The ONS (2011) has Identified that 22% of the Welsh resident population is from England, who might have a different opinion of what is best for Wales when voting in Wales only Elections or Referendums?

England has 85% of the UK Population. Obviously in a London Imposed Combined UK Wide Vote their voice will always be heard over the other three UK Celtic Nations.

Welsh Sheepshaggers:

                 An English Establishment Lie...?


​​​​​​​​​​Democracy is a good thing, and must be the best way to structure a society, but it must be structured in a manner that, as much a possible, can represent all people, not just engineered (as in the UK's version) to benefit the powerful overwhelming 85% largest Majority nation, particularly given the some what acrimonious relationship between England and the Celtic nations since the official formation of the United Kingdom in 1707 (and even well before this date for Wales). As there appears to be an apparent ongoing Historic Nasty Attitude towards Wales (being called a 'Sheep Shagger' for example, is not a term of Endearment) that seems quite 'Bizarre' when you take into Consideration that Wales is Part of the British Isles (although Forced through Annexation in 1545 without Consent) and has 'Served' in many Wars in England's name throughout the Centuries. However, Wales was the 'First Nation' to be 'Colonised' by England in England's Virgining Imperial Period, due to their 'Close Geography' (Historically the Closest Proximity Nation to the Historical Beating Heart of England, London) and may well eventually be the very 'Last to be able to Leave for the Same Reason'? ​Indeed it is widely accepted that the Early Years Colonisation by England of the Celtic Home Nations in the UK set the Blueprint for their subsequent World Wide "British" (English) Colonial Empire. Although through the Centuries Wales (& Scotland) have always Managed to Maintain their Own Unique Separate Core Identity and Language, and have always Resisted becoming Anglisized (English), so always Remained the 'Other', which might explain the apparent Historic & Ongoing Hostile attitude towards them to this Day?... So there was always an apparent element of Coercion involved in this Uneasy Alliance by Forcing previously Conquered and Subdued Lands (through a Mismatch of Numbers and Resources) to 'Fight and Serve' on your side (much like with Scotland, Ireland and many Common Wealth Countries including India, throughout the Centuries). Moreover, It appears 'Self-Evident' that Wales is Still Fundamentally an Ongoing Colony of England to this day as there has never been an 'Official End Date' (the Reason being appears to be that Colonialism still Continues for Wales?), which seems to account for Wales almost being Caught in a Continuous 'Historic Time Warp' where most other Previously Colonised Lands (Outside of the UK) around the World have Moved Onto 'Post Colonialism', but Wales Continue to Remain in this Historical Restricted Ongoing Colonial State, (an obvious ongoing Out Dated Colonial 'Domination' of Wales as Opposed to a Modern 'Partnership of Equals' within the Union of the United Kingdom) even though the British ('English') Empire Ended Decades Ago??... Indeed, if this Association were a Marriage Between Two Individuals it would Easily be Defined as an Abusive Relationship!... This Ongoing Colonial Domination was further Evidenced recently (regarding Scotland a Country in a Similar Historic Circumstance to Wales within Britain) in June 2018 by David Mundell the UK Governments London Based Conservative Party's Scottish Secretary of State, when he 'Clarified' in 'No Uncertain Terms', that 'Scotland Are Part of the UK, But 'Not' Partners'!!... This Ongoing 'Systemic Colonial State' seems to Dictate How Wales is historically 'Perceived' and 'Treated' to this Day by the British Dominant Central London English Establishment (Central UK Government, Structures & Media) apparently seen more of a 'Subordinate' than an 'Equal' within the United Kingdom? This Ongoing Colonialist 'Attitude' appears to be Historically handed down through the London English Establishment's Ancestral Generations, and Further Reinforced and Instilled in Traditional English Private Schools & Elite Higher Educational Environments.  

