​                                        WHAT IS ‘BRITISHNESS’?



Vote the government out!

O’ no you said it, this poem, you clearly haven’t read it, now let’s set the record straight, if you’re a minority how are you supposed to outvote a majority, let’s debate, if you don’t like the government then vote them out, but wait, that only applies to a one nation state, but in a state that has four nationalities only the majority nation gets to dictate the UK’s destination, great if you’re English but that’s just selfish, yet if you’re from the Celtic minority a one UK nationality has no validity when the minority has no way to influence the majority, as England do not recognize the Celtic nationality when they unilaterally name the UK as a  nation and country which obviously favours the majority in a UK wide voting ideology, but where’s the democracy for the Celtic minority when constantly outvoted by the English majority on UK wide policy, a catch 22, a misery for me, but great for you, when England call the UK a one nation state they have the Celtic nations in a permanent check mate.



There cannot be one national definition of the characteristics of four different nations, with different languages and history, one Anglo-Saxon and the others a Celtic ethnicity, the majority and the minority, if you use amalgamation you only have the characteristics of the majority nation, so British and English mean the same population, Britishness cannot be whatever distinguishes British people and culture from other nations, as they themselves are four different nations, you see, British as one nation is a created fantasy by the English with their laws on nationality created through their majority, but that's just politically, so a citizenship, yet nation is decided culturally, through descent, language and history, when the act of union was a collaboration not an extermination of each UK nation, but the definition of the UK as a state, nation or country must be decided by all UK nations equally not just by the English majority, as Britishness has the characteristics of a four nation state, I think on this we can all relate, as it's unique to the united kingdom and what makes Britain great, because if you do not recognise the Celtic ethnicity you have just deleted them straight out of history, so let's expose this engineered confusion that continues to highlight and exalt just one UK nation, to the others exclusion.


Countries within a country what stupidity!   (short version)

Let’s take a minute to just look at the insanity to add a little much needed clarity, and see what happens when fantasy collides with reality, it is impossible to have a country within a country, as it's clearly contradictory, a constituent country, this is the problem England have with their invented fantasy, it is an impossibility, as it has no reason, because any country within a country becomes no more than a region, and no you cannot have a nation within a nation, as this is stupidity, when every nation comes with their own culture, language and history, and in reality once we've burst past the fantasy, on the island of Britain there is a union of three, geographically and culturally, so logically it is an impossibility to have the characteristics of one country and nationality, this is an important aspect because crucially, in doing so you delete out the minority Celtic ethnicity and make the UK just England as the vast majority, so when people say in the ‘best interests of the country’ that then predominantly just means the English nationality, which focuses on England’s issues and prosperity as the priority without a thought to the Celtic minority, hopefully now this has finally provided some clarity to clear up this invented insanity.


   To clarify, the forces that brought  England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland together are now in decline because England's majority population cannot simply use force or coercion now in modern times with the advent of the UN and other bigger world powers emerging. Such as for example, Annexing Wales, the Alien Act 1705 that put an embargo on Scotland until they signed the act of union in 1707, and unilaterally dissolving Irelands parliament in 1801 after the Irish uprising in 1798 to bring Ireland back into England's directs control.

Moreover, Faith did not initially unite the UK nations as this was unilaterally decided by Henry VIII in 1530 when he decided to separate the church of England from Rome to create Protestantism, obviously, you decide your faith, it is not decided for you.

Furthermore, the World Wars brought the UK together because England had a bigger enemy to their power base than their usual domestic Celtic nations, but once the threat of Germany was resolved normal service resumed.

In conclusion, a shared history will not keep the UK together as that shared history is based on the premise of England's majority oppressing, coercing and using force against the Celtic nations, that's like saying the shared history of an abused wife and an abusive husband would be enough to keep them together, by definition it will do the opposite.

Solution, only a UK specific allocated Veto Vote system that can provide UK law and policy influence to the Celtic nations will allow the UK to move on into the future as a more equal state in the new modern internet world. (see 'UK Nations Veto Vote' under 'Unequal UK Democracy' heading). Give some meaningful UK wide Policy and Law making power to the Celtic nations and that will be enough to prevent independence talk forever, as it is the feeling of unfairness that makes people want independence. However, continue to centralize UK Law & Policy making power in London with England's majority 533 MPs and the question of independence for all the Celtic nations will never go away, and will eventually happen.

England's Media and Politicians constantly talk about Scottish and Welsh Nationalism but never once mention English Nationalism the most potent Nationalism of all in the UK as it has all the power.


​                                                            The Emperor has no clothes(on closer examination)

The TRUTH matters and will always come out in the end, usually sooner than you think. Then the Cover Up becomes even more of a Sin than hiding the truth in the first place. Indeed, If you are an English Socialist but deny or refuse to acknowledge that the UK Minority Nations are Dis-advantaged next to the Majority English because it Benefits you as an English person then this makes you Evidently a Racist in every Legal and Dictionary Definition of the Word, by Discriminating through Nationality & Ethnicity (Celtic V's Anglo-Saxon, for Example), which also makes you a Hypocrite, as then you become an English Nationalist Favouring your Own Interests as the Majority Powerful to the Detriment of the Minority Celtic Nations, Not a Socialist as Socialism's key pillar is Equality, not just equality within an English context, but Equality within a UK wide context. 

Oxford English Dictionary Definition of EQUALITY - 'the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, or opportunities'. This must apply to all UK Nations.

The reason English is the dominant language in Wales and not Welsh (which includes the indigenous languages of Scotland & Ireland) is because of the power that England's majority has always asserted on Wales and the other UK Celtic Nations, that continues to this day in all areas including the Media and Politics.

When the English media (Union for example with David Olusoga 2023, BBC) explore how Britain came about they always miss out that fact that Wales is Annexed, and the Alien Act 1705 embargo that forced Scotland to sign the Act of Union n 1707, and London desolving the Irish parliamnt to bring them under their direct control after the 1798 Irish uprising. Of course there is no Devolved independent Celtic media allowed by England's 533 MPs in the UK parliament to critique England's version of how Britain developed and what Britishness may actually be. When the Celtic nations have no devolved independent Media they are just open to English propaganda with no way to respond.

The Annexation of Wales in the 14th century does not have a Statute of Limitations so does Not have a Prescribed Period by the UN, and to have a Mandate for Annexation the aggressor must have a Democratic Vote to provide specific Consent, which has never been allowed in Wales by London, England, through their 533 majority MPs. Forcibly Stealing some one's Land and then saying now you can vote in our elections, even though you are a minority so will make no difference, whether you like it or not, is not a Mandate it is Coercion.

Each UN member State has the right to define itself, but where are the rights of the UK Celtic Nations when unilaterally railroaded by England's vast Majority.If one speaks of countries, it must first be settled how to define these territories independently of political interests and by all UK Nations. Clearly England want to the UK to be One Nation and Country to suit its political interests, but to the detriment of the Minority Celtic nations as internationally recognized countries, so England's definition of the UK as One Nation and Country flies in the face of all the available Evidence, just because it seems to benefit England to do so.

 Britain or the UK cannot be a Nation-State as they are not the same Nationality, culturally (through Language & History for example) and through Ethnicity (Celtic & Anglo-Saxon). The Oxford English Dictionary (3d ed.) defines nation-state as “an independent political state formed from a people who share a common national identity (historically, culturally, or ethnically)

The UK or Britain clearly does not see itself as one nation as easily evidenced by four separate international sporting teams, if the people of the UK thought they were a one nation state they would be saying there is no need for four national teams just one, this has never happened, even from England.

There must be an independent consensus from all four UK Nations, using a Veto Vote,  as to what the UK is,  either it is a four nation state or one nation and country? As it cannot remain a grey area, flitting in between the two as and when England desire. England cannot have it both ways as a one nation state and a four nation state are diametrically opposite to each other. The Singular and the Plural.

In the English language, the terms nation (cultural), country (geographical) and State (political) do have precise meanings, but in daily speech and writing they are often used interchangeably, and are open to different interpretations. of course in the UK England get to set the interpretation to benefit themselves as the majority.

To say that the Act of Union 1707 created the UK is clearly a Nonsense as that agreement was between England & Scotland Specifically. Even though Scotland were never in a position to say No. The reason Scotland was not totally conquered is because of the vast Highlands that soldiers could hide in and create an expensive and long-term gorilla warfare situation, and the difficulty of trying to hunt people down in the vast Highlands and Islands. So it was easier for England to have an Edinburgh puppet King and/or parliament  in Scotland to give the impression of not being conquered, rather than constantly try to fight a gorilla war with all the ongoing associated expense. Ireland and Wales had different Landscapes and Locations (closer to London & English resources, with a smaller Landmass). Indeed, it is regularly stated that because of the expense to Longshanks of conquering and then subduing the Welsh with his castle network, he did not then have the money to fully conquer Scotland. and build the necessary Castles to create strategic strong holds, such as in Wales.

Britain is not a country even if you work off the Montevideo Convention 1933 as that includes the UK as a whole as a political state, so even by the UN 's Montevideo Convention Britain is not a country (although state and country are different entities, country geographical & state Political). Britain it is just the island consisting of the historical countries of Wales, Scotland and England, that have existed and continue to exist before the Act of Union 1707, which made a union of countries and nations, not one nation or country. Even though Wales and Ireland had not say as conquered nations and Scotland where coerced by the Alien Act 1705 Embargo on Scotland from England.

Why England want the UK to be seen as one Nation

If the UK is seen as a Four Nation State England might have to share UK power four ways as there would be a recognition of Four Nations Interests in the UK, as opposed to England saying that the UK is one Nation, therefore England, through their majority population, can have total overall central power and control of one supposed Nation that applies to all UK Nations as a whole without Compromise between each UK Nation. Hence why there is devolution of powers in the UK for the Celtic nations but no devolution of powers to England as a UK nation, as they already have Central Control. So a way for England to Control the UK and not primarily just England, because if the English Nation was Separate to the UK as a Nation within the UK Union they would then have to Negotiate with the other UK Nations regarding UK wide Law and Policy, instead of being able to make Unilateral decisions on the Celtic Nations behalf without Consultation due to being a so called one Nation UK as opposed to a Four Nation State. As Evidenced with England's ability to make UK wide Law and Policy without Celtic nations consultation due to England's majority UK population, making the UK or Britain just another name for England, but incorporating the Celtic nations under those 'Umbrella Terms'. As Evidenced by only England Benefiting from their 'Umbrella Terms' of the UK or Britain, as opposed to the term a 'Four Nation State' that recognizes all UK Nations. Indeed, the World is looking on and can make their own minds up given the obvious Evidence available, you can fool the UK with your Interpretation as you own the Media but you cannot fool the rest of the World.

Indeed, for London to say that 'being in a Union helps each constituent nation to be bigger than it otherwise would be' is clearly Nonsense when England declare the UK as One Nation which by definition deletes the Celtic nations out, so not only are they not bigger than they would be, they do not even exist but just as regions of the UK, with the UK or Britain just 'Umbrella Terms' for the majority England. No Nation can achieve its full potential when it is governed by another country (England's Majority MPs) as Evidenced with the Under Development of Wales and Scotland and the Over Development of England. This London statement of being 'bigger than they otherwise would be' would only apply to England, as they have essential incorporated Four Nations into England using the 'Umbrella Terms' of Britain and the UK. The Brass Neck of London suggesting to the Celtic Nations on the island of Britain that England controlling the Celtic Nations is actually doing the Celtic Nations a Favour!!!... That's like me holding someone hostage in my basement saying you can leave at any time whilst blocking all the Exits, and then saying they should be grateful because I feed them from time to time? If it was not so Serious for the Celtic Nations Development this could be a comedy sketch out of Monty Python!

Factually British as one Cultural People does Not Exist, only British as Political Citizens, Citizenship is just your Legal Status created Domestically by London, the British Nationality Act 1981 for example, which is Misleading as it is not a Nationality just the Citizenship of a State, a National, your Identity is the Cultural Characteristics of the Nation of your Birth, mainly Defined by Indigenous Language which Defines a Nation.

In general, to be a National is to be a member of a State. In general Nationality is acquired by Birth, Citizenship is a narrower concept: it is a specific legal relationship between a state and a person.

(For Example, if you were born in London you are Legally a British Citizen but your main identity is English through your Environmental & Cultural Characteristics, even if your Heritage maybe from Abroad. Oxford English Dictionary Definition of Nationality - 'the status of belonging to a particular nation').

England unilaterally claiming that the UK is one Nation deprives the Celtic Nations of their Nationality. If London want the UK to be One Nation they must Democratically allow the Celtic Nations and England to Vote to either Remove their Nation Status and be One UK Nation, or maintain their Nation Status but within a Political State, or Union. As London cannot have it both ways.

(UDHR ARTICLE 15 'right to choose nationality', to clarify the UK is a UN Political State)

London have a direct Influence in the UN as one of the Five main permanent Members so can politically muddy the definition of a State, Nation & Country to their own advantage

Moreover, for certain people to say that there is 'no reality only perception' to try to validate a fantasy position, is like saying there is 'no truth just opinion'. However, there is such a thing as the truth which is confirmed through evidence, perceptions are opinions without any evidence, and as we all all know opinions are like arse-holes, every bodies got one, usually based on absolutely No Evidence at all.

In order for England to maintain power over the Celtic Nations in the New World Order that had developed after World War II culminating with the UN. To Maintain direct power over the UK or Britain, England's closest other territories, in the new world order, England suggested to the UN that the UK or Britain was One Nation or Country meaning that the Celtic Nations are not real Nations but essentially just regions of the UK or Britain of course still controlled by England in London. It is to England's advantage not to clarify England as a Nation or Country as a separate entity within the UK, because if that were the case they could not use the term UK to control the Celtic Nations through England. Even though Wales and Scotland on the island of Britain are quite Self-Evidently Internationally Recognised Nations and Countries in their own right

Britain or British is an English Invention, created by England Conquering and Coercing the Celtic Nations, Ironically through Strength of Numbers, the same as today but England use their Strength of Numbers by rigging UK Democracy to benefit themselves as the majority, then Centralizing UK Power into London England. It is also then easy for England to hide behind the term Britain or British to negate direct responsibility for actions and decisions that come directly from London, England the Central Power of Britain and the UK (the British Empire, for Example) using the good name of the Celtic nations as Cover. It is a lot easier to hide from responsibility in a group of people rather than individually.

(England inventing Britain or British as Evidenced by the Conquering, Welsh Annexation, and Coercion, the Alien Act 1705 an Embargo on Scotland unless they signed the Act of Union 1707, of the Celtic Nations by England with their Overwhelming Numbers and Resources, then UK Power Centralized with England's 533 MP's into Westminster, London, England, who make all the UK decisions, even to this day)

The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights article 15 states that everyone has the right to a nationality and that no one should be arbitrarily deprived of a nationality or denied the right to change nationality. England, London cannot pick and choose when when the Celtic nations are Nations and a nationality when it suits them. Indeed, in England claiming that the UK is a Nation as a whole deprives the Celtic Nations of their Nationality.

Article 76 of the UN Charter
'to encourage respect for human rights and for fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to race, sex, language, or religion, and to encourage recognition of the interdependence of the peoples of the world'

To Clarify, England are the Powerful Majority in the UK so they get to choose who or what Diversity means to them, but this term Diversity does not only apply to people with Black or Brown skin, it applies to all Ethnicities, Oxford dictionary definition of 'Diversity' - 'the practice or quality of including or involving people from a range of different social and ethnic backgrounds', Oxford dictionary definition of 'Ethnicity' - 'the quality or fact of belonging to a population group or subgroup made up of people who share a common cultural background or descent', Celtic as opposed to Anglo-Saxon Descent for example. You cannot claim Diversity in the UK whilst actively deleting the minority Celtic people out of the word Diversity, despite Legal & Dictionary Definitions stating otherwise, by constantly suggesting that the minority Celtic people are simply Anglo-Saxon and all UK Nations are the Same People, just to suit England's political narrative to maintain central control of the UK as a whole. If the UK is seen as a Four nation state England might have to share UK power Four ways, as opposed to saying that the UK is one Nation therefore they have total overall central power of one Nation that unilaterally incorporates all the Celtic Nations.

The Evidence of Scotland, Wales and N.Ireland being recognised as Nations by London is that they created National Parliaments & an Assembly for them, that in their Own Words are National, you cannot say Scotland, Wales and N.Ireland are Nations on the one hand, then on the other hand, when it suits you, say no they are not real Nations, you cannot have it both ways

To Clarify, you cannot have a Country within a Country, it is impossible (no matter how London try to Spin it to their Benefit), because any Country within a Country then becomes a Region of the wider Country. However, you can have a Country or Countries within a Political Union or Political State (State being the Political UK Union).

Cambridge Dictionary Definition of a REGION -  'a particular area or part of the world, or any of the large official areas into which a country is divided'

When you do Not Recognize a Minority Nation then you do Not Recognize their Rights

(Right to Self-Determination, Immune from Race Laws, No Independent Devolved Media for Celtic Free Speech, Side-Lined due to London's Majority Vote System UK wide, for Example)

Oxford Dictionary Definition of NATION - a large body of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular country or territory. For Example, each Nation on the Island of Britain have Different Ongoing Indigenous Languages, English, Welsh & Gaelic, with Separate Descent Anglo-Saxon England and the Celtic Nations, with the Characteristics of being an English Majority as opposed to being a Celtic Minority and the Difference in History of being the Powerful Majority or Powerless Minority, with Internationally Recognized Territorial Borders. This is Easy Evidence of Separate UK Nations and People's but in a Political Union UN State.

The UK is a Four Nation State, as in a UN Member State, which is nothing like the USA that is a Nation and Country with separate states, the states in the USA are Regions of America as a whole Nation and Country, where as the UK is the Collective of Fully Formed Nations from its Inception in a Political Union as a UN Member State since 1945.

 Now show me and the World the Evidence that the UK is One Nation!

(As a Consequence of London Not being able to Evidence the UK as One Nation then the UK as One Nation then by definition becomes a Fantasy Term made up by England to benefit their Interests. The Fact that London Cannot provide any Evidence is the reason why they use their control of the UK Media to Avoid the Subject, when London Cannot win the Argument or Debate they will Avoid the Question, which is why the Celtic Nations need Devolved power over their own Media)

To Clarify, this is Why the UK Needs to be Recognised as a Four Nation State, because when you Recognize the Four Nations People are Reminded and are made more Aware of their Specific Needs and Rights, as Opposed to a UK state as an Homogenous Group that Blurrs the lines of those UK Nations Needs and Rights, which then Invariably ends up Favouring the Majority Nation to the Detriment of the Minority Nations. Where the Minority Celtic Nations then end up taking on England's problems as their own, as opposed to being able to focus on their own issues, this would be a Benefit of Independence for the Celtic Nations to be able to Freely Focus on their own specific issues with the necessary Independent Media for Debate, and Free Levers of Power.

If you say that the UK is one Nation the term 'LEVELING UP' becomes meaningless as you cannot compare the Individual UK Nations in order to 'LEVEL UP', it just remains a North of England and South of England Debate. Moreover, you cannot compare 'PER CAPITA' (per person) spend as this does not allow for the Centuries & Decades of spend in Infrastructure and Development previously that led to certain areas such as London (& England) having a High Population and the Celtic Nations having a Low Population (there is Masses of Under Developed Land in Wales & Scotland, Mid Wales, North Scotland, for Example). This 'PER CAPITA' is CREATIVE ACCOUNTANCY from the Corridors of Power in London, the Evidence being that if the Celtic Nations get more spend 'PER HEAD' then how come they are still massively Under Developed and England massively Over Developed?

It is Easy for most of the World to say that State, Nation & Country are generally the Same as most States in the World are One Cultural Nation and therefore Country, but the UK sits Outside of this International Norm. Indeed the Montevideo Convention 1933 used by the UN defines a State (a settled population, a defined territory, government and the ability to enter into relations with other states), but the UN definition of a Nation or Country is different, this is the complexity of the terms Nation, Country & State, they do not mean the same, even as defined by the UN. However, this only becomes a major issue for States that have recognized Nations within it, particularly the Minority Nations. Indeed, London have a direct Influence in the UN as one of the Five main permanent Members so can muddy the definition of a State, Nation & Country to their own advantage.

UN definition of Nation - 'A nation is a community of people formed on the basis of a combination of shared features such as language, history, ethnicity, culture and/or society'.

UN definition of a Country -  'A country is a spatially clearly delimited area, in which its own administration with at least partial autonomy comes to bear, which emanates from an organization exercising power. This administration does not have to be politically independent or even uninfluenced from the outside'.

To Clarify, the Author of this Text is Not a Nationalist or a Unionist just in Complete Favour of Levelling Up the UK Nations. However, in order to do this the English Establishment Bias towards Favouring their Own Country must be Identified and Exposed. The Author understands that as a Welsh/Celtic person that this will come with a Natural Bias in Favour of Wales & the Celtic Nations, although it is interesting to note that London England do Not Recognise or Acknowledge their own Natural National Bias, but in Highlighting English Establishment Bias this helps the UK to know where the Bias is, and what to do about it, as this Work could not be undertaken by an English person (or English Subordinate who only want to see through an English Filter) who have No independent Concept of being in a Minority UK Nation as an English born person (even if a person of different Heritage), so therefore No Concept of what would Need to Change to Save the Union, if it is not to late already? As it is not Russia or China that will Break Up the UK, it is English Nationalism and Little Englander's, who seem to Loath anyone who is not English, even in their own UK Union. Indeed, without a Truthful even Harsh Evaluation of the UK Union how can it be Improved for all UK Nations?

The Act of Union 1707 (putting aside the English Alien Act 1705 for a moment) did Not make the UK one Cultural Country or Nation it just made the UK a Political Union of Nations, and King James I (1566-1625) was never the King of an Independent Scotland just a Puppet of the English Crown, Scotland had to given up their Independence won by Robert the Bruce after the Second War of Independence with the Treaty of Berwick (1357), after the treaty of  Edinburgh-Northampton, that recognised Scotland as fully Independent, was reneged on by Edward III of England. 

To Clarify, the UK Parliament is Sovereign which makes all the UK Nations who attend Sovereign as well, as the UK is the Collective of Nations as an Independent Sovereign State (State is a Political Term). However, because of England's Vast Majority 533 MPs this makes the UK Parliament an English Parliament and England a 'DE FACTO' Independent Sovereign State, which has No International Legitimacy, as England is Not Internationally Legally Recognized as an Independent Sovereign State, but in Practice have the Power of an Independent Sovereign State.

London & England Cannot us the term 'Britain' or 'British' to Validate English Decisions made through their 533 English MPs in London, which actively Side lines any Consistent & Meaningful Input from the Celtic Nations. Needless to say the House of Lords that could alter UK Legislation is also Dominated by English Peers.

To Confirm, when you join a Team you do Not Lose your Personality, Descent, History or Culture, so you do Not become a Non-person you become a Collective of People, a Team Member.  So if I join a Football Team, for example, I do not become a one person called the football team, I become one of eleven in that football team with all our Unique Characteristics, so if a black person joins a primarily white team he/she does Not then become white, for example, they still have their Unique Character, History, Descent, and Culture. This is the Same Analogy for the UK, just because you become a Union of Nations does Not mean that you Lose your History, Descent, Language and Culture, it just means your Characteristics are then part of the other people's Characteristics in the Union, but still Distinct as People and Nations. Scotland did Not sign the Act of Union in 1707 (forgetting about the Alien Act 1705 for a minute) to then wipe Scotland off the map to become the entity called Britain or the UK, they signed as the Nation of Scotland in a Union with the Nation of England (and the other Celtic Nations already Controlled by England), hence it's called the Act of Union, Not the Act of Nationhood or Nationality as an Amalgamation into One Nation or Country.

In order to save the Union in this New Internet World, all UK Nations Need to be Empowered and Acknowledged, London promoting this Fantasy term of British as a Nationality or Country effectively Deletes Out the Minority Celtic Nations, their Rights and Voice, as they are Homogenized into the Majority Group. So it is Vital for the Minority Celtic Nations to clarify if this London term of British or Britain as a Nation is actually Correct or Not, whilst noticing that the Four Nations of the UK do actually Exist! However, it is Equally Vital for London England to assert that the UK or Britain is One Nation to keep overall Control for the Majority Nation in London of an Homogenized group, with No Evidence of a Singular UK Nation, and in an Internationally Recognized Four Nation State (State is a Political Term). As London England Not officially Recognizing the UK as a Four Nation State means that each Individual Minority Celtic Nation has No Power or Voice as they are Not Recognized as Individual Nations UK Wide but just as One Homogenous Block Controlled through England's 533 MPs. Indeed, I look forward to watching Wales play England in the 2022 Soccer World Cup, even though as London suggest the UK or Britain is just One Nation?... I wonder who the 533 English MPs will be Supporting?

How are you meant Identify Racism & Discrimination from Majority England towards Minority Celtic Nations if the UK is deemed as One Nation? If you say that the UK is One Nation then Slander & Discrimination of the Minority Celtic Nations UK Wide can just be Excused as an Internal Issue and Not a Legal Issue of Racism based on Nationality and Ethnicity.

When creating a Definition of Britishness you have start off in Reality otherwise all avenues moving off from that starting point will be False, Inaccurate, and Misleading, a Delusion, as you will try to Define what you would like it to be rather than the Reality. Every starting point for an analysis of Britishness assumes the London narrative of Britain as One Nation, if you start at that point straight away your analysis will lead to trying to describe an Illusion, a Fantasy, like trying to Catch the Wind, as this assumption Ignores the Obvious Fact that the Four UK Nations do actually Exist, unless you can provide Evidence that the Four Nations of the UK (as Defined by the Dictionary Definition of Nation) are just a Figment of the Imagination. The starting point of any analysis of Britishness must start as a Collective of Four Nations Characteristics as separate and unique entities with Differing Histories, Descent and Cultures. As you Cannot create a Definition of British Identity by First Deleting Out the Four Nations Identities which make the Identity of Britishness as a Whole (British Citizens with the Only Commonality across all UK Nations of Political Citizenship decided in London), it would be like trying to make a Cake but Ignoring the key Ingredients?

Wikipedia states 'Britishness' as 'British national identity is a term referring to the sense of national identity, as embodied in the shared and characteristic culture, languages and traditions', which is clearly Not True as each UK Nation has Different Languages (Welsh, English & Gaelic, for Example), History and Cultures (with Different Nationalities and Ethnicities, Anglo-Saxon & Celtic, again as an Example). Let alone the Obvious Difference of One Nation being a Powerful Majority and the others being Minorities, as to say that a Minority and a Majority are the Same is clearly Insane. The British are Evidently Not a Race of People, they are Four Cultural National Factions with Different Characteristics and Histories, if you want to identify the people living on the Island of Britain call them Briton's, as in people living on the Island of Britain within the three Nations, as British as One Cultural Nation and People does Not Exist.. This is not to say that an Accurate Version of Britishness cannot be created, but it will most definitely be to say that London do not like the true definition, which is why you will never see the Contents of this Website discussed of London's Mainstream Media, the most Obvious Evidence of Manipulation, even though all the Contents can and has been Easily Evidenced, although because it can be Easily Evidenced this makes any Debate to the Contrary very Difficult for London England, if it was easy to Dis-prove the issues raised in this Website would be Discussed Regularly. However, as we all know from general life experience that when you bury your head in the sand and issues are Ignored they only end up getting Worse then having a greater Impact on your life than they otherwise would.

For London to say that the UK are 'COUNTRIES WITHIN A COUNTRY' is a 'CONTRADICTION IN TERMS' as by Definition the Countries within the Wider Country then become Regions. 

 It is Impossible to Hold Two Contradictory Thoughts & Concepts because you Cannot be Right & Wrong at the Same Time! So the UK Cannot be One Nation and Four Nations Simultaneously, as only One of the Contradictory Versions can be True, and only Evidence can be the Indicator of Truth.

Q-So Why is it Important to Acknowledge that the UK is a Four Nation State (State is a Political Term), and not the Fantasy term from London England of the UK as One Cultural Nation or Country?

A-Well, if you do not Specify which UK Country is being sought to be Improved then this will invariably mean just England as the vast Majority Nation with all the Main Levers of UK Power. As London England can Label any Interests as the UK but actually mean just England, unless Specifically Clarified (in the 'National Interest', or 'What's Best for the Country', for Example). All UK Nations have Differing Needs so Cannot be Homogenized as One Nation or Country with just One Homogenized Solution to Differing Problems, as that Solution will be in Invariably for England's problems who hold the UK Levers of Power with their 533 MPs out of a Total of 650 in a Majority Vote System created by London to Favour England's Interests, which is Why a Specific UK Nations Veto Vote is Required (UP to Three a Year for Each Celtic Nation which is even in line with UK Population as there are usually approx One Hundred Bills a Year to help Even Out England's 533 Majority MPs due to their Vast UK Population, see 'Unequal UK Democracy' heading for more Detail on a UK Nations Veto Vote) to Empower the Minority UK Celtic Nations to provide a Fairer UK Democracy and Ultimately better Policy and Scrutiny for all UK Citizens, not just England's as the Majority Population. Think of all the Nonsense Law & Policy from London (through their 533 Majority MPs) making a Mockery of the UK on the World Stage (Immigration Policy & the Brexit Vote, London England trying to Unilaterally Subvert the Human Rights Act with a British Bill of Rights, as Examples) that could be offered Compromise with Checks & Balances by Consistent and Meaningful input from the Celtic Nations, offering Different Arguments and Perspectives, and only requires the agreement of Four Nations as Opposed to the EU's 27, so quicker decision making. Acknowledging a Four Nation UK State Acknowledges Four Differing Needs and allows UK Wide Powers & Finance to Focus on Each UK Nation's Specific & Unique Needs, and Not just as One Homogenized Block. Homogenization will always Favour the Majority Interests who just so happen to be England, as Evidenced with the Over Development of England as Compared to the Celtic Nations (HS2, as an Example), and can be used to Avoid Responsibility by saying British instead of English to Avoid Reputational Damage (English Hooliganism becomes British Hooliganism, English Racism becomes British Racism, for Example). To Clarify, a State (as in a UN Member State) is a Political term. Although London England will eventually Recognize that the rest of the World is looking in and will Judge accordingly based on the Obvious Evidence Outside of the London UK Mainstream Media.

So call the UK or Britain a State (as in a UN Member State) but Not a Country or Nation, the British State, for Example (British being a Political Citizenship, and State being a Political Union).

Q-You might ask 'Why should London England compromise now as they have all the advantages over the Celtic Nations, and have done for Centuries'?

A-Well now we live in the Modern Information Age with the Internet this has never happened before so unfairness can now be Highlighted World Wide, and of course the more it is Highlighted the more London England lose Credibility, with the ultimate result of independence for the Celtic Nations.

Q-You may then say, 'Who cares if the Celtic Nations are Independent from London England Influence'?

A-London England then lose control of their nearest direct competitors, whilst losing a significant chunk of their land mass.

Q-You may then say with a chuckle, 'but London England can make UK Laws to prevent the Celtic Nations from gaining independence through their 533 English MPs, so Celtic independence is not possible anyway'

A-This is not viable short or medium term as the World will be aware of the situation in the Modern Information Age, so London then lose Credibility minute by minute, a Union Democracy only exists by Consent, as without Consent it is Anti-Democratic, in a State that says it is a Democracy, this is simply not Viable in the Modern Information Era.

Oxford English Dictionary Definition of a COUNTRY (google those words) - 'an area of land that has or used to have its own government and laws'. Obviously Wales & Scotland were Independent Countries and now have their own Government. Although, Wales has only officially been recognised as a Country since December 2011 by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), that being said, Wales has been considered a Country for Hundreds of years.

The UK cannot also be a Country as it does Not have One Government that controls Social Engineering such as Education, and also Public Services and Transport, for Example, that is Devolved into each UK Nation's Governments, Oxford English Dictionary Definition of Government - 'the group of people with the authority to govern a country or state; a particular ministry in office', notice how they make the Distinction and Difference between Country and State. Oxford English Dictionary Definition of Nation - "a large body of people united by common 'descent, history, culture, or language', inhabiting a particular country or territory", that is each Nation of the UK as they have Different Languages, Welsh, Gaelic and English, for Example, with Different Flags & National Anthems, with London Deciding that the English National Anthem Represents the Whole of the UK State.

This Oxford English Dictionary Definition Defines what is Required to be a Nation, clearly the UK does Not meet this Criteria

You can be One State with Four Nations or Countries, as a State is a Political Term, in the UK's case a Political Union, but Not Cultural such as Nation, as Evidenced above with Different Languages, History & Descent in the UK Nations. Oxford English Dictionary Definition of a State - "a nation OR 'territory' considered as an organized 'political community' under one government", again stating the Singular of 'A Nation', but the UK Cannot be One Cultural Nation in an Internationally Recognised Four Nation State with Different Languages, History and Descent (Celtic & Anglo-Saxon, for Example), with Differing Governments Controlling Social Engineering such as Education for Example, so goes to the Political Territorial Boundary of the UK State as a Political Union of Nations as a Whole Combined Geographic Unit, the 'State'. State does Not mean Country, the UK is a State that is a Political Union of Four Nations.

   England is a Country – but it’s Not a State, likewise, the United Kingdom is a State, but it’s Not a Countr

The Act of Union 1707 did Not make the UK a Country or Nation it just made the UK a Political Union of Nations, a Political Sovereign State. Indeed, the UK is one of the only UN Member States where when a person says 'in the Country's Interests' or 'what's Best for the Nation', that a person can Legitimately Reply with, 'which Nation or Country do you mean'? In Clarifying that State is Political and a Nation is Cultural it is possible to have Different Cultural Nationalities within One Overall Political State, as long as the Minority Nations have a Meaningful & Consistent say in overall Law & Policy Making, which can Create an Inclusive Overall Political Identity through a Fusion of Cultural Nations. So in the Peculiarity of the very Few Political States in the World that Consist of Different Nations, Political Identity and Cultural Identity are not Competing in the Same Space, they can comfortably Coexist as two separate Realities, but based in Reality, as Opposed to the UK as One Nation Based in Obvious Fantasy.

To Clarify, for the More Simple Minded amongst us, State and Citizenship are Political Constructs, Nation is a Historical Cultural Construct, such as Descent (Celtic & Anglo-Saxon) & Language (Welsh, Gaelic & English) & there Cannot be a Country within a Country as this is a Contradiction in terms

In London saying that the Celtic Nations are Not Real Countries means therefore they can be Dominated. Although, Wales has only officially been recognised as a Country since December 2011 by the International Organisation for Standardisation(ISO), that being said, Wales has been considered a Country for Hundreds of years. If this Self-Perception of not recognizing Nationhood in certain beneficial circumstances sounds Familiar look no further than Russia's Perception of the Ukraine, a similar Imperialist Attitude to London England. Remember that the Celtic Nations & England Share UK Sovereignty as so called Consenting Nations with Former Sovereign Division as Previous Independent Nations (Wales has NEVER had a Self-Determination Vote & Scotland Denied a second referendum due to Brexit, for Example of 'so called'), and you do Not have to be Independent to be a Country, although Wales cannot help the fact that they were Conquered, Colonized and Annexed by England, whilst Fighting against a Vastly Larger Nation with more Abundant Resources and People, so now have limited ability to Interact with other States due to subjugation.

The UK is an Independent Sovereign State, but it is Not Independent from the UK Nations, it IS the UK Nations.

Just because London England keep on saying that the UK or Britain is One Nation and Country to Benefit their Interests by Homogenizing all UK Nations as the Same, to Delete out any Difference therefore any idea of Minority Independence, or Distinction of Human Rights based on Race Laws that Include Separate Nationality & Ethnicity (how are you meant identify Racism & Discrimination from Majority England towards Minority Celtic Nations if UK deemed as One Nation?), for Example, by aligning the term State with Country or Nation, to Support their Political Aims, does not make it so, using London's Influence in the UN with the UK as a prime UN Member State, with NO EVIDENCEto back their assertion. Yet I have provided detailed EVIDENCE to the Contrary using the English Establishment's Own Oxford English Dictionary Definitions. What Fool would believe an assertion with NO EVIDENCE over an assertion with DETAILED EVIDENCE? Although, I can understand that when you are constantly being told a Lie it can become accepted over time, and London England Own and/or Control all UK Media which is not only seen in the UK but World wide as well, so even other nations take on the London Narrative of the UK as One Nation or Country without even thinking about it, as they assume that this is the settled definition by the UK people, but it is just the unilateral description promoted by London England to further their interests. Indeed, 'is the UK a Nation and Country, or a Four Nation State'has Never been up for any sort of Debate on the London Controlled UK Media. Why?, well because London Cannot provide Evidence that the UK is a Nation & Country and not just a Political State. So either the English Establishment's Own Oxford English Dictionary, the Main Dictionary of the English Language, is Incorrect when Defining State, Nation & Country, or the Assertion by London England that the UK or Britain is One Nation and Country, is Incorrect? You Cannot have it Both Ways. I think one of the most Important aspects of London acknowledging the UK as a 'Four Nation State' just Reminds the Majority population that there are other nations concerns in the UK, who have as much right to have their concerns voiced and acted upon as England within a UK context, as London saying that the UK is 'One Nation' invariably just means England meaning that the Celtic Nations are just simply Ignored.

Let's discuss the UK Class System for a minute. At the Top is the English Royal Family based in London England the Seat of Power with Centuries of the same Blood line and Institution, which is different to America who have certain Families who are elites but will change over the decades and centuries, unlike the Royal Family. Indeed, it is possible to have a few top families of power in America at any one time. Due to England's dominance in the UK English people are at the top of the class system, who tend to favour their own the Evidence being 'how many Posh Welsh or Scottish people have you ever known'? Even landed gentry in Wales or Scotland will have their roots back to England conquering then handing their families land and estates in Wales or Scotland. So UK Class is very much Connected to UK Nationality as Class in Connected to Power and Opportunity (or the Lack of it). Moreover, when discussing Accents the London Media will only ever discuss Accent Issues within England and its Regions, the reason being that if they discussed issues of Accents and involve the Celtic Nations then they would have to explore areas of Racism.

As America can be so Dominant in English (& UK) Culture this comes with a Big Problem for the Minority Celtic Nations when highlighting Racism based on Nationality and Ethnicity outside of the London Media, as America tend to frame Racism on Skin Colour, which would make sense due to their History (ironically through London's Slavery Policy), with America being One Nation and Country from its Inception. So the idea of Racism based on Internal Nationhood can be an Alien Concept to America as they are all perceived essentially as all American, and as one Nationality (Italian American, Irish American, for Example). However, in the UK we have a Dominant English Nation and Anglo--Saxon Ethnicity over powering the Minority Celtic Nations within a UN Member State, that is Firmly Rooted from the Past. So any Dynamic thinking from America on Race, for Example, can be exported but without any concept of Internal Nationhood, as this is generally only Unique to the UK from its Inception as a "Union of Nations", with each UK Nation still Existing to this Day.

The Main Political Bias of any English UK Government is to Maintain Control over the UK Celtic Nations, Homogenization helps to do this as London England can Legislate for England (as the UK) but it will also involve the Celtic Nations as well, when defined as One group or Nation on the wider UK Level, leaving the daily smaller detailed day to day stuff for each UK Celtic Nations Parliament with Limited Power and Budget, but keeping UK Power Centralized into London England through England's 533 Vast Majority MPs. It was relatively Easy for other Nations to gain Independence from London England, especially after the Second World War, as most of them were far away, but the Closer you get to England, especially on the Same Land Mass and Island, the more Possessive London Become.

This is the Oddity of the UK as a Union of Four Fully Formed Nations from its Inception. Due to its History of Conquest and Coercion from England the UK Definition of what it is as a Whole Operates Outside of the accepted international Norm as it is Four Nations Forcibly brought Together (the Alien Act 1705 an Embargo on Scotland until they agreed to the Act of Union in 1707, for Example), and not even a 'Forming Nation' that can Negotiate within their Mother State without direct Force or Coercion to Ensure a Shared Overall Identity but with a Cultural Distinction (Quebec, Culturally French but as an Identity still Canadian, working from the Inside Out but not as an already formed Nation brought into a Union, for Example), of course to undertake this successfully they must have some Meaningful and Consistent say on overall Canadian Policy, as suggested in this text with a selected and set numbered UK Nations Veto Vote in the UK to Empower the Minority Celtic Nations. Otherwise you risk the same fate as the UK where Nations will want independence due to lack of Meaningful and Consistent overall Power and Influence. You can go with a Federal System but people who consider themselves as a different Nation (and People) have a different Mind Set, and will just see Federalism as a stepping stone to Independence (if you want any solutions please do not hesitate to contact me, such as a Native Indian Council, equally represented by all Indigenous groups, who also possess a Veto, for Example, even if initially that Veto is within their Own State or Province). As you Cannot do Law and Policy to people, you must do it with them, so there is No Conflict between being Canadian and an Indigenous group, when you have some Meaningful & Consistent Influence on Power you Feel part of the Wider Group, and not an Outsider looking in, so then will not have to Assert & Develop your own Nation to gain some overall power to have some influence on your own destiny. In Clarifying that State is Political and a Nation is Cultural it is possible to have Different Cultural Nationalities within One overall Political State, as long as the Minority Nations or Nation have a Meaningful & Consistent say in Law & Policy Making. Which can Create an Inclusive Overall Political Identity through a Fusion of Cultural Nations. Although, even the Native Americans are part of American Culture as a Whole as America's First People, the Same with the Indigenous People's of Canada, all forming the Building Blocks of these Nations Culture by Blending into One Territorial Nation from the Beginning of that Nation's Birth, but overall as Americans & Canadians, for Example, as Opposed to the UK that had already Formed Separate Cultural National Identities within Set Territories well before their Political Domination from London England, and Continue as those Set National Territories and Cultural Nations today, the Peculiarity of the UK.

To Clarify, British is a Political Citizenship, it is a Legal Status of a UK Territorial Boundary decided by London through its Majority 533 English MPs. British Cannot be a Nationality, as this is decided Culturally by Factors such a Descent, History, Culture and Language, the Definition of Nation. Oxford English Dictionary Definition of Nationality - 'the status of belonging to a particular nation'. Citizen - 'a legally recognized subject or national of a state or commonwealth, either native or naturalized' (a National means a Citizen). 

​(Surely the only way to Clarify a Meaning or Definition of a word can only be done through a Dictionary, and the Oxford English Dictionary is recognised as the authority on the English Language, the prominent world language, otherwise what is the point of a Dictionary if you can just make up your own definitions?)

 Is citizenship the same as nationality?

Relationship. While the terms "citizenship" and "nationality" are sometimes used interchangeably, this is for political purposes rather than because there is no difference between the two. The most familiar instance of this is the use of "nationality" to denote state citizenship (as in nationality law). 

Article 15 under Universal Declaration of Human Rights states "Everyone has the right to a nationality". "No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality". London arbitrarily calling everyone British on the island of Britain and putting that into Domestic Law deprives the Minority Celtic Nations of their Nationality, as they are Homogenized into One. Of course London have the Power to set UK Law and Policy through their 533 Majority English MPs. Homogenization is seen by London as way to Assimilate the Minority Celtic Nations into English Control in Westminster by trying to Delete any Difference between the UK Nations. It is very difficult too argue for Minority Rights if you are Defined as part of an Homogeneous Group with the Majority.

Even if you say that Scotland for the first time in 300 years Democratically voted to stay in the Union in 2014 and Northern Ireland in 1973 (even though they have No Independent Mainstream Television which makes it an unfair fight), Wales has never been allowed a Democratic Vote to stay in the UK which even if one Nation has not given Consent Delegitimizes the UK as a Whole. You cannot simply Ignore this Force and Coercion just because it suits your political aims, because under the Montevideo Convention 1933 this Force and Coercion would Delegitimize the UK as a State anyway, as the Past is in Now the Present, England would not Now have Control of the Celtic Nations without Force and Coercion, and now recently with No Democratic Way of Leaving the Union, Scotland wanting a Second Referendum after Brexit, for Example.

London calling the UK Nations a "Family of Nations" is a Bizarre concept considering that they are of different Ethnicity (Celtic & Anglo-Saxon) and Nationality (Welsh, Scottish, English & Northern Irish), brought together through Force and Coercion (Wales Annexed, Scotland through the Alien Act 1705, & Ireland Conquered), kept silent by not allowing an independent mainstream media, have no UK wide power due to lack of MPs, and then held hostage as they are not allowed to leave, through not allowing a self-determination vote for Wales, & Scotland after Brexit. I have never known a Family who are not related, brought together under duress and then held Hostage, sounds like a kidnapping case to me and the Police should be involved? Although, unfortunately the global police force are the UN who just so happen to have the Celtic Nations Captor of London England as one of their five permanent security council members. So good luck to Wales and Scotland getting a self-determination vote, and even Northern Ireland on a referendum for reunification as that is also decided by London's Northern Ireland secretary!

