Celtic Silence?

Are you silent or are you being silenced? Well, let’s look at the facts, and look at what the Celtic people lack, in order to be heard you need a devolved independent media, which the Celtic nations do not possess so are left in the media wilderness, yet free speech is vital for democracy but what happens if you do not have any, even in your own nation, to explain your situation, as anything you have to say can be shut down and ignored, leaving any issues neglected to remain unexplored, how are you supposed to raise a concern or provide information when you don't even have a devolved independent media voice in your own Celtic nation, just left to England with their discrimination and manipulation, which is easy to do when somebody else is speaking for you, as they tell your story, with an inequality so self-evidently based on nationality, with no independent right of reply to challenge the central government if they are bias or lie, the Celtic nations have been edited out denied a shout, then they say we are silent so there is no demand, when the Celtic people’s voice has been permanently banned.


English controlled UK media

'He who controls the media controls the minds of the public' Noam Chomsky


For the purposes of this work 'Majority' is Defined as by the Oxford English Dictionary as 'the Greater Number', to prevent confusion with the nuance between 'Majority Vote', used to create UK Law in UK parliament, and 'First past the Post', used in UK wide general elections, but both requiring the 'Greater Number'. 

Freedom of Speech when Denied an Independent  Media Platform means Freedom of Speech does Not exist

 'Freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers' UN article 10. Now London will say that the London media is a not a Public authority, therefore when they prevent independent information from the Celtic nations they can say technically the London Media is Not a Public authority so is not state interference, even though the licensing and control of the UK Media, and whether the Celtic Nations can have an Independent Mainstream Media television channel, or Devolved power over their own nations Media, is controlled by the UK Government who are always English, so is DIRECT STATE INTERFERENCE, down Ethnic Line. The Evidence being that all Mainstream Media television channels in the UK are English, with no Independent Media Devolved to the Celtic nations, but is Devolved to England.

The Devolved Celtic Nations must have Devolved Control over their Own Broadcasting Media, even if only their Regional Media to apply a Counter Balance to London's Mainstream Media machine. 

(The Celtic Nations must have some sort of independent Media to challenge the UK Government, either Devolved power over their Regional Media, or at least just One Mainstream TV Channel, for Example)


The role of journalism in societ

Journalism plays a very important role in democratic societies.

One of its main purposes is to supply voters with the information they need to make informed choices, for example, about how they are going to vote in an election.

The democratic principle of ‘freedom of speech’ - meaning that people have the right to freely express their views and opinions, and to question or criticise the government - is enabled by a free, independent media. From the BBC's own Website! Click for Link

Article 10 of the Human Rights Act protects a right that's fundamental to our democracy – 'our freedom of expression is fundamental to our democracy. It means we're free to hold opinions and ideas and to share them with others without the State interfering'. Obviously the State controlled in London through England's 533 MPs denies an Independent Media for Wales, which means Independent of London & England, for Wales to Speak Freely without Hindrance

Of course it is only England who Benefit from England preventing an Independent Celtic Media so they can control the UK Narrative, there is no Benefit to the Celtic Nations by not having an Independent Media

Remember that the History and Narrative of the Conquered is always Written by the Conqueror, which means that even to this day somebody else is telling the story of Wales. Indeed, England is the Only Nation in the World that has a Long Standing Acrimonious relationship with Wales, and they are the ones Controlling the Welsh people's Narrative and Story that is told about them, and to them... As London Dominate the Information Space in the UK.

The Best way to crack down on Independent Welsh Press & Media Freedoms is to not give them any in the first place.

If you start any debate regarding the so called British Media using the term British Media then straight away your conclusion will be Nonsense, the Reason being is that there is no Independent British Media only a London Controlled English Media, and Easily Evidenced. As you will in Essence be talking about something that does not exist. You have a London Media that can be Accessed throughout Britain, but it is not a British Media, as the Celtic Nations have No Independent Mainstream Voice.

OFCOM directly abandon their own Impartiality Code by not allowing Fairness of an Impartial Independent View from the Celtic Nations. Dictionary Definition of Impartiality - equal treatment of all rivals or disputants; fairness. OFCOMS Definition of Due Impartiality - Impartiality itself means not favouring one side over another (Section Five: Due impartiality and due accuracy)

Wales Not having an Independent Media means that London and England are effectively speaking for Wales and the Welsh People, whilst Unilaterally Distorting or Deleting Wales' Voice and Opinions out of many Conversations, that Impedes Welsh Cultural, Social, Economic, Intellectual & Political Development. Indeed, in order to have Freedom of Speech and a Functioning Democracy between UK Nations you must First be Allowed at least some Unimpeded Independent Mainstream UK Wide TV Channel or Media. Culture in the developed world is spread through mass media channels. Media influences culture and society by allowing for a very rapid exchange of ideas, and provokes debate.

"The main enemy of Wales is ignorance with the Welsh people born into perpetual naivety through a lack of independent information, with a stifled imagination, about who they are, and what they are, and indeed what they could be, because there is no independent Welsh media to guide, inform, explore or inspire them, only London, who's interest's are served by keeping the Welsh masses ignorant of their own situation"


            "Clearly Not having an Independent Media is a Direct Assault on UK Democracy for Wales"

     Declaration on Race and Racial Prejudice 1978 (Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948), Article 5, section 3

'Communication between 'racial and ethnic groups must be a reciprocal process', enabling them to 'express themselves and to be fully heard without let or hindrance', and ECHR (European Courts of Human Rights) which Supersedes the UK Courts, article 10 on Freedom of Expression and 14 on not denying a Voice due to Race and Nationality. Article 14 of the Convention – Prohibition of discrimination “The enjoyment of the rights and freedoms set forth in [the] Convention shall be secured without discrimination on any ground such as sex, race, colour, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, association with a national minority, property, birth or other status.” 

To Clarify the UN defines 'Racial Discrimination' as meaning Skin Colour or Nationality, with London Anglo-Saxon England being a different Ethnicity to the Celtic Nations, with only London having the Authority to Licence a mainstream TV Channel, or an independent Channel through their 533 MPs in the UK (English) Parliament, which also appears to impede on UN Article 19 on independent Freedom of Expression on Mass Media as ultimately only one UK Nation gets to decide. Indeed, it is easy to silence a Nation if you make sure they have no or very limited independent press or media in the first place.