Indeed, when it comes to identifying systemic manipulation of any sort regarding any subject matter, if you want to identify the original source, the architect, then start your investigation asking one Question, once this one Question can be answered, nine times out of the ten, working backwards from there,  the rest will tend to naturally fall into to place, the miracle question is simply 'Who does it Benefit' So for example, in the case of the UK Wide democratic voting system, or not implementing a UK Nations Equal Veto Vote System on matters that impact the whole of the UK (similar to the EU for example), given that 533 UK Parliament MP's out of 650 MP's (soon to 543 English MP's from 2021, 8 taken from Wales and 2 from Scotland, again with out their Consent or Consultation, Click for Link) represent English constituencies in a  Majority vote their interest's will always be paramount, Who does it Benefit? Of course it is easy then to say that Democracy is not perfect, and some people will inevitably lose out, if there is a genuine attempt to try to be fair, which could be seen as a reasonable suggestion, but to actively ensure and rig the system so it favours the majority ethnicity and country above all others within the UK (when a Veto Vote system between the UK Nations could easily be introduced to balance out population anomalies) is a different scenario all together.

To Clarify, as the 'UK London Parliamenthas '533' English Members of Parliament (MP's) Allocated Representing English Constituencies, '59' Scottish MP's Allocated (with some Labour or Conservative [& other smaller English parties] MP's with their Parties & Leaders Based in London), Wales '40' MP's Allocated (most are Labour or Conservative [& other smaller English Parties] MP's with their Parties & Leaders Based in London) and Northern Ireland '18' MP's Allocated (many of which do Not go to the UK Parliament as Republican Irish). So in any UK Parliament Vote on Decisions Regarding the Whole of the UK (with '533' English MP's Allocated out of a Total of '650' Allocated UK MP's, with the other '117' UK Mp's also Spread out between the three other Celtic Nations)You do the Maths!!... So Ultimately Effectively making the 'UK Parliament' an 'English Parliament' in All But Name, with 'UK Wide Decisions' Ultimately made by the Overwhelming 'Majority Vote' London Based 'English Establishment Representatives' in the UK (English) Parliament.This Fact Acknowledged and Confirmed by Boris Johnson (Current Prime Minster 2020) in 2019 when he said, “I’m not convinced there is a case for an England-only parliament,” he said. “We have an England-only parliament. It’s in Westminster. It’s been there for a long time. I’m not disposed to create another parliament.” (Click for Link). ​Please excuse the fact that Boris Johnson's Documented Words had to be reported in one of the only Newspapers (which is only regional) in the UK that support independence for any Celtic Nation (owned by Newsquest, who are owned by American company Gannett and New Media outside of London influence). However, this was the Only Media Outlet in the UK that I could find the Direct Quote, which also appears to be further Direct Evidence of the ultimate Power and Influence of the London UK Wide Mainstream Media as a Whole (a Collective) to be able to Control, Ignore and Bury, on Mass (a UK Wide Blanket Ban on Coverage) such an Important Admission, that has Finally Confirmed and Clarified the Historical and ongoing Unfairness of the UK Nations Constitutional Structure Created by London. So what is the benefit to having a UK parliament that is essentially an English parliament in all but name, well you can legislate on your own nation but also then control and legislate the main levers on the other UK nations, in your nations favour.                                                                          


It does appear Important here to Explain the Comparative Populations of the English as Contrasted against the Welsh Population within the UK, in order to Provide an Understanding of the Differing 'Social' and 'Democratic' 'Power Bases'. The Current Population of Wales is estimated at 3 Million People (approx 5% of the British Population) a 'Minority', with the English Establishment still Possessing the Capacity to Limit and Restrain Powers in the Welsh National Assembly (Welsh Government), along with 'No' National Mainstream UK Wide Welsh Based Media (Welsh Owned or Independently Edited, Produced or Directed Media, Creating New Shows & Dramas from Wales to Provide a 'Human Face' of Welsh people. To Clarify, if a Film is made in Wales unless it is actually about Wales, the backdrop could be anywhere) Television Channel or any Other National Mainstream Media Outlets (such as a National Mainstream UK Wide Newspaper for example) that are both Historically and Continuously 'Not Allowed' in Wales by the Central London English Establishment Authorities.  How can you possibly Explore Ideas or Highlight Inequality or Injustice Without the Ability to Publicly Communicate or Discuss these possible Inequalities or Alternative Ideas and Perspectives Publicly without a Fully Functioning Independent Media? (once again Thank God for the Internet!). In Contrast the Current English Population is 55 Million People (out of the Entire UK Wide Population of 66 Million People, 'ONS 2016') which is approximately 85% of the Entire potential British (UK) Voting Population (the Vast 'Majority') so in any Amalgamated Combined 'UK Wide' Supposed Democratic General Vote, Obviously 'You Do The Maths'!..​ Moreover, as in any Amalgamated Vote UK Wide Obviously England's view will be the only view recognised as the Overwhelming 85% Majority population. That's Why there are different Political Parties who Win Elections in the separate UK Nations, but only the Political Party that Wins in England Controls the Whole of the UK, Mathematically appearing to make the Votes Cast in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland largely Irrelevant. Indeed, in Wales (Labour Party), Scotland (SNP) and Northern Ireland (UUP) they have all Voted Different Government parties through their individual Democracy, but as England are the vast 85% Majority essentially who ever England votes for in Westminster (currently the Conservative Party) then rules the whole of the UK, making the so called Democratic Votes in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland largely Irrelevant (just Window Dressing)