There must be an Acknowledgement of the Celtic minority nations being an Ethnic Minority in the UK in order to provide rights and allowance for being an Ethic Minority in the wider UK and not just Homogenized into England with the London Fantasy term of Britain or British as One Nation in an Obvious Four Nation State (state means the Political union). As Wales for example are great at advocating for minorities within Wales, I suppose because they are a UK minority themselves so feel an Empathy, but totally ignore the difficulties of also being an Ethnic Minority within the UK as a Whole, involving slander, racism, lack of opportunity and UK power. Oxford English Dictionary of Ethnic - 'relating to a group of people having a common national or cultural tradition', so Nationality of Welsh, Scottish & Northern Irish and/or culturally Celtic as opposed to the vast Anglo-Saxon English Majority, and further Minorities as they are Minority Nationalities within the UK. As Wales for example is not immune to the negative effects of being a minority ethnicity and is silly to assume so. It is a Weird concept to acknowledge that being a minority ethnicity and race within Wales would come with difficulties so need to be supported, but then fail acknowledge your own difficulties as a minority within the wider UK? Although, again without an Independent Media these discussions cannot be highlighted.

To Clarify, Welsh Military Annexation in the 13th Century by Edward Long shanks, then in 1542 by Henry VIII, Annexation and Incorporation are the Same thing when done Unilaterally. Edward Longshanks took the Title Prince of Wales as a Whole Territorial Nation, other wise the Title would be Prince of Parts of Wales, just for people in London who say that Wales was not a whole Nation at the time. The Laws in Wales Acts 1535 and 1542 (Welsh: Y Deddfau Cyfreithiau yng Nghymru 1535 a 1542) were parliamentary measures by which Wales was annexed to the Kingdom of England, the legal system of England was extended to Wales and the norms of English administration were introduced. The intention was to create a single state and legal jurisdiction (Click for Link). Then given Welsh Representation in the English Parliament, but they were so Few, as Today, as to make them Irrelevant in a Majority Vote. Although even if London say that Henry VIII was not Annexation but Incorporation as it was into a Legal System, Wales still remain Militarily Annexed due to Edward Longshanks anyway. The English Establishment are Great Wordsmiths and will refer to Semantics when in a tight corner, so they try to use the Word Incorporation instead of Annexation for Wales to minimise its impact. Using London's Flimsy argument then Russia could argue they merely Incorporated Crimea into Russia, it was not Annexed. The illegality of annexation (which essentially means Stealing Without Consent) means that states carrying out such acts, or have already undertaken such acts, usually avoid using the word annexation in describing their actions; in each of the unresolved annexations by Israel, Morocco and Russia, the states have avoided characterizing their actions as such. To Annex something means to take what originally belonged to someone else.

At present British is just another name invented by London to mean English, so when London Politicians say 'in the Interests of the Country' they mean England, but as they are Not specifically mentioning England there can be no direct challenge, as London also want to call the UK One Country. So if you say, 'do you mean just England', to clarify, when they clearly do when mentioning just English Regions, or North & South of England, they can then change the Definition and say 'no the whole of the UK', but as a Celtic person where do you go with that? This is Important for the Celtic Countries because if London are keeping the term Country Vague then how are the Celtic Nations meant to Argue for their Own Development by Differentiating between Specifically England's interests or the UK's interests, when London can use the two meanings Interchangeably?'Levelling up the Country', for Example, which Country do London actually Mean? 

To Clarify, and this clarification is True of all Minority Groups within a Majority, there is a Difference between DISTINCTION and DIVISION. Recognizing Minority Groups as Distinct from the Majority prevents the Majority from Diluting out Difference, Because if these Distinctions are not recognised then any Minority Group will be treated the same as the Majority Group, yet have different Needs and Circumstances which cannot be expressed if a Minority Group is Homogenized into the Majority, the only Voice and Recognition of concerns will only be the function of the Majority as one Homogeneous Group. Say for Example, you have a group of ten people and two are disabled, but the majority does not recognise minority disability, any Law and Policy will favour the majority able bodied group through a failure to recognise the Distinction of that minority group. And yes, even though physical and mental concerns are a disability, so is being a minority in any society, as a Societal Disability,  for the same reasons outlined in the Analogy.

The Celtic People are the Indigenous Native People of Britain before the Anglo-Saxons arrived (Angles, Saxons and Jutes) who came over from Northern Germany and Denmark (after the Romans had left), who then created Anglo-Saxon England, and then eventually Subdued the remaining Celtic peoples to bring them under their Control. For London to say that they are not Indigenous or Native is like saying that American Indians were originally from East Asia therefore not indigenous to America, the fact is that they were the indigenous group when the colonizers arrived. The main difference with the Colonization of America (USA) is that it was Not initially done by an External Nation called America (USA), it was done by the Europeans, then America as a Nation and People evolved out of that, with participation in the American Revolution on both sides from the Native Americans. Although, this is not to say that the Native Americans should not be Heralded and Revered as the Original Americans, and their Distinction Celebrated.

Regarding the King or Queen of England with their Throne and Seat of Power in London England, and the Divine Right of Kings (or Queens), a King or Queen has the Devine Right to Rule over their own people Not other nations people that have been Subjugated, and must be chosen from those people, in modern times this would be a Democratic Vote, as Evidenced by Deuteronomy 17:14-20 (ESV), I will set a king over me, like all the nations that are around me, you may indeed set a king over you whom the Lord your God will choose. One from among your brothers you shall set as king over you. You may not put a foreigner over you, who is not your brother'. The reason God says 'You may not put a foreigner over you, who is not your brother', is because that person will not have the interests of that other nation at heart, he or she will have the interests of their own nations people as paramount. The words 'I will set a King over me', means the people of that nation choosing their King (or Queen, or Monarch). The Divine Right of kings was Primarily First implemented in France, and then England followed, but  of course France is One Nation and One People. Just to further clarify where Wales is concerned the actual name Wales is the Anglo-Saxon word for 'Foreigner', Wales call themselves Cymry which means 'Fellow Countrymen'.

Yet in the UK it is a Useless Waste of Time trying to Debate if the English Monarchy should be Abolished or Not, as there is No way to Democratically get rid of them anyway or any International Laws to clarify, so is pointless Discussing, it's like debating whether the sky should be blue or not, you can't change it so is pointless wasting time discussing it. Although, as a Welsh person the Specific Title of the Prince of Wales is clearly a matter for the Welsh People to Decide, as the Title was Stolen by Force through Edward Longshanks in the 13th Century, which Suggests Continued and Consenting Dominion over the Welsh People. However, I will say that any Polls are largely Irrelevant in Wales regards the Royals based in London, as 22% (ONS 2011) of the Welsh Population are English, which Distorts any possible Findings.

The UK State is the Four Nations of the UK, it is Not a Separate Entity to the Four Nations of the UK, the UK (English Government in London) does Not tell the Four UK Nations what to do, as the UK is the Four Nations, and as such must have all Four Nations with a Meaningful and Consistent say on UK Law and Policy, not just Drowned Out by England's Majority 533 MPs in Westminster, with the other Three Minority Celtic UK Nations having 117 MPs, out of 650 MPs in Westminster, Fragmented between them.

Yet as England Control UK Sovereignty with their 533 MPs then this makes England a 'DE FACTO' Independent Sovereign State, which means that they have No UK Wide or International Legitimacy, as England is Not Internationally Recognised as Representing the Whole of the UK Sovereign State. 

Here's Why it is so Important for London to Claim the UK as One Nation and One Country, Democratically they do Not have to Listen to the UK Nations Individually to then Compromise if they say the UK is just One Nation, as then England's 85% Majority Population can Unilaterally make all UK Decisions for the "Nation or Country" (which then effectively becomes England) without the Direct Individual Involvement, Confirmation or Meaningful and Consistent Influence of the UK Celtic Minority Nations (Brexit as a UK Wide Vote, or UK General Elections, for Example). This Internal National Diversity can be Problematic for a State to Manage; they can be Oppressed by a Government wishing to Project an Image of National Homogeneity (such as China with Taiwan or Tibet, for Example, and in the former USSR). Of course when you Homogenize other Minority Nations you can give the illusion of an equal unity, and also any decisions made by London England through their Majority 533 MPs, in a Majority Vote System, can be a way of avoiding accountability for decision making at the heart of the UK (British Empire, for Example), the term UK or Britain also provides greater impact than just clarifying that these are primarily England Decisions from London. So there are many Benefits to London for Homogenization. However, all these Benefits are at the Detriment of the Minority UK Celtic Nations. In order to have a Fair Democracy for all UK Citizens you must first be Fair.

The Ambiguity of the terms State, Nation and Country creates a space for London to manipulate interpretation because of their 533 English MPs which means England are a DE FACTO UK Government, which further means they Represent the whole of the UK in the UN so will only serve England's Interests by keeping the Celtic Nations as their Controlled Property (as Evidenced by all English Political Parties against a Second Scottish Referendum and a First Welsh Referendum), for most States a Lack of Definition is not a Problem as they are usually One Recognised Nation within One Recognised Country, even Forming Nations or Territories within each Country mainly consider themselves as part of that Country, American Indians are still American as Indigenous or Native people, Quebec French ancestry but still mainly Canadian as a Nationality, for Example. It is Easy for most of the World to say that State, Nation & Country are generally the same as most States in the World are One Cultural Nation and therefore Country but the UK is outside of this international norm. Nationality is Totally Different in the UK because of the UK's History of Subjugation and Coercion by England (who have a long History of Colonization and Oppression of other Countries) of Already Fully Formed Whole Historical Nations with Kings, Queens, Princes, Territorial Boundaries, Languages, Flags, Culture and Identity, for Example. So the UK Nations did Not Develop from Within an Historical UK (as a previously Recognised Nation or Country) they where subsequently Subjugated into a UK to form the Political UK State that we know today.

At present London can just decide on a Whim, because of the Power of their 533 English MPs, which UK Nation is a Nation or Not at any given time, by for Example, a Great Britain & Northern Ireland Team in the Olympics, where each UK Nation is no longer a Nation, but benefits London as they want more people to go up against larger Nations such as China, USA, and Russia, but then allow them to be Nations again in the Commonwealth Games, or as International Football and Rugby Teams. Actually, I have never heard of any other person in the World being allowed to represent TWO NATIONS at the Same time, the Power of London Influence? A person's Nationality is Not to be Played with as a Political Football depending on which version Favours London. Indeed, as the Celtic Nations are recognised as Individual Commonwealth Countries in the Commonwealth Games they should be able to Vote on their Head of State (Monarchy) as with any other Commonwealth Country.

To Clarify further, places like Quebec or Catalonia, for Example, are not yet Internationally Recognised Territorial Countries, and were never Independent Territorial Countries before being joined into their current Countries Territory. The UK's Four Nations are Internationally Recognised as the UK and its Sovereignty as a Whole, so if any of the Four UK Nations are Excluded from UK Democracy this Delegitimizes the London UK Governments Authority. There can be No Comparison between places like Quebec or Catalonia, for Example, with the Four Internationally Recognised Territorial Nations that Make Up the UK as a Political Union, with each UK Nation Integral to the UK's International Legitimacy, the UK as we know it does Not exist without any of the Four Nations.As the UK is an Internationally Recognised Four Nation State from its 'Inception' as an International Political Union of Fully Formed Nations.

Instead of using the London Invented Political term of British to locate the people on the island of Britain use the term Britons or Briton, ie, people or person living on the Island of Britain, but Not their Culture or Nationality, to Prevent Confusion. Instead of saying in the 'Nation's Interests' (meaning One Nation, usually England as the Vast Majority) say in the 'UK Nations Interests', instead of saying 'in the Country's Interests', say the 'UK Countries Interests', for Clarification, as Words are Powerful, and these clarifications require no effort, unless you are Purposely trying to Mislead people? So when a Politician says in the 'Interests of the Country or Nation', the first Question must be 'which Country'? Then if the Politician says the UK, simply point out that the UK is Not a Country or Nation it is a Political State, then repeat the first Question again, pointing out that all UK Nations have Differing Needs, so cannot have One Homogenized Solution. Where you were Born is your Nationality, so if Born in England say you are English, for Example, we can easily Extrapolate from that that you are in the UK, or are a Briton, or so called British, as Homogenization only Leads to Confusion. In the UK for Example the Conservative Mainstream English Political Party call themselves 'One Nation Conservatives', which One Nation could they possibly Mean? Yet without Clarification who's Interests are being Served remains Vague in the UK, so London Cannot be held to Account. So moving from the Singular Description to the Plural for Clarification as the UK is a Four Nation State, so more than One Nation (State means a Political Union). Just because England have a History of Empire which started with conquering and coercing the Celtic Nations (Annexation of Wales & the Alien Act 1705 for Scotland, for Example) does not now mean that the UK Celtic Nations are now English, if they were the UK would now be called England, Not the UK, with No individual Territorial UK Nations. So do Not use the term British to mean One Nation and People in a Consenting Union as that is Evidently and Clearly NOT TRUE! on Both Counts (Wales as a Nation have NEVER had a Self-Determination Vote to CONSENT to being part of the UK, for Example). This is the problem with the current term "British" as it suggests in general One People and Nationality which is Evidently Not TrueAs British is Not One Homogenous Group and Never has Been (or at least after the Anglo-Saxons arrived, the Celts are the original Britons)I am sure that the USA and Canada would not like to be constantly Homogenized as just North America or North Americans constantly deleting out their History and Nationality.Which is why if you are going to use the term British it Needs a Specifically Defined Dictionary Definition that Identifies & Acknowledges all UK Nations and People's specifically highlighting the Distinctions, for people who insist on using this Ambiguous and Fictional term of British in order to Homogenize the Minority Nations with the Majority Nation which in doing so Deletes the Minority, as the Homogenized term them becomes the Majority Nation as a Whole, purposely creating Confusion, does British mean English, for Example? The current Oxford English Dictionary Definition of 'British' is - 'relating to Great Britain or the United Kingdom, or to its people or language', which again is clearly NOT TRUE as Great Britain is just the Geographic Island that we live on, and the UK is a Political Union of Nations, Britain is the Geographic Island Not One Nation or People, as they have Different Ongoing Indigenous Languages and Ethnicities (Celtic & Anglo-Saxon, for Example), let alone Different Recognized Territorial Nationalities, Histories and Cultures.If as a Majority English person you use the term British because you are Ashamed to be English, or as a Celtic person you want to avoid Discrimination and Racial Labelling from the Powerful UK Majority by trying to be English or British (roughly means the Same), then that is up to you to Reconcile, none of us can Hide from who we are, all we can do is Embrace it, even if as a Celtic Nation minority person you may be Ridiculed or Discriminated against for it in the Wider UK (England) and the London Mainstream UK Media. Our actual Nationality is our Birth Nation Not our Political Citizenship (the term 'a National' means a Citizen). Britain therefore British is Not a Nation, Britain is just the Geographical Island that the Nations of England, Scotland and Wales Inhabit and is Easily Evidenced. Britain is an Island in the North Atlantic, off the coast of western Europe. The Island Contains the Nations of England, Wales, and Scotland. It is called Great Britain by London as it is the Largest Island in the British Isles. Britain is an Island Rock, it is inanimate object, it has no culture, political persuasion or ethnicity, it does not mean a people or a society, it is just a geographic island Rock, a piece of Land. 

No one in London, or Anyone can Define the Characteristics of "Britishness" as a whole because it is a Made up Artificial Term, with no basis in Reality as each individual UK Nation have their own Histories & Ethnicities (Celtic & Anglo-Saxon, for Example) that Creates their own Individual Cultures and Characteristics. Indeed to say British as one Homogenous Monoculture Deletes out the Inequality that Exists between the Majority England and the other Minority UK Nations so Cannot be one Equal group of people all sharing the same experiences. The Subjugated and the Subjugator will by Definition come with Totally Different Experiences and therefore Characteristics, one with the Characteristics of the Master and the other with the Characteristics of the Servant. Only a Levelling Up of Power can provide Equality and therefore Commonality. London England Cannot say that we are all the Same (British) but then Persist with the Power Imbalance that drives Difference at the Political Level with 533 English MPs based in London, obviously Favouring England's interests, as Evidenced by the under development of the Celtic Nations and over development of England. Of course in order to provide Equal Power London must first accept that the Celtic Nations Exist within the UK as a Four Nation State, which is Easily Evidenced Outside of the UK and its London Media.  However, as a Welsh person (which means I come with an 'Obvious Bias', but as I am up against a Mountain of 'English Bias' that have a Mainstream Platform, I think I am allowed to put a Welsh Perspective Forward) it is a 'Win Win' Situation, because if London Change and Introduce a UK Nations Veto Vote, for Example, as with every other Union of Nations, Wales gets more say on Enhancing its Future Development and Prosperity, but if London Remain the Same the Celtic Nations will eventually gain Independence from London's Unilateral Control, so either way the Celtic Nations Win. Leaving England Isolated from the EU and then Isolated from the former UK, with places like Yorkshire & Cornwall then also wanting Independence eventually leading to the Break Up of England Internally. Moreover, the idea that the EU would take London (England) back would be pretty remote given the trouble they have already caused?

​This Constructed Ambiguity by London of what Britishness actually is, or even Britain proposed as One Nation, even though we know that Britain is just the Geographic Island that the Nations of England, Scotland and Wales inhabit. London making the Term British or Britain so Ambiguous by Deleting Out the Four Nations of the UK individually means that London England can then also Dilute Responsibility for any Colonization and Slavery Atrocities by Describing them as "British", Diluting the Blame for London's Direct Decisions across all Four UK Nations instead of being specifically on London and England. Even though Colonialism and Slavery was undertaken by London way before the Act of Union in 1707. Indeed, even when in a UK Union in 1707 the Celtic Nations had No Meaningful and Consistent UK Power with 513 English MPs, 45 Scottish MPs, and 27 Welsh MPs Directly After the Act of Union in 1707, roughly the Same English MPs as Today in 2022, who have 533 English MPs in a London Imposed Majority Vote System, so any Celtic Nation can be Easily Out-voted, the Same as Today, just there as essentially Window Dressing to give the Outward Impression of a UK Wide Representative Parliament, but actually Controlled by just England due to Numbers. In the UK (English) Parliament Scottish MPs are Outnumbered by English MPs in London by 9 to 1, Welsh MPs Outnumbered by 13 to 1 and Northern Ireland MPs Outnumbered by 29 to 1 in a Majority Voting System, you do the Maths! To Clarify, London wanted Control over Scotland at the time to stop them teaming up with France against England.

London are the ultimate FLATEARTHERS trying to believe in something that has No Evidence that of the UK as a One Nation State, even though that One Nation does Not Exist within any Dictionary Definition of a Nation, against the Evidence of the Physical Existence of the Four Nations of the UK within a UK State. However, it is a little bit more sinister than that, even though because London constantly say (using their Media which actually has World Wide Reach) that the UK is One Nation and many people will therefore believe it, London do not believe that themselves, well not all of them, even though the English Establishment is a Small Gene Pool making Talent Limited, not all of them are that Stupid. London want to say the UK is a One Nation State because it suits England's Interests, if you Homogenise the UK then your 85% Nation's Population of England becomes the One Nation of the UK, which caters to the 'Little Englanders', Cambridge Dictionary Definition- an English person who thinks England is better than all other countries, and that England should only work together with other countries when there is an advantage for England in doing so:To Confirm, a Genuine Unionist would want all the UK Nations to Thrive Equally with a Meaningful and Consistent influence on UK Wide Law and Policy, but in the Absence of this, as Evidenced with the Underdevelopment of the Celtic Nations and Lack of any Meaningful and Consistent UK Wide Power, the only Assumption can be that all English Mainstream Political Parties are English Nationalists, wanting to Favour their Own Nation to the Obvious Detriment of the other minority Celtic UK Nations.

To Clarify, London (England) have always said that Britain then the UK was One Nation and Country since 1707, with NO Evidence, even though the Act of Union was only a Political Union of Nations, and even before this time as England had essentially subdued all the Celtic Nations previous to the Act of union in 1707 in Cromwell's Three Kingdom War, for Example (1639 and 1653) to make an English Commonwealth that then stayed on into Charles II's reign (from 1660) which makes the Montevideo Convention 1933 largely Irrelevant anyway, as With or Without it London still said that Britain or the UK is One Nation and Country Regardless with No Evidence Before or After the Montevideo Convention, as if the Three Nations of Britain and the Four Nations of the UK did Not Exist, which quite Evidently they did, and still do. Indeed, the Tudor and Stuart Royal Name became Vassals Directed by the English Crown in London but only because London had already Conquered and/or Subdued Wales & Scotland. In Fact there has never in Reality been such a thing as a British Empire only an English Empire (Subdued the Celtic Nations first because they were Closest), indeed you could call it a London Empire (although London do represent England's Interests) much the same as the Roman Empire, because Rome was at the Heart of their Whole Empire and Decision Making, much the Same as London. The only Problem is that the London Empire still Exists to this day, as they still have Control of the Celtic Nations.

Indeed, the Montevideo Convention 1933 is for the establishment of a 'State' which does Not mean a 'Country'. Actually each UK Nation could fit the criteria of the Montevideo Convention of becoming a State if independently allowed from London (who Control the UK Celtic Nations through England's 533 MPs in Westminster). Racism in the UK from London England to the other Celtic Nations is Not a Culture Warit is just Racism of the Majority trying to Manipulate the Minority to the Majorities Best Advantage Based on Ethnicity and Nationhood.

Even if we accept that State is another word for Country (even though they have separate dictionary definitions) then by definition in a Four Nation State such as the UK there can be No One Nation to Create a One Country as the Dictionary Definition of Country means you must be a Singular Nation as a Whole First, in an Internationally Recognised FOUR NATION STATE! Although it is Difficult for the UK to be Related to the Montevideo Convention 1933 anyway, because the Formation of the UK Pre-dates this Convention. Meaning that the Convention Cannot Apply in its Entirety, especially the 'No employment of arms, threatening diplomatic representations, or in any other effective coercive measure' bit, as this had already happened by England (London) to Create the UK State in the first place (Annexation of Wales 1542, Alien Act 1705 Embargo on Scotland, as Examples). As in any Democracy CONSENT is Key, Wales for Example have NEVER been allowed a Self-Determination Vote so the UK Parliament have NO Legitimate Claim to act on Wales behalf anyway. And as the UK International Authority relies on the Whole of the UK this Delegitimizes the Whole of the UK as Wales is part of the UK (that's not even factoring in the Refusal from London to allow Scotland a second Referendum because of Brexit in 2016, a Material Change in Circumstances).

However, we must factor in the Influence of London on the UN Permanent Security Council who can Influence Interpretation to their Own Nation's Interests due to England's 533 MPs in a Majority Vote System.The UK Cannot be aOne Nation-Stateas it is Self-Evidently an Internationally Recognised TerritorialFour Nation State, with the UK Nations Separate Historical Territorial Nations Previous to being in the UK Union of Nations (including that section of Ireland now called Northern Ireland), with Internationally Recognised Territorial Country Status within the UK Union, and Historical World Wide Accredited Various International Sporting Teams.The Definition of being a 'Nation' applies to all Internationally Recognised Territorial Nations even the one's within a Union of Nations, you do Not Cease being a Nation because you are then in a Union. Unless all Nation's People's within that Union Democratically Voted to Lose their Individual Nationhood Status and become an Amalgamated One Nation, which in the UK's case would be Officially Deleting Wales, England, Scotland & Northern Ireland Off the International Map to be Replaced with the One Nation of the UK, a Democratic Vote that has never happened in the UK. I do not think that there are many people that would Vote for the Total Obliteration of their Own Individual Nation, and that would include the English. To Clarify, Hadrian's Wall was built in 122 AD that Defined the Territories of England from Scotland, as Offa's Dike was built in 780 AD that had already Defined the Territories of Wales from England. Currently England's 533 MPs can unilaterally call the UK a Nation (through UK Laws, for Example) without any Meaningful and Consistent Input form the other UK Nations due to England's obvious Vast Number Advantage in the UK Parliament based in London, and London's Dominance of the UK Media & even UK Internet (by Selecting Preferred Topics and Overall Editing, for Example). The United Kingdom is not a nation-state but a political union (Oxford University Press) Click for Link. For London to Constantly say that the UK is a 'One Nation State' is a Classic example of 'the Emperor has no clothes', when open to basic common sense scrutiny. Indeed, London have allowed a Limited National Parliament for each UK Celtic Nation (Devolution) based on their National Territorial Boundaries, they are Not called Regional Parliaments, which might give you some sort of a Clue (Obviously the English Parliament is in Westminster Controlled by England's Vast 533 MPs).

The Act of Union was Orchestrated by London Elites through introducing the Alien Act 1705, an Embargo on Scotland unless they signed the Act of Union in 1707, Wales was already Annexed by England in the 13th century, then Judicially in 1536-42. In 1801 Ireland were Forced to join the UK as they had already been Subdued by London (England). In the UK the English Monarch is Not Sovereign as they are just Ceremonial, the UK Parliament is Sovereign which means the UK People. Oxford English Dictionary Definition of 'Sovereign' - 'possessing supreme or ultimate power'.

To Confirm your Heritage is your Ancestry, but the Nation you were Born in is your Nationality. In simple words, Nationality can be applied to the country where an individual was born. Then what does citizenship stands for? It is a Legal Status, which means that an individual has been registered with the government in some country.

To Clarify, all Four UK Nations would Still have their Own individual Monarchies if England (due to their vast Numbers) did not Conquer and Subdue them, then prevent them from ever happening again, centralising the Crown into London England, but again, even to this Day, with No Democratic way for the Celtic Nations to Remove or even Consent to the English Monarchy being their Imposed Monarch and Head of State.

To Clarify further, the UK is Not a Sovereign Nation with Four Devolved parts to it (suggested by English MP Andrea Leadsom on Politics Live 3.7.22) as England do Not have Devolution, they do Not Need it, as they have 533 English MPs in the UK (English) Parliament in London, the UK is Evidently a Four Nation State with an Equal Share of Sovereignty as a Union of Nations, whether initially Coerced and Forced of Not as they are still Nations in a Union Sharing a UK Sovereignty under International Law. And if you say that the UK Celtic Nations have NO Share of UK Sovereignty then Neither does England, so then who Owns UK Sovereignty, and if you say the UK, the UK 'is' the Four Nations in a Union! The UK or Britain is also not a Family, as suggested by LIz Truss (2.8.22) as I have never heard of a Family who are different Ethnicities (Celtic & Anglo-Saxon) and Nationalities? Indeed, this is the problem with the London Constructed Ambiguity of the term British or Britishness as it does not exist as One Nation or People it could have any Definition, because as it does not exist there is no Right or Wrong Answer. The only Evidently Fact is that all UK Nations are Not 'Better Together', given England's Over-development and Grip on UK Wide Power, when Compared to the Under-development of the Celtic Nations with next to no UK Wide Power to make UK Laws and Policy.

Having a Democratic process that is Designed for a One Nation-State in the UK by London's 533 MPs Cannot be Fair for the other UK Nations in a Recognised Four Nation State, as a One Nation-State Relies on the Bulk of its Population which essentially Cancels Out the other Minority UK Celtic Nations UK Wide Democracy, and is clearly Racist because it is Based on Favouring the Majority Nation and Anglo-Saxon Ethnicity over the Minority UK Nations and Celtic Ethnicity.

There is NO Evidence of a Nation called the UK with Criteria set out by the English Establishments Own Oxford English Dictionary Definition of a 'Nation' - 'a large body of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular country or territory'. Which applies to each UK Nation such as Different Languages, for Example. Obviously State and Nation have different meanings, along with Nation-State which have two different meanings in one term. London just continuously saying the UK is One Nation Without any Evidence does Not make it so. Saying it says so in the UK Law does not mean anything as this is Dictated by England's 533 MPs, or through London Interpretation of the Montevideo Convention that does not specifically cater for an Internationally Recognised Multi-Nation State anyway (only One Nation into One State, a Nation-State, the International Norm).This is important to Clarify as Without Clarification the Celtic Nations Voice can be Deleted out of UK Law and Policy. The term UK or Britain as One Nation is only Advocated by English Nationalists (& Subordinants) to Maintain London (therefore England) Dominance of the whole UK through their 533 MPs in the UK Parliament.

It is a tough one for many English people as well regarding cultural national identity as their identity then is mixed with Britishness (which obviously does not exist as Britain does not exist as one nation just the geographic island) but London need to Homogenize the UK to maintain Political Control over the Celtic Nations, both in terms of this term British, and the UK wide so called democratic system, so London are Sacrificing a Distinct English Identity to Homogenize with the Celtic nations to try to make a UK Nationality (without being One Nation?). However, many English people want an English only parliament, but they do not seem to realise that they already have one in Westminster, but if it is English only Specifically they then cannot unilaterally rule over the Celtic Nations as well, and the London elites will never compromise that Power (leading to Celtic Nations Inevitable Independence whether London like it or Not).

There can be no such thing a "Britishness" as this implies all UK Nations Citizens with an Equal Power Base, which is Evidently Not True. London want the term Britishness without giving away any of their Power to make all UK Citizens of all UK Nations more Equal to Substantiate this Term. The reason why Britishness is able to be Examined now is not because of Devolution it is only because now with the Internet people can publicly assess Britishness outside of the London Media Control. As generally only the older generation that were indoctrinated by the London controlled Media well before the internet, or English people wanting to maintain their Power and Dominance, see themselves as British, "is the UK actually One Nation & Country or is it just because we are being Constantly told that it is a Nation & Country" that many people assume that it is, without even thinking about the Details of what it means to be a Nation or Country in Cultural Terms, going against all the Evidence? As this would assume that England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland do Not Exist as Nations,I'll bear that Nonsensical assumptuion in mind when I watch England play Wales in the 2022 Soccer World Cup, a World Cup that you can only enter as an Internationally Recognised Nation & Country, but then Usurped again when London Unilaterally created a GB Olympic Team because of their Influence, but then in the Common Wealth Games the Celtic Nations are allowed to be Nations again, all at the Whim of London, and their 533 Majority English MPs? A Nations Nationhood is Not a Political Tool to be Deleted and Reinstated at the Whim of London, it is a Permanent Cultural Fact, the English Establishment's Own Oxford English Dictionary Definition of a Nation - a large body of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular country or territory. Even just different indigenous Languages (English, Welsh & Gaelic) confirms that the Nations on the island of Britain are separate Nations, but in a Political Union called the UK State (State & Nation have Different Meanings). The Evidence of the Modern Influence of the Internet being that you are now reading this text but not so long ago the author of this text would have absolutely no platform what so ever. The Evidenced Views of the author still existed 20 or 30 years ago (and way before that with many other people) but had No Platform to be Expressed. This is not about Nationalism, unless it's the English Nationalists who want to maintain their Power, it is just about Fairness of UK Power Distribution and Influence. You can only even begin to start creating a thing called Britishness when all UK Nations are Consenting and have a more Equal influence on UK Wide Decision Making, until that time it will just be England and the Others. 

Citizenship is the Individual Legal Status of a Person that is Unique to that Person as it can Vary (Duel Citizenship, for Example), Legal identity is thereby conceived as a status, the status of having Legal Personhood which brings with it an individuals rights and duties. Where as Nationhood refers to a Group of People within a Territorial Nation with Common Descent, Language, Culture and History. Therefore, Citizenship is the Individual Legal Personhood that an Individual person holds, Nationality is a Common Collective Nationhood within a common cultural group. Again due to the Oddity of the UK within a Four Nation State Britishness is Ambiguous mainly because it does not exist as a singular Nation or People, I can be a Legal Welsh citizen as Wales have differing Laws to other UK Nations, or a UK citizen as the State but again under certain Rights & Responsibilities, but also a world citizen under international Laws, Rights and Duties, or even a EU citizen if in the EU, all distinct from Nationality. Although Britishness could be deemed as Inclusive if we were discussing a Normal One Nation State, but in the Bizarre Anomaly of a Four Nation State this then becomes a Cultural & National Annexation of the Minority Nationalities Usurped by the Controlling Majority Nationality, that could easily be seen as an attempt from the Majority Nationality's Leaders to Delete Out the Minority UK Nationalities. As the Benefits would be to keep their Control over one large unit not risking its separation due to any National differences. Although UK Minority Celtic Nations generally have White Privilege in the UK they do not have Anglo-Saxon English Privilege, who are the Majority Controlling Nationality in the UK. Any Racial Privilege is Derived from being part of the Controlling Vast Majority. People from the UK are British Citizens. They were British Subjects up to 31 Dec 1982, but starting in January 1983 their nationality status changed to British Citizens by London Law (533 English MPs). The term “British subject” is being phased out. It now only applies to two groups: people from the Republic of Ireland born before 1949 and people from British colonies that became independent, but who refused citizenship in the new country and claimed status as a British subject.

Celebrating and Acknowledging the UK as a Four Nation State, not this made up Political Entity called the UK (Decided by England's 533 MPs) as Separate to the Four Nations as a so called Separate Country and Nation with NO Evidence, allows each UK nation to thrive Culturally and Economically by being allowed to Celebrate who they are individually, which would mean an independent Media for each UK Nation (if only one mainstream Channel for each Celtic Nation), and more Meaningful and Consistent UK Power for minority UK nations (a Specific UK Nations Veto Vote), this Celebration and Development includes England where Englishness has been Distorted and Marginalised as almost an Embarrassment with the term Britishness by London for Political Gain, as Englishness is as Vague a term as Britishness to define as they have been Intertwined by London. It is possible to be Four Thriving and Confident Nations Celebrated and Empowered Individually, Creating a natural Kinship (not a Dictatorship by London), in a Union of Valued Equals who are allowed to challenge each other, in Fact This Is the Only way to Ensure the Union of the UK in the Short to Long term. Allowing Independent Debate and Empowerment is the Same as in any Family where there will be Disagreements and Fallouts but Ultimately all family members will defend their family at all costs if anyone else tries to undermine them because of that naturally formed Kinship. Currently the Opposite is True, where the Minority Celtic Nations are kept Silent, with No UK Power Leading to Animosity and a Need to get away. The Caged Bird will always find a way to Escape, the Bird who is Free to Flourish has no Reason to Escape.

To Clarify UK Sovereignty as this a Big Subject in the UK that can be used by England (London) to Deny the other UK Nations any UK Influence. The UK Nations are Not Sovereign-less Nations as each Nation's Sovereignty has been pooled into a wider Union of UK Sovereignty (as they were Independent Territorial Nations Previously so came in with a National Sovereignty) made up of the Constituent Nations Sovereignties, as the UK is Not One Territory it Consists Entirely of its Constituent Territorial Parts (a Four Nation State), with all Nations Sovereignty of Equal Value as De Facto Constituent Members of the UN (Independent at the Time, or Not, as they always have that Right) so cannot be Devalued, Excluded or Usurped by another Nations Sovereignty within a Constituent UK Sovereign State or a Union. This is important in the UK Context as UK sovereignty is owned by all UK nations Equally but Controlled through the UK Parliament by England's 533 MPs, yet England's claim to UK sovereignty or independence is no greater than any other UK nation regardless of size. If there are Links to Internal Subordination any UK Nation must freely be allowed the Opportunity to Democratically Leave the Union without hindrance taking their Territorial Sovereignty with them. Each UK Nations Sovereignty and Independence is Temporarily Pooled into the UK, it is LENT, Not Given Away, Deleted or Permanently Taken Away, in a so called Consenting Union (says London), so is still Owned by each still Existing UK Nation as a Right of being an Historical Internationally Recognised Territorial Nation, and they can Freely Withdraw their Sovereignty due to International Law depending on Circumstances and become Individual Independent Nations again.

How do I know that the Sovereignty of the Celtic Nations particularly on the Island of Britain is only LENT (on Loan) to the UK, well because in more modern times Democratic Self-Determination can bring it back so they can be Independent (Sovereign) Nations Again (& in years gone by Force could have Brought it Back). So they can Leave with the Independence (Sovereignty) they brought in before being part of the UK.

                The question, 'who are we'? must be defined and determined by all the Nations of the UK as there is No We without Consent

The problem that London have is that when you invent a theoretical political construct like the UK or Britain that does not physically exist as a nation or country in cultural and linguistic terms, then how can you be patriotic to a country that does not exist? You can be patriotic to your own nation within a union but not as one country or nation called the UK or Britain that has no evidence of existing in the real world outside of London Political Theory and Influence. You can only combine patriotism in the UK as an equal union of nations, but not as a separate London invention called the UK or Britain as no one knows exactly what that is, as it does not exist, because the UK is a Four Nation Political State not a Singular Nation or Country Separate to the Four Nations. 

The UK is in a Unique and Odd position due to England's Colonial Ambitions with Four Internationaly Recognised Nations in one UnionTo further Clarify the Absurdity of Boris Johnson's (Conservative Prime-Minister 2022) 'Countries Within a Country' statement to Define the Unique Four Nation situation of the UK, although in doing so has Recognised that all UK Nations as Separate Countries and therefore Nations, including England. A Country Cannot be Divided into Countries as each Country has the Same Sovereign Value by International Law with all UK Nations being De Facto Constituent Members of the UN, whether Independent at the Time, or Not, as they always have that International Legal Right to Remove their Sovereignty from the Combined UK Sovereignties, UK Independence is Owned by all UK Nations. As Mathematically you Cannot Subdivide (make into smaller units) a Unit with a Unit of Equal Value, let alone Four Countries Subdivided from One, as 4 units cannot be Divided into 1 unit, but 1 unit can be Divided into 4 making a Four Nation UK with Shared Sovereignty. A Region has Less Value than a Country, and a Continent More Value than a Country. So Regions can be Divided within a Country, and Countries can be Divided within a Continent, but a Country Cannot be Subdivided into smaller Countries as they have the Same Sovereign Value. However, Countries can be Added together to Form a Union of Countries such as the UK or even the EU, but the Union Cannot be a Country as that then tries to Devalue the Countries within the Union, which Cannot be done as each Country still holds its same Value, so Cannot be unilaterally Relegated to the Value of a Region by London, as by Definition a Country is Not a Region. Typically, a Country refers to Geographical aspects, whereas a State refers to a Political context. The UK has No Separate Border as the External Border is Created by the Amalgamated Four Nations of the UK, the UK Border is the Four Nations Not a Separate Entity to the Four Nations of the UK. As the UK is a Member State of the UN and the Four Nations of the UK make up the UK then all UK Nations are Equal Sovereign Members of the UN as a UK Union of Nations. The UK is Not a Separate Sovereign Entity to the Four UK Nations, It is the Four UK Nations. Charter of the United Nations, Article 2, 1. The Organization is based on the principle of the sovereign equality of all its Members. The UK Prime Minister's (Boris Johnson's) website has used the phrase "Countries Within a Country" to describe the United Kingdom, and in the 2021 G7 Summit he was Frustrated that the Other Nations did Not Recognise the UK as One Country, but as Four Nation State, for Obvious Reasons (Click for Link) also (Click for Link). Stronger Together only works if the Four UK Nations have Equal UK Power and Value, all with the Best Interests of the UK as a Whole Benefiting, not just England, as Easily Demonstrated with the Under-development of the Minority Celtic Nations and Lack of UK Wide Power when Compared to England. Indeed, there can be No Representative Legislatures if the Celtic Representatives have No Meaningful and Consistent say on UK Legislation, elections are Free in the UK but the System created by London is Evidently Not Fair to the Celtic Nations. As Unionism in the UK is mainly Code for English Nationalism.

Again as the UK is an Odd place with Four different Territorial Nationalities due to England's Colonial Ambitions it needs defining within these terms.Each UK Nation has a Government (either directly in their nation, or as an equal part of the UK government), a Permanent Population and Territorial Boundaries, and Theoretically can enter into Negotiations with other States as an Equal Member of the UK so continue meeting the definition of Sovereignty even within the UK Union Context but pooled into a Union, as a self-governing state, self being all UK Nations, and state being all UK Nations, as the UK is a Union of Nations Not an Extension of England's Nation. This is the Theory according to recognised international Law (Montevideo Convention 1933) if the Celtic Nations were Unimpeded. However as England control UK Politics with their 533 Majority MPs, entering into Negotiations with other States is always done by England, with the one overall Government of the UK not being England but the combined voice of the UK nations, well supposed to be anyway? All things being Equal the Celtic nations share UK sovereignty as a Union of Sovereign Nations, but because of England's forced 533 MP Majority one overall Government and Interacting with other States is Usurped by England in London but the UK is not a Separate Entity to the Four UK Nations, it Represents all Four UK nations Equally Not just England's. The Evidence of England running the UK is that there is No Devolved English Parliament, they do not need one, as the UK parliament in London is England's Parliament because of England's 533 Majority MPs. Although other States cannot interfere with another states internal politics, the UN as an international authority can, even though London representatives (yet again because of their 533 English MPs) are on the UN permanent security council which makes it awkward and difficult for the Celtic Nations, as again Only London (England) will have any say to promote their Interests at UN Level.

Indeed, if London Rely so Heavily on the Montevideo Convention 1933 to Define the UK as a so called Country and Nation (although only London representatives are part of the UN permanent security council) then how could London call the UK or Britain a Country and Nation as a Whole for Centuries Before 1933 in the Absence of the Montevideo Convention, evidencing that no matter what the Truth is London will always Claim the Celtic Nations as theirs under their Control Regardless (533 English MPs) Homogenized into England, because if you Homogenize all UK Nations into One under your Control they do Not have Separate Rights or a Separate Voice. The UK Parliament is Not Sovereign it is the UK People as a Whole who are Sovereign, the UK Parliament is just a Building. As Evidenced by some Basic Outline Information in the Guardian 2017 clarifying that 'Britain is not a One Nation State', a peculiar anomaly from the London Media who usually shy away from such in-depth conversations on Nationhood of the UK as the Evidence that the UK is One Nation is Non-existent when Exposed to even the most Basic of Scrutiny, indeed this was only found by research it was not advertised widely on mainstream London TV. Although you must take into account that Wales has the largest proportion of English people (22% ONS) living there than any other Celtic Nation, a big impact on the Bexit Vote, Click for Link.

​British is quite Evidently Not a Cultural Nationality it is a Legal & Political Citizenship Created from London through their 533 English MPs with the only Commonality (apart from Inhabiting the Same Island) being using the same Passport Documentation (Similar to EU Sovereign Nations as a Common Format, remember each UK Nation still has its Sovereignty it is just temporarily pooled into the UK, or Lent, is has Not been Permanently taken away, as it can come back). So British only defines a person's Legal Status, Not their National Characteristics as a Whole, or the UK Nations Differing Power Bases. If you want to explain someone's Nationality on the Island of Britain then simply use their Nationality (Welsh, Scottish or English, as everyone on the Island of Britain will be one of these) or as a whole then Britons, which is people living on the Island of Britain but not a Collective Cultural Nationality, and any Decisions made for the UK or Britain should be Defined as Decisions from London to prevent any intended or unintended Confusion with 533 English MPs in a Majority Vote System within 650 MPs overall, 40 Wales, 59 Scottish & 18 N.Ireland (Irish Republicans do not use their MP allocation), so Obviously England can Control all UK Wide Decision Making from London, that's just Basic and Simple Maths. Although, London trying to Define the UK as One Country and Nation seems to be an attempt to Dilute this Favouritism for England on the Basis of Nationality or Ethnicity which is against UN Legislation. If as London try to Imply, you Homogenize the UK as one, then you take away the International Rights & Identity of the Minority UK Nations Regarding their Different Race, Nationality, Culture and Ethnicity specifically when Contrasted to the Controlling English Majority based in London (533 MPs), who still get to Promote their Own English Rights, Voice & Identity as the Majority UK Nation because of their Control of UK Sovereignty. These 533 Majority English MPs essentially make the UK England so have No Legitimate Voice for the whole of the UK and undermines their UN membership as they are a member based on all of the UK not just England.

Here is an Analogy to try to make a Complex subject more Simplified. 'The 533 Majority English MPs in the Two Main London Political Parties (Right & Left/Conservative & Labour) in the UK Parliament is Similar to the Two Main English Football Teams in the Premiere League Competing Against each other in general but the Players and Supporters will always be willing to come Together as an England Team on International Duty as and when required to ensure England's Interests and would always want them to Win'. Indeed the system is set up that way, which would be Normal in a One Nation State but Cannot be Legitimate in an Internationally Recognised Four Nation State!

