from fear, breath that rare air of a new atmosphere. When you keep looking inward you make yourself small, so look up and look out, don't fear standing tall.

Answer the call with a proud shout, let the world know what your all about. Your good, you see, so there's nothing to hide, so look up and look out with a justified pride.

Perspective is key, it allows you to see with a wider strategy, with a real sense of empathy and clarity, so have the courage to see yourselves as you really are, to know what you look like from the outside looking in, look outward you fools, that's where to begin.



                                                                                                      The Sins of my Fathers

To all those folks that have gone before, shame on you, when you chose to ignore the pain and the shame that you encountered before. Allowing abuse to flow through your unguarded door, permitting the abuse of your youth, who you should protect and care for, by lifting them high to rise and soar.

What I do now, you should have done then, shame on you for allowing this burden to come around time and time again.Your inheritance to your youth is apathy and shame, which is a disgrace, a fact that we all must face and embrace in order to replace the shame to regain our pride in our own birth place.

Shame on you, I'll say it again, as I am now doing what you should have done then. You can't go into the future without doing what you must do today, because of your neglect it's our youth who continue to pay.

Shame on you, you know who you are, turning a blind eye to that vulgar lie, you continue to deny and permit, allowing the stripping of a Welshman's spirit, your counterfeit and a hypocrite. Perhaps one day you'll admit that you could have done more, to protect your young, so take your pride off the floor, and be a disgrace no more.






                                                                                                    Questions from the Deep

How do you Fight Without Fighting?
How do you Change Without Pain?
How do you Shout Louder than the Lie?
How can you be Heard whilst being Passive?
Who Cares Enough to see beyond themselves?
What will it take to be Free from Clutter, to be able to Focus on the Now?
Is Change so Scary that it Freezes even the Bravest of Souls?
Do we need more than just Enough to Survive or can we Thrive?
Can we see ourselves as we Really are?
Have we the Courage to look in the mirror and see the True Reflection of ourselves peering back?
Is Apathy a Curse of the Multitudes or a Weapon of the oppressor?
Is Light Stronger than the Dark?
Does Hope always prevail over organised Despair?
Why is the Truth so Painful and Unkind?
Is doing Nothing really better than the alternative?
Is Ignorance a Blessing or a Curse?
What Hope is there for the Hopeless, as a broken Spirit can never be repaired
Claim your Dignity and Worth, as it was always yours to Claim
Awake from your Slumber, be allowed to be Appalled, be Angry at your Lot, Rage against your Inheritance
How do you Fight Without Fighting?




                                                                                                         Apathy is Complicity

Apathy and ignorance are closely related cos if you don’t understand then apathy is created, as apathy is the enemy of common sense, it turns action into acceptance, and acceptance into silence, with poverty being the worst form of violence. 

If you ignore common sense it’s at your own expense, cos in the absence of logic, you take away your only defence. As apathy is the natural home of the voiceless when they slowly erode their power and choices.

Doing nothing, means nothing at all, as your apathy builds an impenetrable wall, in your mind, making the people in its shadow helpless and blind.

The media builds these walls with calculated bricks, to be sure to ensure that their narrative sticks, with restricted topic selection, and participation, cos in the absence of an opposing view, to fully balance out the conversation, then apathy becomes a common location.

But it’s your responsibility to hand down to your children a society that is better than when it was handed to you, this is your duty, so refuse to succumb to that old enemy, that old foe, of apathy.




                                                                                                         The Privileged Few

I know you, the privileged few, I've seen you so many times before, you line your nest with pain of the poor, you're the lock on the door, the key to the gate, with power to decide everyone's fate. 

​I know you, I know what you do, and to who, I know you, without talent or gift, your judgement is swift, quick to dismiss those who resist.

I know you, I see you right there, you're not very rare, at God you dare to swear without a care, refusing to share that increases despair, with no witness to bare, clothed in the delusion's you wear, with your media tools you assume we're all fools.