The UK has quite a Unique situation in the World where by 'Four Internationally Recognised Countries' have been Initially Historically Forcibly Combined into One Land mass of Britain (Historical Ongoing Colonialism). As a Consequence Common Sense seems to suggest that the UK Needs a 'Unique Modern System of Democracy' (See 'Nation Specific Criteria' towards the bottom of the page under 'What is Britishness' heading above) to Provide an Equal Voice for All the Distinct Internationally Recognised Nations within it's Whole Collective. So England Historically Colonising Smaller Nations around them by Force (in Previous Centuries) then Renaming that Group of Four Geographically Close Nations the UK or Britain (Whilst Still keeping their Own Primary National Identity of England, with London as the Central Hub) as one so called Homogeneous Group (even though they have different Celtic & Anglo-Saxon Ethnicities, Histories, Cultures & even Initially before Colonialism different Languages), appears to Historically Automatically Ensure that in a so called UK Wide "Democratic Vote" (Brexit as an Example in 2016) because of the 'Comparable Size' of their Smaller Colony Nations Populations Compared to theirs, in a UK Amalgamated Democratic Vote (which the London UK Government has the Power to Impose, Alter or Influence) England's overall views will always Prevail. Which almost seems to be Using an Imposed System of Democracy as a Weapon to Retain Colonies in the Modern Era?!. As Wales (& Scotland) are the potential 'Competitor's on their Doorstep', so need controlling, by apparently using a structured form of Democracy that Favours the Vast 85% Majority Anglo-Saxon group. In addition, the Fact that the 'Bank of England' is 'Not' called the 'Bank of Britain' seems to provide an Easy Insight into Who gets to Decide all UK Wide Funding and Ultimately who Controls all the UK Nations Economically as well? This Power is Commonly referred to as 'The Power of the Purse', which is the ability of One Group to Manipulate Another Group by Withholding, Limiting or Denying Funding, or placing Stipulations on Funding. As 'Concentration of Wealth Equals Concentration of Power'...