'Who ever Controls the Media, Controls the Minds of the People' (Noam Chomsky), where a Singular Bias Voice Cannot be Challenged by Different Perspectives or Arguments. Especially in the UK where it is so Centrally Located in London that can block or manipulate certain information (even on UK Digital Platforms, again Controlled Centrally from London through the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, a London Government Minister who also gets to appoint the Chair of OFCOM, UK's Media Regulator, for Example) which is why it disrupts Democracy as you can control peoples minds and opinions to make them believe what you want them to believe, without any genuine unimpeded counter balanced views (that are also Not Hand Picked, Outnumbered, or Directly Edited from or in London, by the Same English Nationality as the UK Government Culture Secretary who appoints the Chair of OFCOM who Regulates and Provides Licences for the UK Media, also the Same Born Nationality, with all other Mainstream Channels HQ's based in London Edited again by the Same English Nationality, how can it be anything other than Nationalism?) ironically the same approach that London appears to accuse China and many other countries of doing with Nationalism, in a State Run MediaState media or government media are media outlets that are under financial and/or editorial control of the state or government, directly or indirectly (all the Same Nationality Controlled and Edited from London the Capital of England). Overtly Favouring just One UK Nationality within a Four Nation UK State is clearly Anti-Democratic as without the ability to put forward Independent Opposing views Publicly UK Wide, a Fair Democracy does Not Exist in the UK for the Minority Celtic Nations. Oxford English Dictionary Definition of Nationalismidentification with one's own nation and support for its interests, especially to the 'exclusion' or 'detriment' of the interests of other nations. Moreover, there is No Competition allowed from an Independent Mainstream Celtic Nations Media (as it does Not Exist, OFCOM are in Control of Licencing, the UK Government Culture Secretary appoints the Chair, Nadine Dories appoints Lord Michael Grade in 2022, as the most recent Example). Competitionis part of aChecks-and-Balances System of a Democracy that should ensure that consumers usually acquire Unbiased and Accurate Information to allow for Informed Decision Making, that would prevent a purely English Nationalist Narrative Favouring England's Interests from London, as Currently UK Wide Information Cannot be Independently Challenged or Scrutinised by other UK Nations due to Lack of Competition from Outside of an English National Perspective. These Checks-and-Balances are known as the Fourth Estate (UK Media Centralised into London), along with the Judiciary (High Court in London Supersedes all Celtic Nations Courts, Wales does Not have its Own Judiciary), Executive (Enforcing Laws, Controlled through the Majority UK Government, always English, Labour or Conservative) andLegislature (UK Policy making again Controlled by London through their 533 English MPs). However, in the UK all of these Checks- and-Balances are predominantly Controlled from London by England with their 533 Majority MPs in the UK Parliament. To Clarify, The Herald Newspaper in Scotland is Owned by Newsquest in London, even The National is Owned by Newsquest in London (Newsquest UK, whilst overall ownership will vary through different arms length Hedge Funds), although only seen as Scottish papers and Not UK Mainstream, and STV is a Regional Franchise from ITV, so could be Revoked if they do not play ball, with much of the same programming as ITV required, and  is owned by majority share owners again in London currently led by former ITV Executive Simon Pitts, that does Not cover the whole of Scotland anyway, UTV (Northern Ireland) is Owned by ITV in London, as Examples of London Interference even with the Limited so called semi-independent Media in the other Celtic Nations. The Scotsman Newspaper is Owned by JMI Media (National World) in London. As in the UK there is No such thing as a British Media only an English Mainstream Media. Indeed, it seems No Coincidence that Scotland have even a very minimal so called independent Regional Media (although STV is an ITV Franchise) and have more of view on their National Identity, although never Underestimate the Hollywood film Braveheart that came out in 1995 coinciding with a serge for the SNP in the1997 Elections that has continued, the Power of the Media, notice that Braveheart was Not made by an English Production Company, as they would see it as Divisive and promoting Difference. Scottish Based Films such as Trainspotting & Shallow Grave in the 1990's was made by London's Channel 4As without a Media to promote Welsh Literature and Intellectual Debate there is no Welsh Literature as a writer who explores Welsh Intellectual and Social advancement cannot sell books and sustain a career without Publicity for their Work (that could be made into Films, Theatre Productions, Mini-Series and Dramas etc ). Indeed, if Literature is the Nation, what does that make a Nation without any recognised classic or modern Literature, it makes it no more than a Vassal. Independent Media means Independent from London, so for Example 'Newsquest UK' although owned abroad filters through London then into the UK, the Middle Person of London must be taken out to prevent Bias, and ensure Independence from the Place and Nation that currently Controls the UK Media Landscape and Narrative. Indeed, England is the only Nation in the World that has a somewhat acrimonious historical relationship with all of the UK Celtic Nations, and a specific reason to be Bias (to maintain UK Power).

Furthermore, for London to suggest that Wales could Not maintain an independent TV channel (the most Potent form of Media) because of a lack of population is a non-argument as then any similar smaller sized country such as Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Croatia, Georgia, Luxemburg and Iceland for example should have No independent TV channels, or Media what so ever, as according to London should be Financially Unviable, even though STV in Scotland even with its London Limitations is also Financially profitable. Moreover, anyway a mainstream independent channel from Wales will cover a wide range of topics and have the possibility of reaching 66 million people across the wider UK, just as the English Media does. Just because a mainstream TV channel may be based independently in Wales does not mean that other people in the UK will not watch their shows or productions, the same as the people in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland watch shows from and about London or England.  

The UK is meant to be a Union of Nations, not an Incorporation of Nations into England under London's overall Control using their 533 MPs to rule the whole of the UK with no meaningful way for the Celtic Nations to effect UK Wide Policy that Directly involves them, which would include the UK Wide Media.


​​So What Benefits will Wales have with just One Independent Mainstream TV Channel, or Devolved Powers over their Own Media in Wales.  

(Independent means Independent of London or England, with the Main Staff of the Service Based in the Nation it is Representing, Regulated and Licenced by its Own Nation's Regulation Authority for TV Channels & Newspapers to prevent any possible undue Bias and Hindrance, or even just simply Ignoring any Welsh Racism Complaints)

*Guards against the London Media Completely Manipulating Welsh Peoples Opinions.

*Selling a positive Image of Wales to the World for Tourism

*Without an Independent Media Wales can be Silenced as to Self-Determination.

* Without an Independent Media Wales ends up taking on England's Issues, and Not Focusing on their Own.

*Welsh Legal Rights and History can be expressed Unimpeded (UN Laws on Racial Discrimination and Welsh Annexation in 1542 for Example).

*Promotes Welsh people's National Confidence by standing up to London, and correcting them if they are wrong, which will keep London honest as a counter voice can be provided.

*Avoids being Directed and Edited from or by London (S4C, ITV, Cardiff TV & BBC Wales, including all Welsh Local Newspapers are directly funded by London or England so are obviously influenced, not independent).

*Own regulatory authority to prevent possible bias and uphold or even Acknowledge any Complaints (how many times have you seen Racism on TV aimed towards Welsh people, also involving sheep as CODED LANGUAGE to suggest Bestiality, but OFCOM in London do Nothing, or Ignore any Complaints, that Condones the Behaviour Due to NO Consequences, which is why it continues). 

*Own Licensing Authority similar to OFCOM in TV, and NLA media in Newspapers based in London, to allow Wales to License its own Media.   

*Right of Reply on an independent channel, if OFCOM continue to ignore any racism or slander towards Welsh (or any other) people.

*Provides a more Equal Democratic process by providing Wales with an Independent Voice to discuss and highlight Welsh concerns publicly, and mainstream.

*Be your Own Story Teller, about Who you Are, and your Past, Unimpeded.

* Speak Unimpeded Truth to Power, which can highlight unfairness such as 543 English MP's out of 650 MP's in the UK parliament making the 107 Celtic Nation MP's largely irrelevant in a UK Parliament Vote that sets Laws and Policy for the whole of the UK, ironically enough even over the structure of the UK Media. 

* Can Independently Scrutinise any UK Government Decisions.

*A Fully Functioning Independent Media is a multi £Billion Pound Industry that can be centred in Wales to Boost the Economy (Not just in London, an already Prosperous Place).

