The Central English Establishment apparently suggesting that the Welsh Economy is too Small and Problematic for Independence, Is Like 'Me Standing On Your Neck, and Then Asking You Why You Can't Breath Properly'?!...

Wales Historically has Some of the Poorest Areas in Europe, living a yard away from England One of the Richest Nations in the World. Surely this Demonstrates a Huge

Problem of Inequality with the English

Establishment Controlled Allocation of Funds within Britain? 



Celtic underdevelopment

Celtic underdevelopment is the direct evidence of Celtic discrimination, when compared with the overdevelopment in the English nation, yet development must be on need not size of population, as that again obviously benefits the English nation, to shine a light on Celtic underdevelopment look at a map of Britain at night, then you will understand the Celtic plight, as where there is light there is life, cutting through the darkness like a development knife, the Celtic black holes in mid Wales and the highlands of Scotland, starved of the funding to develop their place, yet in England they say they have run out of space, with England controlling the purse strings this is what unilateral power brings, can it get any worse as all I ever see is England first, as without development there is only despair, the evidence is there, but it’s clear that England don’t care, this uneven development that just isn’t fair, which is the definition of discrimination as the cause of the under development of each Celtic nation.  


The State of being an Internationally Recognised Nation whilst not being allowed to be a Functioning Nation 

For the purposes of this work 'Majority' is Defined as by the Oxford English Dictionary as 'the Greater Number', to prevent confusion with the nuance between 'Majority Vote', used to create UK Law in UK parliament, and 'First past the Post', used in UK wide general elections, but both requiring the 'Greater Number'.  

Preventing Welsh Development for Example by Not allowing a Meaningful Connecting Route in Wales between the North and South which keeps Wales 'Divided', Physically, Socially and Economically, and is the usual London tactic of 'Divide and Conquer', pitting North against the South, keeping the Focus away from London who have historically controlled Welsh infrastructure, and indeed even now it is only realistically London that could Finance a Meaningful North-South Connection (Motorway & Rail) route through the Spine of Wales to Develop the Whole of Wales as One Connected Unit, to relieve the Pain of Poverty, as Wales also has Very Limited Borrowing Powers from London, made even more feasible now with Electric & Hydrogen Vehicles. Indeed without a thriving economy Wales could not invest in specific Environmental projects anyway within Permissible Powers from London, even with one of the Highest Tidal Ranges in the World Directly on their Coastline, a Predictable & Constant Source of Clean Energy. Although the UK (English) Parliament do also Control many of the Welsh Environmental Levers (London Scrapping the Tidal Lagoon Project in Swansea 2018 for Example, whilst then Complaining that Wind power is to Unpredictable a Source of Energy having Unilaterally Invested, and continuing to Invest, Billions of the UK's Funds in it?).

The UK is meant to be a Union of Nations, not an Incorporation of Nations into England under London's overall Control using their '533 MPs' to rule the whole of the UK with no meaningful way for the Celtic Nations to effect UK Wide Policy that Directly Involves them, as UK Sovereighty is Shared by all UK Nations, not just Owned by England!

In order for the Four Nations of the UK to grow, the London government cannot keep on using the term 'UK' when discussing Investment and Growth as that invariably means England in a Four Nation State, as Evidenced with the massive over development in England and the ongoing under development in the UK Celtic Nations. There needs to be a Four Unit Plan with each UK Nation having a specific plan from the UK Government as they control all the main Levers of Power and Finance. So not a plan for the whole 'UK' as one Unit but Four different Plans specific for Each UK Nation, negotiated with each UK Celtic Government in advance. This then means that a plan within a time scale can be Specific to each UK Nation with Accountable. Of course then as each UK Nation Grows so does the UK as a Whole.

Wealth Distribution by London in the UK Cannot be judged on Population which will obviously Favour England, as England have been Flooded with Wealth & Resources over the Decades and Centuries so will by Definition have a Larger Population, with the Celtic Nations Deprived of Funding having Less Population, so 'Per Capita' will look like the Deprived UK Nation is getting more, but it is just Creative Accountancy. The Evidence of this is that the Celtic Nations are Permanently Under Developed and England is Permanently Over Developed, yet London will have you believe that the Celtic Nations get more Funding?...

The Catholic View of Purgatory is the State of Remaining Between Two Destinations (being a Nation whilst Not being a Nation) in the Religious Sense Heaven and Hell, but when Describing Purgatory to the Welsh Condition, Purgatory could Essentially Describe a State of Continuous Uncertainty, an Ongoing 'Intermediate' Situation, Floating in the Middle Waiting for a 'Definitive Direction'. Wales appears to be Historically kept by the English Establishment in a Permanent 'State of Constant Indefinite Purgatory', a 'Middle Ground' where Nothing has been Decided, where Time has almost appeared to Stand Still over the Decades (if not Centuries) in terms of Welsh 'Prosperity' and 'Growthas a Nation, and as a People (an apparent Ongoing Eternal 'Time Warp').An Ongoing Middle Ground Created, where by Wales Do Not have any of the Main Advantages of Being an Independent Country (to Control their Own Affairs), or Any of the Main Advantages of Being a Fully Accepted Integrated Part of a Larger Country (Equal Share of Wealth, Respect & Opportunity)!?..Remember even the Name Given to 'WALES' is Derived from the Anglo-Saxon (Old English) Word for 'FOREIGNERS', the Welsh name for Themselves is 'CYMRY', which means 'FELLOW COUNTRYMEN'. As a Result an Historic and Ongoing 'Middle Ground' has been Created, within an apparent Ongoing State of Financial, Constitutional, Systemic & Structural 'Limbo' for Wales (with the odd blip of prosperity here & there, the starting point of the industrial revolution last Century as the One possible example, although that was apparently because Wales had a certain type of Coal or Slate that the Central London English Establishment could Exploit?). However, with the Publication of this Literature this Ongoing 'CONTINUOUS FLOATING MIDDLE GROUND' (PURGATORY) can Now be Formally Identified through the Creation of'Two Directly Opposing Options'. These possible Options being 'Full Amalgamation' to try to Reduce Welsh Poverty and Slander (as Contracted Equals) into England on the'One Hand', although Wales is already Annexed to England but giving up Welsh Nation Status and giving up their Share of UK Sovereignty, and the Polar Opposite of 'Full Independence' to try to Reduce Welsh Poverty and Slander on the 'Other', with a possible 'Compromise Option' of a 'UK Nations Veto Vote and/or Majority Three out of Four Vote' for all UK Nations within the UK Parliament to counter balance England's 533 MPs, but Finally achieved through Direct Democratic Consent of the indigenous Welsh people. An Equality Veto Vote System but Tailored to the UK, when regarding Only genuine Crucial Selected UK Wide Concerns that will have to be Detailed between the UK Nations but set in Stone, such as going to War, or on some Foreign Policy, for Example. Then on other UK Wide decisions each UK Nation can Enact a Vote on Certain Subjects that are Important to them (a set amount a year, maybe two, otherwise it will be enacted all the time), and if agreed by Three of the Four Nations can be Veto Voted on, with the Opportunity to Veto a UK Wide Proposal until a Compromise is agreed (with a Three out of Four Majority in an ongoing Stale Mate), for Example (with English MP's Voting on England's Position to Acknowledge all of England's Regions, and at the same time the Devolved Celtic Administrations Voting on their Position). Keeping the UK Parliament Honest as they know that what ever UK Wide decisions they make can be challenged, resulting in fairer initial decision making for all the UK Nations as a Whole. Surely for London better to have a Union with an Option of a Veto Vote on some UK Wide Decisions, than to have No Union at all?! Remaining the Same is Clearly Not an Option, as it has been so for Over 300 years and counting with Wales remaining in an Easily Evidenced Purgatory State. As Common Sense Dictates that you Cannot Identify the MIDDLE, the 'In-between State' (for example the Middle of a Length of Rope) without First Identifying the Two Directly Opposing Opposite Ends (Independence or Full Amalgamation). Some people say (usually in the Majority Group) move on stop talking about the past, as we are now in the 21st century, when discussing the 13th century and Edward Longshanks initial Conquering and Annexation of Wales (then fully Annexed in 1542), but as this Annexation of Wales without democratic consent is the reason that today Wales is still restricted, owned and controlled by London, there can be no moving on until this situation is democratically Resolved. If London try to say that this Act (Law in Wales Act 1542) was Repealed then so should the Annexation it caused also be Repealed (Click for Link), this would be Similar to Repealing the Act of Union (1707) but still keeping hold of Scotland (Repeal-to Revoke or Annul). Indeed Wales is so linked with this past that in order to understand the modern relationship between Wales and England I have had to become an expert in Medieval history. As you can only move on from a situation once that situation has been fully Resolved so it no longer Effects your Present and Future. To Clarify, their are Two Different overall meanings, Aims and Objectives of Nationalism within Britain, there is a Minority Celtic Nationalism looking for Greater Equality to Level Up and failing that independence, and a Majority English Nationalism (never mentioned on the London Media) seeking to Maintain long standing Inequalities, the greatest threat of all to the UK as they have the most Power and Influence to Favour their Own UK Nation. At what point does Wales try something different? Definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result!

The authors Favoured Hope is that  the Central London English Establishment Might have a'Sudden' Change of their Historical'Mindset & Culture' so that the Four Nations of the United Kingdom could Remain in a Union, but under a New Modern Framework of Mutual Respect and Valued Co-operation (Written in Law which provides a 'Solid Legal Position', moving away from Uncertainty and therefore Purgatory, a Contract which further Legally Ensures Trust, Consequence & Accountability),with all Four Nations Benefiting Equally from Britain's 'Wealth' & 'Opportunity', with an 'Equal Presence' and 'Voice' at the 'Decision Makers Table'. As, it is Constantly said that if your Not at the Decision Makers Table, it usually Means that 'You' are on the Menu. As Wales (& Scotland) are the constant Threat of being potential 'Competitor's on their Doorstep', so need controlling. As in the UK your 'Race and Nationality Dictates your Class' through access to UK Wide Opportunity. Greater UK Power options for Example, Implementing Options such as the EU 'Veto Vote System' in the UK Parliament (to Ensure Parity of UK Power between UK Nations, but Specific to the UK), and the 'Nation Specific Criteria' Voting System (See 'Nation Specific Criteria' under 'What is Britishness' heading above) to Ensure a Greater Democratic Voice for the Welsh people within the UK, along with a Fully Functioning 'Welsh Bank' and 'Motorway Network across Wales' (mainly North to South) with the advent of Electric Cars (see further on in this Text). As well as Ensuring a Mainstream 'UK Wide Television Channel' Based Edited & Owned in Wales (& the other Celtic Home Nations) with a UK Brand (so Not seen as specifically Welsh), Similar to the London Channels who are Not promoted as specifically English (a name like GBTV for example) to promote a Welsh Media, as just a Couple of Suggestions. Which will all Assist in Achieving this Aim of Comparative Equality for a Modern Britain (and to Work Against any Separation of the UK).However, After Over '300 YEARS' Since the Undemocratic 'Act of Union' in 1707 (and Still Counting!), with No Signs of any Change in the Next 300 years, at What Point does 'HOPE' become 'STUPIDITY'?!!...

These Two Recommended 'Diametrically & Dramatically Opposing Options' of 'Independence' or 'Amalgamation' (as Contracted Equals), with a UK Parliament 'UK Nations Veto Vote' and/or Majority Vote Option for the Four Nations of the UK as a 'Compromise Option', presents as a 'Unionist' and 'Nationalist' approach, which ever is Deemed Desirable​​ and Most Effective in Promoting Prosperity for the Nation known as Wales, as Voted by the Indigenous Welsh public (see 'Nation Specific Criteria' under 'What is Britishness?' Heading above).These 'Opposite Ends of the Spectrum' 'Options' offered, present as a 'Balanced Approach', so the London associated Politicians, Political Parties and 'British Mainstream Media' cannot possibly Collaborate to try to 'Shut Down' an Independence Debate by Stating 'Nationalism' as a Slippery Slope to Independence, as a 'Unionist' Version with a Slippery Slope to 'Amalgamation' is also Seriously suggested. Wales has Never been Allowed a Specific Democratic 'Independence Vote' over the Centuries, or even a Genuine Balanced Public Independence Debate, meaning that only One Side of the Argument has Only Ever been Publicly put forward (One Side of Any Argument is Very Compelling), since England Initially "Acquired" Wales (although not all of Wales) in 1283, with the subsequent Laws in Wales Act (Annexation) in 1542 (that Actually States that Wales Must be Treated Equal with England by Law, as the Crown Recognised even then that if you want a Nation to 'Embrace Your Union' you Must Treat 'Them' the Same as You would Treat Your 'Own'!), and with the Undemocratic  'Act of Union' Creating a Britain in 1707 as a Geographic Landmass not a singular Culture. 

Wales was the perfect place to Annex and gain full Direct control of (Wales was Annexed in 1535-42) as it was the Nearest Geographical Threat, right in the belly of the beast, so to speak (the Closest other Nation to England's Beating Heart of London), why do you suppose Offa's Dyke was initially built in the first place (as a form of Defence from attack)? A Closer Threat as further Evidenced with Significantly Less Devolved Powers than Scotland and Northern Ireland from London to this Day, although Wales is seen as more of a direct Trading and Economic Threat to England (& London) these days (what a Luxury to still be able to Control your nearest Competitors!). If Wales were allowed to operate Autonomously England would Lose Considerably More than the £15 Billion Yearly Grant (of course a significant amount of that money is their own Tax coming back to them, VAT for example) they give Wales at the moment (other annual Expenses given to Wales are Directed from England, such as Policing & Judiciary, Welfare & the Armed Forces). It's just Basic Economics, otherwise Why keep a country that costs you money, London is not a Charity, they operate off cold hard Economics. Indeed, to say that England get less per head in the UK, is missing the point, not only as creative accounting could provide these figures by diluting the massive spend on English infrastructure, for example, into the vast 55 million English people, and of course getting to define what is English spend or what is UK spend, but the main point is control of the purse strings, so London get to decide which infrastructure to financially support and which ones to ignore, whilst limiting the Welsh and Scottish ability to borrow, so they could decide their own infrastructure priorities, hence the Welsh and Scottish underdevelopment compared to England.  In order to promote UK Wide infrastructure to promote Wealth across all Celtic nations and not just England, there must be a Fair NEEDS based approach. My proposal would be to allocate a one major infrastructure project per UK Nation on a rolling basis, with the necessary funding from London, separate to the Barnett Consequential, especially with the advent of Electric & Hydrogen vehicles that can be sourced Environmentally Friendly (Tidal Energy for Example, with the UK having one of the highest tidal ranges in the World). So England currently have the HS2 project, the next major infrastructure project will then be allocated to Scotland for their Parliament to decide which one would be most beneficial, then after that Wales and then Northern Ireland (going by population to save any complication), then back around to England to repeat the Cycle, with the necessary funding from London regardless of comparative cost, over say a four year cycle, with the next one starting even if the previous project has not been finished as they will know they have a four year time period, a time constraint not currently needed. Within this structure the UK Nations will become more equal and prosperous inside a generation or two. If the London Political Parties say they are Unionist's, then Prove it! To Clarify, Per Capita Spend does Not Focus on Specific NEED and is Open to Creative Accountancy especially if you are the one doing the Accounts, and 'Per Capita Spend' Most Crucially does Not Focus on 'Income Inequality' across the UK Nations (Gina index of Inequality). Per Capita Aggregate Analysis has been given little Theoretical Justification as it is to Broad and can be open to Bias and Misinterpretation.

Indeed, when it comes to identifying systemic manipulation of any sort regarding any subject matter, if you want to identify the original source, the architect then start your investigation asking one Question, once this one Question can be answered, nine times out of the ten, working backwards from there,  the rest will tend to naturally fall into to place, the miracle question is simply 'Who does it Benefit'?  So for example, in the case of having the power to restrict and control the central UK funding (holding the UK Financial Purse Strings), Who does it benefit?                                                                                                    

​​​​​​The author of this text is Not a'Unionist' or a 'Nationalist', just in 'Complete Favour' of what ever is Most Effective in Preventing the Continuous Inherited Poverty & Slander that is Ever Present in Wales due to it's Ongoing Purgatory State (using an Equality Framework that is 'Fair for All Home Nations Equally' regarding Population and Landmass, see the 'Equality Indicator' Heading Below). Furthermore when regarding such terms as Socialism, Liberalism or Conservatism (amongst others) in the UK, phrases apparently used by many Politicians and Commentators to try to give the Impression that they Know Stuff, the Questions and Debate must Not be to Pontificate terms such as 'Right or Left' (centre) they must Simply be about what is 'Right or Wrong'!... Whether Tackling Historic and Ongoing 'Welsh Poverty' means Wales'Full Amalgamating' with England (with an English only Referendum to ascertain if this is Desired by England?) but with an 'Equality Contract' in place which Will Provide a Definitive Position for Wales in Law (a Contract Required to Independently Legally Ensure Trust, Consequence & Accountability), or being 'Independent', or Staying within the Same General Format but with a Legally Sanctioned Permanent 'Veto Vote System' in the UK Parliament for all Four UK Nations as a Compromise Option to Ensure a Fairer Distribution of 'Wealth and Respect' in the UK, and if that Further Means the author has to be 'Pigeon Holed' as a Nationalist or a Unionist is 'Irrelevant'.​ But, Ultimately it must be for the Indigenous Welsh People to Democratically, for the First Time, Decide the Fate of their Own Future. Each Option Presented appears to Move Wales from a State of Inherited Historic and Ongoing Uncertainty (Purgatory) that 'Induces' Historic Continuous and Ongoing Evidenced 'Poverty' and 'Hardship'. (and If Your Reading this in 10, 20, 50 or a 150 Years Time and Wales are Still in the Same Position, then Shame on You!!...)                            

   'Poverty & Hardship are Abstract Words, But the Pain Felt by Poverty & Hardship is Very Real & Raw'!...  

to the position of possessing a 'Direction'(A Direction is Infinitely Better than 'No Direction At All', a State of being Permanently 'Directionless' Stagnant). Publicly Identifying this Permanent Purgatory State Highlights the NEED for A Direction, which  allows Wales the Opportunity to Verbally Publicly Debate and 'Explore' Beneficial Options and Alternatives as Apposed to Stagnating, which is the Consequence of No Direction of Travel at all (a Stagnant pool as Opposed to a free Flowing stream). At the Very Least Publicly Debating and Discussing these Options (although being permanently NO PLATFORMED by the London Media presents as a significant Obstacle) might Present as an Opportunity to Externally Define and Clarify a Description and Recognition of the Current and Ongoing Desperate Welsh Status as a Starting Point to Concluding Viable Beneficial Alternatives for Wales (You Need to Highlight the Problems Before you can Work on the Solutions!). However, at present (2016) a Nation's Direction Means You Must have Your Hand on the Steering Wheel, or at the Very Least a Say in Where the Driver is Taking You, with the Ability to Publicly Debate an Agreed Course, which appears to be Continuously Directly and Historically Controlled by the English Establishment Authorities.                                                                             

Staying Exactly the Same can Surely 'Not' be an Option for Wales, as it has 'Not Worked For Wales' After 300 Years and Counting!!... regardless of what London Based Political Party may in Power at Any One Time.A Different Mainstream London Based Political Party in Power in Wales (or London) from time to time, appears to be Merely Continuously Rearranging the Furniture on Leaky Ship (as Central London Government Decide Law, Politics, Business, Media, Finance anyway & Major UK Infrastructure  Projects anyway). Although a Welsh Nationalist party could provide a slightly Louder Voice as Demonstrated with the SNP in Scotland (2016)? However, all Parties in Wales essentially possess very limited UK power and influence to make a Real Difference, as apart from a Welsh Nationalist party in Wales (who possess No UK wide London based Powers) all the other Political Parties in Wales are Smaller Regional Wings of their Main Central Party Headquarter's Based, Controlled and Operated Out of London (Essentially All apparent English Nationalists Parties at Heart with Token Regional Wings?).What is Required for Wales is a 'Total Overhaul' of the 'STRUCTURE' & 'SYSTEM' of Rule, as Suggested Previously with 'Independence' or 'Amalgamation', or the Compromise Option of a 'Veto Vote' System for all Four UK Nations Within the UK Parliament).However, in the Short to Medium Term the Immediate Implementation of  a New UK 'VOTING SYSTEM' that is Fair to the UK Minority Nations as well as the Majority tribe in the UK, as the English are 85% of the UK Potential Voting Population, Wales are Only 5%  is 'Vital', as in any UK Wide Vote on UK Wide Decisions or Leaders, YOU DO THE MATHS??! (See 'Nation Specific Criteria' Heading under 'What is Britishness?' Heading Above). In addition, Countries that Already Posses an Internal Regional 'Veto Vote System' such as Canada (Quebec Region) and Belgium (Wallonia Region) have No Concerns Regarding the 'UNITY' of their Country 'BECAUSE' these Regions are Empowered with an 'Internal Veto Vote' on National Decisions. Indeed it is argued that the "Some What" Surprising Unity of the European Union's 27 Different Countries in the 'Brexit' Negotiations (2016-20??), could Only be Maintained as a 'Direct Result' of all the Vastly Different Nations in the European Union (EU) Provided with 'Equal Power on Overall Decision Making', through their EU Veto Voting System (The Obvious Glue of Any Modern Union)?!...  Now let's just go to Our Old (but Neglected) Friend 'Common Sense' at this Stage, Which Union (Regardless of How Many) is More Likely to Endure into the Future, the One that has a Democratic Equal Vote that 'Empowers' all it's Members Fairly (EU), or the Union that has One Main Power Dictating and Imposing Decisions onto Everyone Else in that Group, by Usually Favouring their Own Interests in the UK?!... Moreover, it is Important to recognise that any Comparisons of Development and Wealth must be made Directly with England, as England is were Wales should be but for Discrimination and London Restrictions. As Wales is 'Severely Underdeveloped when Compared to England' Next Door, who have the Inherited UK Power to make the Choice of who gets to be Developed and who does Not, usually Favouring their own Nation (Nationalism), HS2 as the most recent example, which might account for the Underdevelopment of the Celtic Nations, and the relative Overdevelopment of England?                                                          

​​It does appear quite Appropriate here to Quote the Common Term Regarding'INSANITY' as suggested by Albert Einstein (1925), The Definition of 'Insanity' is, 'Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again, but Expecting Different Results'!... After 300 YEARS (& Counting) of the Current Inherited Structure of Rule from England over Wales that has Only Ever Benefited England at the apparent Expense of Wales, which is Simply Evidenced by Comparing Wealth, £15 Billion for Wales & £700 Billion for England of specific annual allocated income. England has Eighteen times more people than Wales so should only have Eighteen (18) times more Wealth for their people, NotForty Seven(47) times more as is the current tally in 2016. Along with Wales Continuously being the Poorest Nation in the UK, with Some of the Same Ongoing Historic Poorest Areas in the Whole of Europe. I would like to think that the vast majority of the Indigenous general Welsh public are not Insane just ill informed with an element of NaivetyApathy or Ignorance as a Consequence of apparent Misinformation and Subtle Suggestions (the Power of Suggestion) presented through the 'All Encompassing' London Centred British Mainstream Media's (National Media Monopoly) within the UK. (Wales are 'Not Allowed' Any Mainstream 'National' UK Wide Media Outlets (Including TV Channels & a National Newspaper) by the Central London English Establishment Authorities so have No UK Wide Voice, Opinion or Right of Reply?)However, in Today's Internet World Information from all Experts all over the World whether 'For or Against' a certain argument is now instantly available to everyone, so Inequality Cannot Subtly Exist Anymore Under the Radar...                      