Moreover, for those who say that 'Federalism' maybe the answer to the power imbalance in the UK between the Four Nations, as England's Population is 85% of the UK Population, in an Amalgamated Combined UK Vote England's Voice will still be Paramount, even if the UK is split into more Equal Population Territories England's Voice will also be Paramount in an Overall Vote anyway. However, this is all conjecture and speculation as the 'Motivation' to want to share power (which hasn't existed for the last 300 years or more) must be there in the first place from London, who are Not willing to give up their historical 'Central Power' to Influence on daily affairs, particularly in regard to Restrictions on Finance and Media?Although the same 'Veto Vote and/or Majority Vote System' as in the EU does provide this Share of Power and seems the only way of Balancing out England's Population, Size, Power Imbalance, Different Ethnicity, Identity, Characteristic's and History, within a some what unique scenario in the UK of Four Internationally Recognised Nations within One Union, similar to the larger scale version of 27 Internationally Recognised Nations in the EU (European Union)? Actually the Sewell Convention 1998, ironically enough, essentially gives the UK (English) parliament a Veto over any devolved nations decisions, without any other Celtic nations being able to Veto any UK decisions, so in essence England already have a Veto over the Celtic nations, but it needs to be available to every UK nation regarding UK wide decisions, in the UK (English) Parliament to provide Fairness and some Parity of Power, just giving yourself a Veto Vote is obviously very Unfair. Federalism can work in places like the USA and Australia as they see themselves as essentially ultimately, One Nation, One Nationality, with One Over Riding Base National Identity, that of Australian or American (could be Ethically African American or Italian American, but always essentially American as a Whole, for example) most people in Wales describe their National Identity as Welsh Not British, the same with most Scottish people. Moreover, in the USA or Australia No One Vast Majority State or Territory has ever been the overall Historical Master of the Rest through prolonged Subjugation or Force (with 85% of the Whole Population, and a Different Anglo-Saxon Ethnicity to the Minority Celtic Ethnicity), and have Not had a History of Colonialism within their Union of States or Territories trying to Force Already 'Fully Formed Nations' into one Nation or National Identity, whilst still being made up of Four Individually Recognised Nations with Separate International Sporting Teams, National Anthems, Flags, Borders, Histories and Cultures. The UK is, and Never has been One Homogeneous Group, which is why even after Centuries of Violence, Force and Subjugation by the Vast (85%) Majority English Nation, the UK is Still made of Four Distinct Internationally Recognised Nations with their own Unique Identities to this day, even after Centuries of Systematic Subjugation from London.

Furthermore when regarding apparent Democracy Internally 'Within' Wales (outside of the UK Wide Elections that are Counted as a Whole). In June 2014 a 'Telegraph' National Newspaper Article by John Bingham Pointed Towards a Migrant Concern in Wales by Introducing the Article Headed, The Welsh Could Become a Minority in Wales as English Set their Sights West. In this Article the author Highlighted that in 2011 it was Estimated that '22%' (Office for National Statistics 'ONS' 2011, that takes place every 10 years) of the Population Residing in Wales can be Identified as 'English' and rising (which is Six Hundred and Sixty Thousand People (660,000) Potential Voters, out of the Entire Welsh Population of 3 Million), with only '3%' of England's whole population being from the other three Celtic UK Home Nation's 'Combined'. Many of these English Incomers are said to be Predominantly of Adult Voting Age. So the 'Real Terms Impact' of this '22%' of Migrants on the actual Voting Pool and therefore 'Democracy' in Wales, may have a Further (On Top of being Out Numbered in a UK Wide Amalgamated Vote) Significant Negative Undemocratic Impact (in Representing Indigenous Welsh Peoples Views) when Votes are cast Within Wales Internally for all Welsh Elections or Referendums (See 'Nation Specific Criteria' towards the bottom of the page under the 'What is Britishness?' heading)

The Article goes onto suggest that by the mid 2080’s Welsh People will be a Minority in Wales, as a result of their Nations Geographical Closeness to England, England's Disproportionately Large Population, and the Fluid Movement of People from England to Wales on the same Landmass. Where as a Consequence of Historical Under Funding and Under Development in Wales, Space and Land appears Relatively Abundant, along with the Lure of More Affordable and Substantial Properties (Due to Ongoing Welsh Poverty and Under Development). Leading to many English people Retiring in Wales, but also many still working in England but Residing (so eligible to vote in Wales on Welsh issues) and then Commuting from Wales. again See, 'Nation Specific Criteria' under the 'What is Britishness?' heading above, for a possible Solution. To Clarify, the Oxford English Definition of a 'Migrant' is, 'a Person who Moves from One Place to Another, Especially to Find Work or Better Living Conditions'. To put this '22%' into Perspective, '22%' of England's Population of '55 Million' would be over '12 Million' Potential Voters. Imagine the Public Outcry in England (through their Media), due to a perception of an 'Unfair Disproportionate Democratic Influence' within England's Democratic System!... (again, in Contrast All of the Celtic Nations people 'Combined' only make up '3%' of England's entire population)? This Disproportionately Large English contingent in Wales (the Largest Contingent of English people in any Celtic Nation, mainly due to Geography, and as suggested by Professor Anand Menon in his 'Brexit and Public Opinion' Paper p23 in 2019, may be more likely to Vote Leave in a Brexit Referendum, for example?) appears to Explain the 'Welsh Brexit Vote Anomaly'? The 'Anomaly' Being that Wales gets the most EU (European Union) Funding out of all the UK Nations because of their Internationally Recognised European Poverty, yet the people Residing in Wales Narrowly Voted (52% to 48% Leave) in the Bexit Vote of 2016 to Leave Europe?? (See 'Wales and Brexit' Heading above).