* Would Provide Many Permanent Highly Paid Jobs in Wales, along with genuine Long-term Lucrative and Highly Skilled Career Prospects for its people.

*Gives Wales a Distinctive Identity, Character and Voice Not Over Shadowed by London (Englishness), to put Wales on the Map, both Nationally and Internationally.

* An Independent Mainstream TV Channel Allows a Nation to Create a 'National Conversation' and 'Consensus', that includes 'Joined Up Thinking' on the National and International Level, Not just Fragmented Local Regional Conversations happening in Isolation, mainly only Specific to the concerns of Individual Local Areas (Such as the limited amount of very Local Newspapers Individually dotted around Wales, to Clarify the Western Mail is owned by Reach PLC based in London anyway). 

 *Do Not have to fit the English Criteria or Narrative to be Allowed a Media Voice.

* Do Not have to Rely on Other Nations Media or Productions using your Facilities or Landscapes (as and when), you can Use and Employ your Own Facilities Full-time, but Use them to Promote Wales (to clarify channel 4 make films, which could be the same with a Welsh channel), Not Used to Promote Somebody else's Nation with a Welsh Backdrop, in a Film or Drama for example, that could Essentially be Anywhere!

*Promoting Cultural Identity.

*Provides a Cultural and Literary Platform for Welsh Poets, Writers, Authors and Artists, who Historically are largely Ignored by the London Media.

​*Supports and Balances Democracy by allowing Different Political Voices or Views outside of the London Political Parties.

* Wales can Sell Shows Documenting a positive view of Welshness (Cultural Advertising) for Profit abroad not only for great Financial Gain, but also as a way to sell Wales abroad to the world (Numerous English versions would be 'The Crown' and 'Downton Abbey' amongst countless others)

*Programmes can Sell the Best Version of Welshness and Wales to the World Wide Audience Increasing Interest and awareness of Wales, and therefore potentially increasing Tourism (another £Billion Pound Industry).

* A Media Industry allows Finance, Skilled People & Facilities to then Create 'Films' (Channel 4 Films as an example) to be made specifically about Wales, to sell Wales and it's vibrant History to the rest of the World (Numerous English versions would be '1917', 'The Theory of Everything', 'The King's Speech', 'Harry Potter', 'James Bond', 'The Queen', amongst numerous other just relatively recent examples).

* An independent Welsh Media means they can defend themselves if Wales is insulted or demeaned on other media.

*Debate shows can be developed discussing issues that are specific to Wales (not just England) without fear of Censorship or interference.

*Can Explore and Highlight any Discrimination or False Stereotyping.

*Documentaries can be made Exposing Injustice Freely on Any Subject Matter, and Independent of any Potential Restrictions through London.

​*Freedom over Welsh Programming Selection and Topics.

*Can talk to all Welsh people, the UK, and the Wider World in the World Wide Language of English (there are Not many Benefits to being Colonised, and your Indigenous Language being Marginalised, but in this case, this is one, so why not use it to your own best advantage).

​*Can Report News and Headlines Unimpeded.

*Films and Media are often referred to as 'Soft Power', by using Films and Programmes to Influence or Promote Narratives (Channel 4 fund and produce many Films for example).

*Having a Positive View of Welshness Projected to the Welsh People, and to the Wider World to Encourage a Positive Self-Regard in their Nation.

*Can Show Different Dimension's of Welshness through different independent programming, projecting a Human Side of Welsh people, not projected from the outside as just one Homogenous Group. 

* Welsh Licence Fee Money will stay in Wales, and Work for Wales, Not Filtered into London (depending on model of funding).

​*The Development of PR and Advertising Companies in Wales, another possible £Billion Pound Industry, so Not Focused Mainly in London.

*Not having to Rely on London to tell the Welsh People's Story of what Welshnsess is, Particularly Pertinent as England is the Only Nation in the world that Wales has a some what Acrimonious Relationship with (Documented Historical Fact).

*Gives Welsh Media Talent a Full-time Platform, Not having to go abroad. Talent such as Editors, Directors, Cameramen, Producers, Presenters, Actors, Engineers, Soundmen, as just a few industry examples.

* Allows Welsh Writers Work from the Past to be Explored and New Writers Work to be Exposed and Publicly Platformed (English versions include Charles Dickens, Shakespeare, Jane Austin, Ian Fleming, J R R Tolkein, George Orwell, and then more modern J K Rawling, Phoebe Waller-Bridge as some of Numerous examples).

Indeed, if having an Independent Media is Not Important, then Why is England (London) so Precious about about Not allowing Wales an Independent Media, and Ensuring that it is Only England (in the UK) that can Possess Such a Valuable Asset, it didn't happen by Accident, it happens by London Design.

Negatives for Wales of an Independent Media in Wales

Wales has a smaller population, however even though Wales has a small population (compared to England) this does not stop an independent media being successfully funded and implemented in every other similar sized countries (or even smaller), and also selling their shows world wide (Sweden, Denmark and Ireland as examples). Apart from a smaller population, compared to England (although 3 million people is still a lot, and a mainstream UK TV channel will have the potential to reach all the people in the UK) there does not seem to be any other negatives to Wales having their own independent media, but there will be for England as they will Not be able to continue to control the UK Narrative Unchallenged. 

However, if you can put forward a Valid Argument that an Independent Media is a 'Bad Thing' for Wales, I would be very Interested to hear from you, as perhaps Wales Historically Not being allowed an Independent Media from London may be for their Own Good, even though England have a thriving Independent Media and Film Industry, so they must feel that it is of some Benefit (email address provided at the bottom of this page for any response). Indeed, Why would London prevent an Independent Mainstream Media in Wales, are they afraid that the Welsh version of the truth might get out, which might be incompatible with theirs? As all of these positives outlined above are Easily Evidenced and Demonstrated in England with the Innumerable Social, Cultural and Economic Benefits of an Independent Media to England, along with the Benefits of an Associated Film Industry ('Film Four 'as a film making channel example). However, Wales (& Scotland) are the potential 'Competitor's & potential Challengers of Britain's Narratives on London's Doorstep', so appear to need Controlling, otherwise why continue to control it? Indeed if having an independent media is so bad for Wales, according to London, then why would an independent media around the Nation's of the World be deemed as so Important, indeed essential for Fee Speech and Democracy.  To clarify, STV is a Scottish free-to-air television channel owned by STV Group and is a part of the ITV network, and is not Mainstream UK Wide channel, it is only regional in Scotland, with most of its share holders based in London.

How will this be Financed?