It does appear that as far as Wales is concerned Heaven and Hell come in varying forms, for some Welsh people the idea of 'Amalgamation' into England would be their Idea of Hell, but alternatively this scenario may be another Welsh person’s Idea of Heaven? Certain Welsh people may well call Amalgamation hell due to the loss of the Welsh Identity, however losing the Identity of the possible 'Servant' tag to England that apparently defines the Welsh current position seems to be a Positive move towards Equality. Amalgamation may also move Wales from Servant to Masters of their Own Destiny with an Equal Voice within an English format, providing a giant leap forward towards Equal Status with England, helping to create a Coalition of the Willing, as Amalgamation may provide a new ability to sit at the same table and Inform Debate as Genuine Equals (Over Time) and not as perceived Outsider's? When regarding'Independence' for Wales this Direction may also be Preferable to the Current apparent Purgatory scenario for Wales? As Wales will be able to Act and React in a manner that best suits their specific Economic and Cultural Needs, as the Republic of Ireland has managed to do by navigating

themselves out of the Global Recession created extensively by Bankers in America & London in 2008 (UK are still in Austerity measures 2016). Again for some Welsh people 'Independence' may represent their Idea of Hell but for others it may represent Heaven. This appears to be the Intermediate Purgatory State of Wales Between Heaven and Hell with each person’s Idea of Heaven or Hell being slightly different, either way Wales currently appears to be Floating in the Middle which Engenders None of the Benefits that providing a Firm Foundation for the Future could provide (A PLAN), resulting in Easily Evidenced Historic and Continuous Poverty for the Welsh people (Stagnation). However, the Compromise Option of a'Veto Vote' in the UK Parliament for all Four UK Nations could provide Wales with a Definitive Direction through the Ability to Inform Decisions at a UK Level to have an Influence on the Direction of Travel of their Own Nation (Directing Themselves Out of their Historic & Ongoing Purgatory, Stagnant State). But, Ultimately it must be for the Indigenous Welsh People to Democratically, for the First Time, Decide the Fate of their Own Future.         

Let’s look at what could constitute Heaven to most people; it does appear that
'Financial Prosperity' (& Equal Opportunity) for Wales and the Welsh people is the Utopia that would create a Heaven scenario, with 'Financial Hardship' possibly Defining Hell. One Welsh persons view may be that Independence will create less prosperity and therefore hell and others assuming that Amalgamation will make Wales less prosperous (although being Less Prosperous than the Poorest in the UK is Difficult?) therefore creating another possible hell scenario for Wales. Now let’s look at the proposal of 'Amalgamation or Independence', either way it would appear Wales would be more prosperous, let’s be brutally honest here, it cannot get much worse for Wales as they are currently one of the ongoing poorest Nations in Europe (regarding European EU funding allocation) and continuously the poorest in the UK (2016). As an Independent state Wales can Borrow (with a Financial Services Sector to Create Money for Repayments) to Invest in Infrastructure and Develop Business opportunities (Creating More Wealth) and implement competitive Business Tax rates (to attract inward investment from England & the rest of the World), as well as create a Bank and a lucrative Financial Services sector (Banking, Mortgages, Loans & Insurance), who could then keep their own money Circulating within their Welsh own borders. If Wales Amalgamates (with an 'Equality Contract' in Law to Ensure Agreed Terms are Honoured)  they could expect to be treated as equals and therefore be funded for Motorway and Infrastructure projects and allowed a Bank, as a Financially successful Wales could mean an even richer England (although this could create a problem for England as any Wealth in Wales would have to come from tapping into England).     

​However, regarding 'Independence' for Wales from the 'EUROPEAN UNION' (EU). Many English Establishment figures appear to argue that giving too much power to Europe limits their ability to make their own Decisions that would best Benefit their own English Economy, is it "TOO OBVIOUS!...'' to point out that Wales (and the other Celtic Nations) are in the same position as England feel they are in with Europe. Where Wales appears to be prevented by England from making decisions that could best Benefit their own Welsh Economy. So for a Welsh person to vote 'Leave' from Europe based purely on the lack of Welsh control over Welsh affairs & Economic Levers as a result of membership of the 'European Union' (the EU) appears 'Insane' (or demonstratesthe power of the London based Media). This is as a result of England asserting 'Significantly More' control over Wales (the Welsh Master?), the same form of control but on a very limited level that England appear to be angry about Europe asserting over them! If being Controlled from Europe is not tolerated by England as it is seen as 'Unfair' to the English Nation because of the loss of Control over their Own affairs that may disadvantage their Nation. Why would it be seen as acceptable for the same English Establishment to then still 'Impose' significantly more Control over Welsh Affairs & Economic Levers, and in doing so continuing to reaffirm and force the Inherited 'Master & Servant' association rooted very much in their Colonial Past. As contrasted to the alternative of moving towards a Modern 'PARTNERSHIP' with Wales, Liaising as Equals towards a shared goal of making the whole of the UK Stronger and Equally Prosperous (Equality & Prosperity through Partnership). However, in the absence of a Modern 'Partnership' Relationship, Wales are left with the'Bizarre Reality' where by the central English Establishment Continue to 'SUBJECT' Wales to a Harsher more Encompassing Version of what they feel is 'UNFAIR' when it is being 'IMPOSED' onto Them (by Europe)?! (It does appear that there is a Christian Moral & Formal Legal Responsibility on the Largest most Powerful force within any Union to 'Treat Others as 'YOU' would Like to be Treated'). 

If as a Welsh person you want more Control of Welsh affairs in Wales then 'Independence' from England may present as the only real alternative? Wales presenting as still in the EU but outside of the UK with Independence (EU has VETO Vote system UK does not), means that the Welsh peoples Voice through the 'EU 'VETO' VOTE' and/or Majority Vote would be Valued more and consequently appears to provide more Control for Wales over its Future (and of course ensures a larger trading market,as well as being 'PROPERLY VALUED' as Part of 27 other 'EQUAL ALLIES', with More Control and Prosperity in a Larger More Influential Club). This 'VETO' vote appears to Counter the possible argument of why Wales (or any of the Home Celtic Nation) would move from one apparent Master to another (from England to EU)? A Veto Vote in the EU on many subject areas,  prevents any one Nation Railroading decisions in the EU to benefit their own Interests at the Expense of the Other Nations, as with the UK model. Consequently, all 27 countries posses 'EQUAL' Power within the European Union on many EU decisions, whether that Country is the 'Poorest and Smallest' or the 'Largest and Wealthiest' in the EU group (Equality & Partnership)                  

In the UK it does appear that the English establishment have total control over the direction of Britain/UK whether the other three Home Nations agree or not, almost a very Subtle Mini'Dictatorship', possibly further Evidenced in 2017 with 'No' Voice or Opinions Allowed or Excepted from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland over the terms, direction and negotiations of their 'OWN' EU Brexit of the UK and the likely Power Grab of Laws coming back from Europe going straight into London that are currently devolved to the Celtic Nations (2016)? In Essence the Central English Establishment can ask the other Celtic Nations their Opinion, but if they do not agree with the Central English Establishment's approach, England will still do what they want anyway, with No course of Redress for the Celtic Nations (so can Over Rule the Celtic Nations opinions if they are Not the Same as the English Establishment's). It does appear that if this 'VETO' Model used within the EU (European Union) group could be Translated to the UK group, then this may go a Long Way in Ensuring Britain's Long Term future? Moreover, it would appear Less Challenging to Implement the 'VETO' System in the UK, as the UK Only has Four Countries to Negotiate an Agreement with, as Opposed to the 27 Countries of the EU, and of course Better a One Vote Veto Voice between 27 Countries in the EU than 'NO' Decisive Voice At All in the UK (the Historic & Current UK Format with the English Establishment in London Imposing all Decisions). Although the 'Amalgamation' alternative into England may also promote more of a say for Wales over their Own affairs, than its Current State of Ongoing Purgatory?          

​​However, as the current Welsh position may be beneficial to The English establishment they appear less fervent in their opposition to it. Indeed the British Mainstream Media do not appear to mention this obvious fact of the contradiction of England not wanting to be controlled whilst simultaneously controlling Wales, at all, of course the English establishment do apparently control all the British Mainstream Media, which could be an explanation? Wales appear's so remote from the Westminster Governments minds, that they do not appear to even understand the obvious and glaring'CONTRADICTION!..'they have created when arguing for less interference and control from Europe over their own affairs, whilst simultaneously possessing and exercising 'Significantly More' control over the Affairs of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland!? Although the 'Amalgamation' option into England offered in this text as an alternative to the current state of continuous Purgatory for Wales, could also be a beneficial avenue towards the reduction of Economic Hardship for the people living in the Welsh regional area? 

The Present Welsh condition is Demonstrating in no uncertain terms that Wales is Poor, indeed is continually the Poorest in the Wealthy country of the UK, with Some of the Poorest areas in the Wealthy region of Western Europe, to put this into context Britain is the Fifth (5th) Wealthiest country in the whole World (IMF outlook 2017) out of all the 196 Countries World Wide. Clearly this evidence suggests that their must be a Serious Issue with allocation of funds from the central English Establishment within the UK (England's annual income £700 Billion, Wales annual income £15 Billion)? Perhaps if Wales were to be Better Off in their Current and Ongoing state of being Directionless & Floating Aimlessly in Limbo (Purgatory), it would have Happened Already, as it has had Three Hundred (300) Years Since the Act of Union for 'Britain' in 1707 to Iron out any Kinks!? Actually the act of Union for England and Wales was in 1535 (the Laws in Wales Act 1535, which actually states that their should be direct Equality between England & Wales), although I am quite sure that Wales did not have to much of a 'Democratic' Choice regarding any of these Historic arrangements (Indeed in the Whole History of Wales (Centuries) they have Never been Allowed a Specific Democratic 'Independence' Referendum Vote by their apparent ongoing English Master's)? So for Wales there has been in effect almost 500 Years (and Counting) of the current system of rule from England to Iron Out any Kinks, but hay who's Counting (Clearly Not the Welsh!..). However, as stated by the philosopher George Santayana (1863-1952), 'Those who do Not Remember the Past are Condemned to Repeat it'.The Failure to remember any key elements of Welsh History in Wales may link into No independent unbiased view of Welsh history presented on the apparent English establishment UK Wide Mainstream Media (Wales are Not Allowed any National Mainstream Media Presence) and also very little specific Welsh history being taught in Welsh schools, only really taught history from an English perspective (Kings,Queens of England & the First/Second World Wars), which means the Unpleasant & Embarrassing bits of British History that may have harmed Welsh people through the English establishment, can be Edited Out. Perhaps this is mainly because a lot of the Structures of apparent Historic Colonial Oppression still appear Present in some form or other Today (2016)? As quoted by George Orwell (1903-1949) 'He who Controls the Past Commands the Future'. Clearly the 'EVIDENCE' and 'COMMON SENSE' Dictates that More of the Same 'Poverty & Slander'' will be the Inheritance the Current Generation of Welsh people Leave to their Children as the Previous Generations Left to Them, for the Next 500 Years and Counting, if nothing is Challenged and Opened to Mainstream UK Public Debate Now. If You Tolerate this Now, then your Children and Family 'Will' be Next (2016)?!                     

In addition, It always quite amusing when the Central London English Establishment apparently suggest that Wales Could Not be an Independent Country due its Small and Problematic Economy, 


as the Central London English Establishment have Ultimate Control of Welsh Finance (which impacts on Infrastructure Projects & Banks), Law, Business, Politics and Tax in Wales. ​"Coincidentally", previous English Establishment politicians had also apparently used the same argument against independence for their previous Colonies of 'Small Country, Small Economy' such as with the successful independent Nation of the Republic of Ireland in 1922, the Celtic Tiger Economy, who are Now (2016) one of the Richest Countries in Europe (per Capita), the main Independent Country most Similar to Wales and the Other Celtic Home Nations in Geography, Size & History. Moreover, a 'Financially Viable' Wales (Scotland & Northern Ireland) may only Bolster the Argument for their Independence in the Mind's of the English Establishment, through Reducing the other Celtic Home Nation's 'Dependency' on England, and Proving Autonomous Viability. This apparent Restriction on Wales's ability to Grow Economically can be Described as almost an Historic & Continuous 'INFANTALIZATION' of Wales (keeping as a Child) by not Allowing Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland to Grow and Mature as a Nation for possible Fear of them wanting Eventual Independence, which could lead to the English Establishment losing their Main Vital Economic and Social Commodities, which are Strategically and Geographically right on their doorstep?  As Wales (& Scotland) are the potential 'Competitor's on their Doorstep', so need controlling.            

Equally, as England Control Wales they Control the Ability to Grow the Welsh Economy or Not, of course due to Wales being right in the 'Belly of the beast', so to speak, regarding Geography, then for every Pound/Dollar Wales gets this could be seen by England as Directly Taking from them? Why would the apparent 'Master' allow the 'Servant' to 'Equally Compete' Financially 'IN' and 'OPERATE OUT OF' the Same Market Space as them, that they Own (Britain), that would mean more Competition for English Establishment companies (& people) and therefore less Money for England. Just to possibly illustrate this Point, there appears to be either NO or very Limited specific Welsh Based 'British Dominant' Companies Serving  'Essential & High Income Business Areas Representing the Whole of  Britain, (so possibly Manipulating Competition in the UK?). Similar to the 'British Dominant' English Based and Established Companies,in High Income Sector's such as British Pharmaceuticals with Glaxosmithkline (for Production) & Boots (for retail), Shell Oil & British Petroleum (BP) in British Oil and Fuel, British Airways (BA), Flybe & Easyjet Airways as well as Virgin Airways in British Aviation (Virgin group owned by an apparent English establishment Billionaire), BAE Systems in British Aeronautics, P&O and Brittany Ferries in British Ferry Companies, Tesco's, Morrisons, Marks & Spencer, Waitrose & Sainsburys in British Supermarkets, Bird's Eye, Warburtons, Britvic, Unilever, McVities, Cadbury's & schweppes in British Food and Beverages, Vauxhall motors (English established) producing mainstream British Cars, Jaguar, Range Rover, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce and Bentley (English established) in BritishLuxury Cars, Barclays, HSBC & LLoyds in British Banking & Mortgages, Prudential, Standard Life and Aviva in British Insurance Companies(Admiral Insurance is Not a Welsh owned company)Reebok & Umbro in British Sports WearMarks & Spencer, Next, Topshop and ASOS in British Clothing Outlets, British Water companies as well as Electric and Gas companies, including 'British Gas' (many since sold for profit to foreign companies) in BritishEssential Utilities(See p99 in the Free PDF Book Provided under the 'Home' Heading Above, under the 'Keeping the Energy Companies Honest in Wales' section), The Royal Mail in the British Postal Service (since privatized for profit), Virgin Media, British Sky Broadcasting (BSB) & British Telecom (BT) in British Telecommunications Infrastructure and Broadband Internet Connections, WPP a London based Multinational Advertising Company that own numerous advertising agencies in British Advertising & Marketing, Virgin Rail in British Transport, Heathrow & Gatwick Britain's largest International Airports 'allowing themselves Lucrative Long Haul flights', The Mirror, The Times, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Sun & Daily Telegraph in British National Mainstream Newspapers (the Tabloid and Broadsheet press), Hello, OK, Cosmopolitan & British Vogue in British National Mainstream Magazines (amongst 100's more), Charles Dickens, Agatha Christie, William Shakespeare, Beatrix Potter, George Orwell, J.K. Rowling & Ian Fleming (amongst many more) in British Authors, the BBC & Channel 4 (With all it's 'Add On' Associated Channels) in London Based British Publicly Funded Mainstream Broadcasting, Virgin,Talk Talk & British Sky Broadcasting in British Cable & Satellite Provision, ITV & Channel 5 (with all it's Add On Associated Channels) in London Based Independently Funded Mainstream British Broadcasting (amongst Many more), Damien Hurst, Lucian Freud, David Hockney, J.M.W Turner, Tracey Emin & Banksy amongst many others (all White & English) inBritish Art, Vodaphone, E3, Virgin, Tesco, & O2 in British Mobile Phone & Network Provision....and so on and so forth, the list appears endless?!.....  As Wales (& Scotland) are the potential 'Competitor's on their Doorstep', so need controlling.            

Equally, it has always struck me as quite Odd that their should be G20 Group Summits of the Worlds Wealthiest Nation's to strategize and work together to bolster their prosperity (who do not need collective support) and not a Separate One for the Less Powerful Smaller Countries, Nations and Races from around the World (a G20 from the bottom up as opposed to the top down) who would Thrive More in Trade & Commerce between themselves (& as a Block to wealthier countries) with a Stronger Collective Equality Voice on the World Stage, Within a  Genuine Democratic Veto Vote Collective!?...                                   

Furthermore, although all these Identified Business Sectors mentioned above could have Extensive Text Written on them, the author would like to Focus on the British (English?) Film Industry Worth £Billions for a Moment, with recent (to this text being created in 2016) Films like, The Theory of Everything, The Kings Speech, The Iron Lady, Harry Potter, James Bond, Sherlock Holmes, The Darkest Hour & The Queen, amongst many many more. Usually with a Backdrop of London (for apparent Tourism, Advertising & Prestige Benefits?) with Mainly English Actors/ Actresses/ Producers & Directors, Predominantly Funded Mainly from Within the Central London English Establishment and their Associates, commonly using English Based or Owned Studio's, Promoting Predominantly Only Historic 'English Establishment Figures' (Real or Fictional), such as English Kings & Queens, Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher & Stephen Hawkins to name but a few, with many more to come no doubt? (As a Matter of Interest, How Many Large Budget British Films (Specifically Through the London Based 'British Film Industry') Promoting Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland have you Noticed Lately?...). To Easily Evidence this apparent Bias Assertion, Notice How Many English People have had the 'Opportunity' to Win 'Oscars' Working in Only Specifically 'English Productions' (some stated above), with almost no English Establishment actors winning an Oscar outside of their own London studio'sFurther possibly Evidenced by 'Comparing' the Only three Welsh 'Oscar' Winners Who All apparently were Forced to go to America (Due to Lack of 'Opportunity' in Britain) and Had to Work Outside of the British (English?!) Film Industry, apparent Interconnected Club Based predominantly in London, such as the Welsh Oscar Winners Hugh Griffith in Ben Hur (1959), Anthony Hopkins (1992) for Silence of the Lambs & Catherine Zeta Jones for Chicago (2003), 'All In American Productions Only'?!...                                   