However, the Biggest Concern and therefore the 
'Most Crucial' in 'Rationalising and Justifying' this Focus on 'Specifically the English Incomer Voting Population' in Wales, is that "Wales is Owned by England"(Actually, certain restrictions on other resident Nationals voting in a different Nation's elections is not uncommon it happens all across Europe, even currently in the UK for most other EU Nationals). Indeed, providing Identification (that can clarify Nationality, under the proposed 'Nations Specific Criteria') at polling stations already happens world wide in places such as Canada and France, and even already exists in the UK with Northern Ireland, with No Problems what so ever). This 'Ownership' Fact appears to possibly provide a Different View of Wales by English People Living in Wales than Indigenous Welsh People or that of 'Any other overseas Migrant or Celtic Nations Citizens' who may Reside in Wales (Who also Do Not Present as 'ALL ONE SPECIFIC GROUP' (Anglo-Saxon Race) within an Overwhelming Majority UK Population Mass)? As Overseas Migrants may be More Likely to present with a 'Neutral Unbiased View' on England and Wales, as they may have Heard of these Nations but are more likely to have No Actual Direct Experience of them Personally? (So Essentially are more likely to 'Not have any Skin in the Game' so to Speak, No 'Conflict of Interests'). To Clarify, Due to an apparent Natural Attachment to their Birth Country (A Firm Identity Psychologically Proven to be Developed Largely in a Person's Early 'CHILDHOOD', as asserted by the Centre for the Developing Child, Harvard University 2009), 'Who Still Historically Own Wales as a Nation'. So English People who Reside in Wales might be More Inclined to View Wales as 'Theirs', the 'Historical Property of England', their 'Principality' (that Would Make Perfect Obvious Sense as the English Do Actually Own Wales, as Wales was Annexed by England in 1535 and Fully in 1545), which may be they Do Not Want to Lose in a Welsh Independence Referendum? So when Voting 'Inside' Wales, it may be in a Manner that Best Benefits their 'Own Nations Interests(a Basic Human Instinct Click for Link 'Indeed, I am sure that if the Situation were in Reverse then many Welsh people would also be more Instinctively Inclined to Vote in Accordance with their own Nation's Interest's'?), by keeping Wales Under England's Control and Influence, which could be Further Achieved by Voting for a London Based Political Party in Wales? There appears to be 'No Other Country or Nation in the World', whose 'Immigrant Population' that Reside in Wales, who would Posses the Same Obvious CONFLICT OF INTERESTS?!.. Actually, the Brexit vote in 2016 Excluded many EU nationals Living in the UK at the time, because of concerns, there is also a further Precedent with the EVEL 2015 Law from London which also ensures Only English Votes on Only English Laws in the UK parliament, to Prevent Celtic Nations Interference. England own Wales, fully Annexed in 1542, a 'Conflict of Interests' when thinking in terms of the Validity of any possible future Independence Referendum Vote for Wales (or votes regarding only Wales). To Clarify, this is Not about Division (otherwise the same argument could apply to London's Exclusion of EU Nationals in Brexit Vote, and EVEL (English Votes for English Laws 2015) which is essentially preventing a certain Nationality from voting on another Nationality's specific concerns), however, in this case it is about Ensuring a Minority Voice is Not Diluted or Drowned out by the Overwhelming Majority, who also appear to have Easily Evidenced Conflicting Interests.