It would be seem that maybe the Best Financial Model for an English Speaking (World Wide Language) Independent Welsh Mainstream TV Channel would appear to be Similar to the Initial Channel 4 Model, which was Initially set up with public money and then over time was able to sustain itself on advertising only (or a Mixture of Both), but still owned by the public (Supplemented by Selling Shows Abroad such as also with the BBC and ITV, as English is a World Wide Language which is very Useful when selling Shows, Narratives and Talent to the Biggest and most Influential Market in the USA). So Initially a 'High Bred' of 'Public Money' and 'Advertising Money' with a reduced Licence Fee for Welsh people (replacing the BBC Licence Fee) but overtime the Licence Fee can be slowly phased out and reduced once the channel is sustainable using only advertising (such as Channel Four which is Publicly Owned and Profitable). Any Licence Fee paid by the Welsh Public will come back to the Welsh Economy Ten Fold in a Media Industry, Well Paid Jobs, Selling the Best Version of Wales Abroad, and Increased Tourism, however the most important aspect being a Specific Welsh Voice, Voicing Specific Welsh Concerns and Identity. Indeed, Channel 4 alone as a publicly owned company makes in excess of £2 Billion each year for the economy (Click Link Channel 4's 'Channel 4, We Own It' website), to put this into some sort of perspective the Welsh Annual Grant from London is just over £15 Billion a year (at the time of this text) to pay for all Public Services in Wales ranging from the NHS to Education.

As a Fee may be being paid Initially, Advertising could only be allowed Before or After a particular programme, not interrupted at intervals during the programme, allowing the audience to possibly enjoy the continuity of a programme? So Welsh people would Pay a Reduced TV Licence Fee of approx £100 a year (replacing the current London TV Licence Fee of £150 a year where Wales is essentially paying for an English service), Supplemented by Advertising and Selling their Own Shows and Narratives abroad, which can Replace the BBC London Licence Fee (if Welsh people want to watch the BBC they can pay an additional subscription, or alternatively use the Internet). Although the Power to Licence a TV Channel in the UK is Located Only in London through OFCOM based in London (the Majority on OFCOM's Board Member's are English including the Main CEO now 'Dame Melanie Dawes' taking over from Sharon White) with Links to the Minister of Culture, and the Secretary of State both based in London, who are accountable to the UK Parliament in London, who have 533 Mps representing England, out of 650 Mps, so essentially an English Parliament in all but name, leading to obvious opportunities of Bias (as Easily Demonstrated with all the UK Celtic Nations being actively Excluded from Mainstream UK wide TV).

To Clarify, there is 'No Such Thing' as a 'British Media', which Implies separate Media's Independent of London Control around the UK, maybe British in terms of its overall Access, but only London (or England) in terms of its Control, so it can only be a London Media (or English) in the UK as that is where the Central Authority Lies for all the UK wide accessible Media. So for Example, the negative Media based around Meghan Markle, can then be Diverted to all Four Countries of the UK instead of the blame being pin pointed at London and England, as of course the Celtic Nations do not own an Independent Mainstream Media.



               Declaration on Race and Racial Prejudice 1978 (Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948), Article 5, section 3.

The mass media and those who control or serve them, as well as all organized groups within national communities, are urged-with due regard to the principles embodied in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, particularly the principle of freedom of expression-to promote understanding, tolerance and friendship among individuals and groups and to contribute to the eradication of 'racism', racial 'discrimination' and 'racial prejudice', in particular by refraining from presenting a 'stereotyped', partial, unilateral or tendentious picture of individuals and of various human groups. Communication between 'racial and ethnic groups must be a reciprocal process', enabling them to 'express themselves and to be fully heard without let or hindrance'. The mass media should therefore be freely receptive to ideas of individuals and groups which facilitate such communication.

To Clarify, their are Two Different overall meanings, Aims and Objectives of Nationalism within Britain, there is a Minority Celtic Nationalism looking for Greater Equality to Level Up and failing that independence, and a Majority English Nationalism (never mentioned on the London Media) seeking to Maintain long standing Inequalities, the greatest threat of all to the UK as they have the most Power and Influence to Favour their Own UK Nation.

If you're not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing Malcolm X

The main Responsibility of any Media is to 'Speak Truth to Power', however, power generally already knows the truth, but unless it fits in with their overall Interest's, it needs 'NO PLATFORMING' (as Obviously, 'if you Control the Platform you Control the Message'), which is why London need to Control the UK Media (even eventually the UK Internet Media, through Law, using the guise of protecting us from a so called Threat?) to ensure that certain crucial elements of uncomfortable Truths regarding UK society do not get out into the Public Domain, so Needs to be Centrally Controlled. The Benefits to England of Monopolising all UK Media is that they can either 'Ignore' or 'Destroy' different Views or Perspectives, which can only be done through Centrally Controlling the Media. Although the Internet does help it still does not have the Power of a Mainstream Media to be able to Crystallise and Highlight selected Information to the masses. Indeed, as with many Oppressors or Slanderers it is what they Refuse (or Avoid) to Talk About, or Explore, that Tells You More, than what they Do want to talk about. This apparent Subtle Historical Directing of Thoughts and Opinions through the London Based British Media and Structures (Broadcasting & Print) was First 'Highlighted' and 'Recognised' by the American Noam Chomsky, who was one of the Founders of the Field of 'Cognitive Science'. When he Identified that, 'The 'First' Ever Modern Propaganda Agency was the 'British Ministry of Information' a Century ago, which Secretly Defined it's Task as to Direct The Thoughts Of Most Of The World'... It appears that who ever Controls the wider National Mainstream Media in the UK in Broadcasting and Print (the Central London Based English Establishment?) can Historically Subtly Mould the 'Thoughts''Opinions''Narratives' and 'Attitudesof that Whole Country to their Will, as they are the 'Gate Keepers' of UK Information (commonly referred to as 'Soft Power', due to it's Subtlety)As stated by Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865), 'He who Mould's Opinion is Greater than He who Enacts Law' (although the London English Establishment Authorities do Both in the UK). This is Why Wales must Finally be allowed a 'National Broadcasting Licence' (or alternatively 'Devolve Broadcasting Powers' in Wales to Wales) by the Central London English Establishment Authorities such as predominantly the London based OFCOM (with it's Regulations Set and Directed from London) or the BBC, but ultimately through any UK London Government's Secretary of Culture. Indeed, even the very Regional Niche Welsh speaking channel of S4C is funded and Licensed through the London BBC, and therefore open to restricted subject matter, even though not many people in Wales or the UK speak fluent Welsh. However, many people have argued that this niche regional channel that has very limited viewers is only provided to counter balance the history of the 'Welsh Not' Click for Link, and give the impression of supporting Welsh language and culture, and not trying to eradicate it? To further Clarify, 'Cardiff TV' is not an independent Welsh TV channel, an does not operate as a normal functioning TV channel (just does mainly news and reports regarding local areas and regions of the UK), which is not specific to Wales or even Cardiff. More Specifically it is Owned by 'Local Television Limited', with their Headquarters Located in Leeds, England. Moreover, Wales's main regional newspaper the 'Western Mail', and Online Media presence 'Wales Onlineis Owned by Reach PLC formerly known as the Trinity Mirror, who also Own the London Mainstream Newspapers, the Daily Star, the Daily Express, Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror and OK magazine amongst others, with their main headquarters based in London. Indeed, it is Not possible to Develop an Unimpeded 'Nation Wide Conversation' to Develop a 'National Consensus' or Direction in Wales, when you are only allowed a small amount of Local Newspapers, that are not independent of London anyway, that are just mainly Focusing Individually on their Own very Fragmented, Local and Specific Concerns (such as very Local Newspapers dotted randomly around Wales, to Clarify the Western Mail is owned by Reach PLC based in London, who own most of the regional News Papers in the UK). To Clarify, just making any Token effort to redirect the London Media Buildings around the UK is just 'Window Dressing' and 'Smoke and Mirrors', as the Buildings may Change Location (if they do actually relocate?), but the 'Power and Influence' over the UK Media Remains in London, including even with 'OFCOM(Since I was a 'Young Child' I, have heard Numerous 'Sheep Shagging' Jokes about Wales on London Mainstream TV, either directly or indirectly as CODED LANGUAGE (always mentioning sheep and Wales and by inference bestiality of said sheep, fitting in with the commonly known Welsh racial slur), and not once have anyone been 'Reprimanded or Sanctioned' by this London Regulatory Authority), with London still 'Pulling the Strings', so essentially 'Pointless', in terms of providing an Independent Voice for the Minority UK Nations, as London will still Control the 'Content and Narrative' Centrally, and even how it is 'Regulated'. The Chairman of OFCOM is decided by the English UK Governments Secretary of State.