Just these Few Business Sector Examples may be able to provide some Evidence as to how the possible Control from the Central London English Establishment in Britain, could allow 'Opportunity' & Domination' for English Establishment Connected and Based Companies/People (as well as Some Selected Very Wealthy Foreign Companies or People), whilst possibly Preventing Fair access to Lucrative British Markets to People and Companies Deemed as Outside of the Majority tribe (or English Establishment Member Connections) within the UK? Further, alleged Recent Examples (to this text being Created) of Higher Hierarchical Level English Establishment Manipulation within Britain, appears to be the Sale of ROYAL MAIL (Privatisation) in 2013 and then the further Sale of existing Shares in 2015, Sold Under Market Value (JP Morgan Valuation at the Time £10 Billion Sold for £6 Billion) withNo or Limited Private Investors (From the General Public) Allowed to Buy Shares (Who would be Outside of the English Establishment Club?) Simply put, it appeared that the English Establishment's Selected Members were  provided the Oppoerunity to Buy Shares at an 'Under Value Rate', for those Members to then, the next week or so, Sell those Shares on the World Wide Market at their 'Genuine Market Value' (Making Between Them £Billions). A Further alleged Example of possible English Establishment Interlinked Exploitation is the Constant Use of Large Privately Set Up Companies that the Government Favour to use for Major Contracts, commonly known as 'Out Sourcing' (Possibly Instead of putting the Contracts out 'Directly' for Any Other smaller Already Existing Companies in that Sector to Bid For?!). Apparently these Private Companies can be Quickly set up (or already available to branch out to other sectors, which might explain why so many of these large companies are involved in a multitude of different sectors?) by English Establishment Members to do Various Contracts for the Government (of course it appears that any UK Government will all Mainly be English Establishment members, which is to say predominantly went to the Same Schools, & are a similar Class and Race?) with these Private Companies then Guaranteed Lucrative Contracts and Public Money (apparently linked to all Large UK Government Money Sources such as the NHS & the UK Housing Market as just a few examples) which can be Filtered as Profit for their alleged Embedded English Establishment Members who are the Share Holders (apparently CARRILLION in Construction & Services as well as G4S in Prisons & Security, CAPITA in Job Seekers Services & BBC Licence Fee Management, amongst Numerous other examples?). Just to focus on the UK housing market for a minute, it appears that English Establishment connected companies and associates who own or run the housing construction industry, are allowed by their associates in government to limit the amount of houses available at any one time in order to ensure a limited supply which means they can charge more for any house that they build (more houses available the cheaper they will be, so apparently controlling supply & demand to maximise profit)?                                           

To possibly present this'Out Sourcing' in its Simplest Form, these Companies act as apparent 'Middle Men' (or 'Women'), so say for a possible example a 'Middle Man Company' gets £100 from the Government (Tax payers money) to Undertake a Government Contract, this 'Middle Man Company' can then Hire a Contracting Company, Who Specialise in the Work Required for say £70, to do the Job, and then Keep the Rest for Themselves as Profit. The General Public may Describe these Middle Men(or women) as 'Fat Cats' or 'Big Bosses', this text Highlights them Specifically as apparent Central London English Establishment Members (Because You Have to be Connected to Power to Gain these Roles within Britain, Otherwise Everyone Would be Doing It, Being a 'Middle Person' does Not Require Any Tangible Skill Set or Talent, 'Just Connections'!...) Remember these people who set up the companies (or Own Existing 'Middle Men' Companies) are not there because they are Talented in any Particular Field (which Might Further Account for Frequent Failures), but because they are Socially Connected through Family & Friends with further Boarding School & Elite University Educational Connections, which might Explain why Nearly all of these Private Companies are Usually Deemed as Incompetent (Think of all the Government Computer Systems Contracts (NHS & Jobcentre) or the Introduction of New Schemes (Welfare to Work scheme A4E Contracted by the Government) & Projects (the O2 Centre in London, the White Elephant, amongst many others) over the years that have Failed with the Money seemingly 'Lost to No Where')? Not too sure How is it even Possible to Fail with Guaranteed Government Contracts & Income, although if these UK Connected Companies start Competing Internationally (On A Level Playing Field) Outside of their apparent English Establishment Connection Base in Britain, this Might Provide an Explanation ('Carrillion' in Saudi Arabia as a possible example)?                                              

To possibly Further Limit Welsh Business Opportunity, as Wales is Branded with this 'Sheep Shagger' Label, apparently through the Central London English Establishment, it also becomes very Difficult and Awkward for WELSH TOURIST ATTRACTIONS (a £Billion Industry across the UK) to sell 'BRAND WALES' as it can be directly Linked with an Embarrassing, Undesirable and Inappropriate Association. This tainted reputation may also affect the Motivation for outside Businesses to want to Associate themselves with Wales (we all 'Initially' Embrace people with a Good Reputation and are Wary of those with a Supposed Bad one)?  However, much of the Discrimination in the UK appears to be Undertaken in a 'Subtle, Less Obvious Manner', but although 'Less Open and Better Hidden than in Other Countries', the Desired End 'Outcome' of the English Establishment apparently Favouring their Own, but Discriminating against people perceived as Outside of their Majority tribe (& Central London English Establishment) in the UK (Racism), is still apparently achieved as if it were done by an 'Authoritarian State'? Perhaps Before the UN in 1945 and the Introduction of International Laws & Conventions (the Colonial Era) the English Establishment had No Need to be so skilled at Hiding their Works as there was no International Consequences at that time to Humanitarian Discrimination, Oppression, Abuse and Corruption? And of course if any Country wants to Project to the World that they are a Beacon of Democracy, but also then Highlight other Countries for Unethical Behaviour, then the Image they Present must be Carefully Crafted and Manicured to try to be Beyond Reproach. After Centuries of Colonialism the English Establishment appear to have Learnt through Previous Ownership of the USA and the Republic of Ireland (for example) that Overt Force Creates an Independence Movement (Self Fulfilling Prophecy) the very thing they would try to prevent? However, alternatively possible Subtle Covert Manoeuvring of Bias, Discrimination & Oppression that is Not Highlighted (Media Control?) and Immediately Obvious can then create 'Plausible Deniability', which appears to Starve an apparent Oppressed Nation of any Indisputable Tangible Evidence that can Engage the Silent Oppressed Majority, which Physical Force always provides (Physical Force Cannot be 'Plausibly Denied' as it will be Fully Open, Documented & Evidenced), Evidencing Force has apparently Historically been used as the Most Effective Common Unifying Factor against Suppression in the Past? However, the One Flaw to any apparently Carefully Crafted Plan is that although it is almost Impossible to Evidence a Persons 'Internal Intentions' (Unless of Course they Admit to it Directly, which is Highly Unlikely), it is however possible to Evidence 'Patterns of Behaviour' that, 'Over Time', can be Evidenced by Continuous Specific Outcomes (always predominantly in one person's favour?). A Normal Behaviour Pattern, 'Over Time', Would Possess Areas of Bias and Non-Bias Randomly through a given Time Period, but A Pattern of Bias Can Be Identified if it is the Continuous Over Riding Theme and Outcome in Most Situations. A person Seeking to possibly Deceive can Hide or Deny How they Do It, But they Cannot Hide or Deny the Intended Overall Evidenced Outcome, Particularly if it appears to be Continuously in their Favour (Especially Pertinent if the Person(s) Suspected of possible Bias Behaviour Possess the Ultimate Power to Alter Outcomes In Their Favour!...). This Contemporary Theory can be Described as 'The Pattern of Intent'.                                       

Obviously if the 'Independence Alternative' for Wales is your preferred choice then Welsh Versions (based and produced in Wales) to the previously mentioned English based, owned and created Brands and Services, could be produced to provide Competition in the UK along with greater Industry, Finance and Prosperity for Wales. Also lower Tax levels (Corporation & Business amongst many others) could be introduced to attract Business out of England into Neighbouring Wales, creating more Jobs and Opportunity in Wales (amongst many many other options) and of course Wales could have their Own Financial Services Industry . Alternatively, if as a Welsh person the 'Amalgamation Alternative' (as Equals, with an Equality Contract to ensure rights) is your preference then the English Establishment may perceive Wales, over time as 'One of their Own' and therefore allow greater powers to explore competing UK companies based in the Wales region in the future?        

So regardless whether you as a Welsh person perceive Amalgamation or Independence as Heaven or Hell (or even an Equality Contract in Law), the basic facts appear to suggest that either option would make Wales Financially better off than the current Welsh condition of ongoing 'Purgatory'. So by definition creating Heaven or Heaven, a Win-Win situation regardless whether Amalgamation or Independence is your preference. The terms Heaven and Hell are abstract terms however, the Pain felt by Poverty is very Raw, Physical and Real. A move to either one of the suggestions put forward would appear to go a long way in finally providing a firm 'Direction of Travel' for Wales, whether that direction is considered good, bad or indifferent by certain factions within Wales, it is Better than Continuously doing 'Nothing' (Directionless) and continuing to Stagnate, these options proposed can alleviate the current and ongoing Welsh Poverty Pain?  

However, many People ask the Question that, 'Because Inequality is so Easily Evidenced in the UK (& in Many Other Countries), 'Why' Doesn't the Wider Mass General Public Make More of these Inequalities and Seem to almost Give the Impression of Accepting it'?... The Answer (apart from a Selective No Platforming Media) appears to lie in Maslow's Hierarchy of Need? Which is to Say, that a Person has Immediate Priorities in their Lives, that take up all their Focus and the Majority of their Time. The Main Priorities are Providing Physiological (Physical) Needs, such as Food, Water, Safety, Housing, Clothing, along with Securing and Maintaining Employment to be able to try to Pay Bills to Maintain these Basic Needs, with the further Focus on trying to Maintain Personal, Working and Family Relationships (whilst trying to provide Basic Needs), as Most People are 'Financially Insecure' (so Must Focus Primarily on Work to Maintain, they and their Families Basic Needs). Moving onto Addressing and Pontificating Abstract Areas regarding Psychological Needs, Wider Society and it's Social Structures that may Damage National Prosperity, Self Esteem and Confidence at a Psychological Level. Along with the ultimate Time to Develop Creativity to Highlight and Address Inequality that are mostly 'Not Immediately Obvious' as a Priority (even though Subtly it Controls & Defines their Whole Existence), for Most People is an 'Abstract Existential Luxury' that most people simply Cannot Afford to Devote Time, Thought or Energy towards (as they are Not Personally Immediate, Directly Impacting Priorities). Meaning that most people are Systemically Kept on the Basic Needs and Lower Levels of the Maslow Triangle. As it appears 'No Coincidence' that most of the Prominent Thinkers in History Either came from Affluent Families or where Sponsored by Affluent People (who had their 'Basic Needs Permanently Assured') to Allow them the Time and Space to Think Unimpeded (away from the Day to Day Basic Worries & Needs), such as Einstein, Freud, Darwin, Marx, Buddha, Socrates & Aristotle as Examples (the writer of this text as a Christian has needs met, something some people would not understand, but this is not a Theological Text so no explanation is required). 




The Problem of ENVIRONMENT V's ROADS has already been Solved with Electric & Hydrogen Cars

When the English establishment undertook the ROADS TO PROSPERITY Project in the 1950's-60's it is Very Noticeable and 'EASILY EVIDENCED' that Wales appears to have been Excluded from the Financial Benefits that being provided with a Fully Functioning Motorway Network would provide. Let’s assess the term ROADS TO PROSPERITY clearly the thinking behind implementing a Motorway Network is to provide 'Prosperity' by allowing workers, components, goods, and services to be transported easily and effectively from one location to another through-out England. In order for a Factory (for example) to produce an item they need a transport system that allows the Free Flow of Parts and Labour into the factory and then the Free Flow of the finished product out of the factory to other regions or sea/airports to be sold in various locations​ (Producer & Consumer). Furthermore, 'Electric' Vehicles (Phasing out Petrol & Diesel Vehicles regards Environmental concerns) in the Direct Future (they actually Exist Now) Would also 'Require Roads', 'A Flat Running Surface'!.Or Even If New Technologies such as 'Driverless Vehicles' do Become Common Place in World Wide Transport, they will still 'Need' Adequate Motorways and Roads to Function... As a Matter of Interest, Who in the World's 'Most Advanced Countries' are Digging Up Their Roads or Stopping Building saying 'We Don't Need Them Now' (or in the Future)!?.... Moreover, In Order to  Allay Environmental Concerns of Finally Building an Adequate Motorway Systems in Wale. The More Prosperous Wales is in the Future the More Finance that will then be Available to Invest in their 'Own Renewable Energy Projects' to 'OFF SET' any Initial Environmental Concerns regarding the actual Building of any Motorway. So Not having to Rely on London to Fund 'Planned' 'Renewable Energy Projects' such as Tidal Energy (Swansea Tidal Bay Project Rejected by the UK Government in 2018, along with the Electrification of the Rail Line from Cardiff to Swansea) and Wind Energy in the Future. Both Resources Wales has an Abundance of, indeed the Seven Estuary in South Wales has the Second Highest Tidal Range in the World, also the Tide Comes In and Out Every Day so is a Constant as Opposed to Wind or Solar that Rely on Certain Weather Conditions. To Clarify, Wales has some Limited powers on Road building now since Devolution and the Government of Wales Act 2006, but still have no powers to borrow the money needed for larger infrastructure projects (North/South Connection for Example), this can only be provided through the UK Parliament in London. I call this the "Porsche effect", whilst I might be free to buy a Porsche car, if I do not have the money that freedom then is pointless.

However, If the Developers of the Motorways are 'Acutely Aware' of the Financial Benefits to a Country or Nation of a Fluid, Wide Ranging 'Motorway System' which Obviously appears to be the case, when Reflecting on the Name of the Project  'ROADS TO PROSPERITY, then why would these Planners Fail to Link the Whole of Wales into this English Motorway Network that Promises So Much Prosperity!? (A further possible Historic & Ongoing Act of 'Omission', which 'Fifty Years Later' (2016) seems to Also Now Include the New HS2 Project, with more to follow in the future, no doubt?). The Only Conclusion that can be Drawn is that the Developers who Planned and Undertook this Mass Road Building Project where apparently Directed by their Superiors (the English Establishment?) to make the Conscious Decision to Exclude Wales from any Financial Prosperity that Motorways will Inevitably Create (apparently Structurally Ring Fencing the Prosperity & Opportunity for Prosperity into England Only?). Also possibly further Demonstrated and Evidenced with a Multitude of Other Restrictions on Welsh General Transport Infrastructure (One apparent Omission of Wales through the 1960's British Motorway System may be a Coincidence, But an Historic & Constant Series of Occasions appears to have Created an Ongoing 'Pattern of Behaviour' that can be Clearly Evidenced, HS2 & HS3 for Example!..) in Wales, for Example 'NO' Under Ground Tube Rail Network anywhere in Wales, 'NO' Public Tram Systems and 'NO' International Long Haul Air Flights (so Welsh people are forced to use a London or English Airport) any where in Wales, along with 'NO' Electrified Train Lines (One allegedly promised for Cardiff some time in the Future, although the one promised for Swansea has since been Cancelled?), but these Facilities have been Extensively Utilised In and Around English Cities for 'Decades' (2016)!.. It would appear that If the Closest Geographically Competing Nation to England (On The Same Landmass) had an Effective Transport System Linked into and within their Own Nation of England, then companies (Oversea's or Local) could just as Easily use Wales as their Base as Opposed to England, Thus potentially Taking Profit, Jobs, Prosperity and Wealth Out From England into Neighbouring​ Wales.However, it would be Nonsensical for the English Establishment authorities as the apparent Master who Possess Inherited Power Over Wales (their Servant?) to Allow Wales to Compete on a Even Playing Field in the UK, if the Result is Less Wealth for the Inherited Historic Master (England)?! As Wales (& Scotland) are the potential 'Competitor's on their Doorstep', so need controlling.            

It is also Interesting to Note the Modern day Equivalent of the ROADS TO PROSPERITYProject (2016), which is the proposed High Speed (HS2) Rail route commencing construction in 2017 at a projected cost of anywhere between 50 to 104 £Billion (of course projects always goes over budget), and the further proposed High speed Rail link (HS3) at a projected cost of 10 to 15 £Billion planned between Manchester and Leeds in the North of England, to provide a more amalgamated Economic Power House in the North of England. Again if you follow the route of the HS2 link it runs straight through the Spine of England totally Ignoring Wales. Perhaps even more Evidence that the possible thought process of Ignoring Wales in the 1950’s within an apparent 'Inherited Colonial English establishment Mindset', may still be Alive and Well in Modern times, and indeed shows No signs of Ever Changing, the apparent Inherited Master & Servant Association? Please see the Map of the proposed HS2 Rail Route provided below.

Notice on the Modern (2016) HS2 Route Map provided below, how the HS2 Route Obviously 'Ignores Wales Completely', Leaving the Whole Nation of Wales Out of Any Financial Gains this proposed Route could Provide, whilst Simultaneously Bolstering England’s Financial Potential, an Already Wealthy Nation (The last phase to Scotland has been largely forgotten about). Indeed, Wales do not even have any Direct Victorian Rail Link from the North to South through Wales, to try to Even Out the Welsh Economy, it runs through England (Shrewsbury).  














When the terms ‘Excluding’ and ‘Ignoring’ are alluded to in the previous paragraphs, it does appear Beneficial at this stage to refer to the Map of the British Motorway System provided below Constructed in the 1950's/60's. Notice how the "British" Motorway System appears to skirt around Wales, with many Motorways Actively Stopping At or Around the Welsh Border Area, M50(South), M54(Mid), M56(North)


​​The Initial Areas to Focus on with the Motorway System Map provided above (Motorway's are Considered Vital Wealth 'Arteries' for any Country or Nation in the World), is Firstly the Enormous amount of Motorway Created in England as Compared to Wales (not to mention Main ‘A’ road’s, which are roads with two lanes and highlighted in pink on the Map above). 'Wales' Possess'75' Miles of Motorway (Part of the M4) and 'England' Possess '2173' Miles. But more specifically look at the M50, the M54 and the M56, Notice how they appear to be Deliberately Prevented from moving into Wales, Dramatically Stopping At or Around the Welsh Border. Clearly when Undertaking, Developing and Planning a Motorway a Huge amount of 'Scrutiny' and 'Fore Thought' is required, could it just be a Coincidence that three separate Motorway routes in three different areas of Wales (South Wales - M50, Mid Wales - M54 and North Wales - M56) all stop roughly at or towards the Welsh border? This lack of a fluid Motorway System for Wales (Vital Wealth 'Arteries') Significantly Inhibit the Welsh people and their Businesses ability by Failing to provide an Infrastructure that could Support Prosperity and Growth within the Whole of Wales? In summary, it appears No Coincidence that the Only Relatively Wealthy Region of Wales through out the Decades Follows the 'Short M4 Corridor' in South Wales, the Only Motorway in Wales?!....  Furthermore, to suggest that there is No Need for a North South Connection Motorway in Wales (to Re-balance the Welsh Economy and Drag Wealth in from England) because the current Single Lane Winding Road is Not Used Enough, is clearly 'Insane' and 'Nonsensical' (Nigel Smith University of Leeds Click for Link), as if you Build it they will Come, every Countries Economy Follows their Access Routes (Follow England's Motorways as an Example), whilst also bearing in mind the Obvious Future use of Electric Vehicles regards Environmental Concerns, as you can't 'Uninvent the Car', and Autonomous Travel. Indeed it is extremely Naive to even think so, even most increased public transport will have to use Roads for access in some form or other, although the idea that people will opt to be herded like cattle on someone else's timetable to replace the Car is Nonsensical? In a poor country like Wales it is unfortunate that trying to build a motorway link from North to South is being thought about now when environmental concerns are paramount, but it should have happened in the 1960's anyway when England built their Motorway System. However, the positive is that the last 50 years of No North South Connection in Wales has inadvertently prevented those years of pollution in old polluting engines, so doing it now, could be right at the right time when electric cars (vehicles) can now minimise the impact. But it Needs to happen to drag Wales out of its Ongoing Poverty, as Not having a viable North South connection in Wales has also kept Wales Poor. Yet it is possible to be environmentally aware and reduce pollution, along with try to reduce poverty at the same time, as the unfortunate reality is that they have to go hand in hand, indeed there needs to be a strong economy to pay for environmental projects and adaptations, as 'you Can't have the Environment Without No People and the People Without No Environment', the best you can do is try to create as effective a Balance as possible, as the undeniable fact is that people who create pollution, 'do Exist', as the Environment and People can never be Mutually Exclusive of each other. Although, it is interesting to note that the majority of people that oppose roads usually live within the proposed road's area, so are they genuinely concerned about the Environment or is it just that they do not want their view or house prices affected, as you do not tend to see these people out protesting so vociferously when a road is proposed in another area of the UK, away from their own area?

It's not just that the Current Road from South to North Wales is Slow and Inadequate so people do not tend to use it, the main reason is that there is no 'REASON TO USE IT', as outside Business and therefore Employment Only comes to areas that have Accessible Infrastructure. There are No (or very limited) Jobs to go to in Mid Wales (& therefore limited people living there or using the A470), because there are No Adequate Connecting Routes, and therefore No Reason to make the Effort to Travel Through Mid Wales to get to North Wales, which is usually done at the moment via any other convoluted alternative routes going the 'Long Way Round' through England's Vast Motorway Network anyway (which most people would have to use instead of the A470 because it is more Convenient with Less Hold Ups, so would Obviously show Limited Signs of Actual A470 Use and Bottle Necks anyway) using England's M50, M5 & M6. Commuting to Work being the Primary Reason a Person Travels a Certain Route on a Daily Basis (if you have a Fully Functioning Motorway it will bring in outside Business and therefore Jobs along that route, look at the M4 for Example)!?... However, It appears essential for England to spread Wealth from London to have a North South Connection route through their already existing Motorways (since the 1960's), even in modern times with the new HS2 route, but obviously Wales does not matter in spreading any relative Wealth from Cardiff throughout Wales (Double Standards anyone), which appears a Basic Divide and Conquer Tactic!? If you want to know how Important Motorways are look at the Importance England places on them, and of course better Road Connections in Wales means more External Business coming into Wales, a Direct Competitive Threat to England Next Door. Indeed, Obviously the Report from Nigel Smith from Leeds University in England in 2015, who's Report also Covered the whole UK (with very Limited Focus on Wales), with the author Connected to the UK National Audit Office in London (Since 2013), England Click for Link, might Obviously come with a Bias agenda, as it is Not an Independent Report by Wales (there are many Universities in Wales), Focusing on the Needs and Concerns of Wales (Why would you take Advice from a Representative of a Potential Competitor, in England, at Best that's Naive, at Worst it's Stupid and even Complicit?). Consequently, England is Historically the Only Nation in Britain with a Full 'North to South' Functioning Motorway Connection??... Indeed, Wales do not even have any Victorian Rail Link from the North to South through Wales, it runs through England (Shrewsbury). So Welsh people cannot even Rely on a Rail Network to get from North to South Wales through the Spine of Wales in the Absence of a Motorway, creating accessible areas and therefore an Economy along the route, such as the proposed HS2 route in England, although England already have an extensive Victorian Rail Network from South to North.