I know you, you think your so bright, you divide to incite, enjoying the pain of another man's plight, distorting the light to keep your deeds out of sight, relying so much on your inherited right. Hidden from view, only open to the same type of selected few, your covert deals in your hidden cabal, I know you, I know you so well.

I know you, the privileged few, with the deeds that you do, and with who. As my Lord sees all, you'll meet him one day, so you can continue to hide and deceive all you want, but that's when you'll pay, for those games that you play...




​                                                                                                       The Brexit Contradiction

London want independence from EU control cos they say it’s vital they make their own decisions to make Britain whole, as without this power Britain's left in despair, being constantly controlled by the EU who don’t care, about being fair, we're never getting our share, their impeding our say, getting in the way, on the day to day life of the British people, it’s unreasonable, to allow Britain to remain as a vassal state, their taking food off our plate, shutting down debate because of their hate, allowing people to easily migrate, Britain's a subordinate state, their altering the course of our own British fate, let’s make Britain great!

But wait, this is the same argument that can used for Celtic independence from London dependence. Could it be, that what you see as vital for yourself is something that you should also allow for somebody else? That you will fight for more freedom, whilst denying others more of their own, with constant restrictions, but this you condone, saying 'we're better together', just as long as you are the Lord and I the beggar, with you as the power and them as the other.

But we had a UK wide democratic vote, it’s the will of the people, don’t worry about restriction or contradiction, with any UK vote won because of England's vast population, whilst taking Scotland out of the EU against their own democratic election, with uneven English movement to other locations, also skewing the vote within all Celtic nations, through a conflict of interest's causing great complications. But if it benefits you, that’s good motivation, as favouring your own seems your only intention?

It’s such a strange situation, that you fight for independence as crucial to allow yourself to prosper and strengthen, yet you continue your restriction and domination over every other UK nation, the exact opposite to what you say is a vital consideration for your own liberation?...




                                                                                                           Corona Virus 2020

Grim reapers been busy today, but as bad as that is, that ain’t much compared to the lives that poverty and inequality have always taken away. Surely there must be something to learn from this pandemic, or will any lessons be just academic, as the problem's may just be too ingrained and systemic, with the one's who really count never getting the credit, or will things just remain the same, with the people in power continuing to use your race and class as an indicator, with greed and power their motivator.

Maybe there‘s a reason for everything, so this may be the event that permanent change may bring? Perhaps there’s a method to this madness, as the weak and low paid are acknowledged through this sadness. 

Perhaps the weak ain’t so weak and the strong ain’t so strong, perhaps that old social order is where we’ve always gone wrong, as we need a society where we all belong, based on equality and diversity, to provide opportunity, where we value the minority, and eliminate poverty, through a common humanity. 

And to the one's who have suffered loss, when their silence hits you, and their absence grips you, this message of comfort and hope I send, just remember that the end ain’t the end, my friend, so laugh through the pain, as it won’t be long until you see them again.



                                                                                                          Shadows and Light

Oh', those trouble maker's, the instigator's, the one's who hide in the shade to evade, always denying the trouble they've made, taking great pride in the games that they've played. Who are forever digging holes to trap somebody else, but then always end up tripping, stumbling, and falling in themselves. But never underestimate their ability to devastate, through hate, so don't hesitate or it will escalate, cos there’s a lot at stake, as what a positive difference it makes to your mental state, to control your own fate, when you confront, expose and eliminate. So find the courage to fight the good fight, by shining the light, bright in the night, or their deeds may forever remain out of sight.

Always remember to stay calm and get focused when identifying your agitators, oh' those old manipulators, the hate creator's, as knowing your enemy provides the perfect remedy, to negativity, and is the best place to start, as finding the source can be a creative art, as they slip and they slide in their desire to outwit and outsmart, from their anonymous place in the shadowy dark.

