​​​​​​UK Gesture Politics Poem

UK wide politics is gesture politics, those London tricks, if you have no meaningful and consistent influence how are you meant to represent your constituents, a fake democracy for the Celtic nation’s MPs, just there as a symbolic gesture for the sake of appearance, when in a majority vote makes little or no difference, with no meaningful power to provide validation, vastly outnumbered as Token nations, and don’t just take it from me it’s there for all to see, a gesture democracy lost in hypocrisy.


​​​​​​To Clarify, the Author of this Text is Not a Nationalist or a Unionist just in Complete Favour of Levelling Up the UK Nations. However, in order to do this the English Establishment Bias towards Favouring their Own Country must be Identified and Exposed. The Author understands that as a Welsh/Celtic person that this will come with a Natural Bias in Favour of Wales & the Celtic Nations, although it is interesting to note that London England do Not Recognise or Acknowledge their own Natural National Bias, but in Highlighting English Establishment Bias this helps the UK to know where the Bias is, and what to do about it, as this Work could not be undertaken by an English person (or English Subordinate who see through an English Filter) who have No independent Concept of being in a Minority UK Nation, so therefore No Concept of what would need to Change to save the Union. Indeed, without a Truthful even Harsh Evaluation of the UK Union how can it be Improved for all UK Nations?

As England Control UK Sovereignty with their 533 English MPs then this makes England a De Facto Independent Sovereign Stateand the UK Parliament an English Parliament with Token Celtic Representatives who Intentionally have Restricted UK power due to being vastly Out Numbered in a Majority Vote System imposed by London, which means that the UK Parliament has No UK Wide or International Legitimacy, as England is Not Internationally Recognised as Representing the Whole of the UK State, as all Four UK Nations are Sovereign Not England who Control UK Sovereignty, and because of that Unilateral Control, England Essentially Own UK Sovereignty as their Own, which is Not Legal, but is Factual. In order to have a Fair Democracy for all UK Citizens you must first be Fair.

Here's why it is so important for London to claim the UK as One Nation and One Country, democratically they do not have to listen to the UK Nations individually to then compromise if they say the UK is just One Nation, as then England's 85% majority population can unilaterally make all UK Decisions on UK Law and Policy for the "Nation or Country" (England) without needing the Direct Individual Involvement or Meaningful Influence of the Celtic Nations (Brexit for Example). So the Celtic Nations UK Voice can then be Drowned Out by England's Vast 85% Majority Population. Quite Sneaky I think you would Agree. As there Cannot be a UK Representative Democracy if the Representative MPs of the Celtic Nations can be so easily Drowned Out. That's like having One Representative from an Environmentalist Organization on a  Panel of an Oil and Gas Company, but as there are Ten on the Board the One has No Meaningful Power in a Majority Vote, but the Oil & Gas Company can still say we are Representing the Environmentalists Concerns because they have One on their Board.

To Confirm, a Genuine Unionist would want all the UK Nations to Thrive Equally with a Meaningful and Consistent influence on UK Wide Law and Policy, but in the Absence of this the only Assumption can be that all English Mainstream Political Parties are English Nationalists, wanting to Favour their Own Nation to the Obvious Detriment of the other minority Celtic UK Nations, and Caters to the 'Little Englanders', Cambridge Dictionary Definitionan English person who thinks England is better than all other countries, and that England should only work together with other countries when there is an advantage for England in doing so. When you have Unilateral Control of Making UK Law you can make Law that Benefits your own INTERESTS.

For the people in the English Establishment to say 'well if what you are saying is right then run for election to become an MP to then change the UK Law' (knowing full well that in the UK system that this is a stupid thing to say, because it is impossible in real terms for one person to go up against the mainstream Political Parties based in London). Even if I were to gain a Media mainstream voice and a Millionaire financial backer to become an MP in my Constituency in Wales, me as one MP in Westminster would be of No Consequence when Voting against 533 English MPs in their Favoured Majority Vote System to try to change UK Law and Policy, making the whole Process Irrelevant. It would put my Nose in the Trough, but would be No Good for anyone in Wales.

In Clarification, the other 117 Celtic MPs out 650 in the UK (English) Parliament are Not one Homogenous Group such as England's One Nation 533 MPs, the other 117 MPs in the UK ( English) Parliament are Fragmented between Three Celtic Nations that have Different Interests so is Not one Homogenous Block of Celtic Votes anyway, such as the One Nation 533 English MPs (40 MPs Wales, 59 Scotland & 18 Northern Ireland, 8 Sinn Fein MPs do Not attend UK Parliament). Indeed, many of the MPs for Wales and Scotland are Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem, as No Welsh Based Political Parties are Supported to Run for Election in England, but any English Based Political Party (even UKIP, for example) is Normalized to Run for Election in Wales & Scotland, making even less MPs Not Connected with an English Political Party in Wales and Scotland on the Island of Britain. So even to say 117 Celtic MPs is Inaccurate as it is actually much Less due to other English Based Political Parties in Wales and Scotland, who are mainly Voted for as they have a Mainstream Media Presence and more Influence in the UK Parliament (who set UK Law and Policy), because NO Welsh or Scottish Political Party could ever be in UK Government as they are Not Supported to Run for the Necessary Votes Needed from the Majority English in England. So in Essence the 533 English MPs can be Built On by Gaining More in Wales and Scotland, meaning that the 117 Celtic MPs can be Cut Down, but the Celtic Nations Cannot Gain any More MPs from England as any Celtic Nations Political Party, now or in the Future, is Not Supported and Normalized to Run for Election in England by the London Media and Electoral System. Which means that there could Never be a Celtic Nation UK Government, as Easily Evidenced by the Fact that there has Never been a Celtic Based Political Party in Power as the UK Government, only ever English Political Parties.

In the UK the English Monarch is Not Sovereign as they are just Ceremonial, the UK Parliament is Sovereign which means the UK People. Oxford English Dictionary Definition of 'Sovereign' - 'possessing supreme or ultimate power'.

As in any Democracy CONSENT is Key, Wales for Example have NEVER been allowed a Self-Determination Vote so the UK Parliament have NO Legitimate Claim to act on Wales behalf anyway. And as the UK International Authority relies on the Whole of the UK this Delegitimizes the Whole of the UK as Wales is part of the UK (that's not even factoring in the Refusal from London to allow Scotland a second Referendum because of Brexit in 2016, a Material Change in Circumstances). Indeed, because of London's Rigged Political System in England's Favour, their 533 English MPs in a Majority Vote System can pass UK Law with No Meaningful Challenge by any Celtic Nation because of a Lack of MP Numbers in the UK Parliament, that makes it almost impossible for a Celtic Nation to gain Independence, if that is their Democratic Choice. Although International UN Laws can then apply Outside of London's Direct Control.

How do I know that the UK Democratic System is Rigged by the English Establishment in London? Well because only England have the Power to Change the UK Democratic System with their 533 English MPs, and it Favours them, which is based down the lines of Ethnicity the Majority Anglo-Saxon England, and the Other Celtic Nations which is clearly Racist. It is impossible to have a Fair UK Democracy when in a Self-Evident Four Nation State that has a so called UK Wide Democracy based on a Delusional One Nation State, with NO Evidence of this Mythical One Nation anywhere (so One Language, Culture & History, as One, for Example) because of the Obvious Advantage to England of the Majority Population Size when Voting UK Wide. A System purposely created by London to Favour England's 85% Majority population, and in doing so Diluting out the Voice of the Celtic Nations (Brexit, as a further Example). It appears that London use England's vast 85% Majority Population as a Weapon to Suppress the Celtic Nations UK Wide Democratic influence, and promote their Own. It is easy for an English person to say, 'but that is just the way our system is', when it Favours them, or say but 'Life isn't Fair so Deal with it', as a Random Statement, means Nothing when the System has been Purposely Rigged in your Favour, not something that just happens Randomly, like for Example, someone is better looking than someone else, Randomly.

There Cannot be aRepresentative Democracy if the people chosen by the Minority UK Nations do not have any Meaningful and Consistent way to Represent their Constituents or Nation, in a Majority Vote System Created by London to Favour England's 533 English MPs, clearly all UK Wide Legislation, Law and Policy is going to Naturally Favour England, as Evidenced by all UK Legislation, Law and Policy Favouring England.

Without a Meaning and Consistent way of the Celtic Nations affecting UK Wide Law and Policy, such as a UK Nations Veto Vote, for Example, London England can then simply Ignore (Liz Truss when discussing Scotland in 2022, for Example) Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland simply because they do Not have the Necessary MP Numbers to affect UK Wide decision making in the UK Parliament.

London making UK democracy homogenized UK wide obviously favours England's 85% majority population, even though in Wales they have voted Labour, in Scotland they have Voted SNP and in the Northern Ireland they have Voted Sinn Fein (2022 for example), however in England they have Voted for Conservative and what ever London Political Party England Vote in will be in Power in the whole of the UK which is Clearly Unfair, as essentially this deletes out the Celtic Nations Votes when Homogenized with England as the UK. Only a UK Specific Veto Vote System for the Celtic Nations can Level this Up with the least disruption to the system.

To Clarify, an English based UK Government Political Party has Never gone in Coalition with the SNP based in Scotland (a suggestion by Boris Johnson (2022) in the UK Parliament to try to give the false impression that the SNP have any say in UK Government Law & Policy making) as English UK Governments (& they are all English as Wales & Scottish parties are not supported to run for election in England but English parties routinely run for Seats (MPs) in Wales & Scotland) have only ever gone into Coalition with other English Based Parties, even in Scotland, for Example, in 1999-2003 with Labour and the Lib Dems to Maintain English Control, and most recently in the UK Government in London with the Conservatives and Lib Dems in 2010-2015 again to Maintain English Control. The SNP could never go into Coalition with an English Nationalist party (Definition of Nationalist is Favouring your Own to the Detriment of Others) as they are Scottish Nationalists that both have a Different Nation's people's Interests at heart. Indeed, all the major English UK political Parties (Labour, Conservatives & Lib Dems) are Permanently against Scottish Independence, so the SNP could Not be in Coalition with them anyway!

As every English UK Government (& they are all always English) will have a Conflict of Interests between what's Best for England V's what's Best for the UK, but making those decisions as Majority English with an Obvious Bias so Needs a Meaningful & Consistent Counter Balance to make them Legitimate UK Wide decisions or the Inevitable Break Up of a Modern UK will take its Natural Course.

How is each Individual Celtic Nation meant to have any Meaningful and Consistent say on UK Wide Law & Policy that directly Impacts them, not just on Incidental, Random and Ad Hoc occasions (so apart from the Odd Time by Accident, if the Two Main English London parties are butting heads, usually as Pawns in England's Games as Tokens, DUP with Theresa May 2017 regarding Brexit, for Example) to Support their Individual, Specific and Unique Celtic Nation's Needs, when the Celtic Nations in the Vast Majority of cases in Normal Times are Continuously up against 533 English MPs in a UK Majority Vote System? As without a Meaningful & Consistent say on UK Wide Law & Policy for the Celtic Nations they are just Tokens, making the UK Parliament an English Parliament with Token Celtic MPs, Oxford English Dictionary Definition of a'Token'- 'done for the sake of appearances or as a symbolic gesture'. Making the whole UK Political System Gesture Politics and nothing more. When Scottish MPs are Outnumbered by English MPs in London by 9 to1, Welsh MPs are Outnumbered by 13 to 1, and Northern Ireland MPs are Outnumbered by 29 to 1 (not to mention Mainstream English Political Party Members who are also Celtic Nations MPs). Even all the Celtic Nations MPs Combined are Outnumbered by England's MPs by 4 to 1, in a Majority Vote System, you do the Maths! Of course when you have the general Unilateral Power to make your Own Law and Policy you can Create that Law and Policy to Favour your Own UK Nation.

It would seem that Sovereignty in the UK is 'Shared' & 'Owned' between the UK Nations in a UK Sovereign State, but is 'Controlled' by London through its 533 MPs in the UK (English) Parliament, Obviously essentially making it an English Parliament in all but name. In Practice an English UK Parliament although Politically Labelled by London a UK Parliament. This Fact Acknowledged and Confirmed by Boris Johnson (Current Prime Minster 2021) in 2019 when he said, “I’m not convinced there is a case for an England-only parliament,” he said. “We have an England-only parliament. It’s in Westminster. It’s been there for a long time. I’m not disposed to create another parliament” (Click for Link)​​​

The Evidence of England running the UK is that there is No Devolved English Parliament, they do not need one, as the UK parliament in London is England's Parliament, with the Token Celtic MPs able to make next to No difference for their Individual Nation due to being Vastly Out Numbered (40 MPs for Wales, 59 Scotland,18 N.Ireland).​ How is each Individual Celtic Nation meant to have any Meaningful and Consistent say (apart from the Odd Time by Accident, if the Two Main English London parties are butting heads, usually as Pawns in England's Games, DUP with Theresa May 2017 regarding Brexit, for Example) to Support their Individual, Specific and Unique Celtic Nation's Daily Needs through Necessary Consistent UK Wide Influence, when in General Play are up against 533 English MPs in a Majority Vote System?


My Hope is for a Functional Democracy in the UK, Functional does Not mean Perfect, but it must Function for all UK Nations. Indeed, London Need to Create a Fair UK Wide Democracy Before they can Pass Judgement on other Democracies.

When politicians refer to the UK Government this is not a separate entity to the Four Nations of the UK, it is meant to be a Meaningful Representation of the Four Nations of the UK, not just England because of their 533 English MPs in their Imposed Majority Vote System. Deleting any Meaningful and Consistent Representation (such as a Veto Vote) from the minority Celtic Nations that make up the UK, means that currently the UK Parliament has No Legitimacy Internationally as all Four nations of the UK must have a Meaningful and Consistent say on UK Wide decision making, Law and Policy. The UK is an Internationally recognised UK State, not as it is currently set up, an English State, but given a UK name by London. 


Majority Rule in the UK because of the Oddity of a Four Nation State will always be aRacist Position, as the Majority Powerful and Minority Less Powerful are decided by London purely down the lines of Historical Indigenous Nationality and Ethnicity, so Majority Anglo-Saxon England and the other Minority Celtic Nations. Majority Rule in a One Nation State cannot be easily Transferred to a Four Nation State without direct Racism effecting Basic Minority Human Rights, as the Majority have the Prime Advantage in UK Law Making so can ensure their Own National Interests, for Example. And the irony is that because of England's 533 MPs the power to change this is in their hands, meaning that the Celtic Nations will always be subject to a Racist Democracy with absolutely No Meaningful and Consistent way to alter that due to Vast Under Representation in the UK Parliament, and if they think right I have had enough I want to leave (Self-Determination), that can also be blocked as well!