Wales must Finally be Allowed to Independently 'Tell their Own Story' of 'Who They Are' to the Wider Global Audience, Regulated by its Own Nation's Standards Authority (as Regulating Slander on another Nation, that comes from a London Bias, might be ineffective as they may Unofficially 'Condone' the Behaviour by Ignoring it or Minimising it, no one ever Sanctioned for 'Welsh Slander' ever in the History of the London Media,  as an Easy Example) to build Confidence in their Nation and to provide a very productive Financial Source into Wales, by also Allowing Wales to promote itself and it's Talent, not the Interpretation of London as to who the Welsh people are as a Nation. Particularly pertinent given the well documented some what acrimonious relationship Wales has, and continues to have with England over the Centuries. It is probably Not the best idea to allow the person who 'Respects you the Least' to Control your Media (London), and for them to Set the Narrative to the World of who you are as a People? Welsh People Must be Allowed to be Able to 'Tell their Own Story', and 'Set their Own Narrative of Who they are', that can be Accessed UK Wide and Internationally, Not Permanently Filtered, Edited or Restricted through London, with No Safety Net from OFCOM, to provide a Three Dimensional Human perspective of Welsh people to Wales, and the rest of the UK and World, who do not have a Multi Dimensional Human perspective of Welsh people, only the Homogeneous Dehumanising Stereotypes put forward by London. 


Indeed, any New UK Wide Mainstream Channel (if Ever Allowed by London?) in Wales Must be Allowed the Ability to Select, Make, Edit and Produce the Majority of their Own Programmes (regarding a Variety of Subject Matter, Domestic and International, Not just Wales, but with the Freedom to Explore Different UK Narratives, of all the UK Nations, from Different Points of View) and Screened Nationally across the whole of the UK (Not Continuously having Information and Narratives Constantly Filtered through London such as their current 'Regional Channels' of BBC Wales & BBC Scotland for example), to be able to offer a Human Perspective of Welsh people to fight against Dehumanisation and Stereotyping, otherwise Risk being Seen as pure Ineffective 'Tokenism'. The Same overall Freedom of Programme Making Historically Enjoyed by All the London English Mainstream Channels... (See 'How can Wales be Improved?' under the 'Wales in Purgatory?' heading above). As the Traditional London Orchestrated Mainstream British Media is the Most Effective way to Spread 'Negative' or 'Positive' Messages on Mass around the UK (But 'Fortunately' as with all Mass Negative 'Learnt' Social Behaviour, it Can also be 'Unlearnt'!). Propaganda and Slander can be Repeatedly Transmitted Instantly 'On Mass' Directly into Peoples Living Rooms Across the Whole Land (UK), commonly known as 'Soft Power' due to it's Impact and Subtlety, 'the Power of the London Orchestrated British National Mainstream Media Monopoly to Direct the Narrative within the UK, and regarding the UK to the Wider World, can Never be Over Stated'!!... (to Clarify, the Oxford English Dictionary Definition of the term 'PROPAGANDA' is stated as, 'Information Especially of a Biased or Misleading Nature, Used to Promote a Political Cause or Point of View'). However, as further Stated by Noam Chomsky, 'He who Controls the Media, Controls the Mind's of the Public', this appears to be the Reason Why all Media in Britain is Ultimately Controlled from London, it didn't happen by Accident? As Wales is not allowed any Independent, which is an Independent, Separate and Distinct Mainstream Media Platform from London, this is the Biggest Ongoing Problem for Wales, as Preventing or Manipulating UK Wide information ensures ongoing Ignorance, and ensures the Status Quo. As asserted by George Santayana (1863-1952) a prominent Spanish philosopher, 'Those Who Do Not Remember the Past are Condemned to Repeat It'. Furthermore, George Orwell (1903-1949) goes onto highlight that, 'He Who Controls the Past Commands the Future'.  

As the most Effective way to Prevent Awkward Questions
(Free Speech) and Impose 'Censorship' on the Sly is to 'Deny a Platform' ​(the Oxford English Dictionary's Definition of 'Censorship' is stated as, 'Examine Officially and Suppress Unacceptable Parts of It'), which is achieved in the UK, by the London English Establishment Authorities, with Full and Total Historic and Ongoing Control & Influence over all Forms of UK Wide Public Media in Broadcasting & Print (as easily Demonstrated with the Fact that Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland 'have Never been allowed' and therefore 'do Not possess' any Independent 'Mainstream National UK Wide' Television Channel or Newspaper. In addition, the National in Scotland is not a UK wide Newspaper and is owned by Newsquest, who are owned by Gannett (& New Media) in America, outside of London influence, there are No London based Mainstream Newspapers that Support Scottish Independence (or Welsh Independence, to provide a Balanced perspective), for Example), and of course in the Absence of an Independent Separate and Distinct Media for each UK Nation the Democratic Process can be Disrupted and Bias (the Scottish Independence Vote in 2014 as an apparent example). This Total Control (Monopoly) of the UK Media through London (that Ultimately Controls & Influences Mainstream UK accessible TV & Regional UK Channels) has worked Amazingly Well. Particularly since the early 1930's when Television and Radio were just being introduced into mainstream public society (previous to this the Printed word only) and then progressively Used and Identified as Public Information tools, by Stopping the Voices and Messages (Behind the Scenes Editing) they do not like, and Allowing the one's they do (Censorship). Previous to this Highly Effective Subtle 'No Platforming approach' they used to Imprison or Kill subversive thinkers, although this caused a Problem as they were then turned into Martyr's. However, with the advent of Social Media and the Internet this New Technology undermines the UK Government's (English Establishment's) Historic selective 'No Platforming approach' as the Internet Provides it's Own World Wide Public Platforms for Ideas to Anyone Without Censorship Now Outside of any historic direct London control. Although, it does appear that the London British Media, in order to regain this Vital Media Control and Obvious Advantages, have already started to Undermine External Public Platforms & Information Sources such as Facebook, Twitter & Google, as just a couple of examples, Outside of the UK London Media Loop and selective narrative (which will no doubt lead to new UK Legislation based on singular selected negative examples). A move that could be seen as further 'Anti-Democratic' as it Narrows down potential Sources of Wider External Rounded Information (For or Against) and Reduces Public Platforms for the Average Person to Challenge or put across an alternative Perspective. Furthermore, whilst appearing to suggest that if the Information is Not From a London Orchestrated British Media Platform, then it must be Fake News or Damaging to You, using very selected examples to suggest that they are protecting you from harm, and therefore censorship from London is for your own good (as Only we in the Whole World always tell the Authentic Unbiased Professionally Researched Balanced Truth, and would Never Lie, Omit Information or Prevent Open Debate on certain Subjects deemed as Undesirable??!...).                                            