When caught in a lie, their the first to deny, ‘nothing to do with me’ they will say, as they plan and they plot from day to day, impeding and blocking your way, leading your thoughts astray with their cunning word play. keeping all areas grey and undefined, they play with your mind, hiding in the shadows where they know you can’t find them, hidden and veiled to avoid all sanction, constructing confusion, spinning their tales to create the most convincing illusion. As it’s always over there and somebody else, never owning too, the things that they do, when they do what they do...



                                                                                                           Sharing is Healing

To care through being willing to share is an honour, don’t see it as taking from you, leaving you with that little bit less, and don’t just share with only your own, as it's a selfish act, even the demons are able to do that.

Whether your rich or poor bless the person that gives that little bit more, who believes in the value of the other to make us better, and is still willing to share to help relieve the burdens they bare, as we will all encounter trials and pain along the way which makes us the same, with some constantly looking for the other to blame, but it is only in sharing that we all can gain.

As you forget about wider need in your desire to succeed, cos success is different to what you first thought, which goes against all that you thought you’d been taught? As bizarre as it may seem, my friend, it’s only what you give, that you have in the end...




                                                                                                            Greed is a Need

Greed is the enemy of equality that blinds us to other people’s humanity, as greed can be an incurable disease, cos all it wants is to please by serving your every need. But money and power is also connected to a person’s dignity and sense of superiority, so it’s a painful dichotomy, cos if I give to you I take from me. Work hard for more, for sure, but don't forget the poor, cos the poor have no voice but you have the choice, as where's the morality, forcing low paid zero hour contract employment to maximise your own financial enjoyment, as well as others hoarding vast wealth when there are millions in poverty, which is nothing short of social depravity. But to even try to make up for your numerous moral lapses, at the very least have the decency to pay your fare share of taxes. 

As absolute Greed also comes with a certain personality, that’s able to justify through a narrow psychology, an internal dishonesty, that purposely avoids community responsibility, by saying 'if you had my skill and talent then you would also have a vastly different financial balance', and then you wouldn’t look at me as the enemy, what envy, as their just jealous you see, so why should I share, don’t hate me just cos you didn’t get anywhere, as I do care, alright not about you, but you’d do the same if you had the opportunity too!

But greed is an assault on humanity, as it nullifies empathy, making us blind to equality, ignoring poverty that’s destroying society, as your human too, so you have an idea of what they’re going through, if you choose too, but perhaps not, cos if I stay aware of you, then there’s certain things I’m morally obligated to do. So screw you, you’re not making me feel guilty just because I’m better than you, so I won’t think about you, and the pain you go through, that’s what I’m gonna do, but I’ll also give a few crumbs to charity just to ease the guilt that sometimes seeps through, if I allow it to.

Yet beware, cos if you’re of a greedy persuasion, remember that God’s also in the equation, at your end destination. Still, I know what you’ll do, you’ll even try to deny and ignore him too, yes I said the taboo, even though we constantly look ever deeper and deeper into the universe, for some sort of clue, but all we ever find, is just me, and you...                                                                           



                                                                                                          Can I be Your Token

Can I be your Token, I'll be nice for the right price, I'll be yours if you open those doors, let me in I'll be nice, there won't be no awkward questions or protests here, can I be your token, the message is clear. 

You see for me it's all about the money, I'm not saying I'm bad, but I just want the stuff that you've always had. Can I be your token, I know the game and the pain, denying injustice just as long as I gain.

See me, I'm all that I've got, can I be your token, it'll help me a lot. Can I be your token, I'll be your best version of an uncle Tom, I'll always say that your right, and never say that your wrong. Can I be your token, I'll even pretend not to know for that free flowing dough.

Can I be your token, I'm desperate you see, as being a token is the only route out for me, I'll be the one that offers you hope, who allows you to feel that injustice ain't real.

Can I be your token and be a Sir or a Ma'am, a career in hock to the dis-honourable one. I'll pretend it's all great spreading your word on the premise of hate. The other is bad, I've been there since birth, can I be your token to validate worth.