Indeed, many of the Limited Celtic Nations MPs (59 Scotland, 40 Wales, 18 Northern Ireland) are from the London Based Political Parties (because they are seen as having more influence in London) as they can be Voted for in Scotland and Wales on the Island of Britain. However, Political Parties Based in Wales and Scotland do Not have the ability to be Supported (either Systemically or by the London Media) to run for seats in England to gain more MPs to gain more influence in Westminster. Actually, even if they could, it would initially be seen as Laughable by England to Vote for another Political Party that is Based Outside of England giving Power to a Non-English Party that may not Favour their Interests (although would be the Norm over Time), and English politicians and Political Parties using the London Media would also inevitably say, 'how can you vote for a political party that would obviously have the interests of another UK Nation at their heart'? The Irony...

There is No way for a Celtic nation person or even the many disillusioned English people to Democratically remove the English UK Government, to be replaced with a Celtic Nations Government, even if just for a Change, as any English Government party will just be Replaced with another English Government Party due to No Celtic Nation Option Available UK Wide.

In the UK London ensuring that each Constituent MP has roughly the same Population is fine at the Micro Level of Democracy when taken in Isolation, however, at the Macro Level where Power is Decided this is Irrelevant if there are 533 English Constituent MPs Representing England, out of a Total of 650, with 117 Fragmented MPs Representing the other Three UK Celtic Nations in a Majority Vote system in the UK (English) Parliament on Wider UK Law and Policy. The 533 Majority English MPs essentially make the UK Parliament an English Parliament in all but name. Most people's Maths is not great (including my own) but even the most Simple-Minded of people and the most Politically Naive would conclude that if one nation has a majority of 533 MPs out of 650 in a Majority Vote System, then that would give the Prime Advantage to the Majority MPs National Interest's (in a Recognised Four Nation State).

If we are to assume that FREEDOMDEMOCRACY and LIBERTY are Cornerstones of a Free Democratic Society then Neither of these would Apply to the Celtic Nations on the Island of Britain:

FREEDOM - Wales has never been allowed to Vote on its own Self-determination (not to mention Scotland not allowed a second vote due to Bexit)
DEMOCRACY - the 533 English MPs in the London UK Parliament Ensure that the Celtic Nations have No Meaningful or Consistent say over UK Wide Policy or Law in a London Imposed Majority vote system, including control over the UK Media and also Prevents Political Self-Determination for the Celtic Nations which minimises Legitimacy​
LIBERTY - The Celtic Nations are Not Allowed even just One Independent Mainstream TV Channel by the Licensing authorities & the UK Government Culture Secretary both based in London, as Evidenced by the Fact that there is and has never been an Independent Mainstream TV Channel in any Celtic Nation, only Allowed in England a Different Ethnicity and Nationality to the Celtic Nations

All of which Easily Evidenced, and as the Celtic Nations do Not have any Meaningful or Consistent Power over their UK Wide Democracy or Media could Easily be seen as Political and Cultural Annexation of the Celtic Nations... Indeed, as Denying Self-Determination and Hindering Media Free Speech for Example Directly Breaks UN International Law, so are Not Inconsequential Minor Details, how is it possible in a State with so called Free Speech for None of this Obvious Discrimination against the Celtic Nations to Continuously Never be Mentioned on UK Wide Mainstream Media?

In political philosophy, the phrase consent of the governed refers to the idea that a government's legitimacy and moral right to use state power is justified and lawful only when consented to by the people or society over which that political power is exercised, when regarding Self-Determination, so in the ongoing absence of Self-Determination and Consent from the Welsh people, the UK (English) Government have No Legitimacy. Constantly telling the Welsh people that there is no appetite for independence is not a defence, as the Choice of Self-Determination to provide Consent should be the basic starting point other wise you do not have the Authority to tell Wales what is wants or does not want anyway. That's like kidnapping someone then telling them that they do not want to leave so its pointless asking them for their official opinion. But regardless of whether the Kidnapper says that their Hostage does not want to leave, until you have official Consent and Confirmation of this, then you are still the Kidnapper and they the Hostage (Wales was initially Annexed by Force in the 13th Century by Edward Longshanks and has Never been allowed a Self-Determination Vote). London (or English political parties) saying that not many people vote for Plaid Cymru (a recent independence party) in Elections is a non-statement as people are voting for many reasons in that circumstance not just on the one question of an independence choice. Indeed, Welsh people know given the Evidence of Scotland that even if they did all vote for Plaid Cymru that then London will prevent an independence vote anyway, so its pointless voting for Plaid Cymru, let alone the fact that Plaid Cymru have no influence in the UK parliament, and are seen as a minority Welsh Language Party only. Indeed, if London (or English political parties) say there is no appetite then holding a Self-Determination Referendum in Wales should be quick and easy, and Finally provide Legitimacy for the UK Government. The Obvious Question would be, 'then why not hold a Self-Determination Vote in Wales'? The Obvious Answer being, 'that they are scared they may lose', which Evidences that they do Not Believe their Own Argument.

Self-Determination for Wales (& Scotland after Brexit) Last Resort Option

In the absence of being freely allowed a Self-Determination Referendum by London due to their 533 English MPs, then obviously being held Hostage indefinitely without democratic consent cannot be an ongoing Option. Then I propose that only one Option will be left open to the non-London based Political Parties who want independence or at least the Choice to Decide (Plaid Cymru & SNP) as a Last Resort is to Withdraw their MPs from the Political System in London that allows England's 533 MPs to prevent a Self-Determination Vote for Wales (or Scotland) on the Island of Britain, which effectively keeps them hostage under London's control (533 English MPs) without modern Democratic Consent, so making a Mockery of the so called Democratic process in the UK Parliament, whilst making a Mockery of Democracy as a whole in the UK.If Democracy is being Denied it is Nonsensical to Participate in the System that allows that to happen. Currently (2022) the London UK Government are OK with the DUP Withdrawing themselves from the Devolved Government in Northern Ireland so Obviously Condone and Support such actions to Express a Concern. In Fact, Sinn Fein in Northern Ireland have permanently Withdrawn their MPs from the UK Parliament regarding their own reasons, but still contest MP seats to show their Strength of democratic political support. Indeed, only recently 26.6.22 Douglas Ross the Scottish Conservative Leader has said that he will take no part in an Election with just one question (of independence) stating that he would not take part in the first minister's games, but why then would pro-independence choice parties take part in Westminster's games? This Withdrawal approach of the Celtic nations representatives Outside of London Political Parties undermines the UK Parliament and takes away any surface Legitimacy as they cannot even on the surface (name the English parliament a UK parliament even though controlled by England) say that they represent the UK as a whole outside of London affiliated Political Parties. As only the whole of the UK has international authority not just England or English associated political parties in a Four Nation State, we know it is a Four Nation State as it is called the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. 

Indeed, this Withdrawal approach from Plaid Cymru would allow Welsh voters to have direct influence in the UK parliament, as it undermines London UK wide Legitimacy, so may be able then to gain more MPs in the future as many Welsh people do not vote for Plaid Cymru in UK wide elections as they have no effect in the UK Parliament. As in this case non-participation is more powerful than participation in an Evidently rigged system, if you participate you condone the system that is working against you, non-participation constantly highlights the failures of the system, until a compromise can be found, and as a last resort, when being continuously denied Democracy (Wales has never been allowed a self-determination vote since formal Annexation in 1536-42). Moreover, if the other London based Parties in the Welsh Assembly or even from England (London) say that these few Plaid Cymru MPs do not represent the majority of Welsh MPs (even though they are not London based & influenced, so outside of the English (London) sphere of influence but still represent UK citizens), this is a non-statement as even if all the 40 Welsh MPs Withdrew from the UK Parliament it would make no difference to UK decision making any way against 533 English MPs, which further underlines the unfairness of 533 English MPs.

​​The current UK parliament (for Example) is similar to having a council meeting with 20 white people, 1 black person, 1 Asian person, 1 Oriental person, now these minority people have no way to influence policy as they are totally out numbered, but the majority can then say that they Represent these communities as they are put there as window dressing but have No Meaningful & Consistent Power. Now if the minority people say we are withdrawing from this because we have no meaningful and consistent power on decisions then it highlights that it is just essentially an all white council with only their interests allowed to be asserted. Actually making the Withdrawal approach an effective approach to assert the rights for all minority groups within the UK parliament.

To Clarify further, because of England's 533 MPs in the UK Parliament they get to essentially Control the UK Supreme Court, the Highest Legal Authority in the UK based in London, as it is they who get to Dictate the Legislation that Guides the UK Supreme Court Judges. That's assuming that the London English Establishment Judges are independent and not influenced by the London English Establishment, but either way the Legislation Created by the 533 English MPs Guides their Decisions in any event. However, you cannot have Rule of Law in a so called Liberal Democracy if the Celtic Nations people have No Meaningful & Consistent direct influence in the Creation of those UK Laws.

Having the Right to Vote is totally Different to that Vote then essentially meaning very little UK wide if you are from a Minority Celtic Nation, as there is no way to Democratically replace the UK Government if you are from a Celtic UK Nation, even if all the Welsh, Scots and Northern Irish voted the same they still would not be able to vote out the English UK Government against an 85% English Majority, if only to be replaced with the other UK English Government (there are currently different Governments in every UK Nation but only England's voted Government get to control the UK as a whole). You cannot have a Liberal Democracy if Both main UK Government Parties are of the Same Nationality in a Four Nation State, which is why a Meaningful and Consistent Specific UK Nations Veto Vote is Required for the Minority Celtic Nations, as a Counter Balance to the worst excesses of English Nationalism (trying to Override the Human Rights Act 1998 to Prioritise with a British Bill of Rights in 2022 controlled from London with their Laws created through 533 English MPs, for Example). Indeed, a British Bill of Rights  (which can Unilaterally Imposed by London's 533 English MPs, or the Majority of English MPs) is Worrying for the Minority Celtic Nations as London do Not Recognise the Celtic Ethnicity or Nationalities they call all people in the UK Nations "White British" as a generic Term (ONS, Census & GOV.UK, for Example) of course if you are Not Legally Recognised you have No Rights, at least with the Human Rights Act 1998 London can deny a Celtic Ethnicity & Nationality in the UK but cannot deny that the Celtic people are Human. Although UK Minority Celtic Nations generally have White Privilege in the UK they do not have Anglo-Saxon English Privilege, who are the Majority Controlling Nationality in the UK. Any Racial Privilege is Derived from being part of the Controlling Vast Majority.

533 English MP's (said to be 543 in 2023 after London's boundary review) out of a total of 650 MP's in the UK Parliament, obviously making any Celtic Nations MP's Vote (117 MP's Fragmented between the other Three UK Nations) largely Irrelevant when Voting, within a majority vote system, in the UK (English) Parliament in London on UK Wide Law, Foreign Policy and Finance allocation, for Example, making any decisions ultimately England's only, Consistently deleting the Celtic Nations out of UK Democracy, as Democracy must be for all Citizens of the UK not just the Anglo-Saxon English Nation and their Citizens, which means that the UK (English) Parliament has No Legitimacy to Act or Speak on Behalf of the Celtic Nations. Actually, for London to suggest that because Wales now has limited Devolution (since 1997) that this does Not matter is a Nonsense, as Devolution has No Power over UK Wide Policy Making! Even Directly after the Act of Union in 1707 the Island of Britain was Controlled from London through their Overwhelming English MPs, Scotland was, in the new United Parliament (Act of Union 1707) only to get 45 MPs, just one more than the English region of Cornwall, Wales had 27 Welsh MPs in the English Parliament after their Annexation in 1542, with 513 English MPs in a Majority Vote System, does all this English Favouritism and Control of UK Wide Sovereignty sound Familiar 300 years on to the present Day?!... As England essentially get to keep their Independence and Sovereignty whilst also Controlling the Sovereignty of the Celtic Nations using their 533 English MPs in London by Simply overloading the English Parliament and then Renaming it the UK Parliament after the Act of Union in 1707. Any Measure of 'Reason' would conclude this as Unfair, but it seems that because it is Unfair to the Minority Celtic Nations it is Not worthy of any Mention from London. Indeed, English Politicians Cannot say that UK Democracy must Serve the Majority of UK people, when the Majority of UK people are English, so clearly only Serves England, where is the Meaningful & Consistent (which would be a UK Nations Veto Vote) say on UK Wide Democracy for the Minority Celtic Nations People? Even though UK Sovereignty is Owned by all the UK Nations and People Equally. So as all UK Nations Share and Own UK Sovereignty each UK Nation should have a representative in all Foreign Negotiations including Brexit or Trade Deals for Example, not just English representatives as they do not Own UK Sovereignty it is Owned by all the UK Nations through the Politically Labelled UK Parliament, UK being all UK Nations Not just England. As Politically Left, Right or Centre one thing English Politicians can Agree on is that their National Interests are Paramount, a Demonstrated by the English Cross Party Support by Hindering a Second Independence Vote for Scotland (after Brexit) and Never Freely allowing a Independence Vote for Wales. To Clarify, Devolution has No Effect on UK Wide Decision Making in a Four Nation Independent Sovereign State, and is Not Self-Determination as the powers allowed are Determined by the Mother state (533 English MPs) who can also Unilaterally choose to hold back the Main Levers of Power, and even take Powers Away. Only a Democratic Self-Determination Referendum Vote is Self-Determination anything else is just Playing Games. A Liberal Democracy means Liberty (Latin root liber, which means "free"), where is the Liberty if you are Not allowed any Self-Determination as a minority UK Nation to provide Consent as without Consent the UK Government have No Legitimacy (Wales have never been allowed a Self-Determination Vote).

Here is an Analogy to try to make a Complex subject more Simplified. 'The 533 Majority English MPs in the Two Main London Political Parties (Right & Left/Conservative & Labour) in the UK Parliament is Similar to the Two Main English Football Teams in the Premiere League Competing Against each other in general but the Players and Supporters will always be willing to come Together as an England Team on International Duty as and when required to ensure England's Interests and would always want them to Win'. Indeed the system is set up that way, which would be Normal in a One Nation State but Cannot be Legitimate in an Internationally Recognised Four Nation State!