Moreover, to say that the UK has Characteristics of a Fascist State depends on who is making that Statement in the UK (Mhairi Black from the SNP raised this Subject in the UK Parliament 2022). If you are of a Celtic Nationality without any Independent Mainstream Media to Challenge the UK Government, that is always an English UK Government, and have No Meaningful say in UK Wide Decision Making because of the 533 English MPs in the UK Parliament, then you could call the UK a Fascist State. As Fascism in about Power, Nationalism and Maintaining Inequality with the Minority Other, usually based on a Nostalgia of Past Empire, and Excel in Propaganda which can only be done if your Majority Nationality have Central Control of the UK Media, It’s important because truth is the heart of liberal democracy, the two ideals of liberal democracy are liberty and equality, Truth is required to act freely, Freedom requires knowledge, also suppressing Liberty hindering Independence for Wales & Scotland for Example, and London creating Enemies that are deemed as Interfering or a Threat more recently the EU with Brexit (Do Not be Confused with Hitler and Mussolini for Example who are at the Extreme end of Fascism, there is a Sliding Scale of Fascism). As the UK does not have a Written Constitution that can keep us Anchored in Truth, Liberty and Equality such as in the USA.However, if you are English who have an Independent Mainstream Media, you are the Majority, and have Power over UK Democracy and UK Decision Making then the UK is Not a Fascist State. As it appears to be Liberalism for the Majority English but a form of Fascism for the Minority Celtic Nations, with UK Restrictions on Media, Finances, UK Democracy and Devolution, Scotland do not even Own their Own Oil, with even Restrictions on the Celtic Nations Own Independence, as Easy Examples. Indeed, if the Evidence wasn't there I could Not make these Assertions. Fascism always takes on the individual characteristics of the state it is in, leading to very different versions. It also appears possible in the UK to be a Socialist and also a Nationalist at the same time as Demonstrated by Labour who know about the Celtic Nations Inequality yet when in Power do nothing about the situation, they will only go so far with Equality of the UK Nations, but will always Maintain the Central Power of England in London, maintaining the Majority Ethnic Hierarchy. What is the best definition of fascism? Fascism is a set of ideologies and practices that seeks to place the nation, defined in exclusive biological, cultural, and/or historical terms, above all other sources of loyalty, and to create a mobilized national community. In essence then, Fascism is the political viewpoint that one's nation and race are superior to all others.

To Clarify and Provide Common Sense Evidence which London Cannot do, as just saying Britain or the UK is One Nation & Country on London TV or Media does Not make it so. "The UK Cannot be a singular country or a nation, as Unique to the UK, it is an Independent Four Nation sovereign state made up of its constituent territorial parts, a Nation is a large body of people united by common descent, history, culture or language, inhabiting a particular territory, so describing the territorial nations of the UK regards different language, history, culture and ethnicity, the constituent territorial parts, a country is a nation with its own government occupying a particular territory, the UK cannot be a country as first and foremost it is Not a Singular nation in the Absence of the common characteristics of a singular nation (Language & Descent etc, Celtic & Anglo-Saxon for further Example) as described previously, the term state in 'independent UK sovereign state' refers to a political term, country or nation refers to a cultural context, as a state is defined as a nation or territory considered as an organized political community under one government, now we already know that the UK is not one singular nation (a Four Nation state unless you say these internationally recognised nations do not exist, which is clearly insane?) as one cultural entity (but have Different Languages & Ethnicity for Example), so the UK state, refers to an organised political structure made up of the Four UK Nations under one overarching government based in London through England's 533 vast Majority MPs in the UK (therefore English) Parliament (English Parliament as they vastly Outnumber the Three separate Celtic Nations MPs, even with them all Combined which would be very Rare as they all have differing Needs, in a Majority vote system Imposed by London). As if we accept London's Fantasy that the UK is One Country and Nation the UK just becomes another name for England and a MonocultureHomogenization by the English Establishment Elites in London to ensure Nation Building as One Nation is a Useless Concept in a Modern Four Nation State where counter Information can now be accessed to undermine London's Flimsy Narrative, that no one believes anyway, least of all most other International Nation States as Evidenced in the G7 Summit 2021 (see above), although London do Control the UK Media. To Define Nation Building in the UK, it is England using London (533 English MPs) to Assimilate the Celtic Nations into One under London's Control, therefore Building the Nation of England. 

London trying to Flatten Out Difference between UK Nations is an attempt to Minimize the Chances of Minority Celtic Nations seeking Independence from England by not Allowing them to see themselves as Different (London Control 533 MPs) based on their Cultural Nationality and Ethnicity by Systematically Deleting Out their Celtic Nationality and Ethnicity in the UK, for Example, all One UK Country, which is Impossible in a Four Nation State, and all British even though British is Not a Nationality it is a Political Citizenship Derived from London, or all a White British Ethnicity, even though your Cultural Nationality Determines your Ethnicity, and with a Distinct Celtic & Anglo-Saxon difference (where you were Born, ancestry is your Descent) British is a Political Citizenship not a Nationality or Ethnicity (Oxford Dictionary Definition of Ethnicity- the fact or state of belonging to a social group that has a common national or cultural tradition). This Text is Not an attempt to Divide the UK it is an attempt to allow Recognition of the Minority Celtic Nations as a Union of Four Nations with Equal Sovereign Rights and therefore should have more Equal UK Wide Decision Making Powers (as all Nations Sovereignty is Considered Equal, Independent at the Time, or Not, as they always have that Right) not a so called Homogenous Country of the UK Controlled Unilaterally by England (London), as Homogenizing Takes Away the Four UK Nations Recognition of Power Equality and Input on UK Wide Decisions to be Replaced with just the term UK as One Homogenous Unit Controlled by London (England). Homogenization Ensures No separate say on UK Wide Policy from all UK Nations Individually as London only Recognise the UK as One Country and Nation (with No Evidence of Validation), not the UK as a Four Nation State, which of course Benefits England in London (533 English MPs), as it then effectively Deletes Out the Minority Celtic Nations Voice on UK Wide Issues or Decisions, so become Unilateral UK Decisions from London England (533 MPs) and Not the Decision Making of the Four Nations of the UK on UK Wide Policy or Law. London just Renaming or Rebranding the English Parliament the UK Parliament does Not make the UK an Equal Representation of the Four UK Nations (533 English MPs out of 650 MPs) or make the UK One Country and Nation. This Political Homogenization also Effects Culture as if London suggest that the UK is One Country and we are all British then there is No Space for the Minority Celtic Nations Culture in Mainstream Society, as London will then Homogenize to say British or the UK but mean the Majority England again Deleting the Celtic Nations out of Culture as well as Politics. 

However, if the London Government Continue to Deny the Celtic Nations their share of UK Sovereignty and Rights as Recognised Nations, and do Not Empower the UK Nations on UK Wide Decision Making, then Scotland will become Independent, Northern Ireland will then Rapidly Amalgamate with the Republic of Ireland as the Unionists will have their Notion of Britain and therefore British Identity destroyed, Wales will be Independent, then England will Break-Up Internally with Yorkshire & Cornwall for Example wanting Independence, which will happen a lot quicker than London Expect. The Best way for London to Ensure this happens is to try to Ignore the Issues until it is too Late​. Remember we have had over 300 years as a "Union" and the Celtic Nations are still Poor, Undervalued, Disenfranchised at UK level and Underdeveloped it cannot get any worse anyway. Then we look at the fellow Celtic Nation who had the Same Subjugation form London the Republic of Ireland who are Thriving! I am not to sure how much more Evidence is required (or even Possible!) than a Country in Exactly the Same position as Wales and Scotland gaining Independence from Exactly the Same Nation of England in the Same Region of Western Europe, then looking at how they are doing! This is the Gold Standard of 'Empirical Evidence' in Real Time, with London even using the Same Argument with the Republic of Ireland (1922) by saying they are too Poor for Independence and they will be a Failed State, using Fear as Weapon! That's like a Controlling Partner in a Relationship saying you will be Destitute if you Leave, then you look at the Previous Partner who is Thriving, which one would any Normal person Believe?! Indeed, No Nation in World that has Gained Independence have ever wanted to reverse that status, even in the toughest of times, that affect every Nation anyway, but with Independence at least it is up to you to solve your own problems that are specific to you with all the levers of an unimpeded Independent country at your disposal. Although London (England) will find every way to Hinder the Democratic Process of Self-Determination, and with this constant Colonial Attitude, there in Lies the Problem, they do Not see Wales and Scotland as Partners in a Union they just see them as historical Subjugated Property that they Control, and as such the Celtic Nations need to be Managed and Coerced by London to maintain that Control!

To Clarify, to say that Only Colonization and Annexation after the Charter of the United Nations in 1945 is Invalid is incorrect, as Decolonization by Definition would mean Decolonising Nations that were Conquered and Annexed before 1945. As you Cannot Decolonize something that has not already been Colonized or Annexed before 1945.​ Annexation (Latin ad, to, and nexus, joining), in international law, is the forcible acquisition of one state's territory by another state, usually following military occupation of the territory. Moreover, just to confirm, most Commonwealth Countries stay within the Commonwealth even when they are Independent because it is a Beneficial Large Economic Trading Block, not because they all love the Queen or are Monarchists as London seem to insist. Although, how are the Common Wealth Countries allowed more Direct Independence Opportunity when Wales & Scotland are also Commonwealth Countries as Directly Evidenced by Wales & Scotland (on the island of Britain) Competing as Separate Nations in the Common Wealth Games. So Only allowed to be a Common Wealth Country, or Not, when it Suits London. In addition, Devolution has No Effect on UK Wide Decision Making in a Four Nation Sovereign State, and is Not Self-Determination as the Powers Allowed are Determined by the Mother state who can also Unilaterally choose to hold back the Main Levers of Power, and even take Powers Away.

To Further Clarify, 'British Citizen' (Subject is under the power of another, Citizens are a Collective Sovereign People) is a UK Political & Legal Construct and is set in London with its 533 English MPs (the noun National means a Citizen, Not a Nationality) and a person's 'Nationality', so Nation of Birth, regards Descent, Ethnicity, Culture and Language, are Two Totally Different Meanings & Concepts. As British is Not a Race or Nationality it is a Citizenship. A State or a Citizen is in a Political Context, where as Nation or Country is in a Cultural Context, which have two Opposing Dictionary Meanings, any Normal person would Conclude that they have Two Opposing meanings because they mean Two different things. So British refers to a Legal Citizenship Not your Nationality or Race, indeed because the Geographic Island of Britain is Not a Nation Brtishness Cannot be a Nationality your Nationality is within the Three Nations on Britain. Being a British Citizen just means you hold a British Passport it is Not a National Identity of the Same Culture, Language, Descent, or History that the Oxford English Dictionary Defines as a Nation and therefore your Nationality (as the Controlled and the Controler will have Different Histories, and Lived Experiences, as a basic Example, let alone the Different Cultures & Ethnicities in the UK Nations, Celtic & Anglo-Saxon, as another simple Example). 

Britain is the Geographic Island of Britain Not a Nation

British is your Citizenship Not your Nationality

Nationality is the Nation where you were Born regards your Culture, History, Ethnicity, Language and Descent (for Example Anglo-Saxon or Celtic Ethnicity, or Welsh or English Language et al)

Country is your Territorial Nationality based on One Nation

State is a Political Term Not a Cultural Term such as Country or Nation

UK is an Independent Sovereign State made up Entirely of its Territorial Constituent Parts with Equal Shared Sovereignty, Not a Country or Nationality

Briton- is a person inhabiting the Island of Britain but not a Nationality

I understand that many English Born people will want to call themselves British but if you are Ashamed to call yourselves English which is your Birth Nationality then that is an Issue for you and your Nation that trying to Hide behind the term British is Not going to Solve (even people of Minority Heritage but were Born in England so are English with the Majority Privilege that comes with that). Calling themselves British maybe again to Hide the Sins of the Past (How the UK was Initially Created, for Example) or Dilute Ongoing Blame (British Not English Empire, for Example, London also use the same Plural Argument by saying they were not the only Nation that had an Empire or did Slavery, although England did Slavery on an Industrial Scale way before the Act of Union in 1707, so Cannot use the Excuse of British, as British did not Exist at that time), or even to Avoid Feeling like the Coercive Majority Oppressor, even though an English Born person could Not know what the Lived Experience is of being part of a Minority UK Nation, so it can be Easily Dismissed, replacing it with the more Comfortable Feeling of just being One People (Brits) as Consenting allies (but missing out the Consent bit, because Without Consent you are essentially holding someone Hostage) as the Celtic Nations are not under England's Control by Accident. Even in the 1707 Act of Union Forced through by London (Alien Act 1705, an Embargo on Scotland, for Example) because of the Threat from France the Westminster Parliament in 1707 had 513 English MPs, with 45 Scottish MPs and 27 Welsh MPs, in a Majority Vote System, Imposed by, and Situated in London, for Example. So the UK Parliament was Rigged in England's Favour from the Beginning of the UK, but now in the Modern Internet Era can be Exposed, with No Meaningful Way of Leaving (putting aside the Issue of Scotland Not being allowed a second Referendum due to Brexit, Wales have Never been Allowed a Vote on their Own Self-Determination, so Britain Cannot be Described as a Consenting Union) with permission for a Referendum Decided Politically by England's current 533 MPs. Indeed London want to Label the UK as One Country and Nation (even though we know that Country or Nation is a Cultural Definition, Not a Political Definition) to try to give the Impression of a Consenting Union Free from any Issues of London Not allowing Self-Determination (which is against UN Law) that then gives London Decisions more Gravitas (a "British" Decision rather than just an "English" Decision for Example, even though we know that due to England's 533 MPs makes UK Decisions essentially only English Decisions, although a UK Nations Veto Vote could make it a Genuine UK Decision & provide Validation) with London trying to keep the UK as a Whole together under their Political Control by attempting to Delete Out any Cultural or National Difference between UK Nations (through the London Controlled Media, for Example, because if you constantly say something then many people will actually believe it) even though the UK Nations Obviously have a Different Base Ethnicity, Descent, Language, History and Culture, let alone Different Cultural Territorial Nationalities. London try to Homogenise the UK as One Country to give the Impression of One UK Unit with Equal UK Wide Decision Making Ability, but all this Fanciful thinking from London, does not make it so, and is Easily Evidenced.British is a London Idea Not a Nationality so an Interpretation of how London Perceive the British Isles, but Not of how the Celtic Nations Perceive Themselves. 

I understand the UN's position on Self-Determination and/or Secession as a Last Resort if Not Allowed Self-Determination Freely (Secession - the action of withdrawing formally from membership of a federation or body, especially a political state) as ‘if every ethnic, religious or linguistic group claimed statehood, there would be no limit to fragmentation, and peace, security and well-being for all would become even more difficult to achieve'. But this Cannot be an Excuse to keep Well Established Recognised Territorial Nations Hostage without Consent, who can Fulfil all the Criteria of the Montevideo Convention 1933 as a Sovereign State, the Opposite to a Democracy, with Democracy being the Core Value of the UN, although again only London (English) Representatives are on the Permanent Security Council of the UN, yet again due to their 533 English MPs. However, Territorial Integrity is not a concern for the UK with the Celtic Nations on the island of Britain as they are already Historically Recognised Territorial Nations in a Four Nation State, in Fact it is the other way around, as the London version of the UK as a Country Defiles the Territorial Integrity of Wales & Scotland on the Island of Britain who Pre-date the Idea of the UK from London, with the UK as a so called Country Not Preserving the Territorial Integrity of the Celtic Nations on the island of Britain, by essentially Deleting Out their Borders, through England's 533 MP's in the UK Parliament, to be Replaced with the Political Ideaof a UK at a Later Date by London. Although in doing so they also Delete Out England's Borders, but in Deleing all Borders in the UK to make a Country London call the UK, England have essentially extended their Borders across all the Celtic Nations as they still Control the UK from the UK Parliament in London with their 533 English MP's. The UK as a Country makes perfect sense for England and their Interests as this Term Assimilates the Celtic Nations into England under the Label of a UK. So England could be an independent England and have their affairs controlled by London (leaving the Celtic Nations to Govern themselves independently), or they could Label the UK as One Country and then get to Control the whole of the UK from London, an easy decision to make if you are London. Obviously if independent Wales & Scotland can Fulfil the Criteria via the Montevideo Convention of a State, with the Celtic Nations on the island of Britain proven Governance even with restricted powers since Devolution 20 years ago (proof to the UN) in already Centuries old Territorial Nations so are Highly Unlikely to be Failed States as they already Exist with a Government, Recognised Internal Democracy, and Historical Nation Status, with the Republic of Ireland in a Similar Position to the UK Celtic Nations and have Thrived since Leaving London Control. Indeed, there is No Nation that has Achieved Independence in the History of Nations that has ever left a Mother State then wanted to go Back! "Ongoing Self-Determination" as opposed to "Constitutive Self-Determination", is an Oxymoron (contradictory) from London, as this allows the Mother state to not allow an independence referendum and keep any Nations essentially held Hostage without any direct Consent, but then try to assert that they are allowing Self-Determination but Determined on the Mother Nations own terms which by Definition is Not Self-Determination. As Evidenced with Celtic Devolution which does Not have any Meaningful say on UK Wide Decision Making for the Celtic Nations, and their Limited powers are decided by London (533 MPs), and can even take these powers away, again the Opposite of Self-Determination.

UN on Ethnicity (Race), 'Some of the bases upon which ethnic groups are identified are ethnic nationality (in other words country or area of origin as distinct from citizenship or country of legal nationality)', moreover, 'investigating ethnic characteristics of the population must therefore be determined by the groups that it desires to identify' (Click for Link)

Indeed, London using their own UK Government Agencies such as YOUGOV and the ONS (UK Government Funded through the ESRC) or inventing Current UK Legal Terminology (Defined with England's 533 MPs) or the BBC based in London, and then Interpreting the Data Themselves to try to explain UK Nationality or what the Celtic Nations views are on certain Subjects (for Example then off that Data telling the Celtic Nations on their Behalf that you do Not really want Independence as there is no real call for it as Demonstrated with our Statistics, however if this was True then London would readily allow an Independence Referendum for Wales (& even Scotland after Brexit) knowing that they are Obviously going to Win, yet they do Not allow Self-Determination for Wales, which is against UN Law) this clearly has No Legitimacy (marking your own homework essentially) because they come with a Natural Bias, as London want the Celtic Nations to remain in the UK (as Evidenced by the English Mainstream Cross Party Support for Hindering Scottish or Welsh Independence). Is it too obvious to mention, "Lies, damned lies and statistics", or "Facts are stubborn things, but statistics are pliable"― Mark Twain. Statistics are Powerful tools, for Example, if YOUGOV polls (without knowing where it was held, the actual numbers polled, what the question was, and who is asking the questions and choosing who to ask the questions to, who is evaluating the figures, and how they are Presented within which data system, amongst a myriad of other anomalies) continuously state on their Media that there is a low call for independence in Wales then people in Wales will see this and think what's the point if no one else appears to want it outside of their own Community? Indeed, if London say that there is Limited call for Independence in Wales, then why Not hold a Vote, as they feel they would obviously Win and Finally gain Legitimacy, a No Brainer. But in the continued Absence of a Self-Determination Vote for Wales then any Normal person would Conclude that London obviously feel they could Lose. This could also apply to the English Monarchy which is why not one of the Celtic Nations are allowed a vote on whether to continue with the English Monarchy as their individual head of state. However, debating the English Monarchy in the UK is a non-argument as this is like debating if the sky should be blue or not, as you cannot ever change it so it is largely pointless, as there is no democratic mechanism to remove the English Monarchy from the individual Celtic Nations. At least with self-determination there is UN Legislation that can ensure democratic Change, there is no such mechanism to remove the English Monarchy, if that is the individual Celtic Nations Choice, again in a so called Democracy in a so called Consenting Union? A Self-Determination vote would then if successful allow Wales their Independent say on the Monarchy anyway (although in a Democracy London should allow this as a matter of course), with an Unbiased Independent Media to allow Welsh people to make an Informed Unbiased Choice, so are actually inter-connected, and if Not successful (or Unsuccessful depending on your view point) will then be a Democratic Mandate, either way Democracy will have Finally been Served, which as staunch supporter of Democracy I can live with Comfortably. Although, only a Confident person would not allow another Nation to Control their own affairs without Democratic Consent, or allow themselves to become an Uncle Tom or Aunty Jemima regardless of the Financial Rewards, but the Irony is that the Sheep Shagger London Bestiality Slander is Designed to Undermine that National Confidence and Create Subservient Welsh Individuals who know their place. However, regardless of Random Polls or so called Statistics it is Not up to London to say to Wales that you do not want Independence on their Behalf, the Opposite of Self-Determination, it is up to the people of Wales to confirm this through a Democratic Self-Determination Referendum that will give you the answer in Real Time not just Bias Interpretations from a UK Government that have Evidenced a Continuous Cross Party Support (whether Labour & Conservatives, for Example) for Preventing or Hindering Celtic Nations Independence, if that is their Choice. As Losing any of the Celtic Nations would be of Great Detriment to England's Interests, (whilst being Cognizant of the 22% ONS of English people currently living in Wales, that may have a Conflict of Interests so needs to be counter balanced). I am pretty sure that the Celtic nations governments are perfectly capable of providing their own National Polling and Statistics Independent of London Influence on issues that concern them (indeed, to demonstrate the Importance of these Statistics from London for N.Ireland to have a Referendum on a United Ireland these Polls must first suggest support, even with a Republican Political Party in Majority Control 2022)?

The UK is in a Unique and Odd position, due to its History, of having Four Recognised Nationalities trying to be Assimilated into one through Force & Coercion from London to Imply a Consented Assimilated Union under London Control, initially created Centuries ago, and patently Not fit for a Modern UK. As you Cannot Flatten Out Difference just to Suit a Political Goal, because Difference is Deep Rooted in Human Nature, particularly regarding Historical Culture, Ethnicity and Nationality, and these Cannot Easily be Erased. As the UK Nations (& their People) are the Sovereign UK State as a Whole, with Four Previous Territorial Independent Sovereign Nations that Governed themselves being Pooled into One Sovereign State through London Creating the UK, made up of Four Nations and Countries, a Jig Saw Puzzle of Territorial Nations, with Each Sovereign (Independence) Status of Each Nation Worth the Same when Pooled into One, as there is No Hierarchy of Sovereign Independence, Luxemburg's Sovereignty is considered the Same as Russia's Sovereignty regardless of Size for Example. So each UK Nation has an Equal Share of UK Sovereignty as they all "gave up" their Sovereignty Regardless of Size or Population of any UK Nation to be One Independent Sovereign UK State with the Sovereign Constituent Parts (Nations) that Make Up the UK Independent Sovereign State as a Whole. Indeed, it was England that Pooled all the Four Independent Territorial Sovereign Nations of the UK into One Independent Sovereign State, knowing England had a Larger Population, so Cannot Complain about Sharing UK Sovereignty and Power Equally. In the event that England do Complain, even though all English Politicians state that they are Unionists, yet the Action of Not Sharing Control of UK Sovereignty and Power from England is Obviously an English Nationalist approach, by using England's Vast Majority Population as a Weapon against the Celtic Nations, then clearly England are Not willing to Share or Compromise on UK Wide Power in a Four Nation State so only Independence for all UK Nations could be Viable, which keeps England Powerful but Only within England, that does Not then Deny (or Restrict) the Celtic Nations their Own Independent Sovereign Decision Making Powers. As UK Sovereignty is Owned by all UK Nations Equally, but Controlled by London in the UK (English) Parliament because of their 533 Majority English MPs (which makes it an English Parliament yet Labelled a UK Parliament by London, but with NO way for any Celtic Nation to Win in a Majority Vote System) a Majority Vote System Historically Imposed by London to Favour England, as Evidenced by the Fact it Uniquely Favours England's Majority Population, and knowing this London could Change the System to a specific UK Nations Veto Vote System similar to the EU if they wanted to, as only they have the Power to do so, but Choose to Remain with an Unfair UK Wide System that Favours their own Nation of England in a Coercive Measure when undertaking UK Wide Decision Making, effectively Forcing the Celtic Nations Out of UK Wide Democracy. Indeed, London Need to Create a Fair UK Wide Democracy Before they can Pass Judgement on other Democracies. My Hope is for a Functional Democracy in the UK, Functional does Not mean Perfect, but it must Function for all UK Nations. Obviously if independent Wales can Fulfil the Criteria via the Montevideo Convention of a State. To Clarify, it appears that Kosovo & Palestine, for Example, were never Territorial Nations before becoming New (or de facto) States. Although, London were more than happy to use the EU Veto Vote system when in the EU, because they were not the largest Population, and are happy to use it in the UN as one of the Smallest Populations of the 5 permanent security council members, all of which Benefit London's Interests. So London use Population when it Favours England's Interests, but will then also use a Veto Vote system if it also Favours England's Interests. So again Cannot Complain that they have a greater population so is unfair in the UK if using a Specific UK Nations Veto Vote system (although all UK Nations have an Equal Share of UK Sovereignty), but London will then use a Veto Vote system when they do Not have the Largest Population, which could be argued as Unfair against the other Nations with a Larger Population, when in the EU or currently in the UN, you cannot have your cake and eat it.As you Cannot have a UNITED KINGDOM in the Modern Era if the Interests of just One Nation is Paramount, the Oxford English Dictionary Definition of UNITED - joined together politically, for a common purpose, or by common feelings. Only a specific allocated Veto Vote system in the UK would allow all Nations of the UK to Express and Decide their Common Purpose and Feelings as a Whole. Once again you Cannot say you are a Unionist but then Act as a Nationalist, as being in a Union Requires Compromise. As Currently England have a Quarter Share of UK Sovereignty (all Nations Sovereignty is Considered Equal) but a 100% of UK Sovereign Power and Control. This is Not to say that the UK Cannot be a Functioning Union going into the Modern Era but it must be based on a Meaningful System of Collective Power on UK wide Decision Making, whilst Embracing and Celebrating UK Nations Differences but Bonded through an Equal ability to Shape the UK as a Equally Valued Collective moving on into the Future. Failing that then Clearly Independence is the only Option for the Celtic Nations to Develop and Prosper Unimpeded, which has Not happened since the Act of Union in 1707 (& even way before that) because the Celtic Nations have No Meaningful way to Affect UK Wide Decision Making that Impacts the Celtic Nations Directly. And Time is alot Shorter than you think London.

So Regardless of London's Ongoing Attempts to try to Homogenise the UK (& even the UK Nations National Cultures, regarding Ethnicity, Language and Histories, for Example) under England's Overall Control through their Majority 533 MPs to Erase any Different Nationalities within the UK and Assimilate into One, even though we know that Citizen is Different to Nationality, we are British Citizens Not a British Nationality or Country as the UK is Not A Singular Nation, because the UK or Britain is Historically Not One Country or Nation so Cannot be a Singular Cultural Nationality or Identity, it is quite Evidently a Four Nation Sovereign State made up of its Constituent Territorial Parts, so must be Treated Equally and Given an Equal Say on Sovereign UK Wide Decisions, because as Evidenced UK Sovereignty is Not Owned by England. As the UK Parliament is Only Considered Sovereign by the International Community and UN because it is meant to Represent all the UK Nations Equally Regardless of Size or PopulationHow are countries made or defined? 'It sounds simple enough: 'A group of people living within the same defined geographic area over time will have common cause', so the Territorial Nations within the UK as the groups that make up the UK, each with their own Interests, as the UK is Four Groups of Peoples. Each UK Nation makes up the Full Territorial Boundary of the UK (Sovereign State with Shared Sovereignty), like each EU Nation makes up the Territorial Boundary of the EU but is Not a Country, and in the UK only England have the Deciding Vote on UK Decisions so is Not a Common Cause (due to 533 English MPs). The Celtic Nations are Internationally Recognised Countries. Moreover, London Cannot use the argument that the Celtic Nations are Not specifically Independent Countries if they do Not allow them a Vote on their Own Independence, or any Unobstructed avenue to Leave (Wales has Never been Allowed an Independence Vote on their Own Self-Determination, for Example). Indeed, England is Not and Independent Country but Controls the whole of the UK. Sovereign States are Defined as as having a permanent population, defined territory, one government, and the capacity to enter into relations with other sovereign states. The UK is Not One defined Territory, with permanent populations in each UK Nation and has Four Governments, with a State being a Political Term Not a Cultural Term which is the Definition of a Country or Nation, a 'STATE' does NOT mean a 'COUNTRY', they have Two Different Dictionary Meanings, as the UK is NOT ONE NATION it is a FOUR NATION STATE as Evidenced by the Four Internationally Recognised Nations within the UK State. This means that it is Not as Simple as a Federal and State System, as London control UK Nations Not just Regions or States who will have the same overall National interests as One Historical Nation, so when a Federal Government for Example in the USA or Australia, rules then they rule in the interests of their Nation as a Whole, but when London rule (through Supreme Courts in London & 533 English MPs for Example) they can rule in the interests of their own Nation, within a Four Nation Sovereign State. The UK is a Political Independent Sovereign State made up Equally of its Constituent Territorial Parts, Not a Singular Country or Nation, as London will try to have you Believe using their total Dominance of the UK Media and Political Dominance using their 533 English MPs. As Cultural National Identity is more Powerful than a Piece of Paper Stating your Citizenship, so must be Recognised and Not try to be Erased Out through Homogenisation from London. 


To further Clarify, the UK is a 'Multi-nation State' as Evidenced by the Multiple Nations within that Sovereign State, so the UK Cannot be a Country as the Oxford English Dictionary Definition (which is widely regarded as the accepted authority on the English Language & English is Considered a the Foremost World Wide Language) of a 'Country' is - 'a nation with its own government, occupying a particular territory', as the UK is Not a Singular Nation, it Cannot therefore be a Singular Country, regardless of what London may say with Limited Criteria or Evidence to Back up their Claim that the UK is One Singular Country, even though the UK is Not, and has Never Been, One Singular Nation. 

Indeed, Sovereign State is a Political term, where as Nation and Country are Connected to Nationality so are Cultural terms, and of course Culture comes under a Totally Different set of Criteria. The term Sovereign State and Country can be Easily Interchangeable in nearly every Country in the World, as most Countries do Not have other Nations and Countries within their Country, but with the UK made up Entirely of its Constituent Parts who are already Historically Recognised as Nations and Countries this Interchangeable term of Sovereign State and Country, which would be fine for Most Countries around the World, but in the UK this Cannot apply, as it then becomes a Problem, because almost Unique to the UK is if you call the UK or Britain a Nation or Country you then Demote the Existing Nations and Countries that Entirely make up the Whole UK (who are so well Established that they even have a vast array of International Sporting Teams) to just Regions of the UK as a Whole. The Interchangeable notion of Sovereign State and Country is Only considered as the Norm Worldwide because most Countries in the World have just One Country within just One Sovereign State, but the UK is Obviously an Exception to this Wider Assumption. A Sovereign State is a political unit that has sovereignty over an area of territory and population. The term 'Country' is a more imprecise and ambiguous term that is often used by laypeople instead of a 'State'. As State is Political, and Nation or Country are CulturalThe UK is Internationally Recognised through such avenues as the UN and the EU Politically as an Independent Sovereign State, but Not as a Singular Cultural Country or a Nation with a Singular Nationality as Suggested from London. Just because London Repeatedly say that the UK or Britain is a singular Country, using their Media, to try to Homogenise the Celtic Nations into England to Minimise any Sense of Difference between the Celtic Nations and Anglo-Saxon England to keep the UK Whole under London Control, does Not make it so. Indeed, Wales has been Recognised as a Country and Nation for a long time, also ironically by London themselves with the 1536 Laws of Wales Act, that Annexed Wales as a Nation & Country through England Unilaterally Merging 'Two Countries', so Wales would have their Own Sovereignty if they were Still Allowed to be an Independent Nation (Llywelyn ap Gruffydd the last Prince (King) of an Independent Wales was Initially Dethroned in the 13th century by Edward Longshanks, then the Prince of Wales Ceremonial Title handed to the Eldest Son of the English Monarch from then on. Note that he was Labelled the 'Prince of Wales', not the 'Prince of Some of Wales' as Llywelyn ap Gruffydd was the Prince (King Monarch) of all of Wales as an Independent Territorial Nation). Meaning that Wales has its own Equal Share of UK Wide Sovereignty because Wales's Independent Sovereignty as a Country (all Sovereignty is Considered the Same Worth) was Pooled into the Political Independent UK Sovereign State, that if Wales gained Independence would be Returned to them.

This is the Problem with Forcing & Coercing Three Minority Celtic Nations into assimilation with Anglo-Saxon England, and then London calling them British, as they can never be One, no matter how hard you try, a manipulated Political Union that can Never be a Cultural Union. The only way of even trying to attempt this Union is to allow more Equal UK Powers for the Celtic Nations so there Culture can Grow and Develop into a Modern Union as Four Nations that can each Affect UK Wide Policy & Law, changing the Culture of Subservient Celtic Nations under the Heel of London & England, otherwise each Culture Remains firmly Rooted in the Past, which is based in Inequality and of course Inequality leads to Separation, particularly in the Internet age, and the Robust UN Laws on Self-Determination. As quoted by Woodrow Wilson, 'You cannot be friends upon any other terms than upon the terms of equality'. As Inequality Creates Division. Indeed for London to suggest that we are all the same in the UK as we are all Working Class Denies the Effects of Racism & Discrimination on Minority Groups. Of course you can be of a Welsh Cultural Nationality (or any other Birth Nationality) and a British Citizen, but you must Not Forget the most Important Aspect, and that is CONSENT. Wales has Never been Allowed a Self-Determination Independence Vote since being initially Colonised (Edward Longshanks 13th Century) to this Day, which is Against UN Law. 

"Britain" and therefore so called "Britishness" Needs to be Clarified that it is just Locating the people living on the Island of Britain in General or a Citizenship, and Not Defining these People's Nationalities, Ethnicity, Language, Descent, History or even their Country, as One Homogeneous Group, because trying to Delete out the Minority Celtic Nations and Replace their Country, Ethnicity, Culture, History and Nationhood with one Homogenous UK term as a Country does Not promote UK Unity as this suggests that the Celtic Nations are just Regions of Anglo-Saxon England Controlled from London, their Historical oppressor, so lose their Welshness or Scottishness to be replaced with a Britishness by London that is closely aligned to just Englishness (Anglo-Saxons) and Consequently the Celtic Nations on the Island of Britain Lose their Nationhood Status, and Ethnic Celticness, a Cultural Annexation just in the term Britishness or British or London trying to Describe the UK as One Nation or Country. So there can be No such thing as Britishness under its current Nebulous London Definition (that does Not Acknowledge the Different Nations in GB & UK), which is why no one can Define Cultural Britishness as a Concept, and is why it can Never be a Cultural Identity just a Political Term Imposed by London to Imply a Consenting Unity. This is not to to say that there cannot be a definitive meaning of Britishness but you have to Include and Acknowledge all Nations on the Island of Britain within that overall Context and Not try to Delete them Out. Article1, DECLARATION ON RACE AND RACIAL PREJUDICE, 1978 UNESCO, 2. All individuals and groups have the right to be different, to consider themselves as different and to be regarded as such, indeedClick for Link  Indeed, see how these various UN Laws may apply to Wales, regarding an apparent English Nationalism and Supremacist Ideology from London regarding the UK Celtic Nations.

It is Easy to understand why London would want to do this (Homogenise UK Nations and Blur the Lines of UK Territorial Nations Nationalities) to Dilute any sense of Difference from England to Assimilate into England as one Homogenous group to prevent talk of Independence, but ironically this only promotes Celtic Nationalism further as we all want to be Acknowledged and Accepted for Who We Are, and our Differences Celebrated, within a Wider context, not try to be Deleted out, as Words, Labels & Meanings are Powerful, with London dominance of the UK Media also a major factor in Limiting an expansion of Welsh, Scottish, and even Celtic Culture (the Original Britons) through Restricted access to Public Media Opportunity or Exposure. National Identity can only be linked to what makes a Nation, so Culture, Language, Ethnicity, History and Decent for Example, that Need to be Embraced and Acknowledged to Form any Consenting Union of Nations, as Coercion and Denying Opportunities to Leave can only work for so long in the New Modern Era of the Internet and more Specific International Laws. Indeed, London also use the War (usually World War II) to Ingrain a Sense of Brtishness, however, the Celtic Nations had No Choice but to Fight and Die on a Unilateral London Decision due to their Previous Subjugation, a Choice afforded to the Republic of Ireland after their independence in 1922 (1921 Anglo-Irish Treaty, Anglo means English). Actually, introducing a UK Nations Veto Vote on going to War could Minimise Unnecessary UK involvement in many Wars or Conflicts in the Future, so will Not be just in the Usual Unilateral Interests of London and England. Indeed, most Unions of Nations (including even the UN) have some sort of Veto Vote System to Spread Power more Fairly, making the UK Union of Nations yet again the Outlier. Along with the Fact that it is Easier and Quicker to gain a Consensus between just 4 Nations (or a 75%, 3 out of 4 Consensus in a Deadlock situation) than the 27 Nations of the EU. But if London again try to Resist Power Sharing then Obviously Independence is the Only Viable Option for Wales and Scotland on the Island of Britain.

As the UK or GB is Obviously Not a Singular Nation or Country (as Evidenced by the Fact that there are already Three Well Established Nations & Countries on the Island of Britain well Before England's Colonial Ambitions) a Construct promoted from London who control the UK Media, Law, and Politics, through their 533 English MPs, which is why, in its present form, the British can never be an Identity, as you Cannot have an Identity based on One 'Singular' Homogenous "UK or British" Nationality, Ethnicity, History, Language or Culture, that does Not Actually Exist! Where there can be No Commonality between the MajoritPowerful England, and the Minority Powerless Celtic Nations (the Oppressed & the Oppressor by Definition come with Different Histories & Experiences) with no effective Mechanisms to even try to attempt to Balance this out (Level Up) at UK Level, for Example, due to 533 out of 650 UK (English) Parliament MP's representing England, so the UK Nations are Not Equal within One Homogenous Group, if you are going to try to Homogenous Four Recognised Nations at least allow then some opportunity for Equal Powers ('Leveling Up', such as in the EU with their EU Nations Veto Vote on key areas, which could be implemented in the UK with a UK Nations Veto Vote version but made more Specific to the UK, to Clarify the UK Nations Share UK Sovereignty as a UK Sovereign State it is Not only England's, although UK Sovereignty is Controlled by London & England through its UK (English) Parliament because of England's 533 MPs). Moreover, for London to suggest that because Wales now has limited Devolution (since 1997) that having 533 English MP's out of a Total of 650 UK Parliament MP's (40 for Wales, 59 for Scotland & 18 for Northern Ireland), within a UK Parliament Majority Vote system, does Not Matter, is a 'Nonsense', as Devolution has No Power over UK Wide Policy Making! Furthermore, to say that Wales has more MPs per Capita than England (although going from 40 to 32 in 2023 due to boundary review) is an Irrelevant Point, as Regardless the System imposed by London still Favours England's Vast Majority, which is why England have 533 MPs and the Celtic Nations Combined only have 117. Using Population Bias Against the Celtic Nations is clearly Unfair because the Celtic nations essentially get deleted out of UK democracy over something they can do nothing about, their PopulationIndeed, as Sovereignty is Shared by all UK Nations Equally the Celtic Nations could and should have a say on Relationships with Other Countries but as the UK (English) Parliament is Overloaded with 533 MPs their say can be Neutralised and given Only to England. In addition, if London also say we have to have so many MPs because of our Vast UK Population, then a Fair Union between England and the Celtic Nations was never Feasible in the first place, so the Celtic Nations would be Better Served being Independent so they can make their Own Unimpeded Decisions about their Own Future, Favouring their Own Interests, Not beholden to the Interests of the Majority England with No Meaningful Way for any Celtic Nation to Affect UK Wide Decision Making. Indeed with the Act of Union in 1707 Scotland were only afforded 45 MPs with 513 MPs from England (still roughly the same to his Day) with the EU Implementing their version of a Veto Vote system to Prevent the Larger Nations from Railroading the Smaller Population Nations that happens in the UK.

As England remain the Master, and Wales and Scotland remain Subservient on the island of Britain, so Cannot be One Equal Homogenous Group all the Same anyway because of the Inequality of Power Based Specifically on UK Nationality. Meaning that any Decisions from London are Decisions by the English, Not the UK or Britain as a Whole, as the Celtic Nations do Not have an Equal say in the UK Decision Making Process within the UK (English) Parliament, which includes the power to Unilaterally decide that Britain or British is seen as just one Nationality, even though it is Clearly Not (in Practice an English Parliament, although Politically Labelled a UK Parliament, because all the other Celtic UK Nations are Vastly Outnumbered so making them largely Irrelevant, a Token gesture), or then any Meaningful say for the Celtic Nations on UK International Foreign Policy, such as Going to War, or UK Policy on Immigration, and Brexit for Example, because of the Obvious Number Differentials when Voting within a Majority Vote System in the UK (English) Parliament on UK Wide Laws, and Policy, which is Clearly Stacked in England's Favour, by London. However, in Simple Terms, If London want to Homogenise the Nations on the Island of Britain with all that Entails, then they must also Homogenise the UK Power Levers.London cannot have all the Benefits of Homogenising the Nations on the Island of Britain without any of the Negatives, because without more Equal Powers you Cannot Homogenize anyway, Oxford dictionary definition of Homogenized - to make uniform or similar  (Promoted with a Specific UK Nations Veto Vote for Example). 

To Clarify, there are Two Different overall Meanings, Aims and Objectives of Nationalism Within Britain, there is a Minority Celtic Nationalism looking for Greater Equality to Level Up, and failing that Independence, and a Majority English Nationalism (never mentioned on the London Media) seeking to Maintain long standing Inequalities but under the Guise of Unionism, although a genuine Unionist would Actively seek Equality and Fairness among UK Nations not work against it for the benefit of their own UK Nation, the definition of Nationalism. As there is a frequent Confusion between 'Unionism' and 'English Nationalism' in the UK because they both want the Union to Remain but for Different Reasons, one to Grow the Union Equally, and the other to Exploit it, but can sound very Similar on the Surface. Basic to the idea of nationality is the belief that individuals have special ties and loyalties to their fellow nationality, and that these ties and loyalties can generate certain special obligations among co-nationalities. The Analogy being like Supporters who Instinctively Support their Own National Sporting Team, over any Others, which must be Counter Balanced in a Four Nation UK State. And of course, if as London say, Britain is One Nation then there could be No Nationalism within Britain as there is said to be by London No different Nations with Britishness, yet Nationalism is also said by London to be the Greatest Threat to the UK Union, who Never mention English Nationalism (as Evidenced by London Manipulating the Political System to England's Advantage to the Detriment of the Celtic Nations) the Greatest Threat of all as England have the most Power and Influence to Favour their Own UK Nation, and in doing so inspire Greater Nationalism from the Celtic Nations, who apparently according to London do Not Exist within their Definition of British as apparently One People and One Nationality? Nation -a large body of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular country or territory. Citizen - a legally recognized subject or national of a state or commonwealth, either native or naturalized. One is a Legal Definition that can change through Law, and the other is a Cultural & Descendent Definition that can never be Changed, as you cannot change where you were Born and your Cultural Descent. So a British Passport does not define a person's Cultural Nationality only their Legal Citizenship. For Example if Scotland gain Independence from London Control they will call themselves Scottish and Not British the Label that London has Imposed on them as your Citizenship can Change but your Cultural Nationality so where you were Born (which is the Definition of a person's Birth Nation and therefore Nationality) Cannot. The same Scenario with the Republic of Ireland before their independence in 1922 they were British Citizens because that is what London had Labelled them, however after their independence they had Autonomy to Define the terms of their own Citizenship and Identity. Actually the name 'Wales' is Old English for 'Foreigners' or 'Outsiders' a name given to Wales by England (Anglo-Saxons), the Welsh call themselves 'Cymry' meaning 'Fellow Countrymen or Compatriot' in Welsh, as another Example of being Labelled by London. Most Welsh people are Unaware of the Origins of their Name because Wales has No Independent Media it is Centralised into London who would obviously like to keep this out of Public Knowledge, for Obvious Reasons, because if the Majority of Welsh People were aware of this they would be Shocked if it comes into Wider Welsh Consciousness. Indeed, for London to simply put out Union Flags and Play the UK National Anthem is Ridiculous, because the UK National Anthem is England's Anthem (Wales & Scotland have their Own Recognised Anthems) and Offends the Scots because in the Second Verse it Mentions Crushing them, and the Union Flags Offend the Welsh because they are Not Represented on the Union Flag, Deleted Out.