Please see the Map of the UK from Space at Night Time provided below, which is the 'Most Effective Way to Evidence' how Development and therefore Prosperity Will Tend To Follow the Road (Transport) Network of a Country and Highlighting UNDERDEVELOPMENT. Note how the only Motorway in Wales, the 'M4' Motorway in South Wales (on the left hand side of the Bristol sign on the map provided) is the Main Developed Area of Wales Which Directly Follows the M4 Corridor Route (also a little in the North Following the smaller 'A55' two lane road, under the Liverpool sign on the map), with any Development and Transport Infrastructure in England Stopping well in Advance of the Whole Welsh Eastern Border. Additionally, Observe how in England (who have Possessed a Full Network of Motorways from North to South and Beyond for Decades) have managed to Develop the 'Main Central Spine of their Nation' from 'North to South' (London (south), through Birmingham (Mid) to Manchester & Liverpool (North), then Notice the Big Black Mass of Emptiness and Underdevelopment along the 'Central Spine of Wales' (the Heart of Wales) when Compared to England's, or as the author of this text calls it,'The Black Hole of Wales' or collectively across the Great Britain, 'The Celtic Black Holes', Wales and Scotland's 'Spine', South to North, in England South to North is considered generally London to Manchester region. Now Imagine, if you can, the Difference 'just One' Motorway Running Through that Main'Central Spine of Wales' Connecting all Routes in between (as Clearly Demonstrated on the Map below in England for Decades, London- Manchester region) would Progressively make to Future Welsh Overall Development and Prosperity, you do Not see Light because their is No or very Limited Development in that area (particularly with the Future advent of the Widespread use of Electric & Hydrogen Non Polluting Vehicles, along with Driverless Vehicles)?!... 



​​However, unfortunately according to the 'Laws of Common Sense', it would appear that if Wales had Improved Internal Transport Access towards the Lucrative English Market (with No 'Tangible Benefit' for English Companies to Access the Very Limited Welsh market in 'Return') as Wales is Consistently the Poorest Nation in the UK with England being by Far the Wealthiest over the Border, then there would No advantage to England in Connecting into the relatively Poor Welsh Economic Market (Only Wales would benefit as the Poorer Nation). Furthermore, England creating more Fluid Access to their 'Lucrative English Market' for Wales would also create More Competition for English Companies in their Own Local Market Places, an Obviously Undesirable Outcome for English Border Towns, Cities & Regions (also remember even the name 'Wales' is the ongoing Old English (Anglo-Saxon) Word for 'Foreigners', so the Other, Outsiders, a perception still apparently evident  to this day). ​​Equally, International companies currently based in England, due to Poor Transport Links in Wales could feasibly Relocate to Wales, whilst further promoting the prospect of Wales then possibly being further considered by other International Companies for any future UK wide plans? As a possible consequence England may Not posses the Historic NecessaryMotivation to want to Develop a Fluid Contact Route from Wales (or into Wales) at their End (Starting Directly Adjacent to the English/Welsh Border to Provide a Seamless Route with no Bottle Necks),which might account for the M56 (North Wales), M54 (Mid Wales) and M50 (South Wales) in England Stopping Well in Advance of the Whole Length of the Welsh Eastern Border with England, apparently seeming to Historically Obstruct Welsh Companies (& People's) Direct Access to the Most Lucrative and Largest Market space in the UK?...  As Wales (& Scotland) are the potential 'Competitor's on their Doorstep', so need controlling. With London creating the Narrative through their Media of an Imbalance in wealth in Wales between the North and the South, pitting North against South with the age old tactic of 'Divide and Conquer', saying that the South get all the money and power and the North get nothing. To 'Deflect Responsibility' for any uneven wealth in Wales away from London that hold the Historical Purse Strings to create a Motorway and Railway Link Directly Connecting North and South Wales through the Spine of Wales (if they wanted too) to spread any Welsh wealth through the whole of Wales and solve this created problem (even though Wales as a whole is poor), with England further solving their North South divide through their new HS2 Rail Link, along side the already existing extensive Direct Rail and Motorway Network Links between the North and South of England.                          

Furthermore, to possibly suggest that Wales has Less Motorway's because of it's Mountainous landscape appears entirely Misleading, as many of the Roads already appear to Exist, but just not as Three Laned Motorway's (usually One Lane), although the so called mountainous landscape of Wales did not appear to stop the Construction of the M4, and I am also pretty sure England have mountain's too. In addition, if Highways (Motorway's) can be built in the 'Rocky Mountains' in the USA & Canada and other difficult areas in the World, then I am pretty sure that 'Navigating' and/or Expanding Existing Roads to provide a Three Laned Motorway System through the 'Comparably Tame' Welsh terrain (From North to South, Spine of Wales) would not be beyond the Wit of the British authorities. Motorways appear to be More Valuable than Ever to a Nation Today with the Future Advent of Electric and Driverless Unmanned Cars & Lorries. Although, building New Motorways in Wales (Just to to Play 'Catch Up' with England) will need the Motivation from the English Establishment who Ultimately Control nearly All the Finances in the UK, which has been Seriously Lacking in Wales over the Decades, as currently Evidenced with the Welsh Shortage of Necessary Motorway's & General Infrastructure (Trams, Trains, Underground Tubes, Electrified Train Lines, Roads, Ferry ports, Airports, Shipping Ports, for example, Although, all extensively used in England for Decades). However, the Required Motivation to Reinforce and Update England's 'Infrastructure' (Considered Vital in Any Nation's Wealth Generation) appears to have been Very Much Present in England, as Evidenced just in recent times with theNew Terminal at Heathrow Airport in 2014 at a cost of £2.3 Billion, the £15 Billion Extension of the London Under Ground (which is already the Largest Underground Metro in the World) Extended Cross Rail Tube Network which commenced in 2015 (Currently the Larges Infrastructure project in Europe), and the Construction of the HS2 Rail project which 'Starts' in London in 2017 at a projected cost of anywhere between 50 to 104 £Billion, not to mention the further planned Rail HS3 Route at a projected Cost of 10 to 15 £Billion in the North of England, and the Planned 'Crossrail 2' in London at a further Projected Cost of £31 Billion (to connect with HS2), and also the Third Run Way at Heathrow Airport in London at a projected cost of £14 Billion (the Bussiest Airport in Europe which Demonstrates how most Money Making Infrastructure in the UK are purposely cramped into London where there is no more space, as there is Space all over the UK for a New Profitable International Airport!), with many many more in the future, no doubtTo Clarify, a Nuclear Power Station on Anglesea North Wales is Not an Infrastructure Project that Benefits Wales specifically, as it will produce electricity that will contribute to the whole of Britain's energy supply (including London), that also just so happens to be situated at the furthest point from London (one of the main power hubs in the UK), apparently in case of any "Malfunctions"?... (although in 2019 even this new facility in Wales has since been Shelved due to lack of funding).                              

To give a More Detailed View of the apparent Disparity between the Amounts of Motorway in England as Opposed to Wales.It is estimated that England has'2173 Miles' of Motorway within its Land Mass; However Wales has only '75 Miles' of Motorway within its Borders.As England is Approximately 7 Times Larger than Wales in Land Mass, it would appear Logical that they would Require 7 times More Motorway to Navigate their Nation's Land Mass in order to Access Each Compass Point, whether these Motorways are used by 3 Million People or 55 Million People (although when a Motorway is Built it Creates Business & Population Expansion (Prosperity) Along Its Route and therefore Greater Use, as Demonstrated with the M4 Corridor in South Wales), not27 timesmore Motorway Infrastructure as is the Current Comparison. So using the Landmass Comparison ('Equality Indicator' Presented Below) take 2173 miles which is England's Motorways in Miles, Divide by 7 which is the Amount that England's Land Mass is Larger than Wales, which would mean that Wales Should Currently Possess (If All Things Being Equal) '310 Miles of Motorway'within its borders not 75 miles which is the Current Figure.In addition to suggest that to Build More Motorways in Wales would mean them also Just being Filled up with Traffic is Nonsensical, as this would mean a 'Direct Admission' that Wales does Not Currently have Enough Roads, as even with Extra Roads they are said to be 'Not Enough' (Full), so how do you further Theorize that the Inadequate number of Roads Wales has 'Now', is Supposed to Cater for any Increase in Welsh Population (Population Numbers Only tend to go Up not Down, particularly as we are all allegedly living longer) with any possible Future Expansion of Business, Prosperity & Tourism.  The Only Assumption that can be Concluded for a person saying this must be 'Environmental Concerns'. However, it is Widely Excepted that in the Near Future Cars (& Vehicles) will be 'Electric' and/or 'Hydrogen' and/or even 'Driverless', but Obviously Still Requiring Roads?!... (A Flat Running Surface). Furthermore, it does Not appear to be Logically Feasible to Begin Focusing on Building More Pedestrian Walking and Cycling Facilities (Great for Fitness, Environment & Exercise Out of Work) 'Instead of Roads', Purely on Time and Distance Concerns within a Working week? Creating more Pedestrian Routes and Cycle Lanes and Not using that Money for Roads Surely Cannot be a Plan for Future Prosperity, particularly in a predominantly Rural Nation such as Wales (and especially with the widespread advent of Electric Cars)?!... Wales Cannot be Kept Underdeveloped and Poor but now because of Limited  Environmental concerns by the Welsh Government, as their aims are not achievable anyway because the main powers over the Environment lie in London, and with the new invention of eco-friendly vehicles. Indeed without a more developed economy Wales cannot then afford to create renewable energy to power theses new eco-vehicles such as using the Welsh nations vast tidal power, a Predictable and Constant Energy Source, but working with private companies on smaller projects as the London government do not allow tidal energy support in Wales (Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon Scrapped by London in 2018 for Example).                                                 

In order for Wales to produce an effective Motorway system there appears to be a need to provide a Connecting Route between North and South Wales, running through the general 'Spine of Wales', similar to the new proposed HS2 rail route in England & their current Motorway system (running through the spine of England). It does appear that Most Effective, Efficient and Economical way of Providing a Three Laned Motorway System in Wales, is to Expand the Roads that Already Exist on the General Route from North to South and West to East (Where Appropriate)? Whilst also Converting the A55 in North Wales to a Three Laned Motorway and then linking it to the M56 from England. This proposed project could take the form of a Capital ‘I’, with the new connecting Motorway running through the Centre of Wales, Vertically, from North to South forming the middle stem and the converted A55 and the extended M4 providing the Horizontal lines at the top and bottom. However, the Route would have to Start from the North & South Simultaneously, and at  the Same General Speed with their meeting point in the Middle of Wales, to promote Fairness between North & South Wales. Furthermore any Bypass (or Work) undertaken on the M4 (or any Infrastructure Project) in South Wales, would then have to come with a 'Written Contractual Guarantee' that the next round of public Infrastructure spending will then be on the A55 (or Infrastructure Improvements) in North wales. 'Alternating' then between the Whole of the North & the Whole of South Wales as a basic Give & Take Sequence. (Although it would make sense to start with the South Wales Cities first in order to unblock the arteries of the current Heart of Wales in order then for the rest of Wales (the Body) to function more effectively, as currently 70% of the Welsh Population is in this Region). However, In the event that an 'Alternating Approach' is not Contractually Implemented then the same Justifiable Argument (that Divides the UK) put forward against the Unfairness of British Wealth being Filtered into London and the South East of England argued by the rest of the UK, could well be the Same Unacceptable Unfairness Experienced by the other areas of Wales regarding the South East of Wales (Wales must remain United using Fairness as the Glue). This Capital 'I' road network connecting North and South Wales would be a basic starting point, the goal then would be to extend the M54 through Wales to reach the newly developed Motorway stem of Wales in the Centre, moving further Horizontally to the West reaching the Aberystwyth area, 'a Capital  ‘I’ with a Line through the Middle'.                                                     


                                  WHY IS THERE NO 'WELSH BANK'?...

This 'No' Welsh Bank or Welsh Financial Industry Anomaly appears to be the case as a result of the 'Welsh Geography', they appear to be too close to London and England, almost embedded on their West flank, due to this Geography Wales may be seen as a
Direct Economic Threat in their immediate Geographical area (right in the belly of the beast so to speak)? To Clarify, the 'Development Bank of Wales' (Click for Link) is Not a Real Fully Functioning Commercial Bank (in fact it's very Misleading to even call it a Bank, as it gives the Impression that Wales has its own Bank, which is does Not), it is just an organisation set up by Welsh Government that lends money solely to Welsh businesses. The name Bank of Wales is owned by LLoyds Banking Group in London, but does not, and has not ever (Information on the Bank of Wales Click for Link), operated as an actual Fully Functioning Commercial Bank (Click for Link onto the Bank of Wales website). It does appear quite telling that in order to set up a
'Welsh Public Bank' (State Owned Centrally by the Welsh Assembly Government but Following the German Model with Branches and Profits Maintained and Run by Local Authorities in all Area's & Regions of Wales) it first has to be approved by the English Authorities. Clearly when the Authority to Establish a Bank (& Financial Sector) may be Controlled through the English establishment, why would the English Authorities (Master) Allow a Bank & Financial Industries Sector in Wales (Servant),  a Further alleged Act of 'Omission', that will Reduce its Own English Contributing Bank & Financial Industries Profits (as they are both Situated on the same landmass, in the same Financial Market space)?! It is quite Amusing however to see the Recent Ease of the Big apparent English Establishment Supermarkets such as Tesco’s (in 2008), Marks and Spencer’s (in 2012) and Sainsbury’s (in 2013) et al, to be able to be 'Granted Powers' that Allow them to Enter the Banking and Financial Services Sectors (which includes Mortgages, personal & Business Loans, Credit Cards & Personal Accounts) and granted 'Insurance Provision' including Car, Home, Health, Life, Pet & Travel Insurance using their New Banks. Yet Wales (the Servant?), a Nation, is not allowed by the English Authorities (the Master?) to own just One Bank and as a result are Excluded from the 'Highly Profitable & Lucrative' World Banking & Financial Industries (No wonder Wales are Historically, and Will Always Remain Poor within the UK, 2016)!?... However, as Wales (& Scotland) are the potential 'Competitor's on their Doorstep', so need controlling. As I speak regarding this subject matter in 2015 the London financial Industries sector (which includes Insurance companies, Asset Management companies & Banks) is regarded as probably one of the largest in the world, could this possibly be because England’s Banking system exploits four Nation’s wealth, and not just the Finances of their own Nation like the majority of the world? And if Banking and the Financial Services Sectors are so Lucrative, as they Obviously are, then why isn't Wales 'Allowed' to have a slice of that Financial pie (of course the Welsh slice may have be taken from the English Establishment's portion)? Surely this sector is even more Needed in Wales as they are the Historic & Continuous Poorest Nation in the UK, and possess Some of the Same Historic and Consistent Poorest Regions in the Whole of Europe (when comparing EU set poverty levels and subsequent funding) as part of the UK which are the Fifth Wealthiest country on Earth (2016)? Indeed, according to the www.Parliamentary.UK website under the 'financial contribution of the financial services to the UK economy', it estimated that the Banks bring around £132 Billion a year to the economy, predominantly through London, actually Barclays Bank alone made a pre-tax Profit of £21.9 Billion in 2019 (Click for Link), to put this into some sort of perspective the Welsh Annual Grant from London is just over £15 Billion a year which must pay for all Public Services in Wales ranging from the NHS to Education.  And of course 'Fintech'(Financial Technology, helping to digitalize Banking and make it easier, Click for Link) companies, with 75% of them based in London, need a Licensed Bank or Insurer, but why wouldn't Fintech companies in Wales help a Normally Fully Functioning Licensed Welsh Bank, and with a Licensed Normal Functioning Welsh Bank or Welsh Insurer can create more Fintech in Wales, instead of playing on the Peripheral of the Financial Industry? To Clarify, limited facilities such as the Principality Building Society in Wales (there are only three in Wales Swansea and Monmouth as well, operating Mainly in limited Welsh region's) is a Building Society 'Not' a Bank, so'Not' a 'Commercial Business' with Shareholder's (using Shares as Currency to Create Capital for Acquisition's for example) out there in the 'WorldGenerating Money for the Welsh Economy (the Normal Capitalist approach of Creating more Wealth), as any other 'Normal Commercial Bank' would do for their Nation as a Whole (the Incentive of Wealth for Shareholders means the Bank gets bigger, and 'Attracts' or 'Pulls In' more Outside Money, meaning more well paid jobs, and more money generally spread around the economy).


It does appear 'Glaringly Obvious' that one of 'The 'MAIN' Major Contributing Factors' to Welsh Historic and Ongoing Poverty is as a Direct Result of Wales being Actively 'EXCLUDED' by the Central London English Establishment (the Inherited Colonial Power of Master over Servant?) from Participation in the 'Highly Lucrative World Wide Financial Services Sector' which Includes, BANKS who provide Services such as Mortgages, Credit Cards, Personal Loans & Business Loans World Wide, ASSET MANAGEMENT COMPANIES who Invest in World Wide Companies and Stocks and Shares, and Specific INSURANCE COMPANIES who provide Services such as Life, Health, Travel, Vehicle, Pet and Home Insurance provision World Wide, as Examples. All Highly Lucrative Sectors which have been Limited in Wales (Regional), but there is an Over Abundance of World Wide examples based in London. As Evidence, Who's More Wealthy and Prosperous 'Wales' (A 'Whole Country' with Limited Access to the World Wide Financial Services Sector, or Even Just One Welsh Based Commercially Functioning Bank Operating World Wide) or 'London' (A City) who just happen to be one of the Financial Services Capitals of the World with Numerous Historic London Based Commercial Banks and Financial Institutions?!                                                    

​​It appears Appropriate at this stage to provide a Snap Shot of the kind of Profits that Banks can provide to its Host Countries Economy. It was estimated that, in 2011 the HSBC Bank made pre-tax Profits of £11.9 Billion and in the same year Barclays Bank made a Profit of £6 Billion with Profits apparently rising year on year, I do feel it is pertinent to mention that these Profits where garnered in one of the Worst  Periods of Recession and Government Austerity in Decades (2008 Financial Crash) . Obviously adding just these two Banks annual profits alone accounts for more than Wales’s annual 'Grant' (Not sure why it is called a 'Grant' when it appears to be a Portion of the Welsh Tax Payers Money Coming Back to Them, Such as VAT, perhaps trying to give the Impression that Wales is Reliant on England Financially, therefore the Idea of Welsh Independence may be Socially Assumed as Financially Unthinkable?) There are apparently Three other English Based Banks in the top 50 wealthiest in the World that can be Added to this Total, Not Including Building Societies and other Banks outside of the top 50.  The HSBC Bank based in London is said to be worth approximately $2.6 Trillion (2012) and is recognised as the second largest Bank in the world. The seventh largest Bank (2012) is said to be Barclays which is estimated to be worth $2.4 Trillion, these Banks exist within the Top Ten Largest Banks in the World, RBS, Lloyds and Standard Charter are also in the Top 50, and these do not include English establishment Building Societies. When regarding Just One Example of an English Owned Insurance Company (of which there are Many) that present as part of the Financial Industries Sector, the 'Prudential UK' is stated as the Fifth Largest in the World with an Estimated 22,308 Employees Worldwide, and is said to have £509 Billion of Assets Under Management. However, any New Insurance Companies Can Only be Permitted with the English Authorities Consent. Let’s put these Figures into Context, Wales is Allocated £15 billion a Year from the English coffers (A Proportion of their Own Welsh Money paid in the Many Various forms of Tax Coming Back, including VAT on Every Daily Transactions?) to Run a Whole Country, with NO 'Financial Services Sector or Bank Allowed'!?              

With these Figures in Mind it is Difficult to Over-Estimate the Financial Importance of a Commercial World Wide Functioning Bank (& Access to the World Wide Financial Industry) to an Individual Country, of course some of the Figures Provided are what the Banks are Worth, these do not Include the Benefits such as Well Paid Jobs Based in Wales, Access to Financial Markets, Creation of a Welsh Financial Industry, Easier Access to Welsh Loans/Mortgages, the possible Ability to 'Ring Fence' Welsh Money within its Borders (to minimise Welsh Money Draining into London & England) and being able to Borrow on the World Markets for Infrastructure Projects to Boost the Ailing Welsh Economy (as Demonstrated in England). Given how Lucrative Possessing a Bank Clearly is within any Specific Nation it does not seem to difficult to imagine the Amount of Financial Assistance a Commercially Operating Bank and Financial Services based in Wales, Operating World Wide, could provide to its Ongoing Ailing Economy.
However, any Money raised through a Welsh Bank may be at the Expense of the Present English Banks that Currently appear to Possess a 'Monopoly' within Wales? Would it Really be Feasible for Wales to Gain Permission from the English Authorities to Establish a 'Welsh State Owned Bank' and Private 'Financial Services Sector' Based in Wales, of Their Own (which Includes Insurance Companies) when its very Existence may Cut Off the Welsh Market (approx 3 Million people) to the apparent Central English Establishment Banks & Insurance Companies that Already Operate in that Sector? (Would the 'Master' Really ever Allow the 'Servant' to Compete with him Equally on a 'Level Playing Field'?!....). The potential 'Competitor on their Doorstep', so need controlling.  