The UK has No Separate Border as the External Border is Created by the Amalgamated Four Nations of the UK, the UK Border is the Four Nations Not a Separate Entity to the Four Nations of the UK. The UK is in a Very Odd and Unique position as a complete Four Nation Union State so must be treated with some flexibility given its Very Odd circumstances due to England's Colonial Ambitions,but as the UK is a Member State of the UN and the Four Nations of the UK make up the UK then all UK Nations are Sovereign Members of the UN as a UK Union of Nations. Charter of the United Nations, Article 2, 1. The Organization is based on the principle of the sovereign equality of all its Members. Indeed, the States in the Americas that the Montevideo Convention 1933 was Originally created for, none of the Original Signatories to this Convention are full Multi-Nation States, so it was Not Designed to Include such a Peculiar full on Multi- Nation State such as the UK.

To say that the UK has Characteristics of a Fascist State depends on who is making that Statement in the UK (Mhairi Black from the SNP raised this Subject in the UK Parliament 2022). If you are of a Celtic Nationality without any Independent Mainstream Media to Challenge the UK Government, that is always an English UK Government, and have No Meaningful say in UK Wide Decision Making because of the 533 English MPs in the UK Parliament, then you could call the UK a Fascist State. If you are English who have an Independent Mainstream Media, and Power over UK Democracy then it is Not a Fascist State. It appears possible to be a Socialist and also a Nationalist at the same time as Demonstrated by Labour who know about the Celtic Nations Inequality yet when in Power do nothing about the situation, they will only go so far with Equality of the UK Nations, but will always Maintain the Central Power of England in London. What is the best definition of fascism? Fascism is a set of ideologies and practices that seeks to place the nation, defined in exclusive biological, cultural, and/or historical terms, above all other sources of loyalty, and to create a mobilized national community. In essence then, Fascism is the political viewpoint that one's nation and race are superior to all others.

Lets break down this ridiculous 533 English MPs out of 650 in the UK Parliament position using Jane Elliot's (1968) Blue eye, Brown eye. Say for Example you have a group of 10 people, and 8 of those people are Blue Eyes and Two are Brown Eyes, in a  Majority Vote System Imposed by the Blue Eyes the Blues Eyes Decisions will always win as the Brown eyes are Constantly Out numbered. So if the Blue eyes say that they are speaking on behalf not only of Blue eyes, but Brown eyes as well, then clearly the Blue eyes have No Legitimacy in that Claim as the Brown eyes have No Meaningful or Consistent way to effect Blue eye decisions (Blue eyes represent Anglo-Saxon England and Brown eyes represent the Celtic Nations). Politically Left, Right or Centre one thing they will all Agree on is that their National Interests are Paramount. Even if a UK mainstream English political party (say for Example the Conservatives) do not have an Overall Majority in the UK Parliament to Pass UK Laws and Policy, then the other UK mainstream English political Party (for Example Labour) will then Ensure that English Interests are maintained by then using their MPs as well to then Create an Overall Majority Vote for England's Interests, both being English Political Parties Based in London, essentially 'Two Sides of the Same Coin', so no matter what side the coin lands on England's interests are always being Served at the Expense of the Celtic Nations.

Indeed, how is it possible for Wales as a Colonised, Annexed and Conquered Nation to have any say on a so called British Empire, when they only had 27 Welsh MPs in the English Parliament after their Formal Annexation in 1536-1542, even after the Act of Union with Scotland in 1707 Scotland were only afforded 45 MPs from London, with England having 513 MPs in London's Favoured Majority Vote System (in 1801 Ireland were Forced into the UK Parliament and given 100 MPs most of which were Protestant so Favoured England). So the UK Democratic System was Rigged by London to Favour England from the Beginning of the Union of the UK.

​As London Cannot try to Homogenise the UK and call it One Nation or Country (even though British is a Political Citizenship term, Not a Cultural National Identity, with the Culture of each UK Nation and its People Defined by their Own Specific Experiences, Language & Ethnicity) but then Fail to Homogenise the UK Decision Making Powers as well, outside of just England's Control in the UK which is an Independent Sovereign State made up of its Constituent National Parts (State is a Political term, Not a Cultural Term that Defines Country or Nation). Indeed, even if we accept that State is another word for Country (even though they have separate dictionary definitions) then by definition in a Four Nation State such as the UK, which is a very Unique and Odd position as a State, there can be no One Nation to create One Country as the Dictionary Definition of Country means you must be a Singular Nation First, in an Internationally Recognised FOUR NATION STATE. Although it is Difficult for the UK to be Related to the Montevideo Convention 1933 anyway because the Formation of the UK Predates this Convention. Meaning that the Convention Cannot Apply in its Entirety, especially the No employment of arms, threatening diplomatic representations, or in any other effective coercive measure bit, as this had already happened by England (London) to Create the UK State (Annexation of Wales 1542, Alien Act 1705 Embargo on Scotland, as Examples).

As the UK Parliament is only considered Sovereign Internationally because it is supposed to Represent all the UK Nations Equally regardless of their Size or Population, as there is No Hierarchy of Sovereignty, so Welsh Sovereign Territorial Independence (Governing themselves previously) is Worth as much as England's when Pooled into One UK Sovereign State regardless of population size, for Example, with only England Controlling UK Sovereign Decisions because of their 533 MPs, but a UK Nations Veto Vote System could Balance this Anomaly Created by London, in England's Favour. Moreover, to say that Wales has more MPs per Capita than England (although going from 40 to 32 in 2023 due to boundary review) is an Irrelevant Point, as Regardless the System imposed by London still Favours England's Vast Majority, which is why England have 533 MPs and the Celtic Nations Combined only have 117. Using population bias against the Celtic Nations is clearly unfair because the Celtic nations essentially get deleted out of UK democracy over something they can do nothing about, their population. As UK Sovereignty is Owned by all the People's and Nations of the UK Not just the English (a Social Contract, Thomas Hobbes1651, the opposite to a singular Monarch directly ruling). To Clarify the Queen of England is Not Sovereign as the Monarchy does not have Supreme Power, the Oxford English Dictionary Definition of Sovereign - a supreme ruler, especially a monarch. Indeed, it is often said, that if you're not at the table then that usually means you are on the MenuAs UK Sovereignty is the People's Sovereignty Not just the English People's Sovereignty as the Celtic nations cannot help the fact that their populations are significantly smaller than that of England's, they should not be Excluded from their Own UK Sovereignty and UK Wide Democracy through the 533 English MPs in the UK Parliament, by something such as Population Size that the Celtic Nations cannot do anything about. Indeed, England Pooled all the Four Independent Territorial Sovereign Nations of the UK into One Sovereign State, knowing England had a larger population, so Cannot Complain about Sharing UK Sovereignty Equally. However, a UK Nations Veto Vote could bring some Control of their Sovereignty back to the Celtic Nations, to Strengthen UK Democracy and Reduce Voter Apathy. Indeed, most Unions of Nations (including the UN) have some sort of Veto Vote System, making the UK Union of Nations yet again the Outlier. Along with the Fact that it is Easier and Quicker to gain a Consensus between just 4 Nations (or a 75%, 3 out of 4 Consensus in a Deadlock situation) than the 27 Nations of the EU. But if London again try to Resist Power Sharing then Obviously Independence is the Only Viable Option for Wales and Scotland on the Island of Britain. 


                                            A SPECIFIC UK NATIONS VETO VOTE SYSTEM PROPOSAL


An Equality Veto Vote System but Tailored to the UK, when regarding Only genuine Crucial Selected UK Wide Concerns that will have to be Detailed between the UK Nations with Certain Very Selected Decisions S​et in Stone Every Time for a UK Nations Veto Vote Decision, such as the UK Going to War, for Example (if you are asking people to lay down their lives it's only reasonable to get their direct Consent first).

Then on all Other UK Wide Decisions that Affect all UK Nations Outside of the Small amount of Set in Stone Specific UK Concern's, Each UK Nation can Enact a Veto Vote on Certain Subjects that are Important to them, Up To Just THREE a year from Each UK Nation, otherwise it will be enacted all the time and Disrupt the whole system to much (An average of 100 UK Bills are proposed annually) with the Opportunity to Veto a UK Wide Proposal or UK Government Decision that Affects all UK Nations until a Compromise is agreed (with a Three out of Four Majority in an ongoing Stale Mate) for Example, with all English MP's Voting on England's Position to Acknowledge all of England's Regions (if Required, as a Majority Vote would naturally occur anyway with England's 533 MPs), and at the same time the Devolved Celtic Administrations Voting on their Position, in a Majority Vote System but Directly Within Each UK Nation's Elected Parliament. Any decision ultimately agreed can go through the House of Lords for Royal Ascent and possible Alterations, but can be Vetoed and/or Ended by any UK Nation once the Veto process has been Enacted after going through the House of Lords, until again a Compromise is found Suitable for all UK Nations.

The Number Up To THREE is chosen because on average annually 100 UK Bills are generally passed or proposed (obviously some years will Vary), so all three minority Celtic nations Veto's for any one year would Equate to generally 9% of UK Decisions, so the English MPs can still naturally control 91% of UK Bills which is roughly the population of England at 85% (Three Veto's are at the lower end at 9% as annual Bill numbers may vary, giving a Band Width, if Bill numbers go Up or Down, whilst providing the Predictability of a Set Veto Vote Number), so caters to England's Population as well, which is a Major Factor and Concern in London, and can be sold to the English population more easily. So this proposal provides Two Main things, respects the vast Population of England and Empowers the Celtic Nations, a Win Win Situation for all tribes, and will Ultimately save the Union with a Fairer UK Representation, as people in general are not unreasonable all they want to see a level of Fairness.

If there is no Veto Vote intention it would be Safe to Assume that a London Proposal (which will always be by an English Political Party) is Generally Accepted by all UK Nations and so Validating that Decision as UK Wide. Keeping the UK Parliament Honest as they know that what ever UK Wide Decisions they make can be Meaningfully & Consistently Challenged, resulting in Fairer Initial Decision Making for all the UK Nations as a Whole, and much Quicker and Easier to Enact with only 4 Nations than with the 27 Nations of the EU, for Example, who have Various wide ranging amounts of Veto's. As 533 English MPs in the UK Parliament could lead to Bias Decisions, and could Easily be seen as Unfair by the Celtic Nations, a Veto Vote could Minimise any possible Bias, and Accusations of Bias from the Celtic Nations in UK Wide Decision Making. England's 533 Majority MPs still get to Control the UK Parliament but can be Counter Balanced on Occasion by the Minority Celtic Nations to Provide Meaningful & Consistent UK Wide Decisions based on Partnership and Compromise, not essentially Unilateral Decisions from England. Surely for London better to have a Union with an Option of a Veto Vote on some UK Wide Decisions as a Compromise, than to have No Union at all?! 

To Add more Detail, as people may well then say what is the point of the UK Parliament system then, as clearly if a Veto Vote is needed it is unfair, but their has to be an acknowledgement that 85% of the UK population is English, with UK Sovereignty based in the UK Parliament (but Owned by all UK Nations Equally), however, there also must be acknowledgement that England's 85% of UK Population could Rail road the Celtic Nations in UK Wide Decision Making. So the UK Government get to make the UK Laws or Decisions, as they Predominantly do anyway, but can now be Counter Balanced by a Celtic Nation Veto Vote as and when in any One Year, with a 75%, Three Nations out of Four Consensus in a Deadlock. This Celtic Nations Veto Vote ability has its Main Power in the Threat of using it, meaning that if the majority of the 533 English MPs put forward a UK Law, Proposal or Decision, even before the Proposal or Decision is set they will be Acutely Aware that it could be Vetoed meaning Fairer UK Legislation from the Outset. How would UK Parliament know that a Celtic Nation maybe considering a Veto Vote? Replace the Secretary of State for Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland (as they are seen as Imperialist positions anyway) with a Member of the sitting UK Government Represented Directly in the Welsh Senedd and Scottish Parliament in Holyrood (any Welsh Conservative or Labour Devolved Member in Britain, for Example, depending on who is in power in the UK Government at the time, and a selected person in Northern Ireland, selected by their parliament) so will have a Direct Line inside each Celtic Devolved Parliament but also within any UK Government Cabinet, as and when required. Why continue with Celtic MPs in the UK parliament? Well they can still provide a Voice Directly in the UK Parliament for their Welsh or Scottish Constituents to raise Individual Constituent or Community Concerns. But the Celtic Nations have Different Population Sizes - as a Minority Celtic Nation they are all in the Same Boat in the UK with Not enough MPs to make a Meaningful & Consistent Effect on UK Wide Law and Policy making, as they are all in the Same Boat it seems only Fair to give the Celtic Nations all the same amount of Annual Veto's, as either way all the Celtic Nations are Considered as Small Nations Regardless, and as Small Nations they all Suffer the Same General Dis-advantages. The UN (FOSS) considers any Country below 10 million people population as a Small Nation.

Please do not waste the genius I am not doing this for fun I am doing it to save the Union if it is at all possible, and in doing so making it fairer and more prosperous for all UK Nations, failing that clearly Independence is then the only viable option. To Clarify, the UK Nations Share UK Sovereignty as a UK Sovereign State, so the Celtic Nations are Not Sovereignless, they are direct Stake Holders in UK Wide Sovereignty. The UK or so called Britain (Proposed as a Nation by London with No Cultural Evidence) gets Criticised for England's Decisions which Stains the Celtic Nations Name and Prevents England (London) from taking Direct Responsibility for their own Decisions in the UK (English) Parliament as they Label them UK or British Decisions. At the very least this proposed Veto Vote System allows Meaningful Legitimacy as to the Claim by London that any Decisions coming out of the UK Parliament, that is Overloaded with English 533 MPs, are actually Decisions from all the UK Nations and not just England, as only the UK as a Whole is Recognised Internationally as a State, England making Unilateral Sovereign Decisions for the Whole UK has No International Legitimacy as England is Not an Independent Sovereign State, only the UK as a Whole has that International Title and Sovereign Power. Otherwise any Claim from London of UK Decisions being "British" or UK Decisions as a Whole has No Legitimacy given the make up of the UK Parliament with No Mechanism for any Celtic Nation to have a Meaningful and Consistent say on UK Policy or Law. This Proposal is the very Defintion of "Leveling Up". Indeed, most Unions of Nations (including the UN) have some sort of Veto Vote System, making the UK Union of Nations yet again the Outlier. As every English UK Government will have a Conflict of Interests between what's best for England v's what's best for the UK, so Needs a Counter Balance to Minimise Bias.