To Confirm, UK Sovereignty is Controlled in London, although Owned by all UK Nations and People, so the Celtic Nations are Not 'Sovereignless Nations', they have an Equal Share of UK Sovereignty with England as their is No Hierarchy of Sovereignty Regardless of Size or Population of a Country or Nation in any Union that makes up a Sovereign State such as the UK, as all the UK Nation's Separate Sovereignties (Independence) have been Pooled into One, giving Each Nation an Equal Share of the Overall UK Sovereignty and Power. The Evidence of Ownership of their Share of UK Sovereignty is that if a Celtic Nation Gained Independence their Pooled Sovereignty would Automatically come straight back to them. Just because a Celtic Nation's Independent Sovereignty is Pooled into Four Nations Sovereignty does Not mean that they lose that Sovereignty, it is simply Transferred into a Four Nation Structure. However, London trying to say that the UK is One Country and Nation tries to take that Celtic Sovereignty away as it then suggests that there are No Individual Nations within the UK as a Whole, and if there are No Individual Nations then there is No Individually Pooled Sovereignty, with an Easily Evidenced Political Annexation of the Celtic Nations Transferred Sovereignty by London as then because England have Superior Numbers in the UK Parliament this Essentially makes the Independent UK Sovereignty England's as they Control it with their 533 MPs in London. To Clarify further, England is not an independent sovereign nation it gave up its sovereignty to be part of the UK, conversely the Celtic nations are also not independent sovereign nations because they had their sovereignty assimilated into the UK Sovereign State, which means that all UK Nations Share the Sovereignty of the UK Sovereign State, it is Not only England's, it is Owned by all the People's of the UK Not just the English (a Social Contract). However, UK Sovereignty although Not Owned by England is Controlled by England using their 533 English MPs out of 650 in the UK (English) Parliament, with the English MPs Historical overwhelming numbers in the UK (English) Parliament over the Centuries also controlling Britain's Foreign policy such as the British Empire for Example. In Practice an English UK Parliament (although Politically Labelled a UK Parliament) because it is set up in such a way by London that any Celtic nations MPs are vastly outnumbered making them largely Irrelevant, as the UK Parliament is ruled by a Majority Vote, and if the Majority are overwhelmingly English then by Definition will Favour England's Interests, and can only be an English Decision on so called UK or British Wide Policy, strategically placing UK Sovereignty always in the Control of England and London. UK Sovereignty is owned by all the People's of the UK not just the English (a Social Contract, Thomas Hobbes 1651) the opposite to a singular Monarch directly ruling.To Clarify, the Queen of England is Not Sovereign as the Monarchy does not have Supreme Power, the Oxford English Dictionary Definition of Sovereign - a supreme ruler, especially a monarch. As UK Sovereignty is the People's Sovereignty of all UK Nations (the UK Sovereign State with all Sovereignty of Each UK Nation Considered the Same Worth) Not just the English People's Sovereignty as the Celtic nations cannot help the fact that their populations are significantly smaller than that of England's, they should not be Excluded from some Control of their Own UK Sovereignty in the UK Parliament by something they cannot do anything about. However, a UK Nations Veto Vote could bring some Sovereignty Control back to the Celtic Nations. You cannot call yourself a Democracy for all, or a United Kingdom, if you rig the democratic system in your Nations Favour, which is by definition English Nationalism, the opposite of Unionism, and is a Coercive Measure. The so called "British Empire" for Example, although Obviously an English Empire, but using the term British to Dilute London's Control and spread any shame across the Celtic nations as well, althoughNation is Different to Citizen. Indeed, even back then from 1707 the Nations on the Island of Britain were Controlled Directly from London England through their Overwhelming English MPs, as Scotland was, in the new united parliament (Act of Union 1707) only to get 45 MPs, just one more than the English region of Cornwall, there were 27 Welsh MPs after Welsh Judicial Annexation in 1542 (some say 12 but either way the same effect of nuliffying Wales is still served in a Majority vote system where essentially it was Pointless them being there but for Token reasons), with 513 English MPs in a Majority Vote System (1801 Ireland were forced into the UK Parliament and given 100 MPs most of which were Protestant so Favoured England). Does all this English Favouritism and Control sound Familiar 300 years on to the present Day, even the number imbalance of English MPs are roughly the Same?!... So how would it be Possible for any Celtic Nation on the Island of Britain to have any Meaningful say over UK, or British Foreign Policy, including Historical Slavery, and the so called British Empire, Obviously Both Controlled by London England with their vast amount of MPs, Then as Now??? Coercive control refers to a pattern of controlling behaviours that create an unequal power dynamic in a relationship. These behaviours give the perpetrator power over their partner, whilst also making it difficult for them to leave. 

This is not to say that British or Britishness Cannot be a unifying term on the Geographic Island of Britain. However  Currently the term "British" is Defined by London through the Oxford English Dictionary, as, "British", 'relating to Great Britain or the United Kingdom, or to its people or language', as British is clearly referred to, overall, in the singular and not the plural, suggesting One people, Ethnicity, Nationality, and Language, and obviously there is also more than the one Language of English in the Nations of the UK. So it Needs to be Defined as "British", 'A political term for the people inhabiting the island of Great Britain or the United Kingdom, within four distinct cultural nationalities and countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland', to recognise all the people's genuine Nationalities on the Island of Britain and the wider UK, even though Northern Ireland are Irish both Geographically and Culturally, but Politically British Citizens, again highlighting the complexities of Coercing already fully formed Nations and Cultures (the Irish) into one Homogenous Group (British). As with this new firm Definition of Britishness you can still then be British, and English or Scottish or Welsh, and Not have to Replace your Nationality with the made up Nationality of British, because Britain as One Nation Obviously does Not Physically Exist! The recognised defined Nations on the Island of Britain are England, Scotland and Wales, you cannot then just simply invent another wider Nation made up of three already existing internationally recognised Nations on the Same Landmass, otherwise those recognised Nations then just become regions of the so called wider Nation, Not simply a Sovereign Political Union State of Nations called the UK, if you want to identify a person (or Event) on the Island of Britain by Nationality or Country just simply call them by their UK Nationality, English, Scottish or Welsh, all inhabiting the Island called Britain!! Although this will Isolate England which may lead to specific accountability on certain subjects such as Colonialism and Slavery. As Britishness is currently just an Empty Political term Unilaterally thrust onto the Celtic Nations on the Island of Britain by London, who Control the Mainstream UK Media and Law (through their 533 MPs) and therefore Narrative, so it cannot be Challenged, to try to Incorporate the Celtic Nations Psychologically and Legally into the English Empire (obviously London also make UK Law in the so called UK parliament). An English Empire, although much reduced, that still clearly exists to this day, as London England Still Control the Celtic Nations and some other overseas Territories. The term British Empire was the Label London put on the Nations of the Island of Britain they had no choice much like the term Common Wealth the Label London put on their other Colonised and Subdued Territories again they also had no choice. This is Not Divisive, it is just Fact, you Cannot just Erase a Person's Intrinsic Cultural and Historical UK Nationality, and even Ethnicity (Celtic), and Replace it with a made up 'Phantom Nationality' (to Clarify, 'British Citizen', referred to as Nationality by London, the 'Nationality and Borders Bill 2021', instead of the 'Citizenship and Borders Bill 2021', for Example, is a UK Political & Legal Construct and is set in London with its 533 English MPs, and a person's actual 'Nationality' regards Language, Descent, History  & Culture etc, are Two Totally Different Meanings & Concepts) with a Vague Homogenous Definition of that so called Nationality, of London's Choosing (British), to try to give the false impression of One Homogenous Nation, Country and even Ethnicity, all speaking just the One indigenous Language of English, with a Pretend Equal power to make choices at UK wide level, with very Limited Token Celtic MPs? As without a Definition of Britshness that Identifies and Acknowledges the Celtic Nations the term British becomes an 'Hegemony' term, which is to say, leadership or dominance especially by one state or social group over another, who get to decide Unilaterally what Britshness means, which usually implies just English, as they account for 85% of the people living on the Island of Britain, and Control UK Sovereignty with their 533 MPs. Indeed, if you Define British as just One Homogenous Group to the International Community then how can International, or even Domestic Laws, that protect Racial, Ethnic and National rights apply to the Celtic Nations if they are Not Defined as actual Nations in their own right, but just as one Homogenous Cultural group called BritishDiscrimination Based on Nationality (Welsh) or Ethnicity (Celtic) is covered in the UK Equality Act 2010, and International Laws, but the London UK Government try to Bypass Discussing Racism with the UK Nations (Based on Ethnicity and Nationality) with the London Government’s Preferred Style for Writing about Ethnicity by saying that all Ethnicity is considered apart from within so called 'White British' (British is Not a Nationality it is a Political Citizenship, Not a Cultural Nationality), so trying to Delete any Difference between Celtic and Anglo-Saxon Ethnicity, a Clear Attempt to try to Hide Majority Anglo-Saxon Racism and Racial Discrimination within the UK by the London UK Government, because if there is No Different Ethnicity or Nationality between the UK Nations, as London try to Imply, then any Racial Slander or Discrimination Cannot Exist, London can then just call any Racism just Internal UK Banter, but Not against any International or UK Laws, of course just because London say this to suit their Political Aims (Homogenise the UK to prevent Difference then possible Independence from the Different UK Nations keeping London in Control of the UK as a Whole) does Not make it so (see Writing about Ethnicity- GOV.UK, for Example).

Even though Wales has always been a country in its own right, Wales was officially recognised as a country in December 2011 by the influential International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), and as a Nation is defined by the UN as a cultural unit of a collection of people with a shared values, ethnicity, history, language etc, Wales fits this criteria. So Wales is also a Nation, as further Evidenced by their Internationally Recognised National Sporting Teams, for Example. So either London's Unilateral Definition of Britishness, and therefore by implication Britain, as One Nation and Country is wrong (Sovereignty Controlled in London, although Owned by all UK Nations, makes the UK as a whole a Sovereign State in Political terms made up of its Constituent Parts, Not a Country or Nation with just one Ethnicity, Culture, History or Language) or the rest of the World and International community are wrong in saying that Wales is a Distinct Country and Nation Supported by all the Evidence, with a Shared UK Sovereignty. As you Cannot be an Internationally Recognised Country and Nation with Territorial Borders, and then when London say so, you are Suddenly Not a Country or Nation with Territorial Borders, with then the UK being the Only Country or Nation with a Territorial Border, Ironically Using the Outside Border of Each Constituent UK Nation to make that claim, but both Coexisting at the Same Time? As London will say the term Country or Nation to mean the UK or just England as and when it suits their Narrative. 'Levelling up the Country' for Example they mean England but can Imply the UK, or 'in the Countries Interests', again they mean England but again can Imply the UK? So it is Difficult to Pin London Politicians  Down as to who is getting Levelled Up or which Country's Interests are being best served, in a Sovereign State consisting of Four Recognised Territorial Countries, especially when it is said so Fluidly within a sentence, you can almost miss it, indeed most do, but it is a Crucial Detail, particularly if you happen to be a Celtic Nation. Yet London only have the Power to Erase Historical UK Borders because of their Imposed System in the UK (English) Parliament that Favours England with their 533 English MPs. 

To Clarify, Wales was a Nation and Country with its own Government before it was Officially Fully Annexed by London (Owain Glyndwr for Example in the early 15th Century) in the 'Unilateral', Unilateral being the Key Word so no consultation with the Welsh people first, Laws of Wales Act 1536 &1542by Henry VIII, even though he was Tudor had no affiliation to Wales, his Father just happened to be born in Wales in a English Castle (Pembroke) Controlled & Fortified in Wales to suppress the Welsh (with Wales Initially Fully Conquered in the '13th Century' by Edward Longshanks Defeating the last Prince (King) of Wales 'Llewellyn the Last', also the Royal Tudor name then became an English Vassal after Conquest, the Welsh people then had to speak English as it was the Language of Power) although London have been calling this the '1536 Act of Union' to try to Imply Consent and not Annexation, as if the Welsh people were in a position to Disagree! Indeed, If London try to say that this Act was Repealed then so should the Annexation it caused also be Repealed (Click for Link), this would be Similar to Repealing the Act of Union (1707) but still keeping hold of Scotland (Repeal - to Revoke or Annul).To Confirm, Unilateral Annexation without Specific Consent (either initially taken by Force or without Democratic Consent in Modern times) is Stealing, whether you Steal a loaf of bread, someone's Land, or even someone's Country it is still Stealing, which has always been illegal, Then as Now. Even in Hawaii Annexed before the UN laws on Annexation, the 1993 Apology Resolution by the U.S. Congress concedes that "the overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii occurred with the active participation of agents and citizens of the United States and [...] the Native Hawaiian people never directly relinquished to the United States their claims to their inherent sovereignty as a people over their national lands, either through the Kingdom of Hawaii or through a plebiscite or referendum". To further Clarify, Wales has always been a Nation and Country, that was Conquered through Threat and Force, and also Not just a State, Province or Region, with an Historic Distinct English and Welsh border, Offa's Dyke built in 785 AD Defining the Two Nations Territorial Boundaries, with Hadrian's Wall to the North Defining Scotland from England. To Clarify, Lords of Welsh Counties were English (or Vassals) as England had Conquered Wales, so were then Inherited Vassals of London (along with the 'Tudor' Name), Lord Powys for Example also known as Clive of India born in Shropshire England.

Indeed, London are now trying to use many words other than the Legally Loaded word of Annexation when it comes to Welsh Annexation such as the word "Incorporation" (the inclusion of something as part of a whole), but this does not mention Consent, if I Unilaterally incorporate something as my own by Force, or Coercion (England had already Conquered Wales), or by any other means, I must first have the permission of the owner, otherwise it is stealing, and incidentally, when Russia Annexed the Crimea (2014) I did not hear London mentioning the word "Incorporation", only the Legal Charter term of "Annexation". Although the Crimea is just a Region of the Wider Ukraine Nation so any Annexation Needs to be Voted for by the Whole of the Ukrainian Nation's people by UN Law, which does Not apply to Wales inside the UK as an Internationally Recognised Nation (such as Scotland for Example) but still Wales has never been allowed a Referendum by London and its been almost 500 years now. How can you Unilaterally say the term "British", as one Homogenous group of people, without even any Democratic Consent from all the Nations within that so called term, that's like me stealing your car and then calling it mine, and when asked for permission to have the car, I say, 'I was given it as a gift by the owner', then in the absence of being able to provide any official Consent, when asked for any specific permission again from the owner, I say, 'well I've been driving it for years now so it must be mine'!! Obviously London would like to minimise Nationhood in the UK with the idea that, the very concept of Nations might be rejected as a quaint but divisive historical legacy (as London England have Control of UK Sovereignty through their 533 MPs) but try telling that to every other Independent Nation on the Planet!...

Obviously Wales has No Independent Media so Cannot Voice an Unimpeded Opinion so would appear Silent, although the Resistance to English (London) attack, and Numerous Uprisings by the Welsh to English Domination since being Conquered (13th century) and Officially Annexed (16th century), Demonstrations in Prince Charles investiture in 1969, and the ongoing calls for independence, or at least a Referendum of Consent, by Plaid Cymru and Yes Cymru, along with many recent opinion polls, as some Examples, breaks that apparent media imposed silence. And of course the Two Main Political Parties in Wales are Both London Parties, backed up by the London Media, a System in Wales Created by London. Yet even Wales and Scotland as fellow Celtic Nations would not have the Brass Neck to run for Election in each others Country, as it would be seen as stepping on each others toes, and interfering with their internal Politics. Such a Tangled Web that has been Woven, but always to the Advantage of London, although a UK Nations Veto Vote Specific to the UK could Untangle this Particular Web, and even save the Union. 

As British often refers to, or implies English, but can then be used by London to also imply the whole of the Island of Britain, as well as even then the UK, which is where the innate Confusion occurs. As London seem to want Britishness to mean many things, depending on their narrative or objective at the time, for Example, the English National Football Team as a so called British team, but then Great Britain as a National Team in the Olympics also then as a so called British team, as Confusing Examples, both Orchestrated from London, as you Cannot Actively Represent Two Nationalities at the Same Time (to Clarify, London unilaterally created the English FA in 1863, so by definition the other Celtic nations had to then form their own football associations after that, and obviously with the Olympics London wanted more medal prospects to represent a Britain (England) on the world stage, going against Larger nations on the medal table, so then Unilaterally incorporated the Celtic Nations as well, who could attend the Olympics as Nations in their own right). As London do have the Power to Set a Firm Definition of Britishness, Acknowledging the separate internationally recognised Nationalities within the term Britshness, if they so wish. 

Another Example of the confusion of the term Britishness and by association Britain (even though we know that Britain means just the Geographic Island of Britain) due to a lack of a Defined Definition of Britishness is the current term of 'Levelling up the Country', which Country do London mean? Considering that London control the whole of the UK's purse strings and gets to decide where money is spent or not, so will tend to prioritise England's NEEDS over any other UK Nation, as Demonstrated with the Underdevelopment of Wales and Scotland, to clarify Barnett Consequentials only provide a small Fraction of any money required, and are not based on Celtic Nations NEED. Do London mean just England, North and South (for Example HS2 connecting South to North of England at a cost of £107 Billion so far)? Or is it the other creation from London of Britain as a so called Country? Or even then the extended term of the UK, also as a so called Country, involving Northern Ireland, which Country or Countries is meant to be Levelled Up?... But as the 'Country' could mean many things by London's loose Definition of Britishness, then the term "British" can be permanently left open to manipulation from London, through their 'Politician's and Media', by constantly playing within the grey area's created through such a vague Oxford English Dictionary Definition (considered the Authority on the English Language), of the term British, or Britishness. As London cannot say "Britain" or "British" but then only seriously Develop England, who are already the most Developed Nation in the UK! Moreover, when it is time for accountability for London's Decisions as the Controller of the UK, London can then use the term British or Britain to Hide from responsibility by trying to Hide in the Collective using the We instead of theMe, British Empire for Example, even though it was Clearly Created and Directed from London England. 

​However, notice how quickly London Focus on the Celtic Nations Specific Nationality when they try to undermine their Confidence to challenge the Status Quo, and keep them in their place, by specifically implying that only Welsh people as a Nationality engage in Bestiality, and only Irish people as a Nationality are Stupid, along with only Scottish people as a Nationality as Dour, Miserable Alcoholics, but yet again No set Repeated Recognised slander term for England, or Britain, as Britain is deemed as primarily England by London. So for Example, using the term Britain as a one Homogenous group, or even Nation, to Hide London Orchestrated crimes such Colonialism and Slavery, suggesting it is the crime of Britain as a whole and not specifically England (London) who Specifically Created and Managed their Brand of Colonialism and Industrialised Slavery. But then become acutely aware of the Celtic NationsNationalities when it comes time to Demean or Manipulate the Celtic Nations to Bolster Anglo-Saxon Englishness, by then Identifying people outside of 'their own' deemed as a threat to their overall UK power, favour and Influence, such as for Example being acutely aware of making sure that there are 533 English MP's in the UK (English) Parliament with only 117 MP's from the other three individual Celtic Nations, Clearly based on UK Nationality. I am pretty sure that England did not have 533 MP's in the UK Parliament by Accident, obviously by Design, and "Coincidently" who gets to decide the UK Parliament Structure and Design, London and England. So again acknowledging the individual Nations within the UK when it Benefits London, but ignoring them when it does Not. All of which are Easily Evidenced and Obvious. 

Don't get me wrong I do not expect London to all of a sudden introduce a Real Democracy in the UK, or Treat the Celtic Nations with Equality and Respect, or even Allow Wales and Scotland a Free Unimpeded Independent Mainstream Media, any time soon, if ever, why would they, when they have all the ongoing advantages? But what I do expect is that the international community will become increasingly aware of these subtle Blocks to Democracy and Free Speech of the Celtic Nations particularly on the island of Britain (such as the British Media Controlled from London & Only English Political Parties being UK Wide), and start applying pressure, as well as through Documentary makers or News coverage, from other countries, for Example, outside of the London Media UK control highlighting these obvious, if subtle and well hidden abuses, with for Example something as Easy to Evidence as Wales Never being allowed an Independence Referendum on their Own Self-Determination, and London blocking a second Independence Referendum for Scotland now called for by the Elected Scottish government because of the Material Change of Brexit (indeed, how can you have a Fair Referendum in the First Place if your Opponent, in London, Owns all the Mainstream Media?!) making a so called "Britain" quite Obviously a Forced Coalition of NationsWithout Democratic Consent from Allthe Nations that make up the term Great Britain, or Britain, with England (London) Blocking any Democratic Avenue to Exit that Coalition through their 533 English MPs. 

Obviously the other Nations of the UK Cannot also Vote in a UK Nation Referendum on their Own Self-Determination as they are all Internationally Recognised Nations (even before London Coercion or Conquest) with Different Cultural and Historical Backgrounds and Languages, and indeed England are a separate Ethnicity to the Celtic Nations, and may come with a Natural Bias as they Formed the UK for Political Gain in the First place (like asking Turkeys to Vote for Christmas, as London (England) will Lose Political Control over any Independent Celtic Nation).   

To Clarify, where you were Born Decides your Nationality, and in Great Britain you would be Born in one of three recognised Nations, meaning your base ethnicity would be either Celtic or Anglo-Saxon, ethnicity beyond that would be your Ancestry or Heritage. The word nationality refers to where you are born—a place of birth—whereas citizenship is granted by a government of a country when certain legal requirements are met. In many ways, citizenship can be seen as a political status because it indicates which country recognizes you as a citizen, even though Britain is not a country, just the Island that the three recognised countries of England, Scotland and Wales inhabit, although London have autonomy to make their own legal definitions even though, when regarding Nationality, they are clearly not based in Fact, as Nationality is Cultural and Citizenship is Legal, based off Two Totally Different Criteria. England is not recognised as an independent country because its sovereignty is Pooled into the UK, the Celtic Nations are not recognised as independent countries because their sovereignty (independence) has been relocated into the UK but Controlled by London England, and by all accounts they will not let it go, even in a so called Democratic Society? So Why is there such determination from London to keep Control (using their 533 MPs) of the Celtic nations independence (sovereignty), well because the way they gained the independence of the Celtic Nations could never happen again due to international law, so when they lose it it will be lost for good, with no way of getting it back! 

What is Britishness’?.....

How can you Define a "Nation's" Characteristics of a "Nation" that does Not physically exist? Great Britain, also known simply as Britain, is a Geographic term to Identify and generally Locate the Countries and Nations of Scotland, Wales and England, situated on the same island called Britain, in Northern Europe, with different Cultures, Indigenous Languages, Histories, Ethnicities and Powerbases, to Clarify, Britain (or the UK) is NOT One Singular Country or Nation!! To Deny this Fact is to Deny the Nationhood, History, Culture, Language and Ethnicity of all the Nations and Countries on the Island of Britain, and also to Dilute the Identity and specific Culture of all the UK Nations, including to some extent England, although as British generally means English the kudos of owning the Celtic nations promotes their brand. However, it is possible to have strong different Cultural Identities, but still come together as a Consenting Union (of course this must Democratically Confirmed first), without the Fear from London that this might support Independence for the Celtic Nations, but coercing English Culture into a so called "British Culture" using London's Control of the British Media (which also makes the Democratic process Biased), means no firm Cultural Identity at all, only the Identity of England trying to maintain their Historical hold on their previously Conquered and/or Subdued Celtic Nations, apparently by any means necessary, which is there for all the World to see. In a World that has become significantly smaller due to New Technologies, but even this diminishes English Culture to some extent, although London own the the UK Media so there Culture can be allowed to Flourish. This 'any means necessary' approach from London, Evidenced by Historically preventing any form of Independence Vote for Wales, and blocking a second Independence referendum for Scotland, even though there has been a 'Material Change in Circumstances' with Brexit, a Power afforded to London, by London, due to England still controlling UK Sovereignty, from Centuries ago, with their 533 English MP's in the UK (English) Parliament, over the Vastly Outnumbered Minority Celtic Nations, created by London in 1707 with Scotland having 45 MPs and England having 513 MPs in a Majority Vote System (Wales had 12 MPs at the time), so the UK Parliament Rigged from the Beginning by London the Controlling Force, as easily Evidenced examples of the ongoing Denial of Democratic Consent or Equality by London, on the Island of Britain.       

'Britishness is a state or quality of being British, of embodying British Characteristics' (Oxford Dictionary, first line of Wikipedia). But unless you can Define the term 'British' (which just saying the term 'British' does not do), how can you then embody the 'Characteristics' of being 'British' as a people, with Three different Nations on the Island of Britain? Particularly as a Culture(that Defines Characteristics) is Defined by its Arts, Literature and Media, avenues Celtic people have little or no access to in the UK (predominantly influenced by England, the main central Political, Media and Social UK Power). The Oxford English Dictionary Definition of 'Culture', 'the Arts and other Manifestations of Human Intellectual Achievement Regarded Collectively', as Culture and History Defines a Nation's 'Social Attitude', but on the Island of Britain the Focus is mainly specifically on the Culture of England, and not as the Collective of Nations that Occupy the Island of Britain. To Clarify, the term 'Britain' has never been democratically voted as a Brand name for the countries on the Island of Britain, just imposed on them by London.  The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a sovereign state, with Sovereignty based in London, composed of four constituent countries that extends its sovereignty over a number of associated territories. Strictly speaking, a country is not necessarily the same thing as a sovereign state, they are academically Distinct from each other, as opposed to being used as Generalised and Interchangeable terms, a Confusion perpetuated from London, as some sovereign states (including the UK) that maybe defined as countries are actually subdivisions of a sovereign “composite kingdom", the Kingdom of the United Kingdom. To Clarify, The Montevideo Convention has four defining characteristics of a Country, although, anomalies are abound. However, it would unreasonable for London to use this 1930's convention (became Operative in December 1934), used for the America's (& Ironically includes a Good Neighbour Policy), to possibly call the UK or Britain a Country, as the Formation of the UK and Britain Vastly Predates this Convention. Indeed, the way Wales was Militarily Conquered and Remains without any Democratic Self-Determination would go against current UN Legislation anyway.

Many people living in England predominantly say they are proud to be British, and (or) like being Connected to the Celtic nations, but without any Definition of what 'Britishness' as a Characteristic actually is, as "British" is a Vague Nebulous Geographic term, not a Cultural Characteristic or Nationality Identifier, as British does not exist as one Homogenous group of Peoples, how can you buy into an Identity if that so called collective identity does not exist as one people, you can buy into a collective identity as three distinct nations, cultures, histories and languages, but not as one homogenous group of people projected onto you, as if the UK nations histories, nationalities, race, ethnicities and languages never even existed? Moreover, contrary to London insistence and even law makers in the UK (English) Parliament making Wales and Scotland fly a Union Jack Flag at their parliaments (2021), you cannot unify around the Union Jack as it does not represent a Nation it just represents the geographic island of Britain, and Wales do not have any representation on the Union Flag any way, it is just a London invention, representing a Nation that does Not Exist, with no consent or agreement from Welsh or Scottish people, or even the English people as a whole. This is not to say that there cannot be a Unifying of the separate Nations on the Island of Britain, but it will involve being fair from London, not just 'Simplistic Gimmicks' like flying a National Flag that No UK Nation Fully Recognises as they already have their Own Individual Nation's Flags. To Clarify, when I say the term Britain it is an invention from London, this is to say that the Roman term for Britain when they arrived was Britannia, this name then used by London to promote a mythical Nation and Country, mythical in that it does Not Exist, I have looked every where on the island of Britain and I still cannot find the Country or Nation of Britain any where, I can only find the three Nations and Countries that occupy the Island of Great Britain. To further Clarify, the term UK is a 'Political Term' due to Sovereignty being Controlled in London after the three Kingdom Wars by Oliver Cromwell, just before the Act of Union was created by London in 1707, making the UK a Shared Sovereign State which is described as, 'A sovereign state is a political entity that is represented by one centralized government that has sovereignty over a geographic area', although England does not Own UK Sovereignty it does Control it from London with its 533 English MPs in the UK (English) Parliament, it does not describe a Singular Nation or Country, control of Sovereignty and Nationality have totally separate Dictionary meanings, why, because they do not mean the same thing!? As it is possible to be proud of our own UK Nation and be proud of the collective as well, but saying Britain as just One Nation, appears to be an an attempt to Delete out UK Nations Identity, but primarily the Minority Celtic Nations, because Britain can also mean specifically England as they are the dominant and largest Nation in the UK. As Unity is about Acknowledging, Embracing and Celebrating the Differences within the UK Nations, be they Nationality, History, Culture or Ethnicity, Not trying to Pretend that they do not Exist!

As there is No Precise Definition of Britishness, it can be used interchangeably by London to fit their narrative as and when. This is why the term British needs a 'Precise Definition' that is Unambiguous which incorporates and acknowledges all 3 nations as recognised countries with different cultures, histories and languages, but located on the same Island, to provide clarity, so as not to continue the Confusion. Britishness is currently  defined by London as mainly, 'the quality of being British or of having characteristics regarded as typically British', which is a non-statement, as what are the Characteristics of being British, within 3 Separate Nations and Countries, with 3 Separate Histories, Cultures and Languages, with the Majority Oppressor's Characteristics and History being Totally Different to the Minority Oppressed. The current Oxford Dictionary Definition of "British" is, 'relating to Great Britain or the United Kingdom, or to its people or language', instead of saying People's or Language's, the Plural, again Suggesting one people and only one language, within one culture and history, not even mentioning the individual UK Nations, deleting out Nationhood and trying to replace it with one British Nationality as a whole, again trying to define British as one Homogenous group, and not just a general term used to locate the people inhabiting the Island of Britain, the same as the terms European or Scandinavian that locates a group of people Geographically, but at least these terms do not try to define themselves a Nationality or as one Country. Imagine how insulted the European's or Scandinavian's would be if a central authority autonomously tried to call them one homogenous group of European's or Scandinavian's as one Nation and Nationality, rather than their individual Nationalities or Country, essentially trying to delete out their Historical National Identities, and replace them with a generic collective term. As Nationhood does not need sovereignty, it is the Common Cultural, Historical and Language bond within a set Territory, as Great Britain Defines the Island that the people of the Three Nations of Britain Inhabit, but "Britishness" tries to Define these People as one Nationality, Culture, Language and History inside one Nation. 

Perhaps Britishness could be Clarified and Defined as, 'British', 'the people inhabiting the island of Great Britain, within three separate nationalities and countries: England, Scotland and Wales' (UK is the term used to also include Northern Ireland). Meaning that even Ex-pats from other countries (commonly referred to as Immigrants by the British Media) can be defined as British, due to residency for example, but within the 3 Nationalities and Countries present on the Island of Britain, this Definition would also be valid if any of the "British" Nations gained Independence, and even if you are English, Scottish or Welsh you can buy into Britishness without Sacrificing your own Nationality, Country or Identity. So, with this new Realistic Definition of 'Britishness' it can be bought into as a Collective Term, if required,  that is Tangible and Evidenced, as opposed to the current Non-tangible term of "British" as One People and Nation that Conflicts with people's already established UK Nationality. So this Definition is working along side the UK Nationalities rather than trying to Replace of Compete with them, providing a Solid Unambiguous Meaninof British within its Own Free Unchallenged Space as the Collective term of the people Inhabiting the Island of Britain, the Islander's

A Precise Definition of the term "British" Ensures that it Cannot be used to Mean or Imply Different things depending on Different scenarios, or the person(s) speaking, taking away any Grey Areas and the Opportunity for Misinterpretation or Confusion within those Grey Areas, which provides a Firm Solid Foundation, that allows the Identities of the three Nations Inhabiting the Island of Great Britain (obviously always mean Great Britain when I say Britain for the Pedantic out there) to Develop and Flourish Unimpeded. This does not mean that then they will see themselves as "Suddenly" Different and then want Independence from each other, as by Definition we are intrinsically Different anyway (Nationality, History, Culture and Language etc), we know and Accept this as a given, it just means that all the Nations on the Island of Britain are being Valued, and when you're being Valued within a Union it is kind of Difficult to argue against the Union? As it is Easily Evidenced that Britain is Not a Nation so it Cannot therefore be a Nationality, and you Cannot have 'Countries within a Country', as that would make them simply Regions of the so called wider Country. Just because it benefits London to use the term "British" to mean the Nationality or Country of the people living on the Island of Britain, as a result of their Rabid Insecurity of Separation or Independence, does not make it so. It's like in any Relationship, if you try to keep hold of someone through nefarious or underhand means they will naturally push away from you, but if you are relaxed and calm within the relationship, allowing your partner to Express themselves and be Valued for who they are, the Relationship is then more likely to Succeed. Indeed, when you try to Stifle a person's Nationality they become even more Nationalistic with the push back, as opposed to Embracing the Different Nationalities that then makes them feel Validated and Acknowledged, and not under Threat, so does not then need Defending or even Highlighting, therefore ironically achieving the same aim that London desires, but without the Manipulation, Cute Word Play or Social Engineering, that can Ultimately be easily Evidenced, and then adds more fuel to the Nationalistic fire. Particularly in these modern times with the Internet where information can be quickly verified, so the London Media does not have the UK in a Bubble anymore, as the World can now look in. Almost like an Abusive and Coercive Relationship being Exposed, the Abuser will always try to Deflect and keep things Secret but once it is Exposed and open to scrutiny there are Consequences, as you can't then put the Genie back in the Bottle, and carry on as Normal.

In stating that the term UK or Britain is not a Country or Nation is not about Division, it is about saying to London to 'Acknowledge and Embrace' the Different UK Nations, their Cultures, Celtic Ethnicity and Uniqueness, to openly Celebrate them UK Wide, which will Create a kinship between UK Nations, as opposed to London Constantly trying to Erase UK Nationhood by Spinning the terms Britain and the UK as one Homogenous Country or Nation, effectively trying to Delete out the UK Nations Nationhood, Histories, Ethnicity and Identity, and Replace it with Shallow Meaningless Collective Phrases that have No Substance or even Based in Reality, the Irony is that in Acknowledging and Celebrating the Differences in UK Nations, this will then Create a Substantive Solid Definition of a Britain, or the UK, as Four Strong Vibrant Nations all Valued and Respected as One Collective, not just as England and the others, a left over Legacy from the Past, as the UK is only as strong as its weakest link. As by 'Forcing Out' the UK Nations Identity, you Create Animosity towards London, but also Dilute and become Embarrassed to Celebrate, Openly Discuss and Embrace what it is to be English. I understand that you make decisions based on Fear that if the UK Celtic Nations are allowed to openly develop and explore separate Identities, and sense of self as confident Nations and Countries without being Mocked or Coerced, you feel that they may want independence, if left Unimpeded, as they may see themselves as more and more different to England, and you are hesitant to discuss Englishness for Fear of that being different to the Celtic Nations, and unearthing some Truths you would rather not acknowledge, but in any relationship that is how you move on, as the truth is that Hiding, Coercing and Pretending, when the internet means we all know the Truth anyway, is a destructive force in any relationship, as all relationships have to be based on Honesty, Warts and All. Indeed, the added Irony is that it is that Fear of losing the Celtic Nations that will result in London losing the Celtic Nations, as that further Ongoing Inherited Colonial Mindset from London, that the whole UK structure is built on, which then also provides that added Fear of losing Control, may just be 'Too Strong' for them to make the Necessary Modern Fundamental and Wholesale Changes Needed to save the Union. 

​To Clarify, where you were Born Decides your Nationality, and in Great Britain you would be Born in one of three Nations, ethnicity beyond that would be your Ancestry or Heritage, citizenship is the UK is imposed by London to mean the political term of the people on the Island of Britain, but not their Nationalities. Just because London unilaterally bring out the British Nationality Act 1981 for example, does not make it so, particularly when regarding passports as apparent evidence of a singular British Nationality. As Britain, therefore British, is not a Nationality, it is just the people living on the Island of Britain, with the British Passport just evidence that London have power and control through historical Sovereignty to implement such Acts, and impose a citizenship, and Not that British is a Nationality, or Britain is a Country, or even because the Olympics have a GB team, which is only because of London's previous influence, in the early beginnings of the modern Olympic movement, to try to enhance their associated Medal tally on the world stage against much larger Nations, China and the USA for example. Just because London unilaterally persist in saying it is with Words, does not make it so, Facts regarding a person's Nationality do not change just because you keep on repeating a different narrative. This is not Divisive it is just Fact, you Cannot just Erase a person's Nationality.

People may have many ideas or views of what Britishness means to them, this is because Britain does not exist as a solid fact, it is an idea, a vague theory, used by London to incorporate Wales and Scotland, some may say Culturally Annex, into England under one term Autonomously created and developed from London without the input of Wales or Scotland, as a Political invention, it has no substance, it has no form, almost like a projected Hologram, that is constantly projected as real and tangible, but under closer examination is easily found to be obviously non-existent within a Cultural, Country, Racial, Historical and National context, regardless of the 'Self-Determined' ineterpretations and reinterpretations from London, depending on what ever may fit their narrative at the time. As a result of Britishness having no definition it can be manipulated to suit London's narrative, to either mean 'England only' or 'England and the Celtic Nations' depending on the context of the conversation, but of course it has no precise Definition because you cannot Define something that does not Exist. Indeed, you Cannot have a 'British Nationalism' as Britain does Not physically Exist as a 'Nation' (or Country), or even as One Ethnicity, an Elementary School Child could point out this Obvious Fact, you must First have a Nation to be Nationalistic about, or an Actual Definitive Country to be 'Patriotic' Towards, unless of course London assume (or would Like) that all the Nations on the Geographical Island of Britain, the 'Island Landmass' (and the UK) are just the One Nation of England, as a way of expanding their land and people by simply using repeated 'Phraseology' and Wordplay, which seems pretty self-evident judging by the Language and Phrasing of the London Media and Politicians (saying this country, not countries, when referring to the UK or Britain for example). If many English people are saying "British" in terms of Geography, then their immediate Geography would be their situation in England (or Wales & Scotland), their Nation, which would also describe their direct Anglo-Saxon ethnicity, nationality, country, history and heritage? British cannot be a National Identity as Britain (or the UK) does Not Exist as a singular Nation(or Country), or as any Nation, regardless of the Historical and Constant 'Rebranding' effort from London to try to assimilate the Celtic Nations into their territory (apparently trying to make already Recognised International Countries and Nations just regions of England, you Cannot just Over Rule some else's Historical Nation and Country 'Status' by Rebranding them as a Whole, to Create another 'Country or Nation' called Great Britain, which Describes the Island 'Land Mass', but does Not Physically Exist as a Singular Nation, Race or Country), Controlled from London (Cultural Annexation). Why dilute your own specific Nationality with Different Celtic National Identities, Ethnicities, and Histories, unless the English are proud to be associated with the Overall good name of the Celtic nations as a Whole, but also want to distance themselves from their own English history, which would involve Colonialism and Empire directed from London, the Sovereign Power Base of the UK, the same Colonialism and Empire that has Subjugated the Celtic Nations? When an English person says British they seem to want to be the 'Historical Oppressor and the Oppressed at the Same Time' (the Powerful Vast Majority Group Manipulating the term British to their Best Advantage), saying Britishness Deletes out Centuries of ongoing Minority Celtic pain, specifically undertaken on the basis of their Celticness?

The term British as One Nation or Country is a Unilateral London Construct. WHY? Well it seems for three main reasons, the term British hides a multitude of London and therefore English sins, such as colonialism and the conquering and subjugation of the minority Celtic nations in the first place by the majority nation of England, then secondly, saying British as one homogenous group, nation and country, implies unity to some people in the UK and to the outside world, and the third reason is that if you delete out the Celtic nations nationality and ethnicity then there can be no abuse of these nations or ethnicities within domestic or international law, as they do not exist within London's Homogenous term of British. Currently the term "British" is Defined by London through their Oxford English Dictionary, as, "British", 'relating to Great Britain or the United Kingdom, or to its people or language'

Britishness, it is often suggested, is ultimately about shared values of tolerance, respect and fair play, a belief in freedom and democracy, but Colonialism and Subjugation of the Celtic Nations by London (which continues to this day) is the exact Opposite of these Characteristics, the Oppressor and the Oppressed would by Definition have Different Characteristics and Histories. To Clarify, the Oxford Dictionary Definition of 'Oppression' is, 'prolonged cruel or unjust treatment, or exercise of authority', the Cambridge Dictionary Definition of 'Oppression' is, 'a situation in which people are governed in an unfair and cruel way and prevented from having opportunities and freedom'. Although It does seem that London are very reluctant to Define Englishness as Defining Englishness as an Identity will then Define the other Celtic Nations Identities as something different, with different Histories (with the Commonality of all being Subjugated by England), meaning that England (London) cannot then Hide its past in the Homogeneous term of British. Britishness is not evolving or changing because there is no one nation that is Britain, the different UK nations may be changing and evolving in different ways, but not as one homogeneous group. This is why a firm modern definition of Britishness is required acknowledging all the Nations of the British isles Equally (including N.Ireland), but with Direct Contributions from all Celtic Nations as well, not just England or London (Using a Veto Vote to Decide the Final Definition), to prevent London from continuing to predominantly use the term British as a unilateral systemically enforced term by the majority powerful group (represented in London), as a method to Dilute or Hide any associated negative History, or even any current negativity, and provide the outward impression of a united front, even when there are no Celtic representatives in the room, due to London's overall Sovereignty, Brexit negotiations as an example. Moreover, so instead of the term "British" or "UK" this should be replaced with the term "London", when it refers to decisions made by London due to London's Sovereignty, a Sovereignty which allows London to make many decisions autonomous of the Celtic nations, particularly on the International Stage, to allow for accountability. So for example 'Britain's decision to cut the foreign aide budget', making London more accountable directly, which would mean a more thoughtful and cautious approach, and ultimately better decision making, if they know they will be directly held accountable, as opposed to diluting Blame or accountability for Sovereign decisions, that can only be made in London, by saying "British" or "UK", as the Celtic nations do not possess any Sovereignty.​​ It is Unreasonable to have the Power but then try to redirect the Responsibility.

This is Not to say that some sort of a Definition of 'Britishness' Cannot be Formed, but it will mean London and England opening up to allow Celtic Nations Arts, Media and Literature to come through UK Wide using the London Mainstream Media, to allow Britain then to Create a Cultural Commonality as a group of Consenting Equals (a Consenting Union of Nations), that can then Define us as "British", based on living on the Same Island (a Collective of Nations, and Not as One supposed Country or Nation), and not just predominantly as English. However, the problem of Historically Stealing other People's Lands Without Firm and Consistent Democratic Consent, that already have Defined Borders and Identities, is that those Borders, Identities and Ethnicities will always remain, the best you can do is just try to amalgamate without prejudice, equally, but in the end, England will always be England and Anglo-Saxon, and Wales and Scotland will always be Wales and Scotland, and Celtic, these things cannot be erased, there in lies the problem for London, and the more you try to Belittle and Coerce the Minority UK Celtic Nations, to keep them Underdeveloped, and Under the Control of London, based on their Nations borders, the more the Celtic people will see their National Identities as further Reinforced, but as Subjugated People. As there could only be a 'Britain' or 'British' with the Original Briton's (the Celts, before the Angles and Saxons Occupied the Bordered Land Mass of England in 500 AD, after the Romans had left), the Island that the Romans called'Britannia' when they first arrived in 55 BC, because there were No Internal Borders at that stage, the only Border was the Coast of the British Isles as a Whole, so everyone that lived on the Island of Britain at that time were British as there were No internal borders to differentiate, but gradually over time OFA'S DYKE (785 AD) and HADRIAN'S WALL (122 AD) appeared creating distinguishable Internal National Borders, then the British Isles became Three separate Nations and Countries, and then with the arrival of the 'Angles and Saxons' (Danes and Germans creating an Anglo-Saxon English Ethnicity, 'Engla Land' means 'Land of the Angles') became Two Different Ethnicities and Races on the Island of the British Isles. Moreover, to further suggest that 'Britishness' was then forged as part of conflicts such as World War one, and two, along with many other Conflicts, appears Nonsensical as the Celtic Nations had no 'Choice' but to fight for London, indeed, as Evidenced in the Second World War in 1939 where the Republic of Ireland had the 'Choice' to remain Neutral due to their Independence in 1922. As London appear to want to create the term "Britain" to mean England, and Not as a Collective of Comparable Nations, with the Nations of Wales and Scotland as just regions of England, which effectively seems to try to Delete out the Nationhood of Wales and Scotland, along with their Celtic Ethnicity and History? Indeed, it is Difficult for the UK to Relate to the Montevideo Convention 1933 on Statehood, because the Formation of the UK Predates this Convention. Meaning that the Convention Cannot Apply in its Entirety, especially the No employment of arms, threatening diplomatic representations, or in any other effective coercive measure bit, as this had already happened to Create the UK State (Annexation of Wales 1542, Alien Act 1705 Embargo on Scotland, as Examples).