On a slightly Wider Financial note, It would be an Interesting Question to ask how England would Survive if they did not have the Ability to Borrow Money for Big Infrastructure Projects (or the day to day running of a country) such as the New Heathrow Airport terminal in 2014, the hew London under ground Cross Rail extension in 2015, Cross rail 2, as well as the new HS2 & HS3 Rail Projects in 2017 mainly through the Wealth Creation of Their Financial Industries 
(HS2 is Constructing from the South of England 'UP' First, of course the Money and/or Political Will may run out before it gets any where near Scotland, but if (or when) that does happen it may not matter to the English Establishment as London (England) will already have their New Rail Service in place!?). Indeed judging by the massive size of their Deficit it appears that Borrowing is the Main Tool that keeps England Operating, yet Wales apparently are Expected to Survive without the Vital Tool of Borrowing to invest in it's Infrastructure and Without a Financial Industry that can operate Wordl Wide. Borrowing on the International Markets is a Tool that Possessing Bank's Profits and a Financial Services Sector to Demonstrate they can Pay Back any Loans and 'being provided the actual Powers from the English establishment to Borrow', could provide Funds to Build Infrastructure through out the Whole of Wales (Roads, International Airports, Shipping ports, Ferry Terminals, Underground Tube System, Trams, Railways) to Promote and Stimulate Prosperity to Assist in alleviating the Historic and Ongoing Welsh Poverty and Hardship? However, much of London’s Economy seems to be set up from its Banks and its Financial Services Sectors, Providing a Bank to Wales could conceivably Take 2-3 Million Welsh Contributors Away from London, meaning that 'Instead' of the Money Garnered in Wales Routing to London through the London Based Banks UK Network (Barclays & LLoyds for example) with Mortgages, Loans, Credit Cards and London Based Insurance Companies such as Aviva, Prudential, Legal & General, Liverpool Victoria, Direct Line & Standard Life , the Money from Welsh people may Remain in Wales and Contribute to Propping up the Poor Welsh economy (making it Wealthier). The Money from a Welsh Commercial Bank may then be able to be Loaned Out to Provide Mortgages, Credit Cards and Various Loans in Wales and World Wide that could Further Circulate More Wealth into the Welsh Economy.It appears Relevant at this time to Highlight that up until this point in 2016 Wales is the 'Only' 'Home Nation' in the UK 'WITHOUT' it's Own Specifically Based or Owned Commercial Bank or Financial Industries Sector Operating World WideNorthern Ireland have, the First Trust Bank, Danske, AIB & Ulster Bank, Scotland have, the Bank of Scotland, RBS & Clydesdale Bank, Obviously England have, HSBC, Barclays, TSB, Nat WestLloyds Banks, amongst many many others. All UK Banks are Regulated and Taxed from London). However, Many of these Banks are (or have been) actually connected too English Banks at source. 'Although Still All Regulated & Controlled From London through the Bank of England as the UK's Central Bank, that also Controls Money Supply, and Money Loaned to UK Banks at Interest', with all UK Banks also Paying Banking Corporation Tax back into the Bank of England, with only the Bank of England having the Authority to Authorise a New Bank. Wales without a Normal Functioning Commercial Bank able to Operate World Wide with Stocks and Shares, and is "Coincidentally" Continuously & Historically the 'Poorest' Nation in the UK, with some of the Historic & Ongoing Poorest Areas in the Whole of Europe, as a basic starting point; YOU DO THE MATHS!....                          

An idea which may benefit Wales is the idea ofCOMMUNITY  BANKINGa principal widely utilized in Germany, the most powerful economy in Europe (2016). This idea allows Banks to operate on a local level, for example the 'Bank of Wales (Gwent)' operated by that council region where by people in that region are encouraged to save in that Bank, using the title 'Bank of Wales' (or another variant that is available by copy right, the 'Bank of Cymru' or 'Dragon Bank', the Bank of 'Cardiff' or 'Rhyl' for example) with the local regional name in the title for each branch through out Wales. The money garnered through a local branch then may be loaned out to local business and people at a low percentage of interest.This allows for the profits of the loans and the money saved to be reinvested into the local community, by funding Charities, Food Banks as well as Child and Elderly social care, again apparently benefiting the local community, particularly with child & elderly care care costs which could allow people to work without the expense of paying for care. This Localised Banking approach keeps the Local Money 'Local' Not being Filtered into London.   

Each area (Local Authority Council) in Wales consisting of approximately a hundred thousand people or more could then invest in Facilities and Infrastructure in that Specific Region (such as Community Centre's, Park's and Child Care Facilities). If say the area of 'Torfean' had a local branch the ‘Bank of Wales (Torfean)’ a Percentage of Profit could go to Building and Maintaining the Section of Motorway Running Through Their Particular Region annually. This work could be Linked up with Adjoining Regions to Fund and Create a Whole 
'Welsh Motorway System', that is Needed to run from North to South and the West to East of Wales. It does appear that each 'Regional Council/Publicly controlled Bank' needs to have the name of the region in the title to promote a local attachment to that brand, for example the 'Bank of Wales (Powys)', along with the slogan ‘Wealth kept in Powys’. In an independent model for Wales these local branches will be over seen by a 'Bank of Wales' used as a Central Bank (as with the Bank of England in England) based in any location in Wales, possibly outside of Cardiff and the South East of Wales to promote growth in the whole of Wales. However, in the full 'Assimilation' model these Banks could continue to operate on a local level but using the Bank of England based in London as their main power point and organiser. 

It appears that the Banking system operates on a different level within Britain, where by the big London based British Banks such as Lloyds and Barclays apparently filter all the money from the local regions into London, appearing to run money through these London based Banks and directly into London,

instead of using locally based Banks that could keep the money circulating within any specific local area of Wales or Britain.So Instead of Possessing Local Banks with Profits & Wealth Revolving Around and Servicing that Local Area (the German Banking System), the Welsh System (Central London English Establishment Authorities?) appear to have Spread a Network of London Based Banks Using Branches Such As 'Lloyds', 'HSBC' and 'Barclays' (amongst Others) around the Wales, appearing to Use these Branches (Instead of Locally Owned and Controlled Banks in Local Areas that Could keep Their Local Money Circulating in Their Local Economy) to  Filter Each Regions Finances Into London’s Financial District? Almost Acting as a 'NETWORK OF TENTACLES' Through the London Based Banks (Either Banking Online or at Branches the Same Effect Is Money Filtered Out of Wales Into London) Spread All Across the Wales, Diverting All Regions Money to One Central Hub in London?!... This Historic & Ongoing 'British Banking System' is 'Particularly Detrimental' to Wales, as Wales do Not Possess a National Commercial Bank (The Only Nation in the UK) that Could 'HOLD' the Welsh Peoples Money in Wales (Not Continuously Leaking Money Out into London), through Welsh people's London based Bank Accounts, Credit Cards, Loans & Mortgages (To Then Be Circulated Around Wales). In Order to Prevent Welsh Money Being Continuously Directly Filtered Out of Wales Into London Through the Numerous London Based Banks (& Into the Future Solely Through Their Online Website Services) that Are Historically Located All Over Wales (2016). This System apparently Allows London to be an Financial Services Power House in the World (Along with the Central London English Establishment's apparent use of Britain's Overseas Colonies such as the Cayman Islands, Isle of Man & Jersey (amongst many others) to Filter National (Home) & International (Abroad) Money Discretely, to possibly Avoid 'Tax Paying' for Club Members or Wealthy International Associates (& Companies), by setting up 'Middle Men or Women' (Trustees, usually Lawyers) to avoid Direct Ownership of Certain Funds?) as the Money from Local Communities Outside London seems Filtered Into London, and the Money In London appears to 'HELD' & 'CIRCULATED'in London, Through the London Based Banks?!...                                    

However, Germany (a Wealthier Country than the UK) seems to Allow Growth Throughout the Whole of their Country by Not possibly Greedily Filtering Money into One Identified Main Region in London, England('OXFAM' recently in 2016 Identified the UK, 'as One of the Most Unequal Economies in the Western Developed World'). This scenario appears to account for Germany not possessing an individual Bank that is larger than England’s largest, which filtering all of Germany’s money into Berlin may well achieve, as they have a larger population than England and a bigger economy. However Germany’s economic wealth appears to be as a result of a Fairer Distribution of wealth in Germany, as their overall economy is larger than that of England’s. The reason for this may be that all areas of Germany are allowed to grow creating wealth growth opportunities in the whole of Germany and not just in one specific region. The whole financial stability and wealth creating ability of Britain appears heavily reliant on the Banking sector based purely in London? This could be the main reason why Local Banking would not be allowed by the English authorities, producing this model throughout Britain may starve London of funds, a scenario that apparently would not be allowed by Any London based Government. In effect the English Banking Authorities, who have the power to stop local Banks being formed in the UK, may just continue to do that in order to protect the 'Status Quo' that has been formulated in Britain, which only appears to benefit London and England?      

As a result of Wales 'Not' possessing a Bank it seems that Wales cannot partake in the Financial Industry, so a whole key industry for producing wealth creation for any Country seems denied to Wales, but apparently actively encouraged in England?
Wales is the 'Only' Nation within the UK that does 'Not' have a Specifically Welsh Based or Owned Bank or Financial Industry which Includes Mortgages, Personal & Business Accounts, Credit Cards, Personal & Business Loans, and Insurance companies which includes Vehicle, Travel, Life, Pet, Health and Home Insurance as well as general Asset Management Firms who Invest in Companies, Hedge Funds and Stocks & Shares, Plus is Historically and Continuously the Poorest Nation in the UK,'You Do The Maths'!!.... The importance of a Bank cannot be over stated, as not possessing a Bank and a Financial Sector in any Country may lead to Poverty and Hardship for its people, which appears to be 'Clearly Evidenced' in the History, Present and Future of Modern Wales (2016).          

Clearly, yet again, when looking at the two alternatives presented in this publication for the Welsh people ‘The Independence Alternative’ and ‘The Amalgamation Alternative’. The ‘Amalgamation Alternative’ could provide a perception of equality and acceptance by the English population and English based governing authorities (over time), and therefore they may be more inclined to allow a Bank and a Financial Industry sector in Wales, as that money being allowed to bolster the Welsh economy may directly benefit England as assimilated partners (moving away from a Master & Servant association). Obviously if Wales gains independence, then they will have the ability to create their own 'Banking System' and create a 'Welsh Financial Industries

sector', indeed as a full sovereign Country they will have no choice, no Country on Earth can Function without its own Bank (Even If Not Independent)!!...


SO HOW CAN WALES BE IMPROVED?... To Clarify, again using our Old Neglected Friend 'Common Sense', Remaining the Same with No Change is 'Not An Option' as it has Not worked over the last 300 years for the Nation of Wales with No Evidence to suggest it will work for Wales in the Next 300 years, this has been 'Tried and Tested' and Proven to be 'Inadequate for Wales', they must Now Move On to Other Alternatives. Indeed as asserted by Albert Einstein (quite possibly the most intelligent person that has ever lived, so knows more than you)  'the Definition of Insanity is to do the Same thing Over and Over again but Expect Different Results', please Don't be Insane. However, as Wales (& Scotland) are the potential 'Competitor's on their Doorstep', so need controlling. In this text the author will introduce a Wider Issue approach with a Phraseology Labelled the Three 'F' Approach, which is 'FIX THE FUNDAMENTALS FIRST'. When you Prioritise and Fix the Fundamental Elements and Foundation to Prosperity and Growth First (The Building Blocks to Prosperity). Focus on these Overall Broader Aims Until they are All Achieved Regardless of the Time it may take, do Not get Continuously Distracted by Lower Level Pettiness to the Detriment of the 'Bigger Picture' for Wales as a Nation. Securing a Firm Foundation for Growth for Wales (by Removing Long Term Historical 'Blocks' to Prosperity) will then Ultimately Result in Additional Funds for Individual Welsh Constituencies as a Whole with Further Resource for Essential Services such as the NHS, Social Care, Housing, Homelessness, Infrastructure, Renewable Energy Projects, Community Projects, Child Care Costs and Education (amongst many others). This Three 'F' approach would suggest as a Basic Introduction Point:-     

(I) A Welsh Government Owned (or Independent) Commercial Bank Based in Wales that can Operate World Wide (Wales is Historically the Only Nation in the UK Without a Commercial Bank). Banking and an Associated Financial Services Sectors is One of the Most Lucrative Sectors in any Nation's Finances around the World (which might explain why London is the Financial Capital of Europe and one the most affluent & influential Financial Districts in the World?...). Wales is the Only Nation in the UK 'Not Permitted' by the 'Bank of England' through their Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) in London (who also Control the Authorisation of Lucrative Financial Services such as UK Insurance Companies, Hedge Funds, Investment Banks and Building Societies) their Own Welsh Nationally Owned Beneficial Fully Functioning Commercial Bank that could Operate World Wide by the English Establishment Authorities. Northern Ireland (the smallest Nation in the UK) historically possessing the Ulster Bank, Danske Bank and First Trust Bank, Scotland possessing the Royal Bank of Scotland, the Bank of Scotland and Clydesdale Bank (Regulated From London, Who All Pay Banking Corporation Tax Directly into the Bank of England). Obviously with England Owning Some of the Biggest Banks in the World such as HSBC, Barclays and LLoyds to Name but a Few. Even English Based Supermarkets such as 'Marks & Spencer's' (in 2012), 'Sainsbury's' (in 2013) and 'Tesco's' (in 2008) have recently been Allowed their Own Banks?! To Clarify, the 'Development Bank of Wales' (Click for Link) is Not a Real Fully Functioning Commercial Bank (in fact it's very Misleading to even call it a Bank, as it gives the Impression that Wales has its own Bank, which is does Not), it is just an organisation set up by Welsh Government that lends money solely to Welsh businesses. The name Bank of Wales is owned by LLoyds Banking Group in London, but does not, and has not ever (Information on the Bank of Wales Click for Link), Operated as an actual Fully Functioning Normal Commercial Bank (Click for Link onto the Bank of Wales website)Wales Historically having No Commercial Bank that can operate World Wideappears to be the Main Major Contributing Reason why Wales is Forever the Poorest Nation in the UK. The Main Historical Reason why Only Wales does Not have a normal Functioning Bank in the UK appears to be, again, Geography (N.Ireland is Over the Irish Sea & Scotland is in the Far North with a Relatively Small Bottle Neck Border), as Wales is Historically the Closest Other Nation (Threat), to London's Main Banks, Essentially Situated in the Middle of England with a Large Fluid Border whereby Customers Historically could have Fluidly moved into a Welsh Bank (if it Existed) or an English Bank? So Why wouldn't the Welsh Government Assembly Fight for a Welsh Based Fully Functioning Commercial Bank that can Operate World Wide , 'Do they Feel they are Not Worthy of being Treated the Same as Every Other Nation in the UK'?? Just to Clarify, the New 'Development Bank of Wales' (2017) is a very Misleading Title as it is Not a Fully Functioning Operational Bank, or Bank of England (PRA) Licensed. It simply lends money to Welsh Business, a function that already exists through the Welsh Government (Business Wales). As Banks (along with Hedge Funding & Specific World Wide Insurance Companies amongst many other Easy Money Making Financial Service Opportunities Regulated from London) are Worth a potential Additional £Billions of Pounds every year to their Host Nation which would Boost the ailing Welsh Economy with the ability (as with all Fully Functioning Regulated Banks) to Create Wealth and Prosperity by Lending Money out for UK Wide (& Internationally World Wide)Mortgages, Business Loans, Personnel Loans, Credit Cards, Stocks & Shares, Investments, and also through Direct Customer Bank Deposits, Overdrafts & Charges, amongst many other Financial possibilities'Keeping Welsh Money Created through Repayments & Banking Circulating in Wales', along with Creating Numerous High Skilled, Highly Paid Jobs in Wales, to Support the Welsh Economy. And of course 'Fintech' (Financial Technology, helping to digitalize Banking and make it easier, Click for Link) companies, with 75% of them based in London, need a Licensed Bank or Insurer, as a Normally Fully Functioning Licensed Commercial World Trading Welsh Bank or Welsh World Wide Insurer can create more Fintech's in Wales, instead of having to play on the Peripheral of the World Wide Financial Industry? To Clarify, limited facilities such as the Principality Building Society in Wales (there are only three in Wales Swansea and Monmouth as well, operating Mainly in limited Welsh region's) is a Building Society Not a Bank, so 'Not' a Commercial Business out there in the'World' Generating Money for the Welsh Economy, as any other 'Normal Commercial Bank' would do for their Shareholders and ultimately the Nation as a Whole (Normal Capitalism).

Indeed, If you Want a to 'Improve' a Countries Economy, the Quickest, Easiest and Most Effective Way is Through Introducing their Own Bank and Financial Services Sector Operating Out of that Country World Wide. Conversely, If you Want to Keep a Country 'Poor', the Quickest, Easiest and Most Effective Way is to 'Prevent' Banks and Limit Easy Money Making Associated Financial Services!..  Moreover, It Further appears to be Grossly Unfair and Unethical for Westminster (London) to provide New Tax Varying Powers to Wales to be able to raise Some money off their Own Welsh Income Tax paid through Welsh Wages and Business (coming in April 2019) 'on the one hand', and then Blatantly Prevent Wales from Easily and Quickly Boosting their Economy (through Historically Not Authorising a Fully Functioning Commercial Welsh Bank that could Operate World Wide) that would Increase Welsh Income Tax Receipts to Wales 'on the other'. Apparently consciously keeping Wales Poor & Dependent, yet London (England) is widely considered to be the one of the Banking and Financial Services Capitals of the World!... Indeed, according to the www.Parliamentary.UK website under the 'financial contribution of the financial services to the UK economy', it estimated that the Banks bring around £132 Billion a year to the economy, predominantly through London, actuallyBarclays Bank alone made a pre-tax Profit of £21.9 Billion in 2019 (Click on Link), to put this into some sort of perspective the Welsh Annual Grant from London is just over £15 Billion a year which must pay for all Public Services in Wales ranging from the NHS to Education.                

 'Welsh Publicly Owned Fully Functioning Normal Commercial Bank Based in Wales' (similar to the Numerous Banks in England, why do you suppose England are so Wealthy?). Ideally Following the German Model of 'Community Banking' Specifically in Wales with a Welsh Public Based and Owned  Bank's Branches placed in each Local Authority area (Whilst Still Operating Centrally as a Fully Functioning Commercial Bank Generating Income in the Wider UK & from World Wide ventures) to be Run and Maintained in each Specific Region by their own Local Authority, with the Majority (minus running costs) of these Local Bank's Profits Gathered by their Local Authority in all main Area's and Regions of Wales. Generating Profit and Finance to Supplement or Replace Council Tax for Local Areas to Invest in their Individually Unique Local Concerns.

Alternatively (or 'As Well As', Similar to England with their Numerous Public & Independent Banks) even just 
ONE Welsh Based (London PRA Authorised and Approved) Fully Functioning International Independent Normal Commercial Bank Operating In and Out of Wales (World Wide) to Keep & Circulate Welsh Money in Wales, with the Ability to also Further Attract Outside International Money into the Welsh Economy through UK and International Operation's. This would Prevent Welsh Money being Continuously Directly Filtered Out into London Based Banks, or international money filtered into London (Traditionally the Main alternatives for Welsh People regarding their Financial Option's) that Historically Creates, Perpetuates and Ensures a Welsh Leaky Economy (Poverty), 

*"The Welsh Economy is Like Trying to Keep a Leaky Ship Afloat Without the Permission to Actually Fix the Leaks!?..."*

with Welsh Money Historically Directed into London through the Numerous London based Banks situated all over the UK and Online (it appears No Coincidence that the Leak of Welsh Finances Always Finds its Way into Only London, who have the Necessary Power to achieve this, almost by Historical Systemic Design?). Just One Accredited Fully Functioning Commercial Bank Based In and Operating Out of Wales would also Assist in Growing a Welsh Based Financial Services Industry and therefore the Welsh Ailing Economy. Although, that would be Direct Competition for England's Financial Services Industry Based in London (Where the Bank of England's 'Prudential Regulation Authority' (PRA) is Situated, that Could Authorise and therefore Finally Create a Functioning Commercial Bank & Financial Services Industry for Wales or 'NOT'?) in the UK and World Financial Market, which might Explain why Wales is Not Permitted a Fully Operational Commercial Bank or a Subsequent Welsh Based and Owned Financial Services Industry, including the various Specific Insurance options
(Car & Vehicle, Life, Home, Pet, Travel, Health Insurance, to name but a few)? As Wales is Continuously and Historically the Poorest Nation in the UK, with such an Historically 'Restricted' and 'LEAKY ECONOMY' with English Banks and Financial Services such as Insurance Companies (with many Insurances being Legally Compulsory in the UK, Authorisation to Open an Insurance Company in the UK or operating World Wide is again Controlled through the Bank of England's PRA in London) seeming to Historically be Filtering Welsh Money into London's Economy and therefore keeping Wales Poor and England Rich, You Do The Maths!!...              