So there is a Need (to Ensure possible Future UK Unity?) to Address the Historically Unbalanced Uneven UK Wide Population Voting System to Ensure Genuine Welsh Views are Represented, Not Simply Undemocratically 
'DROWNED OUT' by the Disproportionately Large English Population in any Combined UK Wide Vote, England are 85% (55 Million people) of the UK Voting Population, Wales are 5% (3 Million people), again 'You Do The Maths'!... (Obviously as this Voting System Favours the Largest UK Majority who have the Power to Change this Unfair System, there appears 'No Motivation' to Change it, although this does Not Justify it's Continued Existence in it's Current Form, as the English Establishment seem to use a 'Lop Sided' version of Democracy because Wales (& Scotland) are the potential 'Competitor's on their Doorstep', so need controlling). Equally, Whilst Simultaneously at the Same Time 'Inside Wales' the Disproportionate level of English people Residing in Wales also possibly Skewing any Specific Welsh Elections, Referendums Votes or Polls, with English people as suggested by Professor Anand Menon (Brexit and Public Opinion 2019, p23) More Likely to Vote Leave in a Brexit Vote, for Example? As previously Stated with the 'Telegraph' National Newspaper article in June 2014 by John Bingham, entitled 'The Welsh Could Become a Minority in Wales as the English Set their Sights West' (projected to be more English than Welsh in Wales by 2080). So 'Why' should Wales put up with this Obvious Distorted UK 'Undemocratic Anomaly', that Actively Dilutes their Own Voice in Wales (& the wider UK), 'again Welsh Socialized Eroded Confidence anyone', as well as a London Media 'MONOPOLY' that appears to continuously Not Highlight this Obvious UK Democratic Concern, that if Adjusted, may Disadvantage their Own Nation of England?!. As stated, in Contrast All of the Celtic Nations People 'Combined' Only make up 3% of England's Entire Population (Office for National Statistics 'ONS' 2011).    

This Disproportionate Overwhelmingly Large English Population in Polls, Elections or Referendums in Wales may Skew the UK (& World) Projected Welsh Opinion and Overall Political Party Choices (English people appear to primarily instinctively Tend to Vote for English Based Political Parties in Wales & for general English Interests)? However, the 'Natural Basic Human Instinct' to want to Vote or Poll in Favour of your Indigenous Roots is no one Individual's Fault as such, but this Naturally Occurring 'Conflict of Interests' (Apparently Some What Similar to Why EU Residents in the UK were Not allowed by the English Establishment Authorities to Vote in the Brexit Referendum of 2016, due to a possible Conflict of Interests as European Citizens were part of the club that the UK was Voting to leave?) must be Factored into any Democratic Process, Collation and Analysis of the so called Overall Welsh Nationally Publicised Opinion (the UK Wide Brexit Referendum in 2016 for example)!!...(See the 'Nation Specific Criteria' under the 'What is Britishness?' heading above for a possible Solution?). Furthermore, when a 'Region or City' in the Nation of England Gain 'Internationally Recognised Nation Status' with their Own Recognised International Sporting Teams, Anthem, History & Flag amongst other set Criteria, then they too can be Part of the Nation Specific Criteria Voting System. As you Cannot be a Fully Integrated Part of the Majority and an Outside Minority at the 'SAME TIME'!?... 

Although we are Fortunate enough in the UK to have the Basic Elements of Democracy, 
'although Never going to be absolutely Perfect for everyone'This does Not mean that the Current UK Historical Democratic System should be Permanently Fixed and should be Forever Left Alone (especially as it is so One Sided), and therefore can Never be Enhanced, Adjusted or Improved to Spread the Benefits of Democracy to as Broader Spectrum of the Whole of the UK Populations as possible, to Further Promote the Union and the Democratic Process (Not just Exclusively Benefiting the one 85% Majority Nation at the Expense of the Other Three Nations within the UK, We are Either a United Kingdom or Not!!...). Staying the Same Creates Stagnation when the World moves on, but you Refuse to Modernise with it. The UK Population as a Whole either Believe in the Wider 'Core Principles of a Fair Democracy' or 'Not', which would Allocate Equal Voice to the People of All Four Recognised Nations that Form the UK (You Cannot be a Democrat Only when it Suits You!)As the current 'Electoral System' in Britain seems Structured so that in affect a Welsh (Scottish) Vote is Worth 'Less' than an English One. As the British Electoral System appears Designed from London to take Advantage of their Overwhelming English UK Majority Population's Number's (85% of UK Population), with the further Power from London to always Influence or Insist on a Combined UK Vote as and when they Require (Brexit for example?). The Proposed 'Nation Specific Criteria' Within the Four Nations of the UK, Aligned with a Veto Vote (and/or Majority Vote) Between the Four Nation's of the UK at UK Wide Decision Making Level in the UK Parliament, may help in Developing a more Equal and Democratic System within the UK, and Ultimately a Stronger Union (if that is a Concern, if not then ignore this text and carrying on as you are?).