Conversely, there are also some 'Positive' Examples of 'Good Publicity' (Positive Propaganda) regarding certain groups 'Reputation & Character' spread through the London Orchestrated British Mainstream Media in the UK, apparently regarding primarily 'Only' people in English Cities and Regions (Using such tools as UK Wide Sit Com's, Soap's, Drama's, Comedy Shows, Mini Series, News, Advertising, Game Shows, Film's & Documentaries, Radio, as well as National Newspaper's & Magazine's, for example)? Such as the Spreading of the term 'Geezer' (Cockney's) to insinuate that all London people are Streetwise and Popular (Lovable Rogues, Del Boy's), also 'Scouser' for Liverpool people to insinuate they are Witty and not to be Trifled with, 'Geordies' from Newcastle who are depicted through the Media as Tough but Friendly, and 'Salt of the Earth' for 'Yorkshire people' to assume that all people in Yorkshire are Honest, Gritty and Trustworthy, to name but a Few English Regional Examples of 'Positive Labelling' (Propaganda) through the London Controlled UK Wide National Mainstream Media's. Again Notice the Complete Absence of any form of Derogatory Term for England as a Nation, and the English people either Regionally or as a Whole, or any positive images or narratives of any regions within Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. These 'Favourable UK Stereotypes' are still a Fabrication of the truth by the London Centred Media, as to Generalise about Groups of Millions of people possessing Exactly the Same 'Favourable' Personality Traits is 'Nonsensical', much like Racism but in 'Reverse', yet with a Positive Slant (with many people within these favourably Characterised English regions taking on these favourable stereotypes to influence their own individual personalities and characters)This Presentation of a 'Positive' Image of People, Cities and Regions in your 'Own Nation' but seeming to present a 'Negative Overall' Image of the 'Other Nations' in the UK (Including Other Minority Groups) can be Categorised in 'Psychology' as possessing a 'Positive Regard' for your 'Own', the Opposite being a 'Negative Regard' for the 'Other' (Carl Rogers 1957), otherwise known as 'Nationalism', which is Favouring your Own, when relating to Nationhood. Let's Present a Simple Example of 'Positive' & 'Negative' Regard in Action to Demonstrate the 'SUBTLE' but 'POWERFUL' Difference Between the Two. Take for Example an 'Ageing Car', this Car can be Described with 'Negative Regard' as an 'Old Banger, Ready for the scrap heap', But the 'Same Car' can be Described with 'Positive Regard' as 'Vintage a Classic and worth some money', depending on a person's Motivation.Discrimination is about being 'Viewed Differently', either Negatively or Positively, as Body Language and Tone is a large part of Human Communication this is an Important Aspect to Consider, which plays into the Subtlety of Modern Racism. As not many people are going to Verbalise in Public (provide solid evidence) any Racist Views and Discrimination's that they may hold, as they are generally against the Law (See p118-131 of the Free Electronic Book Version provided above for more Information on the "British Media"). On the Psychological Level (so apart from Obvious 'Racial Slander' and 'Repeated Favouritism Based on Nationality'), this Subtleness of Racism and the Associated Discrimination (the Oxford English Dictionary Definition of Discrimination is, 'the practice of treating someone or a particular group in society less fairly than others') is Difficult to 'Pin down' (as it is an 'Attitude' or a 'Personally Held Belief'', which of course is largely Influenced by the Mainstream Media), but take for example the London Media coverage of Megan Markle (Mixed Race & American), so Not White and English. Although the general Tone of the Media coverage appears Racist (on Skin Colour and Nationality) there is no real solid Evidence of Racism Directly Verbalised. This is the Subtlety, although possibly the one of the most effective way to identify 'Non-verbal Racism', and 'Attitudinal Racism', of being treated Differently because of any Associated Discrimination (Positive or Negative Regard, Carl Rogers), is to have a 'Comparable'. Luckily in the Royal Family we have a direct Comparable, Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge (White & English). So if their are any Prolonged Differences in their Treatment, who are both equally Women and Senior Royals, then any 'Different Treatment' must be based on the grounds of Race (different Nationalities and Ethnicities), the only other obvious difference between the two (of course Kate Middleton will receive some Negative press, in between all the Good press, but this will not be Constant or Repeated). As a Minority Discriminated Persons Skills and Abilities always appear to be Instinctively Undervalued or Ignored (Negative Regard), with the Majority Non-Discriminated Person's being Overvalued and Celebrated (Positive Regard). Some Easy Comparable's where Wales is concerned of being Subtly 'Treated Differently' in the UK, because of Nationality, is Gareth Bale (Welsh) & David Beckham (English) amongst others in UK Soccer, Joe Calzaghe (Welsh/Italian) & Ricky Hatton amongst others in UK Boxing, David Lloyd George (Welsh Association) & Winston Churchill (English), amongst others in UK Politics, as further Easy 'Positive or Negative Regard' UK London Media examples (so clearly Treated Differently on the grounds of their Nationality, a Minority & a Majority), amongst Numerous other Easy Examples. How can you Promote 'Britishness' when you appear to predominantly only Celebrate and Acknowledge your Own (Deleting or Ignoring Welsh or Celtic Achievement Out of the UK Cultural Narrative)? Media Accolade and Support must be Based on Demonstrated Skill and Ability Not just potentially on your Individual Nationality (of course Wales & the Celtic Nations Not having their Own Independent Separate Distinct Mainstream Media does contribute to this problem).  

Indeed the apparent Paradox being that if this historical level of subtle underlying overall Control (an Obvious 'London Centred' UK Media 'MONOPOLY') over the whole UK National Mainstream Media (Including the British Film Industry, Incidentally with Only London possessing the Powers to License any Mainstream UK Wide Media) apparently by the Central London English Establishment Network (the Old Boys & Girls Club) in Broadcasting and Print, were being Demonstrated abroad, the British (London) Media would quite possibly be the First to Label that Countries Media as a 'State Run Media'. Even though ultimately it appears that the BBC itself is an Historic and Ongoing State Funded Organisation Resulting from Government Law makers in London, with the Distinct Possibility that the Authority that Generates Funds for any Organisation would be an Obvious Primary Force within that Corporation? Indeed, with the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) the Main Television Channel(s) in the UK which are all Orchestrated from London, it is a Legal Requirement that 'All' UK citizens who just own a TV (Households) Pay a Yearly Subscription of £147 (2016) and rising year on year, 'Whether they Want or Use their Service or Not', with UK Government Enforced Prison as an Ultimate Sanction for Non-payment. This Ongoing Legally Enforceable UK Law (Introduced back in 1946) or indeed any 'Government led Legal Consequences' Directed from the Government, would be like saying for Example in Modern Times that a person Must Pay for a 'Sky Sports Subscription' (Whether they Like Sport or Not!) or they will ultimately be Fined (or put in Prison) in a Court of Law, which in a so called free country is clearly 'Insane'?!... Surely Paying a Subscription to Watch the BBC or Not should be Optional, particularly in Modern Times with so many Numerous Other Viable and 'Free' (as well as Significantly Less Expensive) Options Now available?! So in Essence then, the Tragic Irony appears to be that Welsh people are Forced to Pay for a Large Part of their Own Damaging UK Negative Media Stereotyping and Propaganda!?...  