To Confirm, UK Sovereignty is Controlled in London, although Owned by all UK Nations, so the Celtic Nations are Not Sovereignless Nations, they have Equal Sovereignty with England as their is No Hierarchy of Sovereignty regardless of size of Country or Nation in any Union that makes up a Sovereign State such as the UK, as all Nation's Separate Sovereignties (Independence) have been Pooled into One, giving each Nation an Equal Share of the Overall UK Sovereignty. In the UK this means that it is not as simple as a Federal and State System as London control UK Nations not just regions or states, so when a Federal Government rules then they rule in the interests of their Nation as a Whole, but when London rule they rule in the interests of their own Nation, within a Four Nation State. UK Democracy must be for all the Citizens of the UK Not just Anglo-Saxon England, otherwise it is not a Democracy for all the Citizens of the UK only the English as the Vast Majority Group. Oxford Dictionary Definition of Democracy - A political system that allows the citizens to participate in political decision‐making (with a majority English population this means that the Celtic Nations Citizens are deleted out of power making decisions but a Veto Vote could restore this anomaly), the Oxford English Dictionary also goes onto say that Democracy is, the control of a group by the majority of its members (however, the UK is Not One Group apart from the Obvious Fact that England are of Anglo-Saxon Ethnicity and the Celtic Nations are of Celtic Ethnicity, they are different Nationalities which makes four groups of people within the UK, a Union of groups, the common definition of a group is a set of people who have the same interests or aims, which is clearly not the case in the UK with England Controlling the UK Parliament promoting their own Interests). Which is why in the European Union they have a Veto Vote as they recognise that the European Union is made up of different groups of people and Nationalities.

London saying on the Welsh People's Behalf that they do not want Independence is Misleading. As using the argument that Plaid Cymru is now Pro-Independence (although traditionally only seen as a Welsh Language party) but not many people vote for them is Irrelevant, because this analogy could also be put forward of the Green Party, we know that most people are concerned about the Environment, but then why isn't the Green Party in Power in the UK Government? The simple reason is that there is No real possibility of the Greens holding any power UK Wide so would be seen as a wasted Vote, the same largely applies to Plaid Cymru, better for most people to vote for a Mainstream London party that will have some influence on UK Wide Policy, than to vote for a party that will have No influence at all.

The SNP in Scotland are slightly different, because they have significantly more powers than Wales over their own affairs afforded to them by London, so when a Scottish person votes SNP although they know that their influence in the UK Parliament is almost Non-existent at least they have some more substantial powers over their own Scottish affairs, which is Not the case in Wales, so Welsh people are forced to look more towards London for some sort of influence as Most of the Welsh Nations powers are still held in London. Of course instead of Pontificating and Theorizing (Guessing) about any support for Independence in Wales the London government could just simply allow an Independence Referendum (Self-Determination) to confirm in Real Time what the wishes of the Welsh people are and Finally gain Consent (whilst being Cognizant of the 22% of English people living in Wales who may have a clear Conflict of Interests as an independence vote would be to leave London and England's Control), instead of saying that Wales does not want independence, speaking on the Welsh people's behalf, yet again, whilst breaking UN Law by Not allowing a Welsh Self-Determination Vote regardless of if London think Wales wants Independence or Not. Indeed if London are so Confident that the Welsh people do Not want Independence then surely the Easiest Option would be to allow a Self-Determination Vote for the Welsh People, to Finally gain Consent and Legitimise their Continued Control of Wales.

Indeed, many people say to me 'why don't you start a political party if your concerns for Wales are so Valid'Here is my Response. Even if I did find a Donor that could Donate Hundreds of Thousands of pounds for Offices, Leaflets, Posters and TV Advertising, amongst many other Expenses of Starting a New Political Party, and even after that Miraculously event I was given good air time on the London Regional & Mainstream Media, and then after that I managed to gain a Majority Control of the Welsh Government in Wales above Labour and Conservatives, None of the Blocks to Welsh Prosperity and Development could be acted on anyway. For Example, a Bank for Wales, London decides that with their Licences, a Motorway & Railway for Wales from North to South, only London can Fund that as Wales have Not got the Powers to Borrow the Necessary money, start a new Independent Welsh Media, only London can Licence that, change the UK Democratic System to a Specific UK Nations Veto Vote System, only London can do that through their 533 MPs, more Powers on Welsh Taxes to be more Competitive & Fairer Taxing the Richer More, & the Poorer Less, only London can do that, have Long Haul Flights from Cardiff Airport to compete with London, only London have the power to Authorize that, powers over the Welsh Benefit System to alleviate the Pain for the Poorest including the Working Poor & Disabled, only London can Authorize that, a more Humane Immigration Policy for Wales, only London can allow that choice, Closing Tax Loopholes, only London can do that, be at the Table when Negotiating UK's Policies and Decisions with a Meaningful way to Affect UK Decision Making, only London can Authorize that, as Ongoing and Numerous Examples. OK, then I will hold a Self-Determination Referendum in Wales to maybe gain the Powers as an Independent Country to allow me to undertake the Necessary Changes for Wales Free from London Interference, but again only London can Authorize a Self-Determination Vote in Wales. So all would have been for Nought anyway. Even if all the Stars Aligned and you were Walking on Water, the UK System is Rigged in such a way that you will Eventually run into a London Imposed Road Block, even as the Majority Party in Wales in the Welsh Government.

​Indeed, I am still waiting for a Brown or Black UK Prime Minister, even if they are English (as they will have an understanding of a Minority Position at some Level) and it has been a while as London's Parliament is considered one of the Oldest Continuous Parliaments in the World (Token Ministers from Safe Seats can be Strategically put in place or removed as and when by UK Government Officials, but the Prime Minister must be Directly Voted in by the Majority Public to Lead the UK) or even a Welsh Prime Minister (David LLoyd George was Born in Manchester and had an English Accent, with Scottish MP Gordon Brown, MP of Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath in Scotland, who had a Strong Scottish Accent, Voted out by England's 85% UK Majority at the Earliest UK Voting Opportunity after been given the PM role by Tony Blair, Oxford Educated Tony Blair had Cultivated a Broad English Accent and therefore was Widely Assumed as English, whilst also being an English MP in Sedgefield, England). As unless someone is very Up Front and Specific with where they were Born or their Nationality people can only Judge at a Distance from your Accent in the UK as to what UK Nationality you maybe.Of course as England are 85% of the Voting UK Population it would make Perfect Sense to give the Impression of being English, otherwise you risk Alienating the Majority of the Voting UK Public.

To Clarify, UK Sovereignty is Controlled in London, although Owned by all UK Nations. To Clarify this statement further, England is Not an independent sovereign nation it gave up its sovereignty to be part of the UK, conversely the Celtic nations are also not independent sovereign nations because they had their sovereignty assimilated into the UK Sovereign State, which means that all UK Nations Share the Sovereignty of the UK Sovereign State, it is not only England's. However, UK Sovereignty although Not Owned by England is Controlled by England using their 533 English MPs out of 650 in the UK (English) Parliament, with the English MPs Historical overwhelming numbers in the UK (English) Parliament over the Centuries also controlling Britain's Foreign policy such as the British Empire for Example. In Practice an English UK Parliament, although it is Politically labelled the UK Parliament, because it is set up in such a way by London that any Celtic nations MPs are vastly outnumbered making them largely Irrelevant, a Token Gesture, as the UK Parliament is ruled by a Majority Vote, and if the Majority are overwhelmingly English then by Definition will Favour England's Interests, and only be an English Decision on so called UK or British Wide Policy, strategically placing UK Sovereignty always in the Control of England and London. You cannot call yourself a Democracy for all, or a United Kingdom, if you rig the democratic system in your Nations Favour, which is by definition English Nationalism, the opposite of Unionism. As the Celtic Nation should not be Excluded from their Own UK Sovereignty just because they have significantly smaller populations than England. They should Not be Excluded from their Own Sovereignty or Democracy over something they can do nothing about. Although, London were more than happy to use the EU Veto Vote system when in the EU, because they were Not the largest Population, and are happy to use it in the UN as one of the Smallest Populations of the 5 permanent security council members, all of which Benefit London's Interests. So London use Population when it Favours England's Interests, but will then also use a Veto Vote system if it also Favours England's Interests. So Cannot Complain that they have a greater population so is unfair in the UK if using a Specific UK Nations Veto Vote system (although all UK Nations have an Equal Share of UK Sovereignty Regardless of Population) but will then use a Veto Vote system when they do Not have the largest Population, which could be argued as unfair against the other nations with a larger Population, when in the EU or currently in the UN, you cannot have your cake and eat it. And of course, the key factor here is that London canUnilaterally decide which Democratic System to use in the UK that best suits England's Needs, because of their 533 English MPs. As you Cannot have a UNITED KINGDOM in the Modern Era if the Interests of just One Nation is Paramount, the Oxford English Dictionary Definition of UNITED - joined together politically, for a common purpose, or by common feelings. Only a specific allocated Veto Vote system in the UK would allow all Nations of the UK to Express and Decide their Common Purpose and Feelings as a Whole. Once again you Cannot say you are a Unionist but then Act as a Nationalist, as being in a Union Requires Compromise, which the Larger Nations in the EU have Done, and Continue to do, and also in the UN. You Cannot Receive Fair Treatment by Compromise from Larger Nations when you are the Smaller Nation, but then when you are the Larger Nation not Reciprocate that Compromise to other Nations Smaller than you. As Currently England have a Quarter Share of UK Sovereignty (all Nations Sovereignty is Considered Equal) but a 100% of UK Sovereign Power and Control.

The 'UK' can essentially be seen as a 'One Party State' system based in London, as UK Wide Power is exclusively within 'One UK Nationality' through the London based Labour and Conservatives (as one party states are usually associated with Nationalism, as Nationalism is about Power, you Cannot have a Liberal Democracy if both main opposition Parties are from the same Majority Nation, with a Majority Vote, within a Four Nation State, which by any measure of Reason would be Unfair), within a Secular UK, both always Choosing to Focus on Centralising UK Power, in Finance, Politics and Culture in London the Capital of England, with recently HS2 Rail for Example (along with an already well established Motorway and Rail Network running through the Spine of England that does Not Exist in Wales or Scotland) a HS2 to Distribute some of that London Opportunity to the Midlands and North of England (totally ignoring Wales & Scotland), in a Union Consisting of 'Four Internationally Recognised Nationalities', with the 'First Past the Post System' only allowing 'One of Two' main English parties to be voted into the UK Government, using the 85% Majority English Population who are more likely to vote for an English party. Indeed they have no other option in England as Welsh and Scottish political parties are not Normalised, Supported or Facilitated to run for election in England, but English political parties (even the smaller ones for Example UKIP) are Supported and even Expected by London to run for election in Wales and Scotland, without Question, but Crucially backed up, and Normalised, by the London Mainstream and Regional Media. Meaning that Wales or Scotland could be run by an English based political party internally, but England can never be run by a Welsh or Scottish based political party! Yet even Wales and Scotland as fellow Celtic Nations would not have the Brass Neck to run for Election in each others Country, as it would be seen as stepping on each others toes, and interfering with their internal Politics. Although which ever English Political Party, usually Labour or Conservatives, gains Power in the UK (English) London Parliament because of their vast English UK Population, they Control the UK as a Whole from London anyway, due to London's Imposed Majority Vote System in the London UK (English) Parliament. A Favouritism always seeming to run along the lines of your UK Nationality, forever Favouring Anglo-Saxon England Specifically, but Disenfranchising the Celtic Nations, with England having all the UK Decision Making Powers due to their 533 English MPs in London.As Politically Left, Right or Centre one thing English Politicians will all Agree on is that their National Interests are Paramount. Further Evidence of Essentially a One Party State within just One Nationality in the UK are Senior Civil Servants in London such as Sue Gray, for Example (White & English, born in London, with little else known), described as 'the most powerful person you’ve never heard of (been in Civil Service since the 1970's) in Whitehall (the main UK Government Offices based in London) across 5 Prime Ministers including Tony Blair (Labour) & David Cameron (Conservative) like many who are in the Background Civil Service in London running the UK across either Labour or Conservative London Governments. These Senior Civil Servants can only work across both Labour & Conservatives Parties so Seamlessly because they are all essentially the Same Type of People with the Same National Interests, the Backroom Civil Servants and the Politicians all Based in London (White, English & usually Private or Grammar School Educated in England). Say for Example you have a group of people, in the case of England, who are the English Establishment based in London, at its Power Core with control over UK Wide State Sovereignty so can Dictate the UK political system to suit their needs, all White and English people (with Obvious Tokens, but who are also primarily English). If you want to give the impression of a UK 'Two Party State', simply Divide that Same General Group of People with the Same Anglo-Saxon Nationality, Perspective, and Interests (Both Preventing a Second Scottish Independence Vote and wanting Scotland to remain under London Control, Continuously Ignoring a Welsh Self-Determination Vote & wanting to keep their 533 English MP Advantage in London, along with maintaining London's total Control of the UK Media, as just a Few Obvious Examples), and usually from the same Class, but with some Tokens, with the Main Objectives of Favouring England, 'into Two', with slight differences on the fringes (particularly since the power of the Unions has been diminished to almost non-existent since the 1980's miners strikes), one with a slightly more Developed Sense of Society than the Other (Labour), and the other more Financially minded (Conservatives), but essentially the Same, creating Two Main London Based Political Parties (Labour & Conservatives), but Both with the Same Type of People Within the Same Nationality, chosen through their candidate selection process, giving the impression of a Two Party UK State, but in reality regarding 'Colonial Attitude' and 'English Nationalism(so both wanting things to remain the Same), is a 'One Party State' within only ever 'One UK Nationality', a 'One Nation State' (as there is No possibility of a Welsh or Scottish based Political Party being in UK Wide Power as a UK Wide Scottish or Welsh Political Party does Not Exist) who rule the UK as a whole from London, with London Sovereignty Controlled through the English (UK) Parliament's 533 English MPs in London. As who ever is in Power in London, England's Interests are Secured Regardless. Indeed, Right or Left, or even Middle ground in political terms means nothing compared to the Combined National Interests of the Labour and Conservative parties, the Nation of England, as Right or Left means nothing if you do not have overall Power and influence to Favour your own Nation, and keep in place the Favouritism already present. As a Welsh or Scottish UK party would have the power to undo certain Systemic Biases, such as the UK Wide Voting System, the London Parliamentary System, London Allocation of UK Funds, How those Funds are Calculated, and Media Control, for Example. In addition, as a London based Political Party you Cannot say you are into Libertarianism with Liberty as the Core Principle and Deregulation, and then Limit Autonomy for the Celtic Nations with Restricted Devolution Powers on areas such as Borrowing, Law, & Tax, Oversight of all UK Law by the Supreme Court in London, No Normal Functioning Bank allowed to be Licenced in Wales, No independent Mainstream Media, No meaningful say on UK Wide Policy or Law due to England's 533 MPs, or a say on the Distribution of UK Wealth, and with all the main UK Power Hubs Centralised into London, along with Limited Infrastructure in the Celtic Nations, as a Few Examples, all restricting a Free Market Economy for the Celtic Nations, with London also resisting Welsh & Scottish Independence Referendums on their Own Autonomy, as a further Example, as the London UK Governments Continue to Deny more Liberty Socially and Economically for the Celtic Nations, indeed they do the exact opposite of Libertarianism with their Ongoing Celtic Restrictions