As currently In essence then, 'Subtly', Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland appear to be in the Unenviable Position of Historically & Continuously having
 'Equal Taxation Without Equal Representation' (with nearly all the Main Productive UK Taxes such as VAT going Directly into the Bank of England in London to then be Allocated). To Further Clarify, due to England's Disproportionately Large Population within the UK this means that which ever Political Party is in Power Internally within Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland can be Largely Irrelevant as who ever is in Power in England Controls the Whole of the UK (& their Finances). Which again seems to be as a direct Consequence of the UK Democratic System apparently set up so that England's 85% of the UK potential Voting Population will always Decide who Controls the Whole of the UK (& UK Parliament). So in Real Terms due to a Lop Sided Democratic System in Britain it appears that Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland have the 'Same (Equal) UK Wide Taxation as England but Without the Same (Equal) Democratic Representation as the English'

Moreover, in the some what 'Unusual UK Structure' where by 'Four Individually Internationally Recognised Nations' (with their Own Separate Flags, Anthems, Sporting Teams, Histories, Defined Borders & Cultures) have been Historically Forced to 'Fully' Create just One Supposed Singular Country as a Result of Historical Colonialism & Empire? 
This makes any possible 'Nationalistic Tendencies' within the UK Significantly more 'Damaging' than if it were Between Separate Independently Managed Countries? Particularly when One Nation has so much More Systemic Power and Population than the Others within the UK! As there has Always seemed to be an Inherent Underlying Historical and Ongoing 'Central London English Establishment (Anglo-Saxon) Nationalism' within Britain, which then Filters Down to parts of their General Population? To Clarify, the Central London English Establishment 'Version' of UK 'Nationalism' appears to be Based on 'Favour' or 'Unfair Bias' of their Own to the general Exclusion or Detriment of Other UK Celtic Nations? However, this Less Publicised Primary Dictionary Defined 'Favour Version of Nationalism' is 'Never Highlighted' on the London British Media? Indeed, there are Specifically 'Only Two Versions' of the term 'Nationalism' in any Recognised Dictionary. The 'First Primary' Version is Based on 'Favour of your Own Nation over Others', and the 'Second' Based on 'Independence' (See 'Wales in Purgatory?' in heading above for Some Easily Evidenced Ongoing Bias Examples?). The London English Establishment's Ongoing 'Contradiction' being that whilst apparently promoting a 'Front of Unionism' through 'Words', Simultaneously their 'Actions' at the Same Time appear to Constantly Undermine the Union of the United Kingdom, with the Easily Evidenced Constant Unequal Historical Primary Favour of their Own Nation's overall Needs (through Historically Utilising the Whole of the UK's Finances, Opportunities & Resources predominantly for their Own Gain)? Indeed, if if were not for Historic English Nationalism (Constantly Favouring their Own) then there would not be a problem of the UK Disbanding. The Irony being that the English Establishment  then blame Nationalism (Wanting Independence) deriving form the other UK Nations as 'Divisive', when it is their Nationalism (Constantly Favouring their Own) in the First Place that has historically created the 'Unfairness' that the other Nations in the British isles want to leave?! (See p55 of the Free Electronic Book above under 'The apparent Contradiction of the English Establishment?' section)

Moreover​, a 'Federal System' of Rule will Not be Permitted by London as it takes to many powers away from them, this is easily Demonstrated as the USA have had a Federal System for Centuries, and as of yet London have not followed or even showed any signs of ever doing so!... To Clarify, Remaining the Same with No Change is 'Not An Option for Wales' as it has Not worked over the last 300 years for the Nation of Wales with No Evidence to suggest it will work for Wales in the Next 300 years, this has been 'Tried and Tested' and Proven to be 'Inadequate for Wales', they must Now Move On to Other Alternatives. Indeed as asserted by Albert Einstein (quite possibly the most intelligent person that has ever lived, so knows more than you)  'the Definition of Insanity is to do the Same thing Over and Over again but Expect Different Results', please Don't be Insane... (See 'Wales in Purgatory' heading above). However, given any of the three possible Options outlined, Wales will still Need to 'Urgently' Improve in Certain key Areas Regardless... (See 'How can Wales be Improved?' under the 'Wales in Purgatory? heading above)  