Just as a Matter of Interest, it appears 'Very Telling' that the London Based British Central Bank, the 'Bank of England' (an Obvious Nationalist title) that has Ultimate Historic Control over all Banks and Financial Services in the UK, is Not called the 'Bank of Britain' (a Collective Unionist title), which seems to Demonstrate with 'Great Clarity' who has Staked their Historic Claim on all of Britain's Wealth and Distribution. As when it comes to the Important aspect of Money & Finance (along with it's Allocation) in Britain the Union of the UK appears to yet again become of Little Consequence!?... (just to clarify, Admiral Insurance, although appreciated in Wales, is Not a Welsh financial services company).                                                

(II) A Welsh Motorway System & Transport Infrastructure Connecting All of Wales, and then Connecting in with England's Infrastructure (where available) to Encourage Business & Tourism, and Develop Wealth Across the Whole of Wales by Creating a Motorway Running Through the Main Central Core 'Spine of Wales' by Finally Connecting 'North to South' and 'All Routes In Between' (Also Central Wales, West to East Eventually to Finally Access England's Untapped Wealthy Midlands Region into the Welsh Core Spine Motorway to be Distributed North & South of Wales) to 'Pull In' Wealth from England and Distribute it across Wales. A Motorway Network North to South across the Main Central Spine of Wales Allows the Spreading of Wealth Across the Entirety of the Country, and Linking onto England's Motorway Networks at the Border with New or Expanded Connection Access Points to England from North & Mid Wales onto the North and the Midlands of England (along with the M4 in South Wales), which Creates Arteries that can PULL England's Wealth into Wales (which might explain why this Network of Motorways does not exist already?). A 'North/South' Connection Demonstrated for Decades in England when they Built the 'ROADS TO PROSPERITY' Motorway Network in the 1960's (the Clue is in the Title??). Through Building Roads such as the 'M1' leading onto the 'M6', also the 'A1' Duel Carriageway available, and in Modern Times the New HS2 (High Speed Rail) Route going through the Main Central Core Spine of England Connecting 'North to South', which is Considered Vital Arteries in Future English Wealth Creation & Distribution (although this project strategically started from London so anytime it is deemed too expensive does not matter as London will already have their high speed rail in place? If the Connection from 'North to South' of a Nation was of 'No Consequence' then these Motorway Routes would Not have been Previously Built in England (1960'S), and Connectivity Continuing to be Built with the HS2 Rail 'South North' Connection Route?! (Surely, 'What is Good for the Goose must be Good for Gander'!)?... Moreover, as Clearly ''Demonstrated' with the Short 'M4' Corridor in South Wales and England's 'North South' Motorway Connection (London through Birmingham to Manchester/Liverpool), Population, Development and Wealth Will Eventually 'Follow that New Route', which Must then be Replicated through the 'Main' Core Central 'Spine of Wales' (& also eventually West to East Centrally, Starting with a Central Eastern Arm off the Welsh Central Spine Motorway to Access the Affluent English Midlands). See M56 North, M54 Mid & M50 South Wales on the Road Map provided, and a Map of the United Kingdom at Night Time to Evidence the 'Developed' and 'Non-Developed' Areas of the UK, which Demonstrates How Development Tends to Follow Along Motorway and Transport Routes. Which appears to Prevent Wales from Connecting onto the English Transport Network (which apparently is an attempt to Directly Prevent English Wealth Leaking Into Wales Out of England?) to Access the Profitable and Lucrative English Markets, who Are By Far the Wealthiest Nation in the UK. (See 'Why is there No Motorway System in Wales?' under the 'Wales in Purgatory?' heading above. Although a 'North South' (Through the Main Core Central Spine of Wales) Connection Project will be a Long Term Financial Stretch for Wales with their New limited Tax Varying Powers (to be able to finally raise some Funds, although as a so called member of the UK, it should be Funded from the UK Government, which Collects all the Welsh peoples numerous Tax's into the Bank of England, that Funds all the numerous Infrastructure Projects in London and England?), with an Access Motorway Point Eastward Across to Middle England, may take some years, if Not Decades to Fully Complete (Starting form North Down & South Up at the Same Time). Particularly with the Widespread Future Advent of 'Non Polluting' Electric or Hydrogen Vehicles, along with 'Non Polluting' Commercial and Private Driverless Vehicles (Which Will All Still Require Roads, A Hard Flat Running Surface!!!)or alternatively Wales could Continue to generally do the Same but Expecting Better Results, Commonly Understood as the Definition of Insanity!...  Indeed, Not linking North and South Wales could well be Historically and Continuously Falling for the Oldest and Most Well Known Tactic in the Book, 'Divide and Conquer'See 'Why is there No Motorway System in Wales?' under the 'Wales in Purgatory?' heading above.                                     

Furthermore just to Focus on a Current Welsh Transport Issue example for Future Referencing. To Seriously Suggest that Solving Historical Bottle Necks (with a New Relief Road Up for Consultation in 2018 on the M4 at a cost of 1.4 £Billion, Taken Directly from Wales with their New Tax Varying Powers for example, which means that all Welsh Taxes going into the Bank of England will Remain there to Assist London's Infrastructure Projects, No Help from London) and Congestion on the Only Welsh Motorway, that has Restricted the Welsh Economy for Decades like 'Clogged Arteries' (which is like the Insanity of Having a Long Term Identified Health Problem but Refusing to do Anything About It?) since the 'Roads to Prosperity' Motorway Project Specifically Directed in England in the 1960's (which Essentially Neglected to Build Enough Motorways in Wales), Cannot be Resolved by Building More Strategic Welsh Motorway Routes appears 'Nonsensical'? This is Like Saying that you Cannot Resolve the Housing Crisis by Building More Homes as they will Only Eventually get Filled Up and Create more Pollution!?... A New M4 Relief Motorway and Further Infrastructure Developments in Wales could be Contributed too (over the Duration of any Loan) by a Minimal Blanket Severn Bridge Toll  (possibly Frozen for twenty year periods)? To Further suggest that New Motorways Equals More Congestion and therefore Pollution in Wales again appears Nonsensical as Wales Only has a 'Finite' Amount of Cars and Vehicles in a 'Small Country', with Most People only ever Usually Travelling 'Locally' within their Immediate Areas, although the Focus is on Motorways as Vital Arteries throughout Wales, Not so much on Smaller more Local Roads, as Motorways 'PULL IN' Wealth from England (& Internationally) and Distributes it Through Out Wales. Also 'yet again' Bearing in Mind the Imminent Advent of the Wide Spread World Wide 'Electric Car' Use in the Very Near Future, Technology that Already Exists!!, Building Essential Motorways Means Wales for the First Time being Ahead of the 'Technological' & 'Environmental' Curve... Indeed, Surely the Fact that New or Expanded Motorway System in Wales may be Filled Up, and Well Used, Clearly Demonstrates that there is a Long Term Historic Problem of Not Enough Wide Ranging Motorways in Wales, with a Clear and Obvious Long Over Due Need for an Adequate Motorway Network that Finally Meets the Future Needs of Wales in terms of Increasing Population and Promoting Prosperity to Finally help tackle the Well Documented Ongoing Welsh National Poverty!??           

As Bad as Pollution
 (Although 'ELECTRIC CARS' are the World Wide Future Solution, that 'Already Exists'!!, that NEED Flat Running Surfaces, Commonly Known as 'ROADS'!!) or Building on Some Wild Life Grounds can be, Surely Common Sense would Dictate that the Impact of Historic Poverty on the Children and People of Wales that a Relief Motorway could Help Alleviate Should Take Priority? Indeed the More Prosperous Wales is in the Future the More Finance that will then be Available to Invest in their 'Own Renewable Energy Projects' to 'OFF SET' any Initial Environmental Concerns regarding the actual Building of any Motorway (Not having to Rely on London) such as Tidal (Swansea Tidal Bay Project Rejected by the UK Government in 2018) and Wind Energy in the Future (Both Resources Wales has an Abundance of, Indeed the Seven Estuary has the Second Highest Tidal Range in the World, also the Tide Comes In and Out Every Day so is a Constant as Apposed to Wind or Solar that Rely on Certain Weather Conditions). It does appear that more Welsh Motorways are Required Based on Need because the Current Old, Insufficient, Tired, Out Dated Limited Resource (Just One Motorway in the Whole of Wales) Cannot Cope with Present & Future Demands, as Populations Always Tend to Increase Never Decrease (the Last, First & Only Motorway to be Built in Wales was Built 50 Years ago). Indeed when Every Other Developed Country around the World such as China (& England, with their Planned Oxford to Cambridge Express Way and a New Motorway Connecting Kent to Essex, the Biggest Road Project Since the M25 (2019) as Easy Examples) are Increasing their Roads to Prosperity, again with the Specific Attention on the Future Advent of the Wide Spread World Wide Use of Non Polluting Electric Cars & Vehicles! Why is Wales asked to Not Build any Infrastructure as a result of Environmental Pollution concerns, even though they already Historically do Not have enough?!... Actually, as stated above, even as this topic is being discussed today (2018) preparatory work is being undertaken in South East England for a New Motorway Connecting Kent & Essex with a Tunnel going under the Thames River in London at an estimated Cost to the UK Purse of 6 £Billion Pounds (2018) and a New Motorway planned between Oxford and Cambridge (2019) at a Cost of £3 Billion Pounds (indeed, Environmental concerns did Not stop the Expansion of Heathrow Airport in London, the Most Polluting Form of Transport?)! Creating extra public transport 'Instead' of Motorways in Wales will Never Benefit the Whole Welsh Economy or Significantly Reduce Pollution (As it Cannot be Stated to Often that Electric Vehicles are the Obvious Near Future which Still Require a Necessary Functioning Motorway Network!!?) as people will always Opt for the Flexibility, Faster Time Travel, Convenience and Freedom of their Own Private Transport, and the Bus or Train Schedule will Run Anyway with People on them or not. Indeed, yet again in Wales they appear Behind the Curve as Pollution of Cars and Vehicles (with the Advent of Electric Vehicles being the Solution) has been a 'Dead Argument' Now for years, as the Solution to 'Vehicle Use v's Pollution' has already been Solved!... To Clarify, Connecting Motorways through the CORE CENTRAL SPINE OF WALES Promotes the 'Pull of Wealth' from England (the Wealthiest Nation in the UK) and Internationally, to then Spread Wealth Across the Whole of Wales, using a New Welsh Motorway Network, on a National Scale (not just limited local internal travel in some areas that does not create Wealth across Wales, it's pointless having an enhanced local service without newly enhanced & created jobs to go too, which appears to be 'putting the horse before the cart'?). See 'Why is there No Motorway System in Wales?' under the 'Wales in Purgatory?' heading above.  

Furthermore, to suggest that there is No Need for a North South Connection Motorway in Wales because the current Single Lane Winding Road is Not Used Enough, is clearly insane (Nigel Smith University of Leeds), as if you build it they will come, every Countries Economy Follows their Access Routes (Motorways), look at the M4 in South Wales for example, whilst also bearing in mind the Obvious Future use of Electric Vehicles regards Environmental Concerns. It's not just that the current road is slow and inadequate so people do not tend to use it, the main reason is that there is no 'REASON TO USE IT', as Business only comes to areas that have Accessible Infrastructure, there are no jobs to go to in Mid and North Wales, because there are No Adequate Connecting Routes, so also No Reason to make the Effort to go there via any other Convoluted route going the 'Long Way Round' (which most people would have to use instead of the A470, so would show limited signs of actual A470 use anyway) using England's M5 & M6  (unless you are one of the few people who actually live there), Commuting to Work being the Primary Reason a Person Travels on a Daily Basis!?...                                                                 

(III) A Welsh Based, Edited & Owned National Mainstream English Speaking Television Channel, (to Capitalise on the Advantage of Welsh people predominantly Speaking a World Wide Language (Even though Welsh as a Language is Still Hanging On in Wales). There are Not many Advantages to being Colonised and having a Foreign Language Imposed on you, but as the English Language is a World Wide Language thanks to England's Empire, even in the most Dire of Circumstances there are Positives, somewhere?). Allowing Wales to Finally be allowed a 'National Broadcasting Licence' (or alternatively Devolve Broadcasting Powers in Wales to Wales) by the Central London English Establishment Authorities, such as predominantly OFCOM or the BBC, but ultimately through any UK London Governments Secretary of Culture. To Enable Wales to 'Promote' (which Encourages Tourism through Cultural Advertising Worth an Additional £Billions of Pounds) and 'Defend' itself Nationally and Internationally with a 'Generic British Wide Inclusive Title and Easy Accessibility'. So Not operating under a BBC or ITV London Regional Umbrella (with Undue apparent Influence?). BBC Wales for example, which it appears can be Limited when Providing Different 'Independent' Perspectives or Opinions, due to being Directly Funded and therefore Controlled from London? Another example would be the New BBC Scotland Channel in 2019 (although this regional channel already exists?) that seems to Mainly Air the Same London Produced Repeated Shows Anyway, as they seem Not to be Allowed (or provided the funds) to Make New Material (Shows, Dramas, Soaps, Documentaries, Mini Series and even Films) representing Different Perspectives or Opinions to that of London (that could be Marketed or Sold Abroad for Profit and Cultural Advertising)? Any New Channel Must be Allowed the Ability to Make, Edit and Produce the Majority of their Own Programmes (Otherwise Risk being Seen as pure 'Tokenism'), the Same Programme Making Ability Historically Enjoyed by All the London Mainstream Channels... Surely Our Old Neglected Friend 'Common Sense' would Strongly Suggest that having to 'Rely' on Someone Else's Media to Defend and Sell Wales and the Welsh People, who's Nation also just happen to posses an Historically 'Well Documented' and Ongoing some what 'Acrimonious Relationship' with Wales at the Best of Times, would seem to be slightly Nonsensical?! As Repeatedly Historically Accusing All Welsh People (each Man, Women & Child) of Vulgar 'Bestiality' on Mass ('Welsh Sheep Shaggers') does Not appear to be a 'Term of Endearment'!?... To Clarify, if your Filming in Wales but it is Not about Wales, then you could be Filming anywhere!

"Welsh People Must be Allowed to be Able to Tell their Own Story and Set their Own Narrative of Themselves, that can be Accessed UK Wide and Internationally, Not Permanently Filtered, Edited or Restricted through London"... 

'One' UK Wide Mainstream Independently Operated Television Channel Based, Edited, Produced and Made in Wales by Welsh people. Such as the 'Numerous' Mainstream Channels Based in England Operated from their Obvious Central Media London 'Monopoly' (the British Media), with it's Core Central Operational Headquarters Always Based in London (Regardless of Regional UK Offices), which Ultimately seems to Centrally Control what Overall Messages & Narratives to Send Out to all their UK Regions (& Internationally). Possessing your Own Media Industry (Commonly referred to as 'Soft Power', Hollywood for example, as it allows you to Showcase your Own Narrative of Yourselves) which also Develops a Lucrative Potential Extra £Billions of Pounds Media Industry which could Include Facilities and Finance for Films (such as with Channel 4 for Example) Showcasing Wales, it's People, Landscape, Cities and it's History World Wide. Indeed, when was the Last Time you Saw a Film, Show or Drama Series positively Acknowledging and Showcasing Wales that was available UK Wide and Internationally? Actually, in the rare occasions that certain shows are Filmed in Wales, by Not Highlighting in the Show that they are Specifically in Wales (so could be Anywhere), would Obviously counts for very little in terms of exposure for Tourism? Such as the Numerous British Films (& Drama Series) based in London Showcasing Specifically England & it's History  to the World. Possessing just ONE Welsh Based Mainstream Stream British Television Channel in Wales is Vital in Selling the Best Version of Wales to the Wider World (to Enhance Tourism along with National Pride & Confidence), coupled with Selling these Shows and Dramas made in Wales Showcasing Wales Abroad for an Extra Income Stream (a large proportion of the BBC's extra Profits are Created through this avenue, further Enabled as English is a World Wide Language, avenues that Wales could also Capitalise on), along with potential Advertising Income, and a much Needed Platform for Welsh Talent (so they do not have to Continuously go abroad for work). Based In, and therefore Circulating Finance & Highly Paid Media associated Jobs, as well as front line Acting & Presenting Opportunities around Wales (Not just Exclusively Based in, and/or Information Controlled from the London Central RegualtoryHubs Only!...). Possessing a National/International Media Presence (either through the Welsh Government or as a Welsh Based Independent Company) in Wales, appears to be the Difference Between Continued Hardship, Negative Stereotyping and Under Representation OR Increased Wealth and a Positive Acknowledgement and Representation for Wales and the Welsh People (Greater Wealth through Increased 'Tourism' & 'Media' Income, Both Interlinked and Proven £Billion Pound Industries)!... The Best Financial Model for an English Speaking (World Wide Language) Independent Welsh Mainstream TV Channel would be Similar to the Initial Channel 4 Model, which was set up with public money and then over time was able to sustain itself on advertising only (Supplemented by Selling Shows Abroad as with the BBC and ITV, as English is a World Wide Language which is very useful when selling Shows, Narratives and Talent to the Biggest and most Influential Market in the USA). So initially a 'High Bred' of 'Public Money' and 'Advertising Money' with a reduced Licence Fee for Welsh people (replacing the BBC Licence Fee) but overtime the Licence Fee can be slowly phased out and reduced once the channel is sustainable using only advertising (such as Channel Four which is publicly owned). Any Licence Fee paid by the Welsh Public will come back to the Welsh Economy Ten Fold in a Media Industry and Increased Tourism, however the most important aspect being a Specific Welsh Voice, Voicing Specific Welsh Concerns and Identity. As a Fee will be being paid, Advertising may only be allowed Before or After a particular programme, not interrupted at intervals during the programme, allowing the audience to enjoy the continuity of a programme. So Welsh people would Pay a Reduced TV Licence Fee of approx £100 a year (as opposed to the current London TV Licence Fee of £150 a year), Supplemented by Advertising and Selling their Own Shows abroad, which will Replace the BBC London Licence Fee (if Welsh people want to watch London TV they can pay an additional subscription, or alternatively use the Internet). Indeed, Channel 4 alone as a publicly owned company makes in excess of £2 Billion each year for the economy (see Channel 4's 'Channel 4, We Own It' website), to put this into some sort of perspective the Welsh Annual Grant from London is just over £15 Billion a year to pay for all Public Services in Wales ranging from the NHS to Education. See p118 & p127 in the Free Book Provided above for More Information Regarding the "British Media"...                              

Just 'ONE' Welsh Based National (& therefore International) Mainstream Television Channel is Needed to also try to 'BALANCE OUT' the Historic & Ongoing Media 'MONOPOLY' by the apparent Central London English Establishment Media (A One Sided Selective 'Perspective' & 'Financial Reward'?), through their 'Numerous' London Centred British National TV Channels. Which includes all the Countless Mainstream London Based Channels of BBC 1, BBC 2, BBC World Service, ITV, Channel 4 & Channel 5, with their Numerous 'Add On' Associated Channels such as ITV 2, 3, 4, ITVBe & their +1's for example, Historically Dominating the Whole of the UK's National & International Media, and then Labelled and Packaged as the "British" Media!?...Including further English Based large Franchises such as British Sky Broadcasting (BSB) Channels which include Sky Sports 1,2,3,4, Sky One, Sky Two, Sky News & Sky Living (Edited, Staffed & Produced from London) to name but a few. Not to mention all the Other Smaller English based Nationally accessible TV Stations such as Dave, Quest, Pick, Yesterday, True, Alibi, Drama, Eden, Home, W, UKTV, Kerrang, MTV(UK), Really, Gold, Nickelodeon, CBeebies, Box Office, Box Nation as well as BT Sports and their other numerous associated Channels (with many more New Channels appearing frequently) as Easily Evidenced Examples (as Compared to Wales with No Independent Channels Based or Owned in Wales)...   

This English British Media 
'MONOPOLY' Might Explain the Historical and Ongoing Predominantly English Flavour to their London Controlled so called British Productions such as just Recently, 'Downton Abbey', 'Peaky Blinders', 'Vanity Fair', 'Poldark', 'Killing Eve', 'A Very English Scandal', 'Victoria', 'The Crown', 'The Bodyguard', 'Sherlock', 'The Paradise', 'Merlin', 'Mr.Selfridge', with many more to come no doubt. Eastenders, Emmerdale and Coronation Street in UK Soaps, amongst Numerous other Relatively Recent Ongoing Examples, many of which Sold World Wide, which Essentially Acts as 'Free Cultural Advertising'. Not to Mention all the Numerous Historic and Ongoing London Based and 'Funded' 'Films' that 'Showcase' England, their Life's, People, Historic Figures, Culture, History and Locations, as well as Showcasing their Home Grown Actors, Directors & Producers. Including Films such as just recently , 'The Darkest Hour', 'The King's Speech', 'The Queen', 'The Favourite', 'The Theory of Everything', 'Bohemian Rhapsody' all the James Bond Films and Sherlock Holmes Films portraying English people as Intelligent, Suave and Sophisticated, to Name but a Fraction of just the relatively recent ongoing examples. However, Notice the Historic & Ongoing Limited (almost non existent) Overall Welsh, Scottish or Northern Irish Representation (the Other Members of the UK). Depicting and Showcasing their Life's, People, Historic Figures, Culture, History and Locations, or any of their Home Grown Talent through the so called British Film Industry based in London, on the National & International Stage.  See p118 & p127 in the Free Book Provided above for More Information Regarding the "British Media"...                                        

(IV) Address the Unbalanced Uneven UK Wide Population Voting System to Ensure Genuine Welsh Views are Represented,(See the 'Nation Specific Criteria' under the 'What is Britishness?' heading above for a possible Solution?) Not Simply Undemocratically 'DROWNED OUT' by the Disproportionately Large English Population in any Combined UK Wide Vote, England are 85% (55 Million people) of the UK Voting Population, Wales are 5% (3 Million people), again 'You Do The Maths'!... (Obviously as this Voting System Favours the Largest UK Majority who have the Power to Change this Unfair System, there appears No Motivation to Change it, although this does Not Justify it's Continued Existence in it's Current Form). Equally, Whilst Simultaneously at the Same Time 'Inside Wales' the Disproportionate level of English people Residing in Wales also possibly Skewing any Specific Welsh Elections, Referendums Votes or Polls, with English people as suggested by Professor Anand Menon (Brexit and Public Opinion 2019, p23) More Likely to Vote Leave in a Brexit Vote, for Example? As Stated by the 'Telegraph' National Newspaper in June 2014 with an article by John Bingham entitled 'The Welsh Could Become a Minority in Wales as the English Set their Sights West' (projected to be more English than Welsh in Wales by 2080). This article Identified that 22% of the Welsh population (which is 660,000 People out of the 3 Million population of Wales) are already Identified as being English (as Stated in the Latest 2011 UK National Census (ONS), which takes place every 10 years), with this Figure only likely to Increase year on year. Mainly due to the Welsh Close Geographic Proximity with England, and as a result of more Undeveloped Land (Space) and Cheaper House Prices in Wales (Due to Lower Incomes than England as a whole). To put this 22% into Perspective. In Percentage Terms 22% of England's Population of '55 Million' would be Over '12 Million' People' (12,100,000), almost a Quarter of their Population! Imagine the Public Outcry in England (through their Media), Due to a possible Perception of an 'Unfair Disproportionate Outside Influence', if this amount of any Celtic Nations people (or Other Ethnic Group) Existed Specifically within England's Borders!... So 'Why' should Wales put up with this Obvious Distorting UK 'Undemocratic Anomaly', that Actively Dilutes their Own Voice in Wales (& the wider UK), again Welsh Socialized Eroded Confidence anyone, as well as a London Media 'MONOPOLY' that appears to continuously Not Highlight Concerns that may Disadvantage their Own Nation of England?!. In Contrast All of the Celtic Nations People 'Combined' Only make up 3% of England's Entire Population (Office for National Statistics 'ONS' 2011)? It may Further be Reasonable to Identify the Overwhelming Majority English Nation's Population Specifically, as their Central London English Establishment Still Ultimately Own Wales (Master/Servant?), and Continue to Posses Different Ongoing Histories, One of the Colonised (Wales) and Other of the Coloniser (England)?  