So Basically, the more English Nationalistic you are as One of the Main Two Political London Parties, the more Votes you will get in England, and therefore you will be in Power in the UK Government (as Evidenced with No Conservative party ever in power in the Celtic Nations Parliaments on the Island of Britain), as the Majority 85% English population decides the UK Government in a UK Wide Vote (a UK Nations Veto Vote could provide fairness for all UK Nations which is why it is never Mentioned on the London Mainstream Media). Indeed, Labour introduced 'Devolution' in 1997 to the Celtic Nations, not for reasons of fairness, but to try to stop Scottish Independence, but most people in England see this as the slippery slope to Celtic Nations Independence, and taking some Power away from England, made more prominent with different Covid 19 rules in each UK nation, and the consequent resurgence of Scottish independence, ironically enough sparked by Brexit, an English Nationalist approach to Europe, with 22% (ONS) of residents in Wales being English due to close proximity. The irony is that the Labour party being more English Nationalistic will alienate the other "UK" Celtic nations, as this is the impossibility of a UK Wide Political Party in a Britain that is made up of Three nations, as each Nation has a different culture and history, and by being so called WOKE and catering for the Minority will by definition alienate the Majority. The Conservatives understand this all to well which is why they always promote English Nationalism, of course under the thin guise of Unionism, but in order to stay in power in the UK the Conservatives only have to please the 85% English population in the UK, the Celtic Nations are irrelevant as they do not have enough voters, which is why we have different parties in control in each UK Nation, but it only matters who gets the English vote in a UK wide referendum or election, as the UK Parliament in London Ultimately gets to control the Celtic Nations anyway above the Celtic Nations Devolved Parliaments. Meaning that currently democratically there is no Incentive to do anything for the Celtic nations, only an Incentive to look after England to get their votes. However, who ever is voted in power in London, are the Same Type of People, with the Same Cultural and Historical Nationality and therefore Perspective and Interests, usually the same general background, and with the same general Objectives and Mind set, so will always be an English party as the UK Wide Government, either way, as Evidenced by the Fact that No other Nationality other than and English Party has ever been in Power in the UK Wide Government, that allows England to rule the Celtic nations centrally, and who can then promote their own nation's interests in the London Parliament, as Easily Evidenced by the Historical Overdevelopment of England as compared to the Historical Underdevelopment of the Celtic Nations. A 'One Nation' approach from London that is almost a form of 'Cultural, Political and Democratic Annexation' by London on the Celtic Nations, of course the 'One Nation' meaning England. To Clarify, Labour is 'One UK Wide Party' with its Main Central Headquarters based in London and its overall Leader currently Keir Starmer (2021), it has regional Branches such as Welsh and Scottish Labour with Semi- Autonomy, with regional Headquarters in Cardiff or Edinburgh, but overall controlled from London as an English London party. 'One Party' as Easily Evidenced by the Fact that its registration with the Electoral Register is, and has only ever been, as 'One Party' only, with its Main Headquarters based in London (even though ironically the start of Labour was in 1900 with Keir Hardie, a Welshman, although this has been largely erased from history), I hope this has clarified this situation. Moreover, do Not Confuse 'Unionists' with 'English Nationalists', as they have Two Opposing Objectives, the one wants the Union to Thrive as a collective, and the other wants only England to Thrive by using the Union, as Easily Evidenced with England always Thriving and the Celtic Nations always Struggling.

To Clarify, many Welsh people have to vote for either Labour or Conservative to gain any sort of even minimal perceived influence at all in the UK (English) parliament that dictate UK Wide Law and Policy, as if they vote for Plaid Cymru there will never be a Plaid Cymru UK Government because they cannot run for election in England, or the rest of the UK (although seen as only a Minority Welsh Language Party anyway), and Welsh people also cannot vote SNP as that is only in Scotland (as some people may say better to be run by a fellow Celtic Nation who have No History of Oppressing Wales, or just even seemingly Competent Politicians with some Courage). So many Welsh people are in the unenvious position of having to choose the lesser of two evils to gain any semblance of influence at all in the UK (English) Parliament (or even not Vote at all) that Controls UK Wide Sovereignty through their 533 English MPs anyway, regardless of any Welsh Votes. So almost have to vote for a London Party, backed up by the London Media, by Default, as there is No viable UK Wide Scottish or Welsh Separate Political Party alternatives which could provide different perspectives to UK Wide politics, and some sort of Choice to the UK voter, that could become the Norm over time if allowed to be introduced. However, there are only English UK Wide political parties, which is why only English Parties are ever the UK Government, a System Created by London. As you eventually need UK Wide votes to become a UK Government if you are a different Welsh or Scottish based UK Wide political party (that does not exist yet, if ever), although Labour or Conservative can be the UK Government just based off their own English Voters due to their vast UK majority population, regardless of any Celtic Nations Votes, further keeping any of the Celtic Nations out of any overall UK Wide Power or Decision making, as Evidenced by there usually always being a different UK Government in London to the parties voted for in the Celtic Nations. 

​​However, a system similar to the EU with a Veto Vote (but specific to the UK) which is in place in the EU to Level Out other Nation's Population Differences, so each Nation essentially counts as One Vote, and/or usually arrive at a Compromise even Before a Veto Vote is Formerly Lodged, provides a Bargaining Chip for the Celtic Nations that encourages initial Compromise, with threat of a Veto, and a 'Three out of Four Policy' in any Stale Mate. This may be a more Equal system in the UK to balance out the 85% population of the English, to make crucial UK Wide or UK Government Decisions Decisions more inclusive, and even save the Union. With the English Establishment stood on a Sinking ship, but having No Concept of the fact that it is Sinking (Delusional), meaning that soon it will be Sunk. 

To Clarify further, their are Two Different overall Meanings, Aims and Objectives of Nationalism within Britain, there is a Minority Celtic Nationalism looking for Greater Equality to Level Up, and failing that Independence, and a Majority English Nationalism seeking to Maintain long standing Inequalities but under the Guise of Unionism, although a genuine Unionist would Actively seek Equality and Fairness among UK Nations not work against it for the benefit of their own UK Nation, the definition of Nationalism, and of course, if as London say, Britain is One Nation then there could be no Nationalism within Britain as there is said to be No different Nations with Britishness, yet Nationalism is said by London to be the greatest threat to the UK Union, who never mention English Nationalism the greatest threat of all as they have the most Power and Influence to Favour their Own UK Nation to the detriment of the Celtic Nations, spreading Discontent and Nationalism among the Celtic Nations, the only way to prevent Celtic Nationalism is to Rule with Fairness?  

However, this 'One Nationality Theory' is Evidenced by the Fact that No Welsh, Scottish or Northern Ireland political party runs for Election in England (or is Allowed), that could break up the London English Monopoly, keeping a Welsh or Scottish perspective out of the Central 'Island of Britain' Power Structure, further Easy Evidence of the same apparent 'Colonial Mind set' is the constant English Cross Party Support, through the ages, by all the main London based English Political Parties against Scottish or Welsh Independence. Although, all the London based parties run for UK Wide Election not only in England, but in "Britain" as a whole, within Wales and Scotland as well, English Political Parties in Wales and Scotland who are controlled centrally from their London base, and who influence the Candidates and Selection Process, so Choosing people with their Same Mind set and Beliefs but within Wales and Scotland. Who then also Interfere in Welsh and Scottish politics (on the 'Island of Britain') in their own National Interests by also running for Local Elections as Members of the Welsh or Scottish parliaments Internally, primarily relying on England's vast UK Majority Population (England 55 million, Wales 3 & Scotland 5 million populations) with many English people living in Wales and Scotland, with even smaller English parties such as UKIP, and Abolish the Welsh and Scottish Parliament Parties, to give all power back to London, and trying to Block any Celtic Independence Referendums by Preventing a Majority Vote in any Celtic Nations Parliament (also using Labour and Conservatives), as Simple Examples. Avenues that the Scottish and Welsh could not do in London because they are Only getting Seats in only Wales or Scotland, so not allowing them enough MP's to make any difference in any UK London Parliamentary Vote. As the possibility of Welsh and Scottish interests with Greater Representation (with enough UK Wide MP's) going up more equally against England's interests will have to result in a Compromise Fair for all the UK Nations, and save the Union of the United Kingdom, or London could just introduce a UK Nations Veto Vote to balance out populations as in the EU. As Even Wales and Scotland as fellow Celtic Nations would not have the Brass Neck to run for Election in each others Country, as it would be seen as stepping on each others toes, and interfering with their internal Politics. To Clarify, Neil Kinnock (Welsh, with a Broad Welsh Accent) was Not voted as Prime minister in 1987 and 1992, labelled as a 'Welsh Windbag', and Gordon Brown (Scottish, with a Broad Scottish Accent) became leader of Labour automatically in 2007 only because Tony Blair (who had an English Accent and went to Oxford university, so you would not know he was actually born in Edinburgh) had left, and at the Earliest Opportunity (2010 UK Wide Election) was Voted Out by the Majority English Population (coincidently, the same fate as Alex Douglas-Home in 1964 after being given the prime minister title because of the retirement of Englishman Harold Macmillan in 1963, Douglas-Home was the shortest ever serving prime minister), yet Tony Blair and Labour had been in power for three consecutive terms previous the appointment of Gordon Brown. To clarify, the UK has never had an Obviously Welsh or Scottish Elected Prime minister since well before the second world war, and LLoyd George was born in Manchester, with Gladstone born in Liverpool, England, educated at Eton and Oxford. Furthermore, do not assume that just because someone may have been initially born in Wales or Scotland that they all have a vested interest in Wales or Scotland as Nations above their own Political Ambition and Career in the UK, which can only be realistically achieved through London, I think we are all familiar with the American term of an 'Uncle Tom'.

However, the idea that a Welsh or Scottish Political Party would run for Election in England to gain enough Seats to properly represent Wales and Scotland in the UK (English) Parliament (in either 'Regional English Elections' or 'UK Wide Elections') would be considered Laughable by the English population, politicians and London British Media, as they would see just their Celtic 'Nationality' First and Foremost, regardless of any Political Ability or Manifesto, and Focus on just the base Nationality of the Party, even if an English person stood as one of their Candidates. As London would argue that a Welsh or Scottish based party would come with a natural Bias in Favour of Wales or Scotland, as different People and Countries, with different Histories, Needs, Aims and Objectives, with the possibility of going against England's overall interests, or even the interests of that English constituency (although over time it would become Normal, as with English political parties historically running for Regional and National Elections in Wales and Scotland, just Brand them as "British" not Welsh and Scottish political parties). Indeed, if the idea of an English political party running for Election in Wales or Scotland was to be introduced Now as a New idea, the idea would also be met with the same argument of Unfair Bias towards England or that Nation's interests, from Wales and Scotland. As it seems that when an English party runs for Election in Wales or Scotland they are Branded as "British" Not English, to divert attention away from the fact that they are representing a different Nation, and ultimately controlled from London, through selection and direction, with their main interests obviously prioritised in London and England (as Evidenced with the Historical Underdevelopment of Wales and Scotland when Compared to England). The Dictionary definition of 'Discrimination' is not treating others as you would treat yourself, the Oxford English Definition of 'Discrimination' is, 'the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people, especially on the grounds of race, age, sex, or disability'.

To Clarify, England only have 'Supranational' status with Sovereignty because of the Act of Union in 1707, which was manipulated by London at a time when the Celtic nations had already been Subdued (Three Kingdom 'Wars' 1651, by England's Oliver Cromwell, Wales had already been Annexed 1542, the Laws of Wales Act 1542 that still keeps Wales effectively undemocratically Annexed regardless), as No Nation would give up their Sovereignty (Independence) Voluntarily unless Coerced, as Evidenced in the UK by the 'Wars' to Subdue the Celtic nations in the first place, and Resistance to English Occupation. If you were wondering, when a Nation had been Annexed Previous to the UN Laws in 1945 it is still under the new UN Law to prevent Annexation, for Example, Hawaii Annexed by the USA in 1898 but at Least Allowed a Referendum to be part of the USA or Not in 1959 because of the UN Laws Banning continued Annexation and so preventing Self-determination. In 1993, a joint congressional resolution apologized for the 1893 overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy, and said that the overthrow was illegal. Even the very Restricted Powers Wales have been Allowed since Devolution in 1997, can be Over Ruled by London anyway, through London's Control of UK Sovereignty introducing Legislation such as the Sewell Convention 1998, which was put into Law in the Scotland Act 2016 and the Wales Act 2017, which suggests Consent first, but also has an Opt Out Clause of would "Not Normally" over rule Devolved Nations decisions, which means London can over rule devolved decisions as and when required, but "Not Normally", again Controlling UK Sovereignty from Westminster in London, even though UK Sovereignty is Owned by all UK Nations. To Clarify, Wales has always been a Nation and Country Conquered through Threat and Force, and also Not a State, Province or Region, with a Distinct English and Welsh border, Offa's Dyke built in 785 AD Defining the Two Nations Territorial Boundaries, with Hadrian's Wall to the North Defining Scotland from England.

Moreover, if you are reading this in England and say that as the 85% majority of the UK we should control the minority 15% Celtic nations, and say that otherwise there maybe occasions where the tail is wagging the dog, then by definition the the United Kingdom is over already, but at least allow the Celtic nations the option of an independence referendum without all the hassle and interference. Just to Clarify, Independence in Wales will only come to the fore when Scotland gain independence, as independence will then become real and tangible. As it might just be that any nation will by definition always favour their own, a natural human instinct, regardless of which nation maybe in power in the UK, but in a union of four nations this becomes a problem that maybe just cannot be overcome? Such is the almost unique situation of having four internationally recognised historical nations trying to be combined into one, but I guess there is no harm in trying and seeing if the UK can be adapted into the future, but quite clearly time is running out. Particularly pertinent In a time when London have already Isolated themselves from Europe (Brexit), and seem destined to Isolate themselves within the UK as well. Clearly the attitude from London is Toxic and Divisive trying to hold onto a Colonial past and attitude won and developed in a time when Force and Coercion was acceptable, that is just not suitable in the modern era with international laws, the internet making it more difficult to hide injustice, and with more powerful nations in the world, at what point do you admit this and readjust yourselves to fit into the modern world? 'Those who refuse to change become a relic of the past'(Paul TP Wong).