'What is Britishness', has been a Question Widely Debated and as of Yet, it appears No Real Definition has been Able to be Put Forward to Adequately Define this Statement (Just a Generic version that could apply to most countries). It appears mainly because most Academics 'Copy', 'Critique' or 'Tweak' other People's Existing Work as they Usually Lack 'Creative Thinking Skills',Brexit (2016) as an Obvious Recent Example, as Brexit has Never Happened Before, it has 'Flummoxed' UK Government Academics, all they will do is look to Copy someone else that has done something similar (a Child could do that), even though those 'Someone Else's, are different countries, and would have Circumstances Unique to them ('Basic Geography', and Not having 'Four Nations within one Collective', for example), with 'Not One Original thought' from the "UK Government" in London, that has Not been Suggested or Tweaked from another Country, being able to be put forward. Although, on the Odd Occasion there can be a nice easy, convenient fit, the Veto Vote in the EU for the UK for example (to serve as a Glue), but again it does not take a rocket scientist to understand the unifying benefits, but it also does not take a rocket scientist to understand that this would involve a sharing of 'Core Powers' form London, which is something that it appears will never happen, with London carefully selecting the powers that the Celtic nations are allowed, but then with the Sewell Convention (1998) meaning that they can over rule decisions made in the Celtic Nations, along with the recent Internal Markets Bill (2020) that takes even more of the limited powers away from the Celtic Nations and back into London, further Undermining any Celtic Devolution. Thinking of 'New Original Ideas and/or Perspectives' appears to be the Only Evidence of Real Intelligence and the Only Effective Strategy for Moving Society Forward? As British Values are stated as Democracy, Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, and Tolerance for different faiths, however these Values are Generic, and could pretty much Describe most Countries in the Western World, they are not Unique to the British Isles, with its somewhat unique Format and History. One thing we do know for sure is that Britishness is made up of Three Internationally Recognised Nations or Countries (hence separate International Sporting Teams for Example), consisting of the Majority 85% Anglo-Saxon English and the Minority Celtic Nations, these are separate Races and Ethnicities (Celtic & Anglo-Saxon), to Clarify then, being British, as well as Not being a Singular Country or Nation is also quite clearly Not a Singular Race of people, Regardless of the 'Rebranding' by London, after all the Celtic Nations had been Conquered by England. The Oxford Dictionary Definition of 'Country' - 'A nation with its own government, occupying a particular territory', and 'Nation' - 'a large body of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular country or territory', which accounts for all the Nations of the UK. To 'Rebrand' all the UK Nations as one Country would be like trying to 'Rebrand' Scandinavia or Europe as one country, which would not be Logical or Feasible, as they are already Recognised Countries and Nations in their own right. In addition, all the Celtic Nations were Subdued before the Act of Union in 1707, so could not physically give Free Consent at that time, Wales was already Annexed, along with Cromwell's victorious 'Three Kingdom War' 1639-1653 including Ireland, and regards Scotland the 'Battle of Dunbar' 1650, for Example. This would be like me metaphorically grabbing someone by the throat and then asking them to sign their house over to me, and saying that they gave Consent.

To further clarify, 'Citizenship' is a Legal Status in a Political Institution such as a city or a state (London get to Define and Structure UK or British Citizenship as the main Political and Legal Power in the UK). 'Nationality', on the other hand, denotes where an Individual has been born. Again, I can only put my Interpretation on this Issue of British Identity, mainly for the reason that No Defining Description has been able to be Constructed, therefore the term 'Britishness' may have to be Defined Using a Different Set of Criteria, which is where this Interpretation may Provide Some Clarity? The Inability to Pin Point What Britishness is, may possibly be mainly due to the supposed Contrasting 'Mind Sets', 'Identities', 'Cultures', 'Native Languages' (the 'Welsh Not' in Wales, were Welsh was encouraged to 'Not' be spoken in Welsh Schools), and 'Individual Histories' possessed by the Different Nations within the term Britain, they are 'Not One Homogenous Group'. This could be Compared to trying to Define the term European, again because of the Complex Differences and Histories of the Individual Countries within Europe to find an Instinctive Cultural and Social Commonality would be almost Impossible, it would be Easy to Identify a Land Commonality as all Europeans Live within a Defined Land Mass, but maybe Not a Cultural, Racial or Social Commonality? Moreover, there appears to be a Reluctance to Define 'Englishness' by England within this term Britain, mainly because it appears that to Define 'Englishness' is to Focus on 'Colonialism and the English Royal Family', and to Focus on 'Colonialism and the English Royal Family' will by definition Highlight the some what Coerced Unequal Relationship between England the Celtic Nations, who are all Historical Colonies of England Acquired Initially by previous English Kings and Queens, that still affects Britain to this day.  Furthermore, the London English Establishment are Great Wordsmiths, nothing is accidentally said, so when London Politicians (& Media) Constantly say in the 'National' Interests (the Singular), they are subtly saying in England's Interests. If the statement was to actively reflect all UK Nations, it would be in all the 'Nations' interests (the Plural). This appears to subtly reflect and confirm London's view, that of Britain being just the one Nation or Country of England, with the other Celtic Nations simply being Provinces or Regions, there of (so not accepted as Separate Nations and Races)? Which appears to explain why there has never been a Firm Description or Definition of 'Britishness' or 'Englishness' by London, as London seem to want to continue to see them as one and the same, which would make sense as London to ultimately control the whole of the UK, be it a Region of England, or another UK Minority Nation?

Indeed, you cannot Quantify or Define British through its Habits and Behaviours, if only predominantly England are allowed to express their Cultural Narrative (making Britishness effectively Englishness), and in terms of British Symbols, again because London control the UK Mainstream Media (with Power to Licence a new TV Mainstream Channel only situated in London), as well as the main Social and Political Power in the UK, and tend to mainly only promote their own (Artists, Film, Music, Actors, History and Literature), then British Symbols by definition, will have a tendency to highlight Symbols of England that then become the representation of Britain as a Whole (Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, the Royal Family, Red Buses, as some simple examples). Actually, the NHS (National Health Service) is also seen as a British Symbol, but very few people know that a Welshman created the NHS (Aneurin Bevan), against great opposition, in the absence of highlighting its source (even in the recent Covid 19 pandemic (2020) where the NHS is being Celebrated daily, still the Creator is airbrushed out), then it is continuously assumed that it was just purely an English creation. Possibly the main Symbol of Britain would be the Union Jack flag, that has No Welsh representation included on it, so it would be difficult to even Present this easily recognisable Symbol as Symbolic of Britishness when it is not inclusive of all British Nations? As there are only three Nations in the term Britain (with N.Ireland making the UK), this might be the numerical equivalent of the USA only having 33 stars on their flag, not representing a third of their Nation (and no one saying anything)?

There is also the problem of 'Reappropriation' (Cultural Appropriation) by London (who own the UK Media and are the main UK Social and Political Power) of Celtic Culture. The prime example for Wales would be the 'Reappropriation' of the King Arthur Tales, which were created by Geoffrey of Monmouth (in Wales) based on medieval Welsh poetry talking specifically about Welsh Myth and Legend, even Merlin (original Welsh name Murddin Wyllt) was first written about in these medieval poems, as an actual person living in West Wales (Black Book of Carmarthen, West Wales). Although London have almost completely air brushed Wales out of the Arthurian Legend and created an almost exclusively English Cultural Narrative in its place.  

So the term 'Britain' appears to be a Word used to Describe the British Island which is just a Geographic Description of the Island that we Live On as the Only Commonality, and Not the Social, Historic and Cultural Commonalities of the actually People who Live On It! However, for Example, it may be that rather than Describing Europe by Stating all the Individual Countries; it is possibly more Convenient to say Europe or European as that Describes and Locates People from a Specific Land Mass? Although, as Europe can be Defined as a Continent, possibly the term 'Scandinavia' may well be more suitable when Identifying Similarities to the Term Britain? This Scandinavian Description appears to apply to the Phrase Britain, as they Both Do Not present as Continents. It may just be Easier to State the term Scandinavia or Scandinavians rather, when Referring to People Deriving from that General Land Region of the World, than to Physically Mention All the Countries and Races within the Scandinavian Area, Denmark, Norway and Sweden or Danish, Norwegian or Swedish. Although, it does appear that the term Scandinavian is Not the main Subject of any Serious Evaluations, possibly as a result of all three Countries within Scandinavia Not being Governed by One, and trying to be Projected as apparently One Unified Homogeneous Group and Identity? So to Clarify, it does appear that Similar to the Phrase Scandinavia or Scandinavian, the term Britain or British may be Similar, so rather than Individually Stating the Separate Distinct Countries within Britain, it appears Easier and Less Time Consuming Both Verbally and in Writing to State the Term 'Britain' or 'British', which is Obviously very Useful, Fluid and Convenient When 'Talking' and 'Writing', almost as an Abbreviation of England, Scotland and Wales, or English, Scottish, and Welsh?  Moreover, to say that we are all descendant's of Brtion's (the original Celts) and therefore are all British because we all came up through Europe after the last ice age as an homogenous group, is Nonsensical, as the Celtic people had already settled in Brittania for Centuries and Created a Nation of people, Race and Ethnic Identity, it was only much later that the Angles and the Saxon's came over from Germany and Denmark, that then came in from different already Recognised and Established Nations with their own Borders, Nationality, Racial and Ethnic Identities, creating the Anglo-Saxon Ethnicity, Race, Ancestry and Nation we know today as England.                                        

As a Consequence we appear to be asked to Define an ABBREVIATION, when in Reality the Nation, Race or Country of "Britain" does Not appear to Actually Exist?... We are aware of the Three Countries/Nations (Anglo-Saxon & Celtic Ethnicities) within the Term ‘Britain’ and Occupying the Geographic Island Landmass known as ‘Britain’, but there appears to be No One Individual Country, Race or Nation called 'Britain'? There is England, Scotland and Wales all separate Countries/Nations with separate National Sporting Teams & Individual Representation, Flags, Specific Cultures, Histories, Languages, National Anthems, but there does Not appear to be 'One Homogeneous Nation', Country, Culture, Ethnicity or Society that can be recognised as Britain or British? Indeed Wales and Scotland appear to be Derived from their 'CELTIC ANCESTRY' and England appears to be Derived from an'ANGLO-SAXON ANCESTRY' (the name of England is the Anglo-Saxon translation for 'Land of the Anglo's), which means that the People Living on the Land Mass known as Britain are Not even All the Same 'RACE' or 'ETHNIC GROUP'?! So in essence trying to Define what ‘Britishness’ is, can be deemed as impossible at this stage, as the Nation/Country and a unified Race of Britain or British does Not appear to even Physically Exist, more a Coerced apparent Historical Artificially Imposed, from London, Political, Social, Financial & Military Paper Exercise of the Act of Union in 1707, you Cannot just Wish Away Other Peoples 'Ethnicities', 'Histories' and 'Identities'?... It does appear that the term British is used by the London English Establishment to give the Outside Impression of Unity and Strength to England through numbers, more a Projected Outside view of the British Isles, but within the Geographic are of Britain there are three Distinct Internationally Recognised Nationalities within the term Britain that have always been there and it appears will always remain, no matter how much the London English Establishment might want to Rebrand these Nations to their Favour? This Disunity further Reinforced by an Historic and Ongoing English Nationalism (which involves Slander of the Other and Favouring their own) which always Reminds the Three Nations of the British Isles that they are Different, and indeed that one will always be more powerful than the others. This Difference of Race and Ethnicity between the Minority UK Celtic Nations and the Majority Nation of England would Not be a Problem (of course not a problem for England as the Favoured Group, although it will be if the UK disbands) if there were Genuine Equality of the UK Nations, but as English Nationalism is rife (Favouring their Own) in London (who are the main power in the UK), Nationality has always been a Crucial Factor, as London tend to look at your Nationality First then decide whether to make a favourable decision or Not based on that, placing Great Emphasise on your Nationality and Ethnicity.

However, it is possible for a Firm Unifying Definition of ‘Britishness’ to be Formulated in the Future to Save the Union of the United Kingdom, if the motivation is present to achieve this goal from all the varying factions present within the British Isles (particularly England who hold power)? It would seem that in order to define a real Definition of Britishness to 'Unite' and 'Heal' Britain, we must first find a common positive thread between the Nations of Wales, Scotland and England, this maybe more difficult than it first initially appears. To Clarify, to Find an Historic and Modern wide ranging Commonality between the apparent Historical and Ongoing Majority Oppressor (as Evidenced with Uneven Development, Uneven Power Structures and Slander) and the apparent Minority Oppressed (the current 'Master' and the 'Servant?', see 'Describing​ the Welsh Relationship with England' Heading Below), could by definition be impossible at this stage? As it may be Easy to Identify that the ValuesHistory and Experiences of any 'MAJORITY OPPRESSOR', will be the 'POLAR OPPOSITE' of the Values, Historand Experiences of any 'OPPRESSED MINORITY'?!... So to quote the Political Catchphrase of ‘Common British Values’, and being 'British' as a Unified Group of Equal Partners who's people posses Matching Values, a Shared History, ongoing Commonalities and a Shared Access to Power, appears Entirely Misleading?... To this end it does appear that the Central London English Establishment leaders who may influence Sections of their population into Racist thought patterns as a result of their alleged total dominance of the 'British Mainstream Media', need to reassess their Values and make them Specific and Unique to the British Isles as a Whole, if a long term fruitful United Kingdom for All is desired, but perhaps as importantly a Solid Unifying Foundation of 'Britishness' is to be Created. Assuming that this is a shared goal within the whole of the British Isles, which may well only rely on the priority implementation of a Modern up to date 'Democratic Voting Model', possibly set out in a Constitutional structure that Cannot be Changed or Rearranged, which might include a Veto Vote system and/or 75% Majority Vote (to prevent deadlock) between UK Nations similar to the EU (and also see, 'Nation Specific Criteria' at the bottom of this page) to create Proven Equality (and Create a New Firm British Identity as Consenting Equals) between the Massive Population of England and the Comparably Tiny Populations of the other Celtic Home Nations(But Created with all the UK Nation's Participation and Consent). As Presently in any Combined 'UK' Wide so called 'Democratic Vote', the Views & Opinions of the Overwhelming Largest Population(English represent 85% of all the UK Voters) 'Will Only be Recognised Over the Others', the UK Wide 'EU Referendum' BREXIT Vote in June 2016 for example (see 'Nation Specific Criteria' Heading Below). Not to mention the Unique apparent 'Conflict of Interests' in voting that an English person may have living in Wales or Scotland due to England actually owning Wales and Scotland, when voting on Welsh or Scottish concerns (see 'Unequal UK Democracy' in heading above). 

Britain is Not One Country it is Three Distinct Internationally Recognised Countries in an Historically Imposed Union (Four with the UK). However, As Wales (& Scotland) are the potential 'Competitor's on their Doorstep', they appear to need Controlling, using an Out Dated 'Lop Sided' Democratic System, to prevent a Level Playing Field. It Does appear Reasonable to state that, 'Just because we are Fortunate enough to have the 'Basic Principles' of Democracy in Britain (UK) does Not mean that it is Perfect,Fixed and Permanent and should Never be Improved or Adapted, and Forever Left Alone!....' However, as the current voting model in the UK disproportionately Favours the Majority 85% English Nation who possess all the main Political Power in the UK, then the Suspicion is that the Unfair Voting Model that exists today in Britain is going to remain, as the Mainstream London Based Political Motivation to change would Obviously not be there (although if this Current UK Voting Model was Unjust to England I am sure the Motivation would be Overwhelming & Unrelenting to alter it on the grounds of Fairness!...). Indeed, when it comes to identifying systemic or institutional manipulation of any sort regarding any subject matter, if you want to identify the original source, the architect, then start your investigation asking one Question, once this one Question can be answered, nine times out of the ten, working backwards from there,  the rest will tend to naturally fall into to place, the miracle question is simply 'Who does it Benefit'?  So for example, in the case of Britishness who does it benefit to be able to hide behind the term Britain, or prevent Financial, Social, Political and Democratic Equality for all UK nations, keeping ultimate UK power in London, using the UK Parliament with disproportionately more English MP's than any others with 533 English MP's and 117 representing the other 3 UK Celtic Nations. Obviously in a Parliamentary Vote on UK Wide Legislation, Choices or Policy, they are Outnumbered, so essentially the UK Parliament is an English Parliament but can Control the Whole of the UK, with the 'Sewell Convention 1998' as well as added Insurance, over Celtic Nations Devolved Powers.                                  

Although Wales can be seen an Ongoing 'Colonyof England obtained through Force, Coercion and Manipulation centuries before, due mainly to basic 'Geography' as well as England's overwhelming numbers and resources. A new mind set of Equality and Fairness (PartnershipNeeds to prevail from the London Power hubs, to formulate a Coalition of the Willing, moving away from Control (Master & Servant) to Partnership (Equality), to then Create a Unified Version of Britishness with 'Joint Histories' as Equals moving on into the Future,which again may further be Solidified with the 'Basic Starting Point' of Implementing a Similar 'VETO' System in the UK to that adopted in the EU (to Ensure Equality, Genuine Partnership & Parity in UK Wide Decision Making). However, recently the English Establishment have completely Blocked any Meaningful Direct Negotiation Input on the Terms and Strategy of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland's 'OWN' Exit of the EU as a result of the UK Wide EU Referendum in 2016 (Brexit) with Only the English Establishments Input and 'Control' Directly allowed, along with the Likely 'Power Grab' by the English Establishment of Powers coming Back from Europe after 'Brexit', also Taking Scotland & Northern Ireland out of the EU against their Democratic Will, and the Denying of a second independence referendum request by the Democratically Elected Scottish Parliament (2017-?), as a result of the 'Material Change' of Brexit (with a New Awareness of companies like Cambridge Analytica, Click for Link? and the Pro Bexit, anti-Scottish Independence view of many English people who Live and Vote in Scotland, who may have a Conflict of Interests), and judging by Basic Common Sense and Historical Facts, with many more Imposed Unfair Restrictions to come from London in the future, no doubt. As asserted by Abraham Lincoln (1883), 'Nearly All People can withstand Adversity, but if you want to Test a Person's 'Character', give them Power''.            

 However, it does appear that it is 'Never Too Late' to Change in order to 'Save' the 'Union of the United Kingdom', even at this late stage into possible Disunity, with the Breakup of the Union apparently very much gathering Momentum, the sort of Momentum that maybe only True Equality and a Fairer more Just Society 'For All' in the UK can Halt. As it may be argued you can only have Commonality amongst 'Equals', which appears to suggest that True Equality may well be the Only Starting Point of a New Unifying, Inclusive and 'Unambiguous' Definition of 'Britishness' to preserve the Union of the United Kingdom into the Future (or Not)?... But I would suggest that London will not be able to give up their key powers for Equality, as Power and Greed are just to powerful a force to resist. To Clarify what is meant by the term ‘Disunity Gathering Momentum’. There appears to have been a more rapid move towards the breakup of the United Kingdom in the last 17 years (2016) since 1999, with the emergence of Regional Assembly’s and more significant power shifts from Westminster, London (apparently forced through by the New Labour Government to prevent Scottish Independence momentum), than in the previous 290 years of the Union, since the act of Union was actually created in 1707? This fact may well provide some Evidence that the fixing of an apparently ‘Broken Britain’ is something that needs prioritising now, as the window for the Saving of the Union of the United Kingdom appears to have a very 'FINITE' Time Period Attached? If you think Logically by Assessing the Momentum Towards Separation within Britain (mainly as a result of New Technologies such as the Internet providing New Public Platforms), what would you think could possibly be the Only Outcome if this Separation Momentum Continue's to its Natural End Conclusion? Indeed, Blocking a New Scottish Referendum can lead to one of two outcomes, in the short term allows Brexit to be highlighted as the reason why Scotland need another referendum (a Material Change) and that they were taken out of the EU against their democratic will, and in the longer term creates a Firm Understanding of just how Controlled Scotland Actually is by London, where Blocking Democracy (Self Determination) will be seen as increasingly unfair by the Scottish people (to the necessary middle ground voter), either way Independence for Scotland is all but guaranteed. The only way London could have saved Scotland for itself is by doing a second referendum straight away (with a written contract stating not another one for a generation, defining once in a generation as at least 20 years) to prevent the narrative of unfairness from developing in the Scottish peoples mind set. Clearly, once Scotland goes there will be No Britain for Northern Ireland to be Loyal too, so will amalgamate with Republic of Ireland. Although it does seem quite 'Bizzarre' however, that the central English Establishment would focus so much attention on their relationship with Europe (The EU referendum 2016 & Brexit for example) before 'Consolidating' their Relationships within the UK (taking the UK Celtic Nations for Granted was your biggest mistake, and could only have been achieved through a purely English Mindset)? Slander and Inequality towards the Celtic Nations from England Weakens the UK as a Whole against External Threats, a scenario which appears to be directly Inflicted from London through apparent Internal Historic animosity (Slander) and Greed (keeping Wealth)? Again you Cannot have your Cake and Eat it, which is to say that, obviously you cannot act on Prejudice in the UK (Slander & Disrespect) and allocate Wealth predominantly to yourself (Inequality) as well as have a United Kingdom? As the UK is only as strong as it's weakest Link, why would you purposely weaken links in your own chain? Surely 'Common Sense'would dictate that you prioritise resolving your 'Home Concerns' First to Create a Solid Base and Foundation, before looking out Focusing your Attention on perceived 'External Concerns'? This may be like gazing out to look for fires on your neighbours houses, whilst behind you your own house is ablaze?                       

​​The Central London English Establishment and therefore their Nation appear to be at Great Risk of being 'Isolated' from Europe and then eventually being 'Isolated' from the rest of the UK? As some Home Nations such as Scotland and Northern Ireland, whilst still being Initially  part of the UK, could join the EU through the 'Official Recognition' by the EU Member States of the recent referendum 'Brexit' results in June 2016, or some Celtic home Nations even re-joining Europe through their own further 'EU Endorsed' individual 'Democratically Recognised' referendums, and of course as a result of Independence or Irish Amalgamation? The English Establishment must understand that if the European Union (EU) want to change their Rules of Entry into their Own Club (for Scotland & Northern Ireland) or offer deals to other EU Member States to persuade them into a certain direction, as the English Establishment will now Not be members of the EU club (2017), they will Not posses the Power to 'VETO' any EU decisions that may disadvantage them, these changes to the EU rules of entry could happen quickly and fluidly? This Fast Evaporating Time Period to Save the Union of the UK may be a lot Sooner than the English Establishment Anticipates, as the Scottish Independence Question has yet to be Fully Unfolded, along with the possible, but maybe Inevitable knock on effects regarding the Other Home UK Nations with Northern Ireland Amalgamating with the Republic of Ireland, Scotland Independent, as well as England possibly Breaking Up Internally (although Northern Ireland might Amalgamate First, but apparently still the same knock on effects to the UK)? As this Text is being Constructed in 2016/17 it does appear that Northern Ireland May have already 'Figuratively Speaking' Amalgamated with the Republic of Ireland along with Scottish Independent (possibly arriving in the Coming Years, the English Establishment just Don't appear to have grasped this apparent eventuality Yet!!..) which has been particularly Advanced with the Advent of 'Brexit'. However, with this likely occurrence a very real possibility for the UK in the coming years, Common Sense would dictate that the Welsh People Need to Start the Debate 'Now' (2017) about what it's Future Contingency Plan is going to be in the event of the UK Disbanding (Independence, Equality Contract or Amalgamation as possible options?). It does seem that unfortunately the momentum for the Breakup of the Union of the United Kingdom is Based on One Major Principle and that is the Historic & Ongoing Evidenced Unfairness (just because the London UK Media says it does not exist, Obviously doesn't make it so.., see the Underdevelopment of the Celtic Nations Compared to England as Easy Evidence, with HS2, HS3 & NPR Projects as further recent Easy Evidence) with the Uneven Power Base and Unfair Democratic System between the Majority tribe of England and the Minority tribes of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and even possibly perceived within certain Regions of the English Majority tribe, Although, it will be Considerably Easier to Voice Concerns being Part of the 'Majority Tribe', than being part of the 'Other', the Perceived Outsiders that are the Celtic Nations within the UK?!                      

However, given that the 'Oxford English Dictionary' Definition for the term of an 'Establishment' is, A Group in Society Exercising Power and Influence Over Matters of Policy, Opinion or Taste, and Seen as Resisting Change’.The statement ‘and seen as resisting change’ appears to encapsulate how difficult it would be for the supposed 'English Establishment Elite' to Change from the 'Inside Out'. Within this supposed establishment their appears to be an Inherited mindset based in the early Colonial years of Britain, possibly continuing to be instilled using the medium of an English Private Boarding School Environment (including selected Grammer Schools) and then supposed elite English Universities such as Cambridge and Oxford (amongst others), as well as Inherited Social & Family Connections as well as Attitudes handed down through the Generations, that simply do Not correlate with the Modern New World Order of 2016, and has possibly not done so for some Decades?!....        

The Obvious Reason for Resisting Change is that,
'When you have all the 'Inherited' Advantages and Power in the UK Why would you want that to Change'?!... However, this appears a Short Term Greed Based approach Based in an 'Outdated Inherited Colonial Mind set', as the wider picture is that without the Relinquishing of the possible Ongoing 'Delusional Perception of the Central London English Establishment', apparently based in Centuries Long Gone and Past, and then seemingly moving towards Continued Evidenced Democratic and Social Inequality today, the momentum of Disunity and Dissatisfaction may only increase within the British Isles? A word of caution for the alleged English Establishment needs proposing at this point, as the South East of England region and London may not be able to sustain its wealth and global influence without the backing from the rest of the United Kingdom’s combined Finance and Prestige, a probable consequence in the event of the United Kingdom disbanding? Perhaps a more Realistic, 'Non-Delusional'Understanding of the Consequences of Persisting with an Easily Evidenced Unfair Inherited  'London Centric Model' of rule (the Inherited Historic Colonial System) within the British Isles in Today's Modern Internet Information Age (2016), that can now highlight Inequality outside of the London Media, may Motivate the English Establishment to Create Commonalities & Equality within Britain as Opposed to possibly Persisting in Highlighting or Inventing any supposed Differences, and Recreating Ongoing Historical Inequality, which by definition may only Result in Perpetuating Separate Tribes assuming Different Identities and therefore seemingly and inevitably, Separate Futures within the British Isles, 'you Cannot say you have Not been Warned'?!...   

Although the British Isles is a good place to live, but it could be so much better, if we can just address and acknowledge our history, regardless of how uncomfortable it may be, and stop trying to hide from it, so that all people can thrive regardless of Race, Nationality or Ethnicity, as we are either all Equally British, without Prejudice or Favour, or None of us are British, because being so called "British" only relies upon all Nations within this term Equally controlling its overall destiny, to ensure that they are all moving in an Agreed direction as one.      



As stated previously, there appears to be a reluctance to define Englishness by England within this term Britain, mainly because it appears that to define Englishness is to focus on 'Colonialism and the Royal Family', and to focus on 'Colonialism and the Royal Family' will by definition highlight the some what coerced relationship between England and the Celtic Nations, who are all Historical Colonies of England acquired Initially by past English Kings and Queens through Force and Coercion. ​This English Welsh (Celtic) "Relationship" has Puzzled me and many people for years, as a result I have Pondered the Differences between Wales a ‘Celtic’ Nation and England who are of ‘Anglo-Saxon’ Heritage (the Anglo-Saxon translation for the name England is 'Land of the Anglo's'). Here are my thoughts, make of it what you will?... When Identifying what the Differences are between Wales and England, I feel that looking at who each Nation has Chosen as the Person to Best Represent 'Who They Are', would be the Best Starting Point.The National Patron Saint of Wales is 'Saint David' a man who devoted his life to Christianity and indeed spread the word across to Ireland and the West of England. The smallest City in Britain is named after him in West Wales. However, England do not have a Patron Saint that is Specifically Connected to it, who has possibly demonstrated a non-violent Christian ethos. England’s patron saint, selected by their English Establishment, is ‘Saint George’ allegedly a Greek National (some say Turkish) who fought in the Roman army as an officer, who appears to have made his reputation through violent acts. Even as a Christian he still possibly proceeded to kill for his Roman masters, which appears to be anything but Christian? However, he did apparently eventually die for his Christian beliefs?          

The Absence of a Saint Specifically Connected from England and the choice by the English Establishment of an apparent
Warrior Saint, seems to demonstrate a natural slant away from Christianity and possible moral parameters, and a leaning towards celebrating uncensored power and aggression? Indeed in the crusades the English were led by 'Richard the Lion Heart' who appeared to use Christianity and the Church of England in a possibly calculated manner to validate alleged theft of possessions and land, as well as murder under the more palatable and possibly justifiable banner of God and Jesus. No evidence can be found in any Christian teachings filtered through the Bible that validates murder and theft, under any circumstances, least of all as a possible tool to spread the word of Jesus? 

This Leads the author to suggest that the possible Main Difference Between the 'English', usually Initially their controlling establishment, and the 'Welsh' is that the English appear to allow their 'HEADS' to Predominantly Rule over their Hearts when Decision Making, and the Welsh appear to allow their 'HEARTS' to Predominantly Rule over their Heads, both of which posses Differing Positive and Negative Outcomes? To Clarify, the question that appears to be most commonly asked by English Establishment decision makers to themselves is, ‘What course of action would best benefit me and my Interests’, regardless of any possible Moral boundaries that Christianity may place on any decision or behaviour, of course the British Isles is supposedly founded on Christian values? This behaviour appears to be further demonstrated through England’s Colonial past? Where as in Wales with an apparent Christian ethos and background, created through such Native Welsh people as Saint David, they appear to Predominantly ask the question of themselves when regarding decision making of,‘What is generally the right thing to do in this situation’? Even if this course of action may Not benefit their own personal interests, indeed the decision may severely disable their interests, but the decision may feel instinctively Morally Correct? In summary when making Decisions from a person’s 'Head' the Decision Concluded appears to usually revolve around the Objective of what may Best Suit their Specific Particular Interests? When a person makes a Decision Based on their 'Heart', the Decision appears to come with a more Wider Collective Emotional Perspective?        

These Different approaches appear to have a Significant Impact on the Self 'Identity' and external 'Perceptions' of the two Nations? In making a Predominantly Moral decision a person possibly Sacrifices any Maximum Gain usually on a Financial or Political level for a Moral Gain. When you Lose Financially but Gain Morally, you may be Financially Poorer but Morally you may be Enriched, which may feed into a view of you and your Race as possibly more morally correct people? Alternatively, when decisions are made that possibly Predominantly Ignore Moral parameters and are made to Maximise Personal Benefit at apparently any cost (the general absence of any emotional connections), they may become Politically and Financially Stronger, but their Citizens and Nation may Lose their sense of right and wrong and therefore their sense of self? When you perceive yourself to be predominantly 'Amoral' you may perceive yourself to be bad? This perception appears to affect the National psyche of England, as for every 'Gain' there is a 'Loss', when deciding with your 'Head' there appears to be a Gain in 'Wealth', 'Power' and 'Influence' (Colonialism, Crusades & Slavery), but a distinct Loss in Moral Authority? This apparent Loss of Morality can be Noticed not only within the apparent Head controlled country but also to the wider world, and therefore over time may begin to Define Who and What a Nation may be as a People and as an Individual Country?        
In simple terms a
'Patron Saint' of a country appears to demonstrate that Nation’s Values and Psychology, or at least that Nation’s elite establishment’s thought processes (which tends to Filter down to their people), as it is those representatives who possibly choose the character traits of the person that they most Admire and want to Represent their Nation and People as a whole? When England’s establishment chooses a 'Warrior Saint' as the person to best represent them to themselves and the rest of the world over a passive non-violent man, like the rest of Britain with Saint David for Wales, Saint Patrick for Ireland and Saint Andrew (the Apostle) representing Scotland, then the assumption may be that that Nation places greater Value in Physical and Financial Power rather than Spiritual and Moral strength? This 'Patron Saint' choice for England would appear to make perfect sense on a Logical basis, the Head, as warriors can promote the Protection of their Wealth, but also possibly Promote the taking away of other peoples Land and Wealth, leading to Greater Power and Riches (Crusades, Slavery and Colonialism).    

Predominantly promoting a Moral strength, the Heart, may Not logically lead to any Tangible Gain if your Goal is Wealth and Power. This Logical, 'Head' approach appears to fit quite nicely into the largely Secular approach to issues demonstrated in today’s politics and society as a whole within Britain (2016), of course controlled by the apparent English establishment club. In summary it does appear that Welsh people may Predominantly make decisions based from the
Heart an emotional approach with a moral compass, asking themselves the question, What is generally the right thing to do in this circumstance?’ Whereas England appear to Predominantly make decisions using theirHeada Logical approach, with possibly their internal dialogue asking the question, What is generally the right thing to do for me and my Interests in this circumstance'?      

There are Historic Welsh examples of decisions possibly made from the 'Heart' such as Aneuarin Bevan who created the National Health Service (NHS) and David Lloydd George who introduced the inception of a Welfare State and Pensions, both now World Wide Norms. To present some more recent possible Evidence of the apparent Welsh character, predominantly the 'Heart', regarding decisions that are in their control 
Examples can be provided with 'Free Prescriptions' and 'University Education Subsidised', Both Costly and Both that Do Not Exist in England (2016). Along with the Introduction in Wales in 2011 (the First to do so in the UK) of a 5 penny Plastic Bag Tax to help avoid Plastic Pollution and the First in the UK to Introduce the 'Opt Out' system on Organ Donations, amongst others. However, if Wales were to make decisions on Logic with their Head, the extra cost of these expensive decisions could be used in a more calculated manner than apparently supporting their Population or Environment?                                                 

As a result of limited powers that Wales has (2016) it appears beneficial to state how Scotland makes decisions, a land with a lot more powers over their affairs but possibly a similar history to Wales with England, as they are both a Celtic Nation on the same land mass within Britain, and Historically Controlled by England? A recent example to Demonstrate the Central London English Establishment’s possible Predominantly 'Head Over Heart' approach may be Evidenced when In August of 2009 Scotland handed over their Libyan detainee ‘Abdel Baset al-megrahi’ to Libya, the ‘Lockerby Bomber’ on compassionate grounds due to Prostate Cancer. Scotland was governed at the time, and indeed still is to the present day in 2016 by the Scottish National Party (SNP). They were able to make this decision as they have devolved powers from England over Criminal Justice. Even though there was Fierce Opposition from England and America, understandable from America due to many of the deceased victims of the Lockerby air disaster originating from America? It is pertinent to note when comparing the difference between England and Wales, as well as possibly the Celtic Nations, that England would Not have made the decision to release Mr. Al-Megrahi, possibly favouring political gain from America over pursuing what could be perceived as the right Moral course of action?         

However, despite any possible political power Scotland could have garnered from this position through appeasing America and England, they did the apparently Morally Correct course of action? Scotland allegedly Sacrificed Political Gain for apparent Moral Righteousness, as keeping a dying man out of revenge is morally corrupt,
'Bitterness always creates more Bitterness'. The High Moral Ground may only be gained for a Nation when a Nation does an act that separates them from the murderous actions of the people who they are condemning, 'If you act in the same manner as them, then you are no better than them'? This Principled move appears to have highlighted to the outside world that Scotland may be a Ethical place to be, and could be trusted to do the right Christian course of action even in very 'Tough Circumstances' (as Revenge is one of the Most Powerful Forces to Resist). The reward is a good name, some people may argue a good name is priceless in relations with the outside world for trade and industry. However, possibly more importantly is the self concept this decision may provide to the Scottish identity of apparently perceiving themselves as moral people?             

In addition, even though America and England seemed to be appalled at this decision, Scotland’s resolve has possibly made America and England a safer place to be through Scotland’s apparent selfless moral act. It is important to note that the so called terrorists who have sought to hurt the western world through Libya and Iran are now possibly in appreciation of this moral act, as it is very difficult to justify hating on, 'proven good people'. As Scotland appears to have demonstrated a strong Ethical representation of not only themselves but the whole western capitalist world?        




     'Master & Servant Relationship'?...

When considering Equality for Wales within the UK, Equality with Specifically England must be sought as the English Establishment possess almost Total Ultimate Control over all the UK Finances, Tax, Law, Business, Media, Democracy and Politics, with Wales presenting as England's First and Oldest Ongoing Colony (with No End Date in Sight), who are also the Overwhelming Wealthiest Nation in Britain, with 85% of the Entire UK Population.Indeed if we are to assume that Colonialism still exists in Britain between England and Wales (which would seem Reasonable as 'No End Date' has been Established, and Wales is Not Independent of London) then Colonialism by it's 'very Definition' is the 'Practice of Domination, which Involves Subjugation of One Nation Over another'.  As without Democratic Consent the Relationship between Wales and England remains an 'INVOLUNTARY' one. It is appears Important to Identify the Historical and Current Relationship Wales has with their English Neighbours, as without Identifying the 'Current Scenario' it would be Impossible to Gauge Change to Measure How Far Towards Equality Wales has come from the Current Starting Point of apparent Historical and Ongoing Inequality? So it does not seem unreasonable due to the Historical and Ongoing 'Inherited Systemic Colonial Power Imbalance' that the Central London English Establishment has over nearly every aspect of Welsh life to Historically and Presently Describe them as the Welsh Masters, making Wales the 'Servant'? An Ongoing position Created through 'Undemocratic' Force Centuries Earlier (the Forced Undemocratic Act of Union in 1707), which appears to be the Left Over Inherited Ongoing Systemic Legacy of a Distant World Wide Colonial Time? The Historical Ongoing Inherited Systems Embedded in the UK Before the UN Laws on Colonialism Seems to have Ensured Colonial Dominance?... There appears to be a reluctance to define Englishness by England within this term Britain, mainly because it appears that to define Englishness is to focus on 'Colonialism and the Royal Family', and to focus on 'Colonialism and the Royal Family' will by definition highlight the some what coerced relationship between England the Celtic Nations, who are all Historical Colonies of England acquired Initially by past English Kings and Queens. 

The term 'Colonialism' refers to another Country Owning another Country (Wales Annexed in 1542 without Democratic Consent to this day). In Wales case today Internal Colonialism because of Annexation in 1542 (within a wider forced UK group). 'Internal Colonialism' is Defined by Encyclopedia.com as, 'The term internal colonialism defines a condition of oppression or subordination', being oppressed or subordinate to other's forces servitude (Servant), the Oxford Dictionary Definition of Servant is, 'a person who performs duties for others', so not for the Benefit of themselves but for the Benefit of others. An Oxford Dictionary Definition for the term Master is, 'a man in charge of an organization or group' or to 'Gain Control or Overcome'. So a Slave is Personally Owned by another Person, were as Colonialism is a Country that is Owned as an entire entity, by another Country.Of Course whilst Serving, Subordinate to your Master you will be doing jobs that you would not normally do, if you had free will. Indeed how many servants have you ever heard of saying No to their Masters, particularly in a time when the UN or Human Rights did not exist (Wales as an Autonomous Nation has Never Forcible Colonised anyone in all it's Numerous Centuries old History). I hope this has clarified this subject matter some what?

However, when Assessing all the Evidence which is Easily Accessed through a Simple Home Computer Connected to the World Wide Web (the New Internet Information Age), so Don't take my Word for it, 'Look it Up'. England being Expressed as 'Master's of Wales' although sounding Harsh appears to be a Perfectly Valid and Truthful Description of the English/Welsh Association, given the Easily Evidenced Historical and Ongoing Power Imbalance Between England and the Celtic UK Nations. No Matter how Unpalatable the Term would be to the Welsh people (and the Celtic Nations), and No Matter how Awkward it may be for the Central London English Establishment to Continue to Rule with this apparent 'Truthful' and 'Easily Evidenced' Description Publicly Acknowledged, Exposed & Debated.However, as Further Expressed by George Santayana (1863-1952) an Eminent Spanish Philosopher, 'The Truth is Cruel, but it Can be Loved, and it Makes Free Those who Love it'. In addition, there is a saying that I have known for quite a while now and indeed in many ways it informs my thinking, it goes a little like this, The Bitterest Truth, is Far Better than the Sweetest Lie. At Least when a person knows the apparent Evidenced Truth,'No Matter How Harsh & Painful that may be'(the Truth is very Rarely Kind), that person then is Brought into Reality Awaking from their apparent UK Media and Socially Constructed Delusion, Naivety, Ignorance and Apathy with a Thud, but at least then can Act Based on Harsh Easily Evidenced Truths (Use this New Valuable Resource of the Internet to Question and/or Confirm what is Written here).Indeed, Wales being apparent Historic and Ongoing 'Systemic Servants' to England when they were a Colonial World Super Power in Past Centuries could just about be Understandable.However, Now Centuries on in the Modern World where England are No Longer a force on the World stage any more,this apparent Perpetually Inherited Ongoing Servant & Master 'Left Over Colonial Legacy' has Now become some what of an 'Embarrassment' for the very Capable Nations of Wales and Scotland (as it 'Infantilizes' these Nations).

Now, Let’s look at an 'Oxford English Dictionary Definition' of the term 'MASTER', which is to say, 'A MAN IN CHARGE OF AN ORGANISATION OR GROUP' or 'GAIN CONTROL OR OVERCOME'. Wales has No Choice (as the English Establishment in London make the overall UK Laws) but to Work for Money that is then repeatedly 'TAXED' directly by the Bank of England based in London, with those Funds then Allocated as the English Establishment see fit. Just to possibly underline the Importance of the people who control the 'PURSE STRINGS', it may be worth quoting the twentieth President of the United States of America 'James A. Garfield' when he stated in 1881 that, 'He who Controls the Money Supply of a Nation Controls the Nation'. The 'Oxford English Dictionary' goes onto to Clarify that the term 'SERVANT' is the state of, 'A PERSON WHO PERFORMS DUTIES FOR OTHERS', (so Ultimately Not for their Own Advantage or Growth but being Directed for Someone Else's Advantage) However, the End Result of working for 'Someone Else's Benefit' appears to be the same when you consider that Wales 'Works for Money' with a Significant Percentage then ‘Legally’ Extracted from their Annual Wage through 'Income Tax', 'National Insurance', along with the many other Various forms of Taxes, including 'Value Added Tax' (VAT) at 20%' on all Daily Welsh Transactions, as well as Further Heavier Tax (Duty) on Fuel, Tobacco and Alcohol, amongst Numerous others. With all this Annual Welsh Generated Tax going Directly into the English Authorities Purse for then to Decide Allocation (the Bank of England in Central London). Perhaps the Fact that the 'Bank of England' is Not called the 'Bank of Britain' may provide an Insight into the Subconscious Thought Process of the Central English Establishment? So to Describe England as the Systemic'Masters of Wales' would appear to be an Obvious, but Harsh, choice of Words, with all 'Common Sense' Evidence apparently Pointing Towards this Assertion? In the Centuries Past UK Money (TAX) may have been Taken Directly Face to Face by the Sword at a Person's Door. InModern Timesthe Money (TAX) is taken using Accountants and Computers through a Person’s Wages and Daily Transactions, but Ultimately the'End Result'of Money being Taken Off Welsh People (the Powerless Servants) by England (the Powerful Master),Remains, its just Taken in a MoreModern,EfficientandSubtle Manner.The Master has the Systemic Power to Direct a Servant to Undertake Actions that may Not Benefit the Servant (in Fact could Severely Disadvantage the Servant) but Advantage the Master.The Servant may be aware of this(or not, particularly if they have No independent Media), but Either Way does Not ultimately have the'Power to Disagree'...A Master Servant Relationship is Defined by One thing, 'The Power Imbalance'. Welsh Style Colonialism Commonly Referred to as'Internal Colonialism' (Leo Marquard 1957), which has been described as the 'Uneven Development & Exploitation of Close Proximity Territories & People'within an Overall Wider Realm.  

The apparent Opposition to the Public Exploration of an Historic and Ongoing Systemic 'Master & Servant' Association between England & Wales (and apparently the other Celtic UK Nations)by the English Politicians and seemingly Interlinked English Establishment London based Mainstream Media, may well be based on One main premise, and that is keeping Wales (and the other Celtic home Nations) apparently Ignorant of the Truth and therefore Historically Subordinate (Not Wanting Independence)? An Ignorance Easily Achieved you may say if the Only Forms of Mass Education through Traditional Mainstream UK Wide Media such as Television, Films, News, Radio, Newspapers and Magazines are apparently all Controlled through a London Filter, even the Regional Channels. Although the World Wide Internet in modern times is slowly beginning to allow a Challenge to this Traditional Mainstream UK Wide Media Dominance (2016). The Central London English Establishment appear to be all too aware that if this apparent Easily Evidenced Truthful (but Harsh) and Realistic Description of the English and Welsh Relationship as a Undemocratic Inherited Ongoing Master and Servant Association, ever gets Established in the 'Thought Processes' of the Welsh public (and possibly the other Celtic home Nations regarding their Relationship with England), then this Scenario could well Finally Result in a 'Widespread Serious Reassessment' of what it actually Means to be Governed by England for So Long?.... Indeed, it might be wise to First Assess Finally what the views are of the UK Majority English Mass Population are Regarding the Union of the United Kingdom in their own referendum if the UK is going to Work Together as Modern Equal Partners in the FUTURE (See 'What are the Views of the English Regarding the UK?' on 'p16' of the Electronic Book Provided Above)?