This Disproportionate Overwhelmingly Large English Population in Polls, Elections or Referendums Specific to Wales may Skew the UK (& World) Projected Welsh Opinion and Overall Political Party Choices (English people primarily instinctively Tend to Vote for English Based Political Parties in Wales & for general English Interests)? However, the
'Natural Basic Human Instinct' to want to Vote or Poll in Favour of your Indigenous Roots is no one Individuals Fault as such, but this Natural Occurring 'Conflict of Interests' (Apparently Some What Similar to Why EU Residents in the UK were Not allowed by the English Establishment Authorities to Vote in the Brexit Referendum of 2016, due to a possible Conflict of Interests as European Citizens were part of the club that the UK was Voting to leave?) must be Factored into any Democratic Process, Collation and Analysis of the so called Overall Welsh Nationally Publicised Opinion (the UK Wide Brexit Referendum in 2016 for example)!!... (See the 'Nation Specific Criteria' under the 'What is Britishness?' heading above for a possible Solution?). Furthermore, when a 'Region or City' in the Nation of England Gain 'Internationally Recognised Nation Status' with their Own Recognised International Sporting Teams, Anthem, History & Flag amongst other set Criteria, then they too can be Part of the Nation Specific Criteria Voting System, as you Cannot be a Full Integrated Part of the Majority and an Outside Minority at the 'SAME TIME'!?... So to Clarify, you Can't Have 'Both' all the Advantages of Being Part of the 'Majority' Group with 'None' of the 'Disadvantages', whilst also at the 'SAME TIME' having all the Advantages of Being a 'Minority' Group, but again with 'None' of the 'Disadvantages', (you Can't Have your Cake and Eat It)!... But until Individual Nationhood can be Internationally Established by any Region or City within the Nation of England, then the 'Centuries Old Historic Internationally Recognised Four Nations of the UK' could be the Only participants Subject to a Separate National Voting System.  

Although we are Fortunate enough in the UK to have the Basic Elements of Democracy,
'although Never going to be absolutely Perfect for everyone'. This does Not mean that the Current UK Historical Democratic System is Permanently Fixed and should be Forever Left Alone, and therefore can Never be EnhancedAdjusted or Improved to Spread the Benefits of Democracy to as Broader Spectrum of the Whole of the UK Populations as possible, to Further Promote the Union and the Democratic Process (Not just Exclusively Benefiting the one 85% Majority Nation at the Expense of the Other Three Nations within the UK, We are Either a United Kingdom or Not!!...). The UK Population as a Whole either Believe in the Wider 'Core Principles of a Fair Democracy' or Not, which would Allocate Equal Voice to the People of All Four Recognised Nations that Form the UK (You Cannot be a Democrat Only when it Suits You!)As the current 'Electoral System' in Britain seems Structured so that in Effect a Welsh (Scottish) Vote is Worth 'Less' than an English One. As the British Electoral System appears Designed from London to take Advantage of their Overwhelming English UK Majority Population's Number's (85% of UK Population), with the further Power from London to always Insist on a Combined UK Vote as and when they Require (Brexit for example?).  

In Essence then, 
'Subtly' Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland appear to be in the Unenviable Position of Historically & Continuously having 'Equal Taxation Without Equal Representation(with all UK Taxes going into the Bank of England in London to then be Allocated). To Clarify, which ever Political Party is in power in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland can be Largely Irrelevant as who ever is in power in England controls the whole of the UK (& their Finances). Which seems to be as a Consequence of the UK Democratic System apparently set up so that England's 85% of the UK potential Voting Population will always Decide who Controls the Whole of the UK (& UK Parliament). So in Real Terms due to a Lop Sided Democratic System in Britain it appears that Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland have the 'Same (Equal) Taxation as England but Without the Same (Equal) Democratic Representation as the English' at a UK Level? 

(V) The Introduction of a 'Veto Vote system and/or Majority (75%) Vote' in the UK Parliament Between the Four Nations of the UK ('The Equal Power to Disagree', assuming that all Four UK Nations are still together) to Ensure an Equal Voice and Parity Between all Four UK Nations in any 'UK Wide' Decision Making, to Finally move Wales on from this Historic and Ongoing Outdated Backward-Looking Central London English Establishment apparent 'Colonial Dominance' (with Decisions Imposed on Wales that may Only Benefit England at the Expense of Everyone Else in the UK) to a 'Modern', 'Up to Date' Genuine 'Partnership of Equals', by Ensuring that Every Recognised Nation in the United Kingdom Regardless of being a Minority or Majority has an Equal Democratic 'Veto Vote' (the Power to Disagree) to Block any UK Wide Decision that May Negatively Impact Some Parts of the UK at the Expense of Others. Until a Compromise is Found that Benefits all 'Four Nations' in the UK as Equally and as Fairly as Possible (a System that Already Exists Within Canada & Belgium Regions, as well as obviously the EU with No Concerns (of Bias) or Prolonged Difficulties with 'Evidenced Unifying Power'). Although possibly even More Needed in the UK as the Four Nations of the UK are Recognised Countries in their Own Right (with separate National Sporting Teams, Flags, Histories,Parliaments & Anthems for example) Not just Regions or Cities. To Clarify, it is much easier to implement a Veto Vote system with a back stop Majority (75%) with only Four Nations than it is in the 28 Nations of the European Union. Even in the event that the EU move to a predominantly Majority Vote system in the future, this still means that each Nation gets a say (vote) on overall EU Policy, as opposed to only essentially England's Overwhelming Representation (in the UK London Parliament) on the UK decision making process, without any Overall Legal final say (vote) from the other UK Celtic Nations, on UK Wide Law and Policy. Indeed, a Vet Vote system and/or Majority (75%) Vote in the UK seems to be the Only Plausible way to Prevent the Break Up of the United Kingdom in the FutureMoreover, for those who say that 'Federalism' maybe the answer to the power imbalance in the UK between the Four Nations. As England's population is so massive it makes it almost impossible (as most Federal Regions will be English anyway, good to Equalise English Regional Powers, but will so Nothing to Equalise the powers of England as a the Overwhelming Majority Nation and the other Three Core UK Nations), and England is a different Race (Anglo-Saxon) with a different mind set and Identity (which is that of historical Master) to the other Celtic Nations with a history of oppressing them (not traditional equals), so not an 'Homogenous Group' (Homogeneity). Although the same Veto Vote and/or Majority Vote System in the EU could be a way of balancing out England's population, their different Ethnicity, Characteristic's and History?

The Veto Vote System (and/or Majority 75% Vote) would Operate in the UK by the Individual Celtic Nations and the Majority English MP's, Internally Majority Voting (in their Separate Parliaments or Assemblies), to then Decide to Call a 'Point of Discussion' in the Central London UK Parliament (or Not) on 'UK Wide' Subjects (that Impact the UK as a Whole) such as Going to War, UK Universal Credits, whether or Not to hold a UK Wide Brexit Vote, as examples. This would then allow the Four Nations in the UK to Hold a Majority Vote in their Own Parliaments or Assemblies (Between Their Democratically Elected Representatives) to then Come Back with a Veto Vote on any UK (or British) Wide Decisions in the UK Parliament. Outside of these Occasional Points of Discussion the Four Parliaments in the UK would Function as Normal. To those who say that this would be Unfair to England because there are Celtic Nations Representatives in the UK Parliament, the Obvious Response would be that Due to the Undemocratic Mismatch of Votes in the UK Parliament (England 533, Scotland 59, Wales 40 & Northern Ireland 18) the UK Parliament appears to Effectively Operate as an English Parliament anyway, the Reason for the Need for a 'Veto Vote' in the First Place. Although, this may also be easily Morally Rebalanced, as in the Welsh (& Scottish) Parliaments the Main UK Political Parties are from the London Based, Controlled and Affiliated London Mainstream Political Parties, with Welsh Conservatives, Welsh Labour and the Welsh Liberal Democrats, as well as UKIP for example (with full London Based British Media support) appearing to Act as their Regional Version Representatives in the Welsh (& Scottish) Parliaments, who are Regionally Controlled Wings of their Main Political Parties with their Headquarters Based in London, this has Sometimes been Likened to a Branch of Plaid Cymru (a Welsh Based & Affiliated Political Party) or the SNP (a Scottish Based & Affiliated Political Party) Running for Election in England?! So the Overall Balance being, that they Inherently have Some Historically Entwined Representatives in Your Parliament, But you also Inherently have Some Historically Entwined Representatives in Theirs. Which as Part of an Historic Centuries Old Union would be Normal (indeed some would even say Beneficial in Providing more of a Rounded Internal UK Wide Perspective?). However, to Prevent any possible Deadlock Situation, an Inbuilt  Backstop Position of 3 out of 4 (75%) can be Enacted.  A Veto Vote System and/or Majority (75%) Vote in the UK appears to be the Only Logical way to keep the Union of the United Kingdom together for the Long Term (if it's not to late already?)... 

Furthermore, to those who say that a Veto Vote or Majority UK Nations Vote is Unfair to England as it is 85% of the UK Population. The obvious answer must be that without Parity between UK Nations there will Not be a UK going into the Future (if that is a concern for you?), as you cannot have a permanent position where One Nation Wins and the other Three Nations in that Union nearly always Lose, due to Disproportionate UK Number Differentials (a Great Benefit for England, but a Great Problem for the United Kingdom). As each Nation in the UK has Differing Needs, Identities and Concerns, they are Not One Homogeneous GroupIn a Union of Nations there must be Compromise, 'Compromise' means that 'No One Totally Wins' but also that 'No One Totally Loses'.        

This Veto Vote System and/or Majority (75%) Vote would Truly mean Wales (& Most of the UK) Finally "Taking Back Control" (Brexit Promise...). Equally, if Wales were to discuss Independence in the future (or Scotland) this Highly Democratic 'Veto Vote System' that Exists in the European Union (EU) with the 'Equal Power of Compromise' (Regardless of Size or Nationality) for all Members regarding overall EU Decisions (that Does Not Currently Exist in the UK). The Veto Vote would be the Main Beneficial Reason Why 'SWAPPING' the Historic Central London English Establishment's Ultimately 'All Encompassing' Rule (which is Imposed) for 'Some' European Union Rule that can be 'Vetoed' (the Power to Disagree), ​May be a Beneficial Idea for any of the UK Celtic Nations? As any EU Wide Decisions are 'Equally Democratically' Voted in the EU Parliament in Strasbourg/Brussels Between All the Separate Individually 'Democratically' Voted 'Representatives' from Each Member Country, that would 'Equally' Include Wales.  Indeed, as stated in Parliament (London) by Theresa May (the UK Prime Minister at the time) on December the 5th 2018, regarding her Brexit Plan, 'Life Depends on Compromise'. As the Veto Vote System clearly provides an enhanced element of overall Control to Provoke and Encourage Compromise (for all Union member Nations Equally not just for One) than the Current 'Out Dated' and 'Backward-Looking' (to Past Glories of Empire) UK Model of One Dominant Majority Nation (with it's Roots still in the Colonialist Past) Ultimately Imposing it's will on the other UK Union members.             

Just to To Focus on that Old Contentious Issue of EU Laws in the UK for a Minute. As it seems Clear that the EU Nations 'Veto Vote System and/or Majority Vote' (the Power to Disagree) Implemented in the UK Parliament, would be Fairer in Providing Real Scrutinised and Broadly Assessed Laws, that are More Likely to Benefit Every UK Nation at Some Level to Provide 'Decisions by Consensus' (Compromise). Rather than Laws Passed by One Dominant Nation (England) Autonomously within the UK (Which Historically Enables One Sided Control)? As Evidenced by the Fact that Westminster London have Ensured that all the Powers from Europe are Transferred Directly to Them (Even EU Powers that are Already Allocated to Wales) for Westminster (the UK Parliament in London) to then do with as they see fit (an apparent Power Grab?). Imagine the Uproar from England If Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland Passed UK Law Without Consultation or Ultimate Consent from England!?... 

However, as Underlined and Clarified in 'No Uncertain Terms' in June 2018 (regarding Scotland, a Country in a Similar Position to Wales within Britain) by David Mundell the UK Government's London Based Conservative Party's Scottish Secretary of State, when he Clarified that, 
'Scotland are Part of the UK But Not (Equal) Partners'. Furthermore, Introducing this Veto Vote System into the UK may go some way in convincing Scotland to remain in the Union. However, after 300 years (Act of Union 1707) and Counting of being Treated with Disrespect it is understandable why they would want to leave!... Although if (when) Scotland do proceed with a Second Independence Vote it must be through the 'Nation Specific Criteria(see under 'What is Britishness' heading above), as the Future Direction of Scotland is Clearly No One Else's Business apart from the genuine people of ScotlandIn addition, some people (in England) have argued that the Veto Vote System caters for the Lowest Common Denominator (which would Only be True if looking at it from a purely English Perspective). However, from a Wider UK Perspective, it appears that the absolute Reverse is True. As the Veto Vote System Ensures a Beneficial 'Highest' Common Denominator for Each of the Four UK Member Nations Equally (which also promotes Unity through Compromise), 'Not Just Benefiting the One Majority Nation'. The Evidence of the Unifying effects of the 'Veto Vote System' (Valuing all Members with Equal Power) is the Unity of the 27 (Twenty Seven) Nations of the EU in Brexit Negotiations (2018), as Opposed to the Historical and Ongoing Disunity between just the 4 (Four) Nations of the UK. Indeed, it seems as if the UK London Authorities are (or were) happy with the Veto Vote they Posses in the EU (as it provides Parity for them between EU Nations) but seem to 'NO Platform' the Idea to Provide the Same UK Wide Parity of Power between all the UK Nations (which will include England giving up some of it's Power & having to Rely on the Skill of Negotiation and Compromise, an apparently Frightening Prospect)? The Current Historic and Ongoing UK Model (of One Nation in a Union Imposing it's Will & Interests on the Others) would be like, say for example, Germany in the European Union Imposing it's Will on all the other EU Nations, that would simply not be accepted by the other EU members. So Why should Wales accept this Historic Unfair UK System, 'Do they Feel that they are Not Worthy of being Treated as Equals'?!... See 'Describing the Welsh Relationship with England?' under the 'What is Brtishness?' heading above, and of course                                                  

(VI) Challenging and therefore Neutralising this Historical and Ongoing Derogatory 'Sheep Shagger' Slander Term ('Psychological Weapon') that appears Designed to Attack and Erode a Vital Component of Success and High Expectation, which is said to be Confidence & Self Belief, and Contain the Welsh People (to apparently Psychologically Keep them in their Place). Neutralising this Crude Derogatory Slander Stereotype can be Achieved by Ensuring a Minimal Welsh Government 'Cultural Defence Legal Fund' (CDLF) to serve as a Deterrent by Financially Enabling Welsh Citizens (of All Ethnicities & Minority Groups in Wales) to Finally Hold the British (London Centred) Media to Account for Slander (as Racism, Prejudice & Discrimination is 'Against the Law' in the UK, UN & Europe!!...), with a Percentage of any Damages Won through the Civil Courts (not including Criminal cases) going Back into the Fund to Assist Future Welsh Respondents (although potentially only One case example will be Required to Serve as a Deterrent in the Future?... As the average Person Cannot typically get Free Government 'Legal Aide' for a Slander Case in the UKEven the Recognised possibility of Consequences to Actions & Words would automatically Deter certain people from Engaging in Public Racial Abuse (it's like for example the Speed Limit, you know that if you break the speed limit you risk the consequences, so most people do tend to instinctively obey the speed limit)? Although, when Welsh(or any Ethnicity who is a Welsh Citizen)people get Slandered on the London Mainstream Media with No Consequences it then sends out the Opposite Message (It's OK). However, it may be Prudent to take any case through the European Courts or the UN Courts to possibly provide a Fairer more Impartial Hearing to Guard Against any possible Manipulation or Bias of taking a Case through the Central London Courts. Remember that Wales still does 'Not' have an 'Independent Judicial System', it is Directly Controlled from London (for England & Wales)!.. A 'CDLF' may Further Help to 'Counteract' the Fact that Wales and the 'Welsh People' are 'Denied' a 'Right of Reply' due to Possessing any Independent National Media (in Broadcasting or Print). This 'Cultural Defence Legal Fund' (CDLF) may be the much Needed 'MISSING LINK' Between 'Citizens & Legislation' (A BRIDGE)? It's great to have Equality Legislation (UK, EU & UN) but Without the Legal and Financial Ability to Access them they are Rendered Useless, Mere 'Lip Service' (whether this is by Design or Not is a Debate for another time)?... As a CDLF can Serve to 'Empower' the Welsh People by Providing an Option that would Otherwise be Continuously Denied to them through Financial Impossibility!...  ​Although any Such Cases will Not be about Money it will be about 'ACCOUNTABILITY'... Racial Slander which is also said to Impact Mental Health, with an overall 'Extra' Detrimental Impact on general 'Well-being'. In the most recent PISA Education Report (OECD) to this work being undertaken it has Identified that 54% of Welsh pupils are Unhappy, as Compared to 39% as the International Average.   

In conclusion on the subject matter of Equality, Improvement and Necessary Change, 'Although Change can be a Scary Thing, it is Not Half as Scary as Staying the the Same Forever',  because if you do Not Seek Change then you will Remain in the Same Position, 'which is Fine if that Position is a Position of Wealth and Equality', but Not so Great if your Position is one of Continued Poverty and Slander. As Further 'Clarified' by Henry Ford (the Owner of the Ford Motor Company), 'if You Keep On Doing what You have Always Done, then You will Keep On Getting what You have Always Got'!?...  Also the Definition of Insanity by Albert Einstein, which is to say, 'Doing the Same thing Over and Over Again, but Expecting Different Results', Please don't be Insane!?...                          


                                   THE “INEQUALITY INDICATOR


In order to actually identify and then alleviate inequality there must be a 'Common Sense' measuring tool that allows Wales to quantify if they are unequal to England and if so by how much? I once heard a quote from Lord Kelvin (1824-1907), who created the measurement of temperature, that appears to encapsulate the importance of providing a measuring tool in order to establish statistics, the quote states thatIf You Cannot Measure it, You Cannot Improve it,so by definition if it does not have a level of measurement, then there cannot be improvement. This may account for the lack of statistics available at present through the English system? Moreover there is a further quote expressed by Lord Kelvin stating that, You Cannot Manage what You do Not Measure’, Equally, on a wider Social level,'You Also Can't Change What You 'Don't' Or 'Can't' Acknowledge'. So how does a Nation even attempt to Manage their Finances and Identify Inequality without any Genuine'Independent'Accurate form of Statistical & Economic Data that can be Compared against England's Data, and of course the Measurement Formula, Data provided, Criteria and Interpretation must be 'Evidenced' as 'Genuinely Independent', Fair and Transparent otherwise the Conclusion may be purposely Miss-leading?... With this in mind, in essence then, how can you Manage and Run a Country without Independent, Fair, Unbiased and Accurate Measurement to provide a Solid Foundation of Data (which seems like Blindly Building a House on Sand, based on general figures your next door neighbour gave you, with NO Accurate Plans, Measurements or Figures of you own, and No Idea of what the end Outcome should look like)? Totally Independent, Objective and Impartial Figures are Crucial, ideally undertaken by an outside foreign company with No Links to Britain (Ideally American). As to Rely on Figures Influenced by London may come with a natural Bias and Spin, because if you want to Minimise the Effects of Limiting Funding to Wales you can Arrange the Figures and Systems to Suit your Narrative (particularly if you have almost complete influence over the Figures provided UK Wide?). As any system will ultimately be assessed on OUTCOME, so if your told you have an Equal Share of UK Wealth yet you get Funding from Europe because of Internationally (EU) Recognised Poverty and your constantly the Poorest Nation in the UK, in one of the Richest countries in the World, then surely there must be an Issue with the System and Figures when regarding UK Wide Wealth Allocation, Regardless of apparent misleading Narratives or Spin? 

If you do not know where you are (identifying the level of Inequality in each sector) and therefore how far away you may be from where you should be (Equality of Finances and Resources when compared to England), and which sectors to Prioritise for Prosperity, without Fair and Accurate Independent measurement, you will be left fumbling in the dark (Directionless), which appears to be the Historic, Current and Ongoing Story of Wales?Providing an Equality Measure, measured against England's sector's (as England are the wealthiest Nation in the UK with the largest population) will allow Wales to set a Bench Mark and Goal Set by Identifying Priority Sectors to Target (Financial Services Sectors & Transport for example) which will assist in achieving True Equality with their English neighbours, based on Direct population and land mass measures within each sector 'Where Appropriate'. Just to illustrate

the point, if you are Confused, Misled or Blindly Guessing when Measuring the Basic Ingredients in just a simple cake mixture, then the cake will obviously Fail.
The most effective way of measuring Inequality between England and Wales it appears is by measuring 'Land Masses', comparing and contrasting the 'Land Mass' of Wales as opposed to England. It may be unfair to use population
'ONLY' as an equality measure (the Barnett Formula currently in use) not just because it is unduly bias towards’ the Country with the highest population, but also because conditions appear to have been heavily set against Wales for centuries leading to economic growth in England at the possible expense of Wales, of course economic prosperity equals an apparent growth in population and facilities. Furthermore, population may be a moving target, land mass is a static tool that will not change to use as a base equation. However, in some sectors in Wales a population comparison may be appropriate through dividing the population of Wales into the population of England to find the 'Measure of Equal' (with No Caveats that Could be Open to Manipulation or Bias?). This specific Population 'Inequality Indicator' comparison  may be required as Wales will need less resource for it's 3 million people than England will need for it's 55 million people. Let me present the ‘Landmass Inequality Indicator’ in its simplest form, if say for example one farmer was given 'One' acre of land and the adjoining farmer was provided 'Seven' acres of land (England 7 times larger than Wales in landmass), ‘All things being equal’ it would be generally reasonable to assume that the yield from the farmer who has seven acres of land would be ‘Generally’ seven times greater than the farmer who only has one acre of land to cultivate.  