The UK Nation's Ethnicities and identities form the links in the chain of the UK as a whole, including celebrating what it is to be English, theses identities combine then to form strong links in the chain of a UK wide identity, trying to ignore the different core Nationalities and Ethnicities of the UK weakens the links in the chain, and forms an identity based on a Singular Nation and Ethnicity as a whole that does Not Exist once you lightly scratch the surface, making it ultimately worthless. As constantly telling someone that they are "British" forget about your own nationality and ethnicity, as if it is something to be hidden and ashamed of, means nothing when that person then asks, well what is the definition of "Britishness", where is this Nation, what is it's core Ethnicity, and you have no answer. As the Identities of the Four Nations of the UK is Tangible and is Real, as compared to an Identity of Britishness that has no basis in reality, either Culturally or as a Nationality, mainly because of the Different Histories and Context of the Four UK Nations. I understand that London want to hide the way that they oppressed the Celtic nations to become part of the UK in the first place, but this needs to be embraced, acknowledged and discussed openly, not hidden, in order to then to move onto a new future given the circumstances we are in at this time in history, otherwise these truths, that are easily accessible on the internet these days, will just fester and rot the union from the inside out. It's like having an coercive partner in a controlling relationship, but the perpetrator refuses to talk about any coercion, this then totally invalidates the exploited person's experience, almost 'Gas Lighting' them, to the point that they will then just move on and live a separate life, knowing that it cannot be resolved.

Make No Mistake, ​​​​​​​​​​​​​Democracy is a good thing, and must be the best way to structure a society, but it must be structured in a manner that, as much a possible, can represent all people, not just engineered (as in the UK's version) to benefit the powerful overwhelming 85% largest Majority nation, particularly given the somewhat acrimonious relationship between England and the Celtic nations since the official formation of the United Kingdom in 1707 (and even well before this date). As there appears to be an apparent ongoing Historic Nasty Attitude towards Wales (being called a 'Sheep Shagger' for example, is not a term of Endearment) that seems quite 'Bizarre' when you take into Consideration that Wales is Part of the British Isles (although Forced through Annexation in 1542 without Consent) and has 'Served' in many Wars in England's name throughout the Centuries, although Wales and Scotland as Owned Lands, had No Choice and were taken into the many Wars by London, as with the Republic of Ireland in the Second World War who were by that time Independent so were able to decide to be neutral and not to participate. However, Wales was the 'First Nation' to be 'Colonised' by England in England's Virgining Imperial Period, due to their 'Close Geography' (Historically the Closest Proximity Nation to the Historical Beating Heart of England, London) and may well eventually be the very 'Last to be able to Leave for the Same Reason'? ​Indeed it is widely accepted that the Early Years Colonisation by England of the Celtic Home Nations in the UK set the Blueprint for their subsequent World Wide "British" (English) Colonial Empire. Although through the Centuries Wales (& Scotland) have always Managed to Maintain their Own Unique Separate Core Identity and Language, and have always Resisted becoming Anglasized (English), so always Remained the 'Other', which might explain the apparent Historic & Ongoing Hostile attitude towards them to this Day?... So there was always an apparent element of Coercion involved in this Uneasy Alliance by Forcing previously Conquered and Subdued Lands (through a Mismatch of Numbers and Resources) to 'Fight and Serve' on your side (much like with Scotland, Ireland and many Common Wealth Countries including India, throughout the Centuries in many Wars and Conflicts). Moreover, It appears 'Self-Evident' that Wales is Still Fundamentally an Ongoing Colony of England to this day as there has never been an 'Official Democratic End Date' (the Reason being appears to be that Colonialism still Continues for Wales?), which seems to account for Wales almost being Caught in a Continuous 'Historic Time Warp' where most other Previously Colonised Lands (Outside of the UK) around the World have Moved Onto 'Post Colonialism', but Wales Continue to Remain in this Historical Restricted Ongoing Colonial State, (an obvious ongoing Out Dated Colonial 'Domination' of Wales as Opposed to a Modern 'Partnership of Equals' within the Union of the United Kingdom) even though the British ('English') Empire allegedly Ended Decades Ago??... Indeed, if this Association were a Marriage Between Two Individuals it would Easily be Defined as an Abusive Relationship!... This Ongoing Colonial Domination was further Evidenced recently (regarding Scotland a Country in a Similar Historic Circumstance to Wales within Britain) in June 2018 by David Mundell the UK Governments London Based Conservative Party's Scottish Secretary of State, when he 'Clarified' in 'No Uncertain Terms', that 'Scotland Are Part of the UK, But 'Not' Partners'!!... This Ongoing 'Systemic Colonial State' seems to Dictate How Wales is historically 'Perceived' and 'Treated' to this Day by the UK Dominant Central London English Establishment (Central UK Government, Structures & Media) apparently seen more of a 'Subordinate' than an 'Equal' within the United Kingdom? This Ongoing Colonialist 'Attitude' appears to be Historically handed down through the London English Establishment's Ancestral Generations in te Corridors of Power in London, and Further Reinforced and Instilled in Traditional English Private Schools & Elite Higher Educational Environments.  

Indeed, when it comes to identifying systemic manipulation of any sort regarding any subject matter, if you want to identify the original source, the architect, then start your investigation asking one Question, once this one Question can be answered, nine times out of the ten, working backwards from there,  the rest will tend to naturally fall into to place, the miracle question is simply 'Who does it Benefit' So for example, in the case of the UK Wide democratic voting system, or not implementing a UK Nations Equal Veto Vote System on matters that impact the whole of the UK (similar to the EU for example), given that 533 UK Parliament MP's out of 650 MP's (soon to 543 English MP's from 2023, 8 taken from Wales and 2 from Scotland, again with out their Consent or Consultation, Click for Link) represent English constituencies in a  Majority vote their interest's will always be paramount, Who does it Benefit? As some say London adding 10 MP's to English representatives is to prevent the DUP having any more potential UK power as in 2017 (Hung Parliament), when they had the UK Government 'over a barrel' with their 10 MP's, coincidentally the exact same amount added to English representatives by London, therefore serving to cancel out any future DUP numbers in the UK Parliament, that would prevent this from ever happening again. As the 10 new MP's would be diluted into English parties as a counter balance therefore neutralising the 10 MP's of the DUP (the most they have ever had), and also in autonomously taking 8 off Wales and 2 off Scotland to create these extra 10 MP's that then further minimises the voting capacity of these nations within the UK Parliament, as London could not take them directly off Northern Ireland as that would be too obvious, but would ultimately assist any UK Government when voting in the UK Parliament, be they Labour or Conservative in the future (although London say it is because of population growth)? Again always look at ultimately 'who it Benefits' and 'who has the Power to make the decision', looking past the usual proposed excuses or random spin. Indeed, I could be wrong, but common sense dictates that if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it is usually a duck, especially when you have seen the same duck so many times before. Of course it is easy then to say that Democracy is not perfect, and some people will inevitably lose out, which could be seen as a reasonable suggestion, but Only if there is a Genuine Attempt to try to be Fair, however to Actively Manipulate and Rig the UK Democratic System so it Favours the Majority Ethnicity and Country Above all others within the UK (when a 'Veto Vote' system between the UK Nations could easily be introduced to balance out population anomalies) is a Different Scenario Altogether. Even the UK Parliament's 'Common's Rulebook' (Standing Orders) means that the ruling UK Government of the day (which is always a London based Party) can Dictate what is being allowed to be Debated in the UK Parliament.

Indeed, many English Nationalist's will try to define themselves as British Nationalist's (even though Britain does not exist as a Singular Nation) in order to keep control of England, but more crucially control over the Celtic Nations as well, as having a distinct recognised separate English parliament (which obviously already exists in London due to the number disparities, these Number Disparities that Favour England did Not happen by Accident) means they risk losing overall control of the Celtic Nations, as UK policy will no longer be solely centralised into London, because all UK Nations will then be seen as separate and distinct from each other, you cannot have a separate and distinct English parliament ruling policy over Scottish policy for example, as they will be officially seen as separate entities, so keeping the English parliament Labelled as the UK parliament, which is the current state of affairs, allows London to rule more easily over the Celtic nations as well, under the Guise of a UK Parliament, as essentially London see the Celtic Nations as just Regions of England, so within the Nation and Country of England. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a sovereign state, with Sovereignty based in London, composed of four constituent countries that extends its sovereignty over a number of associated territories. Strictly speaking, a country is not necessarily the same thing as a sovereign state, they are academically Distinct from each other, as opposed to being used as Generalised and Interchangeable terms, a Confusion perpetuated from London, as some sovereign states (including the UK) that maybe defined as countries are actually subdivisions of a sovereign “composite kingdom", the Kingdom of the United Kingdom.

To Clarify, currently, as the 'UK London Parliamenthas '543' English Members of Parliament (MP's) Allocated Representing English Constituencies (10 further MP's allocated by London to England in 2021), '57' Scottish MP's Allocated (with some Labour or Conservative [& other smaller English parties] MP's with their Parties & Leaders Based in London), Wales '32' MP's Allocated (most are Labour or Conservative [& other smaller English Parties] MP's with their Parties & Leaders Based in London) and Northern Ireland '18' MP's Allocated (many of which do Not go to the UK Parliament as Republican Irish). So in any UK Parliament Vote on Decisions Regarding the Whole of the UK (with '543' English MP's Allocated out of a Total of '650' Allocated UK MP's, with the other '107' UK MP's also Spread out between the three other Celtic Nations)You do the Maths!!... So Ultimately Effectively making the 'UK Parliament' an 'English Parliament' in All But Name, with 'UK Wide Decisions' Ultimately made by the Overwhelming 'Majority Vote' London Based 'English Establishment Representatives' in the UK (English) Parliament, who then decide UK Law and Policy, as well as the UK's Foreign Policy (going to War), effectively Deleting any Celtic Nations input.This Fact Acknowledged and Confirmed by Boris Johnson (Current Prime Minster 2020) in 2019 when he said, “I’m not convinced there is a case for an England-only parliament,” he said. “We have an England-only parliament. It’s in Westminster. It’s been there for a long time. I’m not disposed to create another parliament.” (Click for Link). ​Please excuse the fact that Boris Johnson's Documented Words had to be reported in one of the only Newspapers (which is only regional) in the UK that support independence for any Celtic Nation. However, this was the Only Media Outlet in the UK that I could find the Direct Quote, which also appears to be further Direct Evidence of the ultimate Power and Influence of the London UK Wide Mainstream Media as a Whole (a Collective) to be able to Control, Ignore and Bury, on Mass (a UK Wide Blanket Ban on Coverage) such an Important Admission, that has Finally Confirmed and Clarified the Historical and ongoing Unfairness of the UK Nations Constitutional Structure Created by London. So what is the Benefit to having a UK Parliament that is essentially an English Parliament in all but name, well you can Legislate and direct Policy and Law on your own Nation, but also then Control and Legislate Overall Policy and Law of  the other UK Nations as well, in your Nations Favour.  As London Control UK Sovereignty through their 533 English MPs in London but they do Not Own UK Sovereignty, it is Owned by all the UK Nations.

Just to Clarify, if Wales do Choose the Action of Independence (although as an Annexed Nation Wales must have Permission form London even just to get a Democratic Vote, which in itself is Obviously Anti-Democratic, the Laws of Wales Act 1542 was quietly repealed by London in 1995 but still keeps Wales effectively undemocratically Annexed regardless) then the Same Tired Old Argument from London of Wales would be too Poor for Independence, is Easily 'Defeated' by the 'Real World' Example of the success of the Republic or Ireland, who are a fellow Celtic Nation, also the same general size and population, in the same geographic area of Europe, and also previously Owned by England (with Every Other Previous Colony of England also doing very well), which is Real Hard Tangible Evidence, Not just apparent Hypothetical Fear Mongering based on absolutely No Pre-established Evidence, apart from, since we have Owned you have always been Poor and Underdeveloped, with No Realistic Prospect of being anything other than that in the Future, which seems to only further Support the Independence narrative anyway. If London want to Save the Union they must put forward a Convincing argument, or Modernise with New Ideas, unless of course a Convincing argument does not currently exist, or, of course they could just simply Block an Independence Referendum, but which is clearly Unsustainable given International Laws on Colonialism. The term self-determination has come to mean the free choice of one's own acts without external compulsion. Put Simply, you Cannot call yourself a Democrat in a Liberal Democracy but then choose to Ignore or Deny Democratic Consent to Wales, as that would Obviously make you a Hypocrite.