Can I be your token, it's a beautiful thing, you can teach me the verses you want me to sing. I'll be the one who justifies you, I'll be the one that says, 'no that's not true, I'm one of them, and you can be too'! Can I be your token, the prestige is high, with a seat at the table, all I've got to do is lie, for a piece of the pie, deny deny deny.  






                                                                                                    The London British Media
The British media is a London media, a London monopoly, with all aspects and powers of the media influenced so totally. It's there for all to see, self evidently, as only England has any mainstream UK wide independent TV, with the Celtic nations denied so blatantly, by London's OFCOM, and the BBC with their compulsory licence fee, imposed centrally, or channel 4 and 5, with ITV, who make their money commercially, through that London media monopoly, influencing all the UK narrative writing ability, with white Anglo-Saxon's as the controlling favoured majority, the editing authority, who direct all media finance and policy. But thankfully, this inequality can now finally, be challenged and exposed globally, through easy accessibility of new internet technology. Cos, without inclusive independent media free speech, a balanced perspective will always be placed out of reach. 

Just look to see, it’s easy, then you’ll understand that if your of Celtic ethnicity, speech isn't free. An unequal heritage, where London are still able to influence all media coverage, to allow them the advantage of the selective control of all UK information and knowledge. Oh' what a privilege, to be able to direct the overall narrative to your best advantage. Whilst editing any awkward questions or accountability, as to provide true equality in UK society, through democracy, the Celtic nations must be allowed to speak independently, to widely express their unedited individual concerns and opinions separately, to finally provide some equality against this insanity. Otherwise, if you continue to restrict media scrutiny and equality, there can be no future union glue between the UK minority and the vast majority, as 'where is the equality' to provide commonality'? 

So how can it be, that in a so called democracy, the unedited views of the Celtic nations is something you may never actually see. Only allowed a directed media regionally, with all the London political parties voices being promoted primarily, so widely and selectively on mainstream TV, that restricts our democracy, as the media's called soft power as a result of its subtlety. Oh' what a continues travesty, that throughout UK history, traditionally, the Celtic nations have not been given any mainstream independent representation, as the media is regularly used as a tool to influence the mass population. But what about transparency and honesty, that's so necessary, in building a fair and equal society, that can only be achieved through a balanced media democracy, to break that London monopoly, where unimpeded free speech for the Celtic minority, through policy, is finally allowed to be a priority. 





                                                                                         The UK Parliament an English Parliament

The UK parliament is an English parliament, in all but name, yes I said it, but the evidence led it, created and branded, as London intended, leaving the Celtic nations powers and influence disbanded, to England’s advantage. It’s hiding in plain sight, all you need to do is focus the light, and expose it, to know that to represent the wider UK, it’s clearly unfit, as only England and London will primarily benefit.

It’s all about the numbers you see, if you’re the vast majority, parliamentary, in an open vote, giving English interests the priority. As there’s 533 English representatives, with 117 divided between the other three, Celtic ethnicities, nationalities, out of 650 Mp’s, window dressing, a false ceremony, as the minority can be out voted continuously, intentionally, favourably, whilst also using London's parliamentary sovereignty, which in reality, can be used to over rule any devolved nationality.

But where’s the morality, making it a one sided UK democracy, inherently, with critically, other devolved Celtic powers being given, through the UK parliament, so restrictively, limiting the Celtic nation’s capacity, with the only London response being ‘let it be’ as there’s ‘nothing to see’, and by the way, in London we control the media and TV, through programming, and policy, so you best believe, you won’t be getting any clarity.

But there must be transparency, publicly, regarding this disparity, that effects the Celtic nations prosperity, as UK laws can be past into policy, by the English majority, that only benefits the English economy, as evidently, the under development of the Celtic nations is there for all to see, so blatantly. Oh, what an obvious discrepancy, in UK democratic sincerity, as the Celtic nations continue to be controlled so centrally, systemically, but where’s the equality to provide any balance and parity, as when your strategically outnumbered, UK democracy becomes a formality.






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