​As it's very easy to look back at the Dates of Colonialism and assume that that was back then, but Colonialism whether a country and people are still essentially a Colony, or whether a country and people have been officially decolonised, this still  impacts these people and countries to this day, whether that be Psychologically, Financially or Socially. The only way to counter these negative affects is to talk openly about Colonialism, acknowledge its damaging impact, and develop strategies for finally moving on through a broad Continuous National Conversation (which some former colonies have managed to do), or risk always walking around with that unattended open wound on a counties National Consciousness (of course not having an Independent Media is Wales interferes with this process).

Since the Formation of the UN (United Nations) in 1945 matters regarding International Security and Human Rights can Now be Diverted to this Authority. As It does appear that Wales still thinks they have the Gun to their Heads and Sword to their Throats when thinking in terms of their Nations Relationship with England, but the Truth is that the Gun was removed in 1945 with the Formation of the UN directly after the second world war. As England are no longer a world super power, and free to act with impunity, due to bigger powers now being present on the World stage to regulate their behaviour in the New World Order. Indeed, further obvious Evidence of a 'Master & Servant' Association is that Wales has to be Granted Permission by the English Establishment to even Hold and Independence Clarification Referendum (an Independence or Not Vote) to Finally Clarify (after 300 years of a Forced Union) if Wales actually Consent to being in the UK or Not (Must have Permission from their Master's First), and of course as it Benefits the English Establishment to Continue to Control and Exploit Wales, they Simply Never have to Give any Permission for an Independence Vote to Keep Hold of their Centuries Old Property? This is like me saying to my Wife that you Cannot Divorce me (if that is her Choice) Without my Permission to do so?...

However, Wales do Posses Some Limited Powers since Devolution in 1999, which is perhaps more 'Admin Based' with all the Ultimate Power over BusinessFinanceTaxPoliticsLaw & Media Still Residing in London, England. Although even the Limited Powers that Wales do possess appear to be under 'Direct Attack' as Powers coming Back from Europe as a Result of 'BREXIT' in areas that Wales currently (2016) have 'Devolved Control in Direct Partnership with Europe' are likely to be Redirected Back into specifically English Influence, in an apparent 'Power Grab' (Why would the English Establishment want all Powers that were devolved to Wales and Scotland by Europe initially coming back Directly into London, if they are going to allow these Powers to Wales and Scotland anyway? However, many people Point Out the Obvious Fact that in this Scenario the English Establishment then have the Power to 'Pick and Choose', 'Rearrange' or 'Insert Caveats' (in their own time after Brexit when the spotlight is off the UK) which Powers Suit them and their needs, at the apparent ongoing Expense of all the other UK Celtic Home Nations?.... 'Constitutionally' going Against what the Welsh People had Voted for in the 'Official Legal Democratically Recognised' 2011 Referendum on 'More Powers' (Not Less) for Wales with 63.4% Voting 'Yes' & 35.2% Voting 'No', which seems to Further Demonstrate the Power of the Master over Servant, to be Brutally Honest 'What can the Servant do about it?!..' (although there is the UN and International Laws & Courts). So Ultimately Wales appears to be Subject to complete London English Establishment Dominance in all key areas such as Finance, Politics, General Taxation, Law, Democratic System, Business and Media, as possibly further Evidenced just in recent times with 'No' Direct Input being Allowed for Wales in their 'OWN' EU Brexit Negotiation Strategy (with Only England Representing the UK). Along with the Democratically Elected Scottish Government being Denied a Second Independence Referendum (2017), and with taking Scotland and Northern Ireland out of the EU against their Democratic Will, combined with the likely 'Power Grab' from London regarding Powers coming back from the EU as a result of Brexit. Indeed, It seems that the 'Control', 'Direction' and 'Direct Participation' of the EU Negotiation's, 'Process and Outcomes' regarding Brexit is apparently for the 'Inherited Master's Privilege Only'?...                           


It does appear that Stating the term English', 'Welsh' or 'Scottish (all Individually Accountable Nations) Clarifies Specific Responsibility, so what is Said or Actions undertaken may be 'Pin Pointed' at a certain Race or Nation within the UK. The English Establishment saying British appears to 'Blur the Lines of Consequence', as Identifying any Specific Recognised UK Nation to Attribute Accountability could mean that the subject matter being Discussed could Lead to 'Three Separate Conclusions of Accountability' (& therefore Closer to the Individuals that actually took that Decision), but saying Britain or British (through the London Media the Only National & International Media Voice) Provides a Collective Wider Responsibility which appears to Avoid Direct Accountability, the 'British Empire' for example (Remember that the UK Parliament that makes UK Wide Decisions is Essentially an English Parliament with '533' out of '650' MP's Representing England), along with Stealing Important Cultural Artefacts from other countries and saying should "Britain" hand them back, well "Britain" never stole them (the Celtic Nations), they are generally situated in the place that stole them, in London, the Elgin Marbles as a further example, amongst many. Moreover, when English people say they are ashamed of their country they will tend to say ashamed to be British, not English, as again there shame of England can covertly be hidden inside the general term Britain or British, again blurring the lines of any responsibility, spreading the shame so its not just focused on you or your individual nationality, like a Welsh person saying that as so called British people we are all slandered as sheep shaggers, but the English will say straight away, no that is only specific to you and your nationality. Even Historic terms like English Exceptionalism Click for Link (which means do not have to have any talent, being English is talent enough) are phrased as British Exceptionalism by the English to try to divert from being seen as conceited and self important, diverting any negative connotations of their own nation of England. We are all happy to take Responsibility for Something we did, but to have the Responsibility imposed on you from London by Association when it was not your Decision, most people would find as extremely unreasonable, at best. As Implementing the term 'British' or 'Britain' almost appears to be an attempt to 'DILUTE' any Criticism and 'HIDE' from any Negative Backlash for UK Decisions that could be 'Directly Linked' to the Central London English Establishment and Consequently their Specific Nation? Moreover, in using the term 'Britain' or 'British' on the World Stage the English Establishment seem to want to Portray the Image of a Unified Britain with all UK Nations Equally Treated with Respect and Fairness in a Consenting Union (again almost Trying to Delete Out Forced Colonialism, which is the Reason Why England Still Ultimately Controls the UK to this Day)? However I do think it is a valid point at this stage to highlight that there does appear to be an over use of the word England or English if a Positive event occurs, but also an over reliance on the word British to possibly Spread the Shame if a Negative scenario presents itself. Moreover, Many English People appear to Generally Call Themselves British, to Possibly try to Distance Themselves from England's Some What Questionable Past (Crusades, Colonialism & Slavery that Still has an Impact to this Day in the UK) and Attach Themselves to the Overall Celtic Nations possibly slightly more Positive world wide perception? As many English People appear to be Proud to be British, and/or like the Association with the Celtic Nations, but very Rarely Mention (or even Avoid) if they are Proud to be Specifically English?... Stating the term British all the time also appears to prevent England exploring what is it to English, and what Englishness actually means?... The term and Definition of British appears to be a London enforced term, but any term or Definition of Britishness must be defined with the direct input of all the UK nations equally, including Northern Ireland (using a veto vote for a final definition), it cannot continue be imposed on the other UK nations by England.

As the Celtic Nations have a Vastly Different History to England, and let’s be Honest a more Palatable one?... Then it almost seems as if when an English person, Politician or International Business (or even something as simple as UK award ceremonies Brits, Bafta etc) States or Promotes the Term 'Britain' or 'Britishness', they are almost Trading on the 'Good Name of the Celtic Nations'.  The Good Name of Resilient, Tough, Durable people apparently 'Won Ironically Enough' through their Historical & Ongoing Struggles with England.So when the English Establishment Hijack the Term Britain or British (Brits) they appear to want to Associate themselves with the Tag of people 'Fighting the Good Fight against their Oppressor', when they are actually the Historical and Ongoing Oppressor within the UK!?... As many English people seem to want to Exchange their possibly 'Questionable Name' (so possibly Trying to Delete out Historical Colonialism?) by seeming to 'Hide' their Specific Identity and Origin behind the 'Ambiguity' of the term 'Britain' or "British(the Oxford English Dictionary definition of 'Ambiguity' is, 'Open to More than One Interpretation'). This also appears apparent when many English people seem to attach themselves to another culture, by saying I'm half Irish, Scottish or French, or I am of Jewish heritage, it appears anything but to admit to being purely just English, with all the possible connotations involved? It appears Easy to say You are Proud to be British as an English Person, as the alleged Sins of the English Establishment's Past such as the Crusades, Colonialism and Slavery (which have never been properly acknowledged and dealt with to this day in 2016, meaning that the English people appear to have to Carry their Own Historic Colonial Burden into the Future, unless publicly reconciled) will be Vastly 'Diluted' when you put yourselves into an Equation with Three Other Countries/Nations with their Different Cultures, Histories and Characters. 

Moreover, a Further Reason for the English Establishment to Embrace the term
'British' appears to be the Perception of 'Collective Power'. To Clarify, when discussing in terms of Credibility, when an English Politician uses the word 'Britain' or 'Brits' on the World Stage this term comes with the Credibility and Influence of the Celtic Nations. As Essentially when an English Politician says England then they appear to have Less Credibility and Power on the World Stage than saying Britain or British. The term Britain Infers Not One Nation but Three Nations Combined in a Solid Unity, three Nation’s Perceptions, Power, and Influence as Opposed to One. It does appear that it could be argued that when English people state the term ‘Britain’ or ‘British’ to Represent Themselves, they are attempting to Trade on the Overall Good Name of the Celtic Nations? However, when simply stating the term British as one Homogeneous Group this seems to assume that Britain is an Equal Consenting Collective, all working as One towards the Same Shared Goals, with No Issues of Nationalism or Favouritism of having One Overwhelming Controlling Majority Nation with Three smaller Minority Nations attached? In the past decades (if not Centuries) this could be glossed over by using the English Establishment's London British Media to tell the world that the UK is made of of the Celtic Nations loyalty supporting England as their leaders, in a consenting equal partnership. However, in recent times because of the Internet the truth regarding the UK is beginning to emerge to the outside world of the actual relationship between the Celtic Nations and England, with the one majority population using that population to govern the UK through their version of Democracy with little or no actual consent (Sewel motion for example 1998).

Another Anomaly that appears to present itself regularly concerning the use of the term 'British' through the London based Mainstream Media Bias(the Only Mainstream Media allowed in the UK, the Celtic Nations do not possess any mainstream Media, the power to authorise TV Channels is in London), seems to occur if a Celtic Home Nations person achieves great success on the world stage, but if they Embrace or Promote their 'Individual Celtic Nationality' (which by Definition could be seen by the English Establishment as Deleting England out of any Association or Celebration of certain peoples Talent) then there appears to be a London Media attempt to 'Ignore' or 'Demean' them? For example, the Undefeated Super Middle Weight World Boxing Champion JOE CALZAGHE (in the Hall of Fame in the USA) who is Welsh with Italian ancestry. Who retired Undefeated in 2008, 46-0-0 (Unblemished Record), who also defeated US Legends Roy Jones Junior & Bernard Hopkins in America, the First Boxer to be Undefeated with an Unblemished Record (46-0-0) since Rocky Marciano in the 1950's. Who the London based English UK Media have always appeared to 'Try' to Ignore (Even Now, Never allowed any British TV Commentary or Exposure, almost attempting to Delete him out of Sporting History within Britain?) whilst allegedly attempting to only Focus on their Own English fighters present at the time (Carl Froch, Amir Khan and Ricky Hatton, Anthony Joshua etc). Furthermore, even though Joe Calzaghe was a Regular Three Weight Amateur Champion (ABA) he was Not Allowed to go to the Olympics?!... However, success in the USA (& World Wide) meant it was Eventually Outside of the English Establishment's Direct UK Traditional Media Control. Moreover, just to 'Expand' and 'Explore' this particular point of alleged London based Media Disregard, Isolation & Starving of Publicity (of Non English people from the UK) as this still appears to be Evident (2016) with the Welsh Football (Soccer) Player GARETH BALE (the World's Most Expensive Player in 2013, who Won Four Champions Leagues) who plays for Real Madrid (with Numerous other examples through out UK History John Charles (Soccer) in the 1950's as another simple example)Wales is not permitted any National or International Media so are in the Unenviable and some what Vulnerable position (as you Cannot Defend Yourself) of Having to Rely on the Some One Else's Media (London based English Media) for RebuttalDefenceEndorsement and Support to Raise & Defend a Persons International Profile (the Lack of Support apparently Conspicuous by it's Absence), which means Welsh Stars can be Vulnerable and Isolated to outside personal media slander on their character as there is no media representation from the UK to Defend them or to balance out a debate. This Induced Reliance on the London based Media for Support, is within a Backdrop of an Well Documented Historic and Ongoing Some What Acrimonious Relationship Between the English and the Welsh (Inherited Colonialism)? Given this Some What Historic Acrimonious Relationship, it appears that the English London Based Media Posses Limited Motivation to want to Endorse & Promote a Welsh person and therefore Wales on the International Stage? To Clarify, 'Simply Compare' (just with this One 'Case Study', as there are many More Historic Examples in All Areas of UK Public Life) the London Based Media's Favourable (Positive Regard?) Exposure, Promotion and Support for 'David Beckham' (English) when he played for Real Madrid in 2003-07, there was even a TV Show charting David Beckham's progress on a mainstream channel (& in General), to the Welshman 'Gareth Bale' playing for Real Madrid 2013 & onwards (who has Achieved More than David Beckham Ever Did?!). But if a person is Not English (from the UK) and Earns World Wide Success, then he or she also appears to be Branded as "British" by the London based UK National and International Media, apparently in an Attempt to Associate England with their Success to the World, so Deleting Wales (or other Celtic Nations) out of the conversation, placing the favourable world wide spotlight (good for Tourism and world wide recognition) back onto specifically England? And if the subject of many Non-english people comes up they will often be referred to as British if successful, but Welsh or Scottish if not.                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Furthermore, this Selective Assimilation of the Three Nations within the term ‘Britain’ (four if you discuss the UK) by the Central London English Establishment appears to be also used to provide Credibility for Business with English Companies such as 
British Airways (BA), British Telecom (BT), British Gas, British Aerospace (BAE), British Petroleum (BP), the British Film Industry, the British Media (although No Celtic Nations Countries are also Allowed to Use the 'British Tag' in order to Promote their Companies Nationally & Internationally), amongst many others. Also in the Media with shows like ‘Britain's got talent’ or highlighting the "British" (English) Royal Family or Class Structure in such shows as 'Downton Abbey' or the 'The Crown' (including numerous Films such as 'The Queen' for example) being promoted as British, which Implies the Collective efforts, Reputation, Personalities and populations of Three Nations in order to possibly Sell English their Brand Commercially on the Wider World Markets, of course the Sellers and therefore the Benefactors will be the London based Business & Media. This Analogy could also be likened to ‘Team GB’ in the 2012 Olympics (any Olympics provides a world spotlight on Britishness so gives the opportunity to further project the perception of unity on the world stage), again portraying the Image of a Unified Britain working as Friends and Equal’s with London Fairly Democratically Settled at its Heart (whilst also using the talent of the Celtic Nations to further increase their medal tallies and promote England as the main UK Nation), even though normally away from the intense mass world media spotlight of the Olympics the three Nations of Britain have their own individual sporting national teams. Furthermore, there also appears Evidence that The English Establishment have almost Hijacked the term British to Describe themselves and also the Union Jack. In an attempt, possibly, to move away from any perceived 'Negative Baggage' associated with the name England and the St.George Cross flag, almost a possible Re-branding of England to Disengage from their Colonial Past? Indeed, when the English do want to try to 'Laugh at Themselves', or give the impression of being 'Self Deprecating', they tend to again use the term British, as it Minimises any Direct Negative Association to themselves specifically (Dilutes), 'Brits Abroad', 'Racism in British Football' for example. As the term Sheep Shagger is directly aimed at Welsh people specifically, it is not aimed at the so called "British" as one vague homogenous group of Nations.   

Moreover, Quite Disturbingly in Today’s Modern World (2016) with the perceived threat of terrorism (remember, one man’s terrorist maybe another man’s freedom fighter?) it does appear very telling that the London Based English UK Wide Media appear to promote terrorists that Derive from England as 'British'? Describing these people as British appears to Divert the Attention Away from the Obvious but possibly Embarrassing Question that must be asked by Some English Communities (& the London English Establishment as a Whole) of themselves, and that is ‘Why are so many English people willing to Lay Down their Lives to Destroy their Own Birth Country’? No Welsh, Scottish or Northern Irish Born Person has Ever Bombed or Attacked their 'Own Birth Country'. What Environment is Possibly being created in Some areas of England that incubates such Hatred of their own Nation and Culture? A further possible Unexplored Contributing Factor could be the use of the Commonly used term in the London based apparent English Establishment Controlled British Media and Politicians, of Britain being a
'Tolerant Society'. Quite clearly, you only Tolerate something you do not want, as Clarified by the Oxford English Dictionary, to Tolerate - 'To Allow the Existence or Occurrence of (Something One Dislikes or Disagrees with) Without Interference'. To Suggest (or Infer) to Another Human Being that they are Merely 'Tolerated' (Not Welcome, even though they may have been born in that Country) is Clearly Disrespectful and as a 'Basic Starting Point' appears to Send Out a Strong Message of Resentment and Otherization (would You like to be merely 'Tolerated' in any setting you were in?...). Yet this Constant 'Catchphrase', of Britain is a 'Tolerant Society' continues through Mainstream Politicians and the London based British Media, which appears to Clearly Divide the UK into the 'Tolerated' (Bad Minority) and the 'Tolerant' (Good Majority)?!                             

However, when appearing to Hide behind the apparent Ambiguous term of 'British' (remember England can even be described as a different Race & Ethnic group to that of the other Celtic Home Nations, so the so called 'British' appear to certainly Not be all One group of people with similar Cultures, Ancestry, Attitudes & Histories, see 'What is Britishness' Above) obvious Questions and Anomalies may never have the Opportunity to be Fully Examined and Explored in an Honest and Open Manner, and therefore a Solution to the Problem may Never be Properly Sought or Concluded. It is quite pertinent to note that quite recently (to this text being created) in 2013 in Kenya, a shopping mall had been attacked, it is suggested that a lady from London England nick named the ‘White Widow’ was the mastermind behind the attack. However, this attack
(like many others since and no doubt the many to follow) could have been an Appropriate Opportunity to Hold a Full and Frank Debate Open Public  on Why it is that an apparent Significant and Disproportionate Proportion of Specifically English Born people ('Per Capita', as compared to population) appear to hold such Strong Anti-western Views. It could just be that England has more Muslims than the other Celtic Home Nations, and that London (the 'Capital of England') is seen as the Epicentre of Britain? However, I Suppose this apparent obvious 'Avoidance Scenario' would be like Sweden (For Example) possessing a possible issue with Indigenous radical terrorists coming out of their Country, but Describing any terrorists as 'Scandinavian'. When making this possible statement then Sweden would have just Confused the Issue and therefore Complicated any Possible Answers, by Hinting (to Avoid any Direct National Embarrassment) that it may be any One of Three Nation's, Norway, Denmark or Sweden (the Scandinavian Countries) that has the Main Specific Issue?...                                                 
These numbers of so called 'Active' terrorists do not appear to be historically evident as much from the Celtic Home Nations Communities ('per Capita', when comparing numbers to size of population) as the Celtic Nations have Never been Intentionally Directly Attacked (the Glasgow attacker, Bilal Abdulah who was English Born in Buckinghamshire, in 2007 was apparently heading towards Leeds and was cornered by the UK Police in Glasgow Airport) and No 'Genuine' (born & raised) Celtic Home Nations person has Ever 'Actively' Carried out a Direct terrorist attack in the UK. To Further Clarify, the so called Far Right Attacker of the Finsbury Park Mosque in London 'Darren Osborne' (2017), was an Englishman Born & Raised in 'Western Super Mare' (England) who just Happened to be Located in Wales at the Time. Again the Simple Answer may be because the Celtic Home Nations have Less Muslims, with Drastically Smaller Population's than England (& therefore Less Opportunity for Radicalisation) who may also be further seen as just 'Fringe Players' within the UK Power Hierarchy, or Alternatively it could be that the Celtic Home Nations as Fellow Minority groups in the UK have a Predominantly Natural Empathy to other associated Minority groups, and as a result may operate under a slightly more Respectful and Welcoming (Not Tolerant, to tolerate is to not want it there but you have to put up with it) Framework, a framework that if Researched and Identified (through a Review or Inquiry) could be replicated by England (and through their Media)? But in Not Opening this Subject Area Up for Serious Honest and Open 'Public' Debate, or a Public Review and Inquiry 
(When your Open and Honest you Usually Find that People are Open and Honest in 'Return'), and Instead Opting to try to Downplay and Hide this Obvious Anomaly through historically describing any terrorists coming out of England as British (to apparently Minimise any Embarrassment and avoid specifically England being possibly perceived Internationally as an incubator for extremism?), who are English citizens born & raised in England, Disproportionately wanting to hurt their Own Nation and People (birth place) a 'Learning Opportunity' may well be being 'Continuously Avoided' (due to being slightly Embarrassed?). Surely with such a Serious Subject Matter where Peoples Lives are at stake 'All Avenues' Need to be Explored regardless if anyone feels embarrassed or not, as it appears that No other Source is Offering any other Original Options or avenues for Genuine Answers at this point (2016)?  You can only get an honest in-depth answer if you approach the subject in an honest and in-depth manner.                                                                                        

​​When asking these Difficult and Awkward Questions to Establish 'Why' these possible scenarios may exist in an Honest, Humble and Genuinely Inquisitive manner with NO Underlying Agenda (so Look at your own Side of the Street First for Explanation & Answers, not seeking as a First Response to Avoid, or Cover Up Blame and possible Embarrassment), then People and Resources can be put into Specific Areas, along with the Motivation to Embrace a much needed Change of 'Approach' and 'Attitude' towards Minority UK Groups (mainly through the British Media) to Counter these Thought Processes Developing at Source (which needs to start from the so called Top Down, remember that apparently 'A Fish Rots from the Head Down'). But yet again this English woman in Kenya, Born and Raised in London has been described as 'British' not specifically English, and yet again the 'Obvious' but Embarrassing Questions do Not appear to have been Asked by the English Establishment (we must all remember that being slightly Embarrassed or Uncomfortable in the Search for Genuine Answers is of Nothing when Compared to Peoples Lives!). As a Result the Situation of predominantly Indigenous English born people turning to extremism out of the UK Looks Certain to Remain Unchecked and Ongoing, unless 'All' Possible Avenues for Answers and Explanations are Explored leaving all sensitivities and propaganda aside, whether those avenues are Awkward, Embarrassing or Uncomfortable for the central English Establishment or not. Indeed it could be argued that they Need Exploring Because they may be Awkward, Embarrassing and Uncomfortable (sometimes, 'Pain is the Biggest Motivator to Change'), Ignoring or Hiding something never makes it go away, indeed when a person ignores (avoids) a situation it tends to only get worse.   


Moreover, in this some what 'Unusual UK Structure' where by 'Four Individually Internationally Recognised Nations' have been Historically Forced to 'Fully' Create just One Supposed Singular Country (as an apparent Result of Colonialism & Empire). This then appears to Place Wales (& the other UK Celtic Nations) at an apparent Unequal 'Sub State' Level within the UK, which is to say, 'a Subdivision of a State, Nation or Country, 'Within a Larger Political Entity', with Varying Degrees of Autonomy Depending on Context' (Oxford English Dictionary). Therefore making any possible 'Nationalistic Tendencies' within the UK significantly more 'Damaging' than if it were Between Separate Independently Managed Countries (Particularly when One Nation has so much More Systemic Power and Population than the Others)? (see 'Wales in Purgatory?' in heading above for some possible ongoing Bias examples?). As there seems to be an Inherent Underlying Traditional Central London English Establishment (Anglo-Saxon) 'Nationalism' within Britain (although it is Normal to have Pride in Your Own Nation, but Not when it's to the Detriment of Others), which is the Dictionary 'Version' of Nationalism Based on 'Favour' or 'Unfair Bias' (Using their Historical Dominance of the UK to Primarily Favour their Own Nation) to the Exclusion or Detriment of Other UK Nations (English Oxford Living Dictionary). However, this well known Dictionary Defined 'Favour Version' of Nationalism is 'Never Highlighted' on the London British Media (there are Specifically 'Only Two Versions' of Nationalism in any Recognised Dictionary, the 'First one' Based on 'Favour of your Own Nation', and 'Second' Based on 'Independence'), whilst the London English Establishment Simultaneously at the Same Time appear to Constantly Publicly Present Themselves as Dedicated Unionists? An English Nationalism that then Seems to Filter Down to Some Sections of their English Population, which appears to also then Extend a Negative Perception of 'Other Nations' & 'Peoples', as possibly Evidenced with Brexit? Apparently Further Evidenced with the Fact that there are No Right Wing Nationalist Political Parties (such as 'UKIP', the 'BNP' or the 'EDL', along with people like 'Nigel Farage' who appears to be the Embodiment of Negative English Nationalism, as a few apparent examples) in any of the other Celtic UK Nations, only England? (See p55 of the Free Electronic Book above under 'The apparent Contradiction of the English Establishment?' section)It appears that the Difference Between any possible English or Celtic Nationalism within the UK is that Celtic Nationalism revolves around Independence (the Need for 'Change', Forced to Seek a More 'Equal Future'), but English Nationalism appears to Revolve around Maintaining all the Historical Advantages of the Traditional Colonialist UK System, the 'Status Quo' ('No Change', whilst Constantly appearing to be Looking Back to Relive the 'Past' Glories of Empire)? 

To Clarify, although Henry the 7th (1447-1509) was Born in an English held castle in Wales (too English parents), when King (through his English bloodline) he quickly forgot any Welsh association. Actually it was his Son Henry the 8th (Born in London, with all the following Royal Tudor Line Born in England) that Fully Annexed Wales in 1542. In fact, although the Tudor Name can be traced back to North Wales, the Tudor Name had already been Conquered and 'Submitted' to England (through Tudur Hen 1278, Click for Link) with the invasion by Edward the 1st, 'Longshanks'. Owain Tudur (the grandfather of Henry the 7th) Anglicized his name to become Owen Tudor. The Tudor (Tudor Rose) Emblem is made up of the Red Rose of Lancaster and the White Rose of York, both places in England, united after the English Civil War (War of the Roses), and have nothing to do with Wales. So to say that the Tudor Dynasty was Welsh is a bit of a stretch to say the least, but I can understand why London would want to promote this narrative in more recent times to try to infer that Wales had some sort of say in the corridors of Power based in London (which they Evidently did Not), remember that the History of the Conquered always gets Written by the Conqueror.

So does the British Empire Still Exist? Well Yes, but as it 'Always Was' in the Beginning (before being 'Rebranded' by London), the English Empire. But as 'History appears to Demonstrate' as with most previous Empires, the Power and Expansion seems to go Round in a Full Circle, with Each Layer Peeling Back Over Time, and then Eventually Coming Round to the Beginning. Apparently suggesting that in the End, as in the Beginning, there maybe just England remaining (in the Absence of a Modern Genuine Equality), even then in the Continued Absence of Genuine Equality from Central London, England could then run the risk of breaking up Internally (with Yorkshire & Cornwall as apparent existing factional examples within England, indeed Cornwall with its Celtic background could end up amalgamating with one of the other Celtic Nations)? 

So 'When Do' do the English Establishment Finally 'Move On' from Empire (which can Never be done Again due to World Wide Mechanisms put in place such as the UN & the Emergence of New Superpowers) and Embrace a New Modern Britain 'Moving On' into the Future, with Each Recognised Celtic Nation Treated as Equal Partners and not as Historic Colonial Servants to be Restricted and Exploited, as this Constant Traditional Colonialist English Nationalistic Attitude Drives Division and Ultimately Celtic IndependencePerhaps the most 'World Wide Public Example' of the London English Establishment Authorities Historical Nationalism in the UK (Apart From the Easily Evidenced London English Establishment Systemic Bias & Restrictions Within the UK, see 'Wales in Purgatory?' heading above for some examples), is the Central London English Establishment's Historic Insistence on Separate International Sporting Teams (England Creating their own Nations Sports Teams 'First' with the other UK Nations then Having to Follow Suit) Representing and therefore 'Differentiating' and 'Separating' the Various Nations within the UK. Obviously making Success for each Nation more Difficult on the World Stage as the 'Representative Available Pool' is then Split Four Ways (the Only Country in the World that has Separate National Sporting Teams!)? Although 'All Nationalism' Whether through Subtle 'Systemic' 'National Favour' (the English Establishment 'Version' within the UK) or 'Overt' Well Publicised 'National Independence' (the Celtic 'Version') is 'Toxic' Within a Union of Recognised Nations (as it Creates a 'Them & Us' Culture). Nonetheless in order to provide a Fair and Balanced Society Both Forms of Nationalism must be Equally Highlighted and Available for Debate, as they appear to be 'Strongly Interconnected' (Only Telling Half the UK Story by Only Focusing Negatively on Celtic Independence Nationalism (as Divisive), Without Acknowledging your Own Version of Nationalism (which is just as Divisive), can Never be Acceptable)!? However, it does seem Reasonable to Suggest that the Most Powerful Dominant Majority Leading Nation Within any Union Should be the Ones with the Responsibility of Setting the Equality Example? As in order to try (if the Motivation actually Exists as it will Require Giving up Some Powers and Advantages to Create Equality) to Unify and Develop an all Inclusive Core 'British Identity''Actions Speak Louder than Words', just Saying your a Unionist Without Evidenced Actions and Systems Backing that Up, in Today's Internet World that can Now Publicly Platform Inequality and Bias, Counts for Very Little... 

Many governments are reluctant to define poverty as it may highlight issues or undermine them, the most rounded definition of 'Poverty' may be the World Dank Organisation, 'The most commonly used way to measure poverty is based on incomes. A person is considered poor if his or her income level falls below some minimum level necessary to meet basic needs. This minimum level is usually called the "poverty line". What is necessary to satisfy basic needs varies across time and societies. Therefore, poverty lines vary in time and place, and each country uses lines which are appropriate to its level of development, societal norms and values." The World Bank Organisation.So Poverty is relative to your location or society depending on the national average (in the UK, the UK average), as London have split poverty into Absolute (not meeting basic needs) or Relative poverty (not the same as national UK average), but they are still both Poverty, but now statistically separated, so lowering the poverty rates (Statistics) in one foul swoop. Moreover, UK poverty can be easily disguised by London Subtly trying to compare poverty in some African countries for example, to the UK, but poverty is relative to the country you live in, so most people who are in poverty in the UK may compare poverty to other countries examples (which could be relatively normal in that country), so do not know, that even though they cannot afford the basics (Food Banks), or to be able to participate in society fully because of lack of money, they feel that they are not in poverty (or cannot complain in all good conscience to being in poverty) because of the comparisons they may naturally make to what they see on TV? So Without an All Encompassing Definitive Definition of Poverty, All Poverty can be seen as on the Same Sliding Scale of Measurement across all Countries and Societies​​​​​​​​​​​, regardless of Location, which appears to Minimise the Devastating Affects of Relative Poverty for Billions of people across the World (even in so called Wealthy Countries).
In addition, It appears Pertinent to Note at this Point that the Newest Piece of Equality Legislation in the UK 
(the Equality Act 2010) that Combines previous UK Discrimination Legislation does Not Include 'Discrimination' Based on the Grounds of UK 'Nationality' (although since 2014 the Celtic Nations have since been Identified as a Separate 'Race' to Anglo-Saxon England) or 'Class' (a Person's Social or Economic Status). The Nine Worthy areas Protected are Race, Age, Disability, Gender Reassignment, Religion, Sex, Sexual Orientation, Civil Marriage and Maternity Pregnancy, however Not 'Nationality or Class'. Pertinent as these Omissions of 'Protection from Discrimination' Based on 'Nationality or Class' (the English Establishment Authorities in London Make UK Law) seem to Demonstrate an 'Intent' to Continue to Allow Historical UK 'Discrimination and Bias' Based on a Person's Nationality or Class Hierarchy. Particularly Important in a Country 'Fully' Made Up of 'Four Individually Recognised Nations'?... As UK Business Leaders Fund UK Elections for the Politicians, who then make UK Law for the Businesses to be Less Regulated and Less Taxed (a cosy club)? 'Policy is the shadow big business casts over society' 
Noam Chomsky.

​Moreover, many people have wondered  that with so much obvious inequality in the world, why do the masses not react against it? The answer appears to be in 'Maslow's Hierachy of Need'?  To Clarify, the average working person must cater for their basic needs which is food, clothing, water, warmth, rest and housing, along with then safety and security. The Capitalist society that we live in ensures that in order to maintain these essentials the average person has to work and focus all their efforts on paying bills, loans and mortgages to maintain these basic needs. Areas such as Self Esteem and Self actualization that are higher up on the Maslow triangle can only be focused on once the basic needs are permanently met and secured. This might account for many of the the prominent thinkers in history coming from wealthy backgrounds or with wealthy sponsors, permanently securing their basic needs allowing them time to think, as a Christian my needs are met, but as this is not a theological text no explanation is required.

London appear to create the Narrative through their Media of an Imbalance in wealth in Wales between the North and the South, pitting North against South with the age old tactic of 'Divide and Conquer', saying that the South get all the money and power and the North get nothing. To 'Deflect Responsibility' for any uneven wealth in Wales away from London who hold the Historical Purse Strings to create a direct Motorway and Railway Link Connecting North and South Wales through the Spine of Wales (if they wanted too), to spread any Welsh wealth through the whole of Wales to help solve this problem (even though Wales as a whole is comparably poor), with England further solving their own North South divide through their new HS2 (High Speed Rail) Rail Link, along side the already existing extensive Rail and Motorway Network Links between the North and South of England. 

The Historically Exploitation of other peoples acquired land's resources evidenced even within Wales (indeed the initial Celtic nations subjugation created the Blueprint for England's later Colonial actions Worldwide), with individually owned and run Wealthy Royal appointed English Landowners, Baron Penrhyn, Click for Link from Liverpool (the peerage of Ireland & the UK in 1783 & 1866), then this Land being handed down through their generations, regards Profits of Welsh Slate for example (Always 'Follow the Money' to Find the 'Source of Exploitation'), along with other further individual examples including Welsh Coal, Lime and Iron that Fueled the Industrial Revolution.  

Although, this perceived Ineffectiveness from Welsh Politicians to Improve Welsh Prosperity or even just Defend Wales against Derogatory Racial Slander (Bestiality) may well result in the Wider Welsh Public Questioning the point of a Welsh Assembly, and as a Consequence may even Risk the Continued Long Term Future Existence of this apparent Valuable and Hard Fought Resource? (It Is Not Enough for Welsh Politicians Just to be Happy to be There, Becoming a Politician is 'Not' the End of your Journey, it is just the Beginning!!...). In response, ​it does appear Self Evident that the some what Unexplored World regarding the process of 'Howthese Welsh Politicians, who Should be a Strong Competent Voice for Wales, are 'Selected as Candidates', Needs to be more 'Transparent and Inclusive' so the average person can publicly see a Clear Route to being a Politician. As obviously if a Candidate is Mysteriously put Forward by the Nameless Faceless people in the Background (by their London Superiors for Mainstream Political Parties in Wales) for a Seat in Wales and for Wales in the UK Parliament , then because most Seats in Wales are Mainstream London Political Party 'Safe Seats' they will be Elected, as who ever is put forward as a candidate for a particular mainstream London based party will win regardless of ability or talent (People tend to Vote for the Party Not the Person, as all Mainstream London Political Parties have full British Media Support, the Others Do Not). In Essence then again Far From Being a Democratic process, it appears that who ever (the anonymous people behind the scenes) has chosen that person for the Safe Seat has essentially Autonomously Chosen that areas Democratically Elected Representation (Candidates should be Put Forward by the Public and Voted for using New Technology Online Before they even become Considered as up for a Final Selection Group, to then be Voted on again online, before a Final Candidate is reached as an Official Candidate for a Mainstream Political Party in any Formal Election)?!... As at Present Welsh people as a Whole can Elect a representative but they Cannot Select one(Can Elect but Not Select?). As predominantly the Quality of Politician that Wales have produced over the years (their Representation) is Quite Clearly Lacking, since Many of them seem 'Sensitive' and 'Precious' Unable to even Stand Up for Themselves, let alone for their Nation?!... Common Sense, Natural Confidence, and the Ability to Think on their Feet (Quick Wit), with the Basic Capacity to possess the 'Courage' to Engage with and Publicly Explore the often Delicate and sometimes even Embarrassing 'Wider Issues' that have Historically & Continuously Blocked and Hindered Welsh Prosperity 'As A Whole' over the Decades (if not Centuries), would be an acceptable Basic Starting Point (Not just attention by successive MP's & AM's on Only their Basic Day to Day Narrow Personal or Constituency Interests, if you really want Improve the Life's of your Constituencies then Focus on the Bigger Picture).   

​​Basic Common Sense appears to make it 'Self-Evident' that the Historically 'Poor Welsh Economy' and Constant 'Racial Slander'​ can be Directly 'Linked' to the UK Media Enforced Association with a 'Disrespectful', 'Rude', & 'Debauched' Racial Lie. This Racial Slander appears to Create a 'Less Than Favourable' Wider World Public 'Image' (Wales Has A Serious Imposed Image Problem)!. As Common Sense appears to Dictate that many people might be Instinctively 'Put Off(& Judging by the Fact that Wales has Less Tourism than anywhere else in the UK seems to be a major Factor?) Visiting, Studying or Investing in a Place where they have Heard that the People and their Nation are apparently Portrayed as being Ridiculed, Weak or even Sexual Deviants?... (Racial and National Slander is almost like getting a Solid & Permanent One Star on 'Trip Advizor' with Permanent Negative Feedback, as Slander of a Nations Reputation provides an overall Negative Image of that place, even before Tourists look into individual Welsh Destinations?). Which 'Must' Directly Impact 'Welsh Tourism', look at the Power we all place on Other Peoples Perceptions of a place through resources such as 'Trip Advizor' (Tourism Worth a Potential 'Additional' £Billions of Pounds Annually for Wales), which as a Direct Consequence Negatively Impacts Welsh Peoples Overall Potential Prosperity (Wales Consistently has the Least Tourism in the UK)!.. To Clarify, when a Person (Tourist) does some Natural Internet Research (& Social Media Inquiries or Sometimes even through Direct Word of Mouth, as We All Do when Deciding Where to Visit) on Wales as a place to Spend their Precious Time, Effort and Money to Visit or Not (when in the UK), and when Further Considering all the other Viable Alternatives in the UK, with Scotland 'Predominantly' being Known For having Braveheart, England their Monarchy and Northern Ireland Linked into Ireland's History of struggle with Empire, and Welsh people Known for Sheep Shagging (Bestiality)? Remember that a Brand or an Image is 'What people say about you when your Not in the Room'. As a Consequence of this Constantly 'Unchallenged' English Establishment Media Lie regarding the Welsh people this 'CRUDE' Negative Propaganda (Indeed Considered by Many as One of the Crudest Racial Slander Terms in the World) would be One of the 'First' things that will 'Eventually' Come Up on a World Wide Google Search, or even on Social Media Conversations Regarding Wales and the Welsh People. Making Wales being 'Predominantly' Known for Bestiality. But 'Most Importantly' with this Slander Term Remaining Publicly 'Unchallenged' as a Lie, People may Only Assume that it is a True Reflection of all Welsh People and Wales??!... 

Although, judging by the recent Official London Proposed 'UK Internal Markets Bill (2020)', regarding Brexit (as an Example), that London are even Officially Publicly Contemplating using (as an apparent Threat to the EU in Negotiations, which essentially could be seen as a Tool of Black Mail, do what we want or we will do this, and then to 'Amend it after it is Not Needed, or if it did Not Work, or there are any Direct Unintended Negative International Consequences', to then try to save Reputation afterwards, which Provides a Unique Public 'Snap Shot' into the Inner workings of how London operate). However, even Seriously Publicly Contemplating, and Intentionally Preparing the Necessary Legislative Tools to Break International Law, if Required, means that the International Damage has already been Done, which by London's Own Admission Breaks International Law, as with many Laws, just the Intent to Break the Law, and then Equipping Yourself with the Necessary Tools to Break that Law, is in itself a Criminal Offence (which is Unprecedented as London Usually just Deny or Ignore, but Uniquely this time the other side also have their Own Unimpeded Independent Media to highlight any illegal or immoral activity, unlike between the Four UK Nations, with the Easily Evidenced London Media Monopoly). As the Proposed Internal Markets Bill (2020) goes against what London had previously agreed with the EU, so Reneging on their word (indeed, if London feel they can do this with the Powerful EU with No Consequences, Imagine what they can do, and have done, to the Celtic Nations, who London effectively Control, and who have NO fully Independent Mainstream Media to Highlight any Historic or Ongoing Injustice). Although, I suspect that the International Community, through International Laws such as Democratic Consent, and Free Speech through the Media (for Example) will have Different Ideas, and Ultimately will Prevail, as London is now in Greater Isolation in the World through leaving the EU which reduces London's power to influence from the inside, and particularly as the World is now a smaller place with the advent of the Internet, as Evidence can now be provided Unimpeded to the World. At this point I would like to Formerly Welcome the International Community into the Celtic Nations World, if only for a 'Brief Moment', with London in Westminster, and therefore England, under the Guise of the UK, acting 'Unilaterally' Without Other Internationally Recognised Nations Consent, a Habit and Mind set that appears to have been fully formed with the Celtic Nations over the Centuries, to this Day, which can be Easily Evidenced, and is Well Documented, a well established, English 'them and us' Nationalism (Anglo-Saxon), not just with all the other countries around the World, but also with the Celtic Nations, within the so called London Branded United Kingdom, with a constant Easily Evidenced favourable bias towards their own Nation or Race, meaning that at this point the idea of the UK staying together would be almost next to impossible unless their is a significant change in London's attitude and mind set, its like treating your partner constantly unfairly in a marriage, but then still expecting them to stay with you, particluarly as now force cannot be used to ensure compliance, due to bigger world powers now taking prominence.

​​Again, using the Power of that Scarce Commodity of 'Common Sense' for a Moment, do you Think that this Crude Historic Negative Public Propaganda Labelling 'Helps or Hinders' Wales's Selling Potential to Overseas  'Would Be' Tourists (or even Internally within Britain) in a Tourist Industry Worth a Potential additional '£Billions of Pounds' to the Welsh Economy as Demonstrated in other UK Nations (Wales Historically & Consistently has the Lowest Tourism numbers in the UK?), with Wales already Historically the Poorest Nation in the UK, with some of the Poorest areas in Europe!?... Tourism Being Vital to Every Economy in the World (Even the Wealthy One's) as it is Worth an Additional £Billions Annually for Each Nation. Again using that Scarce Commodity of 'Common Sense', surely there must be a Plausible Reason why Wales 'Continuously' and 'Historically' has Significantly 'Less Tourism' than Anywhere Else in the UK, as Wales has just as Beautiful Scenery, Coastline and Interesting History as any other part of the UK? Indeed Northern Ireland and Scotland also do not own their own UK Media to Publicise Themselves but still do well regarding Tourism? Furthermore, Regarding Diaspora's (Descendants Living Abroad) Ireland, Scotland and Wales have relatively Similar Small Populations (Scotland approx 5 Million, Ireland approx 5 Million and Wales approx 3 million), actually Northern Ireland (a Nation that also has more Tourism than Wales) only has 1.8 million population. 