Indeed, a Legally Binding Fixed Term Independence Referendum for the Minority Celtic Nations Every 20 years (set in Motion Within the Legislation with an Immediate Independence Referendum) set in Law that Cannot be Changed (with the Involvement of the UN as an Unbiased Mediator to prevent any alterations, as we know from the Internal Markets Bill 2020 that London are prepared to break agreements), would confirm Consent for each new Generation, and will help settle any Independence calls, as there will always be the option to vote within any 20 year time period (generation), you must Earn the Consent of the Celtic Nations you Cannot just take it, and Keep it, it must be Tested at Regular Intervals. This Option Providing a Direction for Wales through Consent, moving away from a Purgatory state, where London would have to Develop and Respect Wales in order for them to Continue to Vote to remain in the Union of the UK, ideally incorporating a Veto Vote system between the Four UK Nations, to Promote a Unionist agenda to assist in a Unionist Vote. This approach would be using Democracy to keep London Honest, much like Fix Term Governments that have Elections every four years, that can be voted out to be replaced with another Government, if deemed as Not fit for purpose, which will provide Motivation for London to Develop the Celtic Nations as they can then be held accountable at regular Intervals, and confirm a Modern ongoing up to date Consent. As when people think that they are not being held against their will, they are more relaxed about the subject of Independence, especially when they know that there is a set date to vote again, as Independence for the Celtic Nations under the current format, and with the Internet to Highlight Inequality, is pretty much guaranteed anyway in the coming years. It is like when a bird is locked in a cage for years when eventually the door is open it looks to permanently escape, but if the cage door is left open, the bird is more likely to go out briefly to explore their environment out of curiosity, but  then always come back home again.                                                                  

It does appear Important here to Explain the Comparative Populations of the English as Contrasted against the Welsh Population within the UK, in order to Provide an Understanding of the Differing 'Social' and 'Democratic' 'Power Bases'. The Current Population of Wales is estimated at 3 Million People (approx 5% of the British Population) a 'Minority', with the English Establishment still Possessing the Capacity to Limit and Restrain Powers in the Welsh National Assembly (Welsh Government), along with 'No' National Mainstream UK Wide Welsh Based Media (Welsh Owned or Independently Edited, Produced or Directed Media, Creating New Shows & Dramas from Wales to Provide a 'Human Face' of Welsh people. To Clarify, if a Film is made in Wales unless it is actually about Wales, the backdrop could be anywhere) Television Channel or any Other National Mainstream Media Outlets (such as a National Mainstream UK Wide Newspaper for example) that are both Historically and Continuously 'Not Allowed' in Wales by the Central London English Establishment Authorities.  How can you possibly Explore Ideas or Highlight Inequality or Injustice Without the Ability to Publicly Communicate or Discuss these possible Inequalities or Alternative Ideas and Perspectives Publicly without a Fully Functioning Independent Media? (once again Thank God for the Internet!). In Contrast the Current English Population is 55 Million People (out of the Entire UK Wide Population of 66 Million People, 'ONS 2016') which is approximately 85% of the Entire potential British (UK) Voting Population (the Vast 'Majority') so in any Amalgamated Combined 'UK Wide' Supposed Democratic General Vote, Obviously 'You Do The Maths'!..​ Moreover, as in any Amalgamated Vote UK Wide Obviously England's view will be the only view recognised as the Overwhelming 85% Majority population. That's Why there are different Political Parties who Win Elections in the separate UK Nations, but only the Political Party that Wins in England Controls the Whole of the UK, Mathematically appearing to make the Votes Cast in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland largely Irrelevant. Indeed, in Wales (Labour Party), Scotland (SNP) and Northern Ireland (DUP) they have all Voted for Different Government parties through their individual Democracy, but as England are the vast 85% Majority essentially who ever England votes for in Westminster (currently the Conservative Party) then rules the whole of the UK, with the main decision making powers, making the so called Democratic Votes in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland largely 'Irrelevant'. Certainly on the UK Wide Stage, regarding the Direction of the UK, because London Control 'Sovereignty' to Control the Whole of the UK, which also means they can Negotiate Internationally on the Celtic Nations behalf (Trade Deals and Brexit for Example), with NO Celtic Nations Representation in the Room. So, apparently just Democratic Window Dressing, to look like a Democracy from the Outside, as Devolved Nations have very Specific and Limited Powers that can be Over Ruled from London anyway (Sewel Convention 1998, because of London Controlled 'Sovereignty'), which will only ever be a London Based Political Party in UK Wide Control in London from the Main Two (Labour or Conservative), due to the 'First Past the Post System' in UK wide voting (Not 'Proportional Representation', which is in place in all the UK Celtic Nations, but Not for UK Wide Elections as 'First Past the Post' Favours the Majority, as Smaller Parties could then have some Power and Influence on Decision making), and with NO Celtic Nations Political Parties running for Election in England (with English Based Parties always Historically Running for Election in Wales and Scotland, which allows them to Interfere in Welsh and Scottish politics in their own National Interests, UKIP, and Abolish the Welsh and Scottish Parliament Parties, to give all power back to London, and trying to Block any Celtic Independence Referendums by Preventing a Majority Vote in any Celtic Nations Parliament, as Simple Examples), as England has by far, the most 'Constituency Seat Numbers' available to be able to form a UK Wide Government, making UK Democracy a Two party State, of the 'Same Type of People', which is essentially 'One Party', but Split into Two.The UK Voting System in 'Football' Terms, is like having a 'First Team' and 'Reserve Team', both from the Same Club, Predominantly the Same Type of People (Nationality, Class and Ethnicity), and with the Same Overall Basic Interests (England's), with NO possibility of 'Relegation', or any Promotion for other Teams.

The UK has quite a Unique situation in the World where by 'Four Internationally Recognised Countries' have been Initially Historically Forcibly Combined into One Land mass of Britain (Historical Ongoing Colonialism). As a Consequence Common Sense seems to suggest that the UK Needs a 'Unique Modern System of Democracy' (See 'Nation Specific Criteria' towards the bottom of the page under 'What is Britishness' heading above) to Provide an Equal Voice for All the Distinct Internationally Recognised Nations within it's Whole Collective. So England Historically Colonising Smaller Nations around them by Force (in Previous Centuries) then Renaming that Group of Four Geographically Close Nations the UK or Britain (Whilst Still keeping their Own Primary National Identity of England, with London as the Central Hub) as one so called Homogeneous Group (even though they have different Celtic & Anglo-Saxon Ethnicities, Histories, Cultures & even Initially before Colonialism different Languages), appears to Historically Automatically Ensure that in a so called UK Wide "Democratic Vote" (Brexit as an Example in 2016) because of the 'Comparable Size' of their Smaller Colony Nations Populations Compared to theirs, in a UK Amalgamated Democratic Vote (which the London UK Government has the Power to Impose, Alter or Influence) England's overall views will always Prevail. Which almost seems to be Using an Imposed System of Democracy as a Weapon to Retain Colonies in the Modern Era?!. As Wales (& Scotland) are the potential 'Competitor's on their Doorstep', so need controlling, by apparently using a structured form of Democracy that Favours the Vast 85% Majority Anglo-Saxon group. In addition, the Fact that the 'Bank of England' is 'Not' called the 'Bank of Britain' seems to provide an Easy Insight into Who gets to Decide all UK Wide Funding and Ultimately who Controls all the UK Nations Economically as well? This Power is Commonly referred to as 'The Power of the Purse', which is the ability of One Group to Manipulate Another Group by Withholding, Limiting or Denying Funding, or placing Stipulations on Funding. As 'Concentration of Wealth Equals Concentration of Power'...

Although the 'Veto Vote and/or Majority Vote System' as in the EU does provide this Share of Power and if introduced into the UK but specific to the UK, seems the only way of Balancing out England's Population, Size, Power Imbalance, Different Ethnicity, Identity, Characteristic's and History, within a some what unique scenario in the UK of Four Internationally Recognised Nations within One Union, similar to the larger scale version of 27 Internationally Recognised Nations in the EU (European Union)? Moreover, the Celtic Nations Do have Sovereignty Status, but Shared within the UK Sovereign State as a Whole, the Celtic Nations are Not Sovereignless Nations, as UK Sovereignty is Not Owned by only England, it is Owned by all UK Nations. Actually the Sewell Convention 1998, ironically enough, essentially gives the UK (English) parliament a Veto over any devolved nations decisions, without any other Celtic nations being able to Veto any UK decisions, so in essence England already have a Veto over the Celtic nations, but it needs to be available to every UK nation regarding UK wide decisions, in the UK (English) Parliament to provide Fairness and some Parity of Power, just giving yourself a Veto Vote is obviously very Unfair. Indeed, Federalism can work in places like the USA and Australia as they see themselves as essentially ultimately, One Nation, One Nationality, One Country, with One Over Riding Base National Identity, that of Australian or American (could be Ethically African American or Italian American, but always essentially American as a Whole, for Example) most people in Wales describe their National Identity as Welsh Not British, the same with most Scottish people. Moreover, in the USA or Australia No One Vast Majority State or Territory has ever been the overall Historical Master of the Rest through prolonged Subjugation or Force (with 85% of the Whole Population, and a Different Anglo-Saxon Ethnicity to the Minority Celtic Ethnicity), and have Not had a History of Colonialism Within their Union of States or Territories trying to Force Already 'Fully Formed Territorial Nations' into one Nation or National Identity, whilst still being made up of Four Individually Recognised Nations with Separate International Sporting Teams, National Anthems, Flags, Borders, Histories and Cultures. The UK is, and Never has been One Homogeneous Group, which is why even after Centuries of Violence, Force and Subjugation by the Vast (85%) Majority English Nation, the UK is Still made of Four Distinct Internationally Recognised Nations with their own Unique Identities to this day, even after Centuries of Systematic Subjugation from London. Although, it must be said that a Federal System for Wales would be infinitely better than its current Purgatory position, being half a Nation, Half not a Nation, regards powers, media and crucial economic Levers, with Welsh Sovereignty Controlled from London through their 533 MPs in the UK (English) Parliament.

Furthermore when regarding apparent Democracy Internally 'Within' Wales (outside of the UK Wide Elections that are Counted as a Whole). In June 2014 a 'Telegraph' National Newspaper Article by John Bingham Pointed Towards a Migrant Concern in Wales by Introducing the Article Headed, The Welsh Could Become a Minority in Wales as English Set their Sights West. In this Article the author Highlighted that in 2011 it was Estimated that '22%' (Office for National Statistics 'ONS' 2011, that takes place every 10 years) of the Population Residing in Wales can be Identified as 'English' and rising (which is Six Hundred and Sixty Thousand People (660,000) Potential Voters, out of the Entire Welsh Population of 3 Million), with only '3%' of England's whole population being from the other three Celtic UK Home Nation's 'Combined'. Many of these English Incomers are said to be Predominantly of Adult Voting Age. So the 'Real Terms Impact' of this '22%' of Migrants on the actual Voting Pool and therefore 'Democracy' in Wales, may have a Further (On Top of being Out Numbered in a UK Wide Amalgamated Vote) Significant Negative Undemocratic Impact (in Representing Indigenous Welsh Peoples Views) when Votes are cast Within Wales Internally for all Welsh Elections or Referendums (See 'Nation Specific Criteria' towards the bottom of the page under the 'What is Britishness?' heading)

The Article goes onto suggest that by the mid 2080’s Welsh People will be a Minority in Wales, as a result of their Nations Geographical Closeness to England, England's Disproportionately Large Population, and the Fluid Movement of People from England to Wales on the same Landmass. Where as a Consequence of Historical Under Funding and Under Development in Wales, Space and Land appears Relatively Abundant, along with the Lure of More Affordable and Substantial Properties (Due to Ongoing Welsh Poverty and Under Development). Leading to many English people Retiring in Wales, but also many still working in England but Residing (so eligible to vote in Wales on Welsh issues) and then Commuting from Wales. again See, 'Nation Specific Criteria' under the 'What is Britishness?' heading above, for a possible Solution. To Clarify, the Oxford English Definition of a 'Migrant' is, 'a Person who Moves from One Place to Another, Especially to Find Work or Better Living Conditions'. To put this '22%' into Perspective, '22%' of England's Population of '55 Million' would be over '12 Million' Potential Voters. Imagine the Public Outcry in England (through their Media), due to a perception of an 'Unfair Disproportionate Democratic Influence' within England's Democratic System!... (again, in Contrast All of the Celtic Nations people 'Combined' only make up '3%' of England's entire population)? This Disproportionately Large English contingent in Wales (the Largest Contingent of English people in any Celtic Nation, mainly due to Geography, and as suggested by Professor Anand Menon in his 'Brexit and Public Opinion' Paper p23 in 2019, may be more likely to Vote Leave in a Brexit Referendum, for example?) appears to Explain the 'Welsh Brexit Vote Anomaly'? The 'Anomaly' Being that Wales gets the most EU (European Union) Funding out of all the UK Nations because of their Internationally Recognised European Poverty, yet the people Residing in Wales Narrowly Voted (52% to 48% Leave) in the Bexit Vote of 2016 to Leave Europe?? (See 'Wales and Brexit' Heading above). To Clarify, the large proportion of English people in Wales, mainly retired, led to Wales as a Nation being seen as voting to Leave the EU Click for Link

However, the Biggest Concern and therefore the 'Most Crucial' in 'Rationalising and Justifying' this Focus on 'Specifically the English Incomer Voting Population' in Wales, is that "Wales is Owned by England"(Actually, certain restrictions on other resident Nationals voting in a different Nation's elections is not uncommon it happens all across Europe, even currently in the UK for most other EU Nationals). Indeed, providing Identification (that can clarify Nationality, under the proposed 'Nations Specific Criteria') at polling stations already happens world wide in places such as Canada and France, and even already exists in the UK with Northern Ireland, with No Problems what so ever). This 'Ownership' Fact appears to possibly provide a Different View of Wales by English People Living in Wales than Indigenous Welsh People or that of 'Any other overseas Migrant or Celtic Nations Citizens' who may Reside in Wales (Who also Do Not Present as 'ALL ONE SPECIFIC GROUP' (Anglo-Saxon Race) within an Overwhelming Majority UK Population Mass)? As Overseas Migrants may be More Likely to present with a 'Neutral Unbiased View' on England and Wales, as they may have Heard of these Nations but are more likely to have No Actual Direct Experience of them Personally? (So Essentially are more likely to 'Not have any Skin in the Game' so to Speak, No 'Conflict of Interests'). To Clarify, Due to an apparent Natural Attachment to their Birth Country (A Firm Identity Psychologically Proven to be Developed Largely in a Person's Early 'CHILDHOOD', as asserted by the Centre for the Developing Child, Harvard University 2009), 'Who Still Historically Own Wales as a Nation'. So English People who Reside in Wales might be More Inclined to View Wales as 'Theirs', the 'Historical Property of England', their 'Principality' (that Would Make Perfect Obvious Sense as the English Do Actually Own Wales, as Wales was Annexed by England in 1535 and Fully in 1545), which may be they Do Not Want to Lose in a Welsh Independence Referendum? So when Voting 'Inside' Wales, it may be in a Manner that Best Benefits their 'Own Nations Interests(a Basic Human Instinct Click for Link 'Indeed, I am sure that if the Situation were in Reverse then many Welsh people would also be more Instinctively Inclined to Vote in Accordance with their own Nation's Interest's'?), by keeping Wales Under England's Control and Influence, which could be Further Achieved by Voting for a London Based Political Party in Wales? There appears to be 'No Other Country or Nation in the World', whose 'Immigrant Population' that Reside in Wales, who would Posses the Same Obvious CONFLICT OF INTERESTS?!.. Actually, the Brexit vote in 2016 Excluded many EU nationals Living in the UK at the time, because of concerns, there is also a further Precedent with the EVEL 2015 Law from London which also ensures Only English Votes on Only English Laws in the UK parliament, to Prevent Celtic Nations Interference. England own Wales, fully Annexed in 1542, a 'Conflict of Interests' when thinking in terms of the Validity of any possible future Independence Referendum Vote for Wales (or votes regarding only Wales). To Clarify, this is Not about Division (otherwise the same argument could apply to London's Exclusion of EU Nationals in Brexit Vote, and EVEL (English Votes for English Laws 2015) which is essentially preventing a certain Nationality from voting on another Nationality's specific concerns), however, in this case it is about Ensuring a Minority Voice is Not Diluted or Drowned out by the Overwhelming Majority, who also appear to have Easily Evidenced Conflicting Interests.