However, their may be a need for a two pronged 'Inequality Indicator' to be implemented over all sectors when comparing England & Wales. The 'Two Pronged', 'Inequality Indicator' can be used to calculate and compare landmass as well as population using the 'Inequality Indicator' format depending on which area is deemed suitable for each individual sector. This is because as Wales has 3 million people and England present with approximately 55 million people, then more resources will be needed in England to cater for their larger population than in Wales. The authors suggestion would be to divide the landmass of Wales into England for areas considered suitable to land comparison, and divide Welsh population into England's for a population equation. So for landmass comparison to find the 'Measure of Equal' divide by 'Seven' and for population comparison to find the 'Measure of Equal' divide by 'Eighteen'. Clearly this direct population comparison of 18 (with No Caveats) would be suitable to replace the current 'Barnett formula', which possess built in 'Caveats' which could be manipulated to implant a bias? The proposed population 'Inequality Indicator' of '18' appears to provide a Fairer more direct distribution of the UK's wider overall annual wealth?  

The land mass of England is said to be 6.3 times greater than that of Wales, this figure can be rounded off to seven times. As a result any benefits England has over Wales should, ‘If all things being equal’ be seven times greater than Wales. For an example of the landmass 'Inequality Indicator', England has 2173 miles of Motorway so ‘All things being equal’ Wales should have seven times less, this would equate to 310 miles of Motorway in its Infrastructure, Wales currently has 75 miles of Motorway. Also the amount of Under Ground Metro Tube Rail Network in Major English Cities such as London, Liverpool and Tyne and Wear (Newcastle area) as compared to in Wales where at present (2016) 'Zero' Exist, along with 'Zero' Public Tram Networks.  So the 'Measure of Equal' would be firstly identify inequality, and then set goals within each individual sector by using the 'Inequality Measure of Seven' for landmass. Divide English figures in each sector by 'Seven' for landmass related areas and 'Eighteen' for population related areas, to identify inequality and then set Welsh targets using the figures derived. Using such a sensible and understandable formula (No attached 'Caveats' that can be open to Manipulation and Bias?) means that the average citizen can engage in politics by quantifying Inequality and what may be required for Equality, resulting in citizens being empowered to hold officials accountable for these figures, as they can be easily cross referenced and measured by the voting public, as long as they are made aware of how the formula is calculated
(Remove Ambiguous Caveats)?

The prosperity of a country appears to rely on how much land they have and how they choose to best exploit that land to their advantage. It appears reasonable to assert that all things being equal England has seven times more opportunity for exploitation of their property than Wales, because if England did exactly the same with their land that Wales did (or are allowed to do), then by definition they could expect seven times greater return as they have seven times greater area to exploit.
It is worth noting at this point without the co-operation of England in embracing Equality then the goal of achieving Equality for Wales would be dead in the water.As a result a contract (Equality Contract p15 of attached Book) may need to be drawn up that can be Independently Verified and Endorsed by an Agency outside of any possible English establishment influence. Of course if England do not agree to any such Equality or continue to apparently Ignore and Undermine Wales as with the previous 300 years, then that may well be an Indicator to the Welsh public that England does not ever want Wales to be Equal through the Inequality Framework, and therefore Welsh people should draw their own Conclusions from that. Do Wales want an apparent 'Master' that may have No Regard for their Prosperity or Welfare, and Could even be Actively Working Against It?!...When considering the options outlined on each end of the spectrum in this Text regarding 'Amalgamation' (with an 'Equality Contract'), 'Independence' , or a 'UK Veto Vote' System, 'You Decide', but at least Do (or Say) Something!!! An Example for population comparison (the second prong of the two pronged approach) is that the Welsh people’s annual income from Westminster is said to be £15 Billion in 2016 (was £16 Billion the previous year), England’s general average annual income is said to be £800 Billion (which includes all the Tax's paid in by the other Celtic home Nations in the UK), although Figures Directed by the UK Government in London (ONS) for specifically England and the other Individual UK nations are very Vague, and well hidden, usually involving just quoting the UK as a whole, this is further Evidence of the Need for Independent UK nation annual income figures, as without this Direct Comparison (between UK Nations, more specifically England) it is very difficult to the 'Highlight Inequality' of UK Nation's Income (perhaps the reason for the vagueness?). But working off the figures that I could get, as an Example, using the 800 Billion UK Income take away the money allocated to the home Countries at a cost of around £100 Billion, then using the 'Inequality Measure' of population at 'Eighteen', which is 18 divided into £700 billion, then for example the Specific Welsh income should be £39 Billion a year to cater for the Welsh 3 million population (That Can Be Independently Evidenced 'Specifically' For Wales 'Not Generally Calculated Within An Overall UK Allocation', which again can be open to Misinterpretation, Hiding within UK Wide Figures and 'FavourableMethodology', which is to say choosing 'How the Figures are Calculated'). Which equates to England’s wealth estimated at £700 Billion divided by the population 'Inequality Measure' of 'Eighteen'. This £39 Billion annual target (of actual money Specifically Coming Into or Generated by Wales that must be Proved and Evidenced Independently) would be the Goal to Aim towards to create Equality for Wales over the coming years.  But this whole approach relies on 'Easily Accessible' individual nations annual income, and 'Truthful Unbiased Figures' being able to be presented in a 'Non Convoluted' manner, which could be open to obvious allegations of Bias if the figures are Generated, Presented and Created in England, as the figures could be arranged to benefit their narrative (even unconsciously?), but these figures are too important to risk any Bias, as they can directly address Inequality within the Four UK Nations, and therefore will directly Impact the Unity of the UK. 

This 'Equality Indicator' method of allocating funds in the UK appears Fairer and more Transparent, with no intended 'Convoluted Caveats' (add on's) that could be open to Manipulation, Bias, Misinformation or Misinterpretation in Calculating Comparison, which the current calculation tool used by the Government in Westminster appears to have embedded into the formula. Clearly, not all sectors will be suitable for 'Population' comparison such as Motorways and Underground Tube Rail Networks which could be more suited to 'Land Mass' comparison with England. To clarify, regardless how many millions of people will use a motorway network, three million or sixty million (English people also travel fluidly into Wales on a daily basis and vise versa), there still needs to be a motorway network allowing People and Business to navigate their Nation connecting to each basic point of the compass within Wales to allow economic growth throughout the whole of Wales, that is directly comparable using landmass size comparison (divide by seven) to England's, to provide a basic Equality of Transport.  

The current tool used to allocate funds within the UK is the 'Barnett formula' created in 1978 by an apparent London English Establishment figure Lord Barnett. Who in recent times appears to have stated himself that the formula was a 'Terrible Mistake', which appears to be failing Wales but presenting as overly biased in favour of England? Furthermore, as a result of the Barnett formula possessing no legal or democratic standing it could be changed easily at any time by the Westminster treasury. Also the Barnett Formula does not recognise NEED for all UK nations, so say for example Wales needs a connecting Motorway from North to South to balance out wealth in Wales (as with the numerous Motorways in England and the new HS2 rail project and NPR project in the north of England), then provision is not Outlined for Wales to undertake an infrastructure project independent of London, or financially able, as Wales is not allowed to have the necessary Borrowing Capacity to under take any Beneficial Large Scale Project Alone (such as HS2 connecting North & South of England with high speed rail, or even being able to connect North and South Wales with a Motorway as in England for Decades), without the London UK Treasury Permission. The only provision based on NEED in the UK appears to be  when England need to undertake a massive infrastructure project to stimulate their economy (HS2 for example which connects the North & South of England that totally ignores Wales, and London stopping the Tidal Lagoon project in Swansea (2018) cost 1.5 Billion, as Wales cannot afford this independently, as some easy recent examples), a percentage per population of the infrastructure projects cost such as HS2 and NPR (North of England power house) will then be allocated to each Celtic nation (Wales has 5% of UK population so will receive 5% of the money spent on an English project, for example), but obviously this would a fraction of what would be required if Wales Needed to undertake a similar project in their own nation (indeed these fractional payments will only be implemented as and when England Decide to under their Own Projects, so in total control of funds). Hence why Wales is continuously under developed and England are comparatively constantly over developed. This Barnett formula was created as a 'Short Term' measure for allocating UK funds to the Home Nations almost 40 years ago, but is still used Today, if a week is a long time in Politics how long is 40 Years and Counting? Seems strangely familiar with the recent declaration form Westminster (2016) saying to Scotland they cannot have their Second Referendum 'YET' (knocking the ball into the long grass), they can do it Later (with No set Specific date) and the likely powers coming back from the EU a a result of 'Brexit' to be placed in the 'Short Term' in London, Westminster (with No deadline Date), which judging by the experience of the Barnett Formula may never come!? Surely this out of date and apparent unduly biased method in Favour of the English Nation, which was created very much in the mind set 'Of Its Time', in England by an English person arranged and organised by the English establishment needs Finally Replacing with a Modern, Fairer 'Up to date' Transparent Method that Reflects and Respects the UK's New Devolved Nation's and their Growing Devolved Powers (since 1999). Or risk the eventual Inevitable Break Up of the UK due to Easily Evidenced 'Unfairness' and apparent 'Manipulated Bias' which Always seems to be in the Favour of the Majority tribe.    

This apparent Unfairness with the Current Barnett Formula (2016) in dividing the UK's wealth to each home Nation comes in the guise of only allowing changes to funding in the limited already 'Devolved areas', which means that the calculation can not simply compare all of England's sectors overall (as a whole) as compared to all the sectors of Wales to find a simple measure of equal (Wales population divided by England's), to allocate wealth distribution in the UK. Which should be achieved By dividing England's population of 55 Million by the Welsh population of 3 Million which equals 18, so England should have 18 times more wealth and resources than Wales in 'all sectors', any more will need to be readjusted. However, if the comparable 'Non-Devolved' Majority of sectors in England are on average, say for example a 100 times more than Wales (should be 18 times more regarding population comparison), with only the limited number of devolved sectors at the required 18 times more (equal) population comparison, then overall with all the sectors 'Combined' there will be massive Inequality between England and Wales. Which seems to make the whole calculation process (the Barnett Formula) pointless (for Wales but apparently very effective & profitable for England)? 

The second area that appears to permanently rig the Barnett Formula in favour of England is the Caveat (add on) stating, after the population comparison has been undertaken,'The Extent which Relevant English Departments and Programmes are Comparable with the Devolved Administrations'

The English Establishment decides and controls how to 'Interpret' and 'Implement' this anomaly possibly using their Own Favourable Figures and Statistics (and methods of collecting & interpreting the data), which means the calculations (Welsh annual Funding) can be subject to possible Misinformation, Bias and Manipulation? Clearly there is a problem for Wales in the allocation of funds to Wales from England (a Proportion of Welsh TAX coming Back to Them) as demonstrated with the Welsh annual budget at £15 Billion from Westminster as compared to England's annual budget of £700 Billion.All things being Equal in the UK, England should have '18' Times More Money than Wales, as they have 18 times more People in their Population, Not '46.5' Times More Money than Wales, as is the Current Situation, with £700 Billion for England and £15 Billion for Wales each year (2016, website).All things being Equal Wales should have an 'Independently Verified & Evidenced' (through an outside foreign agency, with No links to the English Establishment) annual allocation of funds from the English Establishment's Bank of England of £39 Billion, which is England's annual income of £700 Billion divided by 18 which is the amount that England's population is larger than Wales.  

It does appear quite obvious here that if the COLLECTION & INTERPRETATION of Wealth figures in Wales (the apparent Servant) are Mainly, Provided, Interpreted & Collected by the English Establishment Authorities in the UK (the apparent Master) who 'Possess Total Overall UK Control' of the CALCULATION, METHODOLOGY and ALLOCATION of all Funds in the UK. Then the English Establishment Authorities maybe more Inclined to mould figures to give the Impression of providing More OVERALL Financial support to Wales than they actually do (as English authorities would not want to be seen as openly unfair which can be Demonstrated with Accurate Overall Figures)? As a consequence the English Establishment maybe more Inclined to Attribute certain areas of Money to Wales that have a very TENUOUS or VAGUE LINK to money Actually Entering or Supporting Wales Specifically (More Overall UK Funding Than Specifically Welsh). In summary, to quote the words of the twentieth President of the United States 'James A. Garfield' (1881), 'He who Controls the Money Supply of a Nation Controls the Nation'.

Providing an Annual Economic Target of £39 Billion allows Wales to present a Target, an End Goal to Strive and 'Aspire' towards, but most importantly provides a model for movement forward, a
'DIRECTION'with a measuring tool that can define if Wales has moved forward or backwards over a given period. Using measurement to identify success or failure also provides the opportunity for a timely change of direction or policy if the current plan is identified as not being productive. In allocating a £39 Billion a year annual target income for Wales the author of this literature is not suggesting that England must now give Wales £39 billion a year as opposed to its current £15 Billion a year in the next annual British budget to provide instant Equality. What the author is stating is by using the 'Two Pronged' ‘Inequality Indicator’ framework to provide Equality of Building Societies, Insurance Companies, Banks, Television stations, Business start up's, Newspapers, Under Ground Metro Rail, Trams, Ferry Ports, Shipping Ports, Airports and Motorway’s etc, as well as the Welsh 'General Infrastructure' over the coming years. This currently apparent unachieveable target of an 'Independently Verified' £39 Billion annual Welsh Income, over time, could be achieved. It is worth noting that it took Wales many Centuries and Decades of apparent Inequality to get into the state it is in now, which is being identified with Continuously some of the Historic poorest Areas in Europe and Continuously as well as Historically the Poorest Nation in the UK (2016). So by definition it may take many Decades to recover. However, as long as Wales is Moving Forward on the Equality Scale no matter by how little, which now can be Measured through all areas of Welsh life, then progress, regardless how small would be one step closer to the ultimate goal of Equality. The ‘Inequality Indicator’ format appears to allow Wales to calculate any levels of Inequality in all areas of Welsh Society and Economy, using an appropriate mixture of 'Landmass' and 'Population' comparison 'Where Assessed to be Necessary'. This format can provide a true figure that could demonstrate at what level Wales should be at, within each individual sector and then as a whole.  

To Clarify the term ‘Each Individual Sector’, this means Motorways, International  Airports (Allowing Lucrative 'Long Haul Flights' in Wales Not Centralising them in mainly London), Under Ground Tube Networks, Trams, Banks, Building societies, Insurance Companies, Shipping & Ferry ports, Business Generation, National and International Media Outlets, Business Start-ups, House Builds, Utility Companies, Railway Links, Broadband  & Internet supply Companies, Mobile Phone Companies, Car/Vehicle Production & Brands, Pharmaceutical Companies & suppliers, Clothing Brands, Mobile Phone

Coverage and Internet Infrastructure, amongst many many others. All these individual aspects of Welsh life and infrastructure could now be compared to what England posses (All companies to be used for figure comparison, large and small, regional and national within each Nation) using the two pronged ‘Inequality Indicator’ through the Inequality Indicator Measure of 'Seven' (Land) or 'Eighteen' (Population), where assessed as appropriate. Once these figures have been identified new goal setting targets may then be able to be set within each identified sector. These figures may assist Wales in closing the huge economic gap that appears to exist between England and Wales and provide a significant move forward in terms of true Equality with England, the most influential and wealthiest power within the UK.   

Establishing a tool to develop statistics to identify inequality over two Nations entire infrastructure, society and finances (England and Wales) which has appeared to have been avoided before this proposed 'Inequality Indicator' formula. However, general figures are now achievable which can then be used to measure levels of inequality and therefore accomplish set goals towards equality. It does appear better to have a general ball park figure that can be easily evidenced through a non- convoluted common sense structure, understood by the general public, such as the ‘Inequality Indicator’ format, than no figures at all, the current ongoing Welsh condition. Furthermore the 'Inequality Indicator' can be used as a new sensible method in which to calculate how the wealth of the UK can be distributed annually, replacing the 'Out of Touch' apparently bias Barnett formula currently in use (2016) by dividing populations with 'No Caveats'. 

No Unbiased Accurate UK Wide Figures means No Idea (Clueless) of which general direction to pursue meaning a scenario where a Nation and people (Wales) are left 'Continuously Fumbling around in the Dark' hoping that they are moving forward towards Equality and Prosperity never 'asking the right questions' and never actually being able to use any tool that can identify if the course they are heading on (Regularly Compare Wealth & Resource with England in each Identified Sector and then compare overall Wealth annually to assess progress or decline, alter if decline identified continue & build on if progress identified) is Beneficial or Detrimental to their Nation. This circumstance is almost like navigating without a compass. The ‘Inequality Indicator’ Format appears to perform the role of a Compass, as a Compass does not tell you exactly where the address is that you may be looking for, but it will give you the right General Direction in which to travel in order to get there. This analogy is particularly pertinent to Wales as a Compass is more useful when finding the right direction from vast distances. The distance between Wales and Equality with England at present in 2016 may be vast. However, It does appear that Wales has Not even been Allowed to Publicly Establish if Inequality even Exists yet, let alone start on the path of Remedying the Problem. 

Identifying and then Establishing Set Annual Sector Targets, Allows Wales to Measure Success or Failure. 
But most importantly provides a model for progression and prosperity, with a measuring tool that can define if Wales has moved forward or backwards over a given period. Allowing the vital ability to alter course if figures suggests a movement in the wrong direction and the ability to prioritise certain identified sectors that promote prosperity. To reiterate, in allocating a £39 billion a year annual target income for Wales, the author of this literature is not suggesting that England must now give Wales £39 Billion a year as opposed to its current £15 Billion a year in the next annual British budget to provide instant Equality. What the author is stating is by using the ‘Inequality Indicator’ framework to provide Equality of Banks, Internet Access Companies, Develop Welsh Brands, Television Stations (Independent & Public), Newspapers & Magazines, Financial Sector, Insurance Companies, Infrastructure including Motorway’s, Underground Railway in certain Cities & Trams etc, over the coming years will allow Wales to gradually achieve this independently assessed annual income target themselves. 

When implementing the  two pronged 'Inequality Indicator' It maybe necessary to identify the main areas that the 'Inequality Indicator' of seven can be easily applied too which may be more suited to comparing landmass, such as Motorways,Under Ground Metro Rail, Trams and Infrastructure Projects. As their maybe some areas because of England's large population that may 'NOT' be suited by the landmass equation of seven, but by a larger equation, such as the amount of National Newspapers and National Television stations with these areas serving population. So more would be required in England than in Wales as England's population is roughly 18 times greater than Wales, then the 'Inequality Indicator' equation would be for these sectors to be divided by the population 'Inequality Indicator' of 'Eighteen'. This figure can be regularly adjusted going on into the future by simply dividing the Welsh population into the English population annually.    

As a consequence a two pronged 'Inequality Indicator' may be required by identifying which areas are suited to landmass comparison and which areas may be suited to population comparison, using the equation of 'Seven' or 'Eighteen' where necessary. This mixture of landmass and population comparison maybe more flexible and detailed through out each sector to identify and adjust inequality, than only using population (with a built in caveat) as a rigid guide to provide a lump sum annual Grant which is the current 'Barnett formula' (again not quite sure why it is called a 'GRANT' when it is a proportion of Welsh peoples Taxes coming back to them, such as VAT)? Of course the overall wider annual allocation of funds within the UK would only be suited to direct population comparison (with No Caveats).     

Implementing the Two Pronged 'Inequality Indicator' format appears to promote prosperity and equality by 'Prioritising', 'Comparing' and 'Adjusting' important sectors 'INDIVIDUALLY' that can provide prosperity through providing facilities such as 'Motorways' & 'Underground Rail Networks in certain Cities & Trams', 'National Television Stations', 'National Newspapers', 'Insurance Companies' and 'Banks', moving Wales forward towards eventual Equality with their Affluent Neighbour. The Two Pronged 'Inequality Indicator' format appears suited not only to 'Individual Sector Comparison' to adjust the detail but also on a 'Broader UK Level' in replacing the current supposedly short term 'Barnett Formula', which calculates the annual allocation of funds to the home Nations using a one dimensional population comparison (but with inbuilt Caveats that can be and possibly has been continuously used for Bias and Manipulation in favour of the English economy, as possibly demonstrated through the annual income of England at £700 Billion and the Central English Establishment's annual allocation of funds to Wales at £15 Billion).         

This currently unachievable target of a 'Genuinely Independently Verified' (by an External Authority to Ensure, Trust, Consequence & Accountability) '£39 Billion Specific Annual Income' (Currently allocated Central London English Establishment Grant is£16 Billion a year), for Wales, over time, can be Achieved. It is worth reiterating that it took Wales many Decades if not Centuries of Inequality to get into the state it is in now, with Wales currently being identified as Continuously & Historically possessing some of the poorest regions in the whole of Europe and the Historic Ongoing Poorest Nation in the UK (2016), so by definition it will take many Decades to recover. However, as long as Wales is moving forward on the Equality Scale, a 'DIRECTION', Instead of an 'Historic' & 'Ongoing'  300 Year (& Counting) 'Stagnation' within an Obvious 'Purgatory State', Which now can be'Measured’. Then Progress, regardless how small would be one step closer to the ultimate goal of Equality, Prosperity and Opportunity for Wales when compared to England, the most Powerful and Wealthy force within the UK.        


​                                                                                                           L.W.JONES Dipsw  (BSW) 2016

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