Clearly the Children of Wales today are the Welsh Adults of the Next Generation and Directly Represent the Economic and Social Future Prospects for Wales (If you Tolerate this 'Derogatory Labelling' now, then your Children​ and Grandchildren Will be Next). To Ensure a Bold, Confident Wales that can Thrive and Prosper in the Modern World that has become a lot Smaller because of Technology, this Slander term needs to be pushed against at every turn using the 'Power of the Truth' (The Oxford English Dictionary Definition of the term 'Truth' is stated as, 'That Which is True or in Accordance with Fact or Reality') to Help Mitigate any Form of possible Shame or Discomfort Developing for Simply Just Happening to be Welsh!!... Through also Implementing the Various Pieces of Law that already Exist in the UK Designed to Promote British Unity, such as the Race Relations Act 1976 & Equality Act 2010 (as well as Laws in 'Europe' & 'UN International Laws' to Prosecute Racist's & Liar's on a Hierarchical Scale). Although the 'Motivation' to Directly Prosecute​ or Financially Support Welsh Citizens to Implement Existing National & International Laws through Welsh Authorities Needs to be Present from within Wales. The ability to Prosecute for Racial Slander may be Achieved by providing the  the Financial Ability for all 'Welsh Citizens' to Prosecute 'British Media' Figures and their Companies for Racial Slander, 'to Include All Welsh Resident Ethnic and Minority Groups', through Access to an all Wales Citizen's 'Cultural Defence Legal Fund' (CDLF) to Create a Financial 'Bridge' from 'Person to Legislation', as Free 'Legal Aid' is usually always Not allowed for Slander Cases in the UK (See 'How can Wales be Improved' under 'What is Britishness' heading above for more Detail on a CDLF). Otherwise the Law and UK Justice System could be seen as at Best Ineffective and Only available to the Wealthy, but at Worst simply paying 'Lip Service' and being Complicit to Negative Racist Stereotyping and Abuse (as well as any Associated Discrimination and Inequality), and therefore even appearing to Condone it?!... 

​In order to Finally Change this Historic Outward Public Image an advertising campaign Needs to Address the Welsh Sheep Shagger Bestiality Lie Directly But on Wales' Terms, Finally Taking the Power of the Slander Away, but in a Subtle manner that Demonstrates Wales as the Honest Minority Stoic people Not getting Bitter in the Face of Constant Racial Slander, being Historically Oppressed by the apparent Powerful Nasty Dishonest Nameless Faceless Elites in London (the Same Historic Narrative as Scotland & Ireland), with a Slogan for Wales being (for example) of 'For the Truth Seekers' (as who does not seek the Truth?). Let's be Honest all Other Expensive Advertising Campaigns Promoting Wales, although even Cinematically Great, have Consistently and Ultimately 'Failed' in Raising Tourism Numbers (in Fact Tourism and Tourist Spending Figures in Wales have Continuously and Historically Stagnated or Gone Down when Compared to the Rest of the UK's Tourism Figures which have Continued to go Up Significantly. Tourism is an Important part of many Countries Economies, even the Wealthy Ones. Unless the Welsh People Rewrite the Externally Imposed National and International Narrative of Wales they will Continue to Suffer Less Prosperity, and the Subtle but Ultimately Destructive Psychological Impact of Constant Crude Slander. This 'Unique Historic Welsh Problem' in the UK, of Lack of Tourists (Overseas Students & Business) appears Directly Because the Overriding Historic UK London Media Imposed Crude Negative Public Narrative Regarding Wales Still Exists Unchallenged... Remember to 'Keep Your Eyes on the Prize' here (the Importance of this Subject Matter) with a Potential Additional £Billions of Pounds Every Year for the Welsh Economy, which would be Crucial to the Historic and Ongoing Ailing Welsh Economy, which appears be the Difference Between Continued Hardship or Relative Wealth for the Welsh People!... To reiterate, the apparent Historic Negative Impact of Racial Slander on Welsh Tourism & Business is Easily Evidenced by the Fact that Wales Historically and Continuously has the 'Least Tourism' out of all the Four UK Nations (& also has the 'Least Private Sector Business Creation, Wealth & Investment', with continuously the Most over Reliance on State Funded Public Sector Jobs in the UK as a Result).  As Clarified by the English Establishment Billionaire Businessman 'Richard Branson', 'All You Have In Business Is Your Reputation', and also further Specified by Baltasar Gracian (Spanish Philosopher), 'A Single Lie Can Destroy a Whole Reputation of Integrity'...        

It does appear quite Noticeable however, that the 'London Based UK Wide Mainstream National Media's' (in Broadcasting & Print) when mentioning an"Establishment" or an "Elite" in British Society with Ultimate Power in the UK, seem Hesitant to Expose the'Identity', 'Location' and 'Nationality' of these supposed Powerful UK figures? It does seem that Highlighting Specifically the London based 'English Establishment' in the British Mainstream Media, as opposed to continuously pushing the Vague and Ambiguous terms of 'The Establishment', 'British Establishment', 'The Political Class'. 'The Political Establishment', 'The Political Elite' or an 'Elite in Society', which could Highlight,  or Confirm that Power and Influence in the UK could be Bias and held Solely in London, possibly only ever Ultimately Favouring their Own Majority tribes Interests, at the apparent Historic & Ongoing Expense of Wales and the other Celtic Home Nations (as apparently Further Evidenced through Comparing England's Vast Income with Wales via Population & Landmass sizes, with England's allocation at £700 Billion a year & the Welsh allocation at £15 Billion a year, see 'Equality Indicator' under 'Wales in Purgatory' Heading Above for more detail). It does appear to be 'OBVIOUS' that In order for Wales to Finally achieve a level of Equality with England in the future, they Must First Begin by Establishing Who are the Historic & Ongoing Enemy to their future Equality & Prosperity in the UK, As Historic & Ongoing Welsh Inequality Does Not Happen 'Accidentally!' it Requires Planning and Forethought (if it did happen Accidentally, then Wales Over the Decades would have had Periods of Inequality and Equality 'Randomly!'). In Essence then, you Cannot Challenge Oppression and Restriction if you Fail to Firstly Identify Who Specifically are apparently Oppressing you!?... However, this may be more Difficult than it First appears as the Cloak of Anonymity Created through Total UK Mainstream Media Dominance (Remember Scandals such as 'English Establishment' Tax Avoidance (2016/17), using British Overseas Territories, were Exposed Outside of the UK Media (the Paradise Files), Not by the UK London Based Media) seems to be the London based 'English Establishments' Most Crucial Strategy. To put in simple terms, if a group of people are doing something possibly Immoral and Underhand in the Shadows (Tax Avoidance for example, with alleged Historic English Establishment Figureheads such as the Queen & Prince Charles exposed in 2017 & David Cameron's (Prime Minister 2010-2016) Family in 2016), placing the Spotlight of Focus on that Group in Society, particularly when operating within a supposed Equal Union, is the last thing they want. Although, with all the Easily Accessible Evidence available(some areas of which highlighted in this literature), the actuality of a London Based English Establishment Historically and Continuously Controlling Wales (to England's best advantage), could quite possibly be the World's 'Worst' best kept secret?!... I suppose Evidencing Welsh Inequality from the English Establishment is like Building a Legal Case against a person who will Not (or Cannot) Ever Admit that they are Guilty?... Still relatively easy to Prove through Evidence and Historic Behaviour Patterns but apparently purposely made more Difficult than it Needs to be in the Absence any Co-operation or Ownership, and with the apparent ongoing Intentional 'Omission' of Salient Facts (through their London Media).  Indeed, just to further Highlight, when London Politicians repeatedly State the Term 'In the National Interests' (the Plural would be, 'In the Nation's Interests'), as there are actually Four Internationally Recognised Nations that make up the UK.                                                                                                                 

It does appear however, to be only Human Nature to want to look after your own first, as it does seem that essentially Every 'London' Based Political Party in 'Britain' can be Described as Essentially an'English Nationalist Party'not just 'UKIP' (Nigel Farage) the Main 'Obvious English Nationalist Party' with their Main Logo as the 'English Lion', although they also apparently pretend not to be (even UK Labour have an 'English Rose' as their main Logo). A Nationalist Party is to say 'Wants What is Best for their Own Nation of England First and Foremost', which again does appear to be a basic human instinct (Acceptable in a Separate Individual Country, although Certainly Not as Part of a Union, the UK), but at least be Honest about it (however, when Obvious Scenario's appear to be Hidden or Purposely Ignored they then seem to take on a more Sinister aspect)!? When referring to the 'English Dictionary Definition' of the term 'UNION' (as in the 'United' Kingdom) it is Stated as 'A Society or Association Formed by People with a Common Interest or Purpose', so anything Not for the Common Purpose of 'Everyone' in that 'UNION', with One Powerful Nation Favouring their Own Interests, appears to Obviously take that Association Out of the Identity of being a 'UNION' into the description of 'NATIONALISM' (and of course the Definition of 'UNION' assumes a group of people 'Initially' coming together through a 'Free Willing Democratic Process, which was Not the case with Britain, with the Act of Union in 1707?...').  Always be minded of the quote from Mohatma Ghandhi when he Stated the Order and Process of Breaking Oppression and achieving Equality (Ironically enough with the same London English Establishment foe), 'First they Ignore you, then they Laugh at you, then they Fight you, then you Win'.                            

Moreover, It does appear no coincidence that there is a complete Absence of any Mainstream London Political Party that 'Openly' promotes and represents 'English Nationalism'(a 'Mainstream' English Nationalist Party, although there is currently UKIP and the BREXIT Party) in Britain. Similar to the Other Two Nations in Britain, with Wales (Plaid Cymru) and Scotland (SNP), who are Open and Honest regarding their Nationalist Intentions in Britain (and as a Result of Obvious Bias Only Seek Election within their Own Respective Nation's of Wales & Scotland, Not the Whole of Britain)? This absence of an Openly Specific Mainstream 'English Nationalist Political Party' appears to be because the English Nation 'Do Not Need' a Specific Mainstream 'Nationalist Party' to stand up for 'Specifically English Nationalists Interests', or even a Specific 'English Parliament' (the UK Parliament allegedly acts as an English Parliament due to a Miss Match of Votes 650 MP's from England and 117 MP's from all the other Home Nations combined ?). As all the Mainstream London based Political Parties in Britain appear to perform the same function of acting in the 'Best Interests of England' anyway, through the supposed UK (English) Parliament (a Majority Collective of London based mainstream English Nationalist Parties, some more obvious than others, but never openly Nationalist), Obviously, to this end 'England' already has it's 'Own Parliament', it is just that the Westminster London UK Parliament also predominantly controls the rest of the UK as well as itself. As there appears to be an Instinctive underlying Collaborative Mindset between London Based Mainstream Political Parties of coming together when needed to promote areas that advantage England's interest's (and of course as English MP's Vastly Outnumber the Celtic Nations MP's in Westminster, London then this is Easily Achieved, with 650 MP's (Member's of Parliament) for England, 59Scotland, 40 Wales and 18 Northern Ireland),but Collaboratively attacking areas that may Disadvantage England's interest's (using their larger MP numbers in UK Parliament), which appears to be Further Evidenced with the 'Complete Unified Opposition' by all the Mainstream 'London' Based Political Parties to Scottish Independence?!...As losing Scotland would make England Significantly Socially & Politically Weaker and Financially Poorer (Best Interests of England to keep Scotland, not only because Scotland have 'OIL', 'although it does help!'). However, alternatively Independence could ensure Scotland thrives, much the same as the Republic of Ireland, a Country Similar to Scotland in Size, Location and History (who are now one of the Richest Countries in Europe per capita in 2016, Without the Added Bonus of 'OIL') and many other Former Commonwealth Countries (Commonwealth Money all Directed into England, perhaps not so Common or Collective Wealth?) such as the USA, India, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Hong Kong & Singapore (all apparently doing exceptionally well). So it appears that 'All' London Based Parties United as 'One' going against what could be in the Best Interests of Scotland, but DEFINITELY is OBVIOUSLY in the Best Interests of England?Just to Clarify any possible Misunderstanding, Scotland as an 'Historically Fully Internationally Legally Recognised Country/Nation', finally got their 'Independence Referendum' in 2014 (after decades, if not centuries of trying through various avenues) Only because the SNP (Scottish Nationalist Party) managed for the first time ever in Scotland's History to gain the 'Majority Democratic Power' in Scotland since 2007, with an Open and Transparent Agenda of Independence. Previous to this Pivotal event the apparent London based English Nationalist Representative Parties of 'Labour' and 'Conservatives', who were Previously Historically in Power in Scotland, apparently collectively never  even put forward as a genuine voting option for Scotland. Even the Regional National Celtic Government Assembly's in 1999 were apparently introduced to appease any Independence talk specifically in Scotland (out of possible Fear of Losing Scotland, and more recently it's 'OIL' as well?).                                    

Perhaps to shed some further light on this area, Britain's Mainstream London based Political Parties, the Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats have representation across all the Three Nations of Britain in the form of Welsh & Scottish 'Conservatives', Welsh & Scottish 'Labour', and Welsh & Scottish 'Liberal Democrats' (2016). These parties appear to be 'Smaller Provincial Wings' of their Main Political Party based in London, who seek the best interests of the Nation they represent (Wales & Scotland) within the limited powers that they are allowed, but still appear controlled Directly from their London Power Hubs (who possess ultimate Power in the UK). This 'National Labelling'must mean then that the Third Nation's mainstream Political representatives in Britain must be 'English Labour', 'English Conservatives' and 'English Liberal Democrats' with their Main Head Quarters all based in London, ultimately seeking the best interests of their own Nation of England (An alleged Nationalist Approach) but the key element being, with all the 'Power' and Influence over Britain and the UK at their Disposal. If these mainstream Powerful London based parties were truly 'Unionist' surely they would just be called 'Conservatives', 'Labour' or 'Liberal Democrats' regardless of what Nation they may be located, in Britain? It appears that there would be No Need to create Smaller Regional Wings of their Political Party (who possess limited power ultimately answerable to their London power hubs anyway) in order to Identify each Nation 'Individually', if the Three Nations in Britain were all truly regarded by Westminster (English establishment) as the same (Equal), which would seem to be a Unionist approach. As opposed to the 'National Labelling' of the mainstream Political Parties around Britain, which would seem to be an Obvious Nationalist approach? It does appear that you can Only Favour your Own once you have Identified & Catagorized who is Yours, and who is the Other?...    

In addition, possibly further Evidence of the wide reaching influence of the English Establishment in UK Politics, when only seeming to allow their Own English Associates & Connected Colleagues to Lead their Mainstream London based UK Political Parties, appears to be the Continuous Impressive Performances of the Leaders of the Scottish 'Conservatives' & Welsh 'Labour' within Britain (2017). To Clarify, the Leader of the 'Welsh Labour' Carwyn Jones (a WELSH Person) has consistently been considered to be 'strong & stable', always presenting as a charismatic and effective Leader, as Evidenced with his ongoing success in Wales for Labour over the powerful UK wide Conservative Party through many Elections. Equally the 'strong & stable' Leadership of Ruth Davidson (a SCOTTISH Person) in Scotland Leading her 'Scottish Conservative' party to a revival in Scotland against the majority SNP (Scottish Nationalist Party) through her great wit and proven debating prowess over the past years (including the General Election 2017). Given these Politicians continuous exceptional Performances as Proven Leaders when Compared with the 'Chaotic & Nervous' performances of their Main English London Party Leaders through out the recent years, who also had a lack of any real Leadership experience before given their roles. Then why have these successful Welsh & Scottish Leaders not been offered, by their London based UK Party, or even seriously suggested by the British Media for the role of 'Leader' of their Mainstream British wide Party (Conservatives & Labour) based in London, England?  

Surely, all things being Equal (in 2016, although could be any year?), with Valuable Experience of Effective Leadership under pressure and a Proven track record of Success as a Leader within Britain, Ruth Davidson (Scottish Conservative) & Carwyn Jones (Welsh Labour) would be the First choice to eventually Lead their respective UK Parties BASED in London, with the opportunity of then being Prime Minister of Britain, having actually Demonstrated Talent and Ability?! However, it does appear that perhaps an Obvious Welsh or Scottish person Leading an apparent London based English Nationalist Party (the UK Conservatives, Labour or Liberal Democrats) would Not have as their main aim the Best Interests of Specifically England, but maybe the Broader Interests of the UK, which may be Outside of the English Establishment's Interests and Influence? Therefore the Idea of an Obvious Welsh or Scottish person (Not an English person) who maybe outside of the English Establishment Club, Heading a mainstream UK London based apparent English Nationalist Party (Puts the Interest of their Own Country First), and possibly then presenting as Prime Minister of Britain, maybe viewed by the English Establishment(and possibly many of the Majority English UK Voting population?) as a 'Contradiction in Terms'(going Against English National Interests)? Furthermore, it may be argued that if Carwyn Jones & Ruth Davidson had previously Altered their Accents (apparently similar to 'Lord Heseltine' from Swansea for example?) and/or attended English Establishment Private Education as children (like 'Tony Blair') then their National Origins would be more Difficult to Immediately Identify and easier to apparently Intentionally Mask, and therefore the assumption could be by the 'MajorityVoting Tribe' that they were of English Origin (One of their Own)? Perhaps the Fate of Gordon Brown (Scottish) in the 2010 UK Wide 'Modern' General Election & Neil Kinnock (Welsh) in the 1992 UK Wide 'Modern' General Election, who both presented with Strong Accents further Evidences this point, as well as the Absence of any Non-White Prime Ministers (2016)!? ('Modern' is to say After Widespread Media was Invented (TV & Radio) and became Common place in people's home's in the 1930's , which made the spreading of information (propaganda) faster and more affective).                          

Furthermore, it does seem that when a London associated Political Party or Politician says that the 'Union of the United Kingdom' is better for 'BRITAIN' or 'THE COUNTRY' or 'IN THE NATIONAL INTERESTS' (there are Four Nations within the UK), what they really appear to be saying is that the Union is Best for 'ENGLAND' Only (as Owning and Controlling Three other Celtic Nations Finances & Competitive ability in the UK are the Main Inherited Assets that England Continue to Own, Especially with Scotland having 'OIL', but this Control can also be used to stunt development and potential of the these other UK Nations to prevent independence, 'your to poor to leave'), an apparent 'English Nationalist' approach but Presenting under a 'Unionist' Pretence (Could it be Feasible that some People Lie?). Or even better, ensure the subject matter of apparent Bias towards specifically English Nationalist Interests by the main UK London based Political Parties is not mentioned in the first place (the apparent Continuous 'Omission' of Pertinent Facts), so they do not have to Lie. Easy when apparently the London English Establishment control the Voice of the British Mainstream UK Wide Media, the only real Effective avenue to bring Politicians and Officials to account, through an apparent Socially Connected Members Only Club, which also has the Authority to Prevent Celtic National UK Wide TV Channels being Formed, which is 'Clearly Evidenced Today' (2016), as 'NO' Celtic UK Home Nation has Ever (& apparently will Never) be Allowed to have it's Own UK Wide National Television Channel operating out of, and representing their Own Individual Celtic Nation within the UK (all the Celtic Home Nations are predominantly subject to only the English London Based Media Influence, Crucial when Influencing & Moulding the 'Thoughts' of the UK Wide public as a Whole, by 'Highlighting' or 'Omitting' selective information).                       

In addition, it seems that the apparent English Establishment London Based 'National' UK Wide Mainstream Media only Promotes UK 'Labour' or 'Conservatives' (with Liberal Democrats & previous to Brexit, UKIP as possible second options), appearing to limit Nationwide 'Publicity' that may suggest that any other Political Parties Outside of London could be Serious Political alternatives For Britain (or the other Celtic home Nations)? Most Authoritarian Countries in the World prevent an Opposition, but in Britain the Central London English Establishment appear to have split their collective into Two Main London based Political Parties. So the Opposition is essentially themselves but with one being slightly more Socially Conscious (Labour) than the other (Conservatives). However, the 'End Result Remains' as they will still be the Same Type of People (English & White primarily Privately or Grammar School Educated, with a Few Tokens) promoting the Same Type of Overall interests (England's)? This London Media No Platforming seems to Starve the Welsh & Scottish Nationalist Parties of the Oxygen of Nationwide Mainstream Publicity and thus Limiting their chances of gaining further parliamentary seats representing their respective Nations in London. As most people may perceive their Local Nationalist party in Wales & Scotland as appropriate for Local issues, but on a Nationwide scale are maybe more 'Media Influenced' to assume that the three mainstream parties based in London are more appropriate for the wider British concerns, and vote differently in Local & General elections to reflect this possible Media bias? A position already weakened if you consider that in any Election in Scotland or Wales, the One Welsh (Plaid Cymru) or One Scottish Nationalist party (SNP) will be Directly Opposed by the Three Mainstream apparent English Nationalist Parties with all their Resources and UK Mainstream Wide Media Influence (Labour, Conservatives & Liberal Democrats) within elections in the UK Nations of Wales & Scotland.  Additionally, the idea of 'Plaid Cymru' or the 'SNP' Running for Election in England would be 'Laughable', an therefore totally unacceptable by the English Establishment, as they are both seen by the Majority English public (& English Establishment) as Political Parties based in Wales or Scotland, so would Obviously be Perceived as Naturally Biased in Favour of their Own particular Home Nations Interests (Wales or Scotland). However, the Three Mainstream London Based Political Parties (Conservatives, Labour with an English Rose as their Logo, the Liberal Democrats, and even smaller London based political parties such as UKIP, who have an English Lion as their Logo) with Obvious English Affiliations, have Historically Run for Election in Wales and Scotland as well as England (the Whole of Britain). Although, No One appears to Point Out the Same Obvious Natural Bias or Affiliation apparently Inherent within these London (England) Based Mainstream Political Parties, when they Run for Election in Scotland or Wales (though Again the British Mainstream Media may play a role in Not Highlighting this Obvious Unbalanced Anomaly)? Moreover, with the current UK Political Structure (2016) apparently stacked against the indigenous Nationalist parties in Scotland and Wales, 'Three Against One' (not including UKIP as well) in any Local & General elections in Scotland & Wales, coupled with the possible Control of the UK National London based UK Wide Mainstream Media's (automatically Viewed in Wales & Scotland) in Favour of the three Mainstream London based Political parties (aginst any so called Nationalist Parties in Wales & Scotland0, not to mention the Unfair Democratic Voting System in the UK which appears Rigged in Favour of the Largest Population, 'Which Just Happens to be England?!...' (see 'Nation Specific Criteria' Below), the recent success of the SNP in Scotland appears almost 'Incredible'?!...                                                                   

Alternatively, we can look at Inequality in the UK in a different way,as it seems that the English Establishment's London based Political System continues to apparently 'ACT' with 'English Nationalist Actions' but Pretend to be 'Unionist' by 'WORDS' (Judge people by their Actions Not their Words). So What are the Advantages for the English Establishment to want to be 'Publicly Seen' as a Unionist Nation(doing what is best for each Nation Equally in the UK) and not allowing themselves to be publicly acknowledged as a Nation that may only have its Own Specific Nations Interests as their Main and Only Concern (a possible continuous 'Omission' of intent?), at the apparent Expense of the other Celtic Home Nations? Well, since 1945 and the formation of the UN (United Nations), Colonialism (taking peoples land away from them by force) has effectively been 'Outlawed' (with larger powers than England to enforce this ban) as a result other countries owned by a larger country must 'Democratically' prove that they want this control and it is not being Imposed on them against their Democratic will (either Covertly or Overtly). When The English Establishment Promote a Unionist agenda in their Mainstream Media it Implies that the UK is One Family of Equal Democratic Nations with the UK voting system apparently permanently biased in favour of the largest population (England). ​Allowing the Acknowledgement of the possible Historic Exploitation of the other Celtic Home Nations by the English Establishment to be 'Publicly Confirmed' and Exposed by Themselves(which can only be done by directly Admitting Liability or in a UN (International) Court of Law using Evidence) would be 'POLITICAL SUICIDE' for the English establishment, as this would imply 'Colonialism' (Controlling & Exploiting other countries Covertly or Overtly for Profit) which is Anti-Democratic and would mean that the UN could Intervene. Although, in Not Publicly Acknowledging or Confirming Anything the Central London English Establishment can Occupy the 'AMBIGUOUS' ground using 'PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY' (All this Evidence Could just be Coincidental with No Malice of Fore Thought?). Crucially however, now since early 2016 that Certain Specific 'COINCIDENTAL OVERSIGHTS' have been Publicly Highlighted Worldwide on this Website to Ten's of Thousands of People and Counting (Thank God for New Technology), this then makes the 'PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY' argument 'INCREASINGLY' REDUNDANT 'Over Time', as you can only 'Plausibly Deny' something you Genuinely or Feasibly did not know anything about? When a person is made Aware of Something that Previously they may have Denied or Failed to Acknowledge, then in 'Not Acting' on that 'New Information' moving forward can Evidence that that person is 'Now Consciously' Aware of Inequality & Discrimination Concerns and is Consciously not doing anything about it (A possible 'Act of Omission' under UN Human Rights Law?). The only Conclusion that can be drawn to a person(s) who appears to 'CONSCIOUSLY KNOW' Inequality & Discrimination is happening but still 'Allows' it to happen and/or Not actively Mention anything, must be that it is Acknowledged, Excepted and Condoned (or even created) by that Person(s)?However, it may just be easier to NO PLATFORM any UK issues (through their London UK Media) that way any concerns can just be permanently ignored with no Justifications or Denials even required. Although the Idea that the English Establishment are Not Aware of Celtic Inequality & Discrimination in their Own Managed Lands with total Control and Oversight of all 'UK Technology & Internet', Law, Tax, Business, Finance as well as apparently the whole UK Mainstream British Media, and with the Devolved Celtic Nations Government's Regularly Publicly Highlighting their Concerns since the formation of the Celtic Devolved Governments in 1999 (albeit the English Establishment do control the UK Mainstream Media?), maybe Far Fetched, but again 'Plausibly Deniable' (even when it isn't)?  Once again, It does appear that Evidencing Welsh Inequality from the English Establishment is like Building a Legal Case against a person who Can never Admit any Liability.                            


However, there are many pieces of even recent Evidence (let alone an apparent mountain of Historic Evidence) not just'Speculation', that is happening Now (2016), that can Substantiate claims that the UK Celtic Nations are being Railroaded Against Their Will in an Anti-Democratic manner. Not least of all, 'No' Direct Input being Allowed from the Celtic Home Nations in their 'OWN' Brexit Negotiations of the EU (2016), Denying the 'Democratically Elected Scottish Government' the opportunity to Hold a Second Independence Vote (2017), Taking Scotland & Northern Ireland Out of the EU against their Democratic Will, and the likely 'Power Grab' by the English establishment of Powers coming back from Europe as a result of Brexit (to name but a recent few). Just to Focus Specifically on the likely 'Power Grab' by the English establishment as a result of Brexit for a moment, ​remember that Wales has a Significantly Different Historic and Ongoing Relationship with 'Europe' as Opposed to the 'English Establishment'. England have 'OWNED' and apparently 'SUBDUED' Wales for Centuries and possess a History of Oppression against Wales throughout this time period, apparently many elements still Evident to this day (England are the Only Country in the World with this apparent Historic and Ongoing Acrimonious History with Wales, so it is quite Ironic and Ominous that of All the Countries in the World to be Ruled By, Wales is Ruled by England!!...).   

Perhaps to further highlight the position of the English Establishment taking Scotland and Northern Ireland out of the EU against their Democratic will, as stated above. The suggestion by the English Establishment (Nigel Farage, who went to Boarding school and was a Banker like his Daddy, amongst many others) that Liverpool and London (English Cities that voted remain in the Brexit referendum in 2016) also had to Tow the UK Vote Line, is some what Disrespectful to Scotland and Northern Ireland who are Democratically, Historically and Internationally Recognised as Individual Nations/Countries. The suggestion that a Whole Nation/Country can be Comparable to One Individual City in England further appears to Evidence the'Lower Status'(See 'Otherization' Taylor 2009, under 'Home' Heading Above) within which the English Establishment appear to view the other UK Celtic Home Nations, as Compared to their Own?....   Indeed, Wales (& most other Slandered Minorities across the World) appear to be frequently put into an Unwinnable Situation (Catch 22) by their Majority Slanderers. Where by the Slanderer either attempts to 'Make you the Victim' (through Slander & Discrimination), or they then Accuse you of 'Playing the Victim' when you Challenge or Highlight Discrimination. However, without Challenging the Stereotyping the Victim Tag and Associated Discrimination Cannot be Removed (& so it Continues)??...                           

In addition, Europe as an Entity have 'No Vested Interest' in Restricting Welsh Economic and Social Growth, as they do not Fear Welsh Independence (or more Powers) that may Increase Competition for England in the UK Market, or have any History of apparent ongoing Animosity & Oppression with Wales (Wales is England's Closest Geographic Neighbour and therefore potentially one of their most Potent possible Social & Economic threats, lower Tax levels for example). As a consequence, these Powers coming back from Europe (remember this Power was Essentially a Partnership Between 'Wales and the EU' with limited direct English Establishment Interference) but then going straight into the hands of the English establishment in London could mean that Wales Loses that 'Neutrality form Europe' when deciding on factors already devolved regarding Welsh affairs (such as Agriculture and the Environment), to be replaced with a possible 'Agenda and Bias Lead Style of Governance'(an Historic Agenda of England's Interest's First, which is Fine if they were a Separate Country but Not as Part of a Union!?) from the English Establishment. This apparent Historic and Ongoing 'Acrimonious Relationship' with Wales (from England their Direct Owners, 'Master & Servant' Association?) could perhaps be the Main Reason Why Wales Needs as much Contact and Interaction with the EU as they can possibly Garner?                   

​Furthermore, if the other Celtic Home Nations had their apparently Obvious Evidenced Suspicions Officially 'Openly & Unambiguously Confirmed', which can only really be done Conclusively by the English Establishment, or Decided in an International Court of Law (by removing the Fog of apparent 'Ambiguity' (Plausible Deniability), which would also categorically 'Acknowledge Accountability', the very action the Fog has been created & designed to prevent?) that the English Establishment were In Fact Historically and Currently Exploiting the Celtic Home Nations in a Continuous Colonial style (2016). Then the Celtic Nations Population, as a Direct Consequence, would then be more Inclined to Democratically Vote in Favour of their Individual Nationalist Parties, away from English Based Political Parties (although see 'Nation Specific Criteria' Heading regarding the current voting system in the UK, Below), as well as a possible massive public outcry from the Celtic Home Nations for Independence from England, with a Concrete Tangible Unambiguous Reason of Exploitation (Which is Why the English Establishment, even Faced with the most Obvious Overwhelming 'EVIDENCE' and Backed into the tightest corner, could never Openly Acknowledge a hand in Specifically English Bias Governance, as well as Historic & Ongoing Celtic Exploitation & Discrimination in the UK?).                 


As previously mentioned probably the most Vital Inherited Assets that England Continue to Own are the Celtic Home Nations, without them they could be ISOLATED (No Allies) and significantly POORER (Celtic Home Nations would then be able to compete fairly & Unrestricted with rival English companies and also adjust differing tax levels in the UK markets to ensure their own Individual Wealth, and of course Scotland have 'OIL').Hopefully, this has 'Shed Some Light' on Why the English Establishment may 'NEED'to Publicly Project the 'Impression of a Unionist Approach' from their apparent London UK Wide Mainstream Media Power Hubs in the UK, whilst appearing to Continue to Act in a Specifically 'English Nationalist Manner' (mainly achieved through the English Establishment apparently Controlling all Traditional Mainstream Media in the UK to Allow their Unionist Message to be Publicly Broadcast & Circulated (apparently Easier to Exploit someone who is led to believe that you are their Ally?), which also Ensures their Message remains Unchallenged as to it's validity in the UK)?So in Essence then the London Based English Establishment appear to have Created the Scenario for themselves in the UK where they can 'Have Their Cake and Eat It Too' (also known as 'Having the Penny and the Bun'), so allowing themselves 'The Best of Both Worlds (Nationalist & Unionist) within the UK' (Easy to do you may say if you are the most Powerful Force within a specific Union), with the Financial Benefits of a 'Nationalist approach' (Selfish), whilst Hiding Behind a 'Unionist Mask' (Partnership), in an attempt to Disguise any possible English establishment Historic and Ongoing Greed, Bias and Selfishness, and present a unified front to the rest of the World?                                     

However, apparently'Pretending to be 'Unionist' by 'Words' but 'Acting' with 'Nationalist Actions' (Actions Speak Louder Than Words) could 'Unfortunately' be exactly the avenue that leads to the 'Break Up' of the United Kingdom at a more rapid rate, therefore actually acting against England's National Best Interests? To Clarify, England Owning the Other Celtic Home Nations is of Great Advantage to England Both Financially and Politically, Indeed it could be argued that Owning the other Celtic Home Nations is the Greatest Remaining Inherited Advantage that England possess?So to sabotage that Union by 'Covertly' and sometimes 'Overtly' acting in the Best Interests of England in the short term (an Inherited Colonial Attitude?), at the apparent expense of Wales and the other Celtic Home Nations (Easily Evidenced by Comparing England's Wealth £700 Billion annual income a year and Wales £15 Billion, see 'Inequality Indicator' under 'Wales in Purgatory' Heading above), could be exactly what is in the 'Worst' interests of England in their Medium to Long term Future?! Genuinely Evidencing Equality (see 'Equality Indicator' under the Heading 'Wales in Purgatory' Above)) with Demonstrated 'ACTIONS', Not just 'WORDS' through out the Whole of the UK seems to be the 'Only Way' to Secure the Future Union of the United Kingdom in the Modern Internet Information World (2016).Remember, 'Internet Access' these days means that Information is readily available, so keeping the general public 'IGNORANT' (as previously achieved in the not so distant past) becomes a lot more difficult in today's 'Modern Information Age' (Internet). This means that Politicians 'WORDS' can now be 'LINKED' to 'ACTIONS', and 'LIES' can now be easily 'LINKED' to the 'TRUTH', through Readily Accessible Evidenced Based Information. A Facility that is Now available to Anyone in the Modern World, A Fact that Old School Politicians Must Now Rapidly Adapt To (2016). So actually 'Equality' could be the 'Only Way' for England to maintain Control over their Inherited Valuable & Highly Lucrative Home Nation Celtic Properties in the Modern World (2016), as Inequality & Lies appears a lot harder to Hide these days (possible 'Omissions'), with Statistics quoted by Politicians being able to be Challenged as to their Validity through the 'Internet' and Alternative Statistics also being able to be quickly Sourced & Presented by the Average Person on the Street. Therefore it may well be Necessary in Today's 'INTERNET INFORMATION AGE'('The Information Revolution') in the last 15-20 years (widespread for approx 10 years up until this point in 2016), in order to ensure and secure England's (and the United Kingdom's) Future Best Interests, to Actively Embrace Equality, as opposed to apparently 'Self Sabotaging' themselves for short term gain (mindset of the Past), through Continuously Resisting Genuine Equality in the UK. (Greed is a Powerful Force which Leads to Complacency). As outlined previously, Inequality & Lies can Now be Easily Publicly Evidenced & Exposed to Scrutiny with a Public Internet Platform & Forum to Express these Concerns across the world, open to all UK citizens, not just public platforms that have only historically been available to the so called Elite (Traditional UK Mainstream Media's), since Information is Power, this new Internet Age position actually strengthens Democracy by providing a Voice for All (The Main Concept of Democracy). However, the people in Power will be unsettled at this recent Technology Development as Historically their Views & Opinions were the Only Opinions in the Mainstream Public forum with No Opportunity to be Challenged, but now these views can be Publicly Challenged, with reasoned and substantiated argument on a Public Platform Open to All Voters.​               

Accepting the Inherited Rule of England over Welsh affairs appears to send a strong message out to the rest of the world that Wales feels that English people are more competent and genetically better than Welsh people, and Welsh people acknowledge that somehow Wales is not capable of running its own affairs, as there has been no legitimate voice expressed to the contrary. The assumption may be then that Welsh people are inferior to English people as they do not possess the skills and capabilities that the English possess? However, as a long standing resident of Wales I have never got that sense of inferiority regarding their competence as opposed to England's competences, or any other Nation in the world. It appears to me that even though this perception could be an obvious perception, that it does not reflect Wales and its belief about it's self as competent and moral people, Perhaps More a Direct Reflection of the Historic and Ongoing Legacy and Burden of the Undemocratic Colonialism that Wales Continues to Inherit?  

In addition, in order to Produce a Greater Quantity of Good Quality Solid Politicians to Represent and Defend Wales that may be More 'Enlightened', with 'Insight', and 'Analytically' Able to look at the 'Bigger Picture' based on 'Evidence' with the Necessary 'Courage' to act. To this End, It does appear that the Ability to 'Speak Publicly' Needs to be an Ingrained Early Skill in as many Welsh Children as possible, to Ensure a Larger Pool of Potential Politicians (& Representatives) in the Future, (which may further Encourage a Lifelong Engagement in Politics and their Society to Children at an Earlier age, reinforced with a Lower Age for Voting at 16). Using the Idea from many American (& some elite English) Educational Establishments of a 'School Debating Chamber' (or Area) to Develop specific Widespread High School Public Debating teams, with Debate Classes, Training and Competitions Between Welsh Schools, to Practice their Skill, Dexterity and Ease at Public Speaking. As 'Public Speaking' is a Vital Skill in all walks of Life and Career Advancement, not just being a Politician or a Council member, but also in area's such as Presenting Business Pitches within (or too) Multi-National Companies, Media work, Marketing, Sport, Tourism, Academia, Business, Entrepreneurship, to being a Lawyer and a Teacher, or just General Job Interviews. It does seem that the Ability to be Comfortable when Speaking Publicly as a 'General Skill Set' in Wales (by almost expecting a lead role?) seems to have been seen as Instinctively Unnecessary for many Welsh people over the previous Decades (if not Centuries), as a possible consequence of Welsh people Historically Assuming (Socialized) that they are more the Inherited 'Servant' the One's being 'Imposed On' (the Rule Takers) than the Inherited 'Master' the One's 'Imposing' (the Rule Makers) in the Inherited UK Power Hierarchy (See 'Describing the Relationship Between Wales & England' under the 'What is Britishness' heading above). However, with the Introduction of the Welsh Assembly Government in 1999 (albeit with Initial Limited Powers), the Need for more Potent Quality Welsh Politicians (by Introducing More Competition) to Cogently and Astutely Publicly Represent, Promote and Defend Wales has 'Significantly Increased'. 

Although, it does appear 'Pertinent' at this stage to point out the Importance of 'Geography' in the apparent Colonial style of rule from the English Establishment. Most other previously Conquered Distant Colonial Territories such as Australia, South Africa, Canada, New Zealand and India (amongst others), all 'Asset Rich Countries' for the English establishment, though it has been alleged that due to the Cost of Transportation of Goods, People and Facilities, as well as the Mechanics and Infrastructure required to rule these Countries long term, due to their 'Geographical Distance' from England, it appeared to be more 'Cost Effective' for the English Establishment to Allow their Independence (Cost may have Outweighed the Benefits? Although UN Decolonisation Legislation initiated in 1945 also played a role?) and of course None of these Distant Nations were Directly 'Geographically' and Financially Linked into the UK Economic Markets, so would represent 'No' Direct Financial Competition when Given Independence on the English Establishments Doorstep. Distant Lands such as Hong Kong Continued to be 'Highly Profitable' (Benefits outweighed the Cost) for the English establishment, but was Given Back to China in 1997 as apparently China evolved into a larger military & financial  force than "Britain" (The International British Bank 'HSBC' was created in Hong Kong, HSBC stands for 'Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation')?​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ This Financial and Geographical Consideration appears to be Evident Today as the Only 'MainExisting Colonial Assets the English establishment still Continue to Own are the Nations Geographically Closest to them (Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland). Although the Central London English Establishment (Promote through their Media) the Thought that Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland are Funded by England and without England they would Collapse Financially, the Basic Economic Facts are that a person will Not Keep Land that does Not make them Money or is a Drain on their Resources!?...(Remember Even Iceland as an Independent Country, on the Far Reaches of Europe, with barely 300,00 people are a Wealthier Nation than Wales per Capita)The USA and Ireland are the Possible Exceptions to this Rule as they Actually 'Forced' their eventual Independence (through a variety of means)? In addition, obviously this Initial 'Colonialism Project' was Initiated before the Emergence of the United Nations in 1945, set up directly after the second world war (the Global Police Force), so after 1945 it appeared that the UN made it more difficult, if not impossible, for the English Establishment to Continue to Rule & possibly Exploit distant lands through alleged Force? These days it seems as if 'Subtle British Media Propaganda' (Orchestrated from London) and the further use of Ultimate Power by the English Establishment over British Law, Tax, Business, Finance and Politics within the UK, has had to Replace the Sword to Ensure Ongoing Colonial Control & Profitability from their Remaining English Establishment Crucial and Original Geographically Favourable Colonies based within the UK?                      
Wales appears to accept the current and ongoing 'Status-Quo' as there has never been anything else, it has always been the same
(for 300 Years and Counting......) and more importantly no alternatives to this Historic & Present condition appears to have ever been 'Allowed' to be Explored through the various apparent English Establishment Edited & Controlled Mainstream Media (the World Wide Internet Outside of English Establishment Control can Now be used as a 'Voice' in 2016). It appears Evident to me that the Welsh people are resigned to the fact that this current circumstance may always be the case as it has always been the case, so they have to make the best of their Inherited situation, as they may feel powerless to bring about change due to a possible lack of balanced information put out into the public domain by the London based Mainstream Media, and a lack of actual Legal Alternatives & Finance to Voice or Challenge the Ongoing Welsh Inherited circumstance. Providing a balanced voice through the 'Mainstream UK Media' may allow a greater understanding to be provided to the Welsh people and the people within the Home Countries (& the Wider World) regarding the Welsh Condition. This apparent Media Dominance by the English establishment seemingly ensures a lack of any possible alternatives being Allowed to be explored that could be pursued to bring about a positive change for the people of Wales and 'Ensures Control', indeed the Debate could not even be started and the subject matter of Welsh Inequality exposed to the Welsh & UK public without the apparent Consent of the London based Mainstream Media (You Cannot Publicly Discuss a Solution Without First Publicly Identifying the Problem)? Obviously, If It Is the London Based English Establishment who are 'Preventing Welsh Prosperity' (apparently the Only Authority with the Ultimate Power in the UK to Achieve this Aim?) then Why would they use'Their Own' alleged London Based Mainstream UK Wide Media to Expose'Themselves' as possibly Corrupt!?......          

It does seem that when Describing the Welsh Attitude to their Relationship with England the term 
APATHY appears to be the Overriding Emotion. Perhaps this quote describing 'Psychological Warfare' from the 'Encyclopedia Britannica' may shed some light on the apparent Passiveness & Acceptance of the Welsh population, it states that, 'Psychological warfare (Commonly known as Propaganda) is the use of Propaganda against a perceived enemy (Friend or Foe) and supported by Economical and Political measures. Such Propaganda is Generally Intended to Demoralise the Perceived Enemy to Break his Will to Resist, and to Render him Generally Favourable to One's Position' (Colonialism?), in the absence of Hope it would appear that Apathy reigns? To further highlight the possible skill, dexterity & vast Experience that the English establishment may possess regarding Propaganda & Misinformation,Noam Chomsky, who was one of the Founders of the Field of 'Cognitive Science', goes onto to Highlight that,'The First Modern Propaganda Agency was the 'British Ministry of Information' a Century ago, which Secretly Defined it's Task as to 'Direct the Thoughts of Most of the World'. To further clarify the term 'Propaganda', the Oxford English Dictionary's definition of Propaganda is stated as, 'Information, Especially of a Biased or Misleading Nature, Used to Promote a Political Cause or Point of View', and of course in order to Spread Propaganda in the UK possessing Total Ultimate Control of the Mainstream UK Wide Media is 'ESSENTIAL'(Which Might Explain Why the Celtic Home Nations are Not & have Not been 'Allowed' Any National or International UK Wide Mainstream Media Presence in the UK)? 

​Indeed, there are many people who say that Discrimination and Racism will 'Always Exist', and therefore what's the point of Resisting it? However, any Movement towards Equality by 'Creating Awareness through Truth', means moving in a 'Positive Direction', and no matter how small those movements may appear at the time, they can make a 'Huge Difference' in making Life just that 'Little Bit Easier' for certain Discriminated Minority Groups, and their Next Generation coming through (who can then build on that again, towards making all forms of Racism socially unacceptable, but it has to start somewhere), and that is worth fighting for. As you must be Aware that 'Accepting Inequality Today means your Children will Accept Inequality Tomorrow', and so it Continues. As Easily Evidenced in Wales, why do you suppose that Discrimination, Underdevelopment and Slander has gone on for so long for Wales? At some point Wales has to say 'Enough', and start moving the Direction of Travel away from the Ongoing Subtle Underlying Presumption and therefore Acceptance of Inequality, and move Openly towards a Narrative of Expected Equality. Although, Wales Not being Allowed an Independent Mainstream Media Continues to Keep Welsh People Ignorant, the Biggest Weapon the London English Establishment have over Wales.                