So there is a Need (to Ensure possible Future UK Unity?) to Address the Historically Unbalanced Uneven UK Wide Population Voting System to Ensure Genuine Welsh Views are Represented, Not Simply Undemocratically 
'DROWNED OUT' by the Disproportionately Large English Population in any Combined UK Wide Vote, England are 85% (55 Million people) of the UK Voting Population, Wales are 5% (3 Million people), again 'You Do The Maths'!... (Obviously as this Voting System Favours the Largest UK Majority who have the Power to Change this Unfair System, there appears 'No Motivation' to Change it, although this does Not Justify it's Continued Existence in it's Current Form, as the English Establishment seem to use a 'Lop Sided' version of Democracy because Wales (& Scotland) are the potential 'Competitor's on their Doorstep', so need controlling). Equally, Whilst Simultaneously at the Same Time 'Inside Wales' the Disproportionate level of English people Residing in Wales also possibly Skewing any Specific Welsh Elections, Referendums Votes or Polls, with English people as suggested by Professor Anand Menon (Brexit and Public Opinion 2019, p23) More Likely to Vote Leave in a Brexit Vote, for Example? As previously Stated with the 'Telegraph' National Newspaper article in June 2014 by John Bingham, entitled 'The Welsh Could Become a Minority in Wales as the English Set their Sights West' (projected to be more English than Welsh in Wales by 2080). So 'Why' should Wales put up with this Obvious Distorted UK 'Undemocratic Anomaly', that Actively Dilutes their Own Voice in Wales (& the wider UK), 'again Welsh Socialized Eroded Confidence anyone', as well as a London Media 'MONOPOLY' that appears to continuously Not Highlight this Obvious UK Democratic Concern, that if Adjusted, may Disadvantage their Own Nation of England?!. As stated, in Contrast All of the Celtic Nations People 'Combined' Only make up 3% of England's Entire Population (Office for National Statistics 'ONS' 2011).    

This Disproportionate Overwhelmingly Large English Population in Polls, Elections or Referendums in Wales may Skew the UK (& World) Projected Welsh Opinion and Overall Political Party Choices (English people appear to primarily instinctively Tend to Vote for English Based Political Parties in Wales & for general English Interests)? However, the 'Natural Basic Human Instinct' to want to Vote or Poll in Favour of your Indigenous Roots is no one Individual's Fault as such, but this Naturally Occurring 'Conflict of Interests' (Apparently Some What Similar to Why EU Residents in the UK were Not allowed by the English Establishment Authorities to Vote in the Brexit Referendum of 2016, due to a possible Conflict of Interests as European Citizens were part of the club that the UK was Voting to leave?) must be Factored into any Democratic Process, Collation and Analysis of the so called Overall Welsh Nationally Publicised Opinion (the UK Wide Brexit Referendum in 2016 for example)!!...(See the 'Nation Specific Criteria' under the 'What is Britishness?' heading above for a possible Solution?). Furthermore, when a 'Region or City' in the Nation of England Gain 'Internationally Recognised Nation Status' with their Own Recognised International Sporting Teams, Anthem, History & Flag amongst other set Criteria, then they too can be Part of the Nation Specific Criteria Voting System. As you Cannot be a Fully Integrated Part of the Majority and an Outside Minority at the 'SAME TIME'!?... 

Although we are Fortunate enough in the UK to have the Basic Elements of Democracy, 
'although Never going to be absolutely Perfect for everyone'This does Not mean that the Current UK Historical Democratic System should be Permanently Fixed and should be Forever Left Alone (especially as it is so One Sided), and therefore can Never be Enhanced, Adjusted or Improved to Spread the Benefits of Democracy to as Broader Spectrum of the Whole of the UK Populations as possible, to Further Promote the Union and the Democratic Process (Not just Exclusively Benefiting the one 85% Majority Nation at the Expense of the Other Three Nations within the UK, We are Either a United Kingdom or Not!!...). Staying the Same Creates Stagnation when the World moves on, but you Refuse to Modernise with it. The UK Population as a Whole either Believe in the Wider 'Core Principles of a Fair Democracy' or 'Not', which would Allocate Equal Voice to the People of All Four Recognised Nations that Form the UK (You Cannot be a Democrat Only when it Suits You!)As the current 'Electoral System' in Britain seems Structured so that in affect a Welsh (Scottish) Vote is Worth 'Less' than an English One. As the British Electoral System appears Designed from London to take Advantage of their Overwhelming English UK Majority Population's Number's (85% of UK Population), with the further Power from London to always Influence or Insist on a Combined UK Vote as and when they Require (Brexit for example?). The Proposed 'Nation Specific Criteria' Within the Four Nations of the UK, Aligned with a Veto Vote (and/or Majority Vote) Between the Four Nation's of the UK at UK Wide Decision Making Level in the UK Parliament, may help in Developing a more Equal and Democratic System within the UK, and Ultimately a Stronger Union (if that is a Concern, if not then ignore this text and carrying on as you are?).

As currently In essence then, 'Subtly', Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland appear to be in the Unenviable Position of Historically & Continuously having
 'Equal Taxation Without Equal Representation' (with nearly all the Main Productive UK Taxes such as VAT going Directly into the Bank of England in London to then be Allocated). To Further Clarify, due to England's Disproportionately Large Population within the UK this means that which ever Political Party is in Power Internally within Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland can be Largely Irrelevant as who ever is in Power in England Controls the Whole of the UK (& their Finances). Which again seems to be as a direct Consequence of the UK Democratic System apparently set up so that England's 85% of the UK potential Voting Population will always Decide who Controls the Whole of the UK (& UK Parliament). So in Real Terms due to a Lop Sided Democratic System in Britain it appears that Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland have the 'Same (Equal) UK Wide Taxation as England but Without the Same (Equal) Democratic Representation as the English'

Moreover, in the some what 'Unusual UK Structure' where by 'Four Individually Internationally Recognised Nations' (with their Own Separate Flags, Anthems, Sporting Teams, Histories, Defined Borders & Cultures) have been Historically Forced to 'Fully' Create just One Supposed Singular Country as a Result of Historical Colonialism & Empire? 
This makes any possible 'Nationalistic Tendencies' within the UK Significantly more 'Damaging' than if it were Between Separate Independently Managed Countries? Particularly when One Nation has so much More Systemic Power and Population than the Others within the UK! As there has Always seemed to be an Inherent Underlying Historical and Ongoing 'Central London English Establishment (Anglo-Saxon) Nationalism' within Britain, which then Filters Down to parts of their General Population? To Clarify, the Central London English Establishment 'Version' of UK 'Nationalism' appears to be Based on 'Favour' or 'Unfair Bias' of their Own to the general Exclusion or Detriment of Other UK Celtic Nations? However, this Less Publicised Primary Dictionary Defined 'Favour Version of Nationalism' is 'Never Highlighted' on the London British Media? Indeed, there are Specifically 'Only Two Versions' of the term 'Nationalism' in any Recognised Dictionary. The 'First Primary' Version is Based on 'Favour of your Own Nation over Others', and the 'Second' Based on 'Independence' (See 'Wales in Purgatory?' in heading above for Some Easily Evidenced Ongoing Bias Examples?). The London English Establishment's Ongoing 'Contradiction' being that whilst apparently promoting a 'Front of Unionism' through 'Words', Simultaneously their 'Actions' at the Same Time appear to Constantly Undermine the Union of the United Kingdom, with the Easily Evidenced Constant Unequal Historical Primary Favour of their Own Nation's overall Needs (through Historically Utilising the Whole of the UK's Finances, Opportunities & Resources predominantly for their Own Gain)? Indeed, if if were not for Historic English Nationalism (Constantly Favouring their Own) then there would not be a problem of the UK Disbanding. The Irony being that the English Establishment  then blame Nationalism (Wanting Independence) deriving form the other UK Nations as 'Divisive', when it is their Nationalism (Constantly Favouring their Own) in the First Place that has historically created the 'Unfairness' that the other Nations in the British isles want to leave?! (See p55 of the Free Electronic Book above under 'The apparent Contradiction of the English Establishment?' section)

Moreover​, a 'Federal System' of Rule will Not be Permitted by London as it takes to many powers away from them, this is easily Demonstrated as the USA have had a Federal System for Centuries, and as of yet London have not followed or even showed any signs of ever doing so!... To Clarify, Remaining the Same with No Change is 'Not An Option for Wales' as it has Not worked over the last 300 years for the Nation of Wales with No Evidence to suggest it will work for Wales in the Next 300 years, this has been 'Tried and Tested' and Proven to be 'Inadequate for Wales', they must Now Move On to Other Alternatives. Indeed as asserted by Albert Einstein (quite possibly the most intelligent person that has ever lived, so knows more than you)  'the Definition of Insanity is to do the Same thing Over and Over again but Expect Different Results', please Don't be Insane... (See 'Wales in Purgatory' heading above). However, given any of the three possible Options outlined, Wales will still Need to 'Urgently' Improve in Certain key Areas Regardless... (See 'How can Wales be Improved?' under the 'Wales in Purgatory? heading above)  

Indeed, always be Mindful of the Fact that the 
'World has Now Moved On Regarding Mass Public Information', as in the Previous 300 Years (or more) of Central London English Establishment UK Rule, the Individual UK Celtic Nations people had No Way of Independently Communicating with Each Other (& to the Wider World) Regards 'Inequality', 'Unfairness' and 'Bias' in the UK on the Wider National and International Stage, as all British Media Public Platforms are all Historically Ultimately Controlled or Influenced through London. But in Recent Times 'Internet Public Platforms' and Instant 'Mass Access to Uncensored Information from a Variety of Leading Experts, Both For or Against' (Balanced) is 'Now(for the First Time in British History) Readily available World Wide to the Mass Public to be able to Assess, Critique, Communicate and Highlight any Historical and Ongoing 'Unfairness' and 'Inequality' Between the Four Nations of the United Kingdom and their Peoples. Take this Website as an example, without the Internet the Common Sense thinking provided in this text would have stayed Only with the author forever, with No Public Outlet, as it no doubt did with many people before me? Although, the Hope is that the Central London English Establishment will Embrace this New Internet Media Era as an Opportunity to Change and Modernise to Secure the Future Union of the United Kingdom, and Not see it as a Threat that Needs to be Controlled or Resisted!...

I am not too sure how much Evidence is required when the Prime Minister of the UK admits himself that the UK Parliament is an English Parliament in all but name, with the Obvious Bias that comes with that basic Easily Evidenced scenario when setting Overall UK Wide Policy and Law that effects all the Nations and Country's of the UK (when majority voting in the UK Parliament, currently, 533 English MP's, and 117 MP's between the other Three UK Nations), you would assume that something so Obviously Unfair would be Highlighted in the London Media Decades if Not Centuries before, or is the Fact that it is Not Highlighted Further Easy Evidence of the Control of the London Media to Direct the UK Narrative, by Selecting which Issues are Discussed and therefore up for Change and Negotiation, and which Issues can be Ignored and therefore Sidelined, depending one which one's seem to be of Benefit to London or Not, even though this Undemocratic Model in London effectively Nullifies the Celtic Nations Voice in the UK, handing all the UK Wide Power Levers Solely to London and England, under the Guise of Democracy.

​​The English Ruling Establishment have Limited Time to either stay in the United Kingdom Union but Reform the Structures to provide Parity of Power, Respect and Wealth, or the Union is highly likely to Naturally Disband (much like David Cameron (2016) going to Europe to ask for EU Reform, No Compromised Reform Materialised and Britain then Left the EU)? Indeed regarding Brexit Negotiations (Britain Leaving the EU, 2016-?). As it is just a Section of the London English Establishment only allowed (by themselves) in the Negotiating Room (as well as Historically Overall UK Wide Decision Making in General), it is Regularly said that 'If You've Not got a Seat at the Top Table of Power (with Equal UK Wide Decision making ability) then that Usually means 'Your' on the Menu'... (See 'How can Wales be Improved?' under the 'Wales in Purgatory?' heading above for More Detailed Information on a possible Veto Vote System and/or Majority Vote in the UK). Furthermore, in order to close the gap between Politicians and the Average Person a 'Permanent People's Assembly' is proposed (similar to the Citizens Assembly in Ireland). The proposal is that a permanent people's assembly should meet weekly to Discuss (or Identify) issues with an independent chair. Holding a Majority Vote on the Key Issues of the Day held for Vote in their Individual Nation's Parliaments (on Separate Nation's Internal Issues), or at National UK Wide Level in the UK Parliament (on UK Issues). Each UK Nation should have one based in their respective government buildings. These people numbering approximately 35 people would be chosen at Random from each UK Nation's resident population, ages 16 and above. The Random Nature of the Selection Process means that there can be No Bias on the grounds of Age, Gender, Sexuality, Race, Class, Disability or Nationality, and means they Cannot be hand picked (if a person chooses not to participate then their place will be randomly chosen again). These people will be changed every year. Each people's Assembly decision will be worth 5 AM's, MP's, MSP's or MLS's in each individual Nations assembly voting (such as an M4 relief road for example), or worth 5 MP's each in a UK Wide Vote (that Impacts the Whole of the UK) such as going to War, Change in UK Pension age, Changes in UK Wide Law, and rolling out UK Wide Benefit changes for example. If the origins of the word Democracy in Greek means 'People Power' then this can be the Only Way Forward in Engaging the Mass Disenfranchised General Population into Politics? 

The Author would like to take this Opportunity to Thank the Ten's of Thousands of People around the World that have Engaged with this Website, which is quite amazing as this site has no budget for advertising, or opportunity for exposure on the UK mainstream or regional Media. once again 'Thank you' for your Involvement.

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The ONS (2011) has Identified that 22% of the Welsh resident population is from England, who might have a different opinion of what is best for Wales when voting in Elections or Referendums, Brexit for Example?

Welsh Sheepshaggers:

                 An English Establishment Lie...?


England has 85% of the UK Population. Obviously in a London Imposed Combined UK Wide Vote their voice will always be heard over the other UK Celtic Nations, Brexit for Example.