There are many reasons (Outlined Above) Why Wales Needs an Independent Separate and Distinct Welsh Based, Edited & Owned National Mainstream English Speaking Television Channel, to Capitalise on the Advantage of Welsh people predominantly Speaking a World Wide Language
(Even though Welsh as a Language is Still Hanging On in Wales. There are Not many Advantages to being Colonised and having a Foreign Language Imposed on you, but as the English Language is a World Wide Language thanks to England's Empire, even in the most Dire of Circumstances there are Positives, somewhere)? Allowing Wales to Finally be allowed a 'National Broadcasting Licence' or alternatively 'Devolve Broadcasting Powers in Wales to Wales', by the Central London English Establishment Authorities, such as predominantly the London based OFCOM (Office for Communications) or the BBC, but ultimately through any UK London Governments 'Secretary of Culture'. An Independent Media for Wales would allow them to 'Promote' (which Encourages Tourism through Cultural Advertising Worth an Additional £Billions of Pounds) and 'Defend' itself Nationally and Internationally, as well as to present a 'Human Face of Welsh people' to guard against Dehumanisation and Stereotyping (with a 'Generic British Wide Inclusive Title and Easy Accessibility'), so Not operating under a BBC or ITV London Regional Umbrella (with Undue apparent Influence?). BBC and ITV Wales for example, which it appears can be Limited when Providing Different 'Independent' Perspectives or Opinions, due to being Directly Funded and therefore Controlled from London? Another example would be the New BBC Scotland Channel in 2019, that seems to have replaced STV2 (although a Scottish regional channel already existed?) that seems to Mainly Air the Same London Produced Repeated Shows Anyway (much like STV, which is part of the London ITV Network, mainly owned by Shareholders in London, the last place power should be given considering London's already vice like grip on the UK Media, Historical Acrimoniuos relationship with Scotland, and their conflict of interests in needing Scotland to stay under their Control, and UTV in Northern Ireland, owned by Virgin Group), as they seem Not to be Allowed because of the obvious influence of the Main License Provider (usually London's BBC or ITV), who chooses who gets a Licence for a Channel or Not, and for How Long, baring mind that if they do not co-operate their Licence may not be renewed, and without the necessary funds and reduced restrictions in the Celtic Nations to Make most of their Own Material independent of London influence (Shows, Dramas, Soaps, Documentaries, Mini Series and even Films) that could represent Different Perspectives or Opinions, of each Celtic Nation, to that of London (particularly Obvious in Wales), and be Edited to London's requirements or it will not proceed (shows that could be Marketed or Sold Abroad for Profit, and Cultural Advertising). Even the Selected shows that are made in Scotland seem to 'Only be Aired in Scotland' (same with BBC and ITV Wales), which continues to Dehumanise and Marginalises these Nations Identities and People, without Challenge, which provides a Disconnect from the rest of the wider UK, as Welsh people will not know about what is happening in Scotland and Northern Ireland, and indeed who they are as people behind the London Projected Celtic Stereotypes, and Vice Versa, as the UK population only Primarily know what is happening in England (so even English people do Not get to see a Human, three Dimensional perspective of the Celtic Nations People, just the London Projected Stereotypes, further promoting Otherness), with Celtic Information only Selectively Filtered through London (& their Associates). Yet all London Based or Controlled English Shows are Aired Mainstream UK Wide, promoting a full understanding of Englishness to the whole of the UK. Indeed, many people Historically in the Celtic Nations have great difficulty in distinguishing between Englishness and their own Celtic Nation, which means Celtic people seem to take on English problems as their own, and not even Recognise their own Nations issues as Intrinsically Separate or Distinct due to their obvious Different Circumstances, as England still Own Wales, it is Not an Equal Relationship, it is Primarily led by England's Interests from London, which then appears to be 'Branded' by the UK London Media as British Interests. So what maybe good for England (Branded as Britain), may not have the same effect on Wales, but Without an Independent Media this Cannot be Highlighted, keeping many people in the Celtic Nations Ignorant of their Own Issues? Any New or Existing Channel Must be Allowed the Ability to Independently Decide which shows to Make, Edit and Produce, within each UK Nation, with Independent Control over the Majority of their Own Programmes and Documentaries (Otherwise Risk being Seen as pure 'Tokenism'), and Aired UK Wide, the Same Unimpeded Programme Making Ability and UK Wide Accessibility Historically Enjoyed by All the London Mainstream Channels. Surely Our Old Neglected Friend 'Common Sense' would Strongly Suggest that having to 'Rely' on Someone Else's Media (London) to Defend and Sell Wales, as well as Define who the Welsh people are, who's Nation of England also just happen to posses an Historically 'Well Documented' and Ongoing some what 'Acrimonious Relationship' with Wales at the Best of Times, would seem to be absolutely 'Nonsensical'?! As clearly Repeatedly (on London TV Channels) Historically Accusing All Welsh People (each Man, Women & Child) of Vulgar 'Bestiality' on Mass ('Welsh Sheep Shaggers') is Not a 'Term of Endearment', it is Designed to Belittle and Insult, to Psychologically Oppress, as an Ongoing Repeated Obvious Acrimonious Example. As people do not tend to Insult other people's they see as, 'One of Their Own', or who are not perceive as an 'integral Threat or Outsiders', remember the Anglo Saxon name given to Wales is translated as 'Foreigners', a perception that still appears to be alive and well to this day from London, indeed anyone not English (or White, apart from Obvious Tokens) seems to come under the Category of Outsider, commonly understood as 'English Nationalism', Oxford English Dictionary Definition of 'Nationalism', 'identification with one's own nation and support for its interests, especially to the exclusion or detriment of the interests of other nations')!?...