Indeed, always be Mindful of the Fact that the 
'World has Now Moved On Regarding Mass Public Information', as in the Previous 300 Years (or more) of Central London English Establishment UK Rule, the Individual UK Celtic Nations people had No Way of Independently Communicating with Each Other (& to the Wider World) Regards 'Inequality', 'Unfairness' and 'Bias' in the UK on the Wider National and International Stage, as all British Media Public Platforms are all Historically Ultimately Controlled or Influenced through London. But in Recent Times 'Internet Public Platforms' and Instant 'Mass Access to Uncensored Information from a Variety of Leading Experts, Both For or Against' (Balanced) is 'Now(for the First Time in British History) Readily available World Wide to the Mass Public to be able to Assess, Critique, Communicate and Highlight any Historical and Ongoing 'Unfairness' and 'Inequality' Between the Four Nations of the United Kingdom and their Peoples. Take this Website as an example, without the Internet the Common Sense thinking provided in this text would have stayed Only with the author forever, with No Public Outlet, as it no doubt did with many people before me? Although, the Hope is that the Central London English Establishment will Embrace this New Internet Media Era as an Opportunity to Change and Modernise to Secure the Future Union of the United Kingdom, and Not see it as a Threat that Needs to be Controlled or Resisted!...

​​The English Ruling Establishment have Limited Time to either stay in the United Kingdom Union but Reform the Structures to provide Parity of Power, Respect and Wealth, or the Union is highly likely to Naturally Disband (much like David Cameron (2016) going to Europe to ask for EU Reform, No Compromised Reform Materialised and Britain then Left the EU)? Indeed regarding Brexit Negotiations (Britain Leaving the EU, 2016-?). As it is just a Section of the London English Establishment only allowed (by themselves) in the Negotiating Room (as well as Historically Overall UK Wide Decision Making in General), it is Regularly said that 'If You've Not got a Seat at the Top Table of Power (with Equal UK Wide Decision making ability) then that Usually means 'Your' on the Menu'... (See 'How can Wales be Improved?' under the 'Wales in Purgatory?' heading above for More Detailed Information on a possible Veto Vote System and/or Majority Vote in the UK). Furthermore, in order to close the gap between Politicians and the Average Person a 'Permanent People's Assembly' is proposed (similar to the Citizens Assembly in Ireland). The proposal is that a permanent people's assembly should meet weekly to Discuss (or Identify) issues with an independent chair. Holding a Majority Vote on the Key Issues of the Day held for Vote in their Individual Nation's Parliaments (on Separate Nation's Internal Issues), or at National UK Wide Level in the UK Parliament (on UK Issues). Each UK Nation should have one based in their respective government buildings. These people numbering approximately 35 people would be chosen at Random from each UK Nation's resident population, ages 16 and above. The Random Nature of the Selection Process means that there can be No Bias on the grounds of Age, Gender, Sexuality, Race, Class, Disability or Nationality, and means they Cannot be hand picked (if a person chooses not to participate then their place will be randomly chosen again). These people will be changed every year. Each people's Assembly decision will be worth 5 AM's, MP's, MSP's or MLS's in each individual Nations assembly voting (such as an M4 relief road for example), or worth 5 MP's each in a UK Wide Vote (that Impacts the Whole of the UK) such as going to War, Change in UK Pension age, Changes in UK Wide Law, and rolling out UK Wide Benefit changes for example. If the origins of the word Democracy in Greek means 'People Power' then this can be the Only Way Forward in Engaging the Mass Disenfranchised General Population into Politics? 

The Author would like to take this Opportunity to Thank the Ten's of Thousands of People around the World that have Engaged with this Website, which is quite amazing as this site has no budget for advertising, or opportunity for exposure on the UK mainstream or regional Media. once again 'Thank you' for your Involvement.

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