It does appear that Propaganda has been ever present, even in modern UK society (2016) through a variety of Media outlets (National Mainstream Television Channels, News, Films, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines & UK Internet) to Promote Selected Opinion's and Mould Social Behaviours, not just present in times of Physical War against a set Identified openly acknowledged enemy. Some recent examples in the UK could be the '£350 Million a week Extra for the NHS' Banner on the side of a Brexit campaign bus (2016), also the repeated Slogan of 'Strong & Stable' to describe Teresa May (Conservative Prime Minister) in the 2017 UK general election, both of which where later proven to be Fabrications of the truth. Just to point out a few more Historic Subtle examples of Favourable Propaganda apparently used through the Central London English Establishment, such as the Fictional Characters of 'James Bond' & 'Sherlock Holmes' to Insinuate that White English people are 'Super Intelligent' and 'Physically Superior' (mainly located with the backdrop of London), to highlight but a few Historic examples of apparent Propaganda using well known Fictional Characters & Films.     

Although, apparently keeping Wales Ignorant of their Past and Present Relationship with England through such Historic Activities as possibly Not Teaching Specific Welsh History in Most Welsh Schools ('Omission' of possible facts?) with No Independent form of Welsh History being presented into the Welsh public domain through the Mainstream British UK Wide Media, apparently controlled by the English Establishment (it appears that the English Establishment have the Power in the UK to almost Edit Out their Part in How Wales Became Owned by England Originally, and How they Managed to Maintain that Control over the Centuries to the Present Day of 2016?) which appears to keep Welsh people Ignorant and Controlled, and therefore also appears to Prevent a Balanced Perspective of the Current & Historic Welsh and English Relationship from Ever being Openly Explored in the UK? As asserted by George Santayana (1863-1952) a prominent Spanish philosopher, 'Those Who Do Not Remember the Past are Condemned to Repeat It'. Furthermore, Goerge Orwell (1903-1949) goes onto highlight that, 'He Who Controls the Past Commands the Future'.      

In addition, It is always quite amusing to see on Welsh Regional Television recently (London Controlled?) regarding the 20 Year Anniversary of the Welsh Devolution Vote in 1997, the Open Public Televised Debate as to whether the Welsh Assembly Since 1999 (with Wales being granted limited Powers over their own affairs) has 'Helped or Hindered' Wales in the last 20 Years? Though, Never the 'Open Public Televised Debate' Regarding Whether Total Overall Control of Wales from the English Establishment based in London over the last 300 Years has 'Helped or Hindered' Wales, which seems to 'Avoid'the Most Obvious but Important 'Question(albeit the English Establishment do apparently control the Mainstream UK Wide Media, so can Decide the Direction or Subject of Any Debate)? So seeming to be 'Asking the Right Question But Obviously 'Critiquing' the Wrong Main Authority' regards Welsh Powers and Historic Lack of any Financial Progress, as London is Where the Ultimate Overall Power over Wales is Actually Historically & Continuously Situated (the Welsh Assembly Performs more of an 'Administration Role', as in overall Instructions & Finance given from London are mainly Administered and Allocated in Wales through the Welsh Assembly)?​ 

Just as a Quick Side Note for a Moment outlining the apparent current situation in Britain, as many Welsh Labour Politicians (one of the two Dominant London Centred Mainstream UK Parties) point to lower unemployment figures in Wales (& UK) as proof of improvement in Wales (at this time in 2018). The reason that Unemployment Figures are at their lowest levels in Wales since the 1970's is because of the 'Hostile Environment' implemented by the other Dominant UK Mainstream party, the Conservatives in (2010), again Centred in London, with Shrinking Benefit payments, Arbitrary Sanctions (that Stops Payments for Weeks on End), Involuntary Work Placements (Legally defined through Poundland case (2013) as Incompatible with the UN Convention on Human Rights, 'Forced Labour') along with Inbuilt Obstacles and Delays put in place when First Claiming (apparently made even more Hostile by the New Universal Credits System in 2018 (Imposed from London), which will then have the Ability to Stop All Payments at Once when Sanctioned, as Opposed to just Partial Payment Blocks (so Personal & Housing Money Stopped at the Same Time), making People Destitute (Hence the Rise in Homelessness) but Saving the Government Money?). Whereby people are Forced to take low wage, low skilled, insecure, zero hour contract jobs (surely that would be an Unemployed Person?) that cannot cover their bills (so would Normally be Unemployed and Show Up on the Figures). However, they can claim restricted and difficult to obtain shrinking Working Tax Credits & some Housing Benefit, but this directed avenue ensures they will Not appear on the Official Unemployment Figures. Hence the reason why Unemployment is Low in the UK but the Tax Receipts have Not Gone Up Accordingly (More jobs means More people Working, More Tax payers Should Equal More Money to the Government in Tax? However, due to the Majority of these so called Jobs being Minimal Insecure Varying hours at Minimum wage they do not earn enough to pay Tax) with Wages Remaining Low due to the Flood in the Labour Market of Desperate People who have to take any job just to eat, which is Obviously Great for Big Business as they get a Constant supply of Cheap Labour, but Destructive to Society (Remember, there but for the grace of God go you or I), as Demonstrated with the Increase in Foodbanks, in Fact until recently Foodbanks were virtually unheard of in Britain (the Welfare State appears to have been Effectively Covertly Abolished in the UK at Present?). As further Evidenced in 2019 when Professor Philip Aston (UN Human Rights Commissioner) stated that,'The UK's Social Safety Net has been Deliberately Removed and Replaced with a Harsh and Uncaring Ethos'. Although these 'Hostile' Welfare Restrictions (through the creation of a Hostile Environment) Do Impact the Whole of Britain, Wales is Still Yet Again Continuously the Poorest Nation in the UK and therefore is Hit the Hardest by any UK Government Welfare Cuts.                        

Moreover, many People have Argued in Wales that the Existence of the Welsh Assembly is Paying Even More Bureaucrats 'On Top Of' the One's Situated in London (England), therefore Adding More Cost to the Public Purse? However, Other Welsh People have Countered this Argument by Suggesting that although this may Indeed be True, regarding Doubling the Cost for Bureaucrats, as there does appear to be to many more Bureaucrats due to the Introduction of the Welsh Assembly (1999). An 'Alternative' Proposal which maybe 'More Sensible' and 'Beneficial' for Wales and the Welsh people, if they are going to Reduce the Amount of Bureaucrats and therefore Public Expense, is to Remove the more Distant 'Travelling' (uses up precious Time & Resources) Bureaucrats from London (Member's of Parliament) which seems to Promote a more Distant, 'Arms Length' Relationship with Wales from London. In Preference to Removing the Bureaucrats Closest to Welsh Concerns in the Welsh Assembly, who may Posses More of a Constant Local Knowledge and Stronger Affiliation being actually 'Permanently' Based in Wales? Under this 'Alternative Suggestion' the Ultimate Outcome of Reducing the Cost to the Public Purse may still be Achieved, whilst Relocating any Welsh Representatives (MP's) Out of the 'Westminster, London Bubble' (in a another Nation)England (The 'Welsh Secretary' would Remain to Voice Welsh Interests & Concerns Directly in the Westminster "UK" Parliament, who is Permanently Located in the Welsh Office in London anyway), which seems to Relocate Representatives, 'More of the Time', even Closer to Wales and it's Local and National Concerns? This 'Alternative Approach'appears to Promote More of a Consistant Local Welsh Based Knowledge, Affiliation, Connection and Passion, which still Allows a Welsh Voice, were necessary, through the Welsh Assembly Ministers Relaying Welsh Constituency Concerns Directly through the 'Welsh Secretary' in the Welsh Office 'Permanently Based in London' for that person to Voice in the "UK" Parliament (when necessary), but will Significantly Cut the Numbers and therefore Cost of Politicians & Administrators to the Overall Welsh Public Purse?                       

In the Absence of an 'Up to Date', Full and Honest Debate Regarding Ongoing Inherited English Rule over Wales, which was Created in an Era when England were a 'Colonial Super Power' Undemocratically and very much 'Of Its Time', would mean that Wales (and the other Celtic home Nations) Currently Posses an 'Out of Date', 'Antiquated' System of Rule, that does Not Factor in the 'New World Order' and the New 'Internet Information Age' or appear to Respect or Adapt to recent Home Nations Devolution (Democratically Voted) since 1999, so Clearly is Not Fit for a Modern Day so called 'Democratic' British Isles. Although we are Fortunate enough to have the 'Basic Principles' of Democracy in Britain, this does Not mean that it is 'Perfect' and 'Permanent' and Shouldbe'LeftAlone', it requires Regular Critiquing, MonitoringNurturing and Developing, with a continuous view as to how it can be Improved and Adjusted to Better Engage and Fit the Needs of as Wider a Democratic Collective as possible in the UK, which appears to be a Significant aspect in Maintaining and Ensuring Democracy's Ongoing Future Relevance in Modern British Society. 

Regarding Independence for Wales London constantly ask the question 'what currency will you use in an independent nation', when the question should be 'why is London making it so difficult for any Celtic nation to be independent', by suggesting that London will not allow an independent Celtic nation to use the Pound as currency essentially blocking independence in another way, as people will feel Uncomfortable and Fear changing their currency, due to London insinuating that the Euro is not a stable and safe currency, and cannot be used if you are outside of the EU, which it can be. Holding the second place as the reserve world currency (with the US dollar taking the first place), Euro is one of the world's safest currencies. Even though the Euro is also prone to fluctuations, the amounts of gold reserves in the EU zone and the currency's impact on various industries and markets make it stable, so actually Safer than the London Sterling (Pound). If the Union is strong and good for all UK nations then present the argument, but in the apparent absence of being able to do this London must block independence, even though currencies such as the US Dollar (generally regarded as the world's currency as it is so stable) can be adopted in any country without impediment, along with the Euro that is also considered a stable and safe currency world wide, only London have created this suggested impediment when using their currency for the Celtic nations as independent states. There is no Law that prevents a country from using another countries currency either for the short term as a stop gap, or for the long term, indeed connecting yourself to a rich and stable currency as an anchor is a good idea, especially for a fledgling nation, as a rich country is less likely to become poorer, or their currency become unstable in any tough times world wide. Although you cannot control interests rates, but in the case of the Celtic nations they were never allowed that ability anyway, so nothing has been lost (as London are always more likely to favour their own situation in any event), but the ability to financial generate and distribute your own wealth without Impediment has been created.          

In addition regarding the London Based British Media, it appears that any Media 'Not' directly Central London English Establishment owned in the UK seems to be Immediately Edited, Directed, Commissioned and Produced by English Establishment Representatives at Ground and Management Level. Along with the one's that 'Are' directly owned, which might explain the predominantly English Flavour to their Productions such as Downton Abbey and the Bodyguard (for example), with any Foreign Owners (Rupert Murdoch & Family as an example) possibly presenting with more of a 'Hands Off' approach (Collecting the Financial Profit)? So appearing to allow the existing London based Editors, Directors, Commissioners and Producers to continue Creating News, Shows, Drama's, Soaps and Story Lines that they personally feel will sell to their own familiar audiences and saleable abroad (so Fundamentally then Periodically Different Owners, but Essentially the Same Core People who Work and Recruit there?). Even the Local Regional Media in Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland (the Specifically Locally accessible News, Newspapers & Regional Local TV Channels) are predominantly either Owned, Edited or Indirectly Controlled from London (even including the Regional Welsh Speaking S4C channel, which is Controlled & Funded by the BBC in London, for example). As of course, all Forms of potential Propaganda easily 'Fall at the First Hurdle' in the UK, if you do not have 'Total Control' of All Aspects of the 'British Mainstream UK Wide National (& therefore Internationally accessible) Media in Broadcasting and Print' (as without Total UK National Media Control in Broadcasting & Print any Messages, Assumptions or Narratives Promoted in the London based UK Media can then be Countered, Challenged, Explained or Neutralised). This apparent Total Historic and Ongoing Dominance by the Central London English Establishment appears to Historically Ensure Only their Singular 'Self Imposed' Voice Represents and Directs the Narrative for the Whole of the UK and each Individual UK Nation. (See p118-131 of the Free Electronic Book Version above for More Information on the "British Media"). The alleged Paradox being that if this historical level of subtle underlying overall Control (an Obvious 'London Centred' UK Media 'MONOPOLY') over the whole UK National Mainstream Media (Including the British Film Industry) apparently by the Central London English Establishment Network (the Old Boys & Girls Club) in Broadcasting and Print, were being Demonstrated abroad, the British (London) Media would quite possibly be the First to Label that Countries Media as a 'State Run Media'. Even though ultimately it appears that the BBC itself is an Historic and Ongoing State Funded Organisation Resulting from Government Law makers in London, with the Distinct Possibility that the Authority that Generates Funds for any Organisation would be an Obvious Primary Force within that Corporation? Indeed, with the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) and the Partly BBC Funded Channel 4, two of the Main Television Channel(s) in the UK which are all Orchestrated from London, it is a Legal Requirement that 'All' UK citizens (Households) Pay a Yearly Subscription of £147 (2016) and rising year on year, 'Whether they Want or Use their Service or Not', with UK Government Enforced Prison as an Ultimate Sanction for Non-payment. This Ongoing Legally Enforceable UK Law (Introduced back in 1946) would be like saying for Example in Modern Times that a person Must Pay for a 'Sky Sports Subscription' (Whether they Like Sport or Not!) or they will ultimately be Fined or put in Prison in a Court of Law, which in a so called free country is clearly 'Insane'?!... Surely Paying a Subscription to Watch the BBC or Not should be Optional, particularly in Modern Times with so many Numerous Other Viable and 'Free' (as well as Significantly Less Expensive) Options Now available?! So in Essence then, the Tragic Irony appears to be that Welsh people are Forced to Pay for a Large Part of their Own Damaging UK Negative Media Propaganda!?...                             

Moreover on a wider Political theme, in order to provide MP's that are in Politics for the 'Right Reasons' a Placement (or Apprenticeship) System needs to be put in place before an MP (Member of Parliament) can be considered for a Mainstream constituency, to certify an MP's validity for the role, as with most professions and occupations. Becoming a Mainstream MP cannot be decided by what school you went too or the connections you hold? This Placement System may take the form of a 6 Month Placement in a Social Housing Estate, Private Rental Property or Mortgaged Property (with their family) either undertaking a minimum wage job with Tax Credits, Zero Contract Job, on Unemployment Benefit or Working in the just about managing middle. To provide first hand up to date knowledge of how policies they may support might impact the average person, which will provide a Human side to their decision making based on at least some Experience and an element of Empathy. However, probably more importantly, this system will create MP's that are there for the Right Reasons, not just because they may have a good wage and use their positions during and after their MP period to secure more lucrative positions, commonly known as Career Politicians. This Placement System can finally demonstrate to the general public, many of who have been disenfranchised by politics over the years and with Politicians reputations at an all time low (if that is even possible?) as they see MP's are living in another world to most people, a Placement can create at least some what of a connection between the MP and the people who they are meant to Serve. A different placement position for long serving MP's after a 10 year period in the role.   

As well as there needing to be a world wide definition or catergoriasation of the word POVERTY so governments cannot just play with the term, the term JOB also needs ot have a common definition, as a so called job that is non-contract, has no hliday or sick pay, and is funded by tax credits (in the UK as an example) through the government is not a JOB, as a JOB must be defined as a position that allows a person to live comfortably, full or part time (set wages for each, but a choice of full or part time according to circumstances), with also a set deinition of full time and part time (part time 16 hours), full time (37.5 hours), contracted, perhaps all jobs given the same wage give or take a couple of grand for mass workers under management and owner level (with more money paid to staff by definiton decreasing owners wealth mass again helping to level up society further, but on the flip side the more money in society the more of the owners product or servcies will be consumed, and the further need for more product and service providers creating more jobs), perhaps this would be more appropriate to finally provide a more equal society as the recent COVID 19 VIRUS (2020) has demonstrated that usually the most under paid jobs are the one's most vital to society, as it has become painfully apparent that you cannot judge the worth, or value of a job, based on its income.  


                                              WHAT DEFINES A WELSH PERSON?

Nation Specific Criteria (VOTE)

Without Clarifying Exactly what is Meant by Being 'WELSH' (InPolitical Terms), then the Welsh people’s Views and 'VOICE', as Genuine 'Stakeholders' in Wales's Future' (with NO Conflict of Interests), will Never be fully Recognised or Acknowledged in the 'Alleged' democratic Britain of today (2016). To Clarify, Due to the Large Porous Border with their English Neighbours on the Same Landmass, Immigration within Britain is Easy and Fluid.If the Welsh and the English Population Sizes were Equal or Relatively Comparable then this Undemocratic Anomaly would be Quite Easily Naturally Evened Out (as with the Relatively Low Numbers of Other Celtic Home Nations and any Overseas Immigrants Residing in Wales). Their is a Human Right to Elected Representation, so Welsh people Electing their Genuinely Identified Representatives to then go to the UK Parliament appears justifiable in Law. Although, Equal Representation is made slightly more difficult in the UK as it is in the very Unusual position of having Four Recognised Nations amalgamated as one in London. As a result the UK needs a slightly different approach to ensure Equal Representation for all Indigenous people of the Four Nations genuine views in UK parliament are Represented, not just Historically England's. The Nation Specific Vote Within Each UK Nation to Provide Greater Direct Democratic Representation for each Nation's People, then Further Coupled and Supported by a UK Nations Veto-Vote and/or Majority Vote Between each UK Nation in the UK Parliament at the Wider UK Level Decision Making on areas Specific to the Whole of the UK. Indeed in the Brexit Vote of 2016 the English Establishment stopped European Citizens (in EU) from voting as the apparent perception was that they may come with a possible Conflict of Interests as they represent the Club (EU) that the UK was voting to leave or not? However, due to England’s Population Presenting as Eighteen Times Larger than Wales, on the Same Fluid Border Landmass, with approximately 55 Million people out of the whole UK population of 66 million people (ONS 2016), which is 85%of the British Population as a whole, and the Welsh Population standing at approximately 3 Million people (5% of the British Population as a whole). It may only take a Small Shift of the English Population into Wales to Distort the Democratic views of the Indigenous Welsh people, if this Impact is not Already in Existence Without any Impact Felt in the Reverse (in England). This Impact appears more particularly potent in rural areas where less people live (but still appears very potent in urban areas). So if only a Couple of Dozen Families move in to Various Towns and Villages from Over the Border in England, as a Result of Cheap House Prices, More Space or Retirement, Where as a Consequence of Historical Under Funding and Under Development in Wales, Space and Land appears Relatively Abundant, and house rental and prices are significantly cheaper than in England just over the border, along with the Lure of More Substantial Properties (Due to Ongoing Welsh UK Poverty). Leading to many English people Retiring in Wales, but also many still working in England but Residing (so eligible to vote in Wales on Welsh issues) and then Commuting from Wales. Due to the already Small Population in rural areas (and in Wales as a whole) these Incomers will Drastically Distort the Local Indigenous Democratic Voice of each Individual Welsh Community and Constituency, just through the Sheer Volume of Numbers of the Incomers moving into Wales, Directly Effecting the Outcomes of a Welsh Independence (or for more Powers) Referendum, European Referendum or even Local and General Election's in Wales? Furthermore, when a Region or City in the Nation of England gain Internationally Recognised Nation Status then they too can be part of the Nation Specific Criteria Voting System, but until then the Historic Internationally Recognised Four Nations of the UK can by definition be the only participants subject to separate National Voting Analysis. However, to possess the Basic Principles of a Democratic Society within the UK presents as a Fortunate position for it's people, although, as suggested by Armando Iannucci (2017)'Just Because we have a Democracy in Britain doesn't mean that it is 'Permanent' and 'Perfect' and we should 'Leave It Alone', we have to Continuously 'Nurture it', 'Engage with it' and 'Renew it', to Commit to it'......                                                

However, the Biggest Concern and Therefore the 'MOST CRUCIAL' in 'Rationalising and Clarifying' this Focus on Mainly the English Incomer Voting Population in Wales, is that "Wales is Owned by England". This Fact appears to possibly provide a Different View of Wales by English People Living in Wales, than that of 'ANY OTHER OVERSEAS IMMIGRANTS (OR CELTIC HOME NATIONS CITIZENS)' who may Reside in Wales (Who also Do Not Present as All One Specific Group (Race) within an Overwhelming Majority UK Population Mass), whilst Overseas Migrants may be More Likely to present with a Neutral Unbiased view on England and Wales (that could influence their Vote in Wales) as they may have heard of these Nations but have no actual experience of them individually?). To Clarify, Due to an apparent Natural Attachment to their Birth Country (Psychologically Proven to be Developed Largely in a Person's Early 'CHILDHOOD', as asserted by the Centre for the Developing Child, Harvard University 2009), 'Who Own Wales as a Nation'English People who Reside in Wales might be More Inclined to View Wales as'Theirs', the'Property of England' (Which Would Make Perfect Obvious Sense as the English Do Actually Own Wales), which may be they Do Not Want to Lose in a Welsh Independence Referendum, or Risk maintaining Less Control when Voting whether Wales should Posses More Powers? So when Voting in Wales, it may be in a Manner that Best Benefits their Own Nations Interests (a Basic Human Instinct?), by keeping Wales Under England's Control, which could be Further Achieved by Voting for a London Based Political Party? There appears to be 'No Other Country or Nation in the World', whose 'Immigrant Population' that Reside in Wales who May Posses the Same apparent CONFLICT OF INTERESTS?!...                               


Do not get me wrong, if this Conflict of Interests Situation were in Reverse where Wales Owned and Controlled England and had general ultimate Control over all its Tax Contributions and were able to ultimately Control all 'Decision Making' within Britain to Permanently Favour their Own Social and Economic Interest's. I am pretty sure that in that scenario that the Welsh people would be Reluctant to Voluntarily Vote to give away that Land and/or Minimise its Powers over that Land as well?... None the less, that does not make it right, as a 'Conflict of Interests' is a 'Conflict of Interests' and as such is likely to Distort any Personal Decision making and Ultimately any Democratic Vote (Resulting in Disunity), Regardless of who's Interest's it may advantage or dis-advantage (much as, if a politician has a 'Conflict of Interests' they must 'declare it' and have it 'openly acknowledged', to promote Fairness and an 'even playing field'). Acting on the Basic Human Instinct to 'Look After Your Own First' is Fine when a Country is a Separate Entity, but Definitely Not Fine as Part of an alleged UNION of NATIONS (United Kingdom)!...  The Conflict of Interest's apparently being that Potentially certain Collective Personal Interests may Significantly 'Undermine Impartiality' regards the Wider Public Interests?Indeed, certain restrictions on other resident Nationals voting in a different Nation's elections is not uncommon it happens all across the Europe and indeed currently in the UK regarding many EU National's.         

Furthermore, In June 2014 a 'Telegraph' Newspaper Article by John Bingham Pointed Towards this Migrant Concern by Introducing the Article Headed, The Welsh Could Become a Minority in Wales as English Set their Sights West’. In this Article the author Highlighted that in 2014 it was Estimated that '22%' (ONS 2011) of the Population Residing in Wales can be Identified as 'English' and rising (which is 660 Thousand People out of the Welsh Population of 3 Million), with only 3% of England's whole population being from the other three Celtic UK Home Nation's 'Combined'. Many of these English migrants are said to be predominantly of Adult Voting Age (primarily Retirees or come to Work in Wales). So in terms of the genuine 'Real Term Impact' of this 22% of migrants on the actual Voting Pool and therefore Democracy in Wales may a Substantial Impact (in Representing Welsh Views) when Votes are cast in Wales in Elections or Referendums. The Article goes onto suggest that by the mid 2080’s Welsh People will be a Minority in Wales, as a result of their Nations Geographical Closeness to England, their Disproportionately Large Population and the Fluid Movement of People from England to Wales. Where as a Consequence of Under Funding and Under Development in Wales, Space and Land appears Relatively Abundant, Along with the Lure of More Affordable and Substantial Properties (due to ongoing Welsh UK poverty). To Clarify, the Oxford English Definition of a Migrant is, 'a person who moves from one place to another, especially to find work or better living conditions'. To put this 22% into Perspective, 22% of England's Population of 55 Million would be 12 million One Hundred Thousand People. Imagine the Public Outcry in England, Due to a possible perception of an Unfair Disproportionate Democratic Influence within England's Democratic System!... (again in Contrast All of the Celtic Nations people 'Combined' only make up 3% of England's entire population)?                                   

In order to put this figure of 22% into some sort of perspective, in the recent European election vote (May 2014) ‘Plaid Cymru', the party of Wales, polled 15.6% of the overall votes made in Wales, with the National voting turn out at 32.1% of the eligible Welsh voting population, and in 2016 are currently the second party in Wales. This same Article suggested that only 3% of the English Population is Derived from the Celtic UK Home Nations 'Combined' (Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), a Celtic 'Ethnic Minority' (Ethic Due to Celtic Heritage, see 'Race Laws UK & EU' above). Which appears to suggest that out of the Four Home Nations Only England, with their Disproportionately Large UK Population Mass, remain Unaffected by this Anti-Democratic UK Anomaly, indeed they appear to be the Only Nation who Actually Significantly Gains? This Ever 'Increasing English Resident Contingent' (as Easily Evidenced through Listening to the Accents of the People Based in Wales, Demonstrated on the Welsh Regional Media, Business or in General day to day living) in Wales Due to the Current UK Voting System appears to 'Severely Alter' the Results of Any so called Democratic Vote that Wales partakes in, which Provides an 'Artificial and Distorted View of the Welsh Perspective'. Moreover,  on a Wider UK Voting Perspective England's Overwhelming Population Numbers within the UK appears to Allow England to "Democratically Vote" through Anything it Favours, at a UK Wide Level (England are 85% of the Whole UK Voting Population (55 Million People out of an Overall UK Population of 66 Million People), Wales are 5% (3 Million People), In a UK Wide Vote or Referendum (Brexit) for example, You Do The Maths!!....)      

Now lets explore the Dictionary Definition of the term Democracy, the Oxford English Dictionary Describes 'Democracy' as, 'A System of Government by the 'Whole' Population or 'All' the Eligible Members of that State, Typically Through Elected Representatives'. Furthermore, the Oxford English Dictionary also goes onto to say that a Definition of 'Democracy' is also, 'Control of a Group by the Majority of its Members'. This 'Control of a Group', as in the Group of the Four Nations within the United Kingdom, by the'Majority of its Members', is where the main 'Problem'in the Basic Principle of the UK Democratic system lies in Representing the Whole of the UK. The'Group'of the United Kingdom are Not all One Homogeneous Group, so to have a Majority within One group (England) to Represent All Four Nations would by Definition be Unfair and even possibly Biased Towards that One Dominant Nation. Moreover, the One Main Dominant largest population group of the English (even the Anglo-Saxon name of England is translated into 'Land of the Anglo's) within the United Kingdom do not appear to be the same Race or Ethnic group as the other Celtic Home Nations within the UK (English are of Anglo-Saxon heritage, Others are Celtic), so could Historically & Consistently perceive the different Ethic & Racial group members in the UK as the Historic 'Other', the Outsiders? Further, complicated by the fact that the Celtic Nations that are part of the UK were initially Forced to join the Union Centuries Earlier in a Non Democratic manner by the use of the Majority Nation's overwhelming numbers, military might and close Geographic proximity. In any UK Wide Democratic Vote, only the Voice of the Nation with the Largest Numbers of Voters (England who Represent approximately 55 Million people (85%) out of the UK's Whole Entire Population of 66 Million people), will be heard above all the other smaller population members (the Other Three Celtic Home Nations within the UK representing a 'Combined'15%, which is approximately '11 Million people', within the UK), with the Brexit UK Referendum as a recent example in 2016 (taking Scotland & Northern Ireland out of the EU Against their Democratic Will, as the English Establishment Ensured the Brexit Vote was a UK Wide Vote, Meaning that Mathematically their Nation had the Obvious Overall Final Say). Moreover, due to Easy and Fluid Movement within the UK, any Local Elections or Specific Referendums held in the smaller Celtic Nations, specifically, may well be Severely Effected due to the Overwhelmingly Large English Population Migrating Within the UK (the Scottish Independence Referendum in 2014 as a possible example).                                                          

To help Counter this 'Disproportionately Uneven UK Voting Population Anomaly' Between England's 85% of the Whole UK Wide Voting Population and the Other Celtic Home Nations of the UK, with Wales at 5%, Scotland with 8% and Northern Ireland at 2% (In a Combined UK Wide Vote or Referendum 'You Do The Maths'!). In order to Provide an 'Equal Democratic Voice for All the People in the Whole of the UK', (A Key Element In Any Democratic Vote) not just Wales but all UK Nations, the author Proposes that 'Proof of Birth' in Wales would be a 'Simple Non-Convoluted Solution' to this Obvious Ongoing Anti-Democratic System, Historically and Currently Present in the UK (2016). This Proof Criteria may be in the Form of Providing a Passport when Voting(or Other Methods of Proof Previously Provided Through Future or Existing Technology), which appears to be Simple, Hassle Free and Convenient. To Ensure Fairness Welsh people Living Outside of Wales Could Use a Postal Vote to their Birth Region in Wales, in order to provide a Real Term Representation that Provides an Accurate Representation of Wales. Along with English people Resident in Wales Using a Postal Vote (Computerised Vote in the Future) to also Divert their Vote Back to their Birth Region in England to also provide an Accurate English Representation. Indeed, providing Identification at Polling Stations already happens in Northern Ireland with No Problems what so ever.Although, Postal Votes have been in Operation for Decades with 'ExPats' (Immigrants) Living Outside of the UK, with No Concerns Regarding Cost, Efficiency or Fairness? Obviously in the pursuit of Fairness and Equality, as well as to avoid genuine accusations of Racism by the English Majority tribe, then Welsh people living in England must also be Subject to the Same Voting Criteria (Vote being Relayed Back to their Original Birth Region in Wales to Affect the Outcome in their Own Nurtured Region) when Engaging in English Only Concerned Referendums as well as Local and General Elections. Although, the 'Office for National Statistics' (ONS 2011) states that all the Celtic Nations residents in England 'Combined' is only 3% (so has an almost negligible impact anyway) of England's overall population, with No Unique Conflict of Interests from the other UK Celtic Nations as they do not own or ultimately control England, however in the Interest's of Fairness this must be seen to happen.           ​​ 

If 'Democracy' is a "Core British Value" then How Can the Current UK Wide Voting Model (2016) be so Unfair by appearing to be'Permanently Rigged in Favour of the Majority Tribe' (the English are 85% of the UK's Whole Voting Population (55 Million People Out of An Overall UK Population of 66 Million) Wales is 5% (3 Million People), You Do The Maths!..), Surely a 'Value' by Definition Must be Morally Correct? This Simple 'Proof of Birth Region Solution' Must be Implemented to Allow & Ensure Equality of Expression for the Welsh Peoples Views (as it allows an Allocation for each Home Nation not a Combined UK WIDE Vote), as it seems No 'Coincidence' that the General Voting Pattern of Wales in the Recent UK Wide European Referendum (2016) appeared to Follow almost the Identical Pattern of England (High English Incomer Numbers (22%) Assisted by an Influential National London Media)? The Proposed Nation Specific Criteria is 'Not Perfect' as it cannot guard against All the Negative Connotations of England's Majority Population being so Disproportionate to the Other Home Nations Democratic Voting Pool, but it is Fairer than the current British Electoral System. What it Can Do is to Help to Minimise & Contain 'Most' of the Negative Impact of a Vastly Uneven and therefore Unfair Combined UK Voting Population by Allocating a specific Voting Voice to each Home Nation not being continuously Drowned out by a Combined UK Wide Vote.   

England also Posses an Overwhelming Amount of Constituency Areas as a Result of being the Largest UK Population (which Requires an MP for Each) so in any UK Wide General Election who ever the Majority English Voting Population Predominantly Vote for will be recognised as the Democratically Voted Voice of the Whole UK, also Leading to Significantly More English MP's in the UK Parliament, with 533 MP's for England, 59 for Scotland, 40 for Wales and 18 for Northern IrelandSo even in Any "UK" London Westminster Parliament Vote, England Can Push Through Legislation, Structures and Motions that favour them. This Large Constituency Number (MP's) due to the largest UK population representing England will account for the DUP (Democratic Unionist Party) Voted in Power in Northern Ireland, the SNP (Scottish Nationalist Party) in Scotland and Labour in Wales, but the Whole of the UK is Governed by the London based Conservatives who the English Population have Predominantly Favoured in their own country (meaning that who ever England votes for on Mass as the largest population 85% will rule the whole of the UK regardless of how the other home Nations voted in their country). However, in Reality Only total Independence for Each Individual Nation within the UK could Solve this Particular UK Democratic Problem (although if you want to remain as part of the UK this unfair representation can be evened out, if all the four UK Nations where given the same amount of constituencies (MP's in the "UK" Parliament), such as by making the Celtic Nations constituencies Smaller (more of them) and the English constituencies Larger (less of them) as a possible ides, but that is an argument for another day, baby steps first).                  


However,  the Good News is that in Introducing this Uncomplicated Proposal of the new 'Nation Specific Criteria' Voting System with a Simple and Convenient 'Proof of Birth Region' (Indeed, providing Identification (that can clarify Nationality) at polling stations happens in many countries world wide including Canada and France, and even already exists in Northern Ireland) process can 'Help to Mitigate' a Large Proportion of the Historic & Ongoing Negative Effects that possessing such an Unequal Population Mass between England and the other Home Nations appears to consistently Generate (Negative Effects only Experienced by Three out of the Four Nations of the UK, so Logically if it is set up to Benefit England, who are the Only Nation in the UK with the Power to Implement the new Nation Specific Criteria, then why would they do that if it Limits their Power?....).The Nation Specific Criteria Vote Proposal, Although Far From Perfect, appears More Effective in Representing the Whole of the Democratic View of the Entire UK than the Current UK Voting Format which Combines UK Votes to predominantly favours just England's views. As it appears to ensure a Fairer Democratic System in Each UK Nation in Representing their Genuine Indigenous Views and Preferences when each Individual Nation Votes Internally in Local Elections, General Elections (Provides the Party and Result that the Indigenous Home Nation Specifically Voted For) and Referendums Specific to Each Nation (including one's for more Powers or not). Consequently Assisting in Mitigating much of the Unfairness Associated with One Nation Possessing a Disproportionate Amount of Voters in the UK.Although obviously Significantly More Democratically Effective and Fairer than the Current UK Voting Model, the Nation Specific Criteria can be a Huge Step Forward towards Moulding and Nurturing the Best UK Democratic Model for Future Generations for All of the United Kingdom's Nation's and Citizens. Indeed, to further Clarify and Confirm, certain restrictions on other resident Nationals voting in a different Nation's elections is not uncommon it happens all across the Europe, and indeed currently in the UK regards EU National's.     

It appears that the Indigenous Welsh Voters must be Recognised and Empowered through a New Creative but Simple Democratic Voting System (Nation Specific Criteria) to Allow the Other Nation's Voices within the UK (Not just Wales) to be as Strong and Recognised as the One Majority Nation's Voice (England). This approach would Introduce a true 'British Core Value' of Democracy for All, not just Democracy for the One Majority tribe, Creating a Truly 'United Kingdom' and a New Solid Sense of 'Britishness' Based on 'Fairness and Respect' moving on into the Future (Promoting Unity Not Division).         

To Clarify this term ‘Incomers’, the proposed 'Voting Criteria' it appears, must Focus mainly on Identified English Born Residents in Wales. However, all identified English residents in Wales can Enact their Democratic Right to Vote, unless Specifically on a Welsh based matter, for example a Welsh Referendum, or Referendum for More Powers for Wales, and to Promote Fairness the Same will apply for Welsh People Living in England on Specifically English Matters. This Democratic Voting Right can be Enacted in General and Local Elections by using the Postal Voting System (although Computerised Voting would be a Future avenue) to Relocate English people's Votes who are Resident in Wales Back to their Own Original Place of Birth within the UK,and again to Ensure Fairness, Vise Versa with Welsh People Living in England.    

The Focus mainly on the English Resident Population in Wales may be able to be Legally and Morally Justified as the English Population is 55 Million people, approximately Eighteen (18) Times Greater than that of Wales (3 Million), at 85% of the Whole Entire UK population (the Focus Based Purely on the Unequal Maths). Human Rights Law states that a person should be Represented in a Vote, but in the UK they are in the Unusual Position of Four Internationally Recognised Nations people's Views that need to be Equally Represented. Indeed in the Brexit Vote of 2016 the English Establishment stopped European Citizens (in EU) from voting as the perception was that they may come with a possible Conflict of Interests as they represent the Club (EU) that the UK was voting to leave or not. The other UK Home Nations posses Small Populations that are relatively similar in numbers to Wales (Wales 3 Million, Scotland 5 Million & Northern Ireland 1.9 Million people). So only needing a Small Shift of the Overwhelming English Population from England into Wales to Drastically Distort the Views, Voice and Opinions of the Indigenous Welsh Community (Genuine 'Stakeholder's' in Wales's Future with NO 'Conflict of Interests') who are only 5% of the Whole UK Population (England 85%). Furthermore, England is the Closest Country to Wales on the Same Land Mass so Movement of People is Fluid and Regular with More English People likely to Settle in Wales in the Future Due to 'Inexpensive Housing' and 'Abundant Space', as well as 'Geographic Convenience' as a Further Draw? Indeed Wales's Only Border Shares the Whole East side of its country with England on the Same Land Mass, with North and South Wales appearing to be Enclosed by English Territory and the West side of Wales Bordered by the Irish sea.In Democratic & Geographical terms 'This is like a Hippo sharing a bed with a Duck', Extremely One Sided!.....     

Furthermore, Without Identifying Specifically What the Views of the Majority English Population Are Towards the Union of the United Kingdom as a Whole, then the Direction of the other Home Nations (& indeed England) may Never be Naturally Clarified (We Just do Not know the Position of the Overwhelming 85% Majority Tribe of the English in the UK)? Could it be that the Majority of the English Population view Wales as a Burden, a Burden they could do Without? Or do they Value Wales as a Loyal and Sturdy Ally and Feel Less of a country without them? Or Ultimately given the Length of this Particular Union, could it be that the English Population Views Wales as the Family Member they Never Really Liked and Only Tolerated them because the Law within the Act of Union 1707, said to do so? However, these Views Need to be eventually Clarified through an Essential 'English Only Referendum' so Wales, England (& the other Home Celtic Nations) can Finally Identify 'Where Exactly They Stand'??!... As staying part of a Union where it has been Identified that the Majority are just Tolerating you, is Not a way Forward for the Whole of the UK and would Further Bolster, Validate and Push through an Independence agenda for Wales, as Who wants to be in a Union which has 'Specifically Clarified & Confirmed' that it does not Want you there or Value you? (Perhaps the Reason Why it has Not already happened?). Alternatively though If this Essential 'English Only Referendum' suggests that Wales (& the other Celtic Home Nations) are Valued and Wanted then this Must be Backed Up with Tangible Action to Provide Equality in All areas of the UK (You Cannot have All the Positives of Being in a Union Without Any of the Negatives!..)See the Free PDF Book Provided under the 'Home' Heading above, p16 'What are the Views of the English on the UK?'.                     

This 'Nation Specific Criteria' proposal still Promotes a UK Wide Vote (with a Democratic Veto Vote System at UK Decision Making Level to Equalise the Four Nations Populations within the UK), but in order to prevent the Voice of each Celtic home Nation being 'Drowned Out' by a Mass UK Wide Public Vote (85% of UK Voters being English, 5% being Welsh, 'You Do The Maths!..'), the 'Nation Specific Criteria' suggestion allows the Wider General Public, Analysts and Politicians More Specific and Focused Access to the Grass Roots, Indigenous, Opinions and Voice of Each Home Nation's Genuine Population Individually in Significantly more Detail and Clarity, Including England's.As Each Home Nation is slightly Different, then their Identified Needs will also be slightly Different, but the Home Nations Indigenous People's Views Need be Known First Before this can be Achieved. 

This Criteria to Vote suggestion, the 'Nation Specific Criteria', is put forward purely out of Common Sense, as a person Voting on the Fate of Another Country or Nation who may have a Vested Interest (Conflict of Interests) in the Welfare of a Dominant Neighbouring Country or Nation, could Obviously Skew any Results, Particularly if that persons tribe is Overwhelmingly over Represented in a UK wide Referendum or even a specific Welsh Referendum (English are 85% Compared to the Welsh who are 5% of the UK Population as a Whole). When a person Identifies themselves with a Particular Nation they may Instinctively Tend to Predominantly Favour the Needs of that Nation?       

To present in simple terms, the Basic Principle of Owning a Piece of Land, England Owning Wales, means that if the Owner of that Land had a Referendum Vote to Give Away Their Land for Free (similar to the Scottish independence Referendum 2014) then 'Common Sense' would Dictate that, that person would be More Inclined to Predominantly Vote ‘NO’,'Who in their Right Mind Would Voluntarily Vote to Give Away Land that they Feel they Own, For Free'!?.. Almost the Perfect Analogy of Asking'Turkeys to Vote for Christmas'?.... This is the Analogy that appears to Demonstrate an English person’s Perspective Living in Wales, who may not Intrinsically Identify Themselves as Welsh, but Resides in Wales, when they Vote in a UK or Welsh Independence Referendum, General and Local Elections. or when Voting as to whether or not to provide more Powers for Wales?    

It does appear that Recognised Indigenous Welsh people Voting in Local, General Elections or Referendum's will assist in Clarifying and therefore Acknowledging their 'Minority' Voice (Wales 5%) in a 'Vast Sea' of an '85% Majority Population'(England 85%).  Any EU referendums may also be a matter of Welsh interest, due to their inferior economy and over reliance on EU funding, which is different to England? However, it seems that it is difficult to get much more relevant to your own Race or Region than your local MP? Surely the Vote for your Local MP, that Represents them in Westminster, whether that person represents with affiliations to any of the available parties, or is English or Welsh, or any other Nationality, does not matter,but the Fact that they may have been Voted and therefore Elected by the 'Recognised Indigenous Welsh People' of each Community and Constituency area seems Obviously Fairer. Even Welsh people living outside of Wales will have family members and close friends still Directly Linked to their Birth Area and Vise Versa with the English Residents in Wales, so still apparently Maintaining that Concern of Wanting the Best for their Birth Place Community (and Nation), even though they may not Physically be Living there at the time of Voting? 

This Nation Specific Criteria 'Proof of Birth' (providing I.D at Polling Stations already happens in many countries world wide including Canada, France and even in Northern Ireland within the UK) when Voting seems to be Fairer and more effective in Representing what the Original Indigenous People who Identify and possess a Genuine Affiliation with a Certain Region or Nation, the 'Genuine Stakeholder's' in their Nation's Future, who possess 'NO' 'Conflict of Interests', actually Authentically and Genuinely think is Best for their Area and their Nation as a Whole (be that England or Wales). As the Centre for the Developing Child Harvard University (2009) asserts, 'The Formative Early Years (0-10) is said to be Hard Wire Information (such as Identity) into the Brain, that Remains throughout a person's Life'. This Simple 'Hassle Free' & 'Convenient' 'Proof of Birth' (providing Identification at Polling Stations already happens in Northern Ireland with No Problems what so ever) approach can Further be Implemented to all Four Nations of the UK to Demonstrate that their Nation is 'Valued' and to Reflect the grass roots 'Different National Opinions and Trends'(as the UK is Not all One Homogeneous group). Although this 'Nation Specific Criteria' Proposal is Far from Perfect, it Ensures More of an Equal 'VOICE' for all 'Four Nations of the UK' when voting internally within each Nation than the Current UK Democratic System and Will Represent a Significant Leap Forward Towards UK Equality, and then to provide Equality at UK Wide Decision Making Level Aligned with the Veto Vote (and/or Majority Vote) Between the Four Nations of the UK in the UK Parliament on areas Specific to the Whole of the UK, thus possibly Solidifying and 'Future Proofing' the Union of the United Kingdom, not Working Against It?!... 



​                                                                                                L.W.JONES Dipsw (BSW)  2016​​ 

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To Clarify, although Henry the 7th (1447-1509) was Born in an English held castle in Wales (too English parents), when King (through his English bloodline) he quickly forgot any Welsh association. Actually it was his Son Henry the 8th (Born in London, with all the following Royal Tudor Line Born in England) that Fully Annexed Wales in 1542. In fact, although the Tudor Name can be traced back to North Wales, the Tudor Name had already been Conquered and 'Submitted' to England (through Tudur Hen 1278) with the invasion by Edward the 1st, 'Longshanks'. Owain Tudur (the grandfather of Henry the 7th) Anglisized his name to become Owen Tudor.

85% of the UK Population are English (55 Million People, out of an Overall UK Population of 67 Million People), with 5% of the UK Population being Welsh  (3 Million People)'.  

The ONS (Office for National Statistics) 2011

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                 An English Establishment Lie..?


'To find 'Commonality', and therefore Unity within the term 'British', Between the Historic Majority Oppressor and their Minority Oppressed (Master & Servant?), would be Impossible at this Stage'?