Just 'ONE' UK Wide Mainstream Independently Operated Television Channel Based, Edited, Produced and Made in Wales by Welsh people, also covering UK wide topics, but unimpeded. Such as the 'Numerous' Mainstream Channels Based in England Operated from their Obvious Central Media London 'Monopoly' (the British Media), with it's Core Central Operational Headquarters Always Based in London (Regardless of Regional UK Offices), which Ultimately seems to Centrally Control what Overall Messages and Narratives to Send Out to all their UK Regions (& Internationally). Possessing your Own Media Industry (Commonly referred to as 'Soft Power', Hollywood for example, as it allows you to Showcase your Own Narrative of Yourselves, to showcase your best version, or even your worst version, but balanced) which also Develops a Lucrative Potential Extra £Billions of Pounds Media Industry which could Include Facilities and Finance for Films (such as with Channel 4 for Example) Showcasing Wales, it's People, Landscape, Cities and it's History World Wide. Indeed, when was the Last Time you Saw a Film, Show or Drama Series positively Acknowledging and Specifically Showcasing Wales that was available UK Wide and Internationally? Such as the Numerous British Films (& Drama Series) based in London Showcasing Specifically England and it's History to the World. Possessing just 'ONE' Welsh Based Mainstream Stream British Television Channel in Wales is Vital in Selling the Best Version of Wales to the Wider World (to Enhance Tourism along with National Pride & Confidence), coupled with Selling these Shows and Dramas made in Wales Showcasing Wales Abroad for an Extra Income Stream (a large proportion of the BBC's extra Profits are Created through this avenue, further Enabled as English is a World Wide Language, avenues that Wales could also Capitalise on), along with potential Advertising Income, and a much Needed Platform for Welsh Talent (so they do not have to Continuously go abroad for work). Based In, and therefore Circulating Finance and Highly Paid Media associated Jobs, as well as front line Acting & Presenting Opportunities around Wales (Not just Exclusively Based in, and/or Information Controlled from the London Central Hubs Only!...). Possessing a National/International Media Presence (either through the Welsh Government or as a Welsh Based Independent Company) in Wales, appears to be the Difference Between Continued Hardship, Negative Stereotyping and Under Representation OR Increased Wealth and a Positive Acknowledgement and Representation for Wales and the Welsh People (Greater Wealth through Increased 'Tourism' & 'Media' Income, Both Interlinked and Proven £Billion Pound Industries)!... Funded by Advertising Only (Same as ITV & Channel 5 London Model's) or a Mixture of Public and Advertising Funding Combined (Similar to the Channel 4 London Model). Indeed, can Anyone Set Out a 'Logical Reason' Why it may be Beneficial for Wales to Consistently 'Not' be Allowed it's Own Mainstream Television Channel Based in Wales?Whilst the Evidenced Benefit's to England's Economy, Culture and Society are so Clearly Demonstrated over the Border in England?... See p118 & p127 in the Free Book Provided above for More Information Regarding the "British Media"...                              

'ONE' Welsh Based National (& therefore International) Mainstream Television Channel is Needed to also try to 'BALANCE OUT' the Historic & Ongoing UK Media 'MONOPOLY' by the apparent Central London English Establishment Media (A One Sided Selective 'Perspective' & 'Financial Reward'?), through their 'Numerous' London Centred British National TV Channels. Which includes all the Countless Mainstream London Based Channels of BBC 1, BBC 2, BBC World Service, ITV, Channel 4 & Channel 5, with their Numerous 'Add On' Associated Channels such as ITV 2, 3, 4, ITVBe & their +1's for example, Historically Dominating the Whole of the UK's National & International Media, and then Labelled and Packaged as the "British" Media!?...Including further English Based large Franchises such as British Sky Broadcasting (BSB) Channels which include Sky Sports 1,2,3,4, Sky One, Sky Two, Sky News & Sky Living (Edited, Staffed & Produced from London) to name but a few. Not to mention all the Other Smaller English based Nationally accessible TV Stations such as Dave, Quest, Pick, Yesterday, True, Alibi, Drama, Eden, Home, W, UKTV, Kerrang, MTV(UK), Really, Gold, Nickelodeon, CBeebies, Box Office, Box Nation as well as BT Sports and their other numerous associated Channels (with many more New Channels appearing frequently) as Easily Evidenced Examples (as Compared to Wales with No Independent Channels Based or Owned in Wales)...   

This English London British Media 
'MONOPOLY' Might Explain the Historical and Ongoing Predominantly English Flavour to their London Controlled so called British Productions such as just Recently, 'Downton Abbey''Peaky Blinders''Vanity Fair''Poldark''Killing Eve''A Very English Scandal', 'Victoria', 'The Crown', 'The Bodyguard''Sherlock', 'The Paradise', 'Merlin', 'Mr.Selfridge', with many more to come no doubt amongst Numerous other Relatively Recent Ongoing Examples, many of which Sold World Wide, which Essentially Acts as 'Free Cultural Advertising' (Along side Eastenders, Holyoaks, Emmerdale and Coronation Street in UK Soaps, depicting English life, UK Wide, in Various areas of England). Including all the Numerous Historic and Ongoing London Based and 'Funded' 'Films' that 'Showcase' England, their Life'sPeopleHistoric FiguresCultureHistory and Locations, and Showcasing their Home Grown Actors, Directors & Producers. Including Films such as just recently, 'The Darkest Hour', 1917, 'The King's Speech', 'The Queen', 'The Favourite', 'The Theory of Everything', 'Bohemian Rhapsody', and not to mention all the Numerous Historical 'James Bond' Films and 'Sherlock Holmes' Film Franchises Portraying and Characterising the general Outward Impression of an English (White) person, Played by Any 'Actor' with Any Nationality, but Ultimately Representing the 'Same Thing', with these people and settings Located or assumed as deriving from London, (Narrated as an Apparent English Exceptionalism, or it would not be Published in the UK through London. An example is Watson the Scottish person, who is a Qualified Medical Doctor, as a basic subservient side kick, to the Unqualified English Sherlock Holmes with the so called Natural Superior Mind for example, even though Sherlock Homes was written by a Scotsman, Arthur Conan Doyle), with assumed English people presented as naturally Intelligent, Superior, ToughSuave and Sophisticated, to Name but a 'Fraction' of just the relatively recent ongoing English examples, with obviously many more to follow. However, Notice the Historic and Ongoing Limited (almost Non Existent) Overall specific WelshScottish or Northern Irish Direct Portrayals or Representation (the Other Member's of the UK) depicting and Showcasing their Life's, People, Historical Figures, Culture, Identity, History and specifically connected Locations, through the so called "British Film Industry" based in London, on the National & International Stage. Furthermore, to suggest that because a couple of Shows may be Filmed in Wales means Wales has a Thriving Media Industry is Insane, that would be like John Travolta renting a car from me, and me then saying, now I am part of the Actors Guild. As any shows filmed in Wales do not mention Wales, and are in no way about Wales or Welshness, so in essence any background scenery could be anywhere. Having a National Mainstream Media Industry means Wales can put the Focus on themselves (not always London), and not having to rely on anyone else to Highlight and Showcase Wales, it's Culture, Identity and History to the Global Audience (which is highly unlikely to happen anyway, our only hope would be Hollywood). A Welsh media which would obviously be good for Tourism, but also good for the Welsh people to be able to tell their own story of who they are, in a positive light, and without a negative bias, and not just sometimes used as a background scenery (if Lucky) for someone else's productions, showcasing someone else??!... Surely Wales as a Nation should have more Ambition than That...

Indeed, when it comes to Identifying Systemic Manipulation of any sort regarding any subject matter, if you want to identify the original source, the architect, then start your investigation asking one Question, once this one Question can be answered, nine times out of the ten, working backwards from there, the rest will tend to naturally fall into to place. The miracle question is Simply 'Who does it Benefit'?  So for example, in the case of UK Media, 'Who does it Benefit' to control all mainstream UK Wide media, and therefore can Control the UK Narrative and Agenda, as well as block or undermine any opposing narratives without any challenge, not to mention the ability to make and sell shows and films world wide to promote their nation on the international stage?    

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Welsh People Must be Allowed to be Able to Tell their Own Story, and Set their Own Narrative of Who they are to the wider global Audience, not continuously filtered through London.

Wales do not possess even just one Independent Mainstream Television Channel, such as the Numerous Mainstream Channels based only in England.

Welsh Sheepshaggers:

                 An English Establishment